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draw you out

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my roommate snores. the air conditioner is broken. the people next door are having sex too loudly. jungkook ran through a dozen excuses to justify why she was standing outside jimin’s door at 2am. she took a deep breath before knocking as softly as she could. it’s alright! jimin’s probably already asleep! she won’t hear a thing and jungkook will have to suck it up and go back to her own room. she noticed how tired her girlfriend looked before she kissed her goodnight just two hours a-

“kookie!” jimin swung the door open right away and greeted her enthusiastically. “what’s wrong?” she had her long hair tied in a big messy bun and was wearing one of jungkook’s old t-shirts, which is why it was tight around the chest area.

jungkook’s mind went completely blank. the possibility of jimin being awake was extremely slim and she didn’t know what to do now that jimin was actually standing in front of her. she kept closing and opening her mouth for a few seconds while jimin stood there waiting, perfect eyebrows raised in anticipation.

“its my first night here and i’m nervous and scared i’ve never slept in the same room alone with a stranger please help,” she finally blurted out all at once, looking down in embarrassment. she had promised herself that she would start being more independent now that she was finally eighteen and in college. you’re a real adult now, jungkook , you can’t go running to jimin every time you face a problem. jimin had literally been taking care of her as long as she could remember. from playground bullies to being rejected by her first crush in ninth grade, jimin was always there with comforting smile. unnie will take care of you, she gently assured her.

and this was just like all those other times. jimin just smiled and spread her arms in invitation, and jungkook slipped right into them, tears forming at the corner of her eyes. “it’s okay baby,” she said, her fingers running through jungkook’s hair soothingly. “do you want to sleep here tonight? taehyung isn’t here. she’s out being a hoe i guess”


the situation ended both better and worse than she could have imagined. jungkook was in jimin’s bed, in jimin’s arms, with jimin’s boobs pressed against her back, and she was wide awake. how was she supposed to sleep in this situation? she should be used to this by now, jimin had spent the entire summer vacation in her room, making up for the lost time between them while she was away for college. if anything, it was weird for them to be in the same bed without jimin’s hands shoved down her pajama shorts. her body started heating up at the thought. she was only making things worse for herself. jimin’s arms tightened around her waist, a soft sigh leaving her as she did, and jungkook felt guilty.

the tired look on jimin’s face when she left her room earlier flickered back in her mind. today was moving day, and jimin helped carry all of jungkook’s heavy belongings without voicing a single complaint. she showed her nothing but enthusiasm and energy. heck, she was more excited about jungkook starting college than she was.

but could you blame her? jungkook was shocked that someone as hot as jimin could even return her feelings. years of pining ended on jimin’s high school graduation. jungkook was crying because jimin was leaving her and moving to university, the words i love you escaped her lips in between the incoherent pleas for jimin to stay, which stopped short when she felt jimin’s full lips on hers. it was almost like a dream, and jungkook still wondered when she was going to wake up.


she did wake up, a few hours later, to someone whispering her name. she could feel hot shallow breaths against her neck. her head was still hazy with sleep and the bed was impossibly warm. she must have imagined i-

“jungkookie,” the whisper came again, louder and more slurred this time, and it jolted jungkook awake. the sound of jimin’s restrained moans was all too familiar. when they had to keep quiet during these summer nights when jungkook’s parents were home, blissfully unaware of what jimin did to their daughter at their seemingly innocent sleepovers.

jimin was way too loud in bed, and jungkook found it hot, but it was an obstacle that prevented them from being able to fuck whenever they felt like it, which, to jungkook, was all the goddamn time. she once resorted to shoving her panties into jimin’s mouth while she ate her out, but the sensation of jungkook’s wet panties against her tongue just made the matter a lot worse.

and speaking of panties, hers were pretty much ruined at this point. the filthy sounds that jimin was making, short labored breaths combined with tiny ah s and please jungkook s, were enough to send her over the edge. she didn’t dare turn around and instead resorted to rubbing her thighs together desperately, as quietly as she could.

she imagined jimin there next to her, one hand lazily stroking her clit while the other was in her mouth in a weak attempt to keep quiet. jungkook’s rubs became more frantic, memories of jimin rushing through her mind. jimin straddling her, jimin sucking on her breasts, jimin’s fingers buried deep inside of her. a tiny moan escaped her before she could stop it.

“jungkook?” she took a long breath and turned around. there was no point in pretending to be asleep anymore. the sight that awaited her sent her heart into a frenzy.

jimin was lying on her side, wet fingers digging into her shaky thighs, face flushed and eyes delirious with pleasure. her (jungkook’s) shirt was rolled up, baring it all. jungkook swallowed hard and licked her lips, she wanted to have jimin’s hardened nipples in her mouth.

jimin laughed at the dumbfounded look on jungkook’s face. she shifted around so that she was lying on her back instead, and spread her legs in invitation. “you’re so mean, letting me get off alone like that,” she smirked. “come here,” and jungkook complied.

she found home between jimin’s legs, and jimin wrapped her arms around her and pulled her down until their lips met. it was nothing like the innocent kiss from earlier that night. jimin’s was licking and biting at jungkook’s lower lip, making filthy sucking noises as she devoured her. her hands moved down to cup jungkook’s ass, making jungkook moan into her mouth.

jungkook sank further into her girlfriend, sighing contentedly at every kiss, letting jimin overwhelm all her senses. jimin’s scent was a mixture of floral body wash and sex, her lips tasted like the peach lip balm that jungkook used. i like tasting you every time i lick my lips . jimin had once confessed to her in the middle of a makeout session.

“you’re so pretty, jungkook.” she was whispering into her ear, the hot puffs of air making jungkook shiver. “do you know how hard it was for me to keep my hands off you today?” she grabbed jungkook’s wrist and placed her hands between her thighs, directly on her lacy panties. her shorts were already discarded somewhere on the floor. “do you see how wet i am for you?”

“unnie,” jungkook gasped weakly, stroking her through the wet fabric. “please fuck me.”

she straddled one of jimin’s thighs and started grinding against it, desperate for friction. she pressed down hard on jimin’s clit, making jimin scream.

jimin looked beautiful. her messy bun had fallen apart and her bangs were sweaty. she was sucking on her index finger, reaching up to caress jungkook’s breasts from under her sweater while she fucked her thighs.

no matter how horny jimin was, she always treated jungkook as if every part of her body was fragile. she traced her fingers on jungkook’s stomach so lightly, squeezed her breasts as gently as she could, and it made jungkook’s heart swell. jimin put so much love into every touch, worshipped her body in the caring soft way that only she was capable of.

“so pretty,” she whispered again. “begging me to fuck you like that.”

“please,” was all that jungkook could choke out.

“turn around,” jimin suddenly ordered, and it took every ounce of willpower for jungkook to stop. god she was so close. so painfully close, and jimin hadn’t even touched her clit yet.

jimin sat up and positioned jungkook carefully between her legs. she fumbled with the hem of jungkook’s sweater. “help me out here,” she said and jungkook complied immediately, taking a minute too long because her body wouldn’t stop shaking. she shivered as cold air hit her body, feeling grateful that she never wore a bra to bed. it would have taken far too long for her to unhook it in her current state.

she closed her eyes as jimin began to kiss her neck, starting softly with her lips barely touching and then growing more assertive, licking and grazing her skin with her teeth. her hands wandered freely, starting at the top and slowly making her way down while jungkook cried out, desperate for her to just get with it already. finally, jimin she pressed a finger along the inside of her thighs, stopping when jungkook let out a particularly loud moan.

“what do you want me to do?” she asked teasingly.

“please,” jungkook said again. “i want to feel you inside of me.”

“i thought you’d never ask,” and she finally, finally pushed her hands down jungkook’s panties.

jimin’s long deliberate strokes on jungkook’s clit reduced her to a moaning mess all over again. her chest was heaving, her nails digging into jimin’s legs with every touch.

“are you ready?” jimin asked her gently. jungkook closes her eyes and nodded furiously. was she ready? she had been ready the second she heard jimin whisper her name.

only one finger in, and jungkook shifted uncomfortably. “more.”

“someone’s a little impatient today,” replied jimin. she lifted one of jungkook’s legs up and pushed deeper, inserting a second finger.

“unnie,” jungkook cried out, her hips moving to meet jimin’s thrusts. “faster.”

her walls tightening around jimin's three fingers was all it took for her to come undone, letting out a long satisfied sigh after. her eyes fluttered shut and she took a swipe at her sweaty forehead as she tried to regain her breathing. jimin kept herself busy by leaving soft kisses along the inside of jungkook's thighs.

“jungkookie,” she said after a few minutes, reaching down to remove her own underwear. “get over here.”

she kneeled down in front of her girlfriend, her ass up in the air just the way jimin liked it. jungkook massaged jimin’s inner thighs. she breathed down on jimin, looked up to her with a tiny nervous smile, knowing how every little thing she did drove jimin insane. the dark look in her eyes, filled with love and pure lust, was the last thing she saw before she went down on her.

jungkook took one experimental lick, sending jimin’s hips upwards. jimin’s fingers interlaced in her hair, grabbing her from the roots so she doesn’t tug too hard and hurt her. after tasting her a few times more, she started to establish a rhythm, sucking and licking as loudly as she can.

jimin continued to thrust upwards, grinding herself against jungkook’s tongue. “you’re so good jungkookie,” she said, stroking her head. “so good to me. fu-fuck i’m about to-”

she came undone in the matter of seconds, moaning jungkook’s name one more time as her back arched up, her grip on jungkook’s hair tightening before relaxing again. her body was still shaking from the strength of her orgasm.

jungkook looked up to see her lying there with her eyes closed, lips still parted. jungkook reached up to place a soft kiss on them, smiling as jimin responded by licking her mouth, wanting to taste herself on jungkook.

“next time,” jimin said, brushing stray hairs from her face affectionately. “tell me when you need me to….” she looked down at their discarded underwear on the floor. “take care of things.”

“yeah,” came a voice from across the room. they both froze. “and next time, check if there is someone else there before going at it.” the voice was unmistakable. it was jimin’s roommate, kim taehyung. jungkook felt all the blood drain from her face.