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Holding onto you

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“Here you go!”

Hiromitsu passes a tennis ball to Rei, expecting his opponent to lift the racket and throw the ball back to him. Rei has always been the star of their elementary school’s tennis club, so Hiromitsu is surprised as Rei isn’t able to lift his racket fast enough. The tennis ball drops to the ground, and Rei has to pick it up again to continue their match.

To say Hiromitsu is surprised at Rei’s lack of talent – No, lack of will to fight back is an understatement. Rei is hot-tempered, he has always been eager to win a match, even if he has to go all out in order for him to win. This day, something is distracting him, and it is eating away the concentration Rei is supposed to focus on the ball.

In the end, Hiromitsu drops his racket and refuses to continue playing. His teacher scolds Hiromitsu and tells him to pick the racket up, but Hiromitsu simply crosses his arms and pouts. A match was only fun as long as Zero plays for real, not like this time. With Rei spacing out all the time, it is too easy to win, and Hiromitsu also dislikes seeing his best friend like that.

Fifteen minutes into their lesson, Hiromitsu drops the whole match and walks around the net. His destination is no other person than the one whose behavior worries him. The closer Hiromitsu gets, the more confused the expression in Rei’s eyes becomes. It is written all over his face that he doesn’t understand what is going on, or why Hiromitsu acts against their teacher’s orders.

“I can’t play like that,” Hiromitsu complains once he comes to a halt in front of Rei. Furrowing his brows slightly and trying to make Rei feel at least a little bit guilt, he continues. “Fight me fair and square, Zero.”

Rei averts his eyes and puffs his cheeks. That isn’t what Hiromitsu has been trying to achieve, so he tries to get Rei’s attention back on him by cupping his cheeks and forcing Rei to meet his gaze. Since Rei’s cheeks have still been puffy, Hiromitsu squeezes the air out of them while doing so.

“You’re weird today,” Hiromitsu’s words aren’t meant to insult Rei, but his best friend glares at him for having said so. At least Rei’s fighting spirit starts lighting up again, Hiromitsu thinks contently. He can’t help but smile at the angry expression on Rei’s face, now everything is back to normal again.

“You’re weird,” Rei retorts stubbornly, just for the sake of talking back to Hiromitsu. Hiromitsu’s grin widens and even his teacher who tells him to go back to his side of the field cannot make it falter.

Fortunately, Rei’s performance becomes better after Hiromitsu’s small interference. They continue their match like nothing has happened, and Rei is the one who wins it despite Hiromitsu’s previous lead. Happily, Hiromitsu puts an arm around Rei’s shoulder after their lesson has ended and congratulates him for the win.

However, he isn’t done with his best friend yet. While both Rei and Hiromitsu walk home, he asks Rei about his behavior again. “Hey, Zero. Did something happen?”
Rei averts his eyes again, something he usually does when he hides something which troubles him. For a few seconds, Rei falls silent and considers whether he should tell his best friend about the things bothering him. Eventually, he gives in and doesn’t beat around the bush, wanting to get this talk over with as soon as possible. “I made Akemi cry because I told her that I didn’t want her as my wife when she asked me about it.”


Nothing more comes over Hiromitsu’s lips, just that little dumbfound reaction. He has never dealt with relationship problems before, and while he wants to help Rei with it, he has no clue how to cheer a girl with a broken heart up. Nevertheless, he tries to come up with a solution because Zero needs his support.

“So, what did you tell her exactly?” Hiromitsu scratches his cheek and smiles awkwardly. He really doesn’t know how to pull this off. Suddenly, Rei lowers his head, hiding the flush on his cheeks. Hesitantly, he gathers all of his courage and repeats his exact words from one day ago quietly, almost like he hopes Hiromitsu won’t hear him. “I told her that I was already going to marry you…”

Again, Hiromitsu is speechless. This time, it is in a more positive way – And Hiromitsu beams as soon as his mind progresses Rei’s words properly. Quickly, he grabs Rei’s hand and intertwines their fingers. Rei protests, his cheeks rosy as he pulls on his hand and demands Hiromitsu to let go because he is being embarrassing in public. Eventually, Hiromitsu listens to Rei, the smile on his face not vanishing even once. “From now on, you’ll be my wife!”

Rei doesn’t exactly like being called Hiromitsu’s wife. Instead, he insists that “Hiromi” -as he likes to call Hiromitsu despite the nickname not working with his written name- is more fit to be the wife. Hiromitsu doesn’t mind, and from that day on he gladly calls himself Rei’s wife – Until his parents find out and scold him for it, claiming that he isn’t supposed to say that to a boy, and a half-Japanese no less. His parents’ complains don’t stop Hiromitsu from thinking about himself as Rei’s wife, though.

The next time Rei meets Akemi, she isn’t sad about what has happened anymore. Suddenly, the whole love drama is solved and doesn’t end up in a long-lasting heartbreak.


Hiromitsu turns around in his bed as something after something has hit his window. He just wants to sleep, it is almost 10 pm and he will have to go to school tomorrow. However, once the same sound comes out of his window’s direction again, Hiromitsu groggily stands up, rubs his eyes and walks over to the origin of whatever has woken him up.

He has expected everything, a stupid bird flying against the clean window or a branch hitting it. What he hasn’t expected is Furuya Rei, standing in his garden and about to throw another stone. When Rei notices that Hiromitsu is standing right where he wants him to be, he lowers his arm.

Hiromitsu doesn’t understand the whole situation, and he questions whether it is a dream. Nevertheless, he opens his window to get some answers right out of the person who is responsible for having created the questions in the first place. “Hey, Zero. What are you doing here?”
Rei puts a finger on his lips and looks up to Hiromitsu tensely. With a hushed voice, Rei signals him to be quiet. “Shut up and open the door, Hiromi!”

Still confused, Hiromitsu smiles at Rei and gives him a thumbs up, letting Rei know that he will do so. Then, he closes the window again and leaves his bedroom. When Hiromitsu gets down the stairs, he is being extra careful not to make a sound, so his parents won’t wake up and scold him.

The moment Hiromitsu arrives at the door leading to the garden, Rei is already waiting in front of it, his arms crossed in front of his chest while he taps his right foot on the ground impatiently. Not wanting to make his best friend wait in the cold any longer, Hiromitsu quickly opens the door and lets Rei inside. His smile falters when he notices that Rei’s lips are slightly blue.

“How long have you been outside?!” Hiromitsu grabs Rei’s shoulders and panics. He doesn’t want Rei to catch a cold, and he knows that Rei is quite reckless when it comes to his own health. It has become better after Elena left after accepting a new job offer, Rei hasn’t harmed himself on purpose to see a doctor ever since, something that relieves Hiromitsu a lot. However, Rei still doesn’t take care of himself enough, resulting in Hiromitsu needing to pay extra attention on the things Rei does.

Wearing light clothes while it is cold outside is definitely not one of the things Hiromitsu can approve of. He offers Rei some tea, but Rei declines and pushes Hiromitsu’s hands off his shoulders, claiming that he is feeling alright. His trembling lips are telling Hiromitsu another story, though.

With a sigh, Hiromitsu turns around and walks over to the couch standing in the living room both 12-year-olds are currently meeting up in. He grabs a blanket and throws it at Rei who catches it automatically. Reluctantly, but also quietly admitting that he needs some warmth, Rei puts the blanket around his shoulders. Hiromitsu smiles at that, Rei is awfully stubborn which causes a lot of problems, but at the same time this character trait is also something Hiromitsu admires about his best friend the most.

Hiromitsu takes a seat on the couch and taps on the spot right next to him, monitoring Rei to sit down. Rei obligates, the blanket still wrapped around him as he joins Hiromitsu on the couch.

“So, why are you here?” Hiromitsu asks, all his sleepiness suddenly having vanished after Rei’s appearance. Rei doesn’t answer the question immediately, instead he puts the blanket around him tighter and ponders how he can phrase his next sentence. In the end, he decides to keep it short and simple. “I’m running away from home.”

“You- What.”

Hiromitsu doesn’t know if he was hearing correctly. Sure, Rei has always had some troubles with his parents, but that decision of his has come so… unexpected.
Details. Hiromitsu needs details, otherwise he can’t help Zero. His usual cheerfulness replaced with a serious aura, Hiromitsu tells Rei that he will listen to him. Rei closes his eyes, tries to gain some composure and eventually starts explaining what has happened. “My parents fought and I think they might break up. I don’t want to be moved to another family again, so I’ve decided running away would be better.”

That Rei’s parents argue a lot isn’t something new to Hiromitsu, Rei has told him about it several times already. However, Rei has never told him about his fear that his parents might get a divorce.

There has not been put much thought into Hiromitsu’s actions as he places an arm around Rei’s shoulder and smiles reassuringly at him. Rei usually avoids body contact, but this time he allows it. It’s Hiromitsu who hugs him, and he can always trust and rely on Hiromitsu. Slightly embarrassed, Rei averted his eyes and adds further explanation to his choice of actions. “I’d rather live under a bridge than being separated from you.”

“I’ll accompany you, then!” Hiromitsu announces optimistically. Rei’s head shoots into Hiromitsu’s directions, his eyes wide. “Are you serious?! Don’t follow me if you’ve got a real family!”

Hiromitsu stands up, ready to pack his things and get a jacket for Rei. In his hurry, Rei has forgotten to pack important things he will need later on. Therefore, Hiromitsu plans on retrieving two backpacks, one for Rei and one for himself. If he recalls correctly, there should also be a unused toothbrush in the bathroom which Rei can use.

Deep in his thoughts, Hiromitsu only takes notice of Rei’s discontent once Rei grabs his wrist and glares at him. “I’m serious, Hiromi. Don’t get into trouble because of me. I’ve just visited you to say goodbye.”

If Hiromitsu wants to, he can be as stubborn as Rei. That was the case right now, his goal is to support Rei and in order to achieve that, he’s willing to do anything for him. “I’m your best friend, that means I’d take a bullet for you!”

Rei watches in exasperation how Hiromitsu prepares two backpacks. He continues trying to convince Hiromitsu to give it a rest and let him sort things our on his own, but Hiromitsu doesn’t listen at all. And, actually – Rei is glad that he’s not alone in this. Deep down, he wants Hiromitsu to accompany him. It is selfish of him to think that way and take Hiromitsu away from his parents, but in that moment, Rei doesn’t care. Eventually, he stops opposing Hiromitsu altogether and silently watches how Hiromitsu closes the backpacks and hands one to Rei.

“You’re such an idiot,” Rei mumbles, but takes the backpack. Hiromitsu reaches out for the blanket and offers his best friend his thickest jacket instead, Hiromitsu himself chooses another one that will still be able to keep him warm at night. Then, after Rei has accepted the jacket, Hiromitsu smiles at him. “You’re the idiot for thinking I’m going to leave you alone.”

For the first time that night, Hiromitsu’s smile is contagious and reflects itself on Rei’s lips as well.


Running away has been a stupid idea. Now, Hiromitsu and Rei have gotten lost inside a huge park that is barely illuminated by some street lights. Just a few minutes ago, they have been approached by a homeless guy whose sudden appearance has shocked the duo so much that they have fled into a random direction. Unfortunately, neither Hiromitsu nor Rei know the way back out of the park.

Rei tries to act strong, but Hiromitsu is aware that he is just as afraid as Hiromitsu is. Therefore, Hiromitsu grabs Rei’s hands -something he hasn’t done for a long time since Rei always claims that he dislikes it - and tries to make Rei feel a little bit more safe and secure. If anything happens to them, Hiromitsu won’t be able to protect Rei – He knows that. However, he wants to show Rei that he’s not alone and give him some strength by doing so.

“I’m fine,” Rei boasts as Hiromitsu’s fingers intertwine with his fingers. He’s stubborn, doesn’t want Hiromitsu to think that he’s weak. However, Hiromitsu isn’t doing it because he feels like he needs to protect a damsel in distress. No, Hiromitsu believes in his best friends, he knows that Rei is a fighter – But even fighters need someone to support them sometimes.

Suddenly, both Rei and Hiromitsu hear a loud noise echoing through the park, scaring the birds away. Despite having complained a few seconds ago, Rei tightens his grip around Hiromitsu’s fingers. Hiromitsu can see Rei trembling, and it wasn’t just due to the cold. The blond swallows, trying to regain his composure and appear like he doesn’t fear anything. “Was that a gunshot?”

Hiromitsu doesn’t know. Neither Rei nor Hiromitsu have heard a real gunshot yet, only in fiction. He smiles nervously, he can’t say with certainty that it hasn’t been a gunshot. As much as he wants to prove Rei wrong, there is no indication that they are safe in the park.

Adding some pressure to the hand that was holding on to Rei, Hiromitsu admits that he can’t be sure whether the sound has been made by a weapon. Then, as a rustle comes from the bushes, Hiromitsu acts instinctively and drags Rei off, trying to find a place where they can be safe.

Their short legs carry the 12-year-olds to a pavilion hidden in the midst of some trees. Quickly, Hiromitsu pulls on Rei’s arm and seeks some safety in their newly found hideout. With some force, but not enough to hurt Rei, Hiromitsu pushes him down on the ground and covers behind the railing as well. They sit there for a few minutes, the strong wind hitting their backs and making them shiver. In an attempt to keep Rei warm, Hiromitsu comes closer and puts an arm around Rei who doesn’t push Hiromitsu away. Instead, he rests his head on Hiromitsu’s shoulder and stares at the ground in front of them. “I’m sorry.”

A small laugh escapes Hiromitsu’s lips, even though he isn’t feeling like laughing. He is afraid, afraid that there might be a murderer around who is now looking out for more victims. Hiromitsu doesn’t know how being shot feels like, and he honestly doesn’t want to find out either. Right now, the fear that made his heart beat faster is also an indication that he’s still alive, so he is trying to see the bright side of it. “Don’t be sorry. You are strong, I am strong – We won’t die here.”

Saying some words of motivation is easier than actually believing in them. Hiromitsu needs some distraction, both for himself and Rei, so he places his backpack in front of him and fishes some food out of it, offering half of it to Rei. Rei accepts the melon bread, although he is just nibbling on it without showing any signs of appetite after he has unwrapped it.

Before they can finish eating their snacks, the loud sound from before echoes through the park again, this time accompanied by breaking glass. Hiromitsu jerks up, and Rei takes notice of it, feeling just as uncomfortable as his best friend.

Suddenly, loud footsteps can be heard, making the 12-year-olds turn around and watch as a person dressed in dark clothes crashes into the pavilion, a beer bottle and firecrackers in his hands. Although Rei is scared, he immediately stands up and shields Hiromitsu from the stranger. Hiromitsu stares at Rei in horror as he throws his barely eaten melon bread at the stranger’s forehead and shouts angrily. “Get lost, creep!”

Rei shivers, and he tries to suppress it. He isn’t willing to show the stranger that he’s scared of him, scared of Hiromitsu’s safety. Elena has told him not to pick fights with anyone, but Rei has always had a mind on his own. If anyone dares to endanger his best friend, they will pay for it – Even if Rei has to receive some punches as a result of his actions.

The stranger curses and looks at Rei angrily. Due to his focus on the 12-year-old, the stranger doesn’t see the policeman coming who tackles him to the ground, holding the stranger’s arms behind his back so he can’t move. When the policeman looks to his right, he is surprised to see two children inside the pavilion. After handcuffing the man Rei has attacked, the policeman keeps him on the ground while talking to Rei and Hiromitsu. “What are you doing here so late at night?”

Hiromitsu isn’t the one to answer, he is busy with looking at the policeman in awe. The way he has tackled the criminal to the ground has been so cool, Hiromitsu wants to be able to do something like that as well. It is Rei who responds to the policeman’s question, although he does that in a rude way, still not trusting the officer in front of him and not willing to let him get close to Hiromitsu. “That’s none of your concern.”

The policeman sighs and pulls a walkie talkie out of his holster. Then, he calls one of his colleagues, explaining the situation to them and asking them to come pick up the children inside the pavilion and drive them back home. Throughout this conversation, Rei glares at him, whereas Hiromitsu smiles. He is glad that there isn’t any danger around them anymore, except – Hiromitsu pales. His parents will be so mad at him, and Rei will get into even more trouble because he will be blamed for everything.


Hiromitsu and Rei sit inside Hiromitsu’s room, waiting for Rei’s parents to pick him up. It was 1 am, and Hiromitsu’s parents have been furious when a policeman has rung their doorbell to drop the two runaways off. Not just that, Hiromitsu has lied to the policeman, claiming that Rei is his brother just so that Rei’s parents won’t be notified – Something Hiromitsu’s parents have done immediately.

Rei feels guilty for all the trouble he has caused, and he is also afraid of his foster parents’ reaction. He doesn’t want them to be angry, and he doesn’t want them to give him back to the orphanage after six years. If they decide to do that, he won’t be able to see Hiromitsu anymore.

“I’ve decided what I want to become as an adult,” Hiromitsu announces, intending to distract Rei from his worries. Rei looks up to Hiromitsu and doesn’t speak which is an indication that he’s listening and Hiromitsu can go on. He doesn’t make Rei wait and continues. “I’ll join the police and become a Hero of Justice!”
That joke makes Rei smile faintly as he punches Hiromitsu’s arm gently. “Your puns are so lame, Hiromi. Next time you tell me that you’re the light illuminating the dark sky.”
“Am I not doing that already with your dark sky?” Hiromitsu grins mischievously, and Rei punches him again, this time a little hit harder. “Idiot.”
Hiromitsu just laughs it off. His laugh has a contagious effect on Rei, his corners of the mouth also perk upwards. “Anyways, if you want to join the police force, I’ll do the same and become an even better police officer.”

From this day on, Rei and Hiromitsu have a common goal in mind.


The first time Hiromitsu notices that he has a crush on his best friend is at their second year of high school. Both Rei and Hiromitsu are sixteen, and all of a sudden many girls take interest in Rei.

Hiromitsu can’t even blame them for it. The baby fat on Rei’s cheeks is long gone, replaced by some strong lines whereas the skin looks as smooth as it has always done. In addition to that, Rei has started working out and while the girls in their class can only see Rei’s exposed arms during their PE lessons, Hiromitsu has given Rei a few short glances every now and then in the changing room. Knowing how handsome Rei is without his shirt covering his muscles is something that makes Hiromitsu feel victorious, it’s something the girls who have a crush on Rei don’t know. At the same time, thinking about his best friend like that also makes Hiromitsu press his flushed face into his pillow whenever he lies on his bed, his mind wandering to Rei. He had always told himself that it’s just some stupid crush that will go away eventually, but after it doesn’t fade after a few weeks, it dawns on Hiromitsu.

He’s in love with Furuya Rei.

As soon as this thought comes, he buries his hands in his face, feeling his cheeks getting warmer right under his palms. That can’t be. Why now, why Rei? They are best friends, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

And yet, the moral doubts don’t change that fact that Hiromitsu has fallen for Rei. Sure, he has planned on marrying Rei as a child, but that has only been some childish nonsense, nothing that can be taken seriously. In some way or another Hiromitsu has always thought about Rei a lot, but now- The way he thinks about him has become different. Hiromitsu wants to hug Rei and be as close to him as possible, he wants to make him smile more than ever before. And… he wants to kiss Rei, find out how his best friend tastes like.

During middle school, Hiromitsu has had two girlfriends. He has never been truly in love with them, there haven’t been butterflies or fast heart beats involved. The reason why ha has dated those girls was because once the boys have hit puberty, everyone has been interested in girls, making Hiromitsu believe that he has been supposed to fall in love with someone too. He has genuinely liked the girls he has dated, but his feelings for them have never been as strong as the ones he’s feeling for Rei right now. Maybe his girlfriends have been crushes, not real love?

Thinking so much about love makes Hiromitsu’s head hurt. He can’t say for sure what he has been feeling in the past, and he also can’t tell when he has started to develop a crush -and now love- for Rei. The only thing he knows for certain is that there’s no going back now, he has fallen head over heels for the one person whose heart Hiromitsu can’t win over.


“Does Furuya-kun like chocolate?”
Valentine’s Day is drawing near and it’s not the first time a girl has asked Hiromitsu that question. It’s painfully obvious what they are planning on doing, and every time a girls asks Hiromitsu about Rei’s tastes, he just smiles and tells them the exact opposite of what Rei likes.

“Yeah, sure. Furuya loves chocolate, milk chocolate is his favorite,” Hiromitsu smiles at his classmate in front of him. She looks relieved and bows in gratitude, glad to know that her original plan to make chocolate for Rei will work out, possibly even make him consider going out with her.

Except that Rei won’t do that. He hates chocolate, and just like any other present or suggestion made by girls that have asked Hiromitsu for advice, he’ll politely turn them down. Rei is already wondering where all those things he dislikes come from and talk about it with Hiromitsu, while Hiromitsu usually just smiles and says that life is full of weird coincidences.

“You’re the only person who knows me well,” Rei says to Hiromitsu on Valentine’s Day, right after he has avoided as many girls as possible. Now, it’s recess and both have sought escape at their favorite spot at school, a place only they visit regularly because it’s at the backside of the school building. Usually, only delinquents hang around at such places – However, ever since Rei has beat them up for insulting both Hiromitsu and himself, it has become the duo’s private meeting spot during their breaks.
Hiromitsu smiles at Rei, he is happy to hear it that Rei considers him the person who understand Rei the most. “I guess I am.”

“Exactly,” Rei retorts. Much to Hiromitsu’s surprise, Rei suddenly eyes him sceptically and comes closer. Then, he raises his arm – And snips Hiromitsu’s forehead. Rei hasn’t put much force into it, but the surprise moment is enough to make Hiromitsu jerk up slightly. With a hint of annoyance, Rei speaks up again. “So, stop telling girls to gift me things I hate just so you can get a good laugh out of it, idiot.”

“They told you?” Hiromitsu asks, rubbing his forehead although it doesn’t hurt. He hasn’t expected Rei to know about it, and what he has expected even less is that Rei starts grinning out of nowhere. The smirk Rei offers is smug, and Hiromitsu thinks that it suited his handsome face a lot. This air of arrogance makes Rei even sexier, a thought Hiromitsu tries to forget about quickly to prevent himself from letting his mind wander into a dangerous direction.

“They didn’t, but you just did,” Rei admits. Finally, it dawns on Hiromitsu that he has stepped into Rei’s trap. Rei hasn’t known for certain that Hiromitsu has been behind the whole horrible selection of presents. For some reason, Hiromitsu can’t even be upset about having lost to Rei – No, he is still a winner for getting to see Rei’s smug grin.

“You have played me, Zero,” Hiromitsu states, his corners of the mouth raised in amusement. “I should have expected that.”
Rei’s grin widens at Hiromitsu’s words of appreciation. He’s got a lot of pride to begin with, so it’s probably not the best idea to feed his ego even more – However, Hiromitsu doesn’t care. He loves Rei for who he is, no matter how many nasty character traits Rei has got, such as his hot temper and tendency to get annoyed easily, as well as Rei’s grudge toward anyone who questions that he’s Japanese. In the end, those character traits are still part of the person that Rei is as a whole. Without his negative aspects, Rei wouldn’t be Rei, and Zero wouldn’t be Zero.

Hiromitsu can’t believe his eyes as Rei gets a heart box out of his backpack and hands it to him. Unfortunately, it’s the gift from the only girl who has been able to approach Rei before he has disappeared. Then again, can Hiromitsu really call something unfortunate which is a present from Rei, even if he hasn’t made it himself? Not really, even though the chocolate is meant to be a gift from a girl with a crush on Rei and Hiromitsu is not intended to be the receiver, his heart can’t slow down as Rei gives him a Valentine’s Day gift. Actually, Hiromitsu is afraid that his heart will burst out of his chest, and Rei’s words don’t make Hiromitsu calm down at all. “Take it. You know me well and I know you well, so I can tell that you’ll appreciate this chocolate a lot more than I do.”

In that moment, Hiromitsu doesn’t care that he’s blushing. The heat rises to his cheeks and he can’t do anything against it, doesn’t even want to do something against it because he’s feeling great. Rei makes him a Valentine’s Day gift. Rei makes him a Valentine’s gift. This one sentence doesn’t disappear out of his mind, it only manifests itself further. Rei makes him a Valentine’s Day gift.

And while Rei has been able to see through Hiromitsu’s previous scheme of leading every girl to give Rei horrible presents, he isn’t able to see Hiromitsu’s sudden hug coming. As Hiromitsu wraps his arms around Rei and hold him tightly, Rei is speechless – Only for him to kick his best friend’s shin five seconds later and demanding him to let go immediately.


A few weeks after the incident on Valentine’s Day, Hiromitsu and Rei meet up in Rei’s apartment. He doesn’t get along with his foster parents very well, so he has decided to live on his own. Having a single apartment and some privacy is better than hearing the constant nagging of people who think adopting someone means they can order them around.

While other orphans might feel neglected in Rei’s position, he doesn’t want any pity. With Hiromitsu visiting him regularly, he doesn’t feel lonely. In addition to that, Rei is not the type of person who just sulks and feels sorry for himself, he enjoys the silence at home whenever he is alone.

The second year of high school comes to an end, meaning that finals will take place soon. Rei has nothing to worry about, he is one of the smartest second-years at high school. He isn’t afraid of failing one of his exams, and Hiromitsu shouldn’t either. That’s why Rei is surprised once Hiromitsu approaches him and asks whether he can give him some extra lessons. Hiromitsu has never had trouble with keeping track of their classes, it’s new to Rei that Hiromitsu needs some help with studying. In the end, Rei accepts Hiromitsu’s request and agrees on inviting him over to his apartment every day after school.


Hiromitsu and Rei sit on the small table Rei has to offer. His apartment doesn’t have a lot to offer, aside from a small bathroom there is only one room Rei uses as kitchen, bedroom and living room at once. However, Hiromitsu doesn’t mind. If Rei was at his house, they would just hang around Hiromitsu’s small bedroom as well, so the lack of space is no different from the one both teens usually need.

It has been one week ever since Hiromitsu has asked Rei to be his tutor, and so far they have met up every day after school and on the weekend. His parents don’t like that he’s around Rei that much, claiming that Rei is not a good person to be friends with. Their reasoning is that Rei is an orphan, half-Japanese and known for having beaten up his classmates and taking boxing lessons. Hiromitsu has told his parents several times that Rei is kind and the best friend he could wish for, but the worry about their son becoming a delinquent is too strong. In the end, Hiromitsu has simply given up on convincing his parents about the fact that Rei is a wonderful person and rebels every time they try to ground him so he can’t see his best friend.

Due to their hard work, Hiromitsu and Rei are almost done with repeating all the exam-relevant materials. They are currently looking through their math notes, Rei has given Hiromitsu some math calculations he is supposed to solve right after going through the notes. While Rei explains the formulas and when they are used, Hiromitsu listens attentively. He looks at Rei’s lips, sees how they move and tries not to get distracted by them.

Rei is really good at teaching, that’s what Hiromitsu has noticed over the past week. He takes his time to make sure that Hiromitsu can follow him and connects the things he wants Hiromitsu to understand by bringing up things they have learned in the past that build up to the recent things they learn, something not even their teachers do.

Once Rei has finished his lecture, he gives Hiromitsu some time to solve the calculations. A few minutes afterwards, Hiromitsu has finished half of the work sheet and Rei looks over his shoulder to compare Hiromitsu’s solution with the real solutions. There is no error in Hiromitsu’s calculations, something that makes Rei sigh. “Hey, Hiromi. Why do you even ask for my help if you already know everything in the first place?”

“Hmm?” Hiromitsu tilts his head backwards and meets his best friend’s eyes. His lips form a smile as he plays around with Rei a little bit. “What makes you think I already know how to solve these calculations? Maybe you are just a really good teacher.”

Rei’s eyebrows narrow. He knows that something is off, and Hiromitsu knows that Rei is suspicious of him. This is only proven correct by none other than Rei himself who points out the inconsistencies in Hiromitsu’s behavior, almost like a detective solving a case. “Even if I’m a good tutor, you are bound to make some mistakes if you haven’t understood the subject before.”

Taking a seat next to Hiromitsu, Rei continues with his deduction, Hiromitsu no longer forced to tilt his head backwards to have eye contact with him. “Furthermore, you have always been a good student. It’s unlikely that you suddenly need my help with everything you have received good grades for earlier this year.”

Hiromitsu’s bright smile turns into a resigning one. He closes his eyes and sighs quietly, but loud enough for Rei to hear. “As expected, I can’t fool you.”

Rei’s wary eyes are still focused on Hiromitsu, although Hiromitsu doesn’t return the gaze anymore. Something was on Hiromitsu’s mind and Rei doesn’t like seeing his best friend like that, he prefers Hiromitsu when he is carefree and as bright as his name suggests. Hiromitsu looks down, and while Rei wants him to cheer up again, he also wants some answers to Hiromitsu’s strange actions – Even if he needs to push Hiromitsu some more to get them out of him.

“Hiromi, why do you act as if you are dumber than you actually are?” Rei inquires, his voice serious. Then, Hiromitsu opens his eyes – And Rei is shocked to see that a hint of sadness is written in them. His tone of voice bittersweet, Hiromitsu asks Rei a rhetorical question. “You are perfect at figuring out my plans, but you are horrible at figuring out my feelings, aren’t you?”

“Your feelings?” Rei repeats confusedly. He has expected everything, except Hiromitsu suddenly talking about his feelings. What kind of feelings, actually? Hiromitsu hasn’t specified that part yet. Is it possible that…? No, that’s ridiculous. Rei doesn’t want to continue that thought and brushes it off, pushing it into the back of his mind where it hopefully won’t ever surface from again.

With a brave face, Rei covers his own insecurity up and asks Hiromitsu to elaborate on what he means because Rei wants to understand him. The look of someone who has given up doesn’t leave Hiromitsu, and the longer Rei has to look at his best friend being in that state, the more he grows to hate this expression. Eventually, Hiromitsu opens up and tells Rei about his problem.

“I can’t get you out of my head, Zero,” Hiromitsu admits, burying his face in his hands desperately. Rei’s ears perk up, this wording makes all of his alarm bells ring. While the previously abandoned thought surfaces again, against Rei’s will, Hiromitsu goes on. “All I can think about is you and it’s not in a friendship kind of way. At first, I thought it’s just some stupid crush or admiration, but… It’s more than that.”

He groans in frustration and removes his hands from his face. Then, Hiromitsu turn to Rei and makes him see how vulnerable he is at this moment. Rei gulps, and his heart beats faster as his assumption manifests itself even more, only to be proven correct as Hiromitsu drops his whole act puts his cards on the table, no secrets being hidden from Rei anymore. “Goddammit, Rei. I love you. I know I shouldn’t because we are-“

“Shut up!” Rei raises his voice and interrupts Hiromitsu. His hands reach out for Hiromitsu’s collar, only to grab him by it and force Hiromitsu to look straight at him. Rei’s hot temper is boiling up again, presenting itself in a mixture of being upset and angry. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner, you idiot?!”

Hiromitsu is taken aback by the sudden outburst. Rei doesn’t even seem angry at Hiromitsu for thinking about him in a romantical way, nor does he display any form of disgust. No, he is getting worked up over the fact that Hiromitsu has waited so long for the confession. Rei truly manages to make his head spin, and this time not just from the warm feeling that builds up inside his tummy whenever he thinks about Rei.

“I’m- What-“ Hiromitsu’s mind is a mess, he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Not at all. Why is Rei mad at him, again? Nothing makes sense. And everything made even less sense as Rei presses his lips on Hiromitsu’s, making whatever has been left of his working brain cells melt away as well.

At first, the kiss is one-sided, Hiromitsu’s shock too prominent. After a few seconds, he can move again and cups Rei’s cheeks, stoking them with his thumbs and feeling the soft skin under them. He returns the kiss, making a requited one out of it while closing his eyes to feel Rei’s lips even more intensely. Hiromitsu is trying to remember every detail of the kiss, he wants this memory to burn itself into his mind. Suddenly, it felt like he is having his first kiss again, even though he has shared this event a few years ago with his first girlfriend. However, the kiss between Rei and Hiromitsu – No kiss Hiromitsu has ever had with his girlfriends can compete with it. It almost feels like Rei’s lips have been made to fit right onto Hiromitsu’s.

Rei lets go of Hiromitsu’s school uniform shirt, only to wraps his arms around his neck and pull him closer. Just like Hiromitsu, he has chosen to close his eyes and just gives in to the sensation of feeling a pair of lips on his own. Hiromitsu is right, Rei can be pretty dense about feelings. It has been a wonder that he has noticed his own feelings a while ago, but to think that Hiromitsu returned them – Someone else’s heart isn’t easy to figure out, even for someone as sharp as Rei is.

Eventually, Rei and Hiromitsu have to break apart for air, and Rei is glad to have his cheerful Hiromi back once he opens his eyes and meets with Hiromitsu’s gleaming ones. As Rei returns the gaze, Hiromitsu can’t stop smiling, his cheeky rosy from the feels trip he is currently going through. He’s happy, and seeing Hiromitsu happy also brings a kind smile to Rei’s face.

“You’re so cute,” Hiromitsu beams, suddenly shattering the smile on Rei’s face. Being back to glaring at Hiromitsu, Rei curses that his best friend knows how to kill the mood unintentionally. Quickly, Rei takes Hiromitsu’s notes, rolls them up and hits Hiromitsu’s head with them. “Call me cute again and you will regret it.”

The attack with his own math notes hasn’t been able to make Hiromitsu’s wide grin falter. Rei already makes his hormones go wild, but Rei kissing him creates a whole, wonderful chaos inside Hiromitsu that he isn’t willing to organize. No, he is feeling too great to get a hold of himself.

Hiromitsu extends his arms and places his hand on the top of Rei’s head, only to ruffle his blond hair and grin mischievously. “Fine, you are handsome and strong. Not cute at all.”

Even a deaf person would have been able to tell that Hiromitsu is just teasing Rei instead of meaning what he has said. Hiromitsu considers Rei cute, and nothing can change that – Not even Rei’s deadly glare, followed by Rei pushing Hiromitsu on the ground, swearing that he is going to kill him but actually end up exchanging more kisses with him, one more demanding than the other one.

This night, Hiromitsu sends his parents a short message that he’s going to stay a night at Rei’s apartment to cram for school some more. Of course, that has been a lie to cover up the fact that Hiromitsu just wants to occupy Rei’s lips. It takes him a lot of self-control and respect for Rei to stop himself from going any further than that.


Luckily for both Hiromitsu and Rei, nobody is able to figure out that they are dating. Rei doesn’t have contact with his foster parents and Hiromitsu has stopped talking more than necessary about Rei with his parents. Hiromitsu is tired of their constant ranting about Rei, and he has given up on changing their minds about his best friend and secret lover.

At school, nothing much has changed after they have started a relationship. Rei and Hiromitsu still behave like best friends, like there is nothing more going on between them. Hiromitsu keeps tricking the girls who have a crush on his boyfriend and makes them do the exact opposite of what Rei likes when they approach him. Technically, it’s not necessary to do that anymore because Hiromitsu knows for certain that Rei only has eyes for him. However, Hiromitsu teaches the girls hitting on Rei a lesson despite knowing that Rei won’t leave him for them. Whenever another girl approaches him with gifts, Rei complains about it to Hiromitsu and tells him to stop this nonsense – And yet, the thought of Hiromitsu being protective and wanting him all for himself also makes Rei feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Not that he would openly admit that, though.

Despite having been a couple for almost a year and being comfortable around each other, Rei notices Hiromitsu’s strange behavior at the end of their third year. He absent-mindedly stares out of the window during classes and becomes nervous at Rei’s touches, touches that have never bothered him before – Quite the contrary, Hiromitsu has always returned them gently, treating Rei like he’s the most precious thing on the whole wide world.

One day, Rei has had enough of Hiromitsu’s sudden change and decides to find out what occupies his head so much. While both are doing homework together at Rei’s apartment, he asks Hiromitsu to give him his mobile phone to look something up since he doesn’t know where he has placed his own mobile. Not suspecting a thing, Hiromitsu hands Rei the device and continues writing an essay for biology.

Rei can’t believe that Hiromitsu hasn’t deleted his search history. Once Rei takes a look at it, it dawns on him what has been on Hiromitsu’s mind so much. Quickly, Rei looks up something regarding a protein that’s mentioned in the text their teacher has handed out. Not closing the website he has opened so Hiromitsu will believe that Rei has indeed just looked up something school-related, Rei hands the mobile back to its original owner.

They continue writing their essays, but now it’s not just Hiromitsu who gets side-tracked. Rei forces himself to finish his work, he has always been ambitious and wants to get perfect results. Letting his mind wander into another direction is not welcomed while he is supposed to do something else. And yet – Rei looks over to Hiromitsu and studies his face. Hiromitsu and Rei will turn eighteen soon, so there should be no problem about it, right? After all, Rei has thought about this a lot too, but to think that Hiromitsu has actually done some research surprises him.

Suddenly, Hiromitsu looks up. He has noticed Rei’s staring and asks him is something is the matter. The curious expression in Hiromitsu’s eyes was enough to make something inside Rei snap. Although Rei has sworn not to interrupt his work for something else seconds ago, his essay doesn’t matter while the person he loves the most gives him some attention.

Neglecting his homework, Rei stands up and walks around the table, a task that doesn’t even cost Rei five minutes, and comes to a halt right in front of Hiromitsu. Then, Rei sits down and faces his boyfriend who still has no clue of what Rei was doing. “Zero, what-“

“I don’t mind,” Rei interrupts Hiromitsu. If possible, Hiromitsu’s confusion grows. Therefore, Rei takes a deep breath and elaborates, not bothering to make his words sound less bold. “I don’t mind having sex with you. Actually, I’d like to get to the next level.”

Hiromitsu is baffled at this direct statement. His eyes wide, he stares at Rei in shock, a blush creeping on his cheeks. Rei uses this moment of surprise and takes Hiromitsu’s hands in his own, only to lean forward and steal a kiss while closing his eyes. Soon, Hiromitsu gets a hold of himself and returns the kiss, the nervousness he has shown around Rei for the past two weeks almost completely gone and replaced by determination.

This night, Rei has spent his first time with the person he trusts and loves the most.


Hiromitsu’s hands wanders under Rei’s blue shirt and moves around his back, drawing some circles on it and feeling Rei’s warm skin right under his fingertips. Rei’s lips are captured by Hiromitsu, and they have their eyes closed while lying on Rei’s bottom bunk bed inside the dormitory they share with two other people who are currently outside.

Right after both Rei and Hiromitsu have finished high school, they have joined the police academy. Hiromitsu’s wish to become a person who can protect his country hasn’t changed over the years, if anything it has only manifested itself further. His whole enthusiasm and love for Japan has affected Rei too, and thus the wish to join the police academy has spread like a disease, only to give Rei a new goal he can fight for. He loves Japan, and the fact that he is only half-Japanese and still looked down upon by his colleagues for it doesn’t change his will to keep going and support the country he associates himself with.

Being half-Japanese is troubling enough for Rei, keeping his relationship with Hiromitsu a secret is even trickier. They have been lucky enough to be sorted into the same room, even though Matsuda and Hagiwara are also sharing it with them. In the two months they have been part of the police academy, their schedule and being surrounded by other people almost the whole times gives the couple little time on their own. Moments like this one when they can just lie down in one on their beds and make out don’t happen often, and it makes them treasure them even more.

Just as Hiromitsu is about to place his hand on Rei’s ass and deepen the kiss, footsteps sound through the floor. Groaning quietly -Hiromitsu wants to do so much more to Rei, he can life without having sex with him for a while but not being able to kiss him is torture- Hiromitsu breaks apart and places a quick kiss on Rei’s forehead before he climbs up the small ladder on bunk bed to get on his own mattress. As Matsuda and Hagiwara enter the room and greet the pair, Rei and Hiromitsu act like nothing has happened and greet back.

The four of them talk about how today’s training has went for each one of them until Matsuda changes to topic to the ‘hot’ female instructor that has helped him with his stance during their firearm shooting training. Hiromitsu laughs along with Hagiwara about Matsuda’s story, whereas Rei just rolls his eyes but smiles as well. There aren’t that many people he likes, and while he can’t trust his two dorm mates completely yet, he feels comfortable around them and considers them to be people he likes to hang around with – Even if their presence means that he can’t get closer to Hiromitsu than two best friends usually do.


“You won’t believe what I’ve just been told.”
Hiromitsu enters the dormitory with a huge grin on his face, a grin that is even too big for Hiromitsu’s standards and makes Rei wonder what has managed to get his boyfriend into such a good mood. Hiromitsu sits down next to Rei on the bottom bunk bed and cups his left cheek with his right hand, only to lean in and place a kiss on Rei’s mouth. Rei paces his own right hand on Hiromitsu’s neck and pulls him closer, his ears perking up to pick up every single sound coming from the floor that might indicate that someone is about to walk in on them like that.

Rei leans against the wall in his sitting position and Hiromitsu presses him lightly against it, his lips hungrily asking Rei for more. Rei opens his mouth and allows Hiromitsu to slip inside, their tongues playing with each other. While they exchange a demanding kiss, Hiromitsu sneaks his hand under Rei’s shirt and trails the prominent muscles on his abdomen. As his fingers wander to Rei’s crotch, Rei gasps into the kiss – And he has to stop Hiromitsu right there because he was getting too much into it.

“Hiromi, that’s enough,” Rei pants slightly after he has placed his palms on Hiromitsu’s chest to push him off. It’s not like Rei doesn’t want to, quite the contrary: He enjoys those touches a lot, and the way his body is turned on by Hiromitsu’s actions only emphasize this further. However, they cannot allow themselves to be seen like that. With some light kisses, Rei can act like nothing has happened after breaking apart with Hiromitsu quickly. If Hiromitsu’s touches give him a boner and take his breath, his cheeks getting rosy – Well, that’s not easy to explain, even if Hiromitsu and Rei were to sit on opposite sides of the room when someone enters their dormitory.

“Oh, that’s right,” Hiromitsu beams at Rei, remembering that he still needs to tell him the good news. After placing another kiss on Rei’s lips, this time a rather short one, Hiromitsu starts to explain his actions. “Hagiwara has just told me that we don’t have to wait for Matsuda and him for our poker round this evening, they have a three-hour-long bomb disabling lesson that should begin right now.”

Rei takes his pillow and hits Hiromitsu with it, making Hiromitsu laugh lightly while Rei looks at his with furrowed eyebrows. “Idiot, why didn’t you say so sooner?!”
Not defending himself against Rei’s pillow attack -Rei isn’t actually hurting him, and Hiromitsu still thinks that it’s cute to see Rei’s hot temper boiling up- Hiromitsu keeps laughing. “I wanted to tell you about it right away, but when I saw you I felt like kissing you first.”

It is a mystery to Rei how Hiromitsu manages to piss him off and flatter him quickly afterwards within the span of a few seconds. However, he can’t really be mad at the man he loves. Hiromitsu is an idiot, has always been one, but he makes Rei happy and that’s what counts. Although Hiromitsu’s puns are the lamest Rei has ever heard, he was right with one of them: Hiromitsu is Rei’s light and makes his day brighter, every day.

Eventually, Rei drops the pillow right back where it belongs to and jumps off the bed to walk over to the door. With a quick flick of the wrist, he turns the key around and locks the only way leading into their room. If neither Matsuda nor Hagiwara will show up for a while, Hiromitsu and Rei won’t have to make excuses for locking their room.

After that is done, Rei returns to his bed and sits down right in front of Hiromitsu. Hiromitsu gets the signal and smiles at him, his hands reaching out for Rei’s light blue shirt to unbutton it. As soon as Rei’s neck is exposed after the first few buttons have been opened, Hiromitsu kisses Rei’s crook of the neck, wandering deeper with every unbuttoned button which exposes even more skin. Once Hiromitsu is done with the last button, he slides Rei’s shirt down his shoulders and throws in on the ground. Rei moans lightly when Hiromitsu places his lips around his nipple and licks on it, only to start nibbling when it becomes hard.

Gently, Hiromitsu places his hands on Rei’s sides and pushes him down onto the mattress until Rei was lying down, Hiromitsu towering over him. He lets go of Rei’s nipple and lifts his head to meet Rei’s gaze. Rei is giving him his bedroom eyes – And now, it is impossible to back down. If Rei looks at him like that, Hiromitsu won’t be able to resist. He loves Rei, loves him so much that no human language can express how strong his feelings for him are.

Since Hiromitsu can’t express the full potential of his feelings with words, he tries to do it with his actions and kisses Rei, putting as much love in it as possible. His left hand is holding Rei’s chin up while his right hand slides down Rei’s torso, down to his abdomen -oh, these muscles Hiromitsu feels right under his fingertips- and eventually arrives at Rei’s pants. It’s been so long since the last time Hiromitsu has opened them, and he hasn’t forgotten how to do it with one quick movement of his fingers. After this has been done, Rei lifts his hip so Hiromitsu can interrupt the kiss to pull Rei’s pants down to his ankles and take them off along with Rei’s socks.

Now, the only fabric left on Rei’s body is the one of his boxers. Hiromitsu takes a good look at the body right under him, having memorized every detail long ago but never able to get enough of the sight. Rei is handsome, and Hiromitsu wants him to know that, even if Rei calls him a stupid romanticist every time Hiromitsu makes him compliments. Speaking his thoughts out loud and bringing a faint smile on Rei’s lips always makes it worth being called an idiot, and in the end Hiromitsu doesn’t mind being and idiot as long as he is Rei’s idiot.

There is a small bulge in Rei’s boxers, and Hiromitsu has to admit that making out with Rei doesn’t leave him unaffected either. His body feels warm, not because of the room temperature but because Rei makes him feel that way. Hiromitsu has waited for this opportunity so long, and now that Hagiwara and Matsuda are busy for three hours, he has all the time in this world to make Rei feel good, just like he deserves.

Hiromitsu takes Rei’s wrists and places his hands on his shirt. Rei understands what Hiromitsu asks him to do and starts unbuttoning the shirt while Hiromitsu bends down to catch Rei’s lips in yet another kiss. He nibbles and sucks on Rei’s bottom lip, earning a gasp in return. Hiromitsu wants more of that, so he moves his hands down to Rei’s hips, follows the rim of Rei’s boxers with his fingertips and slides them down. From this angle, Hiromitsu can’t see Rei’s penis, but his right hand embracing it and Rei’s moans as he does so tell him that Rei is hard.

For a split second, Hiromitsu has to remove his right hand as Rei takes his shirt off. As soon as that is done, Hiromitsu removes his lips and looks into Rei’s eyes. Luckily, he cannot see any hint that Rei wants him to stop, so Hiromitsu slides his hands under Rei’s back and heaves him up against the wall. Then, Hiromitsu takes Rei’s shaft in both hands and holds his penis in one position while he moves his head down.

Rei can already see what is about to happen coming, but knowing that Hiromitsu’s lips will be placed around his glans doesn’t make him moan and less once Hiromitsu does just that. The lust pumping through his veins makes Rei dig his fingers into Hiromitsu’s shoulders, and the force he does that with only increases when Hiromitsu uses his tongue to lick Rei’s glans, accompanied by small sucks every now and them. It drives Rei insane and he wants more of it, so he uses his hands to push Hiromitsu’s head down. Hiromitsu obliges and takes not only Rei’s tip, bus also a part of his shaft into his mouth while his fingers move up and down on the part that isn’t inside Hiromitsu’s warm mouth cavity.

Rei’s moans and gasps are the best melody inside Hiromitsu’s ears, even better than the tunes he can produce with his bass guitar after several years of training and playing it for Rei. Rei’s voice is the only sound Hiromitsu is gladly addicted to, and he moves his fingers faster to hear more of it, wants Rei to be louder despite the risk of being heard on the floor.

Hiromitsu can feel that Rei is about to come, precum already leaking out of his glans and being licked off and swallowed by Hiromitsu, making Rei’s head spin in the process. He wants more, wants Hiromitsu inside him just like they have done several times at the end of their last year of high school. However – Now, he can’t hold back. Rei isn’t able to keep himself from coming. “Ngh… H-Hiro..mi-“

Hiromitsu can’t exactly tell him that everything is alright and he can just come with Rei’s dick inside his mouth, so he just keeps on sucking and adds some more pressure to his fingers. While Hiromitsu’s fingers are busy massaging Rei’s penis, Rei digs his fingers into Hiromitsu’s hair, tugging on it forcefully as he comes with a loud moan, releasing his semen into his boyfriend’s mouth. He gasps for air while watching Hiromitsu pull back and swallow the cum, a sight that looks strangely arousing to Rei.

Hiromitsu closes in and kisses Rei’s cheek. It is warm, but so is Rei’s whole body due to his orgasm. Hiromitsu can’t help but smile as he sees Rei like this, and he moves his mouth right next to Rei’s left ear. “I love you, Zero.”

Rei places his hands on Hiromitsu’s cheeks and turns his head around to kiss him. Naturally, Hiromitsu returns the kiss, his fingers tracing Rei’s collarbone, a touch that makes Rei shiver. Meanwhile, Rei’s hands move from Hiromitsu’s cheeks to his neck and pull him closer, deepening the kiss. As they part ways, Rei’s hot breath hits Hiromitsu’s lips. “You haven’t come yet.”

“You can’t get another erection just yet,” Hiromitsu replies, knowing fully well about the refractory time a man needs after an orgasm. Despite being a little bit out of breath, Rei grins smugly at Hiromitsu and removes one hand from his neck to place it on Hiromitsu’s bulge in the pants. “One thing does not exclude the other one.”

Hiromitsu closes his eyes and lets the sensation of Rei’s fingers wash over him. His boner pressing against his uniform pants hardens even more at Rei’s touches. Hiromitsu has planned on waiting for Rei to be able to get an erection again, but it seems like Rei doesn’t want Hiromitsu to cool down without giving him a hand first, literally.


It takes Hagiwara and Matsuda six months to figure out that Rei and Hiromitsu are dating. Once they do, Rei throws his pillow at a laughing Matsuda who has been teasing him for it. Since that isn’t enough to make the bigmouth shut up, Rei walks over to Matsuda puts the pillow on Matsuda’s mouth, only to be pulled back by Hagiwara and Hiromitsu.

Hagiwara laughs and helps Matsuda up while Hiromitsu wraps his arms around Rei and hugs him from behind, both because he enjoys the closeness and because he wants Rei’s hot temper to calm down. He rests his chin on Rei’s shoulder while Rei glares at Matsuda who pouts overdramatically.

Despite Rei’s little attack that hasn’t been meant to harm Matsuda seriously, the atmosphere is a lot lighter ever since Matsuda and Hagiwara know the truth. The fact that Hiromitsu and Rei are a couple doesn’t change their opinion on them, being entrusted with their secret only strengthens the friendship between these four.

“I don’t mind, but please no lewd man-on-man action while I’m in the room,” Matsuda has snickered that day, only for Rei to throw another pillow straight into Matsuda’s face.


“Hey, Zero. Can you hand me the rice?”

The quartet is seated around their usual table inside the cafeteria inside the police academy. Hiromitsu points at the bowl of rice which he can’t reach without standing up, so Rei extends his arm and offers Hiromitsu the object of interest. Gratefully, Hiromitsu smiles at Rei who returns it immediately, although his smile is not as bright as the one of his beaming boyfriend, which doesn’t mean that Rei is any less happy. He is just more modest at showing his affection.

“I see, your nickname is Zero?” Hagiwara puts a hand on his chin, thinking about the nickname which he has heard for the first time during the six months he knows Rei and Hiromitsu. Before their relationship has been exposed, Rei and Hiromitsu have called themselves by their last names around other people, wanting to appear as professional as possible. Now, they have dropped the formalities whenever they are talking to Hagiwara and Matsuda. Hagiwara’s corners of the mouth twitch upwards knowingly. “It’s because the number zero can be read as Rei, isn’t it?”

Hiromitsu places an arm around Rei’s shoulder and nods toward Hagiwara to prove his theory correct. “That’s right, I’ve been calling him Zero for ages.”
With a full mouth, Matsuda starts speaking gibberish, and Hagiwara elbows him followed by a reprimand to show some table manners and swallow first. Matsuda does as he has been told and repeats what he has wanted to say, this time without some food blocking his words. “Guess you are Zero to us now.”

Rei glares at Matsuda and speaks up, his voice almost as sharp as the expression in his eyes. “No, only Hiromi is allowed to do that.”
Immediately after he has dumped Matsuda, Matsuda places the back of his hand on his forehead and sighs dramatically. While he is doing so, he complains about Rei’s behavior to Hagiwara and Hiromitsu. “Haah, Furuya is picking favorites again. I can’t believe he’s so cruel, has he played hard to get with you too, Morofushi?”

Hiromitsu chuckles at Matsuda’s behavior and is ready to answer is question, but Rei covers his mouth quickly to avoid any details from being spilled. He doesn’t mind Matsuda and Hagiwara knowing more about them, but as long as Matsuda is poking fun at him -even though it is just friendly teasing- Rei refuses to tell Matsuda more about himself. In that regard, he is stubborn.

“Furuya Rei-san?”

Suddenly, a voice speaks up behind Rei, making him turn his head around and shake Hiromitsu’s arm off. Sceptically, he musters the newcomer who he can only describe as eyebrows and toothpick. Nevertheless, he answers matter-of-factly. “That’s me, can I help you somehow?”

The man just grins widely, his toothpick moving upwards along with his corners of the mouth. Then, he introduces himself to Rei specifically. “Name’s Date Wataru, and I suppose we are rivals now.”

With this announcement, Date Wataru has smuggled his way into the quartet which becomes a squad soon known as the naughty pals who ace at pulling pranks just as much as they ace their exams, Date and Rei constantly striving to be the best one of their year. While Rei manages to get the best results in his exams, Date wins every single poker round with Rei failing majorly and being forced to pay for all the drinks.


Eventually, graduation day arrives after ten months of hard training. The official celebration is followed by the naughty pals moving their party to their favorite pub. While Matsuda is hitting on two women, Date and Hagiwara get wasted in a drinking contest. They have already reached their limits, but neither of them is willing to let the other one win.

Usually, Rei would just roll his eyes at such a behavior. However, this day is too special for him to get annoyed. Rei is one step closer to his dream, he wants to serve his country and protect it as much as he can. Nothing can ruin his graduation from the police academy which feels way more special than the one from high school.

He looks over to Hiromitsu who has placed his hand on Rei’s under the table. With a smile, Rei remembers the things Hiromitsu has always spouted as a child. “I guess you can officially call yourself a hero of justice now.”
Hiromitsu meets Rei’s eyes and chuckles lightly, the same memories coming back to his mind as well as Rei brings the events from the past up. “Now you are the one who is making bad puns.”


Unfortunately, Rei’s and Hiromitsu’s choice in career paths are different, forcing them to spend less time together. Rei sets his sight on the National Police Agency, while Hiromitsu is keen on joining the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Public Security Bureau.

At first, meeting each other on a regular basis is difficult. Starting a new career means a lot of hard work to get adjusted, gain trust and make a positive impression on colleagues and superiors. Luckily for Hiromitsu and Rei, they are both adamant and live up to the higher-ups’ expectations, even though Rei in particular has been criticized for his work at first – And he knows that that’s just the case because he looks different, his foreign heritage obvious by the first look people take at him. He doesn’t even want to know which problems the reveal of his sexuality would cause.

One year after joining the PSB and NPA respectively, Hiromitsu invites Rei to dinner over at his place. It’s Rei’s birthday, so he isn’t surprised that Hiromitsu wants to spend an evening with him. What he hasn’t expected, though, is that Hiromitsu proposes to move together.
“We’ve been together for three years now,” Hiromitsu adds as an argument, trying to convince Rei of his idea. He smirks at Rei’s perplexed expression and reaches out for Rei’s hand which was resting on the small table Hiromitsu has decorated with a single candle and rose for their dinner. If Rei wanted to, he could just put on a poker face – However, he doesn’t do that, not around Hiromitsu. Intertwining their fingers, Hiromitsu continues. “After such a long time, I’m sure that you are the right person for me. I want to be able to see you as much as possible, with two separate apartments that’s rather tricky. If your colleagues should find out that we are living together, you could just say that we are sharing a flat to cut down on living expenses.”

Rei hesitates. He has shared a dormitory with Hiromitsu for ten months, but living together is something entirely different. During their time at the police academy, they have never received much privacy, not even inside their own room. Then again, Rei loves Hiromitsu and has even moved out of his foster parents’ house after they have found out about Rei’s interest in him, causing stress inside the place Rei has used to call his home.

Eventually, Rei squeezes Hiromitsu’s hand and gives him a small smile. “I guess we can try it out.”

He doesn’t regret this decision for three years. Not even as he returns home from a long day at work and finds a note from Hiromitsu asking Rei to forget about him.

Rei hopes that this note is just a stupid prank, but after Hiromitsu doesn’t arrive at their shared apartment for a week and refuses to answer Rei’s text messages and calls, it dawns on Rei that the man who has claimed not too long ago that he would like to marry Rei if it was possible in their country has left him alone.

Angrily, Rei crumples the note and throws it across the room, right into the trashcan.

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Hiromitsu lies on a rooftop of a high building. With one eye closed, he looks through his rifle and aims for the target, a corrupt politician who has messed with the Organization Hiromitsu has infiltrated two years ago. Since last year, Hiromitsu is known as codename Scotch who works in the assassination department, carrying out the murders of countless enemies of the Organization.

“How’s the wind?” Hiromitsu asks, his voice matter-of-factly. As a spy, he has to appear as professional as possible and keep his own personal interests to himself. Scotch isn’t Hiromitsu, and Hiromitsu isn’t Scotch. They are two sides of the same coin, but completely different at the same time. Hiromitsu is a ray of sunlight who still manages to be serious when it is needed, whereas Scotch is calm and collected and doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, no matter whether the target is innocent or not.

Rye, his partner who has been assigned to Scotch around half a year ago, quickly uses Scotch’s coordinates and the strength of the wind to calculate the bullet’s route. Rye stands close to the target, so he can inform Scotch about the surroundings and confirm the success of the assassination later on. Both Scotch and Rye wear small devices with a microphone and speaker inside their ears. That way, it is possible for them to communicate during their mission.
“Aim a little bit to the left,” Rye orders, and Scotch obliges. He trusts Rye – Not as a person, but as a partner in crime. If Rye tells him to change his aim, he does exactly what Rye has suggested.
Once Rye gives Scotch the signal to shoot, Scotch pulls the trigger and sends a bullet right through the target’s head. Five seconds later, Rye confirms the target’s death and informs him about the spot where he will pick Scotch up.

Once Hiromitsu mutes his device, he sighs. Just another death added to his – No, Scotch’s list. He doesn’t enjoy killing people at all. As a PSB agent, he can tolerate killing enemies to his country. However, Hiromitsu does not share the Organization’s ideals and cannot support their methods. The only reason why he is willing to do the dirty work is because it will result in the destruction of the Organization eventually. Hiromitsu wouldn’t say that the greater good justifies the means, but if there is no other option to get rid of the Organization and protect his country, he has to sacrifice his white vest – And his old life along with it.

Two years ago, Morofushi Hiromitsu has disappeared from the face of earth. The only people aware of his whereabouts are his higher-ups and Organization Zero. It is ironic, really – A group of spies called Zero knows more about Hiromitsu than his own Zero. Leaving Rei, Matsuda, Hagiwara and Date behind for a mission is the worst pain Hiromitsu has experienced so far. Since there is no person close to Scotch, Hiromitsu keeps thinking about his past, his friends, his lover. He can still remember their faces clearly, as if it has been merely one day ago he has last seen them.

Once Hiromitsu has been asked about infiltrating a criminal syndicate and take on a new identity for several years to come, he hasn’t hesitated to accept the offer. He is sure that Rei would have done the same thing if he had been in Hiromitsu’s place. At the very least, Hiromitsu has put all his effort into making the day before his disappearance as wonderful as possible for Rei, trying his best to offer Rei an unforgettable and romantic date. Of course, Rei has been suspicious of Hiromitsu spoiling him as if there was no end to it – And probably, he has even suspected that Hiromitsu would officially propose to him, instead of saying that he would like to marry Rei like he has done several times before.

Hiromitsu would lie if he said that he didn’t miss Rei, his friends and – Yes, even his parents. They have never approved of Rei and that’s the reason why Hiromitsu hasn’t talked to them that much after moving out, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still loves them even though their behavior toward Rei makes it impossible for Hiromitsu to be around them for a long time. If his parents knew about his relationship -well, former relationship- with Rei, they would most likely disown him.

With a poker face plastered in his face, Hiromitsu hides his rifle inside his guitar case and makes his way down the building. It’s time to meet up with Rye and be Scotch again.


Scotch and Rye bump their fists after their successful mission, a habit they have developed over the six months they have been working together. Scotch gives Rye a sly grin as he applies the seat belt around him. “Well done, spotter.”

Rye snorts, slightly amused by the nickname. Then, he lights himself a cigarette and sets his car in motion. Sitting on the right side of the car while being a passenger is still a little bit weird for Scotch, but he knows Rye’s driving style well enough to be sure that he won’t die in a car accident while Rye is the driver. The first time Rye has pulled some stunts during an escape, Scotch has thought that he wouldn’t get out of it alive – However, ever since that wild ride, he can be certain that Rye deserves to be the one behind the steering wheel.

“I won’t be the spotter next time,” Rye speaks up, driving one-handed while the other hand is holding the cigarette between index and middle finger. Scotch doesn’t mind Rye smoking inside the car, and he even accepts one cigarette Rye offers him. He never buys cigarettes on his own, but if someone invites him to smoke with then, he doesn’t decline. Hiromitsu has done it with Matsuda several times, and now Scotch does it with Rye occasionally.

“Sure, I can be the spotter on our next mission,” Scotch gives his consent before he puts the cigarette inside his mouth and lights it up with Rye’s lighter. He doesn’t care whether he is the one acting as spotter or sniper because in the end, the person pulling the trigger isn’t any less guilty than the person luring the target out. No matter how Hiromitsu looks at it, Scotch is a murderer and that won’t ever change.

“You don’t need to,” Rye retorts nonchalantly as he turns right on a crossroad. Curiously, Scotch looks at him and waits for a further explanation. He doesn’t need to wait for a long time to get an elaboration from Rye. “Anokata has found another spotter for us after what had happened to Cognac.”

Cognac. That’s the name of their former partner who has decided to take his own life after the police has caught him during an assassination. It’s unfortunate that he has died, but neither Scotch nor Hiromitsu can allow themselves to feel pity. Scotch doesn’t mourn because ‘it has been Cognac's own fault’ and Hiromitsu isn’t supposed to be sad about an enemy’s death, even if they have worked together for a few months. It’s the same in regards to Rye: Scotch gets along with him well, but he doesn’t get attached to him due to Rye being a criminal whereas Hiromitsu works for the law. Behind his mask which is pals with Rye, Hiromitsu knows that he will have to arrest Rye one day.

“I see,” Scotch pulls the cigarette out of his mouth, releases some smoke and rests his elbow on the passenger seats door, the cigarette between his fingers gleaming. He looks out of the window and asks Rye for more details about their new partner. “Do you have any information about the new addition to our team?”

“Codename’s Bourbon,” Rye answers and comes to a halt in front of a red light. He uses this short break from driving and taps his cigarette against the rim of his ash tray inside the car, the part of it which has already burned down falling into it before Rye lifts his cigarette back to his mouth. “According to Gin, he is a little shit and annoying as fuck. Gin has tried to kill that guy, but apparently Anokata has taken a liking in Bourbon.”

“Picking fights with Gin? What an idiot,” Scotch smirks and looks over to Rye. Being cocky is one thing, annoying Gin so much that he’s ready to kill another member with a codename is pure suicide. However, Scotch can’t help but notice the consistency in the codenames. Rye, Scotch and soon Bourbon too.

“Bourbon, hm?” Scotch repeats the codename, lets it roll over his tongue. “Maybe he will fit into the team more than Cognac.”


A few days afterwards, Scotch receives a message from Rye. Apparently, they will have a new mission in two days – Their first mission with Bourbon. Therefore, Bourbon has asked Rye to get to know his new partners better. Scotch knows that Rye isn’t the most social person, but he has agreed to Bourbon’s suggestion and now wants Scotch to tag along so they can get any idea of messing around during missions out of Bourbon’s head.

Wanting to get it over with quickly, Hiromitsu drives to the coordinates Rye has given him and parks in front of the apartment complex. He isn’t thrilled about getting to know another member, especially not if said member is known for being nasty. Nevertheless, it is better to introduce Bourbon to Rye and Scotch than throwing him into the cold water on the day of their first mission as a team.

Not expecting much, Hiromitsu rings the doorbell and waits. Five seconds afterwards, a familiar face opens the door leading to the apartment – And it isn’t Rye Hiromitsu is talking about. For a split second, Hiromitsu’s eyes widen in shock and any word that wants to escape his mouth keeps being stuck inside his throat. He can’t believe his eyes, doesn’t want to believe them.

It’s Rei. His Zero. The person he has been a couple with for six years, the man he cannot get out of his head and will never be able to get out of his head, no matter how many times Hiromitsu might have to give up his identity again after his current infiltration.

Hiromitsu doesn’t know if he should laugh, cry or shout in anger. However, Scotch knows what he is supposed to do, and that is putting a poker face on and treating Rei- No, Bourbon like any other organization member. Therefore, Hiromitsu lets Scotch take over and bows slightly. “My name is Scotch, I’m the second sniper of our team.”

Once he straightens his back again and locks eyes with Bourbon, his Hiromitsu part almost wants to lose himself in them. Rei has always been handsome ever since puberty has hit him, and the mischievous grin Bourbon greets Scotch with only makes him look even sexier. However, Hiromitsu hasn’t become part of Organization Zero for letting his personal feelings control him. Yes, he still loves Rei and has missed him over the past two years. No, Scotch won’t reveal that he knows Bourbon while Rye could arrive at any minute – That is, if he isn’t already in the apartment.

“I go by the codename Bourbon,” Bourbon introduces himself and moves to the side, making a small gesture with his left hand which invites Scotch inside. With a sly smile, Bourbon continues. “But I think you know that already, Scotch.”

Even after two years, Hiromitsu hasn’t lost the ability to tell what Rei was feeling. He can tell that Rei is beyond pissed off, he doesn’t need the emphasis on his codename to come to that deduction. Not commenting on the mood Rei hides with his Bourbon mask on the outside, Scotch enters the apartment and looks around. The small amount of furniture reminds him of Rei’s first apartment, and he isn’t surprised to see that Rye has already arrived and is currently drinking some coffee.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s make it quick,” Rye speaks up after Bourbon and Scotch have taken a seat. His green eyes pierce right into Bourbon’s and are followed by harsh words. “I don’t care how much of a shithead you are outside of missions, but if you try anything funny during an assassination, we won’t tolerate it.”

“Are you doubting my skills, Rye?” Bourbon grins, an air of arrogance surrounding him as he leans forwards and challenges Rye with an evil gleam in his eyes. “Because if you do, I’ll let you know that there is a reason why I am not dead yet – Despite being a ‘shithead’.”

Rye doesn’t lose his cool. He stays calm and collected and takes another sip of his coffee. Afterwards, Rye doesn’t bother about being polite around Bourbon and tells him his honest opinion about him. “I don’t think you’ll be useless, I just think that you are a bigmouth who shouldn’t bite more than he can chew.”

Scotch can see that Rei’s hot temper is about to show up behind his Bourbon mask, and all of a sudden he feels out of place. Bourbon is about to lash out at Rye, so Scotch interrupts their quarrel before it can escalate. Facing Bourbon directly, Scotch asks him a question. “Alright, Bourbon. Do you have any experience as a spotter?”

Fortunately, Scotch’s interference results in a more or less civilized conversation, aside from some snarky remarks Rye and Bourbon throw at each other. Hiromitsu manages to keep his Scotch persona up without making any implications that he knows Bourbon. He creates some distance to Bourbon, just like Rei does it with Scotch.

In the end, Rye and Scotch get a good idea of Bourbon’s experience concerning different fields. Content with what he has learned, Rye stands up and announces that they are done. He expects Scotch to follow him suit and take his leave as well, but Scotch shakes his head, a slight smile on his face. “Actually, I want to learn a little bit more about Bourbon’s way of handling missions.”

Bourbon looks at Scotch, his eyes watching him knowingly. Of course, it won’t be about that. Both Hiromitsu and Rei know that only Rye leaves them alone, an argument will break loose – However, this is exactly what they need right now. If Scotch just left Bourbon’s apartment with Rye without another word, Rei would definitely be pissed off, even more than he already is.

Rye shrugs with his shoulders, fishes his cigarettes out of his pant pockets and lit it with a lighter. Then, he turns around and walks toward the front door. “You do yours.”

As soon as Rye has left the apartment with the sound of the door closing behind him, Hiromitsu lets his Scotch act drop and grabs Rei’s shoulders, hissing at him furiously. “What the hell are you doing here, Zero?!”

“What the hell I’m doing here?” Rei repeats, anger written in his eyes as he glares at Hiromitsu. Then, he lifts his right hand and forcefully taps at Hiromitsu’s chest over and over again, emphasizing his sour mood even more. “What the hell I’m doing here?! I could ask you the same fucking question!”

Rei pushes Hiromitsu’s hands off his shoulders and grabs him by the collar, his fury not vanishing. He is beyond pissed, especially since he has been forced to wait two years for this confrontation, all his negative feelings that have piled themselves up inside him suddenly breaking out. “You disappear one day, leaving nothing but a shitty note telling me to forget about you. I asked around, but nobody knew where you were, and you didn’t answer anyone’s messages, too! Hell, your parents have blamed me for your disappearance, thinking I have upset you while we were living together as ‘best friends’.”

Hiromitsu feels sorry for Rei. He has suspected that his disappearance must have affected him, the person he is the closest to out of the group of four people he can trust suddenly leaving him alone without an explanation. However, Hiromitsu has thought that Rei would get over it eventually, not that he would keep searching him. Nevertheless, Hiromitsu feels a mixture of anger and worry washing over him, and he raises his voice against Rei as well. “You aren’t supposed to be here! Infiltration is the work of the PSB, not the NPA!”

“Are you doubting that I can pull this spy work off?” Rei growls. Hiromitsu is aware of Rei’s hatred toward any implications that someone doubts his skills, he has never liked it when someone suspects that nothing good will come out of the things he does. Usually, this has only resulted in Rei trying even harder to prove everyone that he can get the best results.

However, Rei is misunderstanding Hiromitsu – And suddenly, Hiromitsu feels very exhausted. With a sigh, he lets his hand run through his hair, trying to convey his feelings and thoughts into words somehow. Once he has collected himself, he takes Rei’s wrists in his hands and loosens Rei’s grip on his collar. While Hiromitsu has calmed down, Rei’s blood is still boiling, so Hiromitsu squeezes Rei’s wrists slightly, an attempt to show him that Hiromitsu doesn’t want to continue fighting. “Rei, it’s not your skills which I don’t have faith in. I doubt that I can act objectively if I have to choose between the success of the mission and you.”

Somehow, Hiromitsu’s small confession manages to make Rei calm down as well. Hiromitsu can tell that Rei won’t forget about what has happened so soon, but seeing Rei’s anger subdue is the first step to make up for what Hiromitsu has done – Even if he would do it anytime again if it was for the sake of his country.

Rei’s hands wander from Hiromitsu’s collar to his neck and pull him closer. Hiromitsu could feel Rei’s breath against his lips, and he wants to close the gap between them. However, he can’t be quite sure how far he is allowed to go after having abandoned Rei a long time ago. A sly grin forms on Rei’s lips as he notices Hiromitsu’s hesitation. “I haven’t searched you for two years and made every member hate me, so I will get sorted into your team only to get myself in trouble afterwards. Don’t worry about me and rank the mission first – Because I will do the same for Japan.”

Then, Rei leans in and kisses Hiromitsu. It’s not one of these innocent kisses they have shared as high schoolers, this kiss is demanding and makes Hiromitsu’s last doubts vanish. It’s already too late for Rei to turn back. Hiromitsu still doesn’t like the idea of Rei having joined the Organization, but if Rei chose to run away he’d be killed off for being a traitor – And that is even worse them keeping Rei as Bourbon on his side.

Automatically, Hiromitsu places his hands around Rei’s waist and deepens the kiss, wanting to taste his… boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend? It doesn’t matter at that moment, so Hiromitsu pushes these thoughts away. He can still clarify his feelings later, for now he wants to pay his full attention to the lips of the man he loves. Rei tastes just like Hiromitsu has remembered him, and it is a taste he hasn’t been able to compensate during the time he has spent apart from Rei.

Rei moves forward, forcing Hiromitsu to take a few steps backwards. Once his legs hit Rei’s couch, Rei interrupts the kiss and pushes Hiromitsu on it with some force. Hiromitsu groans as his back hits the cushion, but shuts up as soon as Rei climbs over him and occupies his mouth with his lips. For the first time in a while, Hiromitsu enjoys his life again, and he can forget about putting on the Scotch mask around every person he interacts with. Rei knows Hiromitsu, and Hiromitsu knows Rei – As long as nobody is around, they can be themselves and not the masks they are wearing.

His hands both entangling their fingers into Hiromitsu’s hair, Rei pulls on it. Hiromitsu smiles contently into the kiss and places his hands on Rei’s ass. After a while, Rei removes his lips and looks Hiromitsu straight into the eyes, scowling slightly. “I’m still mad.”
“I know,” Hiromitsu replies, fully aware of the reason why Rei is feeling that way. He can’t even blame Rei, even though Rei has broken his ties with his friends just like Hiromitsu has done, just to find Hiromitsu again and fight for justice at the same time. Sometimes, Rei is a selfish hypocrite, but that’s just another flaw which makes Rei human.

“Give me make-up sex,” Rei demands, resulting in Hiromitsu grinning mischievously. His hands move from Rei’s ass to his waits, and he flips him around so Rei is the one lying under him now. Towering over Rei, Hiromitsu moves his head next to Rei’s ear, his beard scratching Rei’s jawline as he does so. With a low voice, Hiromitsu whispers into Rei’s ear. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

With a new plan in mind, Hiromitsu catches Rei in a kiss and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Once that is taken off, Hiromitsu starts fumbling around Rei’s pants and pulls them down to his knees. When Hiromitsu is about to pull Rei’s boxers down as well, he meets Rei’s gaze. “Do you have-“

He doesn’t even need to continue his sentence because Rei reaches out for the left pocket of his pants and fishes a tube out of it. Hiromitsu smiles and amusement and takes the lube Rei offers him. “Why am I even asking.”

Hiromitsu puts the tube next to Rei on the couch and continues undressing him, pants, socks and boxers accompanying the shirt on the ground. For a few seconds, Hiromitsu just enjoys the sight of Rei’s naked body, moves his fingertips over the muscles that have become even more prominent and the scars, some of them remembering Hiromitsu about the story how Rei has achieved them whereas other scars are completely new to Hiromitsu. Eventually, Hiromitsu takes off his own shirt, deciding that he shouldn’t make Rei wait for too long just because he is enjoying the sight.

Picking the tube up again, Hiromitsu opens it and covers three fingers in lube. He puts the tube aside and uses the hand which isn’t moist to lift up Rei’s chin. Then, he kisses Rei while moving the first finger inside him. While Hiromitsu is busy making Rei’s lips slightly swollen by all the kisses he places on them, sometimes nibbling on his bottom lip or sucking on it, the second and third finger follow each time Hiromitsu feels like Rei has adjusted around him.

When Rei moves against Hiromitsu’s fingers, wanting them to go deeper, it’s a sign for Hiromitsu that Rei is ready for more. Therefore, he removes his three fingers and grins once Rei grumbles. “Don’t be so impatient, you’ll get what you want soon.”

“Hurry up, jerk,” Rei retorts. Hiromitsu shakes his head about this behavior, but unbuttons his own pants and takes his remaining clothes off. Afterwards, he reaches out for the lube again, covers his cock in it and spreads Rei’s legs with his hands. Rei lifts his hips, like he is ordering Hiromitsu to take him already, and Hiromitsu does as Rei wishes and places himself in front of Rei’s entrance.

As soon as Hiromitsu moves his penis inside Rei -slowly, to avoid hurting him- Rei clenches the cushion of the couch. He pants and moans, hot sweat forming on his forehead, and this sight alone would be enough to turn Hiromitsu on every single day.

Once Hiromitsu’s penis is all the way inside Rei, he waits for Rei to loosen his grip on the couch before he pulls out a few centimeters, only to push back inside. Rei moans loudly, and Hiromitsu wants to hear more of it, so he repeats his movement, this time with more force. His hands spread Rei’s legs further, hoping to get deeper into Rei if he does so. Hiromitsu lifts Rei’s hips and thrusts harder, over and over again, each time changing his aim and speeding up some more. Rei places his hands on Hiromitsu’s sides, his fingernails digging into the skin. He is moaning, and Hiromitsu also pants more noticeable the longer he pulls his dick back, only to push it back inside.

“Hiromi~” Rei moans, sounding like he is about to come. Hiromi also notices that he is about to reach his limit, therefore he takes Rei’s erection into one hand and starts moving his hand up and down. He can feel Rei twitching inside his hand before semen leak out of his penis, covering Hiromitsu’s hand and Rei’s abdomen. Rei is panting heavily, Hiromitsu’s cock still thrusting inside him. Due to Rei tightening up on the inside after his orgasm, it only takes Hiromitsu a few more thrusts before he comes as well. Exhausted, he bends over and kisses Rei. While Rei returns the kiss, Hiromitsu pulls his penis out of Rei.

“You need to do that some more times until I forgive you,” Rei mumbles against Hiromitsu’s lips once they part, a sly gleam inside his eyes. Rei is messing with Hiromitsu, and Hiromitsu knows that Rei still loves him. With a genuine smile, Hiromitsu strokes Rei’s right cheek with his left thumb. “Do you want to marry me once we are done with this mission?”

Rei stares at Hiromitsu for a split second, before he averts his eyes and focuses on the cushion next to his head instead. “Aren’t we that already, idiot?”

Hiromitsu hasn’t beamed as brightly in the last few years as he does now.


“Alright, you two. Break it off.”
Scotch steps between Bourbon and Rye who fight after their successful first mission. Just as promised, Bourbon has used his skills to get the best results out of the task they have been given. Even Rye has acknowledged that Bourbon has something up his sleeve – It’s just that he isn’t good at making compliments, and saying that Bourbon has been good ‘for a greenhorn’ has pissed Bourbon off.

Playfully, Scotch gets Bourbon in a headlock and ruffles his hair with his fist. That doesn’t exactly lift Bourbon’s mood, to be exact it causes the exact opposite and annoys Bourbon even further. However, Scotch prefers it when Bourbon pays attention to him instead of Rye. Seeing Bourbon’s angry expression because Scotch does some trivial things that bother him is cute, even though Bourbon will always deny it. Scotch won’t change his mind.

“Don’t take Rye’s words so serious,” Scotch chuckles and lets Bourbon out of the headlock. Bourbon just glares at Scotch and calls him an idiot, an insult Scotch laughs off.

Throughout Scotch’s and Bourbon’s small exchange, Rye keeps his eyes on Bourbon and studies the faint smile on his lips after the short argument between Scotch and him has resolved.


A few weeks later, Bourbon has to play honeypot in order to lure a target into a trap. Scotch and Rye lie on a rooftop, too far away for Scotch to take the shot. However, Rye has insisted on teaching Scotch how to fire his rifle from a farther distance for weeks, and today’s mission is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Scotch watches Bourbon through his rifle’s vision. The target’s back is turned to Rye and Scotch whereas Bourbon faces them. Knowing exactly on which building they are, Bourbon winks suggestively into their direction while he places his hands on the chest of the man he is seducing. This small gesture brings a smirk on Scotch’s lips, he knows that no matter how many times Bourbon plays honeypot, he will come back to him eventually. It’s Hiromitsu Rei has feelings for, after all.

Since playing honeypot is merely a means to fulfil missions, Scotch can’t be jealous at the targets Bourbon is touching gently. No, the targets aren’t the people bothering him – It’s Rye’s look at Bourbon, and one of these looks is on Rye’s face after Bourbon has winked into their direction.


“I hate that bastard!”

Furiously, Rei kicks Hiromitsu’s couch and lets all his anger out. Hiromitsu sighs and takes Rei’s hand into his, tugs on it and makes Rei sit down next to him. He intertwines his fingers with Rei’s and uses his free hand to lift Rei’s chin and lean in to place a kiss on his lips. Automatically, Rei closes his eyes and returns the kiss, calming down while he is getting into it. Once Hiromitsu pulls away, he places another kiss on Rei’s cheek. “You don’t need to think about him while we are alone.”

“I know,” Rei huffs. He isn’t as furious as before, although there was still a strong emotion written in his eyes when thinking about Rye, and Hiromitsu hopes that it’s hate. Scowling, Rei continues, the words Rye has said to him an hour ago still present in his mind. “But how am I not supposed to be pissed off when he claims that I’m only good for my body?”

Hiromitsu wants to groan, but he holds it back. Apparently, Rei won’t let the topic drop for a while, so Hiromitsu gives in and counters Rei’s question with one on his own. “Why do you even care what Rye thinks about you?”

“I don’t,” Rei frowns, not happy about the fact that Hiromitsu is misunderstanding him. However, Hiromitsu thinks he understands Rei better than he does himself, and that’s why Hiromitsu isn’t afraid to point the inconsistency in Rei’s logic out. With a serious expression on his face, Hiromitsu tells Rei what he doesn’t want to hear. “For someone who claims that he doesn’t care you sure are keen on making Rye appreciate your skills.”

Rei keeps insisting that he doesn’t want Rye’s approval and hates his guys for being an asshole, and Hiromitsu decides to drop the topic because it isn’t getting anywhere. Instead, he cups Rei’s cheeks and tries to calm him down again, this time with a genuine smile and supportive words. “Well, I have to agree with Rye that you have a very attractive body, but that’s not the reason why I’m in love with you.”

Hiromitsu places a kiss on Rei’s lips and places his forehead on Rei’s afterwards, caressing his cheeks while doing so. “I love you for being the strong, intelligent and ambitious person you are.”

Luckily, this is enough to make the boiling blood inside Rei’s body cool down. He closes his eyes, wraps his hands around Hiromitsu’s neck and pulls him closer, placing a more demanding kiss on his lips than the one Hiromitsu has given him before. Immediately, Hiromitsu melts into the kiss and changes their position so he is the one bending over Rei while he leans against the cushion.

Everything’s alright. Rei is with him, and Hiromitsu knows that Rei’s love is genuine.


Over the next two months, Scotch tries to involve Bourbon in conversations with him whenever Rye is around. Bitterly, he notices that Bourbon only pays full attention to Scotch if Scotch is the one directly talking to him. Whenever Scotch remains silent, Bourbon turns to Rye and argues with him over trivial things.

He doubts that Bourbon is aware of his behavior. As intelligent as Rei is, he can be quite dense about his own feelings - Either that, or he denies them until he makes himself believe his own lie.

Due to Bourbon developing a liking to Rye unconsciously, Scotch becomes more affectionate around Bourbon to show Rye that he can’t have him. Scotch doesn’t ‘own’ Bourbon, but even though his relationship to Bourbon is unofficial, there is no space for Rye between them. Whenever Scotch gets Bourbon’s attention by distracting him from Rye, he makes Bourbon smile with some words and gestures. Hiromitsu knows Rei well enough to know what he likes and dislikes, and he doesn’t hesitate to use that knowledge as Scotch to make Rye back off.

Little does he know is that Bourbon’s smiles make Rye desire Bourbon even more, even if that means that he has to take Bourbon away from the teammate he has gotten along with well until Bourbon has stepped into his life.


Hiromitsu hugs Rei from behind while Rei is preparing some meal. He rests his chin on Rei’s shoulder and watches his hands chop some vegetables into small pieces. Rei has always preferred fresh and healthy food over instant products, although he has been forced to eat some cheap instant food during high school due to his lack of money. Back then, Hiromitsu has always offered to help him financially, but Rei has always disliked accepting help from others, even from his best friend who has also become his lover during that time.

Rei is an independent person who considers receiving help from others as a weakness, although Hiromitsu has never seen Rei as weak. When they were children, Rei has been his hero, a person he has looked up to for being so strong. Hiromitsu’s offers have always been out of kindness, not because he has thought Rei couldn’t take care of himself on his own. Eventually, Hiromitsu has learned that it is better to let Rei handle his things alone because that’s exactly what he wants to do.

“Hiromi, I’m cooking,” Rei states calmly, expecting Hiromitsu to let go of him. However, Hiromitsu doesn’t do what Rei wants him to do. Instead, he buries his nose in the crook of Rei’s neck and enjoys the moment, taking in Rei’s scent and kissing his shoulder. Then, he lifts his head and places a kiss on Rei’s cheek. “Yeah, and I’m hugging my husband.”

Rei steps on Hiromitsu’s food, causing Hiromitsu to jerk up. Instead of complaining, he takes the knife out of Rei’s hand -Rei doesn’t stop him, probably not wanting to hurt Hiromitsu accidentally- and turns him around. Cornering Rei between the counter and himself, he pins Rei’s hands to the wall cupboard above his head and grins at him. “Have I ever told you that I love it that you are so feisty?”

“You make me compliments every day, it’s hard to keep count,” Rei retorts, smirking smugly. Receiving praise from Hiromitsu only strengthened his pride, and Hiromitsu probably shouldn’t feed him with more – However, if it concerns Rei, he is willing to spoil him as much as possible.

“And you enjoy it,” Hiromitsu mumbles suggestively as he leans in and unites their lips. He presses Rei more against the counter and heaves him up on it with his free hand which isn’t pinning Rei’s hands to the cupboards. Rei uses his new position to wrap his legs around Hiromitsu and pull him closer to his body. Hiromitsu grins into the kiss, content about Rei’s initiative.

Once Rei breaks out of Hiromitsu’s grips around his hands, he places them on Hiromitsu’s back of the head and opens his mouth, allowing Hiromitsu to slip inside. Hiromitsu takes Rei up on that offer and plays with his tongue for a while, his hands loosening the apron which is tied together behind Rei’s neck. Before Hiromitsu can continue, Rei places his pals him Hiromitsu’s chest and pushes him away. Afterwards, he places his mouth right next to Hiromitsu’s ear and whispers, his index finger seductively tracing Hiromitsu’s jawline down to his throat until he stops at his collar bone. “Do me a favor and put the carrots inside the pot before we continue this.”

Hiromitsu smirks. How could he ever decline if Rei asks him like that?


After having cleaned up the kitchen, Rei and Hiromitsu eat the nikujaga Rei has prepared. As always, the meal is delicious and Hiromitsu asks for more, making Rei shake his head with a faint smile on his face while claiming that Hiromitsu will become fat if he continues asking for more after every portion.

“You can roll me to our missions, then,” Hiromitsu laughs, and Rei joins in. Cooking is one of Rei’s hobbies and receiving compliments about his meals makes him proud. With a mischievous grin, Rei teases Hiromitsu. “I don’t want you to become useless, so don’t dare to slack off.”

“Yes, Sir!” Hiromitsu obeys playfully and continues eating his second serving. For a while, they sit in silence – That is, until Rei speaks up and throws Hiromitsu off. “I believe Rye is a NOC.”

This comes out of nowhere. Questioningly, Hiromitsu stares back at Rei. He doesn’t like Rye being brought up, and his stomach twists slightly when he thinks about Rye’s glances at Bourbon. However, Hiromitsu acts like it does not bother him that Rei has brought up Rye. “How come?”

“He’s…” Rei pauses, thinking about a good way to formulate his thoughts. Usually, Hiromitsu would enjoy the sight of Rei being deep in thought, but not if it was about Rye. Unaware of Hiromitsu’s jealousy, Rei continues. “He doesn’t take enjoyment in killing and also doesn’t use the money he earns to buy expensive things. Then, there’s also the middle schooler he has been worried about – You know, the girl you have taught how to play the basic do re mi.”

Hiromitsu remembers that day clearly. He has cheered the little girl up who has been disappointed once Rye has scolded her. She has been a cute girl, all excited to learn something new and proud once she has been able to pull it off. Later that day, once Hiromitsu and Rei have been inside Hiromitsu’s apartment, has played a few songs for him as well, Rei’s head resting on his shoulder while listening to the sound of the music.

“That’s not enough to say that he is a NOC yet,” Hiromitsu argues. He doesn’t feel like continuing this topic, but Rei doesn’t let go. No, he smirks cockily and elaborates on his plan. “Exactly, we can’t tell whether this theory is correct. That’s why I’ll invite him over to my apartment while you will rummage through his stuff to find some clues.”

Hiromitsu is speechless. This plan isn’t just dangerous, it’s also idiotic. If Rye doesn’t turn out to be a NOC, they will get in trouble, probably even be exposed as NOCs themselves. However, Hiromitsu also knows that facial expression Rei currently has on his face. Once he’s that smug, nobody can change his mind. All Hiromitsu can do is to help Rei out, otherwise Rei might even do something even riskier to get some information on Rye.

Rei is strong. He knows what he’s doing and in the worst case scenario, he can defend himself. Hiromitsu decides to trust his kind-of-husband and sighs in defeat. “Alright, count me in.”


Patiently, Bourbon waits for Rye to arrive. He has asked him to come over because he wants to go over the plan for their next mission again. Luckily, Rye has agreed and should arrive at any second.

Hiromitsu’s condition to help Rei out has been that both of them wear their communication devices. Therefore, Bourbon is wearing one of the ear plugs he usually uses during missions to keep in touch with his teammates. His blond hair should be enough to cover the device from Rye’s sight.

Eventually, it rings on Bourbon’s doorbell. He quickly tells his partner to enter Rye’s apartment now and walks over to the door to open it. As expected, Rye is the one standing in front of it with a disinterested expression. Seeing his face alone makes a cocky smirk appear on Bourbon’s face, the following provocation almost rolling naturally off Bourbon’s tongue. “Glad you made it in time, so I can tell you how much your plan sucks.”

Rye simply snorts, a slight scowl on his face as he pushes his way into the apartment. Bourbon lets him pass and follows Rye to his own couch Rye has sat down on without having been invited to do so. His rude behavior pisses Bourbon off, Rye is always so full of himself. Cynically, Bourbon takes a seat opposite to Rye and comments his manners. “Sure, feel at home.”

As soon as Bourbon speaks these words, Rye pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pant pockets, sticks one into his mouth and lights it up. If anyone needed a “How to misbehave at another person’s house” 101, Rye would be the perfect teacher, because he does one thing after another to insult Bourbon. If his face isn’t enough, barging into his apartment, seating himself and lighting a cigarette in a smoker-free apartment added more fuel to the fire. However, Bourbon has to avoid getting into a bad fight that might make Rye leave out of sheer annoyance.

“So, have you decided to call me over just to be a little shit stain again or do you actually plan on saying something useful for once?” Rye inquires, crossing his arms and leaning back into the cushion behind him. Rei already wants to punch him, but gets a hold of himself and plasters the Bourbon mask tighter to his face. He has to stay professional, professional and composed. With a sly smile, Bourbon leans forward. “As I’ve said, I want to talk to you about the plan because I’ve got some problems with your logic, protozoan.”

Afterwards, Bourbon repeats every step Rye has come up with for their next assassination and points out every single detail that bothers him about it. He elaborates on every problem he notices in Rye’s logic and proposes something else instead. For half an hour, he manages to keep this act up – Until Rye frowns at him. “You talk awfully much today, Bourbon.”

Rei doesn’t lose his cool. Neither Furuya nor Bourbon would give in that easily. Instead, he keeps his mask on and continues grinning mischievously. “Well, that is required if I want to stop you from getting us killed because of a flawed plan.”

“The plan is fine as it is,” Rye states and stands up, ready to take his leave. That is bad, really bad. There is no way that Hiromitsu is done with his investigation yet, and if Rye was to return to his apartment now – Bourbon has to stop him from leaving.

On an impulse, Bourbon stands up and does what he is experienced with. He comes to a halt in front of Rye, places his hand on his chest and looks him into the eyes, Rye returning his gaze with an expression Bourbon couldn’t read. He notices how much he hates not being able to tell what Rye is thinking, but pushes these thoughts to the back of his mind. Bourbon’s charm is needed to convince Rye to stay and keep listening to him. “Leaving just yet is a pity, isn’t it? Especially if we haven’t come up with a new plan.”

“I suppose there is a reason for me to stay,” Rye retorts, resulting in Bourbon’s grin to widen. Content about his success, he speaks up again. “I’m glad we have come to an agreement. Now, if you’d kindly sit down again so we can form another strategy.”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about coming up with another strategy,” for the first time since Rye has entered Bourbon’s apartment, his corners of the mouth twitch up. Bourbon frowns, he has no idea what else could make Rye stay – And then, Rye places his hand on Bourbon’s neck and pulls him closer. For a split second, the Bourbon mask cracks and Rei widens his eyes in shock as Rye presses his lips on his mouth. However, he has to remind himself that Bourbon is a honeypot expert, it was only a kiss, nothing of importance that is able to make Bourbon lose his composure. He just has to push Rye away, tell him that he hates his guts and that he should move his ass to the couch and talk the plan over.

And yet, Bourbon didn’t do that.

Rye’s kiss is harsh, unlike Hiromitsu’s. No matter how much Bourbon tells himself that he doesn’t enjoy it and that the kiss is no different from the ones he has shared with his honeypot victims before they have been shot – This kiss feels different, and Bourbon doesn’t know where to sort it.

His body definitely likes it, likes how Rye’s lips move against his own with no gentleness behind his actions. As one of Rye’s hands move to Bourbon’s ass, Bourbon catches himself gasping into the kiss and moving his head closer to Rye’s once he presses Bourbon’s crotch against his own.

Rei knows that what he’s doing is wrong. This hasn’t been part of his plan, he has never wanted to taste other lips than Hiromitsu’s. However, the way Rye does it is completely new to him, he has never noticed how attractive Rye’s scent is despite the cigarette smoke sticking to his clothes. And his lips, they taste like-



Rei isn’t supposed to do that. He’s in a relationship with Hiromitsu, ever since their second year of high school. Hiromitsu is the person his heart belongs to, just because Rye is a good kisser doesn’t mean that he can just cheat on his true love. There are no feelings involved with Rye, just these stupid hormones-

And then Rye squeezes his ass, makes Bourbon gasp and slips his tongue inside his mouth. Bourbon tries to force himself not to like it, but that doesn’t work quite well and in the end, he returns the kiss. Rye isn’t playing with his tongue, he is dominating it and for once, Bourbon doesn’t try to best him at something. Instead, he melts into the kiss and lets Rye do as he pleases.

He doesn’t understand it. Why is he doing that? He is one hundred percent sure that he loves Hiromitsu, he’s the one who makes him smile, the one who is his light in the darkness just like his name suggest. For no other person Rei would have waited two years long, so why does he-

Oh no, the microphone. It’s still unmuted.

Trying to behave as normal as possible, Rei lifts his hand and acts as if he has to scratch his ear. He wants to turn the microphone off, so he can spare Hiromitsu from hearing him. Before he can reach it, Rye catches his hand by the wrist and interrupts the kiss, only to move his mouth right next to the ear the device is hidden in. “Do you think I’m a fool, Bourbon?”

With that, Rye pushes Bourbon on the couch. Using the short moment of surprise on Bourbon’s side, Rye opens his belt, takes it off and climbs on Bourbon. Then, he pins Bourbon’s hands above his head and ties them together with his belt. Bourbon glares at him. “Rye, you bastard.”

“Scotch can listen in to us, because he’s obviously doing something wrong if you are so desperate to get fucked,” Rye retorts coolly and- Goddammit, Bourbon considers the faint smug smirk on his lips arousing. However, the fact that Rye has just insulted Hiromitsu pisses him off, so he tries to kick him with his leg, only for Rye to catch his knee. Amusedly, Rye pins Bourbon’s legs down by sitting on them, his crotch touching Bourbon’s. Eventually, Bourbon stops moving his legs because this just results in shifting Rye slightly and making their genitals brush against each other.

Rye forces his lips on Bourbon’s again, drowning any complaints Bourbon might have. Bourbon is still angry at Rye, and he doesn’t want to betray his life partner – However, there is another voice in his mind, a voice that gets louder with every kiss, every touch and tells Bourbon that he wants it. Rye is skilled at what he is doing, Bourbon can feel his excitement and is ready to indulge himself into his lust, the moral doubts inside his head getting quieter as his blood rushes to lower regions instead of his head where it is rather needed in his situation. It’s not like feelings are involved and it serves as a good distraction to give Scotch more time to rummage through Rye’s apartment, so a one-night-stand couldn’t hurt, right…?

Deep down, Rei is still aware of how questionably his actions are, but he doesn’t care – Doesn’t want to care. He returns Rye’s kiss while Rye unbuttons Bourbon’s shirt, not able to take it off since Bourbon’s hands are tied together. After Bourbon’s torso is exposed, Rye massages his nipples, earning muffled moans in return. Bourbon can feel that he is getting hard, and he can tell that Rye has also noticed since he rubs his own bulge against it demandingly, only to be awarded with more moans and gasps.

Once Rye unbuttons Bourbon’s pants and is about to pull them down, he feels something inside Bourbon’s pockets on the back. He fishes it out and recognizes what it is. While Rye takes Bourbon’s pants, boxers and socks off for good, a sly grin forms on his face. “I guess you won’t need that for him tonight, so I’ll feel free to use it.”

“Bas-“ before Bourbon can finish his insult, he’s interrupted by his own moans when Rye moves his fingers over his erection. Since Rye has let go of his hands, he balls them into fists and leashes out for Rye, only to be stopped and turned around. Shortly afterwards, Rye inserts a lubricated finger into his entrance without a warning, making Bourbon tense up. He notices that Rye wants to keep the preparation time as short as possible to come to the more exciting part, hence why he moves his finger around as soon as he has pushed it inside Bourbon.

Bourbon is able to take one finger, but as the second one is pushed inside him, his breath hitches. His pride doesn’t allow him to show Rye that his rough movements hurt, though, so Bourbon does not complain as Rye spreads his two fingers inside him, soon accompanied by a third one. Rye thrusts inside Bourbon, trying different angles and Bourbon is glad once the lust drowns the pain out.

Once Bourbon starts moaning in pleasure again, Rye takes his fingers out. Bourbon hears a familiar sound, Rye is unzipping his pants – And shortly afterwards, he can feel something hard on his entrance. While Bourbon isn’t able to see Rye’s size, the pure sensation of Rye’s glans being placed on his ass makes Bourbon worried that it will fit inside. However, this thought doesn’t scare Bourbon. Instead, it makes him shiver in excitement about what’s about to come.

Bourbon considers himself lucky that he has brought some lube, even though it has never been meant for Rye. Rye isn’t gentle with him, he pushes himself inside without stopping for one second. As expected, Rye’s cock feels even bigger once it’s inside, and it hurts. Bourbon’s nails dig deep into his palms, his breath heavy. He doesn’t know how or why, but Rye being so rough with is strangely arousing, and even the pain is only half as bad as before once Rye starts moving and trusting, replacing the ache with lust.

Not wanting to focus on the burning sensation coming from his ass, Rei thinks about something else, something that makes him happy. Without planning to do so, he starts moaning. Rye grabs his hips and changes his position so he can get deeper, making Bourbon lose his mind and becoming a moaning mess, calling out Hiromitsu’s name. He yelps as Rye pulls out, only to thrust back inside forcefully while grunting. “You dare thinking about another person while we are at it?”

Again, Rye pulls out completely, but this time he turns Bourbon around so he has to see his face. After that is done, Rye lifts Bourbon’s hips and pushes his dick into Bourbon. That’s right, it’s Rye, not Hiromitsu. If Rei has thought that his sex with Hiromitsu has been wild, Rye gives rough a new definition. Hiromitsu would never be willing to cause Rei pain to make him feel lust afterwards, the person fucking Bourbon cannot be him. No, it’s Rye and by turning Bourbon around he makes it perfectly clear that it’s not Hiromitsu who is sticking his cock inside Bourbon and makes him see stars.

Bending his back in pleasure, Bourbon melts into Rye’s hands. There are no barriers anymore, his loud moans sound through the room, and Bourbon doesn’t care if his neighbors can hear him. He doesn’t think about anything, isn’t able to think because Rye is fucking his brains out. During that moment, Bourbon isn’t the smug investigator who picks fights with Rye all the time – Right now, he’s someone who is drowning in lust, not able to pull himself back to the surface and not caring about the bitter aftertaste it will leave him with.

In an attempt to make Rye get into him deeper, Bourbon wraps his legs around him and pulls him closer. Rye gets what Bourbon wants from him, so he speeds up his pace and pushes himself into Bourbon until his balls hit his ass. This time, Bourbon moans even louder than before and Rye knows that he has found his prostate. Grinning to himself, he aims for it again, repeating this several times while Bourbon is twitching and sweating, Rye’s codename escaping his lips several times with a dazed tone of voice, completely overwhelmed by the rough sex.

After what feels like an eternity of full ecstasy, Bourbon reaches his orgasm. With still some stamina left, Rye keeps thrusting inside Bourbon, the new tightness inside him requiring Rye to use more force. Eventually, he comes as well and remains in his position for a while until he pulls out, some semen gliding out of Bourbon as he does so.

Bourbon is a mess. He can’t remember the last time he has felt that great, and he’s still shaking from all the excitement rushing through his veins. Hiromitsu doesn’t deserve that, Rei is aware of how horrible his action has been – And he hates himself for wrapping his tied hands around Rye’s neck and returning his kiss once Rye leans down to Bourbon and presses his lips on his.

Chapter Text

Blankly, Hiromitsu stares at the ceiling while he is lying in bed. He wishes that everything had just been a bad dream, that he would wake up with Rei in his arms soon, that Rei would throw an annoyed look at him once he tells him about the dream. The thing Hiromitsu wants to hear the most, is confirmation that Rei hadn’t slept with Rye, but he knows that this is wishful thinking.

Rei had cheated on Hiromitsu, and it breaks his heart.

After having a relationship for eight years, Hiromitsu had been so sure that Rei is meant for him, and only for him. He doesn’t want to share Rei’s heart with anyone else, Hiromitsu is the one who is supposed to make Rei smile and give him the feeling that he’s the most important person on the whole wide world – just how Hiromitsu views him.

Rye had made him wary for a while, all the gazes he had thrown at Rei had rubbed Hiromitsu the wrong way. He had suspected that Rye desires Bourbon, especially once Rye had started to provoke Bourbon more frequently to piss him off and get all of his attention. The lewd look on Rye’s face whenever Bourbon ignored everything around them to argue with Rye reminds Hiromitsu of his own expression he eyes Rei with. This comparison makes everything worse, because if Rye truly wants Bourbon’s body, Hiromitsu will have to get his husband out of Rye’s grasp.

Hiromitsu doesn’t want to force Rei to keep up their relationship. In the end, the thing he wishes the most for is Rei being happy. However, as long as Rei had feelings for Hiromitsu, he doesn’t want to give him up. While Rei’s priority is still protecting Japan, Hiromitsu knows that he had played a huge factor in Rei’s decision to infiltrate the Organization. Rei wouldn’t have looked out for Hiromitsu in particular if he had lost his feelings for him in the last two years, and he especially wouldn’t have gotten back together with him.

Bourbon and Rye having sex and hearing how pleased Rei had sounded throughout it, leaves a bitter taste in Hiromitsu’s mouth, but he will fight for the person he loves. The only one who is able to stop him is Rei himself if he decides to break up – unless that happens, Hiromitsu will show Rye that he has to keep his hands off the person Scotch is committed to.

Suddenly, the sound of a key being turned inside a lock comes out of the direction of Hiromitsu’s front door. Hiromitsu gets up and walks a few steps forward, meeting sight with Rei who pulls his spare key out of the door once he had entered the apartment. Quietly, Rei closes the door behind him and Hiromitsu can’t help but notice that Rei is limping slightly. The knowledge or what – or, rather, who - is to blame for that causes Hiromitsu’s insides to churn up, but he puts a neutral face on to hide that.

“I…,” Rei speaks up as he meets Hiromitsu's gaze, but breaks off and avoids eye contact immediately afterwards. Balling his hands into fists and staring on the ground, he continues, his voice as tense as his body. “I’ve thought about a way to apologize, but I’ve come to realize that nothing can make up for the cruelty I have done to you.”

“You slept with Rye,” Hiromitsu states drily. Rei grits his teeth as Hiromitsu addresses the topic so boldly, but he doesn’t deny what had happened. Hiromitsu heard everything, after all. That’s why he can say the next words with confidence, as hard as they may be. “And you enjoyed it.”

Rei’s head jerks up after Hiromitsu confronts him. Hiromitsu can’t remember the last time he saw Rei panicking, he knows Rei as a person who is composed most of the time and if he’s upset, he’s rather hot-tempered than defensive. “It’s just been the hormones!”

Hiromitsu wishes Rei would believe his own lies before he tries to convince Hiromitsu of them.

Keeping his poker face on, Hiromitsu steps forward and places his hands on Rei’s shoulders, staring Rei straight in the eye as he asks him a question he expects an honest answer to. “Rei, do you want to stay in a relationship with me?”

The panicked look on Rei’s face fades, only to be replaced by the familiar temper. Worked up, he raises his voice and almost yells at Hiromitsu. “Of course I do! There’s no way that I’ll leave the person I love for a person who fucks better!”

Right after the words leave Rei’s mouth in the heat of the moment, he realizes his mistake. Quickly, he searches for words to explain himself, make the best out of what he messed up, but he doesn’t need to do that. It’s Hiromitsu who pulls Rei close to him, placing his arms around Rei in an embrace. “It’s alright, I love you too.”

Rei stays silent, but returns the hug and buries his nose inside Hiromitsu’s crook of the neck. They stand there for a while and for once, Hiromitsu doesn’t kiss him or touches his private areas. He can’t forget about Bourbon’s loud moans that asked Rye for more, moans louder than the ones Hiromitsu had ever gotten out of Rei. While Rei tries to convince himself that he doesn’t have feelings for Rye, Hiromitsu is aware that he is developing some for him.

However, Hiromitsu wants to believe Rei’s lie as well.


The next time Hiromitsu meets Rye as Scotch, he wants to punch him. Luckily for both Rye and Hiromitsu, he has enough self-control to restrain himself from doing some hasty actions. Instead of acting according to the grudge inside him, Scotch greets Rye as usually and acts like nothing had happened.

While Bourbon is busy luring the target out, Rye and Scotch are on a rooftop with their rifles readied. If Bourbon hadn’t stepped into Rye’s life, Scotch would have talked to him casually. However, things aren’t the same as they used to be some while ago, the relationship between Scotch and Rye is beyond repair.

“I’ll take the shot,” Rye decides. Scotch looks over to him before he moves his head back to focus on the target again. Just because he refrains from punching the living shit out of Rye doesn’t mean that he will hold his salt about Rye having stuck his dick into his life partner. “Yeah, you seem to like taking things that don’t belong to you.”

“Oh?” Scotch can’t see Rye’s face while looking though his rifle, but he clearly hears the amused tone of voice out of Rye’s simple reaction. He can clearly imagine Rye’s cocky smirk as Rye retorts. “What can I say, I’m good at firing – especially into some sexually frustrated old housewives who can’t be pleased by their husband anymore.”

Not wanting to give Rye the satisfaction of having managed to piss Scotch off, he remains calm. The anger and jealousy building up inside Hiromitsu’s body are covered up by a poker face that doesn’t reveal what he is thinking. Due to the lack of emotions on his face, Rye is forced to take Scotch at his word, or simply make up his own assumptions about Scotch’s mood. “You don’t know a single thing about Bourbon. He would never be happy as a housewife.”

Their exchange of provocations is interrupted by Bourbon giving the permission to shoot. Just like promised, it’s Rye who finishes the target off by pulling the trigger. Quickly, Scotch and Rye put their equipment back into the guitar cases once Bourbon manages to escape the scene of the crime. Strapping his guitar case on his back, Rye turns to Scotch and comments on his previous statement. “I think I know more about him than you want to admit, Hiromi

Scotch’s eyes return Rye’s gaze coolly, the atmosphere forming around them tense.


After reuniting with Bourbon, Scotch wraps and arm around his shoulder and grins at him. “Well done, Bourbon!”

He can clearly feel Rye’s eyes piercing his back, but that’s exactly what Scotch wants to achieve. Bourbon’s attention turning from Rye to Scotch makes him feel even more victorious while he pushes the thought that Bourbon had looked over at Rye to the back of his mind.

“Being a spotter is not that hard,” Bourbon smirks and lets Scotch’s arm rest on his shoulders. The three of them walk toward Rye’s car, and while he is fishing his keys out of his pockets, Rye scoffs at Bourbon’s statement. “It might be a bit harder if you walk with a limp.”

Both Scotch and Bourbon glare at Rye, although Scotch’s facial expression is more subtle than Bourbon’s. Despite his anger, Scotch refrains from speaking for Bourbon since he knows how much Rei hates it when other people don’t let him fight his own fights. Hiromitsu wants to respect Rei’s personal preferences, so he has to rely on him to talk back to Rye – and he does, much to Hiromitsu’s delight. “Shut up, Rye.”

Rye’s and Scotch’s eyes meet for a split second. Scotch can feel his corners of the mouth twitch upwards into a smirk as he pulls Bourbon a little bit closer. He sends a silent message to Rye, and Rye understands what Scotch is trying to say. Mine.

Smiling to himself and lighting a cigarette, Rye presses a button on his car keys to unlock his Chevrolet.


Rei doesn’t feel comfortable around Rye. It’s not like before, when he has simply disliked Rye’s antics – no, now the reason why Rei doesn’t want to be close to Rye is because he reminds him of what Rei's done to Hiromitsu.

Even though Hiromitsu claimed that he’d forgiven Rei because he knows that Rei loves him, Rei still feels horrible whenever his mind wanders back to the night he spent with Rye a few days ago. He didn't have sex with Hiromitsu immediately afterwards, on one hand because Hiromitsu didn't want to hurt Rei while he was still sore and on the other, because this soreness reminded Rei of Rye, the person he wants to stop thinking about – especially if his mind is supposed to think about Hiromitsu while they spend some time alone.

However, for some reason, Rei isn’t able to get Rye out of his head. While Hiromitsu kisses Rei on the couch and touches him gently, all Rei can think about is that it’s the same place Rye fucked his brains out at. He keeps telling himself that this is just because the event happened a few days ago, that these thought will vanish soon because Hiromitsu is the person Rei loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with.

It would probably be better to move to the bed and continue making out there, so Rei doesn’t get reminded of the sensation of his hands being tied together while Rye shoved his dick inside him, thrusting hard and making Rei bend his back in pleasure – and yet, Rei doesn’t voice his thoughts. While Hiromitsu presses his lips on Rei’s, just like Rei’s always liked, the memory of Rye’s rough treatment turns Rei on.

He feels sorry for Hiromitsu. He feels so sorry for him that no words can express how much Rei regrets thinking about another man while kissing the one he truly loves. Rye has a huge cock, so what? Hiromitsu doesn’t just offer good sex, but also a great heart which has supported and loved Rei for several years and even more to come.

Rei doesn’t even like Rye to begin with. The thing between them had just been sex – no, a mistake. No feelings had been involved, that’s what Rei tells himself over and over again like a mantra. He doesn’t like Rye. He loves Hiromi. He doesn’t like Rye. He loves Hiromi.

And yet, Rye’s smug grin flashes into Rei’s mind while Hiromitsu touches the bulge that forms in Rei’s pants while thinking about his night with Rye.

He doesn’t like Rye, Rei continues. It’s getting harder for him to focus on Hiromitsu while lust rushes though Rei’s veins. He loves Hiromi.


Two weeks pass and the relationship between Hiromitsu and Rei is finally back to normal. Hiromitsu doesn’t hold a grudge against Rei, and he also tries not to remind Rei of his cheating.

While they act exactly like they had acted around each other before the night Rei spent with Rye, a lot changes on Rei’s inside. He starts to think about Rye more frequently, and whenever he wants to get rid of these thoughts, they become more clear, more adamant. It’s like Rye forces himself inside Rei’s mind, something Rei doesn’t like at all.

Every second Rei spends thinking about Rye feels like a wasted second. Hiromitsu didn't find any indication that Rye is a NOC, so Rei assumes that Rye is nothing but a murderer. Once the Organization is destroyed, Rei will make sure to put the handcuffs around Rye’s wrists himself, just like Rye had done with his belt-

No. Rei stops his thoughts from wandering off right there. He doesn’t have the intention to repeat some sexual activities with Rye, no matter how good Rye is in bed. The only reason why he wants to handcuff Rye is because Rei wants to bring that bastard to justice, both for his crimes and because he invaded Rei’s mind despite him not having asked Rye to do that.

A relationship with Rye would never work out. Rei is committed to Hiromitsu and loves him with all his heart, whereas Rye is not just a murderer, but also a huge jerk who isn’t good for anything but wild sex.

The first time Hiromitsu and Rei have sex together after the incident, Rei notices that Hiromitsu’s touches are completely different. Hiromitsu’s touches are tender and show Rei how much he loves him. He can also be quite demanding, a side of his that always manages to turn on Rei. However, no matter how wild Hiromitsu gets, he’ll never able to get on the rough level of Rye since his feelings hold him back from hurting Rei – even if the pain is meant to make their sex more exciting.

Despite Rye being the better top - and Rei hates himself for admitting that - Rei isn’t bored by Hiromitsu. He still manages to make Rei moan and shiver in pleasure, and although he doesn’t call Hiromitsu’s nickname out as loudly as he had screamed Rye’s codename, that doesn’t mean that Hiromitsu isn’t good at what he does.

Rei enjoys the time he spends with Hiromitsu because he’s got feelings for him and can be certain that these feelings are equally returned. Unlike with Rye, their sex has a meaning, because they love each other – something Rei can’t say about Rye because he dislikes that walking fashion disaster and is sure that these negative feelings are mutual.

As if he wants to confirm his own thoughts, Rei turns around in his bed and places a kiss on Hiromitsu’s lips while he’s sleeping. Apparently, this has woken Hiromitsu up because as Rei buries his head in Hiromitsu’s chest, Hiromitsu places an arm around Rei while his eyes are still closed.

With a man as wonderful as this one, by his side, Rei doesn’t need anyone else.


The next time Scotch and Bourbon meet Rye is on their next mission. They are supposed to meet an influential and corrupt CEO inside a casino and strike a deal with him. While Bourbon would meet him in person, it is Rye and Scotch’s task to keep a close watch and support Bourbon if a fights breaks loose.

Since the client lives in Hokkaido, the three of them are forced to book a hotel room. Luckily, there is a hotel close to the casino that has a room for three people to offer, so Rye immediately reserves a room with three separate beds. Scotch thinks that he’d done it, because he doesn’t want Bourbon and Scotch to share a double bed while he takes the leftover single bed.

After Scotch and Bourbon get dressed, it is Rye’s turn to enter the bathroom to tame the mess he calls hair and put on his evening attire. While Rye is busy, Scotch sits down on his bed and makes a welcoming gesture with his hand, asking Bourbon to come closer to him.

Not sure what Scotch wants from him, Bourbon steps forward until he is right in front of Scotch. As soon as he is only an armlength away from him, Scotch reaches out for the bolo tie around Bourbon’s neck and pulls him down. Bourbon displays no resistance, he lets Scotch do as he pleases and returns the kiss placed on his lips. While Scotch is uniting their lips, he places his free hand on Bourbon’s lower back and applies some gentle pressure, signalling Bourbon that Scotch wants him to sit on his lap.

Once Bourbon takes a seat, Scotch licks with his tongue over Bourbon’s bottom lip, making him open his mouth so Scotch can slip inside. As much as Scotch would like to unbutton Bourbon’s vest and the shirt beneath it, they have to arrive at the casino soon so there is no time to get heated up in their actions. His arms still wrapped around Scotch’s neck, right where he placed them during the kiss, Bourbon pulls away. “What was that for?”

A mischievous grin forms itself on Scotch’s face as he leans in until their lips are only separated by a few centimeters. He can feel Bourbon’s warm breath when he answers him flirtatiously. “I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to resist if you look so handsome. This waiter uniform and the bolo tie rival your suit.”

“You don’t look half-bad yourself,” Bourbon retorts, a sly smile also forming on his face. Due to his back being turned to the bathroom door, Bourbon doesn’t notice that Rye steps out of the bathroom quietly and sets his sight on Scotch and Bourbon while they are in that position. That’s exactly what Scotch had planned. Looking Bourbon straight in the eyes, Scotch whispers something against his lips. “I love you.”

Bourbon smiles and closes the space between them, pulling Scotch into another kiss. While Bourbon’s eyes are closed, Scotch returns Rye’s gaze with a smug expression written in his eyes whereas Rye remains as stoic as always.


The casino is well-attended, but Bourbon had been able to find the client. After he made a deal with him, Bourbon is ready to take his leave – if it hadn’t been for a hand grabbing his wrist and pulling him on a lap. He doesn’t need to look up to tell who’s the culprit, the scent is everything Bourbon needs to recognize Rye. He hates that it has become so easy to tell Rye’s scent from other ones apart.

“Hey, bastard,” Bourbon insults Rye while keeping his voice low so the people around them won’t notice the tension. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Rye remains calm and lets go of Bourbon’s wrist, taking his cards in both hands instead of holding them with one and trapping Bourbon from both sides by doing so. Bourbon can feel Rye breathing in his neck, and he doesn’t like it because he’s starting to get side-tracked again.

“I want to finish this round of poker before we leave,” Rye responds, continuing his game without paying attention to the glances he is receiving from the people around him. Instead of refraining himself, Rye even comes closer and places his lips on Bourbon’s neck, sending shivers down his spine. Quickly, he pushes Rye’s left arm away and gets out of his trap. Standing on his own feet again, Bourbon grabs Rye’s wrist and pulls him up from the chair. “I don’t care about your stupid game, we’re leaving.”

Bourbon doesn’t realize that he keeps holding Rye’s wrist while he makes his way through the mass of people around them. With one hand, he selects his messenger application and asks Scotch where he is. He hasn’t even put his mobile phone back into his pocket when Rye suddenly pulls him around a corner and presses him against a wall. The sudden impact makes Bourbon drop his mobile which angers him in return. “Are you mental?!”

Before he can continue, Rye pins his arms to the wall and shuts him up with a kiss. Memories of Rye tying him up and thrusting his dick inside him suddenly surface, and Bourbon tells himself that he doesn’t like Rye over and over again. He doesn’t like Rye. He doesn’t like Rye. He doesn’t like Rye.

Suddenly, Rye bites Bourbon’s bottom lip and takes advantage of the gasp escaping Bourbon’s mouth by shoving his tongue inside. The kiss tastes exactly like the ones they shared a few weeks ago and send some shivers down his spine for the second time within a few minutes. Eventually, Bourbon returns the kiss.

Fuck, he thinks while moving his lips against Rye’s, taking in the scent and taste that are so arousing.

He does like Rye.


Rei feels like shit.

It’s not the sleepless night which bothers him, it’s the fact that he can’t help but feel guilty for what happened on the mission a few hours ago. Not wanting to hurt Hiromitsu again, he doesn’t tell him about the kisses he shared with Rye in a more secluded area until his mobile rang, interrupting the both of them. Scotch was the one to call him, and Rei is glad that it stopped him from going further.

Rei reaches out for Hiromitsu’s hand which he put around Rei before falling asleep. Gently, he intertwines it with his own, moving his fingers carefully so Hiromitsu wouldn’t wake up. Right there, on his ring finger, Rei wanted to put a ring on – still wants to do that… or had he changed his mind already?

He is so confused about himself. There’s no doubt about it that he enjoys Rye’s touches, but an affair couldn’t possible rip his relationship with Hiromitsu apart, right? He’d been dating Hiromitsu for eight years. Hiromitsu is the life partner Rei would have liked to marry officially a long time ago if it hadn’t been for the fact that Japan still didn’t allow gay marriage and society still frowned upon it as well.

A relationship with Rye would have zero ground. Rei can’t imagine having a romantic relationship with a murderer, their relationship would be purely sex-based. While Rye can only see Bourbon’s body, Hiromitsu sees the whole picture. Sometimes, Rei thinks Hiromitsu knows him better than he knows himself. He knows about his likes and disliked, always finds a solution as to how he can uplift Rei’s mood – just now, Hiromitsu won’t be able to do it because there is no way Rei can tell him that he’s taken an interest in Rye.

Suddenly, Hiromitsu moves and Rei realizes that he’s applying too much pressure on his hand while thinking about his mistakes. Absentmindedly, his emotions had gotten the better of him, something Rei could only allow when nobody could see him. Now that Hiromitsu is half-awake, he has to put on his poker face again. “Sorry, stomach ache is keeping me up.”

“’s fine,” Hiromitsu mumbles tiredly, almost dozing off again. He placed his hand on Rei’s abdomen, rubbing it tenderly while kissing Rei’s neck – right where Rye had kissed him during his poker round. Rei wants to focus on Hiromitsu’s affection, but he isn’t able to do so, the second time he made out with Rye still fresh in his mind.

Rei turns around, and as if he wants to convince himself of his own words, he places a hand on the back of Hiromitsu’s head and pulls him closer, their lips almost touching. “I love you.”

He wants Hiromitsu to be the only person he loves.


The thoughts about Rye haunt Rei and he isn’t able to let go of them anymore. He’s disappointed in himself that he cannot get Rye out of his head, that he’d cheated on Hiromitsu again, right after their relationship had been fixed. This disloyal side of his is completely new to Rei, he doesn’t know himself as a person who would turn on someone or something he is committed to. Getting involved with Rye is both against his commitment towards Hiromitsu as his life partner as well as his loyalty toward the NPA which wouldn’t approve of him being seduced by a criminal.

Since his sexual interest in Rye goes against his mission, Rei decides to do something about it. He has to get rid of whatever desire he has for Rye if he wants to focus on his mission and repair the damage Rye had done to his relationship with Hiromitsu.

For once, Rei doesn’t have a concrete plan because he can’t predict what is going to happen when he confronts Rye. He might throw punches at him, might raise his voice, might try to kill him or - and Rei hates that thought - he might have sex with him again. At this point, Rei thinks that none of these possibilities could make anything worse. His mind is already full of Rye and if Rei manages to get him out of his head by spending another night with him, so be it. If it goes that far, Rei will at least realize that no feelings are involved and that he should give it up and return his full attention back to the person he truly loves.

Scotch’s new mission comes quite in handy for Rei. Since Chianti had been injured recently, Scotch is supposed to assist Korn for a few days. With a smile, Hiromitsu places a kiss on Rei’s lips and tells him that he’ll be back soon. Afterwards, he leaves Bourbon’s apartment, a guitar case strapped on his back as he takes off.

Once Rei can be sure that he won’t cross paths with Hiromitsu, he takes his keys and leaves his apartment. It doesn’t concern him whether Rye expects him, Bourbon will stand in front of his door without an invitation. Sorting this problem out is important to Rei and should be resolved as soon as possible so he can kiss Hiromitsu again without wasting his thoughts on a murderer.


If Rye is surprised at seeing Bourbon, he doesn’t show it on the outside. Then again, his facial expressions vary from disinterested to very disinterested up to completely disinterested most of the time, with a few smug grins mixed in whenever Bourbon is around.

“What are you doing here, Bourbon?” Rye doesn’t bother to greet him as he leans against his doorframe, arms crossed in front of his chest. Bourbon scoffs. “I want to confirm something.”

With that, Bourbon enters Rye’s apartment without waiting to be asked to come inside. He’s polite when he needs to, but Rye neither needs nor deserves his respect. As Bourbon takes a seat at Rye’s couch, Rye closes the door and comes over to him. “So, what do you want to ‘confirm’?”

“Oh, I just want to confirm that you are an asshole,” Bourbon grins cockily at Rye, challenging him with a fierce look in his eyes while Rye sits down next to him. Rye accepts the small challenge, the neutral expression on his face replaced by an equally smug one. He takes Bourbon’s chin between thumb and index finger and looks him straight into the eyes. “I don’t think you need confirmation for that.”

Of course, Bourbon knows that one already. What he wants to confirm is something else, he wants to prove to himself that the only person he has feelings for is Hiromitsu. However, he won’t open up his heart to anyone, especially not a bastard like Rye. Rye isn’t the type of person who talks about feelings, and on the spur of the moment, Bourbon decides to let his actions speak for him.

His fist almost moves on his own as Bourbon tries to hit Rye, only for Rye to catch it before it can reach his cheekbone. Suddenly, the tables are turned as Rye grabs Bourbon’s waist and turns him around. Bourbon could feel the cushion right under his back when Rye uses his hands to hold him down, grinning arrogantly. “This brings back memories, doesn’t it?”

“Rye, you bastard!” Bourbon retorts, pissed off about the fact that Rye overpowers him once again. Is there even something this guy is not better at – despite his fashion sense and taste in food? Bourbon hates to admit it, but right now he’s in an unfavorable position.

Fine, if that is the direction their interaction is heading to, Bourbon will roll with it. He’s here to prove to himself that he doesn’t feel anything when he’s making out with Rye, how he manages to achieve that is irrelevant.

Not wanting to give Rye the satisfaction to be the one who has the situation under control, Bourbon frees his hands and wraps them around Rye’s neck to pull him down with force. Unlike the last two times, it’s Bourbon who presses his lips on Rye’s mouth. For a split second, Rye doesn’t move while Bourbon kisses him. Then, he returns the kiss in the exact demanding fashion Bourbon likes.

Without letting go of Bourbon’s lips, Rye slips his hands under Bourbon’s shirt and places his hands on his waist. The way Rye moves his fingers on Bourbon’s skin sends shivers down his spine, and he compares his touches to Hiromitsu’s. Does the sensation feel similar? No, Hiromitsu’s touches are more affectionate while Rye doesn’t beat around the bush and makes it clear that he wants more. Hiromitsu and Rye aren’t easy to compare, they excel in different areas and Bourbon likes both Hiromitsu and Rye’s methods to seduce him.

Maybe the reason why Bourbon considers the sex with Rye superior is because it’s a new experience after several years of dating Hiromitsu? Hiromitsu doesn’t bore Rei, not at all. It’s just that Rye’s touches excite Bourbon, as much as he tries to deny it. He can’t keep lying to himself if he’s currently melting in Rye’s touches, even someone as stubborn as Rei has to admit that he isn’t averse to feeling Rye’s fingers all over his body.

So, Bourbon thinks Rye is attractive and knows how to seduce him. He is sexually interested in him, but this doesn’t prove that Bourbon doesn’t love Rye. He needs more time to figure out if he wants to get romantically interested with him too – if that’s not the case, Rei can finally go back to Hiromitsu and stop wasting any more thoughts on Rye. However, if he is interested in Rye as more than a sexual partner, he needs to get rid of his feelings. One thing Rei is sure about is that he doesn’t want to end up with Rye, he wants this cheating chapter of his life to end already. It’s time to turn the page and start writing another chapter which doesn’t contain betrayal on Hiromitsu, a chapter about Furuya Rei focusing on his work again while ditching Rye completely. Rye is not supposed to be endgame, the only lovers Rei is willing to end up with are Hiromitsu and Japan.

And yet, Rye’s kisses feel right despite being so wrong on many different morally questionable levels. The worries that he will hurt Hiromitsu again slowly fade away, just as Bourbon’s judgement of the situation. He gives himself in to Rye, wants to experience the same pleasure he’d felt the first time he slept with Rye. The will to find an answer to his question whether he has feelings for Rye moves to the back of his mind, until Bourbon only lives in the present, not in the future nor the past. It’s just Rye and him now, nobody else.

As Rye fumbles around the hems of Bourbon’s shirt, Bourbon lets go of Rye’s neck and lifts his arms, so his shirt can be taken off. After the fabric is removed, Rye places his lips on Bourbon’s crook of the neck, biting him while his thumb runs over one of Bourbon’s stiff nipples. With his mind drifting off, Bourbon tilts his head to the other side, presenting more space for Rye to suck on and silently asking him to continue what he is doing. He can feel Rye’s grin on his neck as Rye follows suit, sending another rush of lust through Bourbon’s body.

“You are really needy today,” Rye grins once he pulls back and looks Bourbon in the eyes. Immediately afterwards, his hand stops one of Bourbon’s blows from making impact with his face. With a look of sheer amusement on his face, Rye lowers his head next to Bourbon’s ear and whispers with a low voice that gives Bourbon goose bumps. “That’s fine, I know you are only that aroused around me.”

“Shut up, I’m not here to talk,” Bourbon retorts while getting his hand out of Rye’s grip and taking the knit cap off. Once the evidence of Rye’s horrible fashion sense is gone, Bourbon buries his hands in Rye’s long strands and kisses him again. While his hands are busy tugging on Rye’s hair, Rye’s hands unbutton Bourbon’s pants and pull them down. It’s true, Bourbon isn’t here to talk to Rye and bond with him a little bit – no, his sole purpose for being in Rye’s apartment is to be taken by him, no feelings involved.

As soon as Rye undresses Bourbon completely, Bourbon starts fumbling around Rye’s clothes as well. He takes Rye’s shirt off, his fingertips tracing the muscles hidden beneath it while moving the fabric upwards. Once his torso is exposed, Rye heaves Bourbon up and carries him to his bed. Bourbon moans quietly as his erection presses against Rye’s abdomen while his legs are wrapped around his waist. Feeling Rye’s hands supporting his back so he wouldn’t fall over, Bourbon catches Rye in another kiss, each step taking him closer to the place where he wants to fuck Bourbon’s brains out.

Without hesitation, Rye throws Bourbon on his bed. He uses the moment of surprise to fish some lube out of his bedside cabinet before he focuses all of his attention on the person on his bed again. Bourbon glares at Rye for having dumped him on the futon just like that, without a warning. “Bastard.”

“Oh, come on,” Rye climbs on his bed and takes Bourbon’s hands in his, aware that Bourbon will punch him if he doesn’t prevent it. He places his mouth on Bourbon’s crook of the neck again and starts nibbling at it, knowing well how sensitive he is in that area. “You wouldn’t like it if I go easy on you, Bourbon.”

He isn’t wrong, Bourbon has to admit. The roughness is the only reason why he has sex with Rye in the first place. If it wasn’t for the pleasure Rye can award him with by slamming his huge cock inside him, Bourbon wouldn’t even look at Rye, let alone consider cheating on the man he loves.

It’s unusual for Bourbon to become weak. Whenever someone picked on him, he had either beaten them up or - once he became more mature - ignored them, only to excel at his exams as the best student and prove the ones who have bullied him that he deserves to graduate police academy and become a high-ranked NPA agent. Furuya Rei is stubborn and adamant, his pride and love for his country have always managed to make him pull through. He had assumed that there was nothing that could bring him down until Rye stepped into his life. Now, Furuya Rei is a prisoner to his own desires and his lust.

He doesn’t stop Rye when he lubricates his fingers and inserts them inside his ass, and he also doesn’t stop Rye when he thrusts his cock into him, turning Bourbon into a moaning mess screaming for more and more until he reaches his orgasm, feeling even greater than the first time he had sex with Rye.

And- one thing Bourbon also doesn’t stop is to visit Rye every day while Scotch is on his mission outside of Tokyo. With each time he offers his body to Rye, he indulges himself further into lust. This hadn’t been the plan at all, Rei wanted to stop after proving to himself that he didn’t have feelings for Rye. However, despite having convinced himself that he feels nothing but sexual desire during the second time they sleep with each other, he continues to take bites from the forbidden fruit.

As long as Hiromitsu doesn’t know, it’s fine. Hiromitsu can’t be hurt if he doesn’t know who Rei spends his nights with.


When Hiromitsu returns home, he doesn’t notice that something it off at first. He puts his guitar case containing not just his bass, but also a rifle against the wall and greets Rei with a kiss. Then, he looks at the dinner Rei has prepared, knowing that Hiromitsu will be tired when he comes back.

“You’re the best,” Hiromitsu beams and hugs Rei without a warning. Strangely, Rei twitches when Hiromitsu puts his arms around him suddenly, but Hiromitsu tells himself that this is probably just because he didn't see the hug coming.

“Eat the food before complimenting it,” Rei retorts. However, he leans into the hug anyway and Hiromitsu uses this opportunity to kiss his cheek. “I know that it will be good.”

And the meal turns out to be great, just like expected. Despite Rei’s complains that he had planned to leave some leftovers for tomorrow, Hiromitsu eats everything Rei doesn’t place on his plate. During his mission, he hadn’t been able to eat a decent meal, so Rei’s cooking is like the blessing Hiromitsu had waited for the past week. Even though he shakes his head at Hiromitsu’s behavior, Rei can’t hide a smile on his face.

After eating dinner, Hiromitsu goes back to awarding Rei with some attention. Grabbing his wrist, Hiromitsu drags Rei to the bed and lets himself fall on it, Rei being pulled down as well. This time, Rei doesn’t just twitch, he also looks a little bit pained. Nevertheless, Hiromitsu ignores that and embraces Rei, taking in his scent. It strikes him as odd that some smoke is mixed in, but Hiromitsu doesn’t like the direction his thoughts are taking and convinces himself that Korn’s cigarettes must stick to his own clothes.

His denial is shattered into pieces once he notices a hickey on Rei’s neck while he takes Rei’s shirt off. Rei doesn’t seem to be aware of it because the spot is small and also too far on the back for Rei to see inside the mirror, but Hiromitsu can see it clearly. He hadn’t been the one to place it on Rei’s neck, and he’s also not the reason for Rei to twitch at sudden movements. That bastard Rye hadn’t kept his fingers off Rei.

Hiromitsu is upset. His anger toward Rye grows, and so does his disappointment in Rei. However, he doesn’t tell that he’s found out about his activities with Rye during Scotch’s absence. Instead, he keeps holding onto Rei, no matter how many times Rei will keep betraying his trust in him.

Rei is the person Hiromitsu cares about the most, and he wants to keep him as long as there is hope - hope that Rei will stop getting involved with Rye one day, that he will commit himself to Hiromitsu alone again. When that day comes, he will forgive Rei for everything. Until then, he’ll pretend not to notice anything – even though every day he can find a long hair on Rei’s clothes which start smelling more intensely like smoke feels like a bullet sent right through his heart.


Three months pass, and Rei doesn’t stop having sex with Rye on a frequent basis. He stopped calling out Hiromitsu’s nickname while they are at it a long time ago and luckily, he doesn't mix Hiromitsu’s and Rye’s name up while he is sleeping with Hiromitsu, too.

He still has some doubts about cheating on Hiromitsu, but these thoughts have become quieter over time. His relationship with Rye is purely based on sex, they aren’t dating behind Hiromitsu’s back. Rei is aware that getting romantically involved with Rye won’t have a future, so he decides to continue what he is doing until one day, his body will be able to resist him.

This day is not today, because Rye presses him on the backseat of his car, making Bourbon moan in pleasure as Rye kisses him demandingly and rubs the bulge that has formed inside Bourbon’s pants while making out. He pants slightly once Rye pulls away to place some kisses on his neck, teasing Bourbon some more. Bourbon isn’t amused. “Stop making me wait, bastard.”

Of course, Rye doesn’t take orders from anyone and keeps messing around with Bourbon some more. Pissed off, Bourbon turns the tables and heaves himself up, only to sit down on Rye’s lap and kiss him fiercely. While Rye returns the kiss, he places his hands on Bourbon’s ass and pulls him closer, feeling their erections rubbing against each other. Impatiently, Bourbon unbuttons Rye’s pants and lowers them as much as he can in their position. Rye does the same with Bourbon, and once Bourbon stands up to take the fabric off, Rye takes his dick out of his boxers, his boner standing upright and sending another wave of excitement through Bourbon when he imagines that this thing will be inside him soon.

Wanting to speed things up, Bourbon gets rid of his shirt as well before he wraps his arms around Rye’s neck and kisses him hungrily, silently asking him to continue what they are doing. Not having planned on doing anything else, Rye takes some lube out of a net strapped on the back of the driver’s seat and uses it to make his fingers moist enough to slip into Bourbon’s ass easily. Afterwards, he places the tube next to him for a future use and places a finger on Bourbon’s entrance, enjoying the moans he receives once he inserts the first finger.

Bourbon holds on to Rye tightly, his desire for more growing steadily while he deepens the kiss with Rye, not getting enough of the sex which makes him sin over and over again. If Bourbon doesn’t go to hell for the crimes he commits, no matter if they are for a greater good and in the name of justice, he’ll descend to this place for his repeated cheating on a wonderful man who doesn’t deserve all of this behind this back, being clueless about his partner having sex with their mutual colleague. However, Bourbon doesn’t plan on dying so soon and once he does, he’ll gladly drag Rye down with him to keep sinning in a place more fit for their practices.

While adding a second finger inside Bourbon, Rye uses his free hand to take Bourbon’s erection in his hand and starts rubbing. The amount of Bourbon’s moans and gasps multiply, and he has to pull away from Rye’s lips to breathe again.

Now that his sounds aren’t muffled anymore, Rye enjoys listening to the proof telling him that what he’s doing serves its purpose. Bourbon is wax inside his fingers, and he melts in his touches even more as Rye thrusts a third finger inside him, spreading all three of them to prepare Bourbon for what’s about to come. Just to give Bourbon a small teaser, Rye hits his prostate and makes him lose his mind even more. “Stick your fucking dick inside me already, Rye!”

With a grin, Rye lets go of Bourbon’s boner and reaches out for the tube next to him. He hands it to Bourbon, so Bourbon can lubricate Rye’s cock with his hands. Due to the various amounts of times they’d sex already and his ability to pick up on things easily, Bourbon gets the signal and makes sure to cover Rye’s dick with enough lube to ensure that he’ll glide into his ass without a problem.

Thinking that Bourbon’s work is satisfying, Rye pulls his fingers out of him and uses his hands to lift Bourbon up by his hip. Then, he positions his erection on Bourbon’s entrance, some lube getting on his buttcheeks while doing so. With neither Rye nor Bourbon willing to wait any longer, Rye presses Bourbon down, and Bourbon voluntarily lowers himself to let Rye’s dick fill him from the inside. Three fingers being exchanged with a huge cock all of a sudden hurts, but it’s the kind of pain that manages to arouse Bourbon each time he wants Rye to fuck him. The feeling of his insides being stretched by Rye’s manhood has become a familiar pain Bourbon loves to experience.

Not waiting for Bourbon to get accustomed to the change, Rye lifts him up, only to slam him down again, Bourbon’s ass hitting Rye’s balls as he takes in Rye’s full length. Bourbon bends his back, both in pain and pleasure, a two sensations he cannot get enough of when mixed together. His hands are placed on Rye’s shoulders, and he digs his fingernails deep into them, some scratch marks forming on them while Rye repeatedly lifts Bourbon and pushes him down again with force.

Bourbon isn’t able to think clearly, and although he treasures his intelligence a lot, he doesn’t mind losing it whenever Rye fucks him roughly. He’s a mess, and he loves being a mess when it means that Rye thrusts his dick inside his ass, awarding him with pleasure Bourbon has never experienced before his infiltration.

The pain slowly fades, leaving nothing but pure lust behind. Rye speeds up, digging his nails into Bourbon’s ass while shoving his cock into the tight hole. Despite his legs feeling all wobbly, Bourbon supports what Rye is doing and musters up enough strength the move in synch with Rye’s thrusts. Loudly, he moans Rye’s codename over and over again, wanting more, wanting it faster, wanting it harder.

However, the fun doesn’t last that long. Rye’s mobile phone rings suddenly and although he would like to turn it off, Rye is forced to take the call. Using one hand to cover Bourbon’s mouth and muffle his yells, Rye accepts the call and places the mobile right next to his ear. “What is it, Gin? I’m busy.”

Bourbon can’t hear what Gin is answering, and although he would normally be interested in the conversation, he can’t think of anything but Rye’s cock at this moment. He doesn’t know how Rye manages to sound so composed while repeatedly moving his hips to keep fucking Bourbon during a call with another organization member. However, Bourbon can’t really care about that just now, all he wants is to have an orgasm and to feel Rye’s cum filling him from the inside.

“Understood,” Rye keeps his answer short and ends the call afterwards. Then, he pulls out of Bourbon completely and opens the door to get out, pissing Bourbon off in the process. His thoughts might be all over the place, but Bourbon still knows what he wants and he’s currently not getting it. “Hey, bastard. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Get in the passenger’s seat,” Rye simply retorts, closing the door behind him only to open the door belonging to the driver’s seat. “I’ve got a rat to take care of, I’ll give you a handjob while driving.”

Bourbon is not happy to hear that, but he changes his mind once he sits in the passenger’s seat and Rye’s hand moves up- and downward while using his dominant left hand to hold the steering wheel. Leaning back into the cushion, Bourbon closes his eyes and enjoys every single touch. Of course, he would have preferred to be fucked by Rye, but this alternative turns out to be quite good as well. Despite the lack of a dick inside his ass, Bourbon comes with a loud moan.

Rye pulls his hand away and rubs the cum off on his pants before placing it back on the steering wheel. Since his own erection hasn’t died down yet, he demands Bourbon to do something about it as well. “Great, now that you’re done, give me a blowjob.”

“Excuse me?” Bourbon asks, his voice irritated. He doesn’t want Rye to tell him what to do. Unfortunately, Rye knows how to handle Bourbon and grins to himself while bribing him. “I wonder what Hiromi would say to you having cheated on him for three months.”

Bourbon glares at Rye, but eventually obliges and opens his seat belt to move his head to Rye’s lap. Then, he unbuttons Rye’s pants where he’d put his dick back inside after receiving the call. Pulling the erection out of Rye’s boxers, Bourbon places his lips on the tip and takes it into his mouth, sucking on it lightly. If Rye is pleased by what he is doing, he’s definitely good at keeping on a poker face and continue driving without causing an accident.

Despite his former discontent, Bourbon catches himself thinking that he likes having Rye’s dick inside his mouth. It’s huge, and for a second Bourbon wonders how much of it he can take in at once. Closing his eyes, he lowers his head and licks around the shaft, feeling Rye’s blood vessels pulsating under his tongue. Rye might be the most stoic person Bourbon knows, but even his body can’t hide what is turning him on – and it satisfies Bourbon to know that he is the one who has caused Rye’s erection.

Using his hands to rub the lower part of the shaft which doesn’t fit into his mouth, Bourbon continues sucking on Rye’s dick, wanting to be the one that makes him come for once. Usually, Rye reaches his orgasm while he’s thrusting his cock inside Bourbon, so swapping the roles and being the one who actively seduces Rye is a change Bourbon welcomes.

Eventually, Bourbon is content once Rye comes inside his mouth, even though Rye doesn’t make a sound. He knows that Rye liked it, he’s just a good actor to cover up his pleasure. While it pisses Bourbon off that Rye manages to keep his composure more than he does, it also motivates him to strive toward making Rye moan just as much as he does one day.

After parking his car in front of a building, Rye turns the engine off and puts his car keys inside one of his pants pockets. Then, he places his dick back into his boxers and zips his pants up. Once he’s ready to leave, he turns to Bourbon. “Wait here, I’ll finish this quickly and then we can continue where we left off before.”

“Sounds like a deal,” Bourbon returns, grinning mischievously at the nice offer. While the handjob’s great, Rye moving his dick inside him feels even greater and is nothing Bourbon would say ‘no’ to.

A small smirk appears on Rye’s lips as well before he takes a gun, opens the door and leaves Bourbon alone for a few minutes. In the meantime, Bourbon learn back in his seat and thinks about ways to seduce Rye later on. He wants him to lose this stoic behavior, to hear him moan just as much as Bourbon does just to have the satisfaction that Rye isn’t a perfect human being – no, to have the satisfaction that Rye isn’t better than he is.

Suddenly, Rei’s mobile phone vibrates. He takes it in his hand and notices that he’d received a new message just now. Since only a few people have his contact information, he opens the message curiously and almost drops his mobile in shock after reading the contents of it. His eyes wide in shock once realization dawns on him, Rei’s hand starts trembling slightly before he acts on impulse and hastily puts some clothes on to rush out of the car.

Sorry, Rei. They found out that I’m PSB. It seems like I can only flee to the afterlife. See you, Zero.

Rei has to hurry, if his deduction is correct Rye has been ordered to- no, he can’t let that happen. Not to Hiromitsu, not to the person most dear to him in his world.

Guilt washes over Rei as he hurries the staircase up, trying to reach the rooftop in time. He feels sick, and all the cheating suddenly weights down on him, causing his insides to twist.

PS: Will you marry me once we’ll meet each other again?