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Return to Me

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            The Mikaelson siblings boarded the ship, shadows casted in the night helped hide them as they made their way to the Captain’s quarters where their brother Finn had been staying. It almost surprised them that he had chosen a pirate ship to be his place to hide.

            Entering the dim room, they find him asleep, a human woman curled into his shirtless chest, her wild red hair behind her. “Finn.” Rebekah is the first to move again and she goes to gently rouse their oldest brother. “Finn, we need to go.” She lightly touches his arm. She wasn’t prepared for both him and the woman to wake up so suddenly, brandishing weapons. Lucky for Rebekah, she had vampiric speed and was able to leap away, just barely managing to not be hit by her brother’s quickly swung sword.

            “Rebekah?” He blinked blearily, his scowl fading to a look of tired confusion. “Elijah? Niklaus? Kol?” He paused while he lowered his weapon, “What in the bloody h*** are you doing here?” His companion glared at them, but she too lowered her weapon after Finn did.

            “We need to go Finn, all of us.” Elijah said, “We have heard Mikael is on your trail as well as ours.  Instead of getting up to go immediately he shot a worried glance at the red-headed woman who had slid out of the bed and donned a soft robe over her sleepwear and they saw his hesitance to leave her. His worry for her safety outweighed his wish to stay and he too got up from the bed. With his shoulders slightly sagging he pulled on a loose shirt and a pair of boots before approaching her side of the bed.

            “Love.” His voice was soft and sorrowful as she looked back at him. “I must go.”

            “You’re not coming back, are you?” she asked after searching his face. Gripping a small vial in the palm of her hand she waited, still not sure if she should trust the other vampires who had invaded her quarters.

            “I cannot. I’ve already put you in too much danger as it is.” He apologizes.

            “Then take me with you.” She doesn’t beg, but he can see a hint of pleading in her eyes, “I’m a piarate, I’m always going to be in danger.”

            “I won’t be the cause of that danger, not if I can help it.” He reaches out and brushes some hair from her face.

            “Finn we really should go now.” Elijah warns.

            “Compel her to forget all of us.” Niklaus grits out, his patience wearing thin.

            Her beautiful eyes widen a fraction and she rips herself away from Finn. “No!” her back hits the wood wall, “No, you promised me you would not.” She hisses.
            “I’m sorry Love, if not me, then then will do it themselves.” He looks down for a moment and clenches his jaw, he would not have anyone else compel her.

            “No. You will not, you shall not.” She hisses, pressing further into the wall, nowhere else to go. In a smooth motion she pops the top off the vervain vile and tries to drink it. However, she is not quick enough and Finn roughly grabs her wrist, his vampiric speed giving him an advantage. Holding her wrist tight he frowns at her as she struggles to get out of his arms. “Trust me that this will cause me more hurt than it will you.” He apologizes as he holds her to his chest one more time, gently brushing his fingers through the hair at the back of her head.

            Holding her chin he tilts her head up so that he can look into her eyes, but she will not open them. “You must look at me.” He whispers softly, urging her to comply. Stubbornly she refuses to open her eyes, and when she does she won’t look at him.

            Knowing his brother Klaus’s patience would not last much longer, he plants his lips to hers in a soft kiss, managing to get her to open her eyes when they part. His undead heart constricts as he does as his siblings urge and compels her to forget him, forget them all.

            They depart and he’s fighting himself from going back to her side and compel her to remember and to take her with as they ran, but he knows he can’t do that to her. In his hand he tightly clutches the one thing he took besides the clothes he wore. He clutches her ring, the match to his which he left with her. She wouldn’t remember him, nor would she remember the significance of the ring, but he felt connected in the fact that they would still both have a piece of the matching set.