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Pleasure Cruize

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Blake was sitting at the table drinking tea with her family. Her father and Sun having a disagreement as always. Her father always won trying to prove he's better, mostly due to his stronger alpha instincts. Her mom laughing, diffusing the matter. It was amusing to her, teasing them, but teasing her daughter, Blake as well. Every so often Blake would fold her ears and hang her head in embarrassment. “Mom!” she would whisper yell as the embarrassment was too much.

That's when she noticed a green tinge light up the sky, like a flare that she couldn't see where it came from but rather hear the squeal it let out as it inclined higher. Just then, the sounds of screaming, glass being broken, and people screaming in horror filled her feline ears. She and Sun shared a look before grabbing their weapons and heading out the door. She stood shocked not sure what to expect, but not the scene before her. Most of their assailants were Faunus bearing swords and bearing a black cloth of a yellow dragon on their clothing. She also noticed some of the attackers were carrying victims that were passed out over their shoulders.

After the initial shock passed, Blake unsheathe Gambol Shroud trying to attack as many as possible. She found herself surrounded by twelve attackers of all varying skill levels, but highly trained. After knocking a few unconscious with the dull of her sword, some of them had a crimson stream running down their face. One of them broke the circle around her, a small female with platinum blond hair using snowflakes to jump and sped her way behind the Belladonna house toward the desert line. Not thinking anything of it, she focused her attacks on the Faunus surrounding her. She noticed something weird in their eyes. She couldn't place what it was, not anger or death glares, but something more dangerous. She had no time to think as another one pounced. She dodged, and thanked herself for her ‘cat-like’ reflexes. Two behind her attacked she ducked out of the way as they punched each other before being kicked away. Bones breaking could not be mistaken for the crunching sound. Another one fired a pistol into her direction. Blake only needed to move slightly to dodge it. The bullet shot another in the chest. The shirt stuck to the blood spattering crimson hole in the male's chest. Blake looked on horrified that there was no regret or remorse from anyone. Another charged and she deflected with the flat side of the blade. She took an offensive stance sending several to the ground with the whip of the ribbon from her weapon. She beat all of them rather quickly and without a scratch.

On top of a nearby roof, she noticed a tanned figure with her arms crossed over her protruding chest, golden burning locks in an unkempt mane, with bright red burring eyes staring at her, a malicious half smile across her face. Blake knew fighting her would be a challenge, unlike her lackeys. The figure jumped from the roof leaving cracks in the ground where she landed in her wake. She walked slowly toward the golden eyed huntress who caught her attention./p>

“Your name, kitten?” She asked with a deep voice.

Blake was nervous keeping her guard up holding her weapon higher and keeping her anger at bay from the racial comment. Not wanting to aggravate her further, she decided to respond. "Blake Belladonna, you who burn.” Anger fueled her as her eyes narrowed. "Derogative human." She spat. "Not introducing herself first."

“Pretty name for a pretty kitty.” Her eyes trained on her body up and down with harassment. Blake was nervous, the way her enemy eyed her, looking her up and down. It sent a shiver down her spine. Her eyes glared back at her opponent, training on her for the anticipation of an attack. “But of course, where are my manners?" She bowed. "Just call me Captain Sir, or Golden Dragon. Your neck is unmarked. Looks like you need someone to take her home. So just for you, call me master, it suits you.”

“I am not some animal that you put a leash and collar on adding a name tag and take home!” Blake tried to keep her composure even though she was livid. The woman had pressed a deep seated button. Years of trying to bring equality for the Faunus gone in a few short sentences. It burned her with anger to come across a human.

“Easy kitty." She held up her palms defensively. "I'm not looking for a fight. How about you come home with me? The easy way.” She warned.

“You sound confident, like you're going to win, Sir” She spat.

“I always win.” She claimed with confidence.

The blonde held out her arms and fired two shots from her gauntlets. The Faunus easily dodged due to her acrobatics, she knew the enemy was testing her with two shots. She tested back firing the pistol only to have them ricochet off her aura. Blake ran towards her dodging her fire power as she shot. She was able to get in front of her and landed a kick, her arms met her foot blocking her attack and enough to send her scraping back. Another round was fired missing her by a foot thanks to her semblance of a shadow, who took the hit for her. Blake used the opportunity to move toward her enemy with a round of well placed kicks, or at least they would be if they landed instead of blocked. The last one sent the captain to the ground, only a slight bit of force, to move away from her attacker. She rolled up with a smile on her face. She fired her weapon launching herself toward the Faunus striking her block which sent her flying into a building. Blake recovered quickly as more shots were fired toward her. Fists and kicks were met with each other as well as an exchange of blocks and a volley of attacks. Blake used her semblance, of leaving clones of shadows, fire and ice more times than she could count, the area around her being destroyed. No matter how many times her attacks were hit or miss the blonde only seemed to be getting stronger and burning more brightly, specifically her hair, burning completely of a golden color. Is her hair burning? Blake thought. The Faunus was angry, at not having defeated her assailant yet. She wanted to aid others and try to get the hostages back. Her island was being torn apart with holes everywhere.

“Can we hurry this up? My ship leaves in 30 minutes. And I prefer to be on it when it does.”

“Sure." Blake offered. "All you have to do is admit defeat, bring back the hostages and leave.”

The captain only smirked. Enough is enough, I'm done playing with you. A challenge was sent to her and one she couldn't back down from. Time to end this.

Blake delivered a swift kick to the captain that resulted more distance between them, sending her skidding back. Giving the attacker no time to recover, she continued her assault. The opponent matching her steps shifting backwards as the kicks continued towards her. The blonde made a quick spin into her opponent, not only dodging the kick but earning the Faunus an elbow to the solar plexus. She then grabbed her arm swinging her around until she got a kick to the face. Blake couldn't see anything but felt the fire burning her skin as the blonde picked her up onto her shoulder and took her away. Her body going limp as she faded from consciousness.