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De-aged Deku

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''You can do it Shouto!'' Izuku cheered happily while watching his two boyfriends playing a racing game in the quite arcade. As much as he loved his friends and school, it was nice to have a day off to spend just with his boyfriends.

''Hey, why are you cheering him, what about me!'' Hitoshi said in an offended tone. ''Don't tell me you're still pouting because I beat you at DDR.''

''I'm not pouting, I'm mad because your a cheater!'' Izuku replied mater oh factley as Shouto snickered beside him. ''Shoutoooo, don't laugh at me.'' Izuku whined. 

''Hey, im not a cheater!'' Hitoshi retorted.

''You used your quirk on me! That's cheating you cheater!'' Izuku yelled in frustration. 

''To be fair, you make it so easy'' Shouto said in a soft whisper as Hitoshi sent a smirk towards Izuku.

''Why am I dating you two, you're mean, I wanna break you, I'm gonna go buy a house and own five cats and then we will see who makes it easy.'' Izuku said jokingly with a pout on his face, before turning and walking away.

''Bet you he'll be back in 2 minutes because he saw the All Might toys in the claw machine'' Hitoshi said looking at Shouto who was focusing on the game.

''I win, and I give it 5 at least.'' Replied with a small grin slipping on his face.

''You what? Shiii- No I want a rematch, I was distracted!'' Hitoshi replied before putting more money in the machine.

''Fine by me.'' Shouto replied with a shrug. As the next game started both of them began to focus on the game. As they were playing a familiar shriek caught their attention. The two boys looked at each other. ''Izuku!'' the said in unison before jumping of the game bikes and heading towards the sound of the shriek. 

''Izuku! Izuku where are you! Izuk- Hey let go of him!'' both boys yelled as they ran toward a male figure holding an unconscious Izuku.

''You better let go of him if you know whats good for you.'' Shouto threatened, glaring at the man. 

The figure turned towards them with a slight smirk pulled on his lips. ''Fine by me, im done with him anyway, he's useless now, or, he will be.'' the man threw Izuku into Shouto and Shinsou before running out of the arcade and diapering. Shouto rushed after him while Shinsou checked on Izuku. ''Izuku, Izuku baby please wake up, Izzy, please come on, speak to me'' Hitoshi pleaded.

''He got away.'' Shouto said as he returned while pulling out his phone. ''Im gonna text Mr Aizawa so he can bring help, how is he, is he responding''. Shouto asked, a trace of panic can be heard in his voice. 

''I- I don't know, he won't wake up, I looked for injuries, but there is nothing that should cause him to be unconscious, what if its that mans quirk?'' Hitoshi asked, worry written all over his face. 

''Then we definitely need to get someone here fas- what happening to him!'' Shouto dropped his phone and knelt down by the unconscious Izuku who's body started to shake. Slowly Izuku seemed to get smaller and smaller until there was only a pile of clothing with a small child sat in the middle, tears filling up his eyes.

''Izzy,'' Hitoshi stuttered out, eyes widening and panic setting in, the sound of sirens approaching echoed around the arcade. 

''What happened here.'' the familiar voice of Aizawa Shouta also known as Eraserhead caught their attention. 

''There was a man, and Izuku was unconscious and then he just started getting small and now, now hes like this.'' Shouto replied still in shock over watching his boyfriend almost disappear.

''Move let me-'' Aizawa was cut off by a small whimper turning into a wail coming from the young boy who looked no more than 2 maybe 3 years old. Aizawa's eyes widened in shock as he saw the familiar messy green hair and watery eyes staring at him. 'The child resembles Midoriya a lot, so if what the boys had said was true, this could be a problem.' Aizawa thought before turing to Shinsou and Todoroki ''Go outside and give a description of the mad and what happened to the detectives. ill take care of this''. 

Aizawa knelt down and picked up the child who was crying hard and began to comfort him. ''Shhh, its ok, you're safe now, its alright.'' He whispered gently to the little child in his arms. He heard 'Midoriya' start to calm down until it the child was quiet. He felt a small fist clench his suit as he looked down and saw the child had fallen asleep. Aizawas heart skipped a beat. 'Is this how a parent feels when holding their child for the first time, he looks so peaceful. why do you always cause trouble problem child.''