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Loki's New Life

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Loki Wolf's-Father, the slayer of Heimdallr,
Caged for the second time in a chill darkness,
Unwilling guest in the hall of his daughter,
Hel the Half-Rotted, Niflheim's ruler,
Raged in his restlessnes, disturbed the dead there,
Kept them from sleep with the heat of his burning.
"O Father," Hel asked of him, "why are you wakeful,
Troubling my subjects with unseemly passions?
Why will you not sleep and fade into nothing,
Enjoying the peace that is due to all soldiers
Who fell at grim Ragnarok, their Fate fulfilling?"
"I follow my nature, dear daughter," said Loki.
"Wind-riding eagles do not live in burrows,
Nor whales upon mountain-tops. So say the Nornir.
Do not be troubled, for I, cunning-minded,
Have thought of a scheme to leave Helheim behind me.
Do as I ask, and your folk will sleep soundly."
Hel, heeding her father, climbed up to Valhalla,
And with her petition called Odin from feasting.
"Allfather," she told him, "in Asgard's beginning,
You spoke a Law, that a place in Vallhalla
Was kept for each one who died bravely in battle.
Loki died bravely, in spite of his evil.
Likewise did two children of his begetting.
How many Midgarders now in Valhalla
Possessed stainless virtue before they arrived here?"
Then Odin pondered alone upon Hlidskjalf.
He had no wish to be named a law-breaker
Before all his subjects in shining Valhalla.
Thus with ill grace did he make his pronouncement,
"Let Loki and Fenris and vast Jormungandr
Take their right places amongst these good soldiers."
Toward Helheim sped Huginn alongside the Death-Queen
To give kingly weight to her tidings for Loki.