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You are never in control

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Turning his head, Loki came face to face with the team of Avengers. Which meant that he'd lost. But he couldn't lose! "No, no, no," he muttered, struggling to his feet. Stark looked smug - he obviously thought Loki couldn't deal with losing. Both wrong and right. "Brother?" Damn him! Brother, indeed! Thoughtlessly beating his younger brother, so that he would lose everything. The Avengers split to let him go, not particularly worried about Loki going far. The raven-haired God looked out of the broken window onto the rubble-filled street, filled with dread. "You fools!" he hissed, turning towards them.

There was no malice in the green eyes, just fear. Green. The Avengers' were sure Loki's eyes had been blue. A very bright blue. "You've killed her! Killed them!" He walked onto the large balcony with a panicked expression. The team followed him uncertainly, watching his jerky, uncoordinated movements. "Brother." Thor was the only one brave enough - and stupid enough, in Loki's opinion - to approach him. "Who?" Loki laughed without humour.
"You have killed the only person who ever loved me." Thor shook his head.
"I love you brother."
"If you did then you wouldn't have fought me!" The young God looked to the other Avengers. "I never would've ruled you! I just had to get the Tesseract and make you believe that I was evil, and then you would've been free. I didn't want to rule you! I just wanted her safe."
"And the people you killed?" Clint fired back. Wide green eyes turned to him.
"I never wanted too, but you of all people should know about the power of mind control." The archer shut up, and finally the superheroes pieced it together.

Loki had been controlled. And now someone else, someone the man loved, would pay the price for him failing. The 'whoosh' of a portal of some sort startled them all. Loki turned his attention from them to the portal, his expression one of fear. Pure fear. Thor was stood closest to his brother, and he grabbed Loki's hand, for comfort and in case he needed to pull his sibling out of harms way. Instead of pulling away, like Thor expected, Loki squeezed back. Thor felt whole in that moment - he'd missed his little brother. So much. A body was then thrown through the portal and landed at Loki's feet.

He immediately dropped to the floor beside it, and reached out with shaking hands. A Chitauri came through too, and sneered at Loki and the prone body. "You didn't deliver. Therefore, they won't be allowed to live." Loki's scream was deafening.
"No!" Sobs ripped from the God, and he cradled the body to his chest. "Enjoy your reward." With that, the Chitauri was gone. The Avengers walked closer slowly, looking at the body Loki held. It was a woman - pale, raven-haired - in a tattered green dress. And she had a bump for a stomach. A big bump. "Pregnant." Tony muttered.
"Them." Bruce whispered in understanding. Loki sat with the woman in his lap, tears falling in a steady stream. Thor got closer and knelt by the woman's' other side. Bruce had taught him how to take a pulse on the helicarrier, so he had to check. The God gently placed two fingers to the woman's neck, hoping desperately for Loki and the unborn child's sake that there was one. Green eyes watched him, tears still falling. Thor looked up into his brothers' eyes, and saw hope bloom in them. "She's alive."