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More Than Roommates

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Santana unlocked the door with her right hand as she clutched the two bags of groceries with her left. She pushed the door open and set the grocery bags on the kitchen table.
“Oh hey, you’re back,” Rachel called out as she walked out of her bedroom. She started unloading the food and other supplies.
“Yeah, the store was fairly empty for a Friday afternoon.” Santana helped Rachel with the remaining grocery items. Once everything had been put away, Santana moved over to the living room, planted herself on the couch, and kicked her feet up on the coffee table. Rachel walked in a minute later and pushed Santana’s legs off the table.
“Have you no manners. Do you know how dirty your feet are?” Rachel huffed and proceeded to sit down next to her. Santana merely chuckled in response. They had been roommates for a year now and Rachel still hadn’t given up on changing her.
“Do you know when Brit and Quinn are getting home?” Santana asked changing the subject.
“No, they went to the mall about half an hour ago, so I wouldn’t expect them back anytime soon.” Santana sighed in response, tilted her head back, and closed her eyes. She brought up her hands to rub her temples with her index and middle fingers.
“Long day at the office?” Rachel giggled.
“More like a nightmare. Remind me why I ever took this internship with Linda Greene,” Santana grunted with her eyes still closed.
“Because she’s one of the best prosecutors in New York, and if you want to work in the field, a good review from her is key,” Rachel stated as she motioned for Santana to turn so that her back was to Rachel. She began rubbing her shoulders.
“I hate it when you’re right. Don’t stop doing that.” Santana tilted her head to give the brunette better access. Just as Santana was beginning to feel relaxed, her phone rang. With a loud exhale, she picked up the phone and moved to the other room. Rachel smiled as she watched the taller girl walk out of the room. At that instant, her phone buzzed: it was a text from her boyfriend, Matt, asking if she was free for dinner that night.
“The crazy bitch needs me to email her a copy of the Smith file; I have to run down to the office really quickly. Do you want me to pick up some dinner on the way home?” Santana paced around their small apartment to find her shoes and purse.
“Actually Matt just asked if I want to go out tonight, but I can stay home if you want me to.” Rachel looked up at Santana.
“Oh, no, It’s okay. Go out to dinner with your man. Brit and Q should be home for dinner anyways.” The taller girl bent down to put on her shoes.
“But you just had a long day at work. I can stay home with you. It’s not like I don’t see Matt enough,” Rachel explained.
“You should go. Plus, I don’t think that guy can spend 24 hours without seeing you; he’s pretty whipped.”
“He is not! He’s just sweet and caring like that,” Rachel swooned. She and Matt had been seeing each other for 6 months now, but they had been friends prior since they both had gone to NYADA. “Alright, I’ll go, but only if you’re sure,” Rachel said wearily.
“I’m sure, I’m sure.” Santana rolled her eyes. Rachel ran to her room to get ready, and Santana left the apartment.

The next morning, Rachel slowly snuck in through the front door hoping not to wake up her roommates. Unfortunately, Quinn was already awake and sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee.
“Late night?” Quinn smirked already knowing where Rachel had spent the night.
“Shut up,” Rachel laughed while setting down her purse and phone. “Is Santana awake?” She asked looking around.
“My god, If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she’s the one you’re dating with the amount you worry about her.” Quinn shook her head with a smile.
“I care about her. I care about all of you, and she had a rough day yesterday, so I was just checking up on her,” Rachel explained.

At that moment, Santana sleepily walked out of her room, “Good morning,” She said while yawning.
“Good morning,” The two other girls replied.
“How was your date, rach?” She said while grabbing the milk carton from the fridge. She didn’t even question Rachel being in the same clothes as last night.
“It was good. Matt took me to that new vegan restaurant that just opened a block away.” She smiled.
“And then you boned in his apartment,” Santana said casually. Quinn almost spit out her coffee, and Rachel just stood with her mouth open.
“Must you be so crass?” The brunette sputtered. She had yet to become accustomed to the way Santana spoke.
“Am I wrong?” Santana raised an eyebrow and smirked.
“Well, no,” Rachel admitted.
“Well then that’s that.” Santana took her mug of coffee and moved to the living room.
“Speaking of, when is the last time you had any action?” Quinn moved over to Santana. “Is someone losing her game?” Quinn pouted.
Santana frowned and turned towards Quinn, “I can get a girl whenever I want for your information; I just haven’t been looking. Some of us are trying to get somewhere with our careers.”
“Alright. Prove it. The four of us are going to a bar tonight,” Quinn challenged.
“You’re on.” Santana stood up, and went to her room.
“Are you really doubting that Santana can pick up a girl tonight? Have you seen her be charming?” Rachel questioned in a confused tone. It was a commonly known fact that Santana was the ultimate player. She could convince even the straightest girl to go home with her.
“God no, but I think it’ll be good for her to go out tonight. She’s been so uptight lately.”
“Oh I see. Is it cool if I bring Matt tonight?” Rachel asked, and Quinn nodded.