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Sanders Sides Smut Prompts

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  1. Roman insists on kissing and touching every inch of Virgil’s body before he even thinks about touching him exactly where he wants, it doesn’t mean Virgil won’t whine and complain about it, insisting the if Roman doesn’t hurry up then he’ll do something about it himself.
  2. Patton claims Roman with a collar and keeps him as his sub all day, Roman has but one complaint: that Patton isn’t touching him enough. Patton’s response to Roman’s needy whining is, obviously, to overstimulate him in as many ways he can manage.
  3. Logan is an obedient sub to Patton to an extent. When he starts being bratty Patton gives him a collar with Patton’s name on it and asks him to be a good boy for him, then he’ll give Logan a reward for doing as he’s told. Patton still punishes him a little with overstimulation.
  4. Virgil goes to meet his boyfriend, Logan, at a bar. Only showing Logan a little while later that he’s wearing a collar, with Logan’s name on, under his hoodie. Logan’s easily aroused and determined to make a mess of Virgil when he can, maybe when they’re less in public.
  5. Logan is an exhibitionist, Virgil not so much but he goes along with his boyfriend’s kink. This leads to more risky situations: blowjobs on the couch, hand jobs under blankets, and full on sex in the kitchen. Virgil prays they don’t get caught but Logan kind of wants them to be caught.
  6. One way or another Patton discovers about Logan’s interest in using his own tie during sex: to tie him up, to gag him, to blindfold him. Patton doesn’t mind giving him a helping hand, he’s more than happy to.
  7. Roman introduces Logan to the more sexual aspects of his creative realm and, as illogical and fanatical it is, Logan is enticed and more than a little turned on by the voyeuristic aspects of the open plains of the imagination.
  8. Virgil expects his first time to be awkward and a fumbling mess of limbs and apologies. It’s not. Patton takes good care of him, treats him right, and makes sure he feels safe and secure.
  9. Roman is cheeky and smacks Logan’s ass when he enters the kitchen one morning. He’s used to being flirty and borderline sexual with Logan, but it surprises him when Logan moans, loud and aroused. He flushes and stammers but Roman’s not letting him get out of it so easily, even if he must threaten to spank him over the kitchen table, bare bottomed and everything.

  10. Roman’s a bit of an exhibitionist but tries to keep it under wraps. The others only find out when they catch him jerking off in the middle of their movie night. They decide to give him a helping hand and promise to fulfill his future exhibitionist fantasies.

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11. Virgil puts a remote-controlled vibrator inside of himself, keeping hold onto the remote in his pocket and fiddling with the vibrations when he thinks none of the others are looking. Logan knows something is up and Virgil is acting weird. When Virgil loses/misplaces the remote he panics. When the vibrations start to change he worries even more. He’s close to coming in his pants when he finds Logan fiddling innocently with the remote, he knows exactly what he’s doing though.

12. Roman and Logan sneak around Roman’s palace in his fantasy kingdom, careful not to get caught getting each other off in the hallways or being too loud in the throne room. They’re determined to be thoroughly fucked out by the time they need to leave Roman’s kingdom. 

13. Patton wakes his baby boy, Logan, up in the best way possible – with his fingers in his ass and spouting lots of praise. Logan’s easily happy, mumbling thanks to his daddy until he comes. Patton isn’t done with him yet though and intends to overstimulate his baby boy until he’s a mess. 

14. Daddy Patton likes to make sure Roman knows just how much he means to him and praises all of his good work and ideas. There’s only one problem: Roman has a praise kink and every time Patton innocently praises him he gets aroused. Patton catches on soon enough though and helps his baby with his ‘problem’.

15. Roman really, really likes being called ‘princess’. He likes it a little too much. And Virgil’s starting to run out of nicknames to resort back at Roman, so, he tries ‘princess’. Roman looks physically uncomfortable with it, so, Virgil keeps it up unaware of the affect it’s having on Roman all the while. He learns soon enough.

16. Logan likes to let go and feel vulnerable during sex. He doesn’t need to know everything, it might help but he needs to know what feels good – for him and his partner(s). He subs, he begs, and he cries, and lets himself be held afterwards. His partner(s) doesn’t/don’t think any less of him and are quick to tell him how much he means to them. 

17. Virgil’s agitated, horny, and being ignored by his boyfriend (unintentionally, of course). He knows Logan would drop everything and focus on him but it’s more fun to coax Logan into bed and ride him hard and fast. He doesn’t expect for Logan to gasp and beg to be choked, he does oblige though. Making sure he’s alright afterwards of course. 

18. When Logan is dragged to the common room by Virgil and Roman to watch whatever film they chose today he is surprised to find that 1. Patton isn’t there and 2. Virgil and Roman start almost fucking right next to him. And he certainly doesn’t expect for them to ask, no, beg for him to watch. 

19. Logan is needy and aroused but his boyfriend, Patton, isn’t around. Not wanting to wait he coaxes one of the others to play with him just a little bit and take care of him for now. When Patton returns he’s not happy with Logan’s actions and punishes him just how he deserves, no one else is allowed to touch his boy and definitely not in the way he does. 

20. Logan is a bit of a control freak both in and out of the bedroom. Virgil’s obviously displeased with this and, with Logan’s consent, ties his boyfriend up and lets him lose control. And Logan’s certainly not complaining that much, besides the obvious whining. 

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21. Virgil’s not always the bad guy, only when Roman wants him to be, so, he plays along. He’s mean, a little rough, and degrading towards his boyfriend who absolutely loves it. If he’s feeling extra bad he might whip out one of his favourite knives or a tight collar to get Roman at his mercy.

22. Virgil surprises Patton by wearing lacy lingerie underneath his clothes. Patton strips him carefully, taking in the sight of just how pretty he looks in the lingerie. He practically melts and begs Virgil to ride him with his lingerie still on. 

23. Roman’s known to experiment with his look, wearing make up is not uncommon for him. But wearing make up and such a short, sexy skirt is breath taking, and Logan cannot stop staring. Roman can feel his boyfriend’s eyes on him and definitely teases him more and more until one of them finally makes a move. 

24. Logan gets wound up and far too tense from the days and weeks events, Virgil figures something out to help him. Coaxing him into bed underneath him is the easy part, getting him to bottom and agree to sounding is the more difficult part. It’s not like Logan can really say no to Virgil when he so desperately wants this himself and, well, Virgil has a lot of fun reducing Logan to a mess of moans and incoherent sentences.

25. Patton’s whole body is covered in a littering of freckles. Logan finds them adorable, especially the ones on his face, but Logan especially loves to strip him down, tie him up, and connect them to each other creating cute constellations. Patton giggles and gasps at the teasing touches, grinning at the attention from his boyfriend. 

26. Roman’s rather small in the downstairs area but has no problem with it really and Patton, his boyfriend, loves playing with his little cock, barely getting him off sometimes. Roman, more often than not, begs for him to verbally tease him about his size while he physically teases him. 

27. Patton is Logan’s dom and Virgil is Roman’s. Both of the doms set up a challenge between the two of them to see which of their subs can last the longest before coming. To make it better they tie them up, side by side, and tease them until one of them comes (and the other not long after). Maybe there’s a reward and punishment, maybe there’s not.

28. Patton is chubby and a little insecure, Logan makes sure to strip him slowly and worship almost every inch of his body with his hands and his mouth until Patton is squirming, moaning, and overstimulated.

29. Virgil’s very into pet play and loves to play as a cute kitty with fake ears and butt plug tail. Roman is less into it but jumps at the chance to be Virgil’s master when he’s a kitty. Virgil goes from being a soft, shy, blushing kitty to being very needy and try to get off on his master’s leg.

30. Logan is a masochist and loves to hurt in just the right ways in bed. Virgil has a marking kink and loves to leave pretty marks all over Logan’s skin. Wax play just seemed inevitable. And Virgil can’t deny that Logan covered in purple wax, eyes squeezed together in pain and pleasure is making it all the sweeter.

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31. Patton can be a very soft dom, the first time he fucked Logan it was slow, and sweet, and beautiful. The second time not so much. He gives Logan a collar to wear, tugging at it to coax Logan into bed before he ties him up and gags him before getting to work. He fucks him hard, fast, and ruthless, leaving hickies and bruises in multiple places. And, well, Logan loves it more than he can say.

32. Virgil loves to tie his subs up and blindfold them in pretty materials that just suit them. Roman gets spoilt with silk and chains, Patton gets coddled with soft cotton and pretty ribbon binds, and Logan with simple rope and blindfolded by his own tie. Virgil’s favourite thing to do is tie them up together and let them listen as he fucks them one by one, letting them wonder when their touches are going to come.

33. Virgil’s the jealous type and is, stupidly, jealous that Logan’s attention is on his work and not on him. So, he tries all the tricks in his book to pry Logan away from his desk: wearing less and revealing clothing, whispering teasing words into Logan’s ear, ‘accidentally’ touching Logan in inappropriate places. It works and Logan snaps, telling Virgil off for getting him so turned on and punishing him for his bad behaviour. Virgil’s happy because he finally gets his attention.

34. Patton and Virgil have never seen each other naked before, their relationship is sweet and cute and fairly slow moving. But they decide to take it to the never level and get each other off but first of all they need to undress each other. And, well, they don’t last too long.

35. Logan’s an avid reader and stumbles upon some more sexy, erotic books. He can’t help getting aroused and then getting off while still trying to read the book. Clearly engrossed in his book and pleasuring himself, he doesn’t hear the door open until it’s too late. Logan’s very obviously embarrassed by being caught. But maybe he keeps going, putting on a show for the other person. Or maybe the other offers to help.

36. Virgil is fucking both Roman and Logan. Roman and Logan are just friends. It all works out until Virgil suggests a threesome, they’re hesitant but agree deciding to focus on Virgil and keep things just friendly between them. However, once they get a feel for each other Roman and Logan can’t keep their hands off each other.

37. Patton is disappointed that his baby boy Roman decided to break one of his rules. So, punishes him in a different way than usual. He ties Roman hands so he can’t touch himself before pleasuring Virgil and Logan in front of him, reminding Roman of what he can’t have tonight. In no time Roman is babbling apologies and begging to be touched.

38. The sides play strip poker and quickly work out who was bluffing about being good at it and who’s secretly really good at it.

39. Roman intends to finger Patton open until he’s stretched enough to take his cock. Obviously, he can’t resist a little teasing and torture, drawing the prettiest noises out of his boyfriend. He’s shocked though when Patton comes untouched just from his fingering. It’s such a sight that Roman does really mind not fucking Patton tonight.

40. Virgil and Roman are dating but they’ve always had an interest in Patton and Patton can’t deny that he hasn’t thought about them like that either. Jumping in at the deep end might be too much for them, so, Virgil sits out and watches as Roman and Patton get it on. Only Virgil can’t completely keep out of it, instead choosing to tell Patton how to pleasure Roman just how he likes.

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41. Patton and Logan are in the middle of fucking, Logan bouncing in Patton’s lap on his cock. There’s a knock at the door but Patton insists Logan keeps going and tells whoever to come in. Roman walks in and, after a moment of stunned silence, tells them whatever he needs to – Patton responds almost casually but Logan is bright red and embarrassed plus very turned on at the fact they now have an audience. Logan accidentally comes before Roman can leave and maybe that’s a little on purpose.

42. Roman asks Virgil to get naked for him. For completely friendly, non-sexual reasons. He wants to paint Virgil’s skin since he’s so pale the colours will work great. Except the cool paint, brush strokes, and Roman’s big hands holding him still get Virgil very, very excited.

43. Logan loses a bet against Roman. So, he has to either give up his control in the bedroom or try another kink Roman is interested in. Which does he choose?

44. As summer gets closer it only gets warmer, but Logan and Virgil are determined to have sex regardless of it being boiling and they’re sweating. They have to stop halfway through, debating whether to have a cool shower (and maybe continue there) or masturbate until they’re close and then fucking until they finish.

45. None of them think they’ll ever need to safe word, they all care about each other so much and respect each other’s boundaries. However, when one of them does safe word first is shock but soon it’s nothing but comfort, cuddles, and clean up.

46. Virgil and Logan get dressed up for a party with a few of the others and in Virgil’s opinion Logan looks so fucking good – maybe a little too good. He’s quickly aroused staring at his boyfriend from afar. Patton sees him, teases him a little, and jokingly suggests he takes his boyfriend to the bathroom and has his way with him. Virgil thinks that’s a brilliant idea and doesn’t care that other people know exactly what he’s doing to Logan in the bathroom.

47. Virgil and Patton record a silly, amateur sex tape on Virgil phone. The perspective is weird, and they don’t stop laughing throughout it; they refuse to watch it for a while afterwards out of embarrassment. The embarrassment only gets worse when Virgil accidentally sends it to the group chat and has to explain himself afterwards.

48. Roman has a thing for roleplaying, he likes to switch it up every now and again. So, Logan isn’t surprised to find Roman in his doorway, dressed as a police man, and insisting he’s under arrest. Logan goes along with it only to find out he quite enjoys being handcuffed and wouldn’t complain to it happening again.

49. Virgil wants Logan to ride him on Logan’s desk chair but Logan objects, thinking it’s Virgil who wants to ride him, and he doesn’t want Virgil to hurt his knees on the chair arms. Virgil puts him right and lets Logan ride him on the bed instead, after much objecting.

50. Logan’s into omorashi, he straight up likes holding, making himself desperate, and then wetting himself. He and Patton are watching a movie, all cuddled up and warm, but Logan is getting pretty desperate. Patton can tell something is up; Logan’s squirming and fidgeting. So, he sits on Logan’s lap to get closer to him and make him sit still finally. Logan goes still, freezing almost, before Patton feels a warm, wetness on his butt. Logan’s wet himself. What happens next?

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51. It’s been a long day and both Roman and Virgil are exhausted but before going to bed they decide to take a bath. Rather than taking on separately they decide to take a bath together for quickness. They end up spending more time than intended as their cleaning gets a little… derailed. Roman’s hands wander and Virgil can’t help but give into his boyfriend’s touches.

52. The sides are all dating each other aside from Patton and Virgil, their relationship is more father and son than anything else. So, out of politeness the sides only engage in twosomes, not wanting to leave one person out at any time. Patton especially feels bad and Virgil finally snaps, they talk and sort out some kind of agreement between the four of them. What next?

53. Virgil is, surprisingly, very large downstairs. This shocks the other(s) a little but they’re no less enthusiastic regardless of the fact they can’t take all of Virgil into their mouth without choking and it takes them forever to go further than foreplay if they plead to bottom.

54. Patton and Virgil end up putting on a show of fucking in front of Logan. Whether accidentally or on purpose none of them are complaining. Patton insists that Logan can look but he can’t touch. Not yet at least.

55. Patton feels really guilty after degrading Roman during sex. Roman is quick to reassure him that he loves it, that he knows Patton doesn’t really think any of those things about him and that he loves him very much. Patton cries a little and they cuddle.

56. The sides get together to have some ‘fun’. They switch up their touches, teasing each other nonstop until they’re close to climaxing. They all decide to mark one of them with the others’ come (as well as their own), marking their chest, stomach, and crotch.

57. Patton gets a stuffed teddy as a present from Virgil. The fact that it came from Virgil makes him all the more sentimental and a little something else. When he wakes up aroused and hard with his teddy cuddled to his chest, well, he can’t help but push it between his legs and use it to get off.

58. Roman can’t deny that Patton is pretty on his knees for him. He’s even prettier with his eyes teary and spit running down his chin as Roman fucks his mouth.

59. The four of them decide to take a road trip. It starts off innocent enough. Until it isn’t. Then it’s a game of seeing how many places, no matter how weird or public, they can fuck in. It gets risky and daring and even a little weird.

60. Virgil is woken up in the middle of the night by his boyfriend, Logan, making obscene noises in his sleep. It’s painfully obvious that he’s having a wet dream, from the moaning and his hard on visible through his pyjamas. Virgil debates whether to wake him up or try and get him off while he still sleeps.

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61. Roman and Virgil have a little fight, it’s petty and stupid. Roman uses the infamous “make me” line and, well, now Virgil’s got to make him shut up in the filthiest way possible.

62. Roman has always said he wanted to try a lot of different kinks. Patton just thinks now, when Roman has been a bit bratty, is the best time to try spider walking. He ties Roman up, and maybe blindfolds him, before teasing him for ages with only feather light touches.

63. After his boys are so good and well behaved for him, Patton reckons they deserve a reward. So, Patton lets Roman and Virgil double penetrate him. His two boys are overjoyed, a little nervous at taking control but eager to completely fuck Patton until he’s wrecked.

64. Patton is a virgin, but he really wants to try and have sex with his boyfriend, Logan. Logan has no problem with it and tries to make Patton as comfortable as possible: he keeps it very vanilla, offers to bottom, and makes sure to reassure Patton’s every touch and move. Patton is determined but still shy, he doesn’t want to let Logan down (and he doesn’t).

65. Virgil enjoys glory holes because the other can’t see him, so, he’s got no reasons to be nervous about his performance. So, Virgil goes to the local place with glory holes to ‘offer his services’. Only one day he meets whoever was on the opposite side of the hole afterwards and, well, they’re just Virgil’s type. Virgil has a little internal conflict.

66. Logan and Roman get into a bit of a petty argument about everything and nothing. They get over it pretty quick because they love each other but Roman is still bitter about it. So, when the night comes he teases, ties up, and tortures Logan until he’s close to coming. Only to completely ruin his orgasm and there’s nothing Logan can do about it, well, except whine about it.

67. Virgil insists that he’s “busy” but Roman tries to coax him into fooling around. Roman gets him in his lap to “cuddle” but soon enough Roman’s hand is down the front of Virgil’s pants as Virgil protests rather loudly, and in the end he comes in his pants. Roman is quick to make sure everything is alright afterwards though but Virgil is quicker to return the favour.

68. Patton gets all of his boys collars to make sure they remember they’re his. Each of their collars says something different, he makes sure they wear them as much as physically possible. And Patton loves tugging on their collars to lead them places and drag them down onto his cock so he can fuck their face.

69. Roman and Logan put on a show for Virgil and Patton, 69-ing on their bed as the other two sit at the bottom and jerk each other off at the sight.

70. Virgil is cheeky and gropes Logan in public as they wander around the mall. He only gets worse when they sit down for dinner, Virgil pulls Logan’s now hard cock out of his trousers under the table and gets him off then and there. Making an extra show of slyly sucking Logan’s come off his fingers.

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71. Patton and Roman agree to a night/day of roleplaying. Patton as a maid and Roman as his boss. What Roman doesn’t anticipate is for Patton to go all out with his maid’s outfit. Patton also thinks Roman looks great in a suit.

72. Virgil loves to sit in Patton’s lap almost all the time. Whether just sitting there or being cuddled or, well, being edged is a new one. Patton keeps him close with his chest to Virgil’s back and edges him multiples times before he begs to come and Patton finally lets him.

73. Virgil hates being mean and being seen as a bad person. But, surprisingly, Logan has a humiliation kink. It takes a bit of coaxing and begging and pleading but Virgil finally agrees and humiliates the hell out of Logan who, embarrassingly, loves it.

74. Patton is all sweetness and innocence, so, the idea of Patton with a knife in some sort of threatening (or sexual) way drives Logan a little wild with arousal. But Patton cutting up his clothes and keeping a knife to his throat while they fuck hard makes Logan insane. And ends him with a few scrapes.

75. Roman and Patton both like playing as puppies and often slip into their headspaces together. Virgil is their master more often than not, he praises them and spoils them with collars, ears, tails, and more. One day both of his puppies are horny, so, he helps open Patton up and helps Roman mount him so they can fuck to get off instead of just humping each other like usual. Virgil is very happy to watch too.

76. Patton sets their bedroom up nicely, candles lit, lights dimmed, and a few rose petals thrown about. Then Patton orders Virgil to lay on his stomach on the bed naked, limbs spread and relaxed. And Patton’s quick and careful to coat Virgil’s back, ass, and thighs in hot wax from the many lit candles they have. Virgil gets off on the pain and easily comes grinding against the bed sheets.

77. Virgil wakes up abruptly to see his boyfriend, Logan, wetting the bed as he sleeps. Virgil quickly shakes him awake, but Logan is shocked and embarrassed. So, to make Logan feel a little less embarrassed Virgil wets the bed too on purpose.

78. Roman loves to be a little submissive to Patton and loves to let Patton have control over him. When Patton suggests that he could has some control over Roman’s breathing in the bedroom Roman is hesitant, but he trusts Patton, so, he agrees. Patton also promises to make him come quicker than he ever has before.

79. Virgil is Patton’s little boy and he loves to be good for his daddy both to please his daddy and get rewards. Today Virgil has been a very good little boy and, after sucking his daddy off, finally gets his reward, being fingered until he comes. He also gets plenty of cuddles from daddy Patton afterwards.

80. Roman and Logan somehow end up in a sleazy bar where no one really cares about anything much and they’re people practically fucking everywhere. So, they decide to inevitably join them, fucking in the middle of the bar with only a little embarrassment and persuasion. And they’re a little excited when a few others start watching them.

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81. Patton, Logan, and Roman all make more of an effort to make Virgil feel like he’s doing a good job, so, they praise him maybe a little too much. Virgil would love how they’re acting towards him if it wasn’t for his praise kink. He can’t help but get hard in awkward situations because of it.

82. Roman takes his time undressing Patton, his sub, keeping himself fully clothed. Then he teases him, barely touching him, watching as he grows hard and needy. He might finally let Patton get off but he wants to have a little fun first.

83. Logan’s due a spanking for being bratty/acting up for Patton but he wants to try something else. He asks Patton to cane him instead, less hits but he definitely ends up more sore and crying from the impact regardless that he likes it. Patton almost cries with him and takes such good care of Logan afterwards.

84. Virgil likes to play around with ropes and Roman is his willing participant. This ends with Roman, partially or fully nude, dangling from the ceiling by ropes, all careful and precise. Virgil can’t help but admire the sight and maybe take a few photos.

85. Virgil and Logan have soft, sweet sex for the first time. Nothing too extreme, lots of loving words are exchanged and there’s plenty of soft touches. But Logan safe words and only then does Virgil realise his boyfriend is crying. Logan’s emotions get the best of him and he’s a mess of so many feelings for Virgil. Virgil is happy to stop and glad that the tears aren’t those of hurt.

86. Roman is a sadist. Logan isn’t sure if he wants to indulge in Roman’s kink but because he loves Roman so much he’s willing to try it at least once. So, they prepare and set limits and make sure they communicate throughout. Turns out Logan is a masochist and is only working this kink out now.

87. Patton wants to try some sort of sensation play, so, Virgil takes it into his own hands to make it the best possible experience for Patton. He blindfolds Patton and ties him up before running a feather all over his skin, making sure to hit the really sensitive parts. Patton giggles a lot, but he also really, really likes it.

88. Virgil likes to be spanked, not as a punishment but as a form of foreplay. He tells this to Logan, all flustered and embarrassed, explaining that it feels good for him. Logan’s alright with his boyfriend’s kink, he still doesn’t want to hurt him though. He spanks Virgil until he’s hard and leaking and already close to climax.

89. Roman does something naughty, so, Virgil decides on a punishment for him. He ‘forces’ Roman to take his punishment in front of Patton and Logan (who Virgil previously discussed this with) and makes Roman explain to them why he’s taking this punishment. Roman is embarrassed, humiliated, and so turned on.

90. When Roman brings ice into the bedroom with obvious intentions and Logan’s just there to humour him, not quite believing him when he lists all of the things he could do to him with the ice to make him feel good. He strips Logan down and lays him on the bed, as soon as the ice hits his skin he’s gone for. And Roman is very, very full of himself.

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91. Logan doesn’t understand how knives can be seen as hot until Virgil buys a switch blade and aimlessly plays with it. And Logan gets weirdly aroused by it. Virgil knows this and proceeds to be a tease about it.

92. Roman likes to be the centre of attention, sex is no exception. He begs the others to fuck him and fill him up until he’s sore, fucked out, and tired. They oblige and give him exactly what he wants.

93. Patton loves to eat his boyfriends’ come, he’ll always ask them (well, beg) for them to finish in his mouth. And it’s not unusual for him to drop to his knees at any point and blow any one of his boyfriends. They don’t mind too much, he’s good at what he does.

94. Roman catches Virgil on his way to bed, barely any words are passed as Roman shoves his trousers down and fucks him against the wall, Virgil’s face pressed to the wall and his hands pinned down so he can’t stop it.

95. Roman convinces Virgil into having a sword fight, after a few minor cuts of the clothes and scrapes of the skin it’s obvious Virgil is hard. A mix of the adrenaline, swords, and pain get to him. Roman supposes they could hold off the fight until they’ve ‘fixed’ Virgil’s issue.

96. Patton has been teasing and edging Logan all throughout the day, despite Logan’s whines and begs Patton doesn’t let him orgasm just yet. Patton wants to have some fun first before he gives his flushed, aroused boyfriend his release.

97. Roman is never a good, obedient puppy. Sure, he has his good moments but most of the time he’s possessive over his master, Logan. He doesn’t let others touch Logan much and he marks Logan in almost all of the ways he can (bites, bruises, hickies, come.) Logan pretends to be unhappy about his puppy’s actions, but his puppy can’t help being possessive.

98. Virgil won’t stop teasing Patton as they walk around the mall and try clothes on. So, Patton teases him back, asking if he likes the clothing he tries on. It gets a bit much and they end up getting it on in the dressing room one way or another.

99. Logan finishes fixing up a fucking machine just as his boyfriend, Patton, comes to check up on him. Logan’s visibly embarrassed as well as turned on but Patton giggles and asks Logan to show him how it works and maybe put on a show for him as Patton gets himself off to the sight.

100. Roman is a bad little boy who is constantly trying to touch his ‘prince parts’ despite his daddy Patton telling him not to and punishing him for it. Enough is enough and Patton puts a cock cage on Roman. Roman is such a whiny baby boy after that, trying to still get off, but his daddy will not let him out until he’s learned his lesson.

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101. Virgil is very needy today and after being teased for hours Roman finally gives him what he wants, his fingers in his ass and mouth around his cock. Virgil cries with overwhelming pleasure, begging Roman to let him use his mouth and ends up rocking back and forth between Roman’s mouth and his fingers.

102. Roman and Logan have explicitly said they would be up for some sort of play while one of them is asleep. So, after a slow, soft fucking in the evening they cuddle up in bed together, spooning. Roman, who bottomed in the evening, is the big spoon and Logan is asleep in his arms. Roman knows exactly what he’s going to do. Slowly but surely he fingers Logan open and starts fucking into him in that position. Logan wakes up abruptly, strung with arousal and so close to coming that he can’t even warn Roman and comes rutting his cock into the sheets.

103. Patton is quite sick, more lazy and tired than anything else. But he’s also quite aroused. Not having the energy to get himself off he asks Roman to give him a helping hand and, well, Roman is very happy to help him out.

104. Virgil, having not seen his boyfriend in a few hours, decides to check up on him. Only he finds Logan, pants around his ankles, eyes closed, and mouth open, getting himself off at his desk. Logan quickly realises Virgil is there, he flushes bright red and tries to cover himself up but, well, Virgil’s seen it all now and it would be rude to leave him in such a position.

105. Roman is a model and a darn good one at that. Patton is his photographer. A magazine asks for more risky, erotic pictures of Roman and Patton is the one to take them. The photos come out perfect but they’re both left aroused and a little awkward, knowing fine well they could ruin their friendship with a few choice actions.

106. Roman and Virgil are strangers who meet one night in a bar. One thing leads to another and Virgil takes Roman home for what is supposed to be a one night stand. The sex is so great they keep coming back to each other for more. Turns out they like each other a little more than just for the sex.

107. The sides are all very casual about their sexual exploits and adventures, so, it’s not really a surprise that they all end up in the same room masturbating in front of each other. They’re glancing between each other, observing their actions, and trying to starve off the inevitable climax. It’s not like they won’t do it again though.

108. Virgil owns an array of sex toys, he’s quite shy to show them to Patton but once he does his boyfriend is dead set on trying them out on Virgil. This ends in Virgil sitting in Patton’s lap with a vibrator in his ass and his cock in a fleshlight making the prettiest noises.

109. Roman and Virgil are both little boys who are left unattended for a little while, their daddy/daddies is/are just in the room over, but they take this opportunity. They’re found humping their stuffies and aren’t interrupted until after they’ve come in their diapers/big boy underwear. Both Roman and Virgil end up with sore, red butts later on that day.

110. Roman persuades Logan into being his model. He has Logan strip and pose for him so he can paint pretty pictures of him. Logan starts off a little uncomfortable, but he gets obviously aroused from Roman’s attention solely on him.

Chapter Text

111. Virgil dresses one day in light, pastel blue lingerie underneath his clothes as a surprise for Patton. When the time comes he finds out Patton is wearing black and purple lingerie just for Virgil.

112. Roman and Patton visit a bar/club which results in Roman getting hit on by some random guy. Patton is obviously jealous and possessive over Roman, so, he makes sure the other guy knows Roman is his then takes Roman home to have his way with him.

113. Logan is strong minded, but Patton is deceptively physically strong, this causes a clash of sorts in the bedroom. Both of them try to persuade the other to sub to them. Who wins and how?

114. The first time all the sides get together it’s a little awkward, limbs everywhere, and more than a few accidental bruises. But they laugh it off and carry on, it turns out better than anticipated.

115. Patton wakes Virgil up with a good, quick fuck in the morning but plugs him up afterwards, leaving his come inside. That is until he’s ready to fuck Virgil later on that day, fucking his own come out of his boyfriend.

116. Roman acts up, is bratty and egotistical because he’s making up for something. He has a small cock and is kind of afraid to tell his boyfriend(s) about it. His boyfriend(s) take it well and make sure to worship Roman’s body, especially his cock.

117. Roman goes out and gets a cute guys phone number, then he proceeds to sext him from where they left off last night (in person) and maybe he sends a few cheeky nudes. It turns out it’s not that cute guy from last night but rather the wrong number (maybe on purpose or by accident). It’s rather the number of the adorable librarian that never talks to him, Logan. Roman doesn’t really mind the mix up but does Logan?

118. Virgil and Patton are both virgins who are easily embarrassed at the mere mentions of sex. However, when one of their make out sessions escalates they end up rutting against each other and coming in their pants all flushed and disheveled.

119. Patton is almost always very emotional and during sex is no exception, so, it’s not unusual for him to laugh or cry during sex. The first time this happens it shocks and terrifies his boyfriend(s) a little.

120. Patton begs for Roman to take him into his realm one day and, like the good boyfriend he is, Roman takes him with him. Only they stumble one some weird plants and before they know it the pollen is all over their clothes; the pollen awakens something inside of them. And soon enough they’re both hard and aroused due to it, this leads to some frisky action right there in Roman’s realm.

Chapter Text

121. Virgil is very much pregnant and Roman is taking such good care of him, being soft and sweet, making sure he doesn't have to lift a finger. Only Virgil is very horny and wants Roman to fuck him hard and carelessly, obviously Roman can't and won't do this. They come up with a compromise.

122. Patton and Roman are both alphas who go into rut around the same time. Not wanting to do anything they might regret to the omegas they live with they keep to themselves and try to get each other off. However, the omegas, Virgil and Logan, have other ideas and offer to help the alphas out.

123. Roman is impatient and horny while he and his boyfriend, Logan, wander around the library. No matter how much Logan protests and flushes in embarrassment Roman coaxes him into having a sneaky fuck behind some bookcases, silently hoping they don't get caught.

124. On their way home on the bus Patton whispers all of the dirty things he wants to do to Virgil when they get home. Only this has the effect of getting Virgil hard then and there, he's obviously embarrassed and flushed. Patton helps to relieve the pressure a bit resulting in Virgil coming in his pants.

125. The sides can't keep track of who is fucking who, they couple up so often that they're unsure of it all. They could either talk it out or just jump into bed all together. Which do they choose and what happens next?

126. Roman and Logan work together to create some sort of aphrodisiac combining things from Roman's realm with Logan's knowledgeable insight. It works and it's strong enough that they get slightly intoxicated by the fumes to act upon their overwhelming feelings for each other.

127. Logan is more than a bit naïve when it comes to kinky sex, he knows the basics and theoretically knows what to do. Patton offers to help and promises to figure out some of Logan's likes and dislikes in bed.

128. Patton is tired of being seen as innocent and childish especially when it comes to anything sexual, the others won't even mention anything sort of sexual around him. He takes matters into his own hands and show them just how kinky he really is.

129. Logan finds out he’s pregnant with Virgil’s child. After a few moments of panic, they’re overjoyed at the prospect of having their own little family. Cue lots of fluffy love making with Virgil unable to keep his hands off Logan’s stomach.

130. The sides visit a strip club. Cue lots of blushing, avoiding gazes and Roman claiming he can do it better. Virgil makes a bet with him that he can’t do it better than the professionals. This ends in Virgil getting his own private show from Roman and, well, the bet is momentarily forgotten about.

Chapter Text

131. Virgil accidentally ends up drinking something Roman left around, well, Roman might have slipped a little something into his coffee. Virgil’s easily aroused by the substance, so, he tries to avoid everyone, but Patton gets worried and checks up on him. When he realises what’s going on he still wants to help Virgil in any way he can.

132. Patton and Roman are new friends and are attracted to each other. One day Patton tells Roman that he recognises him from somewhere. Roman is a porn star and has to tell Patton that’s where he knows him from.

133. Roman is a needy omega a lot of the time this only escalates when he’s in heat. His boyfriend and alpha, Virgil, doesn’t mind so much but he won’t hesitate to put his omega in his place sometimes.

134. Logan is a sex toy tester and his sort of friend/acquaintance/playful enemy, Roman, finds his stash of toys. Roman confronts him, teasing him that he has a problem being addicted to sex toys and Logan admits hesitantly that he actually tests them rather than just having them for personal use. Roman is stunned but asks if he can help test the next toy.

135. Patton is a possessive alpha who likes to remind everyone that his omega(s) is/are all his. He’ll mark and scent them and they secretly love how possessive he is over them.

136. Patton is a stripper of sorts and Logan is dragged by his friends to the strip club where he works. Someone pays for Logan to have a private lap dance by Patton. Maybe things get hot and frisky. Maybe they realise they’d rather sit and talk than do anything sexual.

137. Virgil is a ‘Cam Boy’ to help make his way though college/university, he gains a loyal following and slowly starts doing more frisky videos/live streams/pictures. Only someone from his flat/course/college start to follow his online activity and they quickly realise who their favourite cam boy is.

138. Roman is exhausted and a little roughed up after adventuring in his realm. Patton helps him clean himself up and then gives him a massage to help him relax. It does just than and then some. Roman ends up hard and whining for Patton to touch him more.

139. Virgil is a sex worker, it’s not the worst job but he wants to do better. Patton hires him for the night because he feels compelled to, he feels sorry for people who aren’t very well off and he wants to help Virgil while not taking away from a night’s earnings. Virgil gets the wrong idea and intends to sleep with Patton.

140. Roman is, surprisingly, an omega who is determined to act up to convince the others that he’s not weak or lesser than them. Logan is also an omega, he won’t tell anyone unless they ask and no one has asked, but he clues onto the fact that Roman is an omega and they have a somewhat friendly heart to heart, then they feel like they can come to each other for anything. Roman comes to Logan during his next heat, afraid of telling the alphas he begs Logan to help him get off.

Chapter Text

141. Logan finds Roman spread out, nude, on his bed with a vibrator up his ass. Logan’s quick to turn the vibrator off and give him something else, something a little bigger: his cock. Only it’s not enough for Roman and he wants more, he begs and pleads for Logan to insert the vibrator too. Logan does so. Only the vibrator turns on a little while after and both of them go a little wild at the sensations.

142. There’s a reason Patton likes to cook for the other three. He loves to see them enjoy his food, praise him for it, and especially loves when they start to get a little soft around the edges. He might like it a bit more than he should. The others don’t mind one bit.

143. When Thomas is in love there’s something in the air of the mindscape, almost acting like a love potion and the sides get all loved up. When he gets aroused there’s a similar knock on effect in the mindscape, acting as a sort of sex pollen this time. What happens when this occurs?

144. Roman accidentally becomes a sex toy tester after he signs up for a job online which he thought wasn’t, well, this. He goes along with it regardless and actually enjoys it. Roman goes from writing reviews to doing vlogs explaining certain toys, he gains a rather weird but loyal following. Only he’s noticed in public by a fan and they hit it off, Roman can’t get rid of the thought that they know a lot – too much – about his sex life.

145. Virgil is an alpha, but he doesn’t want to be seen as over powerful or scary – well, it helps sometimes – but he’s mainly scared that he’ll hurt his omega(s) and he would never forgive himself if he did that. He freaks out when his omega(s) safe word/tell him to stop or slow down, but his omega(s) is/are quick to reassure him.

146. Roman is the egotistical, self-absorbed model. Virgil is the slightly uncomfortable, newbie model. Logan is the easily flustered, serious photographer. And Patton is the cheery, joyful manager who tries to make them all get along. It works. And then some. Leading to them working overtime because they keep getting ‘distracted’ in between shoots.

147. The sides all work at the same strip club. They haven’t known each other for that long but they’re there for each other, will support and defend each other (especially from some creeps). They also like to practice their routines together and, well, they end up fooling around.

148. Patton gets a weird gift of a strangely scented perfume, thinking nothing of it he tries it out. Only it has an effect on him, increasing his arousal to something he’s never felt before. He’s ridiculously horny, trying to get himself off any ways he can think of, but he can’t make himself come. So, he asks someone for help: Logan.

149. Patton is such a tease, sometimes unintentionally. But Roman’s eyes are almost always on the omega and his alpha instincts tell him to grab him and claim him as his. However, Patton is bubbly and just so innocent that Roman wants to take it nice and slow and romance the omega right. At some point though Patton snaps and begs to be bent over and claimed.

150. Roman is a relatively rich actor, he has plenty of money to spare, and he’s also very lonely. So, he sees no harm in getting a sugar baby (or more). He loves treating them to cute clothes and the best possible food, the sex is a big plus. Only he gets attached to his sugar baby/babies. And, hell, maybe he even loves them.

Chapter Text

#151. Virgil is an art student and a very good one at that, his speciality subject is people. So, he's not fazed when they get a male model to pose nude for his small class. He falters though when he realises the model is gorgeous and just his type. The model, Roman, notices the difference in Virgil's behaviour – he's not just studying his body for artistic purposes – and maybe he doesn't mind because he finds him quite attractive too. And, well, he's already seen him naked.

#152. Patton is Virgil's ray of sunshine, so, it's only fair that he takes his sunshine out for a lovely day in the park to enjoy the real sun. And maybe he gets a little distracted by Patton's beauty and he can't resist fucking his boyfriend then and there.

#153. Virgil has a favourite vibrator, it's thin, long, and so fucking powerful. He loves to use it on himself. But since he's no longer single – thanks to Logan – he hasn't needed his vibrator in ages. That is until he gets an idea. And now he really, really wants to try his favourite vibrator out on Logan.

#154. Roman has a daddy kink and accidentally calls Logan 'daddy' during sex. He's flustered, embarrassed, and willing to forget it. Logan insists on stopping sex then and there – a little because he's freaked out himself by it – and they have a healthy kink discussion. Turns out Roman needed not to be embarrassed after all; Logan is very much into it.

#155. Logan loves Crofters and he's always wanted to bring it into the bedroom, but Patton always refuses, complaining about how sticky it would be and the gross clean up. But one day Patton changes his mind. Only that day Logan has been especially bratty, so, Patton ties him up and brings Crofters in, telling Logan it's for him to lick off his body and Logan is not allowed any. Logan is very unhappy but stays relatively quiet out of fear of harsher punishments.

#156. Virgil and Patton have had sex countless times in many places and positions. Virgil is feeling especially fragile one day and wants Patton close to him, so, they have soft, slow, sweet sex and whisper about how much they love each other.

#157. Virgil has a thing for pet play, he likes being the master and having control over his kittens. The others might be hesitant but they're willing to try anything for Virgil – well, they take turns trying out each other's kinks so it's only fair. They all get very much into it and Virgil had three horny kittens on his hands.

#158. Roman asks Virgil if he would mind being his princess and Virgil agrees, all flushed and shy about it. He lets Roman dress him up and praise him, and he loves it. But he begs for Roman to ruin his pretty dress and make-up. And who is Roman to deny his princess of something like that.

#159. Virgil and Deceit aren't friends that's clear but there's a weird sort of tension between them, the others assume it's just a friendship turned sour. It's not, they're fuck buddies and whenever they get angry or agitated they head to each other for a good, hard fucking until they feel a little less mad about things.

#160. Virgil is sick of not being able to sleep properly, so, he coaxes the embodiment of sleep into bed set on pleasuring him until he is whimpering, begging, and exhausted enough to finally let Virgil get some well needed rest.

Chapter Text

#161. Logan takes Virgil stargazing and he's way more into it than Virgil is. Virgil is just enjoying the sight of his boyfriend being all excited under the glow of the moonlight. The have soft, sappy sex under the stars.

#162. Deceit is a little bitter that he's always the bottom when he and Logan have sex, so, he turns on Logan and roughly manhandles him into submitting. Logan laughs a little, telling Deceit he could have just asked, but he lets Deceit have his moment in power and submits to him.

#163. Roman is such an active, playful puppy and all he wants to do is play with his sometimes boyfriend and sometimes kitty Logan. But when Logan is a kitty he's rarely down to play like Roman wants. That is until Roman comes bounding in, naked and hard, and trying to hump Logan who, surprisingly, doesn't refuse this time.

#164. Patton and Roman make a purchase of some flavoured lube and are determined to try it out in as many ways as they can; blow jobs, rimming, fingers in each other's mouth. It gets sticky and is very sweet in more ways than one.

#165. Logan and Deceit decide to fuck in a moment of madness, lust, and force. They fight for dominance, leave bruises and bite marks all over each other during the process. It's very obvious what they've been up to afterwards.

#166. Patton's no stranger to wearing cute skirts and dresses, it's normality at this point, and his boyfriend, Logan, makes sure to mention how pretty he is in them. Though one day Patton's a little shocked when Logan dresses in a sleek, professional, black skirt and, well, Patton thinks he looks amazing and accidentally gets aroused by the sight.

#167. In their moment of role-playing Patton – the intruder – tapes shut Roman’s – the victim’s – mouth. Roman is very aroused, gagged and restrained. Until it isn’t fun anymore, he doesn’t even tap out, Patton sees the panic in his eyes – the very not aroused, pure panic – and they stop the scene and start with the aftercare.

#168. Virgil suggests some good old role-playing and Roman agrees straight away. Roman’s slightly stunned but not unhappy when Virgil turns up in a maid’s costume, holding a feather duster, and asking for orders from his “master”.

#169. Logan sees Patton as all that is good and wholesome. And while Patton is nice, and sweet, and cute, and innocent; he also has a kinky side that no one has ever seen. Until now. He treats Logan to a night of the craziest, kinkiest sex they’ve ever had. And no one is really complaining.

#170. Deceit is generally a snarky little shit and Patton wants to see the grin slip off his face even if just for a moment. So, he corners him, fingers him open, and inserts a remote-controlled vibrator inside of him. Keeping the controller near him all day Patton doesn’t hesitate to turn it on when Deceit starts to get out of hand or just whenever he feels like it.

Chapter Text

#171. Sleep knows that he is a tease, in more ways than one and not just sexually, especially when it comes to Virgil. Virgil knows this, but Sleep is such a good fuck that he doesn't mind begging for what he wants, this occurs more than he'd like but he can't exactly complain.

#172. The sides aren't strangers to sleeping together but never more than three to a bed at once. That is until one day all five of them wind up in bed together for the first time, on purpose or accidentally; it's a mess of words and limbs but they make it work.

#173. Deceit might not be the nicest of fellows, but he cares enough to ask for consent. It doesn't matter that his hand is wrapped around Sleep's throat as he asks, hickies already blooming on his neck and he's obviously far gone into his arousal.

#174. Logan is usually fairly quiet during sex but he also usually tops. The other four gang up on him and get him to submit to them, they tell him just how much they want to hear him. And, well, he doesn't think he could stop himself screaming and moaning if he tried.

#175. Virgil is tall and, in turn, quite strong. Roman is obviously annoyed by this and loves to complain about it non-stop. Virgil finds out a way to shut him up though. Manhandling him and pinning him down, fucking Roman until he can't complain anymore and Roman learns to love Virgil height (and strength).

#176. Logan is very intrigued by Deceit, maybe a little too intrigued. First by his scales, then his eyes, and, well, he can't help but be curious about other things... underneath his clothing. Logan asks, justifying that it's "for science". It's only partially true. Deceit allows it though.

#177. Both Virgil and Deceit are alphas; they argue, fight a little, and get a little rough. But at the end of the day they're very attracted to each other, so, try to get over the fact they're both alphas which is harder than it seems with neither of them wanting to submit.

#178. Deceit has a flair for everything he does, and this also goes for sex. And Virgil hates to love it, but Deceit has just a way with him that he can't help falling into bed with him again and again.

#179. Patton is quite chubby due to him being unable to resist his own cookies and other baked good. He's not insecure about his figure but he feels even better about it when Roman worships his body, nice and slow, inch by inch, accompanied by lots of praise before they make love.

#180. Deceit knows that Roman is a slut, he'll sleep with almost anyone if he's horny enough. So, he fucks Roman in front of a mirror to let him see what a slut he is, making sure to whispers lots of dirty things into his ears too.

Chapter Text

#181. Deceit is determined to turn Virgil into a submissive, babbling mess by overstimulating him. He doesn't stop when Virgil whines about it being too much, instead going harder and faster to make him come again and again.

#182. Roman is very needy and begs to be fucked. But he doesn't just want a good, normal fuck, he wants two of them to fuck him at once. They go slow to not hurt Roman, talking dirty and praising him when he becomes impatient. Roman ends up overwhelmed and thoroughly fucked out.

#183. When Virgil and Deceit are cuddling innocently Virgil shuffles and asks, "is that a snake in your pants or are you happy to see me?" Turns out Deceit accidentally got hard, but Virgil doesn't hesitate to help him out right there on the couch.

#184. Virgil and Logan usually go slow when they have sex, soft and cautious, always keeping an eye out for the other, for what they want more or less of. But one day it changes, harder and rougher, whispers of “more” and “bite me” and “fuck me.”

#185. Logan has never thought of himself as conventionally attractive – or attractive at all – not that he minds. It makes Patton sad when he admits this though, so, Patton takes his time reminding Logan just how pretty he thinks he is while wrecking him in the process.

#186. Virgil jokingly tries on Patton’s glasses and Patton can’t deny that Virgil looks gorgeous in them. He tells Virgil this, who blushes obviously, and he ends up fucking Virgil who’s still in his own glasses and nothing else.

#187. Roman really, really enjoys having his nipples played with. So, Patton takes it upon himself to get Roman hard and leaking by only touching his nipples. He might have to tie him up to avoid him interfering but Roman makes the prettiest noises having his nipples played with.

#188. Roman begs and pleads for Logan to dress up in pretty lingerie for him. Logan agrees on the condition that he is in control for the night. Roman agrees, the thought of Logan fucking him in lingerie is arousing enough. But Roman is a little surprised, and very turned on, when Logan strolls in, lingerie and all, and sinks down on his cock, riding Roman hard and fast.

#189. Roman loves to bring new things into the bedroom but one day Virgil is feeling especially fragile he brings in some soft silk to bind his wrists together. They have soft, slow, sweet sex while Roman admires the pretty colour against Virgil’s pale skin.

#190. Virgil, surprisingly, has a humiliation kink and after some persuasion tells his boyfriend, Logan, about it. Logan’s not too keen on humiliating Virgil but it’s obvious that Virgil loves it, only after a few humiliating words/actions he’s begging to be fucked.

Chapter Text

#191. Logan has a sweet tooth, so, sneaks all sorts of sweet foods from Crofters to candy and Patton's baked goods. Patton catches him and tries to deter him from eating so much sugary things, claiming his boyfriend is sweet enough already and proving it to him with sweet kisses all over his body (and a little further).

#192. Logan cries during sex, his emotions get the better of him and overwhelm him. So, Roman gives him the nickname 'cry baby', it's mostly endearing, and Logan learns to associate it with sex which is unfortunate when he says it in casual conversation.

#193. Virgil teases Roman all day, making sure to have the most phallic objects in his mouth constantly: lollipops, pens, his own fingers, ice lollies, etc. Roman gets so horny and frustrated he drags Virgil aside and fucks his mouth much to Virgil's pleasure.

#194. Patton has a daddy kink and often fantasises about having Virgil as his own baby boy, but Virgil seems very vanilla – which is not the case. Virgil finally gets it out of Patton and he won't stop calling him 'daddy' for ages which lands him in trouble and gets him a good, hard fucking.

#195. Patton gives Virgil a cute, sentimental plushie, telling Virgil to take very good care of it for him. And Virgil feels bad now, knees either side of the plushie with his hard, leaking cock pressed against it ready to hump it until he orgasms. Maybe it's because of the plushie, maybe it's because Patton gave it to him.

#196. Roman has a thing for plushies and he owns lots of them. Once he and Patton start dating he comes clean about his kink and although Patton doesn't understand he accepts Roman's kink. Roman is determined to help him understand, bringing his favourite plushie into the bedroom one evening.

#197. Roman and Logan are friends with benefits slowly falling in love with each other. Each time they fuck it's hard, rough, a fight for dominance. After they confess their feelings they make love for the first time, softly and slowly, taking it all in as if for the first time.

#198. After their date Roman and Logan end up making out in their car, Logan insists they wait until they get home to go any further. Roman, however, coaxes him into having sex then and there in the car, the windows end up steamed and they're more than a little flushed.

#199. Patton and Roman spontaneously buy a hot tub and persuade Virgil and Logan to try it out with them. With them all sitting so close in the hot water in nothing but their swimwear things are about to happen and it gets frisky fast.

#200. Roman begs to do some rope practice in the bedroom, he's watched many tutorials in preparation, and Patton hesitantly agrees. So, Roman strips him down and ties him up until he's suspended in the air, all graceful and delicate looking and most definitely hard.

Chapter Text

#201. Patton is very ticklish, so, he hates being tickled and is easily tickled during sex. Logan isn't though, and Patton's light attempts at tickling him only get him aroused which only flusters him especially when Patton's touches trail downwards.

#202. Roman is stunned and amazed (and maybe a little turned on) to find out that Logan rides a motorcycle. So, Logan offers to take him out on a ride and Roman ends up clinging to Logan with his arms around his torso and his hard cock pressing through his clothes into Logan's back.

#203. Deceit is very sensitive in a lot of places and Patton is excited at finding all of his sweet spots. He's especially mean and trails feathers all over Deceit's body, making sure to torture the sensitive places until Deceit is overwhelmed, hard, and pleading to get off.

#204. For one reason or another, probably persuasion by one of them, Roman, Virgil, Patton, and Logan end up at a nudist beach. So, they strip down and relax in the sun. Only the sight of the others all nude, sun kissed, and relaxed gets them all a little aroused but none of them dare make the first move.

#205. Patton becomes needy and aroused in public and pleads for Roman to take him home and take care of him. Roman insists they stay out a while longer, teasing Patton until he's hard and flustered, so, Roman takes pity on him and gets him off in public.

#206. Roman is a good puppy, yes, a little playful but generally does as Virgil says. But he whines a bit when Virgil insists he goes outside into their garden to have a walk/do his ‘business’ like a real puppy because he’s naked aside from his collar, ears, and tail. He does go outside just to please master Virgil but what happens next?

#207. Roman and Logan agree on roleplaying as a student and teacher, Roman persuades Logan to let him be the teacher leaving Logan as the student. Logan tries his hardest to act up and get Roman to teach him a lesson. It works.

#208. Patton takes Logan out to look at the stars. The stars are very pretty but Patton is prettier, and he is all that he wants to admire tonight. Logan tells him this and they have sex under the stars.

#209. Virgil is known to have a rather dark, edgy wardrobe and Patton absolutely doesn’t. But when they start dating Patton has access to this wardrobe, so, he tries on one of Virgil’s leather jackets just because he can. And Virgil is very aroused by the sight and fucks Patton still in his leather jacket.

#210. Roman’s bedroom is decorated with loads of fairy lights. The first time he and Logan have sex he sets the mood by turning off the lights and only leaving his fairy lights on. They make love under the soft glow making both of them look so soft and they truly realise how in love they are.

Chapter Text

#211. Roman's known to wear collars and chokers as fashion statements, he jokes about wearing one in the bedroom, only when he says that he realises just how much he wants that. So, he strips down to nothing but his favourite collar and a new leash attached to it. Logan is a little shocked but has no problem tugging on the leash to get Roman to listen to him and do as he says.

#212. Logan has a bad habit over overworking himself and neglecting his needs (not basic, he still eats and drinks etc. but he ignores his want to be with his boyfriend and be touched and taken care of more than on a survival level). Patton takes it upon himself to draw Logan away from his work and coax him into bed for cuddles, then overstimulating him and making him come multiple times until he's coming dry.

#213. The first time Patton and Virgil have sex it's well thought out and talked about way in advance, they both try to ease each other into it. It's soft and slow, a bit awkward and giggly. Maybe it's not perfect but they're together so intimately at last.

#214. Roman gets all dolled up for Patton in his prettiest red lingerie, make up, and red roses tucked into every part of their room. It’s over kill but Patton adores it and Roman, so, he shows him just how much he loves his effort.

#215. The four sides don’t mind trying new kinks and bringing Crofters into the bedroom just seemed inevitable. They make an evening of covering each other in it and then cleaning it up in the most sexual, filthy ways.

#216. Roman dresses Deceit up into his own little princess. Deceit really tries to hate it but finds himself quickly hardening in his new panties and it would be rude to leave him in such a way so Roman helps him out.

#217. Roman begs and whines to be fucked from both ends, Virgil and Logan are more than happy to give it to him. Virgil fucks him slow and deep while Roman happily sucks Logan off, Logan all the while talking dirty and/or praising Roman.

#218. Roman and Patton are ready to get it on, only it’s still fairly early in the evening and the bed they’re in is super creaky. So, they try their hardest not to make too much noise and alert the others to their actions. It works. Kind of.

#219. Patton and Virgil spend a day at the beach. As the sun starts to set they head off into the ocean for one last swim, they stay close and get a little frisky. Debating whether or not to get it on in the water or on the sand.

#220. Patton is a Sugar Daddy, Roman is his Sugar Baby. Roman loves Patton, maybe a little more than just as his Sugar Daddy, but he’s very, very happy to fulfill his side of the deal and will do pretty much anything sexually that Patton asks of him.

Chapter Text

#221. Roman wakes up early and with a hard on. Not wanting to wake a sleeping Logan next to him he takes matters – and his own hard cock – into his own hands. Only Logan wakes up, watches the show for a little while before intervening and helping out.

#222. Virgil and Roman start getting a little frisky in the living room only for Patton to come in and sit with them. But they're a little out of Patton's eye line – or so they think – and Virgil gives Roman a hand job right there in the open so close to Patton.

#223. Logically Logan shouldn't be jealous but seeing Virgil getting flirted with by some random person fills him with jealousy. So, he subtly tries to take Virgil away from the situation and somewhere a little more private to make sure Virgil knows he's Logan's (and that Logan is his).

#224. Patton and Roman are both in the school band; Roman as a loud, outgoing singer and Patton a sweet, shy bass player. They both have massive crushes on each other and get rather turned on seeing the other perform, then they're left alone in the practice room one evening and, well, little practice is done (and maybe they're been set up).

#225. Roman has fangs and Logan's never been that bothered by them beyond a curiosity level. But during sex Roman bites him, much harder than intended (definitely leaving a mark), and Logan screams in pleasure, begging for Roman to do it again until he comes quicker and more violently than ever before.

#226. The other sides get a little sick and tired of Deceit’s snarky mood and general antics, so, they corner him. They strip him, torture him, and overstimulate him until he can barely speak.

#227. Roman is possessive and determined to mark Deceit up to show the others that Deceit belongs to him. Deceit has no problem with this, in fact he loves the little reminders that Roman has had him and will have him again.

#228. Patton is determined to give Roman the night he deserves, completely spoiling his prince and fulfilling a lot of his sexual dreams. And Roman has never been more satisfied or more in love in his life.

#229. Virgil is a mermaid, fascinated but afraid of humans, especially by the one human that sits on his rocks every morning looking out to sea – Logan. Logan is equally as fascinated and once he gains Virgil’s trust his hands wander a bit much over the merman’s body (not that he minds).

#230. Virgil’s been bratty and so finds himself locked in a cock cage. He takes his punishment head on and tries to be a good boy for Patton, so good that Patton promises to fuck him nice and slow and lovingly. But he’s not going to take the cock cage off.

Chapter Text

#231. Patton promises Virgil lots of pleasure and gets started sucking him off. Only Virgil comes really quickly but he keeps his hands in Patton's hair to encourage him to keep sucking him into yet another orgasm.

#232. Roman, Patton, and Logan want to do something special for Virgil, so, they have a real romantic date night followed by dragging Virgil into the bedroom. When they get there the three of them tell Virgil he gets to be in control and be their dominant for the night and, well, Virgil is very happy about it.

#233. Roman and Logan are self-proclaimed doms who both want to fuck Patton – and Patton too very much wants that, but their behaviour is to the point of annoying now. So, Patton takes it upon himself to coax them into bed and make them both submit to him. It works.

#234. Virgil is a vampire. This doesn’t bother or deter Roman, really it only encourages him to get with Virgil more often. It could be for the fact that Virgil is super strong (and could totally fuck him up against a wall), plus those fangs are such a turn on.

#235. For some unknown reason – okay, the blame probably gets put on Roman – Patton and Logan end up swapping bodies. Once they get over the initial shock they find out, accidentally or on purpose, what the other’s body gets turned on by and are compelled to have some fun with it.

#236. Roman persuades Deceit to pose for him so he can paint him. It goes well to begin with then it’s more of a paint fight until it turns into messy, rough sex. The clean up takes forever but maybe they’ll have to repeat it again (minus the paint next time).

#237. All five of the boys decide to get away to a hotel for a night. Maybe it’s a sweet, romantic date night that ends in soft, drawn out sex. Maybe it’s just an excuse to fuck for hours on end, rough and noisy, aware they’ll probably never revisit the hotel ever again. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

#238. Virgil wants to submit to Logan, but he finds it a little scary. Logan reassures him throughout, knowing deep down that Virgil trusts him, and he blindfolds him before taking his time getting Virgil to submit little by little to him.

#239. The four sides are finally, after much of a wait and anticipation, having sex. It’s all going smoothly, a little impatient and eager after spends days not being able to all find time together, only something goes a bit wrong – someone falls out of bed, two of them clash heads, etc. This results in one (or more) of them having a ruined orgasm.

#240. Deceit really wants to try and impress the others, and maybe flirt and tease them a little, but he doesn’t really know how. He searches the basics online so he doesn’t accidentally give them the wrong idea or do something wrong. He doesn’t get it wrong, he does better than he expected, and definitely gets the others’ attention.

Chapter Text

#241. Virgil gets all hard and needy in public. Instead of telling Patton and asking to go home he starts rutting up against his thigh/ass right there. Patton chastises him a little but can never deny Virgil this. And Virgil ends up coming in his pants then and there.

#242. Virgil is still young and a virgin despite having been dating his classmate Roman for a while now. So, his dads – well, more so Patton than Logan – give him the sex talk. Horrified he hides out at Roman's house for the night and puts his new knowledge to the test.

#243. Virgil experiences dom drop after a particularly hard scene, having 'punished' Logan by caning him, but now he just feels bad and guilty. Logan is quick to soothe him when he freezes and tears up. They finish up earlier than intended and the aftercare is slow and soft and reassuring.

#244. Virgil is a hurt mermaid taken into Patton's – a marine biologist – care. They grow fond of each other and Virgil thinks of Patton as more than his carer and vice versa. When Patton has to carry out another physical test to see how Virgil's healing Virgil accidentally becomes aroused and Patton learns a little more than he needs to know about mermaids.

#245. Virgil and Roman are dating; Patton and Logan are dating. They all decide to fuck in the same, no sharing partners or anything. They fuck slow, taking in the way the other couple fucks and it's very arousing.

#246. Patton plays into the role of a virgin, even though he isn't, because he knows it's something Roman gets off on. So, he's all innocence and naivety while he takes Roman to bed, asking Roman to be gentle with him because 'it's his first time'.

#247. Patton is surprisingly strong; strong enough to lift Roman up off the ground and fuck him against the wall. It drives Roman a little insane and, yeah, he (embarrassingly) begs for it a little.

#248. Virgil and Logan record and then upload an amateur sex tape. The feedback they get as well as seeing themselves in the video is more than enough for them to get off to their own sex tape.

#249. Roman is a prince and Virgil is his personal servant. He does everything a personal servant should: help him dress and clean, sort out his day's events, and help the prince with whatever he needs. But they also do things that servants and princes perhaps shouldn't, like fucking each other and having too intimate feelings.

#250. Virgil has a bit of a foot fetish but only realises when his boyfriend, Logan, casually rests his feet in his lap. Virgil accidentally gets hard and, after a bit of awkward conversing, Logan helps him get off using his feet against his almost painful, leaking cock.

Chapter Text

#251. In the middle of sucking Patton off Virgil gets a little too needy and ruts his cock into the sheets, smearing his pre-come everywhere but he continues to eagerly work Patton to orgasm. He doesn't get to come until after Patton has though and Patton makes sure to get him off quickly after.

#252. Logan has a bit of a thing for Roman's physique and he can't keep his hands off Roman's muscles especially during sex. Roman notices, especially because of how lanky Logan is in comparison, and he definitely takes advantage of it.

#253. Roman, Logan, and Patton decide to chain fuck – Roman fucking into Logan as he fucks into Patton. It's a little slow starting, the preparation taking a while, but once they get going they really get going.

#254. Virgil comes from a rich family and, for some reason, has his own boat. So, he takes his boyfriend, Roman, out for a boat trip; intending on having a sweet, romantic date on the sea quickly turns into fucking precariously close to water, hoping not to fall overboard.

#255. Logan is a detective and Patton is a civilian/victim of a crime case Logan is working on. Patton won't admit it aloud, but he really wants to bring the stoic detective to his knees and have him begging for his cock; he doesn't hesitate when the opportunity arises.

#256. Deceit is highly embarrassed by the noises he makes during sex, especially when he subs. So, he usually ends up burying his head in the sheets and biting a pillow to muffle the noises, biting down especially hard when he comes.

#257. After getting married Patton is quick to take Logan away to their honeymoon hotel suit and make love to him all night long. They do and it's soft, sweet, and full of their love for each other.

#258. Logan thinks little of it when Virgil offers him his lap to sit in during movie night, making sure to get them a blanket to share too. Only Virgil hands start to wander, and Logan ends up with his pants down to his thighs and Virgil's fingers inside of him, slowly working him open and getting him off while Logan tries hard not to alert the others.

#259. Patton is really, really good at talking dirty and has gotten Roman hard with just his words more than once. So, he decides to do it again as a form of foreplay; Roman gets aroused far too quickly and can't help rutting up against Patton's body and coming in his pants all too soon.

#260. Roman wants to play in the bedroom where ‘no’ means ‘yes’ and ‘stop’ means ‘faster’ – aside from the assigned safe word of course. Logan agrees, pushing Roman physically and verbally until he’s riding Roman with his hands on his neck as Roman whispers out for him to ‘stop’.

Chapter Text

#261. Virgil accidentally hurts himself pretty badly, ending in either broken bones or deep wounds. Patton is distraught and won't let Virgil do anything for himself for at least two weeks, this includes bathing him. Virgil wouldn't mind, it's quite sweet really, but Patton's touches on his naked body has certain reactions and he ends up a little more than embarrassed.

#262. It's not secret when Roman gets off; he's loud and unashamed of it. Virgil is really intrigued by what he does in his room to make such obscene noises, so, he asks to watch and surprisingly Roman lets him, putting on a nice show just for him.

#263. Patton is undeniably very cute, and Logan has admitted this to him on more than one occasion. However, during sex Patton suddenly gets really submissive, letting out high pitched, needy whines which are just so adorable that Logan can't help commenting on how cute he is.

#264. Logan is such a whiny, needy baby boy and most of the time Patton adores just how needy he gets for his touch. Sometimes it's better to watch Logan writhe beneath him, arching for his touch. Patton wants to draw it out and tease Logan as long as he can stand, telling Logan: "Touch me and we're done."

#265. Logan has a marking kink for hickies and bruises but especially for come, he loves to be marked and covered in it. When he finds out Deceit has two dicks and produces twice as much come as 'normal' he's practically begging for it before they even reach the bedroom.

#266. Roman is cocky about how good he is in bed and he has a right to be as Logan soon learns. Logan is reduced to a needy, begging bottom, telling Roman exactly what he wants – mainly 'more' and 'faster' and 'please'. Roman loves just how needy he is but the others can probably hear them, so, he whispers: "Do you need something in your mouth to keep you quiet?" And Logan quickly ends up gagged.

#267. Virgil is usually quite submissive and needy, especially when Roman knows just what to do. But Virgil gets a little careless with his fangs, biting his boyfriend a little hard and sudden. And Roman moans, loud, high pitched, and so needy. Virgil's quick to turn the tables and make Roman his cute submissive mess.

#268. Patton is an alien who finds himself stranded on Earth. Logan is a xenobiologist who is very intrigued by Patton and gladly lets him stay with him for a while. But Patton slips into his heat. This allows Logan to gain more knowledge about Patton's species, but Patton wants a lot of help with his heat, specifically from Logan.

#269. They know, theoretically, that Deceit could fuck them both at once. Logan and Patton have thought and talked (fantasized) about it plenty of times before but asking Deceit and then proceeded to get fucked by him at the same time is something different, weirder, and definitely better and hotter than they ever could have imagined.

#270. Virgil is very skilled at playing the guitar. Roman finds out when he comes into the common room, intent on pranking Virgil, but stopping short when he realises just how intricately Virgil is playing. How his fingers look so fucking good then and there. And he thinks about a few places he'd like to have Virgil's fingers.

Chapter Text

#271. Patton knows just how cute Logan finds him, so, he tends to use it to his advantage to get Logan to do what he wants, especially in bed. Logan usually complains – "I swear to god, I don't care how cute you are- fine." – but he usually caves in to whatever Patton wants.

#272. Roman is feeling particularly horny and teasing, finally he gets Logan into bed and he whispers: "Eat me out like I'm the last jar of Crofter's in the world." Logan gets up, puts his clothes back on, and leaves. Roman has a lot of grovelling, begging, and apologising to do, mainly by eating Logan out and letting his ride his face. He's forgiven.

#273. Roman and Logan have been conspiring for a while to get Deceit into bed and when they finally do they're a little surprise by how willingly he goes, completely submitting to their orders. Soon enough he's tied up, hands behind his back, spread open and begging to be fucked. Roman laughs a lot, only causing Deceit embarrassment, and he comments: "I knew you were full of surprises... but this one surely takes the cake."

#274. During their first time Patton finds out that Roman is both very submissive and comes an awful lot. This isn't necessarily a problem, but Patton loves to tease him about it, especially since Roman likes to be humiliated and tormented a little. Cue Patton teasing him with the phrase: "Oh dear, you've made such a mess my Prince." And Roman blushing and trying to hide his face more.

#275. Roman invites his boyfriend, Logan, over to his for the night, promising to thoroughly dominate him and wreck him. Logan’s half expecting it to be soft and somewhat sweet and romantic since that’s everything Roman is (yes, he’s a sap). So, he’s a little startled when Roman manhandles him onto the bed, into his red ribbon binds, and constantly commenting on how he looks – "Tied up so pretty for me.” Etc. And, well, Logan’s not complaining really.

#276. Camping seemed like a good idea in theory but in reality it’s cold and wet and, well, Patton and Virgil end up sharing a sleeping bag for warmth. They cuddle close and end up accidentally getting aroused, rutting up against each other in slow, quick movements.

#277. Roman loses his voice. The others theorize and guess on what stupid thing he did this time – from singing too many Disney songs/show tunes from getting himself hit in the throat. Patton knows the truth though because he was the one who fucked Roman’s throat hard enough for him to lose his voice.

#278. Virgil isn’t a really needy pet that often but sometimes he gets super needy for Roman – his master – to touch him and fuck him. So, he submits to him and begs with his body language (e.g. lying down on the floor, avoiding eye contact, ass up in the air, etc.) and Roman can’t refuse his pet what he wants.

#279. Logan secretly buys a gag just to test things out before he tells Patton about it. Turns out he’s very much into being gagged and Patton finds him gagged, nude on their bed with his fingers in his ass and cock in hand. Patton figures he should help and he does gladly.

#280. Patton, Logan, and Roman takes turns getting themselves off in front of the other two. Using toys, their own hands, maybe even the furniture, anything but getting the other two involved (which makes them all needy and whiny). They go at it until they’ve all come and then they touch each other with soft kisses and aftercare.

Chapter Text

#281. Virgil is a tad possessive and Patton has a thing for pain. Virgil asks, a bit shy and embarrassed, if he can cover Patton's body in pretty purple wax. Patton gladly lets him and absolutely loves it. Virgil fucks him slow and lovingly afterwards.

#282. Virgil and Logan are two somewhat influential figures within the Victorian era, however, they have a bit of a thing for each other. So, they keep their relationship hidden away from passing eyes, but they can't help their lingering touches and shy kisses which turn into them fucking in risky places (e.g. closets, alleyways, etc.)

#283. Virgil loves taking his time tying Roman up, restricting and teasing him until he no longer all cocky words and teasing touches. He reduces Roman to begs and pleas; Virgil promises he’ll touch him just how he wants soon enough but not just yet, he wants to admire the sight first.

#284. Roman loves a good bit of knife play but handing over his favourite knife for Deceit to use on him takes a lot of trust, he’s practically handing over his control and, to an extent, his life. Deceit promises over and over that he will hurt him in all the good ways he wants and no more nor less than.

#285. Sleep has a bit of a thing for leather. And he has a bit of a thing for Virgil. So, Virgil dressed in a leather harness, leather pants, and leather gloves, promising to fulfill his wildest desires does a lot to him.

#286. Deceit lies, that’s a known fact. But Logan loves it sometimes when he lies in bed – there’s something about being fucked into while being called all sorts of humiliating and degrading things that are obviously lies. Logan loves it and begs for more, but he always gets soft aftercare and the truth afterwards.

#287. Logan loves being good for his daddy, Patton, but sometimes he loves nothing more than his daddy degrading him, telling him what a slut he is but still reminding him that he is his slut. Patton loves humouring his baby boy and degrading him how he likes but always reassures him, more for his benefit than for Logan’s, afterwards.

#288. Virgil is, without a doubt, a cry baby (as Roman fondly reminds him) – the smallest of things make him cry but Roman is always there to make him feel better and reassure him. So, it’s unsurprising when Virgil bursts into tears after wetting himself, even though he liked it he can’t help crying over it. Roman helps and comforts him though.

#289. Patton drags Logan to go late night swimming with him in a nearby pool (their own/a hotel’s/etc.) but his intentions are a little less innocent than that. He wants Logan naked in the water all aroused and needy for him. And he gets that and more.

#290.Roman is a head strong investigator determined on catching the mastermind criminal, Logan, on his territory. Only when he does catch said criminal finally in an alleyway he can’t help but realise just how gorgeous this criminal is and he definitely doesn’t stop himself from fucking the criminal then and there. And, well, Logan surprisingly wants it just as much (if not more so, he has had his eye on the investigator for a while).

Chapter Text

#291. Roman has been particularly whiny and needy today. Virgil found it endearing at first but now it's just annoying, so, he wrestles Roman to the ground and fucks him doggy style right there on the floor. Roman gets carpet burn but other than that he's satisfied for the rest of the day at least.

#292. Logan cannot in fact handle his emotions and engaging in sex with his boyfriend Patton sets off a lot of his emotions. This leaves Logan crying and begging Patton to stop before they've barely begun. Patton reassures him and calms him down, telling him: "I'm here love, it's okay." Then he fucks Logan slow and soft, constantly comforting him.

#293. Roman knows how to tease and when he does he goes all out; dressed in fishnets, heels, a short skirt, and a crop top he parades around the place, making sure everyone gets a good look. It all comes to ahead when he 'accidentally' flips his skirt to show his pretty panties underneath, he gets exactly what he wants.

#294. Roman has strong feelings for Patton but he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. So, Roman goes to Deceit – the one man who can imitate his crush oh so well. But the real Patton walks in at the wrong time, Deceit there – in his Patton disguise – fucking into Roman and Roman begs for Patton to leave. Patton stays and does one better, he joins Deceit in fucking Roman. And Roman ends up thoroughly wrecked.

#295. Logan takes Virgil's pleasure into his hands, pleasuring him and overstimulating him until he's screaming, crying, and begging to stop. Of course, Logan asks if he can come again and add to the mess on his stomach, talking him through it all the while. Once he does, he's soft with Virgil, commenting: "Little prince, you look so wrecked."

#296. Roman has a small cock and it's no secret that he loves to be humiliated. So, his partner(s) make some offhand comments about his cock and more when they're in public, leaving him hard and needy (as well as embarrassed and blushing).

#297. Patton begs for Logan to take control of him when they're in public, blushing madly when he hands his boyfriend the control to the vibrator in his ass. Logan doesn't hesitate to tease him and inevitably make him come in his pants in public.

#298. Virgil gets a thrill at the possibility of getting caught having sex but is unwilling to go all out and get off in public. So, his boyfriend, Logan, suggests they fuck on the couch in the living room where the others could potentially walk in on them at any moment.

#299. Virgil is a tall, intimidating punk with his dark clothes and dyed hair and his boyfriend, Patton, is the opposite, always in pastel colours looking all cute and adorable. Only they don't quite live up to their stereotypes in the bedroom; Patton is such a rough dominant who loves reducing Virgil to a whimpering, begging, submissive mess.

#300. Patton is a virgin, very shy with wandering touches and is easy to get hard. Roman, his boyfriend, doesn't quite understand how easy it is to get Patton hard until he does so accidentally and ends up with Patton grinding against his thigh and coming in his pants all cute and embarrassed.

Chapter Text

#301. Roman gives Logan an open-mouthed gag as a gift, silently asking for his boyfriend to wear it for him. Logan does so and ends up drooling everywhere nonstop and it doesn't help that Roman playfully makes fun of him for it only causing him embarrassment and a lot of arousal.

#302. Roman likes a challenge, that's obvious, so, he begs and pleads for Patton to tie him up, tight but not unbearable. And then Patton realises that he gets very turned on by Roman struggling to get out of the binds. Roman gets some binds free, he's very good with his hands, but Patton ends up fucking him hard and ruthless before he can do much more.

#303. Patton loves to cook for and then feed Logan, he takes pleasure in it, in making sure his boyfriend is getting what he needs from him especially. The others don't know about this but it's hard to miss the way Logan's shirt stretches a little more over his stomach and the way his thighs gradually thicken. Patton just loves it that little bit more and it gets him... excited.

#304. The boys all get roped in to play Just Dance for their game night, some less willingly than others. And those who are less willing to participate – Virgil and Logan – take their turns as an advantage to tease and seduce their partners and doms – Roman and Patton respectively. It works, getting their boyfriends all aroused, and the boys are taught not to tease like that unless they want such consequences.

#305. Virgil is a greedy and selfish dragon, who is very possessive over his newly captured Prince Logan as much as his gold and jewels. Roman is a knight set on rescuing the poor prince only to find that the dragon isn't dangerous at all just possessive. And, well, Roman doesn't blame him the prince is beautiful, and he also doesn't mind putting on a show of fucking the pretty prince in front of the possessive dragon.

#306. Deceit can only speak in lies. This is usually fun and teasing but when put against him it's less so. Like now, when he's so desperate to pee, legs crossed and hands on his crotch, telling Patton: "I don't have to go." Patton going along with it, telling Deceit to sit back down then if he doesn't need to go etc. until Deceit inevitable wets himself.

#307. Roman is a romantic and dead set on making love to Virgil, the love of his life. With whispered words of affection, he leads Virgil into bed, going slow and soft with his lover. Only Virgil gets impatient and flips them, riding Roman hard and fast, wanting the rough, harsh pleasure. And it helps that Roman is whining, moaning, and withering underneath him.

#308. Virgil and Logan are the best of friends in high school, so, they do what friends do and have a sleepover, watching movies and eating gross food. But when it comes to sleeping in the same bed, because they refuse to let the other sleep on the couch/floor, they can't help but get aroused what with being horny teenagers. Then end up frantically grinding against each other and hands wandering, wanting to get off so badly, but they can't help worry about the aftermath of their friendship.

#309. Virgil likes to sneak into creepy and abandoned places. Sometimes because he's curious and the world is interesting. Sometimes because he likes to get off somewhere public, somewhere where no one will probably find him but there's still the possibility that someone will find him.

#310. Virgil shyly asks if he can eat Patton out and Patton gladly agrees. He expects Virgil to be all hesitant and unsure of himself and what he's doing but Virgil is the opposite. He goes in eagerly, making a mess of Patton's hole and his thighs with his drool, and Patton is reduced to a moaning, begging mess.

Chapter Text

#311. Virgil is really well endowed and a little shy about it, especially showing it to his boyfriend, Logan, for the first time. But once he does, all flushed and aroused, Logan gasps, loud and definitely needy. Logan makes sure Virgil knows just how much he likes his cock, rambling a little, and where he wants it.

#312. Roman is a nuisance for giving people nicknames but they've changed since he started dating Virgil and that's how he ends up call Virgil "his princess." And Virgil blushes and goes really shy, clearly affected by the name and, well, Roman abuses his new power.

#313. Roman invites Logan out for an innocent walk in the woods with some alternative intentions. Basically, he wants to fuck his boyfriend in the middle of the woods, hidden enough from prying eyes but any other odd walker will definitely hear them if they don't see them.

#314. Logan is oblivious as to why Patton is staring at him so intensely while he's eating an ice cream (and maybe getting a little on his face). Patton is undoubtedly very hard in his trousers just by watching Logan lick and suck the ice cream in such a way and he needs to tell Logan before he comes in his pants.

#315. Patton is such a good kitty and does everything his master Virgil asks of him. Master Virgil asks him to lick his cock? He will. Master Virgil asks him to present himself to him? He will. Master Virgil asks him to whine and beg like a good kitty? He will enthusiastically.

#316. Virgil doesn't get near enough sleep, so, Sleep himself vows to sort it out. Maybe he has some unusual methods of reducing Virgil into a seemingly boneless, relaxed, tired mess. Or maybe he just sucks him off and fingers him until he's overstimulated and sleepy.

#317. Deceit has a thing for knives, well, more so a thing for marking his boyfriend up with his cuts. It's all good because Logan has a pain kink and loves the little reminders that Deceit has been there, with him, and had him. The only bad parts are when the others start wondering why Logan's wearing so many clothes and, when he does take his clothing off, why he's hurt so much. Cue them freaking out, overreacting, and accusing Deceit of all sorts. And Logan and Deceit have to explain everything.

#318. When he's upset or not getting his own way Roman pouts, a lot like a child, but there's something so enticing about how he looks, how his lips are so pretty, and his mouth is so fuckable. Patton doesn't want to think about using his boyfriend's mouth this way, but he can't help it and, well, he kind of has to tell Roman when he gets a boner from just watching him pout.

#319. Virgil, trying his hardest to be romantic and seductive, ties himself up in pretty ribbons as a gift for Roman. And what a gift it is for Roman to see his adorable blushing boyfriend, nude and hard, tied up so prettily just for him.

#320. Patton is in the middle of baking cookies as usual but as soon as they enter the oven Virgil has his hands on Patton, wandering and exploring underneath his clothing. Patton gets easily whiny and needy, begging for Virgil to fuck him over the counter and that's just what he does. Patton ends up having to make a fresh batch of cookies and maybe lie a little about why the first batch burnt.

Chapter Text

#321. Roman is an extremely needy kitty and won't take the telling off (e.g. "bad kitty, you do not touch your master there" and "good kitties wait to be told to do X") from his master Patton seriously. So, he straddles his master and rides him until Patton submits to him.

#322. Virgil finds Logan's voice arousing which is slightly unfortunate when Logan goes on one of his little tangents. But Virgil would never say anything, especially not in front of the others. So, Virgil sits there, hard in his pants and almost shivering with pleasure while Logan rants on about space. Logan's observant though and realises the effect he has on Virgil and maybe double his efforts.

#323. Roman, Virgil, Logan, and Patton are all in a group chat together. Mainly used for trivial conversations but once in a while they use it for more sexual intentions. Cue them sexting and sending nudes, receiving a good lot of praise and compliments plus more sexting from their boyfriends.

#324. After a long, hard day all Roman wants is a nice, warm bath and he doesn't exactly mind his boyfriend joining him either. Only Virgil's more than a little frisky but he tells Roman he doesn't need to move at all and to just let him do the work and get them off.

#325. Patton catches Logan fucking a fleshlight and so he must punish him (for getting himself off without permission/not telling Patton he was horny/etc.). Instead of a usual spanking he fingers Logan until he's coming into the fleshlight and then he fucks him hard and fast, not letting Logan rest nor pull out of the toy. Logan ends up crying and overstimulated, begging for Patton to stop and sobbing out apologies.

#326. Deceit is a virgin due to isolating himself in the past. Roman really wants to change this, so, gives Deceit the most enthusiastic and pleasurable first time. And Deceit comes back for more and more and more.

#327. Patton coaxes Roman, Logan, and Virgil out to go camping with him. This starts with them wandering through nature, observing all the pretty flowers, and holding each others' hands. And it ends in them all naked, limbs intertwined, fucking in one of their tents or under the stars.

#328. Roman is a cam-boy which is a secret that he keeps from his flatmate, Logan. But what he doesn't know is that Logan is a frequent watcher of his videos and shows. Then the secret is out, they're both undeniably attracted to each other and, well, things go from there.

#329. Virgil persuades Logan to dress up for him in more feminine clothing than he's used to (a dress/skirt, lingerie, heels, make up, etc.) Logan doesn't mind in theory but once he has the clothing on he's really shy about it, about Virgil looking at him like that and about how aroused he's getting in his panties.

#330. Patton is Logan's sugar daddy. So, he loves to shower his pretty sugar baby in all sorts of expensive clothes and jewelry, then to fuck him on top of pricey silk sheets.

Chapter Text

#331. As soon as Roman announces he's making cocktails the other three know the night is going to get messy and sexual but they still drink their boyfriend's drinks. Soon enough they're all a little tipsy, swapping kisses and their hands wandering.

#332. Patton enjoys taking Roman's senses away during sex, making him feel all that more and causing him to moan so loud that he probably draws the attention of others. Patton doesn't mind, he gets off on how responsive Roman is to his touches.

#333. Roman and Logan are on a long train ride and Roman, obviously, can't contain how horny he is. He's careful and quiet to ease Logan into his lap and silence his boyfriend's protests when he inches down his trousers and pulls his own cock out of his pants.

#334. Patton gets Deceit a present for some sort of occasion. The present? Some cute, pastel blue, lacy lingerie. And Patton requests that Deceit wears it for him tonight and he'll give him an even better present (a good hard fucking).

#335. Roman jokingly tells Patton: "I'm such a snack." To which Patton laughs, grabs his ass, and replies: "And I just want to eat you up." Cue Patton bending Roman over the kitchen table and eating him out.

#336. Virgil has fantasised about eating his boyfriend, Logan, out for some time now. So, he takes him on a sweet, romantic date then to stay over at a fairly expensive hotel. Later that night he tells Logan his intentions and Logan is both touched and slightly embarrassed but eagerly lets Virgil have his way and eat him out.

#337. Virgil ends up wearing a short, leather skirt for one of his and Logan's dates and, well, Logan can't keep his hands off his exposed skin underneath the table. They both end up hard and needy by the end of their date.

#338. Roman is, without a doubt, a huge cock slut. He won't deny that but rather he'll beg for his boyfriends to double penetrate his ass and the other to fuck his mouth. And one day he gets what he wants and is a very happy man afterwards.

#339. Deceit likes to act like he doesn't want it, doesn't want them. But they all know really. Even if he struggles and pushes them away he ends up in the middle of being fucked from all angles and fucking the others in return.

#340. Virgil can and will complain during sex if Roman is not giving him what he wants. So, Roman gags him and tells him exactly what he's going to do with him at his own pace too.

Chapter Text

#341. Virgil, somewhat awkwardly, ends up hiring out a fierce dominant – maybe of his own accord, maybe because of pressure from his friends or as a present. The dominant, Logan, turns up, ties him up and is rough with him, exactly what he's paid for. But Virgil can't help being attracted to him and wonder what he is like outside of his dominant façade and latex.

#342. Roman is very in touch with his femininity. Logan less so. So, Roman dresses himself up in the prettiest lace, brightest colours, and silky fabrics then it's his boyfriend's turn. They both look beautiful and are unable to keep their hands off each other, smearing their lipstick and ruining their panties.

#343. Virgil and Roman can rarely resist their boyfriend, Logan, when he comes home from a day at work dressed in an impeccable suit. They practically jump him as soon as he's through the door and fuck him still partially dressed in his suit.

#344. Deceit and Virgil tend to get a little rough when they fuck. A little too rough; ending in them having multiple bruises and bumps. Virgil ends up on the floor, Deceit laughing at him, and he says: "It was so worth the injury though!"

#345. Logan, embarrassingly, admits to himself that he's a cock slut. And almost constantly wonders about how big Patton's cock is, he suspects it's fairly large (and would love to be wrecked by it). When he finally gets a chance to get into Patton's pants he's larger than he expected, and Logan dies a little internally.

#346. Virgil, in a surge of confidence, waltzes into Patton's room in pretty lingerie – a thong, bralette, and sheer skirt. Patton takes a moment to gape at him and take in the sight before patting his lap and saying: "Saddle up doll."

#347. Roman is all ego and Virgil intends to take him down a peg or two by giving him a rough, brutal fucking. Roman gasps and moans loud and clearly enjoying himself, not anticipating Virgil to be so dominant and rough with him. In their post-orgasmic state Roman utters: "I-I just, I wasn't expecting that. But I liked it. A lot."

#348. On a road trip the five of them don't expect it to go swimmingly but once Logan, Roman, and Deceit get into a rather loud and unnecessary argument it's a bit much. Patton tries to softly calm them down and get them to stop but doesn't work, so, Virgil shouts above the noise: "If I have to pull over, you all won't be able to walk for the next week." A while later the three of them are quiet in the back of the car, tear tracks on their face and with very sore butts.

#349. Logan gets chatted up and flirted with in a bar on one of their night outs. He doesn't mind it at first but then the guy gets pushy, asking if he wants to go home with him and groping him. Surprisingly, Deceit comes to his rescue, pretending to be his boyfriend and scaring the man away. Then Deceit whispers to Logan: "I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever even met that asshole." And, well, that's Logan gone.

#350. Virgil suddenly gets really into a new video game and leaves Patton feeling a little left out and lonely. So, Patton tries really hard to seduce Virgil and pull him away from his game. Virgil gets aroused and eventually says: "Just let me finish this level and I swear I'll go down on you until you come at least 3 times." He stays true to his promise.

Chapter Text

#351. Logan has a foot fetish and it gets to the point in his and Virgil's relationship where they're being more open about their likes and dislikes. So, he shyly admits his kink to Virgil who hesitantly but happily gets Logan off with his feet and is very surprised by how easy it is to make Logan beg, whimper, and come.

#352. Logan is an alien, with tentacles no less, and accidentally comes into contact with a human, Virgil. Rather than stay away Logan is interested and attracted to the human. Then proceeds to 'investigate' Virgil, touching him and feeling him up, unintentionally arousing him. He offers to get Virgil off, obviously his tentacles get involved.

#353. Virgil likes to be humiliated and degraded, so, Patton takes it into his own hands and turns into a full-on daddy dom. He diapers his baby boy, making fun of his little cock and cooing when it gets hard, making a lot of babyish comments. Virgil is both thoroughly embarrassed and turned on like mad.

#354. Deceit begs over and over to be fucked but the others keep denying him, getting him even more worked up. Only when Deceit is on the edge of breaking do they all turn on him and use him as their come dump and he is very, very happy about it.

#355. Roman wakes up hard and needy, he coxes Virgil into having morning sex all half asleep with bleary eyes and giggles. Until Virgil needs to pee, he reckons he can hold it until afterwards but a jolt/quick move in positions shocks him into peeing mid-sex. Roman doesn't exactly mind, rather he finds it hot.

#356. Roman is super bratty all day to Virgil as well as flirting with the other sides. So, Virgil makes Roman all pretty for him (over the top, sloppy make up, pink dress, and whatever else) despite Roman’s protests, then he asks his pretty whore to suck him off to make up for his wrongdoings.

#357. Roman likes to take good care of his puppy (and boyfriend), Logan, but fears he might be spoiling him a bit. So, as his master, he takes Logan outside, somewhere not too public but there’s still a small chance they can be caught and orders him to play and act like a real puppy, telling him off when he won’t.

#358. Daddy Patton is really possessive over Roman, who undoubtedly gets hit on by many people at any chance they get (Patton doesn’t blame them, his boyfriend is gorgeous, but he doesn’t like it). So, he marks Roman up as he fucks him until he can barely think straight, reminding him just who he belongs to.

#359. Logan is feeling somewhat daring and goes to get a body piercing (e.g. nipples, belly button, hips, genitals). Surprisingly the piercer, Deceit, is rather attractive especially in his attempts to calm and prepare Logan for the needle. What Logan doesn’t expect is to get aroused by the whole thing and, well, Deceit can’t help but notice and offer to help out.

#360. Sleep tries gently to coax Virgil into bed to sleep since he’s gone a little too long without. But when Virgil replies with “bite me” well Sleep can’t help but pass up something like that. So, he does, he bites and sucks at Virgil’s skin until he’s hard and needy, begging to come. Sleep will only let him come on one condition: he goes to sleep afterwards.

Chapter Text

#361. Virgil and Deceit think it's a good idea to try docking. It all goes smoothly, only one of them having to jerk their cocks together while they kiss and roam their hands everywhere. But then they're stuck and, after a few moments of panic, one of the others comes to help them, perhaps chastising them a little before helping them both out by giving Virgil and Deceit hand jobs at the same time.

#362. Virgil is trans and more than a little nervous when his boyfriends ask him to come to bed with them for the first time, more nervous due to his inexperience than anything else. His boyfriends are quick to reassure him, tell him they're just as nervous as he is, and take control, letting Virgil relax and let himself go to the pleasure.

#363. An open, casual conversation about sex trails somehow to tentacles and Roman gets a 'good idea' to bring his three boyfriends in his realm. Then he offers them a choice: shape shifting so some/all of them have tentacles or summon a giant tentacled monster to fuck them all. Either way they thoroughly enjoy it.

#364. Logan wants to push Deceit, test what he likes and how much he likes it. So, when Deceit is at his feet, serving him very well, and Logan says: "Suck my toes." Deceit does just that and gets off on it.

#365. They've known about Deceit having two penises for a while now but Deceit's never comfortable enough to have sex with more than one person at a time (because he gets overwhelmed? Or he's shy/easily embarrassed about being 'different'?) Only he really wants to fuck Logan and Patton at the same time, he brings it up though and they agree, trying to make him as comfortable as possible and distract him with so much pleasure.

#366. Patton takes his boyfriend literally when Logan asks to be fucked from the inside out. So, Patton completely overwhelms him in the best possible ways; fucking into him while using all sorts of toys on his cock (vibrator, flesh light, sound, etc.) and torturing him elsewhere (nipple clamps, blindfold, biting and sucking everywhere he can).

#367. Patton takes his time to wreck Virgil; using a sounding rod and a fleshlight on his cock and fucking him at the same time. And Virgil is very, very vocal about how good Patton is treating him and how good it feels.

#368. Patton has an obsession over tornadoes and is somehow attracted to them, so, it's not surprising when he gets a hard on watching the news about a tornado in the area. His boyfriend, Logan, notices and offers to help with the news still running in the background.

#369. Roman has been fucked by the tentacle monster in his realm a good few times already before he got with his boyfriend(s). But he owns up to it, rather than telling them he decides to show them – letting them watch as he's fucked by the monster.

#370. Patton notices Virgil getting extra fidgety and squirmy during filming, so, discreetly gets them away to ask what's wrong. Virgil hesitantly admits that he accidentally got aroused during filming, by Patton no less, and Patton suggests he helps out after all he caused it.

Chapter Text

#371. Deceit turns out to be such a submissive in bed and when the other four realise this during their first time with him they're so gentle and soft with him, cooing and praising him so much as they pleasure him and focus solely on him.

#372. Virgil met up with a guy in a bar that one time and proceeded to have a one-night stand with him, not thinking much about seeing him again or pursuing anything more. Only when his dad, Patton, brings home a few of his work friends the same man is there. He introduces himself as Roman, his dad's co-worker, and turns out to be a good few years older than Virgil. Cue Virgil's panic and obvious attraction to Roman.

#373. Virgil has been having an off day and Patton definitely notices and worries. So, he drags Logan into giving Virgil a blow job while he praises their sweet boy, reminding him how good he is as he kisses him soft and then filthy. Virgil ends up coming into Logan's mouth and, hesitantly, asks Patton to kiss him and share his come.

#374. Deceit has quite sharp teeth, so, he likes to bite the others and get a variety of reactions from them – more often than not obscene moans and begs for more. But when Roman turns the tables and bites Deceit he turns into a needy mess, begging for Roman to fuck him.

#375. Roman is trans and, despite his best attempts, fears that his boyfriend, Logan, will leave him because he's 'not a real man'. Logan hates that Roman thinks this, so, reassures him with kisses and stern words. Then he makes sure Roman knows he's appreciated.

#376. Logan is known to get a bit much, full of himself and looking own his nose at the others. Deceit just tuts and tells him that this is no way to behave and, well, if he needs to punish him further then so be it. When Logan clearly doesn’t get the message, he ends up spread nude and tied up on Deceit’s bed, wax burning and cooling on his skin.

#377. Roman is a lightweight, so is easily tipsy bordering on drunk, but Virgil knows where to cut him off now. But that doesn’t stop Roman’s hands wandering and pleading for Virgil to touch him as Virgil tries to get him home safely.

#378. Any other day Roman would love how vocal and loud Logan is in bed but with the others close and their chances of getting caught high he tries telling Logan to be quiet. When that fails he gags him, letting him whine and beg all muffled.

#379. Patton and Virgil love taking their time to dress up their boyfriends, Roman and Logan, in the finest, prettiest clothes, and makeup, and jewellery. Only seconds later to wreck them, tearing their clothes off and smearing their makeup as they fuck them in nothing more than their pretty jewellery.

#380. Roman gets given a ‘gift’ from the Dragon Witch; a small, purple crystal ball that will supposedly show him his wildest dreams. Sometimes it’s innocent, sometimes it’s deep, but one time it shows Logan, naked and spread out, pleasuring himself and moaning Roman’s name. And Roman has to stop himself from doing something stupid like ruining their friendship. Roman snaps when he hears his name being moaned from down the hall by the very real Logan, spread out just how he was in Roman’s wildest dream.

Chapter Text

#381. The sides try their hand at a more serious and somewhat dangerous roleplay; Deceit and Virgil pretending to be robbers/burglars/etc. and threatening the other three with, fake but realistic, guns. Patton, Roman, and Logan end up tied up and maybe the guns get put somewhere inappropriate.

#382. Roman has to leave for a few days but that doesn't stop Virgil missing him and becoming very needy. But Virgil knows to still keep to his rules and not touch himself without Roman's permission. So, he calls/texts/Skypes Roman and begs and pleads to get off.

#383. Roman dresses up as a cute, innocent (and maybe slightly slutty) bunny for a party and while Deceit admires that Roman does look cute as fuck he also can't help wanting to wreck the pretty boy who definitely plays up into the innocent role.

#384. Sleep gets newly acquainted with Deceit and they’re quickly attracted to each other. It turns out Deceit is such a heavy sleeper that Sleep can do almost anything to him while he sleeps. And he does try things.

#385. After being out in the cold for so long the four sides are pretty numb; Sleep suggests cuddling for warmth and advises that body heat is better than anything else. Then they’re all partially naked and cuddled together.

#386. Roman loves to serve his dominant, Logan, and begs to get him off, claiming his tongue works wonders. Logan lets him though, letting him suck him off for a little while before he fucks his face.

#387. The others have no problem with the way Logan dresses, but they find that they much prefer him naked and tied to the bed with his own tie, begging to be fucked and for the others to use him.

#388. The sides (plus Thomas) spend their day at the poolside, messing around and enjoying themselves. Until the sun starts to set and a few of them (well, Deceit and Sleep) get a little frisky, they coax the others not to go inside but rather join them in the water for a last little bit of fun.

#389. Thomas gives Roman a crown as a gift to make him feel that little bit better. Then he fucks Roman in nothing but his new crown, loving how wrecked the prince looks. He makes sure to call Roman “my prince.”

#390. As much as Patton loves his boys they can be bratty sometimes – from unnecessary arguments (Roman and Logan) to talking shit about themselves and others (Virgil) – so, he needs to punish them. He calls on Thomas to come and help him, after all he can’t punish his three boys all at once on his own.

Chapter Text

#391. Virgil is an alien who is very afraid of the human race (and for good reasons). So, when he comes face to face with Logan – your average everyday human – he's more than a little frightened but Logan is nothing but kind even if he is a little too curious about Virgil. One night Logan's curiosity gets the better of him and he ends up pleasuring the alien into coming multiple times.

#392. Virgil gets a little more comfortable around their host, Thomas, so he sometimes wears more comfortable clothes, hair all messy, and little to no makeup on. Thomas can't help but stare at the change in his anxious side and realising how good his lips look, all kissable and fuckable. Virgil realises Thomas is staring and defensively asks why, Thomas answers and Virgil ends up giving his most enthusiastic blow job ever.

#393. Patton is soft in all of the senses of the word but mainly emotionally, so, Virgil finds it thrilling to press his pocket knife to Patton's skin and watch him squirm and eventually cry even as he gets hard. Patton begs and pleads to be fucked with the knife still pressed against him, Virgil obliges though.

#394. Sleep is overcome with the need to be stepped on especially seeing Roman in his pretty red heels and Virgil in his heeled boots. So, he begs and whines for them to step on him and he gets his way in the end.

#395. Roman is no stranger to shape-shifting, so, when he pries Logan's kinks out of him he's ecstatic. He happily shifts himself to have tentacles and thoroughly fucks Logan all night until he can take no more.

#396. Both Virgil and Deceit have a kink for knife play. This turns into them both holding a knife to the other's skin as they fuck rough and hard. They end up with more than a few cuts.

#397. Roman and Virgil aren't friends and they definitely aren't lovers. They're just two dudes who occasionally get it on with each other. That is until they develop feelings for each other and Roman slips up during one of their fucking sessions and calls Virgil "my delicate little flower."

#398. Roman is a Prince who obviously has a lot of his paintings of himself scattered about the castle. Logan, a visitor from another kingdom, can't help but admire them a little but the Prince is far prettier in real life. Roman takes his time seducing the visitor and then fucks him in the dining room where his paintings hang on the walls.

#399. Virgil's rarely without his hoodie but when he and his boyfriend, Logan, are invited to a special event he ditches his hoodie for a nice suit. And Logan cannot keep his eyes off Virgil the whole night even after they leave the event.

#400. At a sleepover with his best friend, Logan, Roman ends up having a wet dream. Not only that but he wakes up rutting his hard cock against a still sleeping Logan.

Chapter Text

#401. Logan has a really large penis and is afraid to hurt Roman if he tops. So, he offers then begs for Roman to top him. Roman has no problem with that but makes Logan promise to fuck him at a later date.

#402. Virgil is not one for being outside in the sun and definitely not at the beach but somehow finds himself there regardless. And he can't really refuse when his boyfriend, Logan, drags him into the sea and gets a little frisky with him.

#403. Logan really (really) wants to be fucked by Virgil and Roman at the same time, only he isn't too sure of how to approach it. They both corner him and make him admitted, blushing and stuttering madly in the process, but they're more than eager to oblige.

#404. Patton sneaks into the bathroom when Logan is taking a shower only to catch Logan getting himself off. Instead of chastising his boyfriend Patton instead helps him out by fucking him hard against the tiles.

#405. Virgil is a ghost who died years ago in the same house that Patton, an average human, now currently lives in. Virgil hesitantly reaches out to him, quickly making friends with the happy, quirky man and then some. Patton wonders about how the logistics of the physical aspects of their relationship would work. Turns out ghosts are very capable of fucking humans and Virgil does a damn good job of it too.

#406. Logan is a demon purposefully summoned by Virgil to help him (e.g. to stop his bullying, to give him comfort, etc.) Logan is hesitant but agrees. Virgil has nothing of significance to offer aside from himself, so, lets Logan take his virginity. Logan denies and does the deed anyway; he and Virgil get closer though and Logan does end up taking the human's virginity.

#407. Logan is a straight-laced cop and Roman an eccentric, devious criminal. They are enemies through and through. Well aside from that one time they were slightly tipsy and fell into bed together. And it happened more than once and obviously feeling unfortunately develop. At some point they're going to have to quit their day jobs if they want to be together.

#408. Virgil is an angel and Patton is a demon, they are so different but instantly drawn to each other which causes a chain reaction of hidden affairs and secret kisses.

#409. Virgil is a timid Prince expected to follow in his father's footsteps, but he'd much rather run away from this kingdom with a certain Warlock, Roman, who's taken a keen interest in him lately. Virgil eventually gets the Warlock into his room and has his way with him. Only after he realises that he wants to rule his kingdom with Roman by his side.

#410. Roman is a demon who makes humans sign their souls away. Only when it comes to this certain human – a bubbly fellow named Patton – he cannot do so, no matter how hard he wills himself to. Turns out Patton already sold his soul many, many years ago for immortality, hoping he would find his lover in another form. And he has. The form just happens to be Roman himself. Cue them both pulling all the tricks they've learnt over the years to make the other succumb to them.

Chapter Text

#411. Virgil is very much a bad boy – leather jacket, motorcycle, smoking and all. And Roman is absolutely weak for him. So, when Virgil approaches him asking if he wants to casually fuck Roman hastily agrees. Only he falls in love quick with Virgil.

#412. Both Roman and Virgil have fangs and often bare them almost as a challenge or just to tease. This quite often leads to them becoming aroused and falling into bed together, biting and nipping at each other as they fuck.

#413. Patton really wants to be fucked and filled up as much as he can, but he wants no one but his boyfriend, Logan, to do so. Logan gladly fucks Patton with his own cock and a dildo too.

#414. Roman has been exceptionally bratty, so, Virgil forces him to strip naked for him. He doesn't touch him or tease him but rather completely ignores him until Roman is whining apologises and begging for Virgil to do something.

#415. Virgil has a daddy kink and loves to call Patton daddy in bed, Patton doesn't mind and has grown to love it. Only Virgil tends to let it slip at inappropriate times (e.g. around others, during nonsexual moments, etc.) making Patton confused and aroused.

#416. Logan finds himself enjoying losing control of his emotions in bed while his boyfriend, Roman, enjoys losing control more physically. This ends in Roman bound and gagged while Logan sobs still riding him.

#417. Virgil doesn't touch himself. He finds it dirty and embarrassing, so, instead he grinds against things to get off: pillows, his mattress, stuffies, etc. He's still left red in the face and embarrassed but pleasured nevertheless.

#418. Patton blushes madly when he's embarrassed but it's even worse when he's turned on. Roman loves it though and gets off on making Patton flush bright red. And he especially loves marking the bright, red skin with his come.

#419. Patton is your average, unassuming father to his two lovely boys – Roman and Virgil. Only he has not so innocent thoughts about his sons' Chemistry teacher – Logan – and, well, he'd love to bring the smart, well put together man down a few pegs and completely wreck him.

#420. Roman is a modern-day Prince with more than a few dirty secrets. One is that he loves to wear feminine clothing and, more specifically, corsets. He loves the shape of his body in them and he loves when they're just a fraction too tight and they make it harder to breathe. His servant, Virgil, often indulges him in this, tightening the corset for him until he comes almost untouched.

Chapter Text

#421. Virgil and Patton end up sleeping beside each other after a movie marathon, trying to cheer themselves up and keep each other company while their boyfriends (Logan and Roman) are away. Only Patton ends up hard and missing Roman, so, as quiet as he can he gets himself off trying not to wake Virgil sleeping next to him.

#422. Virgil takes Logan out on a fancy, romantic, candle lit dinner date with ulterior motives. He makes Logan wear a plug throughout – telling him he wants to fuck him as soon as they get home – but Virgil holds the remote to the plug which actually vibrates. He definitely turns it on during their date and also teases his cock with his feet underneath the table making Logan come in his pants then and there.

#423. Patton likes to baby the other three a bit too much and, soon enough, he becomes their 'daddy' (and they become his littles). His boys love being taken care of and gotten off regularly – if they're not bratty that is – and he in turn gets pleasured by his boys.

#424. Virgil is a Prince and soon to be King – and he's very much in love with Prince Logan from the other kingdom. Unfortunately, Virgil is betrothed to Logan's sister. So, his illicit affairs with Logan is very secret and very hidden away.

#425. Patton isn't your usual jock. Sure, he's athletic and fit and hot (and a little cocky sometimes) but he has a heart of gold. And he's the biggest submissive Virgil, one of the high school's nerds, has ever met and fucked – well, the first person he's ever fucked.

#426. Prince Roman is the prince to end all princes; thoroughly regal, thinks highly of himself but also of his kingdom. And always dressed so finely. Patton loves bringing the Prince to his knees and wreck him until he's disheveled and pleading for Patton to stop.

#427. Patton is all cute and innocent in front of the others and they assume Patton is a huge submissive. This definitely isn't the case when they (horrifically) overhear Logan getting thoroughly fucked by him and calling him 'daddy'. They're all a bit red faced afterwards.

#428. Cop Roman is always on the tail of a notorious anonymous criminal who leaves witty, sarcastic remarks at the crime scene, but the criminal is always one step ahead of him. He accidentally finds out who the criminal is when he wanders into the wrong room of his new boyfriend's house – Virgil, who is definitely a good fuck.

#429. Virgil is a mermaid, it's part of what attracted Roman to him, but this means he comes with some animal instincts. And some that Roman doesn't mind. Like his possessiveness and dominance in bed, often leaving Roman wrecked and exhausted.

#430. Roman buys Patton a vintage polaroid camera for Patton to photograph moments that make him happy (and cute dogs that he sees). Patton shyly asks Roman if he can photograph them having sex; he wants to capture Roman's many positions and especially his orgasm face.

Chapter Text

#431. Deceit is surprisingly strong and quite toned under that cape and costume. And Logan is absolutely weak for it; he wants Deceit to pick him up, and pin him down, and thoroughly dominate him with his strength.

#432. Virgil, Roman, Logan, Patton, and Deceit are all in a band. And with being in a band comes the rumours and the fans (casual and excessive) but they especially love time they get to be together and get it on – at practice, in dressing rooms, backstage, etc.

#433. Patton finds himself accidentally working as a prostitute (maybe he came to help the other prostitutes out or something) but his first customer, Logan, is so handsome that he considers keeping the position just to sleep with the man again.

#434. Roman is an up and coming opera singer in Paris who has attracted the attention of Logan, a quiet, somewhat creepy audience member. And Roman is inclined to sleep with this man despite still having a boyfriend (who does not like Logan for obvious reasons).

#435. Roman loves to be tied up and at his boyfriend's mercy. So, he's so excited when Logan straps him into a straitjacket – and nothing else. He whines and pleads for Logan to fuck him hard, and Logan threatens to gag him if he keeps it up, it just makes his moaning worse.

#436. Roman loves indulging Patton's childishness and playing dress up with him (and he loves it himself) but Patton seems more than a little stunned when Roman puts on a crown. He then proceeds to wreck Roman in nothing but that crown.

#437. Patton shyly admits that he wants Logan to eat him out. Logan eagerly agrees and orders Patton to sit on his face and ride his tongue as he sloppily eats him out until he's wrecked.

#438. During Virgil and Roman's first time Virgil cannot stop praising Roman and whispering words of love and encouragement. This, surprisingly, makes Roman cry (good tears of course) and Virgil freaks out a little but Roman is clinging to him and begging him to keep going.

#439. Sleep is wicked in bed. Very mean and cruel but Thomas loves it. Sleep ties him up and pleasures him in all ways possible only to stop the last minute and deny him of his orgasm again and again and again.

#440. Roman likes to make the atmosphere pretty before he fucks Virgil rough and overwhelming. So, he sets up some fairy lights and pretty leaves about, leading Virgil softly and slowly to the bed as he undresses him before absolutely wrecking him.

Chapter Text

#441. Master Virgil is very strict with his rules no matter how much he loves his pets (and boyfriends). So, when he catches Puppy Roman and Kitten Logan fooling around when they definitely shouldn't be Virgil quickly pulls them apart and punishes them.

#442. Logan is that dominant who can reduce his submissive, Virgil, to a whining, pleading mess with his words alone. And the lightest of touches to his most sensitive parts have Virgil shaking and coming so quickly.

#443. Deceit locks the bathroom shut (and keeps the key) first thing, then proceeds to make the others drink and drink and drink until one after the other they all lose control and wet themselves.

#444. Roman is shameless. He can and will walk around naked when it's hot or he has no clean clothes (which is unlikely) or whenever he feels like it. The others always stare and inevitably get hard but Roman can only waltz around nude so many times before they all gang up on him and fuck him right then and there.

#445. Roman is a virgin and his boyfriend, Virgil, definitely is not. Virgil is very experienced and is dead set on making Roman's first time the best as possible and give him so much pleasure no matter how much Roman protests.

#446. Patton is definitely not as innocent as the others think he is and ends up purposefully winding the others up. So much that they all snap, pin him down, and fuck him on the living room floor.

#447. Both Roman and Patton are inexperienced in the bedroom – in fact, they're both complete virgins. But they want to have sex, to experience each other more intimately. It doesn't go as smoothly as anticipated but rather full of giggles and many different positions and techniques used.

#448. Logan wants to worship Virgil's body during sex, but Virgil is still a little insecure. So, Logan submits to him, offers Virgil to fuck him, to show his own vulnerabilities to make Virgil more at ease. It works and is full of soft kisses, wandering hands, and holding each other close as they make love.

#449. Patton's had a frustrating day and one last thing pushes him over the edge and he accidentally swears really loudly and angrily. The others overhear him; at first, they're more than a little surprised but then all really turned on by it and by how vicious Patton sounded.

#450. Virgil's been super bratty all week and needs to be punished (he knows this). So, Logan brings him into his room and ties his hands together so he can't touch himself. Surprisingly, Logan proceeds to fuck Patton rough and hard but lovingly in front of Virgil, letting him enjoy the show but now letting him get himself off.

Chapter Text

#451. Patton is chubby; he doesn't mind but tends to stick to full length, quite baggy clothes, thinking he doesn't suit skirts and crop tops. Logan proves him wrong by getting him a gift of a short, sexy skirt and crop top then completely wrecking him in it.

#452. Roman is needy and impatient. His boyfriend, Logan, is busy working and not giving Roman the attention he wants. So, Roman bugs him and bugs him until he snaps and fucks him hard over his desk.

#543. Virgil likes innocently cuddling with Patton but accidentally gets hard in Patton's lap. Patton isn't fazed and tells Virgil he can get off grinding against his thigh and Virgil does just that.

#454. Virgil and Patton are usually such shy submissives but because their dominant's/daddies have been so good to them recently (e.g. giving them lots of rewards, letting them come, not punishing them). They put on a show for Deceit, Roman, and Logan; getting them all worked up and teasing them until they're all fucking.

#455. Roman is such a bratty, annoying submissive – in the best ways possible most of the time. Only one day he manages to wind Virgil up so much that he angrily/frustratingly fucks Roman against a wall. And Roman isn't complaining but begging for Virgil to be rougher with him.

#456. Deceit strips Logan down and keeps a hold of his tie. He utters: "Let's put that pretty tie to good use." Before tying Logan down and wrecking him, enjoying how Logan can do nothing but take the fucking.

#457. Virgil accidentally gets hard and needy sitting by Logan while his boyfriend works. He whines and pleads to have Logan get him off. Logan just rolls his eyes, eases him into his lap, and tells him: "The only way you're getting off is on my thigh."

#458. Deceit dominates and thoroughly wrecks Patton, overstimulating him and giving him multiple orgasms until Patton is speechless and drooling. Deceit is condescending and asks, "Aw, my baby's drooling. Am I fucking you that good?"

#459. Roman and Patton are known to get it on in weird and public places, so, when Virgil catches Roman eating Patton out on the couch he's not surprised but rather he wants to join in.

#460. Logan is feeling agitated and constantly aroused, so, he goes to one of the others for help who then summons all of the sides, Thomas, and Sleep to thoroughly wreck Logan until he's unable to do anything.

Chapter Text

#461. Patton does so much for his boys – Logan, Roman, and Virgil. So, his boys put on a show just for him to show him how much they love and appreciate him. Patton finds it really sweet but also hot as hell.

#462. Virgil is away from his boyfriends momentarily (e.g. on a business trip, visiting family, etc.) but his boyfriends don't leave him feeling left out. Texting and calling him all day. And then Roman sends him an explicit video of Patton fucking Logan rough and hard in their bed. It makes Virgil want to be home more, but he enjoys the video regardless.

#463. Logan is more intrigued in Deceit's scales than he's like to admit. So, one day he softly strokes the scales on the side of Deceit's face. What he expects is for them to feel so smooth. What he doesn't expect is for Deceit to moan because his scales are sensitive. Logan helps Deceit out, after all he caused his arousal.

#464. Roman is a virgin who attempts to be dominant and take the lead in the bedroom with Virgil, he wants to seem like his usual cocky, experienced self but he just isn't. He fumbles and fails miserably but Virgil helps him out.

#465. Sometimes Deceit needs to be tied up, blindfolded, gagged, and wear noise cancelling headphones, so he can block things out and focus solely on touch. And Sleep is more than willing to give it to him, to run his hands all over his squirming body and help his pleasure build.

#466. Sleep likes to keep Thomas on edge a lot, if not with his irregular sleeping pattern then with his orgasms. Keeping his host teetering on the brink of orgasm is almost intoxicating to Sleep, seeing Thomas all flushed and begging to come is a sight.

#467. Deceit is stubborn, and Sleep knows this. So, when Deceit is half asleep in their bed with Sleep rutting his hard cock against him and touching himself he simply ignores him. Only Sleep doubles his efforts until he's fucking a sleepy Deceit into the mattress.

#468. Prince Roman is all talk and no action; he proves this by making a snide comment (probably about how hard he'll fuck one of his boyfriends or how easy it would be to reduce them into a quivering mess (as true as the latter may be)). Logan scoffs and is quick to remind Roman exactly who is in charge.

#469. Deceit gets worried and scared over hearing Roman and Virgil argue. After resolving their petty argument, they find out Deceit overheard and feel awful about it, so, they offer to make it up to him, focusing on him and only him in bed.

#470. Roman, surprisingly, gets turned on by thunderstorms (maybe it's the loud, suddenness or the overwhelming, all engulfing power it has). It abruptly starts thunder storming in the middle of one of their family meetings; Roman gets hard and is quick to escape only to be pursued by Logan who confronts him and then helps him out.

Chapter Text

#471. Roman is absolutely tiny – both short and slim – which makes Virgil – who is tall and built – nervous about fucking him for the first time, he doesn't want to hurt him. So, he's overly careful about the whole thing, treating Roman so delicately during their foreplay. But as soon as they're naked Roman pounces on him and rides his dick hard and fast.

#472. Deceit pretends to be all tough and dominant. Except he's not. One of the others finds this out when they order him to do something trivial, Deceit blushes and whines a little at their tone and then he's pretty much their submissive for the night.

#473. Logan insists on showering on a morning and one day Patton joins him to save time (e.g. they need to get up to make breakfast/do work/etc.) Things end up getting hot and heavy, letting their hands wander until they're full on fucking in the shower. They waste a lot of time and water.

#474. Everyone assumes Deceit is a dominant when in reality he's a complete virgin who has no idea what he's doing, so, he's simply playing up to the façade they've assumed for him. Logan gets him into bed first and enjoys seeing Deceit's mild panic and his fumbling, he simply lies back and lets Deceit awkwardly dominate him. And again, and again because he can't get enough of Deceit's adorable, messy dominance.

#475. They others always know when Logan and Roman are fucking because they're especially loud and, so, this makes the other sides aroused too. Depends on how they're feeling they either get off by themselves, fuck together to the sounds of their fellow sides fucking, or interrupt the two noisy sides and join them.

#476. Roman can transform himself to have tentacles and he enjoys using these in many different ways. Aside from the usual shenanigans he loves getting himself off with his tentacles – having a tentacle in his ass and one around his cock is heaven – but he also loves pleasuring the others with them, the more of them at once the better.

#477. Logan is more than a bit oblivious, he doesn't see how the others look at him and gawk at him when he unintentionally teases them. One by one they pull him aside, tell him off for teasing them, and fuck him in their own special way. Logan is confused but doesn't complain and is thoroughly fucked out by the end of the day.

#478. Virgil has wings but they're super sensitive – the slightest of touches can make him hard and full on strokes will make him moan. He can't exactly hide them away, but the others keep accidentally brushing up against them making Virgil aroused and needy.

#479. Patton is a mermaid who is very intrigued by humans. Namely by Logan, a human who has also taken an interest in him. Patton is curious about Logan's body and how it differs from his own and, well, he ends up sucking Logan off.

#480. Virgil's a bit of an insomniac and so affects Thomas' sleep too. So, the sides, Sleep, and Picani take it into their hands to completely wreck both of them until they're physically unable to keep their eyes open.

Chapter Text

#481. Roman goes out one day and gets piercings all the way up one of his ears because he thinks it looks cool and edgy. He comes home to his boyfriend, Logan, only for him to be fascinated with Roman's new piercings and more than a little turned on by how good they look on Roman.

#482. Roman switches his usual attire for crop tops, shorts, skirts, etc. because it's too hot during summer. Virgil gets very distracted by the amount of skin Roman has on show and how good he looks in those outfits.

#483. Patton is tied to the bed, ready to be wrecked by Roman. Only Roman accidentally brushes his sensitive spots and has him giggling from the ticklish sensations, Roman doesn't stop and Patton continues to shriek and laugh. Roman quickly realises that Patton is hard, hips jutting and begging for release just from this action alone.

#484. Roman and Virgil have a night out at a club and it's all fun until some guy starts feeling Virgil up and groping him, and Virgil is clearly screaming at Roman with his eyes to come save him. So, Roman comes to his rescue, pretending to be his boyfriend and kissing him to drag him away from the guy. Virgil is really thankful but now he knows how nice it is to kiss Roman he wants to do it again and more about Roman's body.

#485. Thomas and Virgil are tied up together in the living room, ready and waiting to be used and wrecked by the others however they want to. They others come and go, sometimes touching them and using them to get off, sometimes not. And sometimes they come back for seconds.

#486. Deceit, very purposefully, wears a low-neck crop top and short shorts on a sunny day, claiming he likes to feel the sun on his skin as he sunbathes. Roman can only stare and get hard in his pants.

#487. Virgil is really shy about sex, often letting someone take control and dominate him. But really, he wants to top but is just too shy. So, he tries it rutting up against and fucking a pillow like he would a person, eventually growling and whispering dirty talk as he fucks against the pillow hard and fast.

#488. Virgil is super inexperienced, and Patton helps him get off for the first time, when he realises Virgil's never really done this before he makes sure to whisper extra praise and make Virgil feel really good.

#489. Virgil and Logan are soulmates, having found each other by writing hints on their skin which transferred to the others' skin. Virgil is needy at home one day when Logan is at work, so, he starts to write dirty and explicit things onto his skin just so Logan can see. Logan flushes and puts his jacket on, even though he's already hot, and he might be planning what to do when he gets home.

#490. Roman is a huge exhibitionist. He loves nothing more than walking around his realm, into busy streets and crowds with his cock hard in his pants. Not so subtly rubbing himself through his pants especially when people stare and watch.

Chapter Text

#491. Virgil has a secret blog on Tumblr. A one where he posts pictures and videos of himself, nude, getting off, showing off, etc. Patton accidentally stumbles upon it and figures out it's Virgil, he keeps it to himself and uses it to get off.

#492. Logan is more nervous than he'd like to admit when it come to being intimate with Patton, not for the fact it Patton but rather understanding all these feelings which accompany it. Patton is as sweet as ever and urges Logan to relax and let go as he gives him a good, nice fucking.

#493. Deceit is a complete virgin who has barely even touched himself and has little to no knowledge of sex, so, when the others start talking about sex/kinks/etc. he just nods his head and pretends like he knows what they're talking about. He then spends the rest of the say finding out what he likes and he discovers that his scales are super sensitive when he's in the mood.

#494. During a slightly tipsy game of truth and dare Deceit admits that he sometimes sunbathes naked similar to how actual snakes do. He's not that embarrassed about it and Roman actually finds it pretty hot, he ends up masturbating to the image later on.

#495. Logan has excellent control in bed, almost seemingly cold and uncaring as he wrecks Roman into a sweaty, quivering mess. In the end Roman's voice is gone, his wrists are red from his binds, and Logan's façade breaks and he showers Roman with sweet aftercare.

#496. Logan gets really needy and horny, so, he fucks himself open with one dildo before stretching himself more and fucking himself with two dildos. He can't keep his sounds in nor stop his mind from wandering, imagining just who he wants to fuck him at the same time.

#497. Logan wanders into Roman's realm to find him and ask him something important. Instead he walks in to see Roman in the middle of a huge orgy, Logan stops short of interrupting and instead watching from the window/doorway/etc. and he can't help getting himself off to the sight of Roman being fucked and wrecked.

#498. Teenage Roman discovers porn for the first time and realises he's getting hard and aroused. He then finds out how to pleasure himself for the first time.

#499. Patton doesn't touch himself because he's been taught that it's "bad" and "immoral." He learns that the others have though and is curious to try it out himself, so, he gets some sex toys and absolutely wrecks himself the first time he masturbates.

#500. Virgil takes a day out to relax and ends up touching himself a good bit. Sometimes he gets distracted or almost caught, so, he accidentally ends up edging himself all day. He ends up really enjoying it and denying himself his orgasm for longer and longer.

Chapter Text

#501. Patton likes dressing himself up in the cutest things; a cute skirt, panties, and thigh highs. He turns himself on and ends up fucking himself in his clothes, just pulling his panties aside and fucking himself with a vibrator.

#502. Sleep loves coffee shops, the smell and the large crowds of people. He especially loves getting off in them; his hand in his pants under the table or his fingers in his ass in the bathroom while he listens to people talk and barista making coffee.

#503. Roman is a teenager who stumbles on a few aesthetic pictures on Tumblr, some nudes, some in sexual positions, etc. And Roman, being the hormonal teenager that he is, gets aroused and gets himself off really quickly.

#504. Virgil has been needy to get off all day, so, when he makes it to his room that night he's immediately naked, spread out on his bed with his favourite vibrator in his ass. He comes, quick and noisy, but doesn't shut the vibrator off, instead letting it overstimulate him.

#505. Logan takes Sleep on a coffee shop date, a perfect plan set up to get revenge for Sleep's constant teasing and touching over the week. He lets Sleep get comfortable with his coffee before he teases his cock under the table until he inevitably comes in his pants.

#506. Roman has a mirror on his wardrobe which is opposite his bed, so, he enjoys sitting on the edge of his bed and getting himself off. Watching his own fingers fuck into his hole and his hand fist his cock, plus he loves seeing his own blissed out expressions.

#507. Patton knows Roman is slightly narcissistic. So, he sits Roman in his lap in front of a mirror, touching him and fucking him, praising him until he's whining and flushing. Patton orders him to watch himself getting absolutely wrecked.

#508. Logan isn't bothered about getting off – he doesn't see what all the fuss is about jerking off. Only he decides to investigate; spending the day watching porn (and informative videos) and using all sorts of sex toys. By the end of it he's not opposed to getting off again (even if his wrist is sore).

#509. The others think something might be up with Patton, he's super agitated and doesn't stop moving and dancing about. They assume he's just a bit more excitable and energetic than normal but really Patton has a vibrator shoved in his ass from morning until evening.

#510. Virgil has a box under his bed, discreetly tucked away with his sex toys and accessories. Because he has such an array of toys he's really flexible and able to take a lot in bed, surprising the other(s) when they get him into bed.

Chapter Text

#511. Patton has an urge to pee, but he wants to get off first. So, he tries to get himself off quickly but realises it feels really good to touch himself with a full bladder.

#512. Logan does yoga because it keeps him healthy and helps him de-stress. This has made him really flexible. Flexible enough to suck his own cock. And he does.

#513. Deceit is bad and tells Thomas to lie, for whatever reason, and the others don't take kindly to it. So, the punish him; tying him up and dripping hot wax all over his body. He's hard in mere moments but they don't care about that.

#514. Roman sneaks away with Virgil's hoodie, hiding and getting off to the smell of the other. He subconsciously enters his fantasy realm where a very fake but realistic Virgil is waiting for him, he pleasures Roman thoroughly. Only when the real Virgil comes to find his hoodie he finds Roman looking less than presentable and decides to wreck him again for real this time.

#515. Logan finds himself accidentally hard in his unicorn onesie and instead of unzipping it to get himself off he ruts against a pillow, coming inside of his once clean onesie.

#516. Virgil can manipulate shadows any way he wishes, and they can touch him in ways that feel foreign but oddly good. So, he manipulates the shadows to fuck him while he jerks himself off.

#517. Logan has been working on a fucking machine for quite a while now and now that he's completed it he's incredibly horny and wants nothing more than to use the machine on himself at a brutal pace and explore all it can do to him.

#518. Roman loves to shape shift both for fun, creative purposes and for kinkier reasons. He can make himself have tentacles, tails, etc. and then he absolutely wrecks himself.

#519. Logan loves using sex toys on himself, especially knotted dildos. He gets so shaky and loud because his orgasms are just so good and overwhelming.

#520. Virgil is transgender and isn't shy to get himself off. One day he's really horny and gets himself off with a powerful vibrator and finds out he can squirt.

Chapter Text

#521. Sleep's favourite way to get off is lazy; in nothing but his jacket and sunglasses, propped up with pillows, sipping Starbucks and stroking himself, slow and easy.

#522. Patton likes to keep sex, and masturbation for that matter, pretty vanilla and he doesn't mind that. Only he stumbles upon some rather kinky porn and is embarrassed by the fact it really turns him on.

#523. Logan fucks himself with a vibrator until he's coming hard; hands shaking and he's so weak afterward that he can barely turn the toy off. So, he doesn't, he lets himself get overstimulated by the vibrator.

#524. Logan sneaks Patton's old cardigan to wear it while he gets himself off. Only he gets half way through his session when he realises just how bad he needs to pee. Cue him trying to make himself come quickly so he can rush to the bathroom afterwards, it doesn't work out; he pisses but then has one of the best orgasms he's ever had. Logan doesn't feel too guilty about the mess until Patton finds out.

#525. Virgil is a super shy virgin, intimidated and embarrassed about anything sexual, but he gets horny. Sure, he knows he can go to his boyfriend(s) but he ends up trying to get himself off by humping the closest thing he can get his hands on (e.g. pillow/stuffies/blanket/etc.)

#526. Roman doesn't like to get himself off in the old-fashioned way – using his own two hands and maybe some porn – so, he goes into his imagination realm. Conjuring up all sorts of scenarios involving strip clubs to anonymous strangers wanting a piece of him. All the while he's got a vibrating butt plug up his ass.

#527. Patton is super needy to get off, but he can't seem to get himself off with his own hands, fingering himself and jerking himself off until his wrists hurt. So, he puts a vibrator in his ass and humps a pillow frantically until he comes.

#528. Virgil and Logan love pleasing their daddies – Roman and Patton – so, they fuck themselves and in turn each other on a double ended dildo. Roman and Patton watching them and clearly getting off to the sight, along with praising their good boys.

#529. Virgil is determined to get Logan to lose control and finally come untouched. He tries everything: fucking him with dildos, keeping vibrators inside of him, pulling out all of Logan's kinks. He doesn't expect a sweet, vanilla love making to get Logan so overwhelmed that he comes untouched.

#530. Logan and Virgil share a double ended dildo to get off – in front of their dominants no less – and, due to the angle, Logan gets really stimulated and comes multiples times but they're not allowed to stop until Virgil comes (with exceptions for safe wording). This leaves Logan overstimulated and Virgil impatient to come.

Chapter Text

#531. Logan, a straight A student, ends up tutoring Patton, a good student who just sucks at this particular subject, and inevitably they get distracted from learning and fucking right then and there.

#532. Roman is a Prince and regularly sneaks Logan, the royal scholar, into his chambers to have his way with him. Logan certainly doesn't mind, and he's not bothered about it being very secretive but Roman is dramatic about it.

#533. Deceit begs to be tied up and just left in the common room for everyone to see and use. He ends up thoroughly fucked, wrecked, and covered in come.

#534. Roman and Sleep are fond of role playing. Their favourite though is going out to clubs and bars, pretending they're complete strangers and hooking up with bathrooms, back alleys, and taking the other back home for a one-night stand.

#535. Roman is needy and aroused, begging Virgil to get him off. Virgil relents, giving Roman the laziest hand job ever while he scrolls on his phone and pays little attention to Romans whines and moans.

#536. Patton is a really needy puppy and is easily aroused, Logan doesn't mind it, but he can't stop what he's doing every time to get him off. So, while he's doing his work/reading a book he gets Patton off with his foot, slow and casual despite how whiny Patton gets.

#537. Logan forgets to take regular bathroom breaks, so, he ends up accidentally holding and ends up having a few close calls. Patton finds out one day when Logan holds that little too long and ends up wetting himself, Patton is caught between chastising him and absolutely wrecking him.

#538. Virgil and Patton have a holding competition throughout the day and for the most part forget their urge to pee. Except Virgil can't hold it any longer and wets himself while sitting in Patton's lap urging Patton to let go too. Then they're grinding against each other hot and hard, so close to coming already.

#539. For Logan's birthday Roman jumps out of a cake, naked and everything. Logan rolls his eyes at how extra his boyfriend is but doesn't hesitate to lick the icing off of him.

#540. Patton isn't having the best of days and Virgil notices. So, he urges Patton into bed then sucks him off and fucks him so hard that he forgets all of his troubles and his own name.

Chapter Text

#541. Deceit purchases a dildo that's supposed to be shaped like a snake dick and is surprised at how accurate it is. He then proceeds to fuck himself on it, realising that this is what the others feel when he fucks them.

#542. Virgil tries using a dildo for the first time, it takes him a while to emotionally and physically bring himself to do it and while he's still super embarrassed about it all he's shocked at how good it feels.

#543. Logan has never touched himself, he never saw the appeal and has always focused more on his work and basic needs than pleasuring himself. But when he hears his roommate, Patton, getting himself off he can't help getting aroused too and, like the shy, inexperienced virgin he is, doesn't know how to handle this new feeling but finally touches himself.

#544. Virgil tries hard not to think about anyone in particular when he masturbates. But when the image of Patton completely dominating him slips into his mind during his jerk off session he finds himself coming quick and hard.

#545. Virgil is a boss of a huge company who tends to shy away from the spotlight, both with the public and his workers. Logan is the newest recruit who accidentally catches Virgil's eye. One thing leads to another and Logan finds himself spending more than one lunch break bent over his own desk getting thoroughly fucked by the boss.

#546. Sleep gets bored so wanders to a bar with a vibrator inside of him, giving the control to a stranger and letting them control the strength of the vibrations. He leaves and waits and soon enough the vibrations are high and he's on the edge of coming in his pants.

#547. Roman is a King, a very important and prestigious one at that, and gives a speech to his court. But Logan is there, all naked and needy, begging Roman to get him off and Roman lets him hump his leg until he comes.

#548. Virgil is showering after gym class and someone catches him and are stunned at how pretty Virgil actually is. They jerk off a little to the sight of Virgil and a little at thoughts of fucking him.

#549. Logan gets a new vibrator and is very eager to conduct an experiment to test the limits of himself and his new toy. Cue him giving himself multiple orgasms as he tests the settings of the vibrator.

#550. Roman fucks himself with a dildo on his knees in front of a mirror, gasping at the way he looks – flushed, hard, and needy – and sometimes bumping his cock against the cool mirror until he comes all over his own image.

Chapter Text

#551. Logan pins Roman's hands above his head to stop him touching, to give him no control, as he fucks him hard and ruthless. He absolutely wrecks Roman and leaves finger bruises on his wrists which Roman secretly admires.

#552. Roman is excited to go shopping but forgets to go to the bathroom before he leaves the house. So, he ends up wetting himself because he can't find the bathroom in time and then, to make matter worse, masturbating in a public changing room.

#553. Patton slyly orders a prostate massager and surprises Roman with it. Roman is excited to try out the new toy but is quickly frustrated after the third time he's brought to the edge of orgasm and the pleasure stops.

#554. Logan wants to test himself and his limits, so, drinks several glasses of water before getting himself off in various ways with various toys and methods to see how many times he can make himself come before he pees.

#555. Thomas is a centaur, built up from bow practice and hunting, and nymph Roman is obsessed with him and his physique. He finally gets Thomas how he wants him and ends up being choked until he's on the brink of orgasm.

#556. Roman has a lazy day, so, wanders around in nothing but tight boxers and Virgil's hoodie. And Virgil can't help dragging him aside, pinning him down and fucking him hard and ruthless because he just looks so damn good.

#557. Roman is a Prince who's been kept under lock and key by orders of his father the King, so, he's never shown his face to the public. He sneaks into the town one night and into a tavern only to then have a one-night stand with a strange mysterious man – Virgil.

#558. Patton is Logan's 'Daddy Dom' and he ties Logan up in a strappado, tying him up tight until he can't move and he's so needy. Patton then proceeds to completely wreck him.

#559. Patton makes Deceit hold it all day, innocently pretending like he doesn't realise his squirming and whimpers. He decorates Deceit's hair with pretty yellow flowers before fucking him into the mattress until he finally lets go.

#560. Virgil wants to be filled from both directions, he begs and pleads for it. And, in the end, he gets spit roasted by Logan and Sleep.

Chapter Text

#561. Virgil loves being ordered about by Patton, so, is eager to please his daddy when Patton orders him to get on his knees and suck him off.

#562. Logan has a thing for knives and when he and Roman go to a drive-in horror movie showing the danger and knife play makes Logan aroused. This ends with him in Roman's lap, impaled on his cock and whining; all the while Roman is teasing him about his knife kink.

#563. Deceit and Sleep are fuck buddies and have been for a while, unfortunately they develop feelings for each other, neither wants to lose what they have but they can't avoid their feeling forever.

#564. All five of the sides plus Sleep decide to participate in a 'circle jerk'.

#565. August, September, and October are all dating. August and September decide to gang up on October and spit roast him.

#566. Logan and Patton almost have to constantly keep conjuring up new glasses due to spontaneous rough fuckings causing them to break from their boyfriends' fucking their mouths a little to hard or pushing their faces into pillows/against the wall until their glasses snap.

#567. Virgil is really into being collared and often wears a nice, thick, purple collar in his room but hides it to keep it safe when he's elsewhere. But Roman snoops around in his room for a little while Virgil is busy and finds Virgil's collar, he teases Virgil and gets him to admit he likes being collared and then fucks him exploiting his new kink.

#568. Patton takes it upon himself to show Virgil some love, worshiping his body as he slowly brings him to orgasm. And Virgil returns the favour.

#569. Deceit loves to have power over both of his submissive boys, so, he ties up both Thomas and Virgil – side by side – and wrecks them, letting the other hear as he fucks them roughly.

#570. Roman has a humiliation kink and Patton is hesitant at first to humiliate his boyfriend, who he loves very much, but once he starts he doesn't stop until Roman is crying and overstimulated.

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#571. Deceit is curious about rape play and might be into it, so, he shyly asks one of the others to surprise him at any moment and have their way with him while he pretends to hate it.

#572. Emile likes to wear lingerie, especially underneath his clothes where nobody can tell but he can, he can feel the soft silk and lace. More often than not it makes him hard at rather inappropriate moments.

#573. Virgil is an alien and Roman doesn't take a liking to him, well, not right away at least but he can't deny his overwhelming attraction to the other. And then things get a little heated.

#574. Roman loves to pleasure his boyfriends, Logan and Virgil, so, he gets loads of new toys for them to try out in the bedroom. And Roman makes sure to try every one of them out on his them, pleasuring one of them while the other recovers from their orgasm only to switch over again and again.

#575. Roman likes to play as a bunny for Patton and Patton loves to watch his little bunny exert himself trying to ride his cock and get himself off just like that.

#576. Logan is the perfect submissive for his boyfriends, Patton and Virgil, but that doesn't mean he doesn't find himself gagged, bound, and used over and over from time to time.

#577. Deceit only being able to lie brings about some problems but Roman likes to use it to his advantage, teasing Deceit over and over again – “Oh, you don’t want me to touch you?” and “You want me to leave?”

#578. Emile is super easy to get aroused and Deceit finds this out when he has Emile in his lap and he whispers all the dirty things he wants to do to him and has him whining and begging in minutes.

#579. Patton is all smiley and giggly even during sex and Logan finds it infectious, so, he’s also giggling and grinning as they make love.

#580. Roman really loves Logan’s blow jobs but it’s not like he’d tell him that. Logan secretly knows and denies Roman of blow jobs for a week which soon enough has Roman begging and pleading for him to suck him off.

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#581. Roman begs and pleads to be put in a sex swing for anyone and everyone to use. He ends up wrecked, covered in come – his own and plenty of the others' – and fully satisfied.

#582. Virgil has never made any sexual comments or advances towards Roman, even though they are dating, so, Roman presumes that he's either a shy virgin or an absolute angel. He is neither and is happy to prove Roman wrong when he asks why they haven't fucked yet.

#583. Patton is really sleepy, like ready to fall asleep any minute. But Logan is really horny and pouting because Patton won't do anything about it. Patton relents and lets Logan eat him out while he gets himself off.

#584. Patton is a mermaid and is intrigued by two friends – Roman and Logan – who visit his cove every so often. He approaches them one day and introduces himself, then he gets a little touchy feely after getting the go ahead from them, feeling them both up at the same time.

#585. Roman enjoys taking nudes just to see how he looks, explore some poses and filters. He doesn't intend to keep them, and he didn't intend to send them to the group chat either. The others end up stunned, aroused, and needy for Roman.

#586. Logan and Patton are both single dads who have little time for dating or even just casually hooking up. But they like each other very much, so, they end up texting (and calling) a lot as well as regularly sexting.

#587. Roman and Patton often end up 'fooling around' – from fleeting touches to hand jobs to full on fucking – anywhere and everywhere. So much so that they've lost count of how many times they've been caught getting it on. But that doesn't deter them.

#588. Patton is known to snoop around the others' rooms and Virgil tries his hardest to stop him looking around Logan's room, he's not quick enough to stop Patton finding the fucking machine and, well, then they've got to try it out.

#589. Logan is super possessive over Virgil, so, makes sure to give him so many hickies during sex so everyone knows that Virgil belongs to someone and that someone is him.

#590. Roman stumbles upon Emile who is all frustrated, riled up, annoyed. So, he offers to eat him out to ease the tension and calm him down. Emile relents and lets Roman take good care of him. And it works.

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#591. Emile and Sleep are very loud during sex which doesn't help the others during the night. What's worse than their moans seeping through thin walls is Emile's shouts and screams of "daddy."

#592. Virgil and Logan are both subs and usually good boys for their daddy Patton. One day Patton lets them play together using a double ended dildo while he watches and praises his boys.

#593. Roman and Patton tie Logan and Virgil together by their thighs, so, they're stuck, naked bodies pressed together and barely getting any friction, but they still try to rut against each other to get off as the other two watch them.

#594. Virgil is transgender and gets upset over himself (e.g. how he feels, his body, etc.) And Logan praises him and reassures him while touching him so soft and sensually.

#595. To make movie night fair the sides write their movie choice on a piece of paper and pick them one by one out of a hat (depending on how many movies they want to watch). One night the first paper is drawn, and a sexual/erotic movie is written on the paper.

#596. Logan isn't too shy about looking at porn (and occasionally getting of to it of course) but he's super embarrassed when one of the others catch him looking at porn. Then they proceed to wreck him in a similar way to the porn.

#597. Logan and Patton try teacher and student roleplay one day and Patton ends up being a very good student, doing exactly as his teachers asks of him.

#598. Under his clothing Patton – sweet, innocent, unassuming Patton – is covered in tattoos. Virgil finds out, on purpose or by accident, and gets super aroused, unable to think about much else but how he wants to run his hands all over Patton's tattoos.

#599. Roman plans two presents to give Virgil on his 18th birthday. One physical present for him to open at his birthday party and another present – himself, stripped naked, lying on Virgil's bed for him to have his way with.

#600. Logan is a demon and Patton is an angel, they should not be together – Logan does not want to corrupt the angel, Patton does not want to get the demon into trouble. But opposites attract, so, they cannot help gravitating towards each other for quick fucks or even something longer.

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#601. Roman is an old vampire who has taken a keen interest in a human – Virgil – who smells so sweet, he just can't help wondering what he tastes like, in more ways than one.

#602. Logan and Virgil are both college students who never really meet, except they match on Tinder and decide, in a moment of madness or confidence, to meet and hook up.

#603. Virgil and Roman are both famous celebrities who are used to the spotlight; Virgil a punk Rockstar and Roman is an actor. There's an obscure rumour going about that the two of them are sleeping together and maybe a little more, though the two of them avoid answering questions about it. The rumours are true.

#604. Virgil, Roman, Patton, and Logan are all teachers at the same school. Their work usually means they see each other a lot but are unable to spend too much time all together, so, when they do get time they usually end up fucking for hours on end.

#605. Patton eats way too much and end up feeling a little sick, so, he ends up cradled in Logan's arms with his boyfriend looking after him. He shyly asks for Logan to rub his tummy and Logan obliges although it ends up turning them on and Patton begs to be taken care of again.

#606. Roman gets distracted during his daydreaming/questing/creating and forgets to go to the bathroom for most of the day. He suddenly realises his need to go pee and physically holds himself, realising just how good it feels to touch himself when he's desperate.

#607. Patton is really loud in bed and Deceit, his dominant, plays a game with him to see how long he can go without making a noise. If he reaches that point without making much noise he gets to come, if he fails then he gets punished.

#608. Logan is a college professor and has some insatiable students who are trying to bring up their group project grade via sexual favours. And they pull out all the stops and, well, Logan can't refuse.

#609. Roman intends to tease and push his soft sweet boyfriend, Patton, to his limits. He makes him hold all day and refuses his polite requests to go to the bathroom, letting him inevitably wet himself but takes good care of him afterwards.

#610. Logan and Roman get into a petty argument and, rather than resolving it through words like normal people, they end up 69-ing to see who will come and admit defeat first, using all their tricks.

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#611. Roman and Logan engage in some doctor and patient role playing; Logan is the ever-stoic doctor carrying out the not so medial prostate exam on Roman who ends up collapsed over the examination bed and begging to come.

#612. Logan perceives Patton to be completely innocent, who barely even thinks about sex and when he does it's very vanilla. These thoughts are maintained as the first few times they have sex are loving and vanilla. But it turns out Patton is really kinky and will show Logan just how not innocent he is.

#613. Roman is an early bird while Logan is a night owl meaning Roman wakes up really early and tries to coax a half-asleep Logan into morning sex. He doesn't mind doing most of the work and just fucking a sleepy Logan into their rumpled sheets.

#614. Roman and Patton tend to fuck in places that can get them caught, so, they're not surprised when they're walked in on fucking on the kitchen table but that doesn't mean they stop.

#615. Sleep is eager to get into Deceit's pants and tries really hard to seduce him. When it works and he gets Deceit into his bed he's really aroused to find out Deceit has two cocks.

#616. Sleep and Deceit gang up on Emile – the sweet, soft, virginal boy – and absolutely wreck him from both ends, one fucking his ass while the other fucks his mouth.

#617. Roman drags Patton to a strip club, convincing him he'll have a good time. They get special care and attention from two strippers – Virgil and Logan – which leaves they both giddy and more than a little aroused.

#618. Roman likes to do a thorough job when he gets off even when he's alone; using his favourite vibrator and a fleshlight to make himself come so hard.

#619. Logan stresses himself out and needs to relax but he never masturbates – because of time or work interfering or simply never getting around to it. The others decide to help him out and wreck him until he's relaxed and no longer stressed (and now very sleepy).

#620. Virgil and Deceit are both really innocent in terms of sex, both being virgins and more than a little clueless. Virgil ends up on top of Deceit, grinding against him until they're both hard, unsure of what to do next but it feels so good. Roman comes in and decides to help them out (either directing them or participating).

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#621. Logan is transgender and very shy about sex, mostly because he's a virgin and very clueless. Patton takes good care of him though, making love to him softly and slowly which makes Logan cry good tears, being handled so gently and loved so much.

#622. Virgil wants to try humiliation to see if he'll be into it, so, Roman agrees and plans to humiliate him. Virgil likes it at first, Roman's playful teasing makes him very aroused, but it quickly pushes over to making him uncomfortable and he safe words. Roman takes good care of him afterwards and praises him.

#623. Roman likes cross-dressing, getting all heavily dolled up makes him aroused like nothing else. The first time he tells Patton his boyfriend insists on dressing him up and wrecking him when he becomes needy.

#624. Virgil is shy and nervous for his first time with Patton, but Patton reassures him with lots of loving words and touches. Except Virgil is super sensitive and ends up coming early, untouched and is super embarrassed about it but Patton finds it adorable.

#625. Deceit has never been with anyone sexually, so, he resorted to humping and grinding against his plushies. But he has Virgil now to satisfy his needs, except he still goes back to his old ways of getting off when Virgil isn't there. Virgil catches him though and ends up encouraging him.

#626. Patton is into exhibitionism and would totally fuck his boyfriend in public if he wasn't so loud. He ends up gagging Roman as he fucks him in a store's dressing rooms.

#627. Patton loves wearing a collar to show that he belongs to Roman and no one else. And Roman also loves it because he can drag his boyfriend around in the bedroom, pulling him down to suck his cock or manhandling him to fuck him just right.

#628. Patton and Logan are laying in bed together, one at one end and the other at the other end of the bed with their legs intertwined. Patton ends up trailing his feet over Logan's thighs and then his cock, Logan is clearly into it and ends up coming just from Patton pressing his feet against him.

#629. Deceit loves pleasuring Roman just to see how pretty Roman bends and arches, how he flushes and buries his face into the sheets, how he moans and whines for more and less.

#630. Logan and Virgil devise a plan, which Roman is very on board with, for one to fuck him and the other to fuck himself on Roman's cock while Roman sleeps. Roman wakes up during and can't help fucking himself between the sensations.


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#631. Roman gets really needy for his daddy but Patton is teasing and won't let his hands wander too far. He finally caves in and let's Roman get off grinding against his thigh until he comes.

#632. Virgil takes complete control in the bedroom, leaving Deceit and Logan submitting to him, begging and pleading for more. But that's against the rules, Virgil goes at his own pace, so, his boys must be punished with whips. Virgil enjoys it a lot and his boys don't complain that much.

#633. Deceit doesn't have a gag reflex and the secret spreads about until Patton and Roman are in his room, curious about whether it is true or not. Deceit shows them rather than telling them.

#634. Logan is good at isolating himself and not sleeping in favour of working, so, Patton gets Sleep to help gang up on Logan, fucking and wrecking him until he wants nothing more than them – making him promise not to overwork himself and seek them out if they want more of this.

#635. Despite how Deceit shows himself he prefers soft, vanilla sex but his partner(s) decide to change it up a little. Deceit doesn't like it and ends up safe wording, all emotional and apologising as the other(s) comforts him.

#636. Sleep is cocky and arrogant about how easy he can get Virgil and Roman to submit to him in the bedroom. Virgil and Roman switch it up and gang up on Sleep, wrecking him and dirty talking until he admits that he likes being submissive for them.

#637. Virgil really wants to take the day off from work, so, he fakes being sick. He gets Deceit to fuck his throat until he sounds rough and ill, enough to call in and get sympathy from his co-workers who insist he takes the day off.

#638. Patton is a good college student – always early to lessons, answers enough questions, and hands his work in on time – and despite him being a little talkative (and way too cheery) Logan, his professor, is drawn to him. Patton can't help teasing him a little until he's bent over his desk and fucked hard.

#639. Logan is a very good student who just happens to have boyfriends who are bad influences. They encourage him to skip class, miss extracurricular activities, etc. in favour of having a quick fuck or even just a sloppy make out with wandering hands anywhere and everywhere they can (e.g. behind the bleachers, in a closet, in the bathroom, etc.)

#640. Roman is a very good baby boy for his daddies – Patton and Virgil – so, he gets rewarded, being fucked and manhandled until he's coming over and over after being denied for so long.

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#641. Sleep often smokes marijuana to help him calm down, Emile insists on accompanying him to 'help.' Which ends with Sleep blindfolded, lax against the bed as Emile kisses him and touches him all over before sucking him off.

#642. Logan is the new secretary at Patton's business and the charming CEO can't keep his eyes nor his hands off him. Logan is a little hesitant but soon enough finds himself bent over Patton's desk or on his knees underneath it.

#643. Roman is an egotistical, self-centred model and Virgil is the quiet yet self-assured photographer in charge of taking Roman's photos. Virgil isn't shy to put Roman in his place which Roman finds really hot, like, getting hard mid-photo shoot kind of hot.

#644. Virgil and Logan are dating and Roman and Patton are dating. They're not all together but there's something erotic seeing the other couple fucking right in front of them.

#645. Logan loves having Roman on his knees, naked, blindfolded, with his hands bound behind his back with Logan's own tie. It's a good job Roman likes it too because Logan intends to drag this session out.

#646. Virgil and Logan aren't ready to go all the way and actually have sex, but they want to get intimate, so, they get a whole load of toys (e.g. vibrators, dildos, flesh lights, bullet vibes, sounds, etc.) and try them out on each other.

#647. Sleep mostly dominates a typically submissive and eager Emile. One day, however, Sleep is very horny and comes to Emile asking to be taken care of. Emile makes him beg before fucking him slow and teasingly.

#648. Logan absolutely loves Patton's thick thighs and can't stop looking at them when his boyfriend wears shorts and skirts, fantasising about all the things he can do to/with them. Eventually Patton catches him staring.

#649. Patton is a complete power-bottom. When his boyfriend isn't doing a good enough job – maybe he asked for faster/harder and his boyfriend is holding back – he won't hesitate to flip them over and ride them hard.

#650. Logan gets all worked up and tries to get himself off alone, but he can't come and it frustrates him. So, he seeks out Virgil, who is just his friend, and begs him to get him off. He ends up on Virgil's bed being finger fucked and given a hand job at the same time which makes him squirm but come in no time.

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#651. Logan is attracted to intelligence more than anything else, so, he finds it really hot when Roman starts shouting smart things at him to prove a point and Logan ends up hard mid-debate. Roman notices and teases him before finally doing something about it.

#652. Virgil is a bit of a mean dominant and won't let his three boyfriends touch themselves, each other, or get off in any way without him or his permission. So, when he finds Roman, Logan, and Patton in bed together, whispering and touching each other he's quick to interrupt them and tell them their punishments.

#653. Roman really enjoys being gagged, so, Virgil gags him with a dildo gag one night and proceeds to fuck him. Only Virgil keeps telling him to speak up and ask for what he wants and, as much as Roman tries, he can't ask.

#654. Virgil is a very possessive alpha and, as much as Logan – his omega – keeps telling him he doesn't need protecting, he makes sure to scent mark him so every other alpha knows Logan is his.

#655. Roman has a thing for bringing Logan to his knees, more about breaking the stoic, straight laced man than anything else. And when he gets Logan to become his slave and serve him it gets him off like nothing else.

#656. Patton and Virgil end up having to share a bed – maybe one of them had a nightmare or their sheets are in the wash. It starts innocent enough with cuddles and soft words but soon turns into hastily grinding against each other, telling each other how badly they want them.

#657. Patton is easily flustered and aroused and Roman loves teasing and flustering him, especially in public or in front of other people. Patton tries to chastise him, but he looks so good all flushed and embarrassed that Roman takes him as soon as the bedroom door closes.

#658. Roman is fairly rich and successful, so, he doesn't hesitate to reach out and get a sugar baby or three. He grows attached quick, but they are slower to cling to him, maybe they're just in it for the money and fine life or they think their sugar daddy is just looking for a long-term fuck buddy.

#659. Deceit has fairly long hair which he usually keeps tied up or hidden under his hat, but Virgil finds out and is entranced by it. Soon enough he has Deceit in his bed begging to have his hair pulled and Virgil is happy to oblige.

#660. Patton and Logan are in a pretty serious, committed relationship but they want to 'spice up' their relationship. So, they go to a swinger party and become rapidly interested in Roman and Virgil, another couple. They get to know them quickly and intimately.

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#661. Virgil catches his submissives, Roman and Logan, making out with each other on the couch in the living room. He's not displeased with the sight but won't let them get away that easily, starting something without him. So, he orders them to get themselves off right there in front of him and they oblige despite their embarrassment, not wanting a hard punishment.

#662. Logan is very embarrassed and flustered at the idea of admitting to Patton that he has a daddy kink, he psyches himself up regardless and plans to tell his boyfriend. Only Patton is there, outside his bedroom door, red faced and asking if Logan would call him "daddy" in bed. Logan hastily agrees and drags Patton inside of his room to try it out.

#663. Deceit loves begin degraded and humiliated by Roman, so, he asks Roman to go a step further and to piss in/on him, calling him all sorts of names as he does so. Deceit feels filthy and utterly humiliating, just how he likes it.

#664. Patton and Deceit love taking their time with Roman, wrecking him and bringing him to his knees. Roman loves it even more when they call him their "slut" or "whore" and tell him that he's just their holes to use. It gets him off like nothing else.

#665. Sleep insists on taking Virgil out to a concert but he himself drinks way too much, coffee beforehand and then alcohol/soft drinks at the concert, and the line for the bathroom is too long. So, he waits until the concert is over to go when he gets home only he doesn't think he can make it and Virgil tries to help the best he can.

#666. Patton doesn't seem too bothered about anything sexual, sure he'll have sex with the other three and enjoy it but outside the bedroom he doesn't even speak about it. So, Roman, Logan, and Virgil play a little game to see who can get Patton aroused outside of the bedroom but without doing anything overtly sexual.

#667. Deceit corners Roman after he's been cocky and teasing Deceit ruthlessly. Deceit whispers dirty words into Roman's ear and presses Roman to the wall, they end up rutting against each other desperately and coming in their pants.

#668. Patton has never bottomed before, always preferring to take control and wreck Logan but also because he doubts it feels that good. Logan wants to prove him wrong though and sets about topping Patton.

#669. Sleep pretends to be very lazy and disinterested when Deceit comes up to him, incredibly horny and half naked already. He demands Deceit strips and he says Deceit is welcome to get himself off on his cock. Deceit does just that, riding Sleep hard and fast trying to get himself off.

#670. Roman, Logan, and Virgil find Patton's body very enticing, loving his thick thighs and chubby stomach, so, they set about making slightly bigger meals so Patton can't resist eating that little bit more (as do they). And they all get strangely aroused by seeing Patton enjoying his food.

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#671. Patton is innocent and unsure of what to do when he gets hard in his pants. Logan, his boyfriend, helps him out, taking him into his lap (still fully clothed) and tells him how to grind down onto him. They end up getting caught up in it and coming in their pants.

#672. Patton begs for the other three to tie him up and use him. They happily tie him up all spread out and waiting for them, Patton doesn't stop babbling about how he wants them to get off using him, how good they feel just being so rough and careless with him.

#673. Logan is Patton's tutor which isn't as hard as Logan thought it would be. The only problem is Patton's choice of clothing, arrays of skirts and dresses of varying lengths, showing off his thighs sometimes. He comes in one day in a mini skirt, Logan cannot focus and excuses himself to get himself off in the bathroom.

#674. Logan and Patton are way too loud in the bedroom and along with the thin walls this means that Roman and Virgil often end up overhearing their activities. They scoff and pretend to think it's annoying or gross, but they can't avoid how hard they are in their pants.

#675. Virgil wears his headphones and plays music when he gets himself off, he finds it calming and sets the mood. Only then he doesn't realise how loud he gets, and the others end up hearing his moans and whimpers more often than not.

#676. Logan wakes up needy and aroused one morning, so, he decides to have some fun before getting up. He pleasures himself with an array of toys over and over, loosing track of time and he doesn't leave his room until the afternoon (which gets him a few odd looks).

#677. The others assume that Patton and Logan are dating due to their closeness and their bedroom activities, but they're just fuck buddies and the others are really surprised by that, it just seems so obvious that they'd be dating.

#678. Deceit has never managed to make himself come no matter how much he tries which results in him being horny, frustrated, and snappy. Roman offers to help him this time and any other time he needs some relief.

#679. Logan gets aroused by Roman speaking Spanish and Roman uses this to his advantage, especially when Logan is ignoring him. Logan can't help but cave in and drag Roman into bed, commanding him to keep talking to him.

#680. Virgil thinks the sounds he makes in bed are embarrassing, so, he hides his mouth with his hand and burying his head into the pillow. Sleep forces his hands away/head out of the pillow and tells him to be loud for him.

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#681. Logan has an oral fixation and is a social smoker – more often than not lending cigarettes from Virgil. But then it's not enough to satisfy him and he wants to suck Virgil off as soon as possible.

#682. Patton, Logan, and Virgil are all together and they have ground rules, so, when Virgil accidentally stumbles upon his two boyfriends fucking he doesn't hesitate to sit back and watch somewhere they can't see him (e.g. through a crack in the door, from the hallway, from the stairs, from the kitchen, etc.)

#683. Roman is a prince and insists on taking his lover, Logan, out into the palace gardens at night for a walk, claiming everything is prettier in the moonlight. Then he strips Logan and makes love to him under the glow of the moon, whispering all his love throughout.

#684. Omega Patton is pregnant with their Alpha's – Roman's – baby/babies and he's almost constantly horny because of it. Except Roman and Virgil, their other boyfriend and Beta, are away leaving Omega Logan to tend to Patton (even though he's low-key jealous that Patton is the pregnant one).

#685. Roman and Patton pretend to be complete strangers in a crowded public place; Roman coming up behind Patton and rutting his hard, clothed cock against his ass and fondling him through his trousers too.

#686. Patton asks to be double penetrated by his boyfriend, Virgil, and him alone. So, Virgil fucks him slow with his own cock and a dildo/vibrator at the same time, praising Patton and whispering reassurance to him all the while.

#687. When Roman sleeps he's hard to wake up, so, when Virgil wakes in the middle of the night from a wet dream he barely hesitates to get himself off right next to his boyfriend, to thoughts of Roman no less.

#688. Virgil likes being in control of his boyfriends sexually, so, doesn't hesitate to play with the three small remotes in his pockets which control a vibrator in each of his boyfriends. He loves making them squirm especially in public or in front of others.

#689. Virgil is a good puppy who loves being submissive for his master, Logan, so, he rolls over and exposes his belly to Logan and when he's been extra good he gets a belly rub as well as help getting off.

#690. Roman always tries to muffle his sounds when having sex, being transgender he thinks his moans and whimpers are too high-pitched and "girly" sounding. His boyfriends prove him otherwise, putting a ring gag in his mouth and fucking him so hard he's screaming.

Chapter Text

#691. Roman is super bratty and breaks some of his rules, so, Patton – his dominant – makes him strip and kneel by his feet in the middle of the living room as punishment. The others come and go, giving Roman no more than a glance, leaving Roman feeling humiliated and needy.

#692. Roman is transgender and insecure about it, nobody knows about it, especially not Thomas. But he confides in Thomas when he gets a little frisky with Roman only to be devastated when he thinks Roman is shutting him down instead of for the real reasons.

#693. Deceit is into blood play and his partner(s) is (are) willing to indulge him in that kink, reducing Deceit to a pleasured mess as he constantly begs for more, and maybe he has a bit of a pain kink too.

#694. Patton likes to feed his boys. A lot of the time to make sure they're healthy and fit and eat enough. But sometimes he likes to fill them full and fuck them while their bellies are round and pudgy.

#695. Roman has a huge pain kink and shyly confesses this to Logan. Logan takes full advantage, tying Roman up and testing his kink out thoroughly with implements and making Roman beg, plead, and come so close to climax so quickly.

#696. Logan has a kink for languages and even listens to French rap while he gets off, it sets the mood and gets him close to his orgasm pretty quick. Roman finds out and learns the words to Logan's favourite song, maybe just to tease him, maybe to get into his bed.

#697. Emile is a secret size queen but can't deny it when he sees just how hung Sleep is and then he's practically begging for his cock in which ever way he'll give it to him.

#698. Sleep finds Emile in his office, stressed and a mess. So, he takes it upon himself to help him out by bending him over his own desk and fucking him until he's wrecked and at least a little less stressed.

#699. Logan is known to be stoic, stern, and factual but Virgil knows the truth. He knows just how easy it is to reduce Logan to a mess who's begging and pleading, very whiny, to be fucked by him.

#700. Logan makes it his mission to be fucked in every room in the house, so, when he walks into the room he's hit with the memories of being wrecked and ravaged in certain places.

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#701. Roman has a bad habit of staying up too late working on ideas or creative mind mapping, Sleep doesn't like this, so, he decides to do something about it. He wrecks Roman until he can barely keep his eyes open.

#702. Sleep loves to get off just in his leather jacket, especially after being outside and it's cold against his hot skin, it feels erotic.

#703. Patton has a knife kink. Sleep and Roman find out and tease him about it, that doesn't mean they won't fulfill his fantasies though. And they do. Thoroughly.

#704. Roman is transgender and is also a virgin, so, Patton and Sleep promise to give him the best first time ever. If he wants to take it slow or not, they will. If he wants to be the centre of attention or not, they'll do it that way.

#705. Sleep is complete pillow princess; he loves to be worshiped and pleasured in bed, preferably without having to even lift a finger. And Logan doesn't exactly mind.

#706. Emile likes to cross dress when he's all alone in his room and then get himself off – or completely wreck himself if he's feeling like it.

#707. Logan catches sweet, soft, innocent, not so innocent Patton watching porn which surprises him. But it also turns him on like nothing else.

#708. Deceit has two dicks and is always sure to praise his partner at how well they take his cock when they can only take one of them at a time. But this time they're determined to suck both of his cocks at the same time regardless of what Deceit says.

#709. Roman is an average student, not bad grades but good at his extracurricular stuff, except he gets bullied for his sexuality. He takes comfort in talking to the openly gay teacher, Thomas, and maybe things go a little further than friendly comforting.

#710. Virgil is super clingy in the morning. Usually just wanting to keep cuddling Patton all morning but one day he's needy for more than just cuddles, he wants slow, sleepy sex with Patton.

Chapter Text

#711. Sleep is annoyed that Emile's attention has been stolen away from him by Disney films, so, he sits him in his lap and fucks Emile on his cock while he tries to keep watching the movies.

#712. Logan is super sensitive in a lot of places, so, when Roman dominates him he takes this as his time to figure out where is most sensitive. It turns out it's his nipples and Logan ends up crying out "daddy."

#713. Emile is very loud in bed – both whiny and begging for what he wants – and Sleep gets a little tired of it (that's a lie, he loves Emile's sounds). So, he gags Emile before he fucks him hard, just the way he likes, and Emile is frustrated that he can't tell Sleep how badly he's enjoying it.

#714. Patton badly wants to be double penetrated by his boyfriends, Virgil and Roman. They're both a little hesitant and confused as to how – they don't want to hurt Patton but Roman is transgender, so, can't physically fuck him like he wants. They devise a plan behind Patton's back and they both end up wrecking Patton – Virgil with his cock and Roman with his strap-on.

#715. Logan tries practicing his massaging techniques on Virgil, Virgil lets him because he trusts him. But Virgil ends up getting hard. They're both so awkward about it but Logan ends up helping him by giving him a blow job while his oil slicked hands wander over his body.

#716. Roman is really physically strong and Patton has a thing for it. So, he melts when Roman picks him up and fucks him in all sorts of weird positions – up on walls, over tables, practically bent it two, etc.

#717. Logan gets so passionate and a little angry over arguments that his voice breaks repeatedly. Roman actually finds it rather arousing and he wants to hear more wrecked noises that Logan can make.

#718. Sleep has a size kink and, after a break up, sleeps around trying to satisfy himself. He ends up going to Deceit who gives him the best and hardest fuck, Sleep has no doubt that he'll end up going back just for his cock.

#719. Logan finally lets himself submit to Roman, much to Roman's delight, but it's all too much for him and for one reason or another ends up safe-wording out of the scene. Roman is so soft with the aftercare too.

#720. Roman tries to give Virgil a spooky, Halloween blowjob wearing fake vampire fangs. Virgil isn't amused and just wants to get off.

Chapter Text

#721. Logan is a servant to King Roman. He helps with Roman's every need, especially his more sexual urges – often eagerly pleasuring Roman or letting the King use him for his pleasure.

#722. Virgil pretends to be a villain and 'captures' Prince Roman and his right-hand man Logan, forcing them to have sex in front of him, threatening them with torture if they don't go through with it.

#723. Patton and Virgil are dating, and all is well except Virgil is a ghost. Due to this difficulty they rarely have sex because to do so Virgil possesses Patton, with his consent, and gets them both off at the same time.

#724. Patton is away from Virgil (for whatever reason) but they miss each other so much. They call every night and sometimes their conversations get more heated and they end up getting themselves off while they dirty talk to each other.

#725. Roman buys a pumpkin with intentions of carving it for Halloween but once he cuts the top out he's curious as to how it would feel around his cock. So, he puts on a condom and fucks the pumpkin's insides.

#726. Virgil and Logan are both awkward, unsure virgins who want to get it on but inevitably postpone it because of nerves/timing/anxiety/other excuses until they can't take it any longer and end up having (embarrassingly quick) sappy sex.

#727. Patton dresses up as a cat for Halloween, except it's very revealing – his legs on show, the top is strapless, and it shows off his figure in such a way. It drives Roman crazy, so, he can't help but fuck Patton in an alley while they're out (trick or treating/at a party/etc.)

#728. Logan gets really worked up and needy for no reason, so, he tries to get himself off but is caught by his boyfriend, Roman. Roman takes it upon himself to fuck Logan until he's fully satisfied.

#729. Logan is a vampire and enjoys the company of his human boyfriends very much so. And they love overwhelming him and dominating him. Logan doesn't really have any complaints.

#730. The day before a full moon werewolf Patton gets incredibly worked up and horny, so, his boyfriends help him out – pleasuring him individually to warm him up then helping all together to satisfy him.

Chapter Text

#731. Roman has a tentacle kink and, when his three boyfriends find out, they shape shift to cater to Roman's needs.

#732. Virgil, a vampire, has a biting kink. Not to bite others (although he does enjoy that) but to be bitten. The other(s) find out and, although they find it amusing, love the sounds Virgil makes when he's bitten just right.

#733. Logan goes away on long business trips often, so, to keep an eye on his boyfriend and watch him getting off they install cameras in Roman's room. Roman loves to put on a show just for him.

#734. Sleep enjoys drinking pumpkin spiced lattes while Roman gets him off. He'll casually sit/lie back, drink in hand and cup up to his mouth as Roman sucks him off or eats him out.

#735. Patton dresses up in a playboy bunny outfit, maybe to see what Roman would do about it. Roman has him on his knees, fucking his throat, and then coming all over his face; commenting that Patton is so pretty he'd be on the cover of playboy magazine.

#736. Virgil and Roman dress up in a couple's costume, namely as Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally. And Roman cannot resist Virgil looking like this, so, he persuades Virgil to fuck while they're in costume.

#737. Virgil dresses up just for himself for Halloween. He dresses up as a cat with a vibrating butt plug tail and little else. He proceeds to get himself off repeatedly but in cat like ways – grinding his cock against things, mewling, pawing at himself, etc.

#738. Roman becomes a needy, whiny submissive while he and Patton are outside. Patton tells him to wait until they're home then he'll satisfy his every need but Roman wants him now. So, they end up fucking in a precarious place where they could potentially be spotted.

#739. For Virgil's first Halloween the others expect him to dress up all scary and intimidating but are surprised by his saucy, tight outfit – a skirt, fishnets, a collar, etc. And the others don't let him leave the house without getting their hands on him first. They end up missing the party.

#740. Roman's realm is full of the new and exciting. Brand new inventions and old things he can tamper with when he likes to make them better or more extra. One day he comes across a fucking machine, he knows it's Logan's, and decides to improve it.

Chapter Text

#741. Roman wants to be Patton's pet for Halloween, so, dresses up as a slutty cat, wearing the collar Patton got him too. Patton can't resist having a little bit of fun with his pet before they need to be anywhere.

#742. Roman dresses up as a slutty nurse for a Halloween party and bumps into actual doctor Logan (maybe he just got off work and had no time to change or decided it would be funny to come in his work clothes). They can't deny their attraction to each other, even if Logan thinks Roman's costume is distasteful (and shows him off just right).

#743. Patton is in the middle of making breakfast/dinner but Roman persuades him to fool around a little with him until he's fucking Patton over the kitchen table leaving the food to overcook and burn. Excuses are made as to why they're going out for food.

#744. Virgil dresses up in a maid's costume just to tease Roman, making sure to wear white lace panties that belong to Roman underneath. He intends only for Roman to see him but after a little too much teasing Roman fucks him in front of the others, letting them enjoy the sight and get themselves off to it.

#745. Patton is chubby and not exactly proud of that fact but his boyfriends, Roman and Logan, love every inch of him and are determined to show him just how they feel by worshiping his body while they pleasure him.

#746. Roman is a siren who tests the effects of his voice on Logan. Using his tones with his dirty talk and only light touches to make Logan comes.

#747. Roman is chubby and insecure about how he looks but Patton isn't shy to show his love for him – both through verbal praise and his actions, whether it's a loving kiss or sexual touches.

#748. Roman wants to be taken suddenly and without his knowledge, so, when he wakes up bound, gagged, and blindfolded in his bed with his boyfriend(s) close by he's ecstatic.

#749. Virgil wanders to the kitchen in the middle of the night after a particularly hot wet dream in nothing but pyjama pants, so, he casually fondles his cock and gets himself off right there.

#750. Virgil and Logan are happily dating, exclusive, and their sex life leaves little to be desired. Except one day they're both feeling particularly submissive, so, they shyly ask Roman and Patton to help them out. They end up clutching close to each other as they're fucked and teased continuously.

Chapter Text

#751. Patton wants to eat Virgil out until he's whining and whimpering for him to stop, he keeps to his word.

#752. Logan is an android with no genitalia at all, he doesn't mind servicing his human boyfriend Patton. Patton really wants to return the favour and finds out that Logan's wiring is sensitive in some places and, if he plays with them just right, he can get Logan off.

#753. Patton is particularly bratty towards Roman, so, Roman punishes him by thrusting his cock in between Patton's thighs to get himself off, telling Patton that no matter what he does now he's not getting off today.

#754. Virgil loves to sit in Roman's lap, he finds it comforting. When Roman gets aroused by Virgil squirming accidentally on his lap Virgil doesn't realise until Roman's pretty much coming in his pants.

#755. Roman has a massive cock and has never fucked Logan because of it, no matter how much he begs for it when he's needy. So, Roman trains Logan to take bigger and bigger plugs/objects/fingers/his fist/etc. until he'll finally fuck him.

#756. Virgil loves listening to dirty stories especially when his boyfriend, Patton, tells them. He loves hearing about all the different ways Patton imagines them fucking.

#757. Patton is Prince Roman's servant and often performs more personal duties such as giving the prince a bath. This often ends with Roman accidentally hard and either Patton getting him off or full on bath sex.

#758. Virgil loves when his daddy, Logan, takes care of him both innocent and casually but also sexually. He'll become a really whiny baby boy when he accidentally gets hard and wants his daddy to fix it.

#759. Virgil has an impregnation kink, he wants Patton to fuck him and fill him full of his come and make him 'pregnant'. Patton is happy to indulge him in this kink.

#760. Roman is easily jealous and seeing Logan unknowingly flirt with other guys makes him annoyed but also aroused, the obliviousness of his boyfriend and knowing it's only him that can have him. He makes sure he knows Logan is his and only his.

Chapter Text

#761. Logan is confused and scared when he finds himself kidnapped by a mad man – Deceit. At first he wants nothing but to escape but Deceit knows just how to please him – buying him things, sexually pleasuring him, etc.

#762. Logan gets insanely jealous of Virgil's new boyfriend, he doesn't want to be mean, but he wants rid of him. So, he tries to persuade Virgil to leave him. When they finally break up Logan wants nothing more than to fuck with Virgil for an entire day.

#763. Logan and Virgil are inmates at a prison and are cell-mates, Virgil there for a self-defense gone wrong and Logan for giving what people 'had coming' to them. They don't believe each other are bad people and they connect deeply, very deeply.

#764. Virgil and Logan are sleep deprived messes, for different reasons. So, Sleep has to come and sort them out, making sure they exhaust themselves via multiple orgasms.

#765. Roman is a known flirt and loves to flirt with a very shy Patton who does like Roman but can never vocalise it. Roman coaxes Patton into his bed, going slow to make sure Patton wants this, and being extra mean telling Patton to speak up and ask for what he wants.

#766. Logan is a florist whose shop is next to a tattoo studio run by Roman. They're constantly bumping into each other, quipping and flirting until the sexual tension gets a bit much. They end up fucking – in Roman's studio and Logan's back room more often than not. Then they realise they actually have deep feelings for each other.

#767. Deceit wets himself, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident. He always lies about it though, flushing bright red as he does so if he's confronted about it.

#768. Logan loves it when he's fucked in the bath, especially by Roman due to how sensual he can be, he loves the feeling of the water on and in him (as well as the come later on).

#769. Patton is a werewolf and has a rough full moon, but Logan helps him through it and afterwards. Patton is over eager to show his appreciation and thanks to Logan.

#770. Logan acts very much like a know it all, as if he's better than everyone else, and Roman hates it. So, he intends to bring him down a peg or two, shoving into the mattress face first and fucking him until he's drooling and incoherent.

Chapter Text

#771. Roman and Patton have a day out and Roman constantly teases him throughout the day. He gets Patton so riled up that he lets his hands wander once they're on the bus home, whispering for Roman to be quiet if he wants to come today.

#772. Deceit is a good husband so takes Elliott out to try on Halloween costumes. Some of them silly, some of them scary, some of them sexy. They end up having sex in the dressing room with Elliott's costume half off since Deceit is so impatient.

#773. Logan has wings which Virgil finds oddly intriguing and amusing – seeing Logan accidentally knock things over with them and have his feathers literally ruffled is funny. But Virgil finds out his wings are sensitive to touch and he takes advantage, using his wings to reduce him to a mess.

#774. Roman and Patton meet in college, they quickly hit it off and become more than friends. They can't keep their hands off each other from quick fucks between classes to staying over in each other's' dorms (then trying to avoid their dorm mates).

#775. Deceit and Logan are murderers, they enjoy not only the action itself but that passion it brings out in each other. So, they often end up fucking after their kills.

#776. Virgil, Roman, Logan, and Patton all have wings, some are more sensitive than others, some are bigger and more extravagant than others. It does make sex a little awkward with the positioning and all that but they make it work.

#777. Logan is mute, and he thinks that his boyfriend, Roman, won't enjoy sleeping with him due to his silence. Roman proves him that he's wrong, loving to take in Logan's expressions as he pleasures him.

#778. Deceit gets so worked up that he needs to be taken care of, so, Sleep and Emile enjoy having him in between them to do as they wish. Overwhelming him, choking him, letting him lose control.

#779. Logan has a huge marking kink, especially for come. So, he'll beg and plead and get off on Patton coming all over him, especially his face, as well as inside of him.

#780. Patton is a mermaid very fascinated with humans, one human in particular – Logan. Logan teaches him how to touch him just right and Patton ends up fingering him until Logan comes.

Chapter Text

#781. Logan and Patton are fuck buddies, well, friends with benefits. Patton loves nothing more than fucking Logan over any surface of the house to relieve his frustrations. And Logan really, really doesn't mind.

#782. Vigil loses his hoodie, so, goes searching for it only to find Roman wearing it while he fucks himself with a dildo. Virgil is stunned, he stands and watches for a little while before asking if he needs help.

#783. Roman, Logan, and Patton take their turns using a Hitachi wand on Virgil, the others watching as they do so. Virgil gets overstimulated but always begs for more.

#784. Logan enjoys being spanked. He tells his partner(s) and they quickly start to form a plan, setting up rules for Logan to obviously disobey and when he does they spank him as punishment.

#785. Roman is a prince with all he can wish for, so, when he finds a genie's lamp he almost discards it, that is until he sees the genie inside – Logan. He doesn't need to use his three wishes and actually enjoys the genie's company a little more than he should.

#786. Roman, an alpha, goes into rut. His omega, Virgil, is close by and very eager to help him and gets completely wrecked in the process.

#787. Roman has a knife kink which he tries to deny but it's not his fault that Virgil looks so hot wielding a pocket knife. Virgil gets him to admit he has a thing for it.

#788. Virgil and Logan are good friends who go out and get a little tipsy only to fall into bed together and definitely cross the line of their friendship.

#789. Roman gets himself into a situation and ends up cursed with some sort of magic. It acts as an aphrodisiac and he can't satisfy himself just right, so, he asks Virgil for help. Virgil laughs at him a little before 'offering' himself up to Roman, letting him fuck him and ruin him.

#790. Roman has such good, kissable, fuckable lips and Virgil cannot stop imagining what they'll feel like.

Chapter Text

#791. Patton dresses up in a short skirt and heels just to tease Logan into doing something about the growing sexual tension between the two of them.

#792. It's not that Virgil dislikes Logan talking during sex just sometimes he doesn't shut up, so, he doesn't hesitate to gag him.

#793. Patton wakes up first and has a shower before cooking breakfast, Roman is usually second up and doesn't hesitate to slip into the shower with his boyfriend to fool around before the others wake up.

#794. Patton buys Roman the prettiest bunch of flowers for no reason, so, Roman shows his appreciation and gratitude by getting on his knees for Patton.

#795. Virgil ties himself up in ribbon with a big bow as a present for Patton. Patton enjoys unwrapping and playing with his present.

#796. Surprisingly Patton is a too cheery android while Logan is the unemotional human. Patton sets out to get a rise or reaction of some sort out of his human even if he has to resort to more sexual things.

#797. Roman and Virgil beg to both fuck their daddy, Patton, at the same time. And Patton can't deny that his good boys deserve that, so, he lets them wreck him.

#798. Patton loves nothing more than pressing a knife to his lover's skin and watching the glint of fear in their eyes, he gets off on it like nothing else.

#799. Logan is uncharacteristically romantic, setting up candles in their bedroom along with flowers and wearing cute lingerie, waiting on the bed for Virgil to come in and enjoy it all.

#800. Roman is really insecure, not only about how he is as a person but also about his body. Patton take it into his hands to worship Roman's body until he finally believes him even just a little bit.

Chapter Text

#801. Logan is the no nonsense stage manager and Roman the eccentric actor who just can't keep their hands off each other behind the scenes when no one could see. Their favourite place to get it on is Roman's dressing room.

#802. Roman knows he looks good in his swimwear, so, he intends to show himself off a little. What he doesn't count on is Logan both looking awkward but cute as hell in his own swimwear.

#803. Roman loves dressing up in feminine clothing: dresses, skirts, blouses, jewelry, heels, pumps, purses. Virgil loves to show him off and he loves to get him home and enjoy him in his own special way.

#804. Virgil gets into the habit of wearing skirts he likes but without underwear because he loves to sit on Patton's lap and sometimes on his cock when they're alone and in somewhere semi-public. One night they do get caught by the others who join them for an impromptu movie night and Virgil has to stop himself squirming or whining.

#805. Thomas promises that if Roman can keep quiet while he teases him that he can come, if not then he's getting denied.

#806. Roman is a needy, whiny omega who gets even worse when he goes into heat. His partner(s) doesn't/don't mind but it usually leaves them exhausted.

#807. Patton adores being a daddy to his baby boy Logan both sexually and otherwise. Logan loves depending on Patton when he's in sub space and little space.

#808. Roman is a virgin and really wants Virgil to be his first and hopefully only. Virgil happily pops his boyfriend's cherry in the softest, most romantic way.

#809. When Sleep denies Thomas and in turn the other sides sleep Virgil gets annoyed and decides to sort it out. So, he dominates Sleep, wrecking him until he's barely able to think and finally sleep.

#810. Roman takes his boyfriend, Logan, to the fair only to constantly tease him. Logan ends up sucking him off on the Ferris wheel.

Chapter Text

#811. Deceit is constantly pretending to be annoyed by Logan's insistent explanations and ramblings, he really finds it endearing but he tells Logan to be quiet during sex otherwise he'll have to gag him.

#812. Roman and Logan try rape play, something that they're both interested in but not sure if they're into, so, they film it so they can look back on it and decide what works and what doesn't.

#813. Virgil whines and begs a little for Patton to finger him, he's shy and a little embarrassed about asking for it, but Patton gladly gives it to him.

#814. Logan wants his soft, sweet boyfriend, Patton, to be rough with him, there's something about the change in him when he dominates that gets to Logan. So, when Patton orders him to lay on the floor so that he can step on him with his new boots Logan gladly does as he's told.

#815. Deceit uses his shape shifting ability to give the others a little helping hand, especially disguising himself as Patton to tease and touch Virgil lightly, getting him wound up, then leaving the real Patton to deal with his needy boyfriend.

#816. Baby boy Virgil is very needy, and in turn whiny, for his daddy, Sleep. So, Sleep makes sure when he's not fucking his baby senseless he plugs him up while he's still full of his come just to fuck it out of him a while later.

#817. Deceit gets himself aroused during class just thinking about his boyfriend, so, he texts Logan to meet him in the bathroom for a quick fuck or even just a blow job. Logan isn't happy being pulled from his class, but he doesn't complain too much.

#818. Roman and Logan are dating but Roman rather shyly admits that he'd enjoy the sight of someone else fucking his boyfriend. Logan agrees to let Patton fuck him while Roman watches.

#819. Logan and Roman play strip poker. They're both competitive and want to win but they also don't mind seeing the other in a lot less clothes.

#820. Virgil works in a little corner shop, it's nice and usually quiet but it still gets him stressed. Patton likes to pop in and check up on him and, when he's a little too stressed, he likes to tuck himself under the counter and slide Virgil's cock into his mouth, just staying there, comforting his boyfriend.

Chapter Text

#821. Sometimes Logan likes to distract Virgil during their group movie nights, often sitting in his lap and grinding, trying to wind Virgil up but draw little attention to themselves.

#822. Deceit is a stripper and a very good one at that. One day he gets four visitors: Roman, Virgil, Logan, and Patton. They insist on hiring him for a private show.

#823. Logan enjoys doing his work in a local coffee shop, taking along his projects and drinking a little too much, taking few too little breaks. He ends up accidentally wetting himself in public and likes it too much. He decides to experiment a bit more.

#824. Virgil has a thing for Victorian dress, but he's embarrassed by it, so, he doesn't tell anyone. Roman finds out when he catches Virgil in a Victorian dress in his room and he can't help fucking him in the pretty dress.

#825. Roman ends up accidentally giving Logan and Patton animal ears and a tail – that of a cat and dog respectively – when his creativity gets a little out of hand. They're quickly overcome with their new look and behaviour that comes with it, teasing and being more affectionate with Roman and Virgil until they can be changed back.

#826. Roman is always very warm and during winter his cold boyfriends, Logan and Virgil, take advantage of it. Sometimes they just cuddle up with him and don't let him go. Sometimes they keep him in bed and savour his warm, nude body against their own.

#827. Patton has had a really long, tiring day. Logan sets about a distraction, coaxing Patton into their bed before they have soft, sweet sex and plenty of cuddles.

#828. Logan tries to focus on doing his work, it's important after all, but all he can think about is the vibrator in his ass, how hard he is in his trousers, and how close he is to coming.

#829. Roman is a stressed out college student trying to do his homework and study for his tests, all the while ignoring his boyfriend unintentionally. Virgil has had enough and ends up fucking Roman over his desk covered in text books.

#830. Virgil is super short especially in comparison to his boyfriend, Patton, who is very tall and strong. Sometimes it annoys Virgil, most of the time it gets him aroused since he has a thing for their size difference.

Chapter Text

#831. Deceit is very much into begin degraded and choked, made a mess of, and treated filthily. His partner(s) gladly give it to him and make him feel like nothing he's felt before.

#832. Roman, being creativity, will not stop creating and merging games and obviously making them sexual. The others don't really mind but when he invents "strip Uno" they wonder if he's gone too far.

#833. Patton refuses to clean his room, claiming to have better things to, so, as punishment Logan fucks him on the floor, not bothering to let Patton get comfortable. Patton promises to clean up.

#834. Roman is a huge exhibitionist, so, Virgil fucks him up against a one-way window, letting Roman see the passers by 'ignoring' him while he gets wrecked.

#835. Roman is ill with a fever, he doesn't want to get his boyfriend(s) sick but he's very needy. He starts getting himself off with toys but is found out, his boyfriend(s) help him out until he's exhausted.

#836. Virgil is hesitant to do anything sexual in public, he's shy and knows he's very loud. Patton works him up to more public scenes; fucking him in hotel rooms and in their garden before having him in a gas station bathroom he'll never visit again.

#837. Virgil gets Deceit a shock collar as a joke except Deceit is rather affected by just looking at it. Virgil decides it'd be fun to play around with it whilst it's on Deceit and Deceit really doesn't mind.

#838. Logan is embarrassed about the noises he makes in bed when he bottoms/is submissive, so, prefers to dominate. Roman isn't having any of it and coaxes Logan into subbing and is pleasantly surprised by how loud Logan's screams and whimpers are.

#839. Patton is a serial killer who kidnaps famous actor Roman with intents of playing with him a little before 'getting rid of him'. Except he accidentally falls in love with him, Roman often flirting with him and having the upper hand (despite being tied to a chair). Their passionate personalities clash into a weird mix of rough and sensual sex.

#840. Logan gets a call from his boyfriend, Roman, but he's unable to focus on anything but the bruises a stranger gave him last night. Roman wants to know all about it.

Chapter Text

#841. Patton is a prince and Logan his servant. Logan is happy to serve him in many ways, he's highly competent, but Patton loves it when he serves him in a sexual manner.

#842. Roman watches Deceit from outside of their house, jerking himself off as Deceit strips in front of the window. Roman then 'breaks in' and fucks Deceit.

#843. Logan gets cornered, manhandled, and then gang banged by Roman, Virgil, and Patton. He tries pushing them off and telling them to stop, he's quick to settle into it though.

#844. Patton wants his and Deceit's first time to be good, soft and slow and sweet. But Deceit is impatient, hastily making out with Patton and grinding against him. Patton lets him gladly until they're coming in their pants. He'll be soft with him when they finally go all the way.

#845. Roman really just wants Logan to pee inside of him but he's shy about asking and unsure of what Logan would think of it. Logan is, surprisingly, okay with it and willing to try anything for Roman.

#846. Logan gets really bratty and too commanding when he's submissive, so, Roman and Deceit wreck him until he stops being so bratty.

#847. Patton is a good bit taller than Virgil which Virgil finds a little intimidating but in a good way, in a way that makes him want Patton to be more aggressive with him in bed.

#848. Patton sets about teasing the others, coming downstairs in nothing but boxers and an over-sized sweater (that is probably Roman's). He acts all innocent, but he knows he's winding the others up.

#849. Logan gets needy and so gets overly touchy feely with Patton. Patton ignores him for a good while before he finally snaps and fucks Logan over the table.

#850. Roman takes Patton camping but it's a freezing cold night, so, they get close in an effort to warm up and end up fucking.

Chapter Text

#851. Roman coaxes Virgil into letting him practice makeup on him, Virgil begrudgingly agrees. Roman don't expect Virgil to look so good in eyeliner and lipstick, he can't exactly stop himself from bouncing on Virgil then and there.

#852. Logan and Patton are both chubby and unashamed of it, in fact, they love how their bodies feel against each other when they fuck or even just cuddle.

#853. Deceit has a thing for power play and also being a pet, he shyly confesses this to his partner(s) who easily adopt the role of his master(s) and treat him like the pet he wants to be.

#854. Virgil just seems to instinctively know when Patton needs to relieve stress, so, he's quick to silently slip to his knees and lets Patton fuck his throat hard.

#855. Roman takes his boyfriend, Patton, out on a winter picnic despite the cold and snow they enjoy it. And they also end up fooling around while they're there.

#856. Patton ropes Virgil into making gingerbread cookies with him; only most of the mixture ends up on them and Patton has a unique way of cleaning them up by using their mouths.

#857. Virgil hands can get very cold in the winter and he likes to press them against Roman's bare skin. Only Roman's kind of into it and begs to have Virgil's freezing fingers inside of him.

#858. Roman corners Logan and ends up pressing his mostly naked boyfriend against a window, letting him observe the winter wonderland outside as he fucks him senseless, making the glass fog up quickly.

#859. Logan loves wearing Virgil's hoodies, both new and old, and he also takes a liking to riding Virgil in nothing but one of his boyfriend's hoodies.

#860. Virgil enjoys cuddling under the blankets watching winter movies with Logan – especially in the absence of the others – but it soon enough ends in them making out and wandering hands until Virgil is fucking Logan right there on the couch. He is more than surprised when Deceit walks in on them but doesn't hesitate to extend the offer to him.

Chapter Text

#861. For Virgil's birthday his boyfriend's – Logan and Deceit – tie themselves together as his present. And he likes his presents very, very much.

#862. Virgil and Patton are happy and warm under the covers, they don't want to come out, but they do want to get it on. Cue them fumbling trying to get the right positions (etc.) while still trying to stay under the covers.

#863. Roman creates a snowy mountain lodge just for him and his boyfriends to enjoy for the winter however they want. His boyfriends – or 'snow bunnies' as he aptly names them – show their appreciation for this little getaway.

#864. All five of them insist on have a day out in the snow – well, mainly Patton and the others can't say no to him – but end up soaking wet and freezing cold. Roman provides a large, hot bath for all of them to fit into and things get a little heated followed by wandering hands and dirty talking.

#865. Roman usually begs to be fucked hard and fast but Patton is in control and he wants to try something slower: orgasm denial. Roman agrees and ends up loving it, whimpering, whining, and begging for Patton to degrade him and talk dirty to him. He's very vocal about how much he likes it and ends up crying which makes Patton very happy.

#866. Patton drags Deceit outside to play in the snow only to find somewhere a bit more secluded and shove a freezing cold hand down Deceit's pants while he kisses him senseless right then and there.

#867. Patton is almost always soft and careful when he and Virgil have sex until one day Virgil asks, well, more like begs and pleads Patton not to hold back and just wreck him.

#868. Patton has a rather sizable cock and Logan finds himself a little (a lot) obsessed with it (as well as with Patton himself), Patton definitely doesn't mind.

#869. Logan is a stern, serious CEO of a major company. Roman is his secretary and boyfriend, and he finds himself tucked under Logan's desk sucking him off or just cock-warming even when he has company.

#870. Roman is a complete nerd for cosplaying and doing it just right, Virgil finds himself turned on by his boyfriend's explicable outfit. Roman doesn't mind but whines about Virgil potentially ruining his costume.

Chapter Text

#871. Roman and Logan are college student who live in accommodation close to each other, so close that they can see into each other's room. And Roman enjoys putting on little show to try and distract Logan from his studies.

#872.Patton and Logan are both good, gentle dominants to Deceit. They make sure to focus on him and show him how good it can be, in turn Deceit tries his hardest to be good for them.

#873. Patton is a dragon tamer and a very good one at that. Logan is a human who can shape-shift into a dragon, he surprisingly falls in love with the tamer and doesn't want to part with him.

#874. Virgil is dared to go streaking outside in the snow. One of the others finds him and warms him up a little by fucking him.

#875. Logan and Virgil have gentle, slow sex in front of the fire place on a cold winter night.

#876. Deceit wraps himself up in ribbon as a Christmas present, his two cocks presented so prettily for any of the others to touch and please.

#877.Virgil and Roman end up snowed inside a cabin they're at for the holidays. They snuggle together for warmth in the one bed and their hands start wandering.

#878. Roman puts himself forth as the hero to beat the dragon who has been terrorising the nearing towns only to realise the dragon is actually a really attractive serpent man – Deceit. And then he ends up in bed with him because he's a size queen who can't resist such a lay.

#879. Patton and Roman both utterly wreck Virgil during sex. And afterwards they work together to care for their submissive, bringing him out of sub-space, cleaning him up, and making sure he knows they love him.

#880. On Christmas day Roman gives all of the sides their own 'special gifts' – obviously sexual. And at the end of the day they work together to give him is present.

Chapter Text

#881. Logan often gets far too cold and is worse in the winter. Deceit doesn't get cold to that extent so offers to warm Logan up, gathering him in his arms and thoroughly fucking him, touching everywhere he can manage to warm him up.

#882. Virgil and Patton have sweet sex and snuggles in front of the fireplace.

#883. Roman accidentally ends up holding during a (Christmas) movie marathon so he doesn't have to get up and miss any parts of the movies. He ends up wetting himself on one of the others' laps and the others make sure to cuddle him too.

#884. Roman walks around in nothing but his Christmas jumper and underwear, and thoroughly distracts the others.

#885. Logan is a very good boy for Virgil, doing just as he's told, and makes sure he's in front of the fireplace when Virgil asks him to. They get each other off right there wearing each other's Christmas jumper.

#886. Virgil and Patton are cuddled up, listening to festive, holiday music and then start having slow, sweet, sappy sex. And also saying "I love you" for the first time during.

#887. They're all partial to grabbing one of the others under the mistletoe and kissing them senseless. But Roman won't stop until he's fucking one of his boyfriends under the mistletoe while the others watch.

#888. Patton loves baking and cooking things especially for Virgil to eat and keep a regular eating schedule. Virgil ends up gaining weight which Patton definitely doesn't mind and shows him just how much he loves his body.

#889. Deceit has one of his boyfriends' tie both of his cocks up with ribbon to look pretty to impress the others and they're definitely impressed.

#890. Patton spontaneously initiates sex with his boyfriend; except Virgil is caught off guard. He doesn't want to say no or to stop but he really, really needs to pee.

Chapter Text

#891. Patton regularly gets himself off to thoughts of fucking Logan, Virgil and Roman. He's far too in the moment to feel guilty about fantasising over his best friends.

#892. Logan is a serious, professional CEO. His boyfriend, Roman, who is a painter, has no problem sneaking in during Logan's lunch breaks to have a quickie. He does, however, end up accidentally getting paint on Logan and doesn't realise.

#893. Virgil hooks up with Logan, who is definitely not bad in bed, however, he can't stop thinking about his ex-boyfriend, Patton. He ends up breaking down during sex.

#894. Logan is surprised by himself and how much he wants Patton to physically dominate him, take control over him, and be his 'daddy'.

#895. Deceit is, unsurprisingly, touch starved. Patton finds out and ropes Logan into helping him dominate and take care of Deceit. They find out that his scales are also very sensitive and use that to wreck him until he's exhausted.

#896. Logan gets aroused when Patton is away, so, he tells Patton as much over text and Patton proceeds to tell him exactly how to get himself off.

#897. Virgil is touch starved and will settle for little touches off his three boyfriends, but they go one better one night, the first time they all have sex together. Virgil becomes overwhelmed in the best way possible.

#898. Patton and Roman share a common interest for exhibitionism, Virgil and Logan not so much. But the four of them do fool around in public, leading up to them fucking on public transport.

#899. Virgil has a big thing for Logan's voice. He has more of a thing for Logan reading erotic stories aloud to him, he's absolutely weak for it.

#900. Roman coaxes Virgil into wrestling with him for completely athletic purposes and not at all because he wants to feel Virgil hands on him and his body so close.

Chapter Text

#901. Patton wants to take care of and pleasure his boyfriend, Roman, so, he eats him out and doesn't mind Roman's hands gripping his hair and thighs crushing his face.

#902. Logan is, embarrassingly (to himself), very into being hit and slapped around in the bedroom. Roman is not exactly pleased to do it at first but sees how badly Logan is into it and he quickly changes his mind.

#903. Roman and Virgil disappear from the party just minutes from midnight on New Year's Eve, wanting desperately to fuck and then to come on the chime of midnight.

#904. Logan is embarrassed and upset over having to use the safeword, feeling as if he has failed or let the other(s) down, they reassure him that it's okay and mainly want to know that he's safe.

#905. The first time Patton manages to make Logan cry in bed (for good or bad reasons) he feels guilty and embarrassed because he likes it. He asks Logan to try it again for him, to cry for him during sex, and Patton is definitely into it.

#906. Roman is a strong, no-nonsense omega and Patton is such a soft, sweetheart of an alpha but they work so well together even if Roman, more often than not, takes control in the bedroom.

#907. Patton and Virgil are in a 24/7 power exchange relationship, sometimes it's just small subtle things in their days to exert the power difference and sometimes it's more.

#908. Logan is a freak about aftercare and will go to all lengths to make sure Virgil is alright afterwards, especially if he experiences sub/dom-drop.

#909. Roman and Logan are dating, however, Roman gets off on his own jealousy and fantasises about seeing Logan with someone else sexually. Obviously, he confesses this to Logan who makes arrangements for Roman to watch him be wrecked by their good friend Patton.

#910. Roman has no problem with letting Patton out of bed to cook them eggs for breakfast. Especially not when he lets him fuck him over the kitchen counter too.

Chapter Text

#911. Virgil loves exploring Deceit's body especially when he blindfolds the other and lets him just feel his touches.

#912. Patton accidentally spills water on his boyfriend, Logan, and instead of apologising realises how good Logan looks in a wet shirt and tell him so, then show him just how much he likes it.

#913. Virgil wears lace panties underneath his jeans as a surprise for his boyfriend but when it comes to undressing before sex, he realises that Logan's had the same thought as him, wearing his own lace panties under his clothes.

#914. Deceit is particularly mean with his punishments in the bedroom; his favourite is to overstimulate Logan until he can take no more and is babbling apologies.

#915. Virgil loves pushing and teasing Roman until he loses control and completely wrecks him, what he doesn't anticipate is Roman growling as he fucks him.

#916. Roman falls into heat unexpectedly with his long-term friend, crush, and fellow omega, Logan, the only one nearby. He begs and pleads for Logan to help him the best he can.

#917. Logan dances as a form of exercise and relaxation, and one day Virgil catches him accidentally, but he can't tear his eyes away from the sight. And he really, really likes the sight.

#918. Virgil has a thing for absentmindedly wielding knives and, well, Deceit is a little obsessed and very aroused by it. Virgil catches him staring.

#919. Virgil gets cold very quickly, so, after being outside in the cool winter air then fooling around with his boyfriend, Patton, he's not surprised at Patton's squealing reaction of his icy fingers on his bare skin.

#920. Patton is surprisingly easy to make squirm in sexual situations. His boyfriends, Virgil and Deceit, have a bit of a challenge to see who can make Patton squirm the most under their hands.

Chapter Text

#921. Patton adores feeding Logan, regularly and when he forgets to eat, then he loves giving his chubby belly lots of kisses. And Logan doesn't exactly mind it either.

#922. Roman and Virgil make a bet that they can last longer than the other without getting off, except they tease each other relentlessly and break quicker than anticipated.

#923. Logan is transgender and is embarrassed about how quick Roman can make him wet and aroused, sometimes without even saying anything or touching him. Roman is very, very proud.

#924. Logan finds a way to get hands on with Deceit to see if his scales are slimy or not – he doesn't really care for the results he's just been dreaming of touching the other for a while now.

#925. Patton accidentally gets turned into a kitten hybrid and Virgil is freaking out more so than him, so, he takes it upon himself to calm Virgil down.

#926. Virgil safewords a lot, especially if he gets panicked or something happens too fast, but he feels guilty afterwards. Logan always reminds him that he shouldn't feel bad and that's what a safeword is for.

#927. Virgil can't keep himself still or silent in public with his daddy, Patton, when he has a vibrator inside of him, but Patton makes excuse after excuse to people for Virgil's odd behaviour.

#928. The first time Patton sees Logan naked he's drawn to his thick thighs, so much so that Logan notices, teases him about it, but ultimately asks him if he'd like to fuck his thighs.

#929. Patton has a daddy kink, in that he likes to call his boyfriend, Deceit, daddy. And Deceit really doesn't mind.

#930. The first time they have sex Logan offers Virgil all of the control in order to make him feel comfortable and Virgil really appreciates it.

Chapter Text

#931. Deceit and Virgil gang up on Roman, reducing him to an absolute mess as one of them blows him while the other rims him.

#932. Sleep is into rough sex, like, really rough sex and Deceit is just the one to give it to him exactly how he likes it: hard, painful, and really rough.

#933. Roman has been cranky and bratty all day, so, Patton decides to gather him into his lap and finger him until he's babbling to let him come.

#934. Virgil and Logan are in a long-distance relationship but want to take it to the next level, so, they have phone sex, constantly dirty talking and describing what they're doing to themselves.

#935. Logan is notorious for not going to sleep on time or getting the full amount, so, Sleep constantly teases him all day, edging him until he can't think of anything other than finally coming. Sleep promises that if Logan goes to sleep on time tonight he'll let him come.

#936. Emile wants to let off a little steam, so, sets out on pleasuring himself in a variety of ways, coming multiple times before he's sated.

#937. Patton pleads for Virgil to indulge him in roleplaying in the bedroom, Virgil is worried that he won't be good enough or he'll break character, but Patton doesn't really mind if he does.

#938. Virgil's no stranger to pornography, typically using it to get himself off before he started dating Logan. But his boyfriend never did, so, Virgil coaxes Logan into watching porn with him.

#939. Roman is very, very persuasive; persuasive enough to coax Virgil and Logan into have a quickie with him before they're due to do something/go somewhere important.

#940. Roman is, surprisingly, nervous and not ready to have sex yet. So, he and Virgil decide to masturbate in front of the other first to make him comfortable before they even think about going any further.

Chapter Text

#941. Logan is no stranger to his boyfriends' kinks, so, plans on having sex with Roman in their car and Roman absolutely gets off on the exhibitionism.

#942. Patton books a quick getaway in a hotel for himself and his three boyfriends (Roman, Logan, and Virgil) but with two separate rooms due to how many of them there is, however, they can't stay away from each other for too long and end up all piled in one bed.

#943. Patton gets exhausted after planning a big party and setting it all up, so, Logan takes it upon himself to calm Patton down just before the guests are due to arrive.

#944. Virgil is new in town and for whatever reason visits the local church where he meets Patton, the Church's priest, and he can help but think dirty thoughts about him and get himself off to thoughts of the priest even right there in the church.

#945. Roman and Virgil still have petty, small arguments about nonsense but more often than not leads to either hard, angry sex or soft apology sex.

#946. Patton misses Roman immensely when he's away but the slow, sweet, sappy sex when they're reunited almost makes up for it.

#947. The other three think Patton is joking when he says he'll spank them if they keep doing what they are, so, they ignore him and end up getting spanked.

#948. Logan and Patton are newly married and spend their wedding night having romantic sex.

#949. Roman walks in on Deceit and Logan getting frisky, they're not embarrassed but rather ask if Roman wants to watch or join them.

#950. Roman is a keen swimmer and Patton likes to watch from the side-lines and encourage his boyfriend. Roman ends up pulling him into the water to have sex right there and Patton doesn't exactly mind, as long as they won't get caught.

Chapter Text

#951. Patton is an omega who is determined to become pregnant soon by none other than his alpha, Virgil. Patton tends to dirty talk about being impregnated to urge Virgil on.

#952. Patton locks both Roman and Logan's cocks in cages as punishment for playing with each other without their daddy's (Patton) permission and, to make their punishment worse, Patton teases them endlessly as they try to apologise over and over.

#953. Virgil takes Roman out for date night and they get a little tipsy, when they fall into bed together, they can't keep their hands off each other but they're not as coordinated as usual.

#954. Virgil is the son of the current Prince (and grandson of the King) and Logan is his servant, friend, and a little more. Logan typically takes it upon himself to help Virgil relax with a nice bath after a stressful day, and Virgil usually persuades him to join him.

#955. Roman is really into being humiliated sometimes during sex; Patton isn't so sure about it, Logan is awkward regarding it, and, surprisingly, Virgil humiliates him like a pro.

#956. Sleep is a heavily pregnant omega and finds that his alpha, Virgil, won't stop staring at him and the bump. So, he coaxes Virgil into bed to have a closer look and a feel.

#957. Roman and Deceit are both as vain as each other but find it embarrassingly arousing when they take to fucking in front of the mirror, watching as they become undone and wrecked.

#958. Roman is trans and definitely not afraid to take complete control in the bedroom, bringing out some of his favourite fake cocks to fuck Logan with.

#959. Virgil is typically quite shy to take what he wants during sex but once Logan tells him he can sit on his face then Virgil just can't hold back from riding his face.

#960. Roman takes Patton into his kingdom one day and so gets him his own princely uniform to wear, except Roman is really into seeing Patton all dressed up like that, that they might not make it to his kingdom.

Chapter Text

#961. Logan is a priest and has been for a few years but is caught off guard by a handsome young man, Roman, who is hell bent on seducing him out of his celibacy.

#962. Prince Roman is due to leave tomorrow for battle but doesn't want to leave his lover, Virgil. So, makes love to him the night before the battle so he'll never forget him if he should not return.

#963. Virgil, embarrassingly, isn't a stranger to wet dreams, particularly featuring Patton. It makes it awkward to look him in the eye the next morning and he finally breaks down and tells Patton about his dreams.

#964. Logan doesn't take well to being sick even if it's just a cold and will constantly push away Patton to not get him sick either, but Patton won't let that stop him getting Logan into bed, wearing him out, and coddling him.

#965. Patricia and Vicky are girlfriends and best of friends (of course) but have never been intimate before, Patricia is more than willing to throw herself into it, giggling and being all soft, and Vicky can't help but let her pull her into it for their first time.

#966. Logan is really into humiliation and being called all sorts of names, but Roman oversteps the line and says something too harsh. Logan sub-drops/breaks down/safewords, Roman comforts him and tells him he didn't mean it in the slightest while implementing aftercare.

#967. Deceit likes to be called 'daddy' in bed but doesn't tell Elliott, but they know Deceit is hiding something from them, so, refuses to let Deceit come until he tells them he has a daddy kink.

#968. Patton has an oral fixation and won't hesitate to drop to his knees and suck the others off whenever, wherever. And the others often walk in on Patton and another getting it on because of this every reason.

#969. Roman and Virgil are enemies who hate each other with a burning passion but they also have major sexual tension, so, they end up hate fucking while uttering insults at each other.

#970. Roman is really into being humiliated but Logan isn't exactly the best at it, he tries and Roman guesses that's what counts.

Chapter Text

#971. Roman begs and pleads for Deceit to degrade him and, in the end, use him as a urinal and Deceit really loves seeing Roman in such a state.

#972. Virgil has a thing for bondage, but his partner(s) doesn't/don't know yet, Virgil either confesses and tells them or they find out.

#973. Virgil loves to see his boyfriend, Logan, swaddled in his hoodie and seeing him grasp at his shoulders and he ruts against his thigh wearing only his hoodie is even better.

#974. Patton is really turned on by Roman brandishing his sword even when it's not pointed at him and he finally confesses this to Roman who indulges him in his interest.

#975. Patton diapers Logan regularly due to his likelihood of accidents, especially when he's distracted, but Logan gets shy about wetting them in front of Patton never mind in his lap, Patton coos at him and encourages him to let go.

#976. Logan is a scientist with a thing for robotics, so, creates Virgil – an android – who then becomes self-aware and falls in love (and in lust) with his creator.

#977. Roman gets aroused by being afraid and the other(s) take it upon themselves to startle and frighten him just a little.

#978. Patton is shy to admit that he likes having his cock humiliated but the other(s) is/are more than happy to humiliate him.

#979. Roman didn't consider Logan's virginity until the other shyly confesses it to him and now he can't think of anything but 'corrupting' his little nerd.

#980. Virgil typically hates feeling helpless anywhere but in the bedroom, he goes wild for it especially when he knows Patton is in control of it all.

Chapter Text

#981. Roman can't help himself dramatically laying on things and people, except he does this to Virgil and accidentally gets him hard.

#982. Logan is an omega who refuses to be a 'stay at home with the kids' kind of omega whilst Patton is an alpha who is more than happy to be the house husband. But Patton takes care of his omega in many more ways.

#983. Patton loves admiring his boyfriends during sex; loving the way Virgil tries to hide his pleasured expressions, the way Logan's face burns bright red, and the way Roman shivers when he touches him just right.

#984. Roman adores dressing up, even more so when it’s for Patton, bringing out his highest heels, prettiest lingerie, and flowing dresses.

#985. Logan is typically so stoic and hardly says much during dinner time, however, when Roman puts a vibrator in him beforehand and he’s anything but silent.

#986. Patton makes sure Valentines day is so romantic for his boyfriend, Virgil, even the soft, sweet love making.

#987. Logan is a successful lawyer and to celebrate a win in the courtroom his fuck buddies completely wreck him.

#988. Virgil is very punk and Roman finds it rather attractive, what’s even better is that Virgil has a tongue stud and Roman goes wild when he does certain things with his mouth.

#989.  Virgil has an omorashi kink and finds himself unable to tell his boyfriend, Logan. However, when he does tell him (or he finds out) Logan takes it much better than he expected and offers to ‘experiment’.

#990. Deceit begs to try gagging Logan in the bedroom and Logan agrees only when he’s gagged, he finds he really doesn’t like it so safe signals out.


Chapter Text

#991. Virgil has a fascination with ropes and the likes, so, wants to try it out on his boyfriend, Roman. It takes longer than Roman can deal with and he ends up whining for Virgil to get him off before he's finished his delicate rope work.

#992. Logan is a pastor who chastises Virgil and Roman for their blasphemy. They don't listen and continue on as well as teasing Logan until he ends up getting worked up by their blasphemy.

#993. Patton loves to see his boyfriend, Virgil, flushed and desperate to pee. Virgil loves to whine about it especially because it gets Patton all hot and bothered.

#994. Roman can easily summon things within his realm including certain tentacled beings and, well, Virgil is very, very interested in how and why. And Roman has no problem in giving him a demonstration.

#995. Deceit loves his clothing a bit too much and swaddled in his cape with his gloves on and nothing else gets him off like nothing else.

#996. Logan discovers he has a thing for Virgil's deep, dangerous, intimidating voice. And one day he accidentally gets hard just from Virgil's voice.

#997. Patton is a very excitable puppy when he's playing with his master Roman, sometimes it's endearing but sometimes Roman has to put him in his place.

#998. Logan is shy to slip into his pet headspace but with Patton's encouragement and head pats he can't exactly stop himself and Patton thinks that's adorable when he's all whiny and needy.

#999. Typically, Patton only gets Virgil off once during sex, regardless if he's come himself or not, but Virgil wants so much more, so, he begs and pleads for Patton to keep going and overstimulate him.

#1000. Roman is an old romantic and loves whispering sweet nothings into Patton's ear while he makes love to him until Patton falls apart into a babbling mess of emotions.

Chapter Text

#1001. Deceit can transform parts of himself to represent different parts of animals and Logan is very intrigued by the tentacles he can grow out of his back. And Deceit is intrigued by the way Logan looks taking his tentacles ever so good and patiently.

#1002. Patton is the person who compliments and praises the others but rarely gets it in return. Virgil thinks that's unfair and takes him time complimenting and praising his boyfriend while worshiping his body in bed.

#1003. Patton is really tall especially in comparison to his boyfriend, Logan, who is really short. But this means Patton is able to pick him up and manhandle him just how he likes it, even though Logan usually complains about it he really just gets off on it.

#1004. Patton adores worshiping Roman's muscly body in bed and, in turn, Roman loves worshiping Patton's chubby body too.

#1005. Roman likes having a sword pressed against his naked skin which is even better when it's cute, giggly Patton holding the sword.

#1006. Virgil likes to be in control and keep Logan safe during sex, so, he doesn't mind being the one to paint his boyfriend's skin with pretty, hot wax.

#1007. Logan figures out he has a teacher kink when Roman pretends to dress up and act like him. And Roman teases him endlessly about it.

#1008. Patton is partial to wearing the odd skirt or dress every now and again, but it's made so much better when Roman dresses him up and calls him a 'pretty girl'.

#1009. Sleep is ever cool and casual, the absolute opposite to his easily flustered partner Emile, but there's one thing that never fails to make Sleep into a sobbing, submissive mess: tentacles.

#1010. Roman loves taking nudes to send to his boyfriend, Patton, and receiving his many praises. Except one day he accidentally sends one to the group chat.

Chapter Text

#1011. Virgil is a very tired, very sick of his workers, boss who is so close to quitting until he gets a new, shy, fumbling assistant named Logan who makes work suck less and also makes him want to bend him over his desk.

#1012. Sleep is very possessive and might have a bit of a thing for marking his boyfriend, Deceit, especially with streaks of his come which makes Deceit look absolutely gorgeous.

#1013. Patton accidentally walks in on Logan fucking himself with a dildo as he chants Patton's name. and Patton decides to give him the real thing.

#1014. Deceit loves the feeling of his gloved fingers wrapped around his cock, but it feels so much better when it's Logan's gloved fingers.

#1015. Roman is really strong due to all his questing but doesn't use it too much, so, Logan is surprised when Roman can manhandle him around in the bedroom like he weighs nothing. And Logan is very into it.

#1016. Patton is sure possessive over his three boyfriends, so, it's not odd to see Virgil, Roman, and Logan wearing matching hickies and bruises.

#1017. Deceit finds the fantasy of binding Roman up and melding him to his will so arousing. So, when Roman shyly admits he wants to try bondage Deceit jumps at the chance.

#1018. Virgil coaxes Deceit into bed to have soft, sappy sex with him rather than something rougher and kinkier like they're used to.

#1019. Logan's work is stressful and busy, and he likes nothing more than coming home to his sweet neko boyfriend, Patton, falling to his knees and begging to suck him off.

#1020. Emile trusts Sleep deeply, enough for them to become fuck buddies, he knows Emile is transgender and they won't veer too far into a romantic relationship.