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Welcome To RiverdaleStuck

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They’d won the game, they went to a new universe, but they were all human... weird. They sat outside sign, comforting written upon it the words, ‘Welcome To Riverdale’ tempting them inside. A tall blonde cool kid stepped forward, holding his hand out to a short angry black haired kid his age, smiling down at him.
“Come on karks, get up.”
“Get your fucking hand out of my face you bulgelicker!” Karkat Vantas said, his hand meeting the ‘bulgelicker’ named Dave strider’s own.
They held hands after he was pulled up, Strider no longer having to fear that someone would see, only helping more were the happy looks he got from friends as family, knowing he was happy.
“Well I say we head in, Kanaya?” Rose Lalonde said gently, looking to her girlfriend as she- and everyone else- stood up to join the two already standing boys.
“Absolutely, dear.”


They all parted ways into the tiny town, trying to find their way, David, choosing to go where his stomach took him, heading to pops. Down a few isles, sat the happy couple of Topaz and Blossom, sharing a cherry milkshake, smiling contently at each other. This however was not true, for strider, for as soon as the doors bell rang, he felt all he had worked for, everything he had overcome, come crashing back.
Tunnel vision, if you’ve never experienced, is where you seem to only see one thing, everything else fading or blacking out, symptoms vary. This particular case, chose them to befall the young boy, as he saw an orange trucker hat, spiky hair, and triangle glasses turning to look him right in the eye, ember orange he had finally stopped associating with swords and hate, instead with brothers and care, meeting a red that seemed to be draining of life, filling instead with fear.
No no no, this can’t be happening dave thought as he turned, ready to run. Run where? Anywhere.
“Davey! Get back here you scoundrel!” Scoundrel, he only calls me that if he’s really angry, what did I do this time? What will he do this time? “You been gone all day kid, come help your dear old bro with our dinner alright?” Bro said as he held out a bag to dave, and a twenty to pop.
“Of course.”
They were in the car in a flash, almost as if they’d flashstepped, if that wasn’t forbidden in front of strangers, and dave held two bags on his lap, trying not to lose whatever food he had in his stomach at Bros next move.
“Ya know kid,” he drawled in that Texan accent of his, nearly making Dave flinch behind his shades,” haven’t seen you all day,” a hand found its way onto Dave’s leg, rubbing up and down, in perfect sync with the bile rising in his throat,”maybe we should have some family time tonight,” his grip tightened as he began driving out and onto the road,” just the two of us, don’t that sound nice?” His grip tightened again, like a rope around a neck, making dave whimper in pain.
“Don’t fuckin make those noises at me boy, or you’ll be whinin about more than just that, by the time I’m done with you.” He let go, facing the road completely, leaving Dave to deal with the panic rising in him, Bro was back, and this time there was no crazed dog guy to kill him.


Mom was all that came to the mind of Rose Lalonde as she stared ahead, her sister/mom/daughter Roxy clutched her arm next to her, mesmerised by her aged up lookalike in front of them.
“Roxy, Rose! Where have my girls been?” she turned to them, affection and care laced through her words, reminding Rose of those two things being laced through all the things she had received from this woman in her youth.
She couldn't control herself, she ran forward, threw her arms around her, and whispered tightly “too far mom, much to far.”
“Rosey! You're never this open at home,” Mom sounded surprised, but her arms crept around Rose’s body, hugging her back while Roxy stood back, proud and happy,”this is nice, honey.”
She looked back to her previous engagement, some clothes from the shelf of the dingie clothes store Roxy had dragged her to.
“Now i know you two don't like shopping with me, but i need something to make your father regret leaving with your brothers.”
“Our, father?” Roxy said cautiously, unsure whether she had heard correct, slight joy seeping into her words. The Lalondes were never good at keeping their feelings secret.
“Bro,” Rose froze, Dave,”don't you remember dear? I could’ve sworn you hated the living daylights out of him, though I have no clue as to why.”


They drove to a trailer park. Wow, only thought for both the young Lalondes.
“Come on girls, let's go see your family.” mom said as she opened her door, walking to the wooden steps leading to the Strider abode.
Knock knock knock
“Who is it?!”
“Why Broderik, I'm surprised you don't recognise me? It's only your favorite ex wife and children!” Mom trilled, an edge in her voice.
The door opened to reveal a tall man, to whom Roxy immediately whispered frantically “Dirkie?:o”, before seeing the evil and cruelty in his eyes.
“Roxanne, Rose, Roxy; good to see you. Dirk is in his room, Dave is in the livin room.” he walked back, letting them in, and walking back over to the kitchen.
Rose looked around the dingie trailer-esk home, and saw Dave sitting on an old couch, head in hands, and a pure black long sleeve shirt covering his upper body.
“Davey!! :D” Roxy gasped, running to hug him, missing the flinch he gave when she threw her arms around him.
Rose however did not, her eyes turning to a glare, her personality bristling, her gaze shooting to Bro, anger burning.
“H-hey Rox, how’s it hangin?” he said casually, trying to act natural.
“Hey kid!” Bro yelled, Dave turning to his head to meet his gaze, if not tentatively, “show the rest of these ragamuffins your room why don't you?”
“Of course..”


“This is it, nothin special.” he waved his hand about, gesturing to his room.
“David, has he done anything to you?” rose said, angrily, not able hide how much it upset her. “Because if he has, i swear to god i will curse him with every dark god there is.”
Roxy was confused, not sure what her two technically ecto-kids were talking about.
“No Rose he hasn’t done anything! God!” Dave exploded at Rose,”why the hell would he do anything?”
“Then let me see you're arms!”
“If he hasn't done anything why does it matter?”
“Because he has! He has ok… he did it again, i thought maybe he would be better, but he's not..”
Roxy surged forward to envelope Dave, Rose following soon after. Tears began, from all the children, but were soon startled as a new pair of arms joined the circle, scaring all of them.
“Relax, it's me guys,” the voice of Dirk Strider said cooly.
They all sunk to the floor, holding each other, as Dave cried, and they wiped it all away.



“Toniiiiiiiii. TOOOOOnnnnnnnnniiiiiiii. TOOOONNNNNNIIIIIII!” cheryl called to her girlfriend, who was currently starring out the window at the pair of blondes in shades who had just left. “What is your sudden obsession with those two guys?”
“Didn’t you see the way the younger one looked at the other guy? So not ok, i wonder what's up with it…”
“Do tell, toni-boo.” Cheryl said with a smirk, leaning forward onto the table slightly, showing her interest.
“He looked almost, afraid, like big guy was gonna, hurt him?”
Cheryl, having just picked up her sundae, dropped it, her grip going slack.
“Hurt him? Why Toni, I'm sure if he was going to do any harm, it wouldn't happen in pops!” Cheryl tried to reassure her girlfriend, though it sounded more like it was to herself more than anything.
“Oh my god!” Toni, currently pressed against the glass, exclaimed, “Cher, he just put his hand on lil dudes leg!”
“What” Cheryl said, suddenly out of her seat and rushing towards the door.
“Cheryl!” Toni called, but the redhead on heels was already out and gassing up her car, which they had arrived in.
“Get in.” it wasn't a request, an order, but Toni knew that if she did not Cheryl wouldn't really be angry, and would never retaliate in any way.
“Where are we going?”
“Finding out where that shade-douche lives, and if he's going to Riverdale.”


“Yes, i do believe he’ll be enrolling here, he and his brother, Dirk.” Principle Weatherbee said, after retrieving the file neatly labeled Dave Strider.
So that's lil dudes name. Toni thought casually.
“Wonderful, can't wait to welcome them!” Cheryl said, faking enthusiasm to cover her dread, someone who would remind her every day of what she goes through.