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A Father's Love

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Chuuya was falling.

Dazai didn't waste time thinking. He leaped after his partner, and only when he had Chuuya pressed tightly against his chest did he realize he should've thought things through. He tried to move so he would take the brunt of the fall; Chuuya was hurt, really hurt, and Dazai was going to do anything to keep him safe.

Even if it meant letting himself take the impact of a three-story fall.

Dazai landed on his elbow, immediately feeling his bones shatter. He wasn't expecting Chuuya to feel so heavy against his chest. He decided he could take a moment to compose himself and hopefully keep from doing anything else impulsively. Despite the pain in his arm, Dazai wasn't aware of any serious injuries. He figured he probably bruised his ribs and spine, and his head lacked the cloudiness of a concussion.

However, he wasn't too focused on himself. His arms remained wrapped around Chuuya,his hands sticky with his partner’s blood. Chuuya was breathing, not well, but Dazai was thankful for it.

He felt helpless. Dazai didn't know what to do next. He knew he had to get Chuuya help, that was his main priority. But it would be hard to do so with a broken arm. He thought briefly about calling Mori, but he refused to let the mafia boss tend to his wounds. Akutagawa would answer his call no matter what, but Dazai wasn't in the mood to deal with him. Besides, he probably be just as lost as Dazai.

Luckily, his phone remained intact in the inner pocket of his blazer. Dazai struggled a bit, given the pocket was opposite of his good arm, not to mention Chuuya was playing on top of it. He let out a breath, quickly dialing the familiar number.


“I'm not a doctor you know.”

“I know.”

“But I'll do the best I can.”

Oda ruffled his hair, and Dazai for a moment saw the man as a father. He watched carefully as Oda went to Chuuya, bandaging the redhead gently.

Though he was offered a bed, he refused to move from the chair in Oda’s guest room. He had Oda tend to Chuuya the moment they had stepped into the apartment, Dazai following Oda’s every move as they hovered over Chuuya’s still form. It wasn't until Dazai relaxed, realizing he was concussed after all, and he collapsed. The next thing he knew, Oda was wrapping his arm and handing him pills.

It took a lot of control for Dazai to stay seated. He knew he trusted Oda, but not when it came to Chuuya. There was no one he trusted to care for him. There would be days Dazai had to be banned from the hospital for getting in the way of the doctors, claiming they didn't know what they were doing. Chuuya always got mad at him for doing things like that, stating that he was acting like a clingy girlfriend.

Dazai hadn't realized he was zoning out until Oda was crouching in front of him.


Oda was speaking quietly. Dazai slowly looked at him, trying to focus.

“You need rest too, come on.”

He began to protest, but was quickly silenced when Oda gathered him up and carried him into the next room. He was placed on the end of the bed, and he began to realize he was in Oda’s bedroom. He glanced around, trying to focus on the few photos that were hanging. A set of clean clothes was placed beside him. Dazai figured it was fatigue that allowed him to be so uncaring as Oda began to undress him, removing the bandages before putting him in clean clothes.

“I can't sleep here.” Dazai hated how slurred and tired his voice sounded.

Oda chuckled. “I can handle the couch, don't worry.”

Oda lifted him up again, this time to lay him against the pillows at the head of the bed. Though he was tired and desperate for sleep, he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. It felt wrong for someone to be so gentle towards him. He wondered why Oda was treating him this way.

“I'll take the couch, you stay-"

“Osamu.” Oda’s voice was firm, but gentle. “It's okay. You can relax.”

A soft kissed was pressed to his head as the blankets were pulled around his shoulders. He listened to Oda’s footsteps grow quieter as he fell asleep.


For the first time in a while, Dazai woke up slowly. He decided to blame it on the concussion.

Oda entered the room a few moments later, brushing back Dazai’s bangs. The executive felt as if he were home.

“Good morning.” Oda continued to talk in the same quiet voice. “Do you wanna talk about what happened last night?”

“I failed,” was Dazai’s simple reply.

As best he could, Dazai shared how he had Chuuya had to use Corruption to her out of the enemy hideout. Dazai thought every enemy had been downed, but once he nullified Corruption a man came out of hiding and threw Chuuya out the window. Dazai wished he had thought to at least shoot the man before diving after Chuuya.

Oda listened patiently. He didn't comment once Dazai was done, he only told him he was glad they were safe with him now.

“You know Corruption better than I do, so I'll let you look over Chuuya later today. But you still need to rest, so I'll get you something to help you sleep.” Oda began running his hand through Dazai’s hair, and Dazai sighed, feeling tears form.

He was beginning to enjoy pretending Oda was the father he wanted.