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A Haunted House

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Boze shrugged on her jacket and sat in her car for a few more moments, savoring the sweet lyrics SZA was singing through her stereo. She hated school, she hated everything about it. The bullying, the schedules, the deadlines, the impending doom of graduation. Boze sighed and turned off her car and its headlights and grabbed her bag from the passenger seat. It was a friday so at least she wouldn’t have to deal with school for a few days after those six hours of her time was wasted on material she shouldn’t have to remember.
As Boze walked through the senior lot she passed by Olivia Sui who was parking her brand new car she had received from her parents for her eighteenth birthday. A brand new Audi convertible with red leather interior that Olivia made sure to brag about all over Instagram. Boze wasn’t sure why she even followed Olivia, her main excuse was so she could make fun of her but the real reason was she was too lazy to unfollow her in the first place. Besides, making fun of Olivia’s self obsessed posts was fun anyways. Luckily Boze managed to escape Olivia’s gaze and she made it inside the building without being ridiculed.
With her earbuds stuck in her ears Boze passed through the hallways seemingly unnoticed. She was rather short to begin with so she was able to weave through the masses and make it to her first period class quickly. There was still about ten minutes till class started but Boze always liked getting there early so she could claim her unassigned, assigned seat before anyone else could. It was in the second row right next to the windows, she liked having an escape plan if something tragic were to happen and it gave her a good view of the forest that surrounded the school, along with the rest of the town. Sometimes deer would frolic by the school along with large masses of migrating birds and Boze always liked watching it, even if that meant sacrificing her attention. Government was never her best subject anyways, she was always better at math and science.
She watched the door until she saw her two friend enter, laughing and hanging on one another as always. Boze had known Keith and Noah ever since the second grade when they were all in the same class with one another. They had been inseparable ever since and were overjoyed when they found out they all had AP Gov together this year. She took out her earbuds so she could focus her attention on her friends rather than he music and watched as they slumped down in their desks and dropped their bags next to them.
“Boze did you understand the physics homework for last night? Like at all?” Keith asked as he took out the worksheet they were supposed to complete. It was on the new unit they had just learned, momentum, and Keith was having a hard time figuring any of it out. “I just feel like I’m doing something wrong with all my equations.” He said as he showed Boze his worksheet. She looked it over in frowned at what she saw.
“Yeah dude because you’re only doing half of the equations.” She said as she pulled out her mechanical pencil and reference table. “This cart is asking what the velocity of cart B was after is connected with cart A. You only found the momentum for the carts before they hit one another, you’re supposed to set that equal to what it would be after and then you basically just solve for X.” Boze explained as she wrote out the full equation. Keith nodded along as he watched her write it out then she shoved the paper in her direction so he could complete it.
“Boze you should work for NASA.” He said as he typed the numbers into his calculator so he could finish the problem. Boze just rolled her eyes and took out the homework they were supposed to complete for Gov and listened to the bell blare throughout the school. The rest of her classmates filed into the room and the final bell signaled that school was starting. 7:30 on the dot just like always. Boze slumped in her chair and looked out the window as her teacher meandered around the room collecting the homework.


Boze was walking out of the lunchroom and towards the science wing when she saw a large crowd of people gathering and chanting something. As she got closer she watched as someone with a mess of short blond hair shouted at the head principal. Boze sighed, it was Courtney Miller aka one of the biggest ‘troublemakers’ that attended Lily Town High. Courtney was always getting called to the principal for something whether it be mouthing off to a teacher or for some absurd accusation.
“Hey I didn’t even do this!” She shouted as she pointed to a row of lockers. Painted on the stark white lockers was a crude spray painted pair of eagle wings, still wet and dripping. “You’re just targeting me like the rest of this school! I didn’t do this, I was in chem which is on the other side of the building!” Courtney shouted as one of the school security officers was trying to drag her down to the office. Boze turned on her heal so she could get to the science wing and leave this mess. She believed her though, Boze knew that if Courtney was going to tag something with a set of wings she was going to make it look much nicer than the person who painted the ones on the locker.
But there was no denying that Courtney Miller hung around a pretty scary crowd. She was a member of The Griffins, gang that lived within Lily Town and scared the hell out of Boze. They were run by Mari Takahashi and Courtney was supposedly her right hand. The Griffins were rumored to be drug dealers and stuff like that, rulers of all crime within the secluded town. They all wore faded brown leather jackets that had eagle wings stitched on the backs and most rode hefty motorcycles. Not to mention they all had tattoos, big tattoos of eagle wings on their backs along with many other littered all around their bodies.
Boze finally made it to room G28, her physics teachers room, and she sat down at her normal seat. Noah and Keith had a different lunch period than her which left Boze all alone, so Mr. Hecox always let her eat in his room. Even though she had open lunch Boze didn’t feel like wasting money on gas or take out so school lunches were always relatively satisfactory.
“Anything new?” Hecox asked, not looking up from the book he was reading. Boze observed the cover and saw that he was reading some Tom Clancy book she had never heard of. She just shrugged and took a bite of her BLT.
“Courtney Miller was being dragged to the principal's office while I was on the way here. Someone’s accusing her of graffiting a set of griffin wings on a row of lockers.”
“Accusing or stating the truth?” Hecox asked, flipping the page of is book with one hand and using the other to shove a mouthful of salad into his mouth.
“I think accusing.” Hecox rose his eyebrows but still kept his eyes trained on his book. “Whoever painted the wings did a pretty bad job and compared to the graffitti Courtney has actually done it just doesn’t match up. On top of that she always limits her tags to parts of the building that are secluded and outside, she wouldn’t just paint a row of lockers out of the blue like this.” Boze said casually. Her teacher just smiled and kept reading as she dug into her sandwich.


‘Thank god for early dismissal.’ Boze thought to herself as she rushed out to her car at one o’clock in the afternoon. She was finally able to go home after what felt like an eternity and at six o'clock she was meeting Keith and Noah at the theatre so they could catch a movie. When she got in her car she groaned when she saw how low on gas she was and cursed herself for not noticing until now. Boze shoved her key into the ignition and cussed herself out as she drove to the small gas station/body shop that was located near the center of her small town.
She pulled up next to one of the pumps and shut off her car and popped the gas cover. Quickly she entered her payment method and started pumping gas into her twenty-one year old Honda Accord. As she pumped she glanced to her right and saw the body shop garage doors were open like always and two guys were laughing with each other as the worked on a car. Boze’s eyes widened when she realised who it was. It was Wes Johnson and Shayne Topp. Wes she didn’t mind, in fact he was quite nice and had to unfortunately drop out of high school so he could provide for his family, but Shayne Topp on the other hand was a whole different story.
Shayne Topp was another member of The Griffins and was their supposed ‘enforcer’. He wa constantly getting in trouble with Chief Padilla for bar fights and stuff like that and on top of that he was just generally a scary guy. He had huge bulking muscles and steely blue eyes that almost looked devoid of color. His eagle wing tattoos were loud and proud and took up the majority of his back and Boze watched the feathers shift across his skin. She peeled her eyes away from his very shirtless back before he could notice and soon her car was filled up and she was on her way.
It was just another average day in Lily Town for Boze, average until it reached six o’clock in the evening and Sarah Whittle was reported missing by her mother and father.