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Tales of Carbuncle Farm

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The bus ride was a fairly uneventful three hours. Prompto tried to read a book or be productive on the ride, but he mostly spent the time playing games with Luna while Noctis slept in the back. The scenery outside the bus was beautiful in the springtime. Large, green hills and beautiful patches of wild flowers. Prompto thought that maybe he should take up painting. He should have the time for it soon. Once they got everything settled and split the work down he’d have time to take up a new hobby. Maybe even two.

He turned to wake Noctis up when they past the road sign for Pelican Town. This gave Noctis a full fifteen minutes to be half awake before they arrived.

They got off at the stop where a woman with red hair was waiting for them.

“Hi, I’m Robin the local carpenter. Mayor Louis sent me to fetch you and show you to your new home.” She cheerfully announced. “He’s over at your new home getting things set up.”

“Oh really, that’s nice of him.” Prompto said, not at all liking the thought of some random person scoping out his new home.

“Yeah, it’s nice living in a town full of nice people.” Luna said, completely missing how weird that was.

“We try to take care of one another here. I’ll show you the way.”

He and Noctis ended up taking the lion’s share of baggage while Luna gawked at the beautiful scenery. Prompto gave her his camera to take pictures with but she, unfortunately, had her thumb in front of the lens so he’d probably have to come back to reshoot them.

They walked about twenty minutes until finding their plot of land at the end of a dirt road. It was exactly as Prompto expected. Lots of overgrown weeds and rocks littering the front yard. His grandfather hadn’t even visited the plot of land in the last twenty years of his life and Prompto held on to the title for another ten before he asked Luna and Noctis if they wanted to move.

“It’s… something.” Luna said.

“Don’t look so down. I know it doesn’t look so great now, but there’s some good soil under those rocks.”

From the inside of their new home a man in a green sweater came out. That was alarming. Prompto didn’t expect for a strange man to be in his home. He’d have to check to make sure the man didn’t leave anything unsavory.

“Ah, are these the new farmers?” The man asked as if he wasn’t a stranger who was in a home he wasn’t invited into.

“Yes these are them.” Robin replied. “Luna aaaaand…”

“Prompto.” He replied.

“So you must be Noctis.” She pointed to Noctis.

“Welcome, I’m Louis. The mayor of Pelican Town.” He announced. He walked down the steps that led to their smallish home. “It’s not every day we get new people, it’s good to see Terry’s old home get lived in again.”

“Though it’s looking a little too old.” Robin commented.

“Bah, don’t listen to her.” The mayor protested. “She just wants you to buy one of her upgrades.”

“No I don’t. I’m sure you’ll all be right at home after you make it your own is all I’m saying.” She said. Which still sounded like she wanted them to pay her to make it their own but he refused to say it.

“Take your time settling in kids, and make sure to visit town tomorrow if you’ve got the energy for it.”

When their “guests” were far enough away Prompto headed on inside to get a look around.

It was a small place with big cobwebs and dust everywhere. There was no kitchen or even a microwave so they’d have to head on into town tomorrow anyway to get food. In one corner there was a fireplace, in another there was a single bed, and in a third corner to the left of the fireplace there was an old, ancient TV with the giant back.

“We can spruce it up tomorrow.” Luna said cheerily. She deposited her luggage on the ground and went to shake out the sheets of the bed. A terrifying amount of dust launched into the air at the motion and they all ended up coughing for a minute.

Prompto helped Luna take the sheets of the bed outside where they broke off a branch from one of the overgrown trees and beat out the worst of the dust. There were thankfully no bugs or rodents living in the home, but Prompto had a feeling that was because of the recently placed repellants and traps rather than any sort of magical anti-rodent spell.

The sun set by the time they redressed the bed and they all laid down in a pile on the mostly clean sheets.

“Well we’re off to a great start.” Noctis said sarcastically.

“We just have to put a little elbow grease in.” Luna said. “It’ll be up and running in no time.”

Prompto fell asleep pretty quickly after that bold declaration. During the night Luna tossed and turned a bit which woke him up, but despite that he felt well rested in the morning. The morning sunlight did not make things inside seem any better, so they pretended to ignore it all and headed outside.

The box near their home contained a note from the mayor. In it he left from farming tools and several packets of parsnip seeds.

“That was nice of him.” Noctis said.

“Yep…” Prompto reluctantly agreed. He tried to find a hint of foul play, but the tools simply looked old. They left that alone for the time being and headed to town.

The only general store in town ended up being a shop called Pierre’s and he did not sell prepared food. They ended up heading to the Stardrop Saloon for their morning menu which was fairly limited. Three coffees, four stacks of pancakes, and a pile of fruit. Noctis took his coffee and loaded it with sugar and cream before coating an entire stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Luna spread some jam on her pancakes and Prompto cut his up to mix with some fruit. Noctis went back for a second stack and he let Luna have the rest of the fruit.

“Should we get more seeds?” Luna asked.

“Maybe…” Prompto didn’t like that idea. They only had five hundred gold, the local currency, and very little experience.

“Yeah, we should get them while we’re here right?” Noctis said.

That’s how they ended up in Pierre’s little shop. Pierre introduced himself before they were all interrupted by a man in a blue vest who aggressively offered coupons for another store which ended with a stampede out of the shop.

“I can’t sell anything that low.” Prompto heard Pierre mumble. “I’d be selling at a loss.”

Prompto felt for the man, but there wasn’t much he could do besides let Noctis and Luna choose what to buy. They both bought a variety of vegetable seeds, but Noctis went out of his way to purchase a single packet of tulip seeds.

“I didn’t expect you to go for the flowers Noctis.” Luna said.

“It’s going to be my own little side project.” Noctis said. “I shall name it: Tulip!”

“Ooooo, I can’t wait to watch you baby grow Noctis.”

They headed back to the farm where they got started on the difficult stuff. Luna went inside to start cleaning up the home while he and Noctis began the back breaking process of chopping down trees, cutting down old weeds, and breaking up the giant rocks that littered the front of their home. Noctis broke away for one moment to plant his tulip seeds near the steps of their home where he gingerly set the seeds into the ground.

He and Noctis cleared out a square and planted all of the parsnips, garlic, and few potatoes into the ground in thin rows then painstakingly watered them with the crappy watering cans that leaked. During their work they collected some clay, wood, sap, and a couple of random seeds that they then went back and planted. The stones collected from breaking rocks were then stacked on the side of their home. By the end of all that the sun had set, they’d cleared off a small square for farming, and Luna had finished up inside.

It wasn’t perfect. Luna had never cleaned before and it clearly showed in some areas where the dirt had just been moved around and not actually cleaned. But she really did put her back into it and Prompto didn’t want to be the person to inform her that she had missed the area under the bed completely.

“Nice job Luna.” Noctis said. He immediately collapsed onto the bed, rolled over, and passed out.

“...I wish I could be like him sometimes.” Luna said. She then held up a small, wicker basket to him. “A lady got us some bread and cheese as a housewarming gift. You want some?”


They sat outside on the deck as the warmth of the sun faded and a chill hung in the air. Luna made sandwiches out of the bread and cheese which ended up being the best things Prompto had eaten in a long time.

“We made a smart choice coming here.” Luna said.

“I think it’s a little early to be saying that.”

“No it’s not. It’s peaceful out here.”

He laughed, “My cousin said the country isn’t peaceful it’s just that they wait longer for bigger explosions.”

“Well that’ll be nice then. Gives you time to recover.” She patted him on the shoulder. “You worry too much Prompto, this’ll be fun.”