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Unexpected meeting or Fate?

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Thank you @SuperArrowgirl for this awesome artwork!


Nanda Parbat July 15th, 2013, Tuesday 7:00 a.m

Checking that she had her luggage to weapons, Felicity Smoak or as she’s now known as Alihat hakar was waiting for her best friend, Nyssa al Ghul near the threshold of the entrance of Nanda Parbat while Nyssa is getting the intel on their next mission. Felicity knew this mission was very important especially since it would be Felicity, Nyssa and a small group of Assassins.

Dressed head to toe in leather and kevlar, Felicity couldn’t believe how her life is now, when she was a little girl she was happy well, as happy as she could be since he father left her and her mother when she was six and then at seven, her mother was killed and she was taken to Nanda Parbat.

A few days after she arrived, she started to train even though she wasn’t really athletic at the time, but with help from her teachers and Nyssa who was slightly older, she got better. She heard her name being called, snapping her out of her thoughts and she turned to see Nyssa with the group that will join them to Starling City.

Nyssa looked at her with concern “Are you alright? I called your name twice now.” Nyssa said worriedly. Felicity shook her head “It’s nothing, Nyssa. I was just caught up in my thoughts.” Felicity said dismissively. Nyssa looked at her for a moment “Alright, I’ll drop it for now.” Nyssa told her, giving her a look warning her that the conversation was far from over.

Felicity rolled her eyes, Nyssa turned to face the group of Assassins that would be coming with them “Alright, everybody! We’re going after Malcolm Merlyn and his last known location is Starling City. We will need to be on our guard, Merlyn is cunning, deceitful and will not hesitate to kill.” Nyssa told the group seriously.

Felicity looked at the faces of the assassins and saw fear in their eyes since the lower half of their faces were covered by face cloths. They should be even though Alihat hakar never encountered Al Sah-her she heard the stories of his time here at Nanda Parbat. Silence filled the air for a few minutes “Move out!” Alihat hakar shouted as she turned around and walked out of Nanda Parbat and into the desert towards the plane they’ll use.

All Alihat hakar knew was this was her life and that wasn’t going to change since she hadn’t had anything to live for in a long time.


Starling City July 14th, 2013 Monday 7:00 p.m

Oliver Queen sighed as he flipped through the paperwork, it was not his favorite part of this job. Ever since he took over as CEO of Queen consolidated from his father after he had a stroke, he felt like his life wasn’t his own. He was 22 back then and wasn’t the most responsible person… he would drink and party without much care in the world, then his father had a stroke and when that happened he decided to finally buckle down. He got his MBA, started to work from the ground up to VP of marketing until his Father announced his retirement in late 2011 and everyone looked at him to fill his shoes which he did with some pointers from Walter Steele until he was ready to do it on his own.

His thoughts were interrupted by his cell phone ringing, he picked up his phone, saw who it was and accepted the call “Hello, mother.” Oliver answered tiredly as he stood up and walked over to the window where he could see the city skyline.

“Good evening, Oliver.” Moira greeted happily. Oliver smiled wryly, he loved his mother but she can be overbearing and controlling. “Mother, let’s skip the pleasantries and get to why your calling, shall we?” He asked as he walked back to his chair and sat down, knowing that Moira Queen had something up her sleeve.

“Oliver, can’t a mother call to check up on her son?” Moira asked innocently. A little too innocently to Oliver. Olive chuckled a little “You can but mom we lunch this afternoon.” Oliver pointed out. Moira brushed off his observation “Nevermind that. Anyway, the fundraiser to repair the Glades is the day after tomorrow and I was wondering if you were bringing anybody cause I--” Moira said wondering but was interrupted by Oliver.

“Mom, I thought after your last attempt to set me up I told you no more blind dates.” Oliver told her exasperatedly, clenching his teeth.

‘She needs to butt out of my personal life.’ Oliver thought knowingly. Moira knew how hard it was to have a personal life and be CEO but she wouldn’t stop meddling.

“Oliver, I just thought that you could use a little companionship since Tommy’s on his honeymoon with Laurel.” Moira explained patiently. She wanted her son to be happy and that hadn’t happened in a long time. Oliver sighed, gathering what little patience he had left “Mom, maybe I’m a little lonely but after that date with Helena Bertinelli I’m done being set up on blind dates.” He explained, trying to change the subject.

Moira wouldn’t have it “May I ask why?” Moira asked irritated, wanting an explanation. Oliver never really told anyone his private life except Tommy and Thea but he knew his mother wouldn’t let this go. "Mom, I just think dating is a waste of time because of the woman that I date are either after the title of Queen, the money or the power." He explained somewhat sadly. All Oliver wanted was to find someone that didn't see the things that came with the Queen name but the person who he was. But that seemed impossible in Starling City, California.

The line was silent on Moira's end for a moment "I understand, Oliver. But I think you should still come with someone." Moira said adamantly. Oliver sighed resigned to his fate "I'll try to find someone, but no promises." He told her with no fuss. He could hear his mother's smile "Excellent." Moira told him politely with finality. Oliver nodded even though his mother couldn't see him "I'll see you there, Bye mom." He said with resignation. "Goodbye, Oliver. I'll see you there" Moira said softly, then she hung up.

Oliver hung up and put his phone down on the desk... He scrubbed a hand over his face to try to wake himself up. He loved his mom but their relationship had been strained since the Undertaking two months ago when Moira and Robert went on tv to warn the people of the Glades of what Malcolm Merlyn had planned... He planned to level the Glades to better the city by building it from the ground up but killing thousands in the process but his parents gave those people a chance to survive. They were both arrested and taken to the SCPD. After the shock had worn off, Oliver posted bail a few days later, since he was pissed when he found out and wanted them to stay in there to think about what they did but also was a little payback for the times he was left in a prison cell after a night of drinking, both had a trial in a couple of months.

Tommy even though he had nothing to do with the undertaking he was basically slammed with insults from people from the glades or people with relatives in the glades that he and Laurel had to move into a new apartment where barely anybody knew they lived there. Oliver and Thea got slammed also, but Queen Consolidated took a big hit in shares as people are selling them cause they didn't want to be associated with the company that helped destroy the glades.

Which is why he's here at seven o'clock at night looking over paperwork. He knew this needed to be done before the meeting in the morning, so he'd be here for a little while longer but he needed to take a break to call someone. Olive grabbed his cell phone, turned it on and scrolled through his contacts until he came to the name Sara Lance.

He pressed call and the phone rang until she picked up "You are so lucky I'm on my break, Ollie." Sara snapped at him. He made a small smile, Sara beside's Tommy and Laurel was one of his few friends "Hey, I know you hate it when people call you while you're at work but I need a favor." Oliver asked hopefully.

"OK, Queen, you've got my attention... what's the favor?" Sara asked her curiosity peaked.

Oliver closed his eyes "You'll probably hate it but I need a date to the fundraiser Wednesday night." Oliver said knowing that even though she was probably not going to go because it wasn't really her scene.

"Why?" Sara wondered curiously. If she was going with him, she needed a better reason than 'I need a date'. Oliver tiredly sighed, why are the women in his life being nosy today of all days "My mother tried to set me up on a blind date, again. I just don't want to bring a woman that's untrustworthy or just there to get their fifteen minutes of fame and let's face it, besides Laurel that was what most of the women I was with were like. Also, I’d ask Thea but she wants nothing to do with anything Queen Consolidated.” Oliver explained with annoyance and desperation.

His relationship with Sara’s older sister, Laurel was complicated at best. After he decided to buckle down and get serious Laurel was thrilled… but what she didn’t count on was that he’d break up with her because he didn’t want any distractions, which included women. She told him that he’d barely last a week without her but he did and as time went on he realized he loved Laurel as a close friend more than a girlfriend. While he did relapse with booze he was more careful or at least tried to be. Between then and when he finished his MBA she leaned on Tommy and fell in love with him. When he found out about the relationship he expected a pang of pain in his heart but he didn’t feel that he felt genuine happiness. When they got married about a month earlier, he was Tommy’s best man so he was happy for them.

Sara sighed “I’ll go but there better be free booze, Ollie.” She said reluctantly with a hint of ‘or else’ in the air. Oliver laughed “When isn’t there booze? Besides it’s for a good cause.” He said good-naturedly. “Sara heard someone call her name “I gotta go, Ollie.” She said in a rush. Oliver nodded while Sara was allowed to make or receive calls on breaks, her manager at the bar was strict otherwise “Ok, thanks, Sara.” Oliver said gratefully. Sara snorted “Yeah, yeah, why do I have a weird feeling about this?” Sara grumbled confused before hanging up.

Oliver pulled his phone away from his ear, confused at what Sara muttered before she hung up but decided to ignore it. He turned off his cell and put it in his front pocket. Time to get to work and maybe just maybe he’ll get out of here before ten.


When the Assassins arrive at the plane...

Al'afeaa, Almaharib aleazim, Nyssa, Alihat hakar and a few others started boarding the plane, putting their luggage in the back before the plane took off. After everyone was in their seats, the plane has ascended into the air. Felicity had brought out her laptop, glasses case and her contacts case out of her suitcase before the plane took off and now that the plane is flying smoothly, She grabbed her laptop, putting it on her lap then grabbing both her contact and glasses cases that were sitting in the corner of the left seat and placing them on the top of the laptop, opened the contact case and started to delicately remove her contacts so she wouldn’t scratch her cornea which she’s done several times before and gingerly put them in their case, returned the case to the left seat, opened the glasses case, pulled them out, unfolded the temple frames and slid the frames on her face closed the case an open up the laptop, turned it on, logged in then started to look at the intel that they had on Merlyn “You know, I think you should get some sleep.” She heard from the seat to her right.

Turning to look at Nyssa “I can’t, I need to look at the blueprints of the building where Merlyn may be hiding, then look at the information on who Merlyn might contact in Starling and then triple check on the apartments we’re gonna use--” Felicity rambled about the list of things she needed to do before they went out scouting the next night but Nyssa held up her hand to stop her. Even though she’s been in the league for years, one of the few things they couldn’t break her the habit of rambling and wearing her glasses when she’s not on a mission or training “Can’t or won’t?” Nyssa questioned incredulously, giving her a non-believing stare.

Felicity looked to her left, not meeting Nyssa’s stare “You know why.” Felicity replied curtly, not in the mood for this conversation. “Maybe so, but you need your rest so I will take the laptop.” Nyssa said closing the laptop, pulling the laptop away, got up and walked to where she sat before placing it in the seat and grabbed the clothes in the left seat. Felicity glared at her as she came back with an arm full of clothes and put them in Felicity’s lap “I hate you.” she said, playfully.

Nyssa smirked at her “No you don’t. You love me, sister.” She said knowingly, laughter in her eyes. Felicity rolled her eyes, getting up at the same Nyssa moved towards the cockpit “Yeah, I do, even though you can be a pain.” Felicity remarked as she made her way near the back to the bathroom to change then stopped in front of the bathroom. Nyssa wasn’t phased “And you aren’t?” She shot back rhetorically then entered the cockpit.

Felicity entered the bathroom and changed as quickly as she could after 15 minutes she came out dressed in a tank-top and sleep shorts but she still had her boots on and put her neatly folded uniform on top of her laptop, and her weapons belt in the window seat.

She walked back to her seat and got in a comfortable position, closed her eyes and slowly fell to sleep.