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To have a home

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Melody Nazar was almost purring in contentment, as she rested her head on her soulmate's shoulder and felt his long, cool fingers carding through her black hair, as he softly read the book in his lap out loud. She looked up at him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek, smirking as she heard Tony loudly complain about kissing in his tower.

Opposite of them on another couch, was captain Steve Rogers, drawing. Melody's sister Sapphira was resting with her head in his lap her brown hair around her like a halo and her brown eyes closed. Steve's occasional peek around his notebook at his resting soulmate, gave a pretty good indication what he exactly was drawing. Melody smiled. They made a very cute couple and according to Sapphira, so did she and Loki. 

Behind them in the open bar/kitchen was Loki's brother Thor making food (probably poptarts, as that was one of the few things that he could make without screwing up), Tony was trying to repair something small from his suit, with Vision looking over his shoulder, Bruce was sitting in an armchair, typing on his laptop, Natasha was in a corner, cleaning some of her weapons and Bucky was playing Mario cart with Wanda watching in fascination. Melody had no idea how they managed to convince Tony to let Bucky play, as he had accidentally broken a few controllers with his metal arm. 

Melody and Sapphira had worked for the Avengers for about eleven months now. Tony needing new healers for after missions. Melody had been the one to apply and they had been impressed by her. She had been asked if she knew anyone else, who could help. She had recommended her sister and after several tests, the sisters were both hired. They had been used to treat wounds, having done the same for another group of people

It hadn't taken long for the sisters to find their soulmates: Steve Rogers and Loki Laufeyson. Loki had been sent to earth without his powers to repent for his crimes. Like Thor when he was banished, Loki would only get his powers back if he did something truly selfless. He hadn't exactly been cooperating with the team, until Melody came along. They had met after he had been injured, but refused to see anyone, until he collapsed with a fever.

She had grabbed his arm to help him up, when the legendary warm feeling soared through her body and a mark appeared on her skin, indicating that they were soulmates. Despite this, Loki remained a stubborn prick, but two could play this game. Melody once sat on him and nothing Loki did could move her away. She had only backed off, when he promised to stay. She still wasn't sure if he meant staying in bed or with her. 

Loki had given up on finding love, convinced no one, not even his soulmate, could love a monster like him. Melody proved him wrong. When he had snapped at her, asking why she cared so much, she had replied: "you are not the only one, who knows what it's like to have the world against you". This had shocked him into silence, feeling bad about snapping.  

Melody had sighed. " I always wanted to find someone, except my sister,  who would love me unconditionally, but apparently even my soulmate hates me." She had started to turn away, before Loki grabbed her arm and pulled her against his chest. "I don't hate you, little one. I just do not understand how someone so pure could ever be my soulmate. I'm sorry for what I said. Please forgive me.She had sighed, but eventually forgiven him. They had stood there for quite some time.

According to tradition, two soulmates have to consent to be bonded, so that no one could be forced into a bond with someone that they didn't love. After several months of knowing each other and bonding over several things that they both loved, like books, Loki had invited her to a picnic in central park and had asked her to be his officially and forever. She had tackled him into a hug that spoke volumes. Melody later convinced him to apologize to the Avengers. It had taken a while, but he had finally done so. Some of the Avengers were still wary, but not as outright hostile as they once were. They could see that Melody really brought a change in him and they could appreciate that.

It hadn't taken so long for Sapphira. She had met Steve in the gym, a week after she was hired. He was beating the hell out of a punching bag. She had shaken his hand and the warm feeling made itself known, the mark appearing on their hands where they touched. They had just stared at each other in shock and feeling a bit awkward. She had offered to spar with him.

He had been very reluctant, not wanting to hurt his soulmate after just meeting her, but she had worn him down. He had been very careful at first, pulling his punches, but after seeing how strong Sapphira was, he let his strength go bit by bit. It took him several minutes to finally beat her. Afterwards, he had asked how she could fight so well. She had smiled sadly and given him a vague answer. "When your life isn't a fairy tale, you better be prepared to make it one." After that, she had left the gym, followed by a confused captain.

They had continued sparring afterwards, getting to know each other and even after Bucky had been found, they still continued. Sapphira still remembered Bucky's hanging jaw, when he saw them in action for the first time. Steve liked the fact that he could use the sparring to clear his head and he loved sparring with his soulmate. Sapphira found out that they both loved to draw and read. They turned it into a game. One of them would say something that they had to draw, like a landscape or an animal and who drawed that thing the best, was treated to a meal or something else. They had fun thinking of the craziest things to draw.

When they had known each other for three months and after asking Melody's permission (He knew from Sapphira that they were orphans), he asked Sapphira out for a romantic dinner. During the dinner, he had asked her if she wanted to be his. He had immediately looked down, not wanting to see the rejection. Instead, he felt a soft hand on his own. He had looked up and saw Sapphira's beaming smile. "Captain, I thought you would never ask." He had smiled too and like a true gentleman, had kissed her hand. The Avengers thought the four of them complimented each other well. Melody's more serious nature was able to reign in Loki's mischievous one, while Sapphira's happy nature drew out the usually quiet Steve.

Both the sisters were extremely happy, if not for one major thing. They were mutants. That simple fact had ruined their lives and because of that, they had hidden their abilities. Almost everywhere they had gone, they had been met with scorn, fear and hate. The rational side of them said that their soulmates wouldn't be like those people, but their irrational side was still afraid that they would. Unfortunately, the sisters listened to their irrational side. They had come close to telling their prince and soldier, but would always backpedal at the last moment. They were happy and they didn't want their classification to ruin it like it had before.

Melody shifted a bit, a certain pressure in her upper back was starting to become annoying. Loki looked at her in concern. "Are you alright, my love?" He asked. Melody nodded. "I'm fine Loki. I just have this irritating pressure in my back. It will be gone by tonight." She said. She felt a pressure in her head, followed by Wanda's voice. 'you can't lie to him forever. He already suspects something and it isn't good' Melody shared a look with the woman across the room. ' He is the god of lies. I'm surprised it took so long, even without his powers. What is he thinking?' she asked her. Wanda sighed. 'he thinks that you're planning to leave him, despite being his soulmate. He still has his insecurities." Melody sighed. She really had to tell him soon. 

She looked at Loki, who was still looking at her, his concern having grown at the sigh. She smiled warmly, before kissing him on the lips. He returned the kiss a bit confused, but happy. She pulled back, before snuggling even closer. "I love you, Loki." She whispered. She felt his arms tighten around her and the kiss on the top of her head. "I love you too, my darling. More than anything in my entire life. I don't know what to do if I ever lost you." He whispered back.

Melody smiled a bit sadly. Her guilt about keeping her secret growing. "You won't. You will never lose me." She assured him. Her grip tightening as well. She looked around the room and saw Natasha watching them. Of all the people in the room, only Natasha, Bucky and Wanda knew the secret of the siblings. Wanda found out, because of her powers. Bucky and Natasha found out because they were pretty good at spotting when someone's lying. It hadn't been long, before the former asassins had acted on their suspicions.


Melody was sleeping peacefully. Loki, Thor and Steve were on a mission and wouldn't be back for a few days. Well, she was sleeping peacefully, until a bag was thrown over her head  and she was taken from her bed and carried somewhere. She tried to struggle, but their grip was too tight. She kicked and felt how her feet hit cold metal. Bucky? Or Tony?. She did it again. Nope, definitely Bucky.

She was carried downstairs and thrown none too gently in a chair. The bag was taken from her head and she saw that she was in a dark room, Sapphira was next to her. "Hey sis. Come to join the party?" She asked sarcastically, glaring at the two people in front of her.  Melody shook her head to get her bearings. "What the actual fuck, guys?!" She asked. Natasha was not impressed. "We wanted to know why the two of you are lying to everybody. We checked all the birth records and schools in America and we couldn't find your names anywhere. Who are you?" She asked, a gun loosely in her hands.

Melody looked down, knowing they couldn't lie anymore. "A: we weren't born in America and B: have you checked the records of Charles Xavier's school?" She asked. The two interrogators looked at each other, clearly not having thought of that. "You're mutants." Natasha said, matter of factly. "No fucking shit." Sapphira muttered. "Why didn't you tell us?" Bucky asked. Melody sighed.

"Because the fact that we are mutants, has ruined our lives. Except for school, it doesn't matter where we go, people hate us. The second that they hear that we're mutants, they start treating us like vilains or rabid dogs, waiting to attack. When we were hired here, we wanted you to like us for who we were. We didn't want to be cast out again. We didn't want to lose our soulmates" She said softly, looking down. Bucky and Natasha shared a look.

"What are your powers?" Bucky asked. Melody looked up.. "I make these balls of power." Melody said. Sapphira spoke up. "My powers lie with the mind. Telekinesis, telepathy and so on. I can also hide anything from view. And there is the mutation that Melody forgot to tell." Natasha looked intrigued. "And what is that?" At this, both Sapphira and Melody stood up. Sapphira had actually been bound to her chair by ropes, but had used her powers to loosen them while talking. Bucky and Natasha looked in surprise, clearly not having expected that. The sisters looked at each other, nodded and Sapphira took a few steps back

After a moment, white, feathered wings sprouted from Melody's back. Natasha and Bucky looked at her with wide eyes. Bucky slowly reached forwards and brushed his human hand against Melody's left wing. "Wow, we thought you were HYDRA, but this is a lot more awesome." Melody chuckled. "Bucky be honest. Would you have found out that we were lying if we were HYDRA?" She asked. Bucky opened his mouth to answer, before closing it again. She had a point there. 

Natasha had walked towards Sapphira and was speaking quietly to her. "We could really use you in battle." She muttered. Sapphira shook her head. "No thank you, Nat. Our father made us promise to stay out of violence as much as possible and we would like to keep that promise. Besides, Loki and Steve would get twin heart attacks." She told the spy.

Natasha conceded. "Even so, do you know how to fight with these wings?" She asked. Melody nodded. "I learned at school. Also, here is where Sapphira's power comes in handy. there have been days that my wings were out, but curled around me like this and no one saw anything." Melody said, curling her wings around her like some sort of cloak. Both Bucky as Natasha were impressed. "Can we go to bed now? Sapphira asked. Natasha nodded. "Yes, but we do want to know your story and how you came here." The sisters nodded at that and left the room 

-----------------------------------------------------------------end flashback------------------------------------------------------------

The asassins were told their story and promised to help. When Loki and Steve weren't in the tower,  Bucky and Natasha helped the sisters to keep in shape, powers and wings included. Sapphira made sure that FRIDAY, Tony's AI, didn't see her sister's wings. There was no way Tony could keep their secret, especially if he was drunk. There hadn't been a mission in a while now and no opportunities for Melody to literally spread out her wings and now they were starting to hurt a bit. Little did Melody know that the opportunity would come faster than she anticipated... Or wanted.

The first to notice something was wrong, were Steve and Bucky. They had very heightened senses and heard something coming. At the same time, they looked at the window. They saw somehing approaching and it wasn't slowing down. "EVERYBODY DOWN!!!!!!" Steve yelled, dropping his notebook, grabbing the now awake Sapphira and dropping from the couch, holding her tightly. Loki looked up from his book at the yell and didn't hesitate to obey. He grabbed Melody and turned them around in a split second, while dropping to the floor, shielding her. Bucky quickly shielded Wanda, while Thor jumped in front of Natasha. Bruce and Tony both fell from their chairs and made themselves as small as possible.

The explosion of the window was probably felt throughout the whole tower. Glass flew everywhere, hitting some of them. Two metal claws quickly followed in, one grabbing Steve and the other grabbing Loki and taking them away, this to the horrified screams of their soulmates. The avengers and the sisters all ran towards the now broken widow. The man controlling the arms was flying a few feet from the window.

"Well if it isn't the devil sisters." He laughed coldly.  Melody and Sapphira frowned. They hadn't been called that, since they had left their "hometown". The villagers there had been convinced that the sisters had been the daughters of the devil. "Who are you?" Thor asked standing in front of Melody, knowing that Loki would want her safe, Bucky doing the same for Sapphira. "Ulysses Klaue, at your service." The man said with a mocking bow. Melody frowned. That name sounded familiar. The man looked back at her and Sapphira, smirking. "Your daddy sends his love, by the way." He said cruelly. Melody's eyes widened. She now knew where she had heard the name.


"Come on, sir. Give us your mutant children and we will be out of your hair. We will even pay you handsomely for those things." A man's voice was heard from downstairs. The sisters were standing on top of the stairs, trying to eavesdrop. They looked at each other in panic. Their father wouldn't sell them, right? Then they heard their father's voice. "Those "things" as you call them, are my daughters and I would rather die, then sell them to you. Now leave my house!" Joseph Nazar said, his voice betraying his anger.

They heard muttering as the men got up and left. That would have been it, if Melody hadn't heard Klaue mutter one sentence, before he left. "That can be arranged." The vile man muttered to one of the others. There was laughing and then silence. Their father came up the stairs and saw them standing there. He smiled softly and pulled them both in a hug. "I think you two should stay at your uncle John's for a while. Until this blows over. But I will never sell you, I promise. I love you, my beautiful girls and I always will" He whispered, holding his two daughters close. 

Red. Shouting. Blood. Gunshots. 

----------------------------------------------------- end flashback-----------------------------

Melody let out a ragged breath, feeling Thor quickly grab her as she stumbled. "Melody!!!" Loki shouted, trying to break free. He had to get to her. He had to protect her. Steve saw that Sapphira was crying as well and tried to get out of the claws. His soulmate was hurting and he couldn't do anything about it. Klaue chuckled. "So you do remember me? I'm honoured. You know, if your father had just given you to me, he would still be alive today. Even tough you have to admire his bravery. He really loved you disgusting freaks." He taunted. Melody and Sapphira closed their eyes, tears rolling over their cheeks.

Their soulmates renewed their struggles, wanting to both comfort the women they loved and punch the man that was hurting them. Klaue sighed and turned to them. "Oh stop struggling. These arms are made of the same material as your shield, captain. They're indestructible." He gloated. Sapphira looked at him through teary eyes that were full of hate. "What do you want? To take us and sell us to the highest bidder, you asshole?" She asked bitterly. Klaue chuckled lowly. 

"Well that had been the plan when you were children, I won't. You're too old and probably too powerful for me to take you. After all I've never seen what you can do, though I'm very curious. Come on, show me a little trick." He taunted once again. Loki and Steve shared a confused look with everyone. What did the man mean? Klaue laughed. "Oh didn't they tell you? The women you love so much are mutants."

You could have heard a pin drop after that declaration. "What? Melody?" Loki whispered. He looked at his soulmate, who wouldn't look him in the eyes. "Sapphira?" Steve said softly, hoping that the man was joking. Sapphira just looked at him with tears in her eyes, not saying anything. That was answer enough. Steve and Loki closed their eyes, not wanting to look at them. The sisters followed their example, guilt and flooding through them. They had lost their soulmates and it was their own fault.

Bucky and Natasha rubbed their backs. They knew that this was the sisters worst fear coming true. Despite that she felt her heart breaking, Melody stepped forward. "If you don't want to take us, then what do you want?" Klaue laughed, sounding like the crazy man he was. "I want revenge on you for escaping me. I wonder how you will cope when you know that the death of your soulmates are your fault, just like your father's was." He said, gesturing to the struggling men. 

Melody growled. "Give them here. Now!" Klaue chuckled. "Come and get them." He sneered, but instead of the despair he had expected, Melody smirked. 'catch them.'  She mentally told Sapphira and Wanda, before speaking up out loud. "Very poor choice of words." Within a second, her wings were out and she had launched herself at the bastard, who had threatened to hurt the man she loved. She managed to get two punches in, before he could react. Klaue shouted in surprise, dropping Loki and Steve, who were quickly caught by Wanda and Sapphira using their powers.

They were safely deposited on the floor off the room. Sapphira sighed in relief. She gave Steve a quick kiss on the top of his head, before stepping back, keeping a careful distance. Having had enough, Natasha looked at the Avengers. "Aren't you guys going to help?!" She demanded. Everyone jumped. "FRIDAY, give me my suit." Tony said, being the first one to break out of his shocked stupor at the fact that two of his teammates were actually mutants. 

That was enough for everyone to start moving. Weapons were grabbed, suites were put on. Sapphira grabbed a certain shield and walked towards its owner, followed by Bucky. Steve was still sitting in the same place as when he was pulled inside, Loki beside him. "You are mutants. Why did you never tell us? I would have understood. Why didn't you tell me?!" Steve asked, feeling angry and hurt. Sapphira kneeled in front of him, tears in her eyes. "Because I feared that you would hate me. We both were. We love the both of you so much that the idea of living without you, of you leaving us, scares us like nothing ever has. And now it's actually happening, because of us and our cowardice" She said, tears in her eyes.

Steve saw the tears and immediately felt guilty. Loki looked down as well. He knew what it was like to be feared and now, he had given his own soulmate that feeling. After a few seconds, Steve carefully put his hand on Sapphira's. He still cared about her and he didn't want her to be sad. His soulmate looked up at him and smiled shakily. He smiled back. Sapphira looked at the fight and saw that Melody was getting closer to the ground, but had gotten a few punches as well. "She needs our help." She muttered, looking at Bucky. The former winter soldier nodded and turned towards Steve and Loki

"Tell me, does this revelation change anything for you? Do you see them any different now?" Bucky asked. Steve and Loki thought for a minute, before shaking their heads. Even tough they lied, they were still the women that they loved. Steve squeezed Sapphira's hand. She smiled at him, tearfully, before taking a deep breath "Well, your soulmate and my sister needs your help, so let's go help them." Sapphira said, pointing towards Loki and handing Steve his shield, wiping away her tears.

They all got up, Bucky grabbing some guns, Loki grabbing some daggers and they headed out. Just before they walked out, Steve grabbed Sapphira and gave her a quick kiss. "Stay safe." He whispered. Despite that she lied to him, she was still his soulmate and he couldn't live without her. Sapphira smiled and nodded. "Only if you do so as well." She returned. He smiled softly. They were going to have a talk later, but now they had to fight.