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three days & no nights

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“What the fuck happened and what the hell is this mess?” 

Piper and Annabeth stood over their husbands and Nico, all three looked drunk off their asses. Nico’s boyfri-finace, Will was the only one who looked sober. 

“Thank the gods you guys are here! Why did you guys come so late!?”, Will absolutely done, “I’ve been here for three hours making sure they don’t do anything stupid! They said in celebration of Neek's and I’s engagement that they would be drunk for three days! Three days!! Holy Hades. You know, here take care of your husbands and Nico please. I need to clean up the kitchen.”

Will stood up to take a much needed break. 

“What the hell, Percy. Sometimes I ask myself why I put up with you for so long.”, Annabeth said, brushing some hair out of Percy’s half asleep face. 

He still drools. 

“I leave you alone for 12 hours, Jason, and this is what I come back to. What am I going to do with you?”, Piper looked like she either wanted to punch Jason  or kiss him. 

“I feel you, two!”, Will shouted from the kitchen.

They watched as Jason and Nico poked at Percy’s cheeks. Percy lazily opened his eyes and swatted them away.


“Jason! Psst, Look at the blonde who just came in! She’s so pretty.” , Percy put his face in his hand and admired Annabeth with wide eyes. 

“Shut up. Her friend is way prettier.”, Jason said, pointing at Piper. 

“No way! The boy who left. He’s beautiful.”, Nico said, shoving his cousins faces. 

“Nope! She’s prettier. Look. Look at those eyes. Holy shit.”

“Jason! She’s staring at me! What do I do? Do you think she thinks I’m pretty, too?”, Percy shook his cousin. 

“Guys. Shut up! The boy came back! He’s right there! How’s my hair?”, Nico said, fiddling with his black locks self consciously. 

Will stood by the women and smiled at his fiancé. 

“Oh my gods! He smiled! I think I’m in love.”, Nico ‘whispered’ to the other two. Jason and Percy started cheering. 

Piper, Annabeth, and Will made eye contact. 

No matter what they did, they were stuck with these three idiots. 

They were idiots, but at least they were their idiots.