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Skyfire and the Snow Queen

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Skyfire cradled the seeker in his arms, trying to wrap his cape around Starscream’s body. No matter what he did Starscream would not stop shivering, his entire body turning into ice, and nothing Skyfire could do would stop it. The ice only continued to spread around the seekers frame.

“Starscream, please hold on.” Skyfire kept saying, but there was nothing he could do. It hurt to hold the seeker, but no matter what he still held him close. He knelt in the giant tower, in this castle made of cobwebs and ice.

“He deserves his fate.” A cold voice said. The ruler of the ice palace they had stumbled across. “He tried to steal the treasure from my castle. For that his body shall turn to ice and his heart will be mine.”

“We did not know. He would not have done it if we had known. Please, I beg of you, spare him.” Skyfire said.

“All who try to steal from my palace receive the same fate.”

“Then take me instead,” Skyfire begged. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Would you really do anything for this miserable creature?” The sharp voice said.

“Yes, I would.” Skyfire lowered his head to rest on Starscream’s.

The black and purple spidery figure prowled around the castle, its bright purple optics gazed at him, considering the shuttle.

“Are you willing to take his place?”

“Yes…” Skyfire whispered.

“His heart is already covered in ice, to save him you must give up the warmth from your own heart to thaw his. He shall awaken and be free to go, but all memory of you will be gone from his heart. You will stay here as my servant, for as long as there is any ice in his heart. Do you agree to these terms?”

The shuttle took one last look at the seeker before he made his decision.


“Then the deal is struck.”

And Skyfire felt a terrible cold pierce his spark, like a shard of ice had pierced through his chest. It felt like it drained his entire system of all its warmth but as he looked at Starscream he saw the ice recede from his frame. The seeker stopped trembling and finally colour started to return. He stared to stir, and Skyfire felt so relieved at seeing him recover.

“Oh Starscream,” he cried, even though the tears that ran down his face felt cold rather than hot.

“Leave him outside and come back here. He will wake up soon, and then he shall depart. He must not see you when he wakes.”

Skyfire stumbled, he couldn’t bare the thought of leaving Starscream by himself, but at least he knew Starscream was now safe. That was all that mattered, more than himself. He stood up and took the seeker outside.


Starscream woke up, lying on the snowy ground, he looked around, unable to remember where he had just been. Some sort of odd dream lingered at the back of his mind, but the more he tried to remember anything from it the faster it went away. He was certain he hadn’t just been sleeping in the middle of a snow-covered field for no reason, but as he looked around he saw nothing. There was no one. He was certain he had come all this way alone, but why did that feel… wrong?

He stood up and brushed himself off. It was far too cold, wherever here was. He decided he needed to get away from this place as soon as possible. As he transformed and flew off he couldn’t help but feel there was something wrong with his spark.


Skyfire watched from the palaces windows as the seeker flew off, he held his hand over his spark, feeling the warmth being siphoned to keep Starscream’s going. He wished he could have said goodbye but he was happy that Starscream was alive. That was all that mattered to him, he told himself.

“Come, my servant,” the voice called to him.

“Yes, my queen.” Skyfire said, looking outside for the last time before he followed the spidery figure into the castle. Realising he would never set foot outside again.