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Fruits and Cakes

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Jaemin wanted to make a cake. Jeno wanted to help.
“Nana I promise I’ll help!”
Jaemin eyes him suspiciously while Jeno keeps on smiling his adorable smile at Jaemin knowing that it would melt Jaemin and he’d be allowed to Jaemin.
“Fine.” Jaemin sighs and Jeno lets out a cheer pumping his fists in the air. “But if you disturb me I am gonna throw you out. Okay?”
Jeno nodded smiling happily. All Jeno wanted was to spend time with Jaemin on their off day and watch as his pretty boyfriend baked a cake for them.
Jaemin went to the kitchen with Jeno who was following him right behind him to the kitchen. Jaemin just wanted to make a simple cake with fruit toppings and then devour them so he could taste the sweetness of his hard work. And he wanted Jeno to have the cake as well because he knows how much Jeno has been wanting one for a while now.
The ingredients were already laid out on the counter. Eggs, Flour, baking powder, fruits, sugar and every little thing needed.
“Can you cut up the fruits?” Jaemin asked. “I want them to be perfect for the topping and it’s gonna take you a little while so I’ll start mixing all the dry ingredients okay?”
“Yes chef!” Jeno grinned and gave him a salute making Jaemin snort.
While Jeno went over to the fruits Jaemin started to take the dry ingredients and the measuring cups. He wouldn’t mess this up at all.
As Jaemin started to work on his part of the baking Jeno leaned on the other side watching him with a small smile. He watched as Jaemin poked out his tongue a bit when he was using the measuring cup for the exact amount of flour needed and then smile in satisfaction when he got it.
Jeno just wanted to be there so he could be with Jaemin. Since their exams were approaching both of them were with their study groups most of the time and came home late and left early. They had so little time to spend with each other nowadays that Jeno didn’t want to lose any second because every moment with Jaemin was precious to him. Jaemin was precious to Jeno.
“Why aren’t you working?”
Jeno snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Jaemin’s voice and saw that the younger one was frowning at him.
“Just getting to it.” Jeno said smiling sheepishly.
“Well get to it fast.”
Jeno smiles at his boyfriend’s bossy antics. Others would think that Jaemin was a bit uptight but in truth he just wanted things to be perfect. And he was even more adorable to Jeno when he was acting all bossy.
Jaemin watched as Jeno started cutting up the fruits and then got back to work.
Both of them continued their work.
Well Jaemin worked while Jeno cut fruits and then ate them.
When Jaemin was done with mixing the ingredients he looked up to ask Jeno to hand him the eggs which was right beside the bowl of fruits when he saw the Jeno was munching on strawberries instead of cutting them.
“Lee Jeno.” Jaemin called out.
Jeno froze when he heard his boyfriend call him by his full name. He never did that unless he was mad. Jeno slowly looks up to see Jaemin glaring at him.
“I told you to cut the fruits. Not to eat them.”
“Oh. Right.” Jeno glanced at the bowl of fruits on his left which had decreased by half. And then he looked at the one on his right which was still empty.
“Uh..” Jeno looked at Jaemin who was still glaring at him. “The thing is-”
“The thing is you wanted to help me but what you’re doing is not helping me at all. I want the fruits as toppings for the cake and you’re eating them all up. If you can’t help me then maybe you shouldn’t have offered it and maybe you shouldn’t be in the kitchen!” Jaemin ranted out.
Jeno stood shocked and then nodded. “Okay. I guess that would be for the best.”
Jaemin waited until Jeno left the kitchen and then sighed. Now he would have peace and he’ll do it all alone.
Jaemin grinned triumphantly as he put the final piece on his masterpiece by which he means he put the last fruit on his cake. He leaned back admiring his work.
“Perfect.” He grinned. “Jeno look at the cake!”
No answer.
Jaemin smiled. He took the knife and cut out a piece for Jeno. One could say Jaemin was feeling guilty for snapping at Jeno like that. It wasn’t intentional but then Jeno did annoy him by eating the fruits.
Taking the cake Jaemin walked to their living room where Jeno was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels.
Jaemin sat beside him and Jeno scooted away from him, frowning at the tv screen. Jaemin put the plate in between them.
“Peace offering?” Jaemin offered looking at Jeno and giving him his best smile.
Jeno didn’t even spare him a glance.
Jaemin poked Jeno on his arm and he didn’t even budge.
Poke. Nothing.
Poke. Nothing.
Poke poke poke poke-
“What?” Jeno turned to look at Jaemin scowling.
“I got cake Jen.” Jaemin said smiling sweetly.
“Yeah well you eat your perfect cake. I don’t want it.”
“But I made it for you.”
“You snapped at me over this cake. I don’t like this cake.”
“You poor baby.” Jaemin laughed at Jeno’s pout. “Should I bake another one for you then?”
“Shut up.” Jeno huffed.
“Shall I? Hmmm the fruits are the reasons you got scolded. Shall we forget fruits next time? How about chocolate topping this time? Kitkats?” Jaemin offered.
“Leave me alone.” But this time there was a small smile on his face.
“Or let’s forget a huge cake! How about ice creams? But no fruits since they offended you.” Jaemin teased.
“Fruits didn’t offend me! You did!” Jeno turned towards Jaemin pointing an accusing finger at Jaemin.
“So then,” Jaemin leaned in smiling at Jeno, “No Jaemin?”
They looked at each other before Jeno spoke up.
“No. Yes Jaemin. Because no matter how many times Jaemin offend Jeno, Jeno will always need Jaemin.”
Jaemin laughs at Jeno who smiles embarrassed.
“You’re cheesy.” Jaemin laughed.
“That’s cause I am whipped. For you.” Jeno smiled at him leaning in so close their noses almost touching.
“Well that is being whipped for me in a figurative way.” Jaemin smiled innocently. “How about in a literal way too?”
Before Jeno could even understand what Jaemin had said, Jaemin grabbed the slice of cake with his hand and smashed it on Jeno’s face. He jumped from the couch and started running away laughing as he heard Jeno shout his name and run after him.
“You know if you cut the fruits properly then we wouldn’t be having this fight.” Jaemin said. “All you had to do was cut the fruits up for me.”
“We’re gonna have another fight?” Jeno glances down down at the boy you was curled up beside him.
“Maybe.” Jaemin grinned at Jeno who rolled his eyes and ran his hands through his hair which was still damp from his shower thanks to their cake fight. They managed to eat one small slice of cake while the entire cake was used up as their weapon for the food fight, the other weapon of choice were the eggs, the whole carton of milk and the flour.
“Why are you like this?” Jeno sighs.
“You wouldn’t have me any other way.”
Jeno looks at Jaemin, his eyes sparkling as the young boy smiles at him.
“No I wouldn’t.”
And then Jeno leans down and kisses Jaemin softly.
“I still want a cake though.”
“Shut up Jeno.”