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Under Your Skin ~Hugh Jackman

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Hugh had been working hard all of last year on his movies, Logan and The Greatest Showman, and he was so proud of them. You had hardly seen him but the sacrifice had been worth it and you were beyond proud of what he had achieved. He was finally home for a few months and you were so happy to be in his company every day.

On this particular day, he had gone to the gym and you were at the apartment that you and he shared. You switched on the radio and heard that the Oscar nominations had been announced.....and Hugh hadn't been nominated. You felt a sadness wash over you, swiftly followed by an overwhelming anger; Hugh literally poured his blood, sweat and tears into those movies and had been The Academy, at least.

You weren't looking forward to Hugh returning and having to tell him about the nominations. Just at that moment, you heard the key turn in the door before it opened. Hugh threw his gym bag on the floor, kicked off his shoes and pushed the door closed with his foot. He gave you a sideways glance. He knew that you knew, by the way you were looking at him. "I've heard" he said in a steady voice "in the car on the way home."

You looked intently at him, while he didn't look up from the floor. He was still hot and sweaty from his workout at the gym, his t-shirt was sticking to his defined muscles, the vein in his arm more prominent than ever...and in that moment you were certain you had never seen anyone more sexy. He looked vulnerable and wounded and raw.

"Baby," you said in a soft voice, slowly sauntering over to where he was standing by the door. He still wasn't looking up at you and as you reached where he was standing, you moved your hand up to his face and felt his beard against your fingers. You gently moved his head so that he was facing you and he adjusted his gaze so that he was looking at you, his deep hazel eyes burning into you with raw emotion. Moving your hand from his face to the back of his head, you pushed your fingers through his soft hair and pulled him down towards you. Leaning your head to the side, you placed a gentle kiss on his neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses on his skin, up towards his lips, on which you gently pressed yours. You gave his bottom lip a sensual bite as you pulled away just enough to whisper, "It's ok....let me help you feel better...tell me what to do."