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Your Coffee Miss Luthor

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Kara walked into the looming skyscraper of L-Corp. She stood in the entrance, looking up at the sleek modern look of the lobby. She got lost in the metallic artwork suspended from the tall ceilings and quickly snapped out of it when someone brushed past her and knocked her off balance.

"Get out of the way little girl!" A gruff guy sneered as he hurriedly walked into the lobby. Kara fixed the bag on her shoulder and put her head down, walking up towards the main desk.

The woman sitting at the desk looked up, and quirked an eyebrow. "May I help you?"

Kara looked at her and froze. "I-I-I um... I have an interview for assistant to Miss Luthor?" Kara managed to stumble out. This was her first interview fresh out of college, and Alex's coworkers helped her pull some strings to get her this interview. She figured working for a huge empire that L-Corp had established was a great way for her to get her name out there in the world.

Alex told Kara to try and dress up for this, so she did her best. She had a white button down shirt on, black slacks, heels, and accessorized with jewelry. It was the fanciest Kara had ever dressed up for an interview, and Alex didn't let her leave the apartment until every flyaway hair was in an elaborate knot at the top of her head. She felt confident in how she looked, now all she had to do was be confident.

The woman behind the desk stood up. She had a simple sweater and pencil skirt on, but somehow she looked so much more professional then Kara. She shook away her insecurity and saw the woman turn to address her. "Right this way, Miss...?"

Kara smiled and reached out her hand. "Kara Danvers!" She said enthusiastically. The woman glanced down at her hand, and brushed past Kara with an eyeroll. "Right. Follow me Miss Danvers." She walked, no strutted towards the elevators near the back of the lobby. She pressed the button for the top floor once they got on, and rode the elevator in silence. Kara tried not to stare as she walked behind her.

Once the elevator reached the top, the woman next to her stood still. Kara looked at her questioningly, and she just muttered "good luck." And then the elevator doors closed. Kara stared at the closed doors in disbelief and turned around to survey the office she just stepped into. She nervously wrung her hands in front of her, and walked up to the main desk on this floor. The guy sitting behind this desk seemed a lot more friendly then the woman downstairs.

"Hello!" The guy said cheerily. "How can I help you today?" He asked with a smile. Kara smiled back at him, and said "Hello, I'm here for an interview-" The guy cut her off "Miss Danvers? We have been expecting you! Have a seat over there," He motioned to the plush couch across from the desk, "and I will call you when Miss Luthor is ready." he said with a smile, then disappeared around the corner. Kara took a deep breath and sat where she was directed.

Kara sat, and got the folder with her resume out of her bag. She quickly looked over her resume, making sure everything was ready to go. She did this to calm her nerves, and she wanted to look professional in case anyone was watching her.

"Miss Danvers? Miss Luthor will see you now."

Kara looked up and smiled at the cheery guy that talked to her earlier. She quickly stood up and walked over to follow him.

"Now," The guy said quickly and quietly, taking Kara's arm. "Miss Luthor has a look that could kill. It's important you don't let her look through you." The guy said. Kara went to ask him what he meant by that but he quickly cut her off. "She is a notorious hard ass, and if you really want this you have to work hard and let half of what she says roll off your back. If you take it to heart she will break you." Kara stopped walking, and the guy turned around and looked back questioningly.

"You are terrible at reassurance." Kara stated bluntly. The guy turned around and said "honey, I wouldn't have brought you back to meet her if I didn't think you could do it. If anyone can bring light to Miss Luthor's darkness, its you." He said with a smile. "Now," He pulled her in front of a door "Its time to shine Kara." he said and gave her a smile. Kara smiled back nervously. She looked down at herself and fixed her shirt, then fixed her glasses. Taking a deep breath, Kara opened the doors.


"Miss Luthor, don't forget you have an interview for a new assistant in 15 minutes." James said, leaning against the door frame with a smirk on her face.

Lena sat back at her desk, and crossed her legs. "How could I forget. I have to find a replacement for you, hopefully this girl does a better job then you ever did." Lena said with a smirk. James rolled his eyes and said again, "15 minutes," then closed the doors and walked back toward the nervous girl.

Lena was a tad angry at James for up and leaving her, but James is destined for more than waiting on Lena hand and foot. That boy is a born journalist, often finding him proofreading things for Lena before she publishes them. Hell, Lena trusts the boy more than she does her own publicist. Lena, with her connections, got James an interview and now he will be working under Cat Grant, the queen of all media. Lena was proud of James, but at the same time she didn't want to have to go through training a new assistant. Assistants like James are once in a lifetime.

Lena finished up the paperwork that needed to get reviewed by James, and started to tidy up her desk. Lena got up to refill her wine when James knocked again, and stuck his head in the door.

"Your newbie is here. Try and be nice? She looks fragile." James said with a giggle. Lena gave James a tiny smile and said, "no promises."

Lena knows she has a tendency to be a hard ass. But if she isn't, nothing would get done properly. Lena is a perfectionist, everything must be perfect. She had a reputation to live up to, after all. Its hard being a CEO in general, but its even harder to be a well-respected woman CEO. Being difficult is in the job description, if she wanted to be taken seriously in this male dominated world.

Lena sat at her desk, mindlessly typing away at her computer when she heard the doors open. She looked up, and she swears if the sun took human form, she was looking at it right now.

Kara stood nervously at the doorway, glancing around at the room before her gaze finally landed on Lena. Lena quirked an eyebrow and the blush quickly rising on the blondes face.

Kara was in shock. The room that Miss Luthors office was in was huge, and tastefully decorated. It had a black and white color scheme, and it seemed to flow together beautifully. Kara's eyes wandered around until she saw Lena Luthor sitting at her desk. Kara immediately felt nervous standing in such a powerful and, wow, beautiful woman's office. She quickly realized she was staring and started walking to the desk.

"Hello! Hi, My name is Kara Danvers," Kara said and quickly walked over to Lena and stuck out her hand. "It's an absolute pleasure to meet you." Lena glanced at the girls hand, then reached her hand out and shook the other girl's hand with a small smile. She was pleasantly surprised at the strength behind the handshake.

"I assume you know who I am. Please, sit." Lena said shortly, and reached for the file on her desk for Kara's resume. Lena, after taking a sip of wine, leaned back into her chair and opened the folder. She looked up at Kara and saw her nervously fixing her glasses, and playing with her hands. Lena set the folder down on her desk, and leaned forward.

"So tell me, Miss Danvers," Lena started, "Why do you want to work for me?"

Kara, glad Alex prepared her for this question, felt a rush of confidence. "Well, who wouldn't?" She started with a short laugh. "I want to work for someone who isn't afraid to reach out and take what they want. You took over this company from you mother and your brother," Kara said, carefully glancing at Lena's face to be sure she doesn't irritate the CEO, "and you made it into the corporation that you want it to be. You didn't follow the mold your mother left, you went and made your own. That is something that inspired me, and made me want to apply to be an assistant to someone who works for, and makes sure, she gets what she wants." Kara finished with a breath.

Lena sat back in her chair, the resume completely forgotten. "Impressive." Lena muttered under her breath, not expecting the blonde to hear. But, not knowing Kara wasn't exactly human, squinted her eyes at Kara once she saw her look down and adjust her glasses, a slight blush evident on her cheeks.

Lena asked Kara another question. "What do you want to do with your life?"

Kara cleared her throat nervously. "Honestly? I have no idea. My sister and my mom-"

"I asked about you." Lena cut Kara off.

Kara stared at Lena with wide eyes, then nervously uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. She did have fair warning that Lena had edges, but she wasn't prepared for it so soon. "O-Of course, um... I don't know. I'm just trying to get myself experience working and maybe one day I will figure out what I really want." Kara finished hesitantly.

"For someone who idolizes strong woman achieving what they want, you seem to not take their example to heart." Lena observed about the girl. Lena heard a small nagging voice in the back of her head that told her that Kara would end up as a reporter, but she stowed that information away for later.

Kara seemed to be cracking under Lena's pressure, but she seemed determined to make an impact on the CEO. "Well," Kara started, "I really want this job, and that's why I'm sitting here in front of you right now." Kara challenged. She did want this job, not only does it pay well (Kara has a hefty appetite) but she wants to make something of herself, and working under a strong female CEO will definitely put her on the right path.

Lena, looking deep into those blue eyes, asked Kara another question. "Why should I hire you?"

Kara smiled at Lena, and said the first thing that came to her mind. "You will regret it if you don't." Kara, then wide eyed realized what she said, went to say something a more professional answer, but Lena stopped her.

"That's all I need, I'll have James be in contact with you." Lena said shortly, closing the folder with the blonde's resume and turning back to her computer.

Kara sat in disbelief for a moment, then collected her things. "Have a nice day, Miss Luthor." She said with no emotion, and walked out. Kara felt the weight of the world, thinking she totally just bombed that interview. Alex was going to be so mad.

Lena watched her go, and sat back and smiled once she was alone. Lena knew she was going to hire the blonde as soon as she saw her. She would regret it if she didn't.