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Not too long ago, Izuku looked at All Might with awe. He was his idol. Only a few hours ago, the posters that littered his floor were hanging up on his wall. A few hours ago, his All Might figurines weren't destroyed. A few hours ago, All Might was standing right in front of Izuku.

Izuku wiped at his tear-stained cheeks. He didn't have time to cry, his room was an absolute mess and he had a lot of things to throw out.

All Might is not a hero.


"You're also going for U.A., aren't you, Midoriya?" Everyone turned and stared at Izuku. He didn't have anything to say. The answer would have been yes but after meeting All Might, he isn't so sure. His classmates must have taken his silence as a yes, they started laughing.

"Huh?! Midoriya?! No way!!"

"Good grades alone can't get you into the hero program!"

They can laugh in his face, he doesn't care. He doesn't want to be a hero anymore. All Might already ruined that dream. All Might ruined everything.

Just thinking about the horrible things All Might did to him made him want to cry. But he wont. He won't cry. If they saw his tears, they'd call him weak. He isn't weak. Yet, the tears still fall. Just as he thought, everyone laughs harder. Everyone except Kacchan.

Izuku waits for everyone to leave the classroom. Kacchan walks up to his desk and stares down at him. He doesn't look up, he'll just pretend he doesn't see Kacchan and wait for him to leave.

"You comin' Bakugou?" One of Kacchan's friends ask. "No. Go without me." Kacchan shoves his hands in his pockets and leans against the desk in front of Izuku.

A few minutes pass and Kacchan is still staring at him. Izuku doesn't want to look up, he's afraid of what face Kacchan will be making. He's obviously ignoring Kacchan and Izuku knows Kacchan hates being ignored.

When Izuku finally does peek at Kacchan, he's shocked. Kacchan doesn't look angry, instead his eyes are wide and his mouth is slightly open. 


Katsuki wants to say something. He opens his mouth to yell but nothing comes out. Deku's eyes aren't full of life like they usually are. He looks like he gave up on everything. His skin is pale and the bags under his eyes make him look dead.

No matter how much he yells that he hates Deku, he doesn't. He genuinely cares about him, and seeing Deku look like shit is bringing out some weird protective side in him.

He isn't good at comforting people but he wants to try. "Deku, what-"

Deku looks up at him. "Let's go home. Together... P-please." Katsuki nods and holds his hand out for Deku to hold.



Would anyone believe him if he said that All Might raped him?