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Sour Switch

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    Aihara Yuzu was pacing around her apartment. It was getting very late, and her sister still wasn't home. She also wasn't returning her calls. She found it very worrying. Mei is never late, usually, it's Yuzu who's always late. Her pacing ended up getting faster, and she was grabbing her phone tighter. The city outside of the windows was a dark blue, illuminated only by the quarter moon, quarter lights, and speeding cars. After a long while, Yuzu decided she should go look for Mei. Just as she was about to open the door, it opened itself. On instinct, she threw the item nearest to her (which was a stuffed teddy bear) at the intruder. The sudden guest grabbed the bear and threw it back.

"That's one way to greet me," Mei said to her sister.

"Ah, Mei!" Yuzu had said with an obvious amount of surprise. "You're home! What took you so long?"

Mei sighed, placed her bag on the kitchen counter, and told Yuzu about how she had just had the worst student council meeting in her life. "It felt like it dragged on forever," Mei said. "but all of what was being discussed was important so... I guess I can't complain." Mei stretched, then looked to her sister. "I think I'll call it a day."

That would probably be the best option for Yuzu to take as well. It was nearly midnight, and she planned to spend all of tomorrow hanging out with Matsuri and Harumi. "Yeah," Yuzu replied. "I think I will, too." She first went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. While she was in there, Harumi had suddenly sent her a text. It was a link to a video of a fight inside of the school that had gone viral recently. Yuzu had already seen it, but she didn't want to upset her friend. She just went along with it and pretended like she had never seen it before.

Next was the bedroom. There, she changed into her yellow polka-dot pyjamas. She thought she looked ridiculous in them, which is why she was thankful she only ever had to wear them during the night. After that, she plugged in her phone and set an alarm for tomorrow, 7:00 AM sharp. Then she went into bed and tucked herself under the blankets. The person to follow her final step was none other than her sister, Mei.

Even though they had shared a bed for a while now and were in a (secret!) relationship, she had still felt nervous when Mei would sleep in the same bed as her. It was just something she couldn't control. Mei had made Yuzu feel a lot of things she couldn't control.

As Mei drifted off into sleep, Yuzu realized that she should probably do so as well, instead of tossing and turning. She closed her eyes, and off she went.

*~Konohana Kitan~*

Yuzu and Satsuki both bowed their bodies to the couple that was walking away. "Goodbye, safe travels!" The attendants had said. When they were both standing up straight again, Satsuki put her hands on her hips. "I don't know about you," she said. "but for me, today was pretty tiring." Yuzu nodded her head. This wasn't the busiest Konohanatei has been, but it was still pretty active nonetheless. Yuzu wasn't tired, but that was to be a bit expected. Since she had grown up in the mountains, she had a lot of endurance and stamina.

Satsuki turned to the Ookami, who was passing by the doorway of the inn. "Anything else for tonight?" Satsuki asked. The Ookami thought for a moment, then shook her head. "Nope, that's all for today." Thank goodness... Satsuki mumbled under her breath. "Well then, I'm off to bed."

"I'll go as well." Yuzu had said without hesitation, following Satsuki to their room. When they had got there, they both changed into their night clothes. They had already both done their sanitary duties, so there was no need to do it all again.

Satsuki took no time to get all comfy and tucked in. Yuzu was still up, however. In fact, she was planning to go somewhere. "Hm?" Satsuki had noticed Yuzu was still up. "Aren't you gonna *yawn* go to sleep?"

"I will," Yuzu said. "However, I want to check something first."

Satsuki sighed. "Alright, just don't go to sleep too late."

"I won't." Yuzu said, slowly closing the door. After that, she went to the balcony that Kiri showed her during Yuzu's first day at Konohanatei. The view was always breathtaking, no matter the time of day. But there was something even more special about seeing it at night. Seeing the way the stars shone above the wide array of buildings, the orangish glow from the lanterns the people hung up, and the light the moon gave them. Yuzu had made herself a habit of coming up here every night to see the view. "Beautiful, isn't it?" the voice had startled Yuzu. Nobody was usually here this late except for her. It didn't take long for her to realize the voice belonged to Kiri. "There's just something about a nighttime landscape you can't beat." Kiri continued.

"Yeah," Yuzu said. "It really is amazing." The faint breeze of autumn had brushed past them. They both stayed silent for a bit, until Kiri broke it, asking, "You're getting really close to Satsuki, huh?"

That one question had made Yuzu lose her calm moment. Now, she was blushing and still trying to figure out why Kiri had asked that out of nowhere. Kiri just laughed and patted her on the head. "It's fine," Kiri said. "you don't have to answer that." Then she left, with Yuzu still standing there. Yuzu took one more look at the town, then went back to her and Satsuki's bedroom.

She tucked herself in and got all comfortable. "Goodnight, Satsuki." Yuzu said, quietly.

"Night, Yuzu," Satsuki replied. Yuzu jumped a bit, she hadn't realized Satsuki was still awake. Either way, she really needed sleep. So she closed her eyes, and let herself fall asleep.


"Mmmmm..." Yuzu stretched out her arms like she always did when she woke up. "Ugh, what time is i... wait... MY ALARM!" She suddenly jumped up from her spot in a panic. Then she realized something was off... it was her voice! She sounded much younger than she usually did. "...or maybe I'm just tired."

When her eyes adjusted to the sunlight, however, she realized that her being tired wasn't her only problem. She was in a room she had never been in before. She started backing up, unsure of what to think of it. Suddenly, she felt something fluffy hit her back. She turned, assuming there was a person. Except there wasn't anybody there. When she reached around her back, there was something fluffy there. When she tried to pull it off, she only ended up hurting herself. She let out a small scream mixed of both pain and confusion.

"A tail?!" She asked herself. "When the fuck did I get a tail?!?... and these ears too???? Ugh..." Just then, a purple-haired kitsune had ran into the room. "Yuzu? Are you all right? I heard you scream."

Wait... How did...? "Who are you, and how do you know my name?" She asked, distrustingly. The purple-haired seemed confused, then angry. "Wha-... Is this some kind of game? We don't have time for games, we've got guests to attend to."

"Guests?" Yuzu said with a mix of confusion and anger. "Woah woah woah, slow down right there. I never applied for a summer job."

"Summer? It's autumn!"

"What? Since when?!? It was July when I fell asleep!"

The purple-haired put a hand on her own face, impatient. "You know what, I don't have time for this." She started walking away. "Come downstairs when you're done with this charade."

Yuzu wasn't going to do that. Instead, she was going to walk straight out of this building and go home. That's what she planned. She quickly realized she didn't even know where she was, or even how to get home. Another kitsune came strolling down the hallway with a broom, this time with pink hair. She stopped her when she caught up to her. "What is this place?" She asked the pink haired fox.

"Yuzu? Come on, you should know where we are," How did everybody know her name? "now let go of me. I've got important tasks to take care of." But Yuzu wouldn't let go. She was in a building she had never been in before, and she wanted some damn answers. "I said..." the fox continued, this time angrily. "...let... go!" This time, the fox swung her broom at Yuzu, but Yuzu caught it before it hit her.

The pink hair fox had a brief moment of surprise. Yuzu took that moment to take the broom, then hitting the pink hair with it. "Ouch! Hey!" This time, she dodged Yuzu's attack. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She dodged another attack, then cried out for help. "Natsume!" Hit again, but didn't stay down for long, and continued to cry out for help. "Natsume! Satsuki! Kiri! Somebody!" Suddenly, four different foxes had entered the hallway. The brown haired one stepped in first. "Yuzu? Why are you holding the broom lik-"

"How the heck do all of you know my damn name?!?" Yuzu screamed. This startled everybody in the hallway. "Where's Mei?"

"Mei?" The tall blonde fox asked. "Wait wait wait... what's your name?"

The purple hair fox from before had said, "Kiri, it's obviously-"

"Aihara Yuzu." Yuzu stated with strong determination. This startled everyone again. After a brief moment of silence, the purple hair fox finally spoke up.