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What Kind of Unicorn is This

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Waverly and Nicole paused for a breath after kissing fervently in Nedley’s office, Nicole pulling back and panting heavily as she held Waverly flush against her uniformed body. Waverly grinned breathlessly before shifting underneath Nicole, biting her lip nervously. The break in action seemed to jolt the pair out of a trance, and before long the two grew to be at a loss for words.

“I…uh, as much as I would like this to continue, maybe Nedley’s office isn’t the best place…” Waverly began slowly. Nicole sat up slowly, hands going to her braid as she began to tuck in loose strands of hair that had escaped.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Nicole responded slowly, her brown eyes searching Waverly’s face as an awkward silence befell them. Nicole glanced down and seemed to internally jump as her fingers flew to the undone buttons of her shirt.

“If you wanted to, um, continue this, I’m off in ten minutes,” Nicole whispered cautiously, eyeing the other warily. Waverly blinked in surprise.


“I mean, if you want to, I understand if you don’t—” Nicole stammered before being silenced by Waverly’s forefinger which had flown to Officer Haught’s lips.

“What did you have in mind?”

Nicole paused to clasp Waverly’s hand in hers and glanced around, straining her hearing to try and discern if the coast was clear. She then shot Waverly a smirk, creating butterflies in Waverly’s stomach.

“We can go to my place…I live only about two blocks away,” Nicole murmured, her fingers tangling with Waverly’s.

“Okay,” Waverly breathed shakily, a soft side smile touching her lips. Nicole smiled back gently before climbing off the other, cracking the blinds and peering through them. The deputy then gestured for Waverly to follow as she silently opened the door and trotted to her desk to snatch up her belongings. Waverly went to the door and peered down the hall.

“It looks like everyone left,” Waverly whispered over her shoulder. Nicole nodded as she grabbed her hat and placed it on her head, Waverly’s coat nestled under her arm.

“Let’s get you wrapped up,” Nicole said softly, holding Waverly’s coat out for her, and allowing the shorter woman to slip her arms into her jacket. Waverly was caught off guard at the chivalry but took it in stride. They both looked once more up and down the hall before Nicole took the brazen stride forward, her hand grasping Waverly’s as she steered her forward in a quiet yet brisk manner.

The pair made a quick job of getting into Deputy Haught’s vehicle, Nicole turning on the police car with a side grin at the other before reversing and smoothly steering the car down the road.

“Nicole?” Waverly began idly as they paused at a stop sign.


“Is this a date?” Waverly inquired, examining Nicole’s reaction. At that precise moment, Nicole pulled to the side, presumably at her house. Nicole looked over at Waverly, her smile gentle and inviting, her eyes alert and honest.

“This is whatever you want it to be,” Nicole said earnestly, unbuckling her seatbelt.

After a pause, she added, “Would you like to come in for a drink?” Waverly nodded hurriedly, unbuckling and the pair stepped out of the car. At the curb, Waverly paused to gaze at the small house as the other stepped around the car. Nicole waited patiently beside Waverly, allowing the other to take it in before Waverly turned to look at her with a nervous smile. Nicole’s dimples blossomed as she took Waverly’s hand, gave it a reassuring squeeze, and tossed her head before tugging her forward.

Unlocking the door, Nicole opened it and Waverly eagerly followed.

“This is it,” Nicole said with a shrug, taking her hat off, and holding it in her hands, looking down at Waverly and examining her expression closely. At that moment there was movement in the back and an orange cat came bounding up to the pair.

“Who is this?” Waverly immediately cooed, before kneeling, and reaching out to pet the cat.

“Calamity Jane,” Nicole chuckled, stepping over and past the cat, hanging her hat and coat up, “She must be hungry.”

Waverly bit her lip as Nicole continued down the hall, switching lights on and entering the kitchen before she rose and followed, accompanied by Calamity Jane. Waverly stood and looked around in silence, taking it all in as the situation began to truly settle in her mind. The nerves she had pushed back to take the first step had melted away after spending some time with Nicole, but a sense of nervous trepidation filled her as she stepped into the kitchen. Nicole poured some cat food into a bowl and set it on the ground before pausing to gaze at Waverly inquiringly.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, thanks,” Waverly stammered. Nicole gazed at her for a second longer before opening her fridge and pulling out two beers, opening the bottles and handing one to Waverly.

“So,” Nicole began casually.

“So…” Waverly echoed. Nicole spared Waverly a long look before chuckling.

“What?” Waverly asked dubiously. Nicole leant her elbows on the counter and looked up at Waverly with a bashful gaze.

“Do you want to go back to not talking?” Nicole asked suggestively after taking a swig from her beer. Waverly found herself staring at Nicole’s lips as she licked her own, her mouth going dry as she subconsciously stepped closer, her fingers brushing up against Nicole’s. Nicole exhaled shakily, leaning into Waverly, her mouth moving but at first no words came out.

“You know how beautiful you are?” Nicole gasped softly. This comment seemed to catch Waverly off guard and for a second all she did was stare at Nicole in shock. Nicole maintained eye contact, her brown eyes searching Waverly’s face inquisitively. Waverly found her doubts slipping away as her eyes met Nicole’s, and in that moment nothing else mattered.

Waverly jolted forward, kissing Nicole heatedly, her hands hastily grabbing the other’s face as Nicole seemed to hold back a moan. Letting go of her beer, Nicole lifted Waverly’s chin as she deepened the kiss, pressing her tongue against Waverly’s lips, yearning for entrance. Waverly found herself melting into the officer’s arms, her body seeming to move by itself as her hands tangled in Nicole’s neat hair. Nicole’s hands slid down Waverly’s back and grasped her hips testily, pausing to pull back and meet Waverly’s gaze.

“Waverly—” Nicole panted.

“—Where’s the bedroom,” Waverly interrupted, hands tugging at Nicole’s shirt and untucking it. Nicole raised her eyebrows in mild surprise before shaking her head softly.

Waverly broke off, not knowing how to respond.

“Are you sure about this?” Nicole whispered gently, her breath tickling Waverly’s face. Waverly was about to retort before she registered Nicole’s cautious and earnest expression. Nicole’s eyes burned with an intensity that made Waverly’s heart jump as they took pause for a moment.

“Yes,” Waverly said softly, leaning up to press her lips against Nicole’s. Waverly felt Nicole smile against her lips before she yelped as the deputy lifted her up off her feet. The shorter woman instinctively wrapped her legs around Nicole’s waist, Nicole breezily walking them both down a dim hall and into an even darker bedroom. Waverly’s hands tightened around Nicole’s neck as she nipped at Nicole’s bottom lip, making the other shudder against the wall.

“Dear God,” Nicole murmured in the dimness, making the other pause and crack an eyelid to examine the other. Waverly found Nicole’s eyes closed contentedly, her lips curling into a pleasant smile.

“You sure you don’t know what you are doing?” Nicole jibbed, squinting at Waverly in the darkness amusedly. Waverly grinned in response before leaning forward and unbuttoning the top of Nicole’s top, smirking all the while at Nicole’s hungered expression.

“Shush, why don’t you?” Waverly asked, leaning forward once more to kiss Nicole fervently. Nicole kissed back eagerly, walking over to the bed, and laying Waverly down gently before climbing on top of her after. They kissed deeply but then something seemed to change as the kisses grew to be more heated, and they both were soon untucking shirts and tangling hands in hair. Waverly found Nicole to be pleasantly aggressive, pressing comfortably against her and the scent of vanilla overwhelming her.

In the dark Waverly did her best to unbutton the rest of Officer Haught’s shirt, but it took a while between the intense kissing to accomplish. In the meantime, Nicole seemed content ravishing Waverly’s lips and neck, leaving careful yet intense kisses over her skin. Waverly’s legs tightened instinctively around Nicole’s waist, the movement not going unnoticed by Nicole.

Nicole bit Waverly’s bottom lip and sucked gently before pulling back and smirking down at the other smugly.

“I’m afraid this is where my expertise runs out,” Waverly chuckled shakily, biting her lip as desire flared within her.

“That so?” Nicole whispered in the dimness, leaning forward and kissing Waverly gingerly, seeming to slip into pensive thought. Waverly gripped Nicole’s belt with angst, waiting for the ginger to give her some sort of signal.

Nicole deepened the kiss before pressing her forehead on Waverly’s gently, everything grounding to a halt as she breathed deeply, her hand cupping Waverly’s face as her thumb traced over her cheek.

Eyes still closed, Nicole whispered, “Waverly, is this okay?”

“Of course,” Waverly said in a similar manner, holding Nicole tighter.

“Please tell me to stop if you want me to,” Nicole gasped, her eyes fluttering open to fix on Waverly’s, “You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I know, Nicole,” Waverly reassured the other, tracing the ginger’s lips with a forefinger, making the other exhale shakily. Waverly was shocked that Nicole somehow managed to be even more intense in bed than in her job.

And it just was so hot.

Nestled on top of Waverly and still holding Waverly’s gaze, Nicole straddled one of Waverly’s legs and rocked her leg between Waverly’s thighs. Waverly released a pent-up breath, her eyes fluttering as her hands tugged at Nicole’s belt—the deputy’s shirt undone, showing her lacy purple bra. Nicole leaned back and removed her uniform, tossing it to the side before leaning forward once more, rocking her thigh forward again and helping Waverly remove her own shirt.

What happened next would forever remain in Waverly’s mind.

Nicole rocked her hips forward, her own legs tightening around Waverly’s thigh as a bolt of desire ran up Waverly’s body. Nicole muffled a moan against Waverly’s lips and Waverly’s hands began to undo Nicole’s uniform belt, only to immediately unbutton her slacks as well. Nicole released a shaky chuckle that quickly morphed into a groan and then a strangled gasp as Waverly cupped the front of Nicole’s slacks.

“This okay?” Waverly stammered, Nicole pulling back to survey the other in shock.

“That’s perfect baby,” Nicole all but purred, a smirk spreading across her face as her head tilted back and she rocked her hips forward, against Waverly’s hand, encouraging her further. Waverly found herself tracing her fingers against the seams of Nicole’s slacks, making the other moan distantly. Nicole pulled back to survey the other intensely before slipping Waverly’s bra straps down slowly, her hips rocking against the other’s.
Waverly attempted to awkwardly slip her arms out of the straps, but Nicole beat her to it, reaching beneath Waverly and unclasping her bra. Waverly arched her back as her hips bucked before pointedly pressing harder over the seams of Nicole’s slacks.

Nicole paused and bit her lip as she smirked at Waverly before tossing the bra aside and kissing down her neck nibbling at a collarbone as she reached up and toyed with Waverly’s breasts. This broke Waverly’s concentration as her hands flew up to tangle in Nicole’s hair, removing the ponytail and making a proper mess out of her ginger tresses. Nicole’s hands migrated down Waverly’s torso, moving daintily in a way Waverly had never been touched before. Her touch was so gentle and reassuring, as if Nicole was impressing caution and care with every touch.

It felt as if her body was being attentively listened to.

Waverly found herself moaning as Nicole’s mouth located a breast and the ginger’s hands began to tug her pants down, exposing the top of her underwear. Nicole paused at the noise to look up and make eye contact, her eyes sparkling eagerly as a smirk touched her lips.

“This okay, baby?” Nicole asked softly, though it was tinged with humor.

“Nicole—” Waverly pined. To this, Nicole’s smile widened before she took Waverly’s other breast in her mouth and gave her pants another tug before pulling away and sweeping them off. Nicole momentarily stepped off the bed to tug her own slacks off, allowing the pair to survey each other hungrily—Waverly propped on her elbows and biting her lip with Nicole shooting her a side smile as she stood at the foot of the bed. The deputy then slowly climbed on top of Waverly before grasping a leg and hooking it over her hip, her hand grazing up the thigh. Nicole grabbed Waverly’s ass with a moan as their lips crashed together, Waverly’s hands struggling with Nicole’s bra.

“My God, you are so hot,” Waverly moaned, making Nicole laugh as she gently nibbled over Waverly’s jawline. Nicole’s eyes glowed as she pulled Waverly closer and nuzzled her.

“Speak for yourself, Waves,” Nicole chided, grazing her other hand down over Waverly’s ribcage, pausing to feel her racing heartbeat. Nicole looked attentively at Waverly, and it seemed as if she was looking not just at Waverly, but directly at her soul, analyzing the other closely, seeking permission. Waverly exhaled shakily as Nicole’s hand drifted lower, toying with the waistband of her underwear.

Moving cautiously, Nicole pulled down the underwear a bit before gently slipping her hand over them, grazing her forefinger over Waverly’s center. Waverly gasped as her hips bucked and in a moment of clarity and yearning, pulled Nicole closer. She curled a lock of ginger hair behind Nicole’s ear, wanting to say something but her mind was short circuiting. Nicole did the tiniest of nods, pressing her forehead against Waverly’s, her breath hot and heavy.

“I’ve got you,” Nicole whispered.

In that moment Waverly felt herself tear up momentarily; why, she had no idea. Waverly pulled Nicole in for a deep kiss. Nicole responded sweetly, cradling Waverly close and allowing the other to melt into her lips. Waverly released a pent-up breath as a knot loosened in her chest, a knot she didn’t even realize was there. Moving slowly, Nicole edged Waverly’s underwear down, her fingers teasing over her groin, gauging Waverly’s reaction.
Waverly moaned softly before fumbling to pull Nicole closer, anything to increase the friction between them.

Taking this as a sign, Nicole slipped her hand underneath Waverly’s underwear and began to circle her thumb over Waverly’s clit, running her fingers over her center. Tongues dancing together, Waverly eased a bit and relaxed into Nicole’s hold, curiously grazing her hands over Nicole’s toned body while also rocking her hips to Nicole’s hand.

Nicole moaned as Waverly gently squeezed her breasts, nipping at Waverly’s bottom lip as she pulled away momentarily. The ginger pressed a knuckle over Waverly’s entrance testily, eliciting a deep-seated groan from the other.

“Waves—” Nicole panted, “can I?”

It took a second for Waverly to realize what Nicole was asking permission for. When she did, she saw her opportunity.

Waverly pulled Nicole against her, tracing her forefinger over Nicole’s lips before gasping in a hoarse and daring voice, “I want you inside me.”
Nicole released a strangled gasp as her eyes widened, but soon her lips were pressed against Waverly’s. Nicole gently slid her fingers into Waverly, and they both simultaneously moaned.

“Jesus Christ,” Nicole moaned, her breath ragged as her own hips bucked. Waverly bit Nicole’s bottom lip as she grazed her own hand down to the top of Nicole’s underwear. Nicole spared Waverly a smirk, as if daring her to go further while also wanting nothing more than that. Nicole curled her fingers as if to urge the other on, Waverly shuddering in response. Waverly plucked at Nicole’s underwear, her legs trembling slightly as she gazed at a smirking Nicole.

“May I?” Waverly gasped, trying to maintain her composure. Nicole shifted before leaning forward, keeping her tempo, before kissing Waverly heatedly.

“You can do what you want baby,” Nicole whispered into Waverly’s ear as she ventured deeper, causing the other to gasp as her head tilted back, “But you might want to hold on at the moment.”

Waverly nodded slightly as she leaned back on the bed, pulling Nicole closer as she surrendered, Nicole’s lips melting onto hers. Waverly found her hips matching Nicole’s pace easily, though she wanted more.

“N—Nicole,” Waverly gasped in a strangled voice, her hands tugging at Nicole’s hair.

“Hmm?” Nicole hummed, her mouth on Waverly’s chest.

“D—deeper,” Waverly pleaded, feeling on the edge as her legs tightened around Nicole’s waist. Nicole bit harder over Waverly’s chest at this request before abiding eagerly, Waverly whimpering as she neared her climax. Waverly’s breath came out hot and fast and soon Nicole’s lips were gently touching hers, sharing the moment as Nicole held her close.

“Mmmmfuck…Nicole—fuck—” Waverly moaned as she climaxed, her back arching as Nicole felt her clench around her fingers. Nicole exhaled shakily as she pulled Waverly closer and cupped her face before kissing her deeply and slowly, savoring the moment as she cradled Waverly close.