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They have a test next Monday and Peter hasn't left his room for hours. He's allowed to take a single page, double spaced, one-sided 12. font Times New Roman notes in and he's deleted everything and rewritten it almost exactly to the letter a good three or four times now. It's getting way too late for this but he can't fail this test. Not with so many days absent spent as Spider-Man. There's been more crime lately, and he's been taking on longer jobs shutting down a human-trafficking ring (because regardless of what Mr. Stark says, nobody else seemed to be doing the job), busting up drug deals (because if you know where to look, as Peter is quickly learning, there is no shortage of drug deals around the city). It makes him feel alive, and what's more it makes him feel important. More important than school does by a lot. Spiderman, for all the bad press he sometimes gets, is a lot more well-liked than Peter Parker. For one thing, nobody ever calls Spiderman a "girl", or if they do, not with the same stupid conviction as they call Peter "Petra" which is not even his birth name but which Flash has latched onto lately for some reason. Flash remains, as always, a complete idiot, though a lot of people seem to find him funny. As a highschooler, Peter can confidently say that highschoolers are stupid. But Aunt May is not happy with his current grades and if he doesn't want to disappoint her, he'll be stuck in his room at least another hour or so studying US History. May cares a lot about grades especially as they interact with "Spiderman". Peter suspects this may be more about diverting him from doing anything dangerous than about encouraging him to get good grades, but then again, this is something she's always cared about. Peter "applying himself" because "he's too smart not to be getting straight A's." He used to be a straight-A student too, right up until Spider-Man became a thing, so it's not like he can argue. He can't even claim that the spider-bite did something to his brain because that was a solid few months before he actually started swinging around the city as Spider-Man. It took a long time to get used to and figure out what he was going to do. If he has to read another flashcard he's going to scream. He reads the next flashcard. Guesses. Flips it over. Yes!