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kiss the boy

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It was just another Monday in the coffee shop that Kim Seokjin worked at with his best friend, Kim Namjoon. The two of them had been inseparable since they were young - growing up next door to one another had helped with that, despite the two year age difference between them. Jin just never let Namjoon forget that he was the older one. Namjoon would just roll his eyes and say hyung in that condescending tone that made Jin want to smack the smirk off his face. “Is it done now?” Namjoon groaned from down the counter once the rush of customers had faded out. He made sure that he wasn’t overheard by the customers still lingering around the shop.


Jin chuckled and shook his head at his friend’s dramatics. They both enjoyed the moments when the shop was busier. It was a rush, the challenge to get through the line as quickly and accurately as possible. For the most part, their customers were all very nice as well. They had a steady stream of regulars, and some who only stopped in on occasion. Then there were days where completely new faces would walk in through the front door. That particular Monday, the bell above the door rang announcing someone’s arrival - Jin and Namjoon immediately chorused out the shop’s greeting more on reflex than anything. The two young men that had come into the shop might have replied but it was muffled under the music playing in the shop if they did.


The two of them went to one of the empty tables and started peeling off their coats. It was when the shorter of the two took off the black face mask on his face to set on the table that Jin paused mid-way through refilling one of the sugar containers. The boy was cute. He was shorter than Jin but broad shouldered enough to not be mistaken for delicate. The way he held himself, though, was almost fragile in a way though it was not without a hint of a sense that the boy could definitely hold his own if need be. There was a power to how he held himself and Jin could not keep himself from staring as the guy talked to his friend, the two of them more distracted in their conversation than they were focused on coming up to place their orders. “Holy shit,” Jin breathed, blinking several times as he watched the cute guy place his hands in the back pockets of his jeans, laughing with the cutest smile that Jin had ever seen on anyone ever. “Joon. Holy shit. I think I’m gay, now.”


Jin had never found himself attracted to a boy before. He would like to consider himself being fairly open minded and understanding - but he, himself, had always been straight. Or maybe he had just assumed he was? Jin did not know. He had never found another guy to be so outright attractive as he did this stranger - but seeing him there made Jin suddenly want to know everything from his name to how he liked his breakfast in the morning.


“Uh, I might be, too,” Joon replied, making Jin finally tear his eyes away from the stranger that had caught his focus. Namjoon was busy staring at the stranger’s friend - the taller of the two with a bright smile that was endearing enough in its own way but Jin still preferred the other guy’s smile.


“Oh. Okay. Cool.” Jin nodded once and turned his attention to the newest entrants to the shop again. So, that was going to be a thing, then. It… honestly did not surprise him in the slightest. He and Namjoon had gone through everything together so far, so why not this too? Gay crisis? Totally skipped over to just straight (not straight) up acceptance. “We should ask their numbers.”


“What if they’re not gay?”


Jin had not even paused to think that maybe this beautiful boy that caught his attention might not be interested in guys as well. His eyes flickered over to where their things were, though, and he smiled a little as his noticed a small pin on one of their backpacks. “One of them has a rainbow pin on his bag - I think we’re good.” Namjoon nodded at the information and he slid over closer to Jin’s side as the two newest entrants to the shop came up to the counter finally. “I’m Jin,” he greeted, smiling at them though his focus remained more on the boy that had caught his eye. It might have been his imagination but he was pretty sure the boy’s face grew faintly pink under the obvious stare. “What can we get you today?”


The other boy, the one that had Namjoon smiling shyly and unable to quite find his voice with him suddenly being so close (really it was adorable how shy Namjoon could get when faced with a gi-- someone that he found attractive; if the situation was different, Jin would have stopped to coo at him and embarrass him about it), smiled and ordered their coffees for them. Namjoon nodded and turned to start making the orders from the counter against the wall behind him and Jin while Jin started totalling up the order for them. “Separate or together?” Jin questioned, though the way he asked was suggestive, indicating there was a bit more to the question.


The cute one that had caught Jin’s eye did blush that time and he stumbled over what seemed to be an attempt to say that they weren’t together, but his friend cut him off with a charming smile as he said, “Not together but I’m paying for us both.” He nodded, directing his smile toward Namjoon when he turned to face them once the first cup of coffee was finished. “I’m Hoseok.” Though he spoke as if just generally giving out his name, his focus remained on Namjoon.


Namjoon nearly dropped the coffee in his hands, but Hoseok reached out quickly and helped steady his hand. Namjoon blushed redder than Jin had ever seen him before as he mumbled several apologizes despite Hoseok assuring him it was fine while he took the cup. Namjoon just apologized again and turned back to make the second cup of coffee. The other guy, the one standing there looking incredibly amused and smug as he looked between Hoseok and Namjoon, then looked to Jin and his smile became a little softer.


Before Jin could find the words he wanted to say, Namjoon was handing the guy his coffee. “Thank you,” he said with a slight incline of his head before he turned away to return to the table with Hoseok, leaving Jin just staring after him.


Jin laughed slightly, short and amused and disbelieved all at once. This beautiful man was just walking away from him and he wasn’t sure how to deal with that. Namjoon seemed just as confused and lost as he did. In an entire span of what could not have been more than five minutes, Jin found everything he had thought he knew about himself turned upside down. Hoseok and his friend grabbed their jackets from where they had left them, Hoseok whining and telling Yoongi he had forgotten he was supposed to meet up with someone named Jimin - Namjoon looked a little disheartened at that. They were out the front door again before Jin could move out from behind the counter to find out the other boy’s name. Jin had never felt more disappointed in himself. “At least you got your boy’s name,” Jin sighed as he rested his elbow on the counter and put his chin in his hand.


Namjoon blushed again and nearly knocked over the sugar dispenser. “He’s not my boy , Jin, oh my god .” Namjoon’s words were more breath than actual voice and Jin waved his free hand dismissively in Namjoon’s direction.


Later that evening, when they were getting off work and the kids took over behind the counter, Namjoon and Jin made their way a couple of blocks over where Jin’s apartment was with Jin promising to make Namjoon some dinner. It was the typical routine of a Monday at work. Which was why when they walked into the apartment to find Jin’s younger brother Jungkook and his boyfriend Taehyung sitting on the couch, neither one of them so much as blinked. They were always over for Monday night dinner, too, since it was the one evening that Taehyung did not have an art class downtown that wasn’t a weekend. Weekends were date nights for the couple.


Unlike usual, though, Jin did not make a beeline for the kitchen. Instead he dropped down onto one of the two armchairs in the living room with a groan. Jungkook’s brows rose behind the fringe of is hair as Taehyung laughed and snuggled closer to Jungkook’s side. “You okay, hyung?” Taehyung questioned, smiling at Namjoon with a small wave of greeting that he returned as he sat in the other chair.


“No,” replied Jin with another groan. “Guess Kook isn’t the only gay kid in the family.”


Jungkook laughed all too happily at that with a smirk as he straightened up and pulled his arm from around Taehyung’s shoulders so that he could lean closer to where Jin sat. “Yeah? So who is he?”


“I don’t know . He left before I could get his name.” Jin looked fully distraught and Jungkook could not keep himself from laughing again with a shake of his head. “Yah! Stop laughing at me, brat.”


“I’ll order us dinner. Tell us about him, hyung.” His smirk was teasing and playful but his words were sincere and Jin was not too sure what to make of it. Namjoon just shrugged, so Jin did as well before he started telling the couple about the two boys that had come into the shop. He told them about Namjoon’s realization as well which made Taehyung laugh and reach over to Namjoon for a fist bump while saying something about how he and Jungkook were obviously good influences on them. “So I guess we’ve just got to find your Prince Charming, then.”


“Ah, but I might not see him again. He’d never come into the shop before.” Taehyung smiled sadly and leaned over Jungkook to pat Jin’s knee reassuringly, which made Jin smile faintly in response. He was a good kid, that Taehyung, and Jin was glad that his brother had found him.


Fate seemed to be on Jin’s side, however, because only a few days later that boy came walking into the shop again. That time he was alone. He looked just as good as he had the time before - wearing some distressed dark wash jeans that were almost too tight and a band t-shirt that was too big to the point it nearly fell off one shoulder and his hair looked as though he’d been up all night running his fingers through it. Jin suddenly found himself wanting to be the one to make it look like that, especially if it meant kissing the other boy’s pouty lips until they both couldn’t breathe.


Which the thought nearly caused Jin to laugh out loud because he really did not waste any time from diving headfirst into the whole liking a man thing when only a few days prior he’d never considered kissing anyone that wasn’t a girl. Yet there he was, full on fantasizing about pressing this other young man into the counter and seeing what sorts of sounds he could draw out from him. Jin blinked several times when he realized that the guy was talking to him, attempting to get his attention. It caused Jin’s face to flame up and he laughed awkwardly as he reached up with one hand to rub the back of his neck. After clearing his throat, he said, “Right. Sorry. What can I get you?”


“Iced americano, a little sugar,” the guy ordered, smiling at Jin with a slight laugh.


He started to reach for his wallet but stopped when Jin held out a hand and shook it back and forth slightly. “Ah, no. It’s on me today.” Jin managed what he knew was one of his more charming smiles before he moved to start to get the other boy’s coffee ready. Once he did, he turned to give it to him but moved it out of the guy’s reach at the last second, smiling as it made his brow raise slightly. “On one condition. Your name. I never got your name.”


The other boy looked rather startled at the request, for several seconds, but then he was smiling again with a slight nod of his head. “Yoongi. I’m Yoongi.”


Jin then handed Yoongi his coffee unable to keep the absolute joy he felt at knowing the name of this beautiful stranger off of his face. “Yoongi, huh? That’s a nice name.”


There was a glint of something in Yoongi’s eyes at Jin’s statement, it was only there for a few seconds before Yoongi attempted to seem indifferent again. He nodded his head slightly, idly stirring the ice in his drink with the straw. “Oh you like that? You should hear my phone number.”


Jin was thrown completely off track for several seconds and he just stared . Had Yoongi just…? And with a quote from one of Jin’s favorite television series of all time? There was no way that Jin was going to let Yoongi just walk out of his life again after that. He smiled and leaned forward slightly, his hips resting against the counter. “I’d like that.”


Which was how when Namjoon showed up to join him on shift just before the after-work rush, Jin was still smiling and humming to himself. He held up a napkin with something scribbled on it that Namjoon could not quite read. “I got Yoongi’s number,” he stated only to laugh when Namjoon seemed confused by the statement. “Yoongi. Hoseok’s friend.”


“Oh! The-- Wow, really? Huh,” Namjoon said as he washed his hands after clocking in at the register.


“Huh, what?”


“Nothing. I just… I didn’t think you’d actually go for it.” Namjoon shook his head a little, but he smiled at Jin anyway. “I’m glad. It’s been a while since you’ve been interested in… Well, anybody.”


“He offered his number to me. Using a Friends quote. Forget interested. I think I’m in love with him.” Jin sounded completely convinced to the point that Namjoon could not keep the smile off of his face. “So, now we’ve just got to get you Hoseok’s number.” Jin smirked as Namjoon got all red in the face and seemed to stutter and stumble over excuses on why they shouldn’t. “Hush now. I’m sure he’s interested okay. Now, you take over. I’m going to take my break before the rush starts. I’ve got a cute boy to ask out on a date.”


Jin raised his phone and waved it slightly before he ducked into the back room of the shop where staff were allowed to take their breaks. Jin sat down on one of the chairs at the table then and he used the phone number he had been given to text Yoongi. The response came only a few seconds later and Jin could not help the smile on his face as he settled on the chair more. They flirted back and forth through their texts until Jin finally asked Yoongi to go to dinner with him on Friday. Yoongi agreed and Jin fist pumped into the air once. Jin did warn Yoongi, though, that he had never been on a date with another guy before; Yoongi’s response nearly had Jin falling from his chair in surprise.


That’s ok. I’m a good teacher ;)


Yes, it was official. Jin was already at least half-way in love with that man. With a smile, Jin told Yoongi he would talk to him later, that he had to go to work. Jin then put up his phone and returned to the front, sliding up next to Namjoon who was finishing up with a customer. “So, guess who has a date Friday,” he stated to Namjoon, smiling even brighter when Namjoon just groaned at him.


“Of course you do.”


Jin chuckled and reached up to pinch Namjoon’s cheek. “You could have one too. I could ask Yoongi for Hoseok’s number.”


“No. No, I’m… It’s fine.” Namjoon knocked Jin’s hand away from his face and shook his head a little. “Let’s just get through this shift alive.”


“Okay, then.”


After their shift ended that evening, the two of them went their separate ways. Jin went to his apartment where he was sure he was going to have to break apart Jungkook and Taehyung again. It happened all too often, but Jin enjoyed reminding Taehyung that he needed to treat his precious baby brother with respect and not to taint him - as if Jin didn’t already know that the two of them were no strangers to one another’s bodies. It wasn’t as if it wasn’t Jin that had walked in on Taehyung blowing Jungkook at the beach house the previous summer. Namjoon made his way to the corner store close to his apartment. He had a few things he needed to pick up and did not feel like going all the way to the market just yet. Besides, the market would be getting ready to close.


What Namjoon did not expect was to get up to the register at the corner store only to find Hoseok standing behind the counter, working on some sort of homework while he waited for a customer to approach. Namjoon stood frozen as he tried to decide whether to go up there or if he should just put everything back and leave before Hoseok realized he was there. His decision ended up being made for him, though, when Hoseok looked up at him. There was a look of surprise on his face for several seconds before it was replaced with a soft smile that Namjoon really wanted to see every day. “Did you find everything alright?” Hoseok questioned as he rang up Namjoon’s items. Namjoon nodded and swallowed thickly. Hoseok laughed. Namjoon really liked the sound of his laugh. “You know, I never did get your name.”


“Namjoon,” he blurted out in response, his face reddening in embarrassment as Hoseok just smiled. “My name’s Namjoon.”


“Namjoon. Are you busy right now?” Namjoon shook his head slowly, not able to bring himself to look Hoseok in the eye. “Good. Do you mind hanging out and keeping me company, then?” Namjoon slowly shook his head once again, a shy smile forming on his face as he finally actually looked back to Hoseok. Hoseok smiled and moved to open the small door in the counter between him and Hoseok. “You can come back here and sit, then.” Which was against at least four different rules for the job, but Hoseok honestly could not bring himself to care. Especially not when by the time Namjoon finally headed home a couple of hours later, it was with Hoseok’s number and a promise to text him later.

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The following morning, Jin found himself smiling soon after he woke up, something that did not usually happen without at least three cups of coffee. He could not keep the smile off of his face, though, as he remembered that he had a date with Yoongi the following evening. They had decided on a simple dinner and movie date. Jin was letting Yoongi choose the movie for them once they got there. “I’m nervous,” Jin insisted as he and Namjoon walked side-by-side toward the coffee shop. “But like nervous excited. It’s like 30% nervous and 70% excited. Or maybe it’s 70% nervous and 30% excited. What if I make a fool of myself? Who am I kidding? I’m going to make a fool of myself.” Namjoon made a non-committal hum next him in response, causing Jin to scowl over at him as they turned the corner. “Are you even listening to me?” There was another sound from Namjoon, one of those ones that told him that Namjoon was not actually listening to him. “Taehyung and Jungkook eloped last night. Taehyung’s pregnant. It’s a girl. The moon is now purple. The river started flowing backward after Manager-nim farted in his office last night.”


Namjoon hummed a little and kept walking next to Jin for several steps before he suddenly stopped and looked at him, making Jin stop as well. “Taehyung is what?”


“It took you that long to realize what nonsense I’ve been spurting out?” Jin’s brow lifted and he smirked at Namjoon, grabbing his elbow while continuing to lead him toward the coffee shop. “What's going on in that beautiful mind of yours?”


“Nothing.” Namjoon shook his head, but did not make direct eye contact with Jin.


Jin hummed slightly in response, obviously not believing him. “You'll tell me eventually.”


“There's nothing to tell you.” Namjoon shook his head as the two of them made their way into the coffee shop to take over for the kids.


Felix nearly jumped up over the counter to hug them in relief and only paused when Chris placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. “I see the place is still standing,” Jin teased them before waving a hand dismissively. “Go on. Be young. It doesn't last forever.”


“You're not that old, hyung,” Chris laughed as he took off his apron and hat. Felix didn't bother to take either off, just headed to the door and insisted that Chris hurry so they could go meet up with their friends.


“I knew you were my favorite.” Chris smiled in response before following Felix to the door while Namjoon and Jin took their places behind the counter. “They're good kids.”


“Why are you telling me this? I work with them, too,” replied Namjoon with a chuckle.


The rest of their shift went fairly predictably. Customers came in, they left. Some complained, others complimented them. A couple girls attempted to hit on Jin and usually he would flirt right back but Namjoon could only laugh as he did not even seem to notice he was being hit on. “Yoongi already has you whipped,” Namjoon said through his laugh once the girls had left. Jin seemed confused, which only amused Namjoon that much more.


Before Jin could question what Namjoon meant, the door opened and they both chorused out the shop’s greeting before Jin smiled when he realized it was Yoongi walking in. Yoongi smiled as well, putting his hands into the pockets of his jacket while coming up to the counter. “Hi, Jin,” he said in greeting. Jin returned it with a smile, ignoring Namjoon's question about why Yoongi didn't have to call him ‘hyung’ in order to ask Yoongi what he wanted to order. Yoongi ordered two drinks, presumably the second one for Hoseok, and then he looked at Namjoon. “And I'm supposed to ask you why you haven't texted Hoseok yet.”


Jin rounded on Namjoon then, his mouth agape as he punched Namjoon’s shoulder - not hard enough to hurt though Namjoon reached up and rubbed his shoulder like it had, anyway. “You got his number and you didn’t tell me?” he questioned with a glare that made Namjoon’s ears turn red around the edges as he shied away slightly with a mumbled apology. “Moreover, you got his number and didn’t text him?” Jin crossed his arms over his chest with a slight frown while Yoongi watched them both with a slightly  amused expression.


Namjoon looked as though he was struggling to come up with some sort of excuse. Jin was pretty sure that was what he was trying to do. He had seen Namjoon do it in the past when he'd caught the attention of this girl that he had believed was too perfect for him. In the end, Namjoon had let her into the arms of some other guy. Jin would not allow his best friend to do such a thing again. Jin huffed, grabbing a pen and a napkin before he scribbled down Namjoon's number to hand to Yoongi. “If Namjoon doesn't text Hoseok by the end of the day,” Jin spoke over Namjoon's attempt at protest next to him, “give him that and tell him I said my best friend thinks too much and that he's being an idiot.”


Yoongi grinned and took the napkin, which he shoved into his jacket pocket before Jin turned to start making the coffees. “Why are you doing this?” Namjoon questioned Jin with a sigh.


“Because you're my best friend and I love you, and Hoseok is the first person you've liked in a long time. Like hell am I going to let you pass that up.”


“I don't like him. I don't know him!” Namjoon frowned and Yoongi sighed heavily, catching both of their attention.


“That's why you talk to him and get to know him, obviously. Take a chance, you might luck out just like your cute friend did,” he said with a wink in Seokjin's direction, which made Jin slightly pink in the face as he laughed and became flustered in a way Namjoon did not think he had ever seen before. It was cute, really, especially when Jin could not keep from smiling after his fingers brushed against Yoongi's when he passed over the coffees. “I'll see you tomorrow, Seokjin.”


Yoongi left the shop then, and Seokjin swore just loud enough that Namjoon could hear him while the few customers in the shop did not. “Holy shit,” he said as he smiled over at Namjoon. “I have a date with him. He's so cute, Joon. What the fuck. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never dated a guy before. Do I bring him flowers? Hold open the door for him? What if I insult him? Holy shit.”


“Jin, breathe,” Namjoon instructed, his voice call and reassuring like an anchor Jin did not realize he needed until then. “It's going to be fine. You're going to be fine. Just be yourself. There's no way he can't love you. You're perfect.”


Jin looked at him skeptically for several seconds before he said, “Dude, that's really gay.” He laughed when Namjoon reached over and shoved his shoulder, making him stumble several steps to the side.

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“I have nothing to wear,” Jin bemoaned as he dropped down to sit in the edge of his bed with the entire contents on his wardrobe scattered around the room. Namjoon stood in the doorway, looking equal parts amused and horrified. He did not think he had ever seen Seokjin’s room in such a state of disarray. “Namjoon, help me! What should I wear?”


“I have never seen you stressing over your clothes before,” Namjoon replied instead of offering any advice. Namjoon was used to Seokjin always looking his best without even trying. He had always picked out the perfect outfits for his dates in the past. It seemed the one he was going on in a couple of hours with Yoongi was changing all of that. “Wear your blazer, one of those tees-” Namjoon pointed to a pile of graphic t-shirts that were in the floor in the corner of the room. “Those skinny jeans you always say girls love to see you in, I'm sure boys will too.”


“Oh. Well. That was simple.” Seokjin dropped his hand from where he'd be running his fingers through his hair as Namjoon gave suggestions. They were good suggestions too. Something simple but nice, a little casual, and a little sexy (because the jeans looked wonderful on him, okay). “Thank you, Joonie.”


“Yeah.” He rolled his eyes but had a fond smile tugging on his lips anyway.


Jin got up from the bed to start gathering the items that Namjoon has suggested. “What are you doing with your evening, then? Third-wheeling with Taehyung and Jungkook?”


Namjoon pulled a face at the suggestion. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy spending time with the younger two boys. He just did not exactly feel like watching the two of them being all adorable and in love as they always were. They didn’t mean to, but it just was not something Namjoon had patience for right then. “Thought I'd get some reading done.”


“Boring. Ask out Hoseok.” Jin didn't bother to listen to Namjoon's protests as he took his clothes into the bathroom so that he could shower and start getting ready to go. It did not usually take him that long to get ready, but he was nervous, anxious in a way he had never been before a date before. So he was starting a lot earlier in the evening than he would have normally. When he finished showering, he changed his clothes before blow drying and styling his hair. He let out a heavy breath as he gave himself another inspection in the mirror. “Shit.” He swore under his breath and grabbed is deodorant to put on when he realized he hadn’t yet, and then used a couple sprays of his favored body spray. When he came back out into his bedroom, Namjoon had half-way finished picking up everything he had strewn about the room when he’d torn everything apart looking for something to wear. “Well?”


Namjoon looked over to Seokjin, who held his hands out slightly to show off the outfit. Namjoon nodded and focused on picking up again. “Looks good. You’ll knock him dead,” he reassured Jin. “You know you still have over an hour before you’re supposed to go meet Yoongi.”


“Do I? Well shit.” Jin had thought it was going to take him longer to finish getting ready to go. He guessed he had started getting ready earlier than he had thought it was. “I guess I could head that way. Should I get him flowers? I think I should get him flowers. Or is that too much? Would it be too much? Or do you think he would like them?”


“I don’t really know him, Jin.” Namjoon chuckled and finished putting the last of Jin’s clothes away. “But I mean, he might? As long as he’s not allergic.”


“Right. Yeah. No. Flowers are a bad idea. Just in case. Coffee, though! I could bring some coffee. I know what he likes to drink. That would be good, yeah?” Jin ran his fingers through his hair, furthering the softly tousled look he had styled in the mirror and he had to stop himself from actually tugging on the strands. “This was an awful idea. What was I thinking? I can’t do this. I’m going on a date with Min Yoongi. He’s just so cute, though. How could I not ask him out?”


“Hyung,” Namjoon interrupted Seokjin’s ranting, smiling when his friend gave him a rather helpless look. “Take a breath. Good. It’s going to be okay. You’re charming and sweet, and you can be funny when you don’t try so hard -” Namjoon ignored the complaint Jin made to that comment “- he’s going to adore you, okay? He’s already obviously attracted to you.”


“Yeah. Yeah, okay. You’re right. It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. This is going to be great.”


Despite his reassurances to himself, he could not keep from getting nervous all over again as he stood outside the movie theater they had chosen to meet at. He almost wanted to pace back and forth, but somehow stopped himself from doing so. He did not want to seem weird or something. Those nerves seemed to disappear, though, when Seokjin noticed Yoongi walking toward him from the bus stop down the block. He smiled when he spotted him, though Yoongi had not noticed him yet. Yoongi looked so good - not that he did not normally, but that was beside the point. He had on black skinny jeans with a soft, lightweight pink sweater that fell to his knuckles - and was that a choker necklace that was going to signal Jin’s death? Yes it was. When Yoongi spotted Jin, he smiled as well, and Jin felt even more relaxed and at ease than he had already. “For a minute I was worried you might end up standing me up,” Jin joked as Yoongi stopped a few steps in front of him.


Yoongi just chuckled and shook his head at that. “And miss you looking better than anyone has right to in a graphic tee and Converse?” he replied, teasing Jin right back. Yeah, Jin was definitely gone for this guy already.


“Come on. Let’s go in. What movie did you pick?” Seokjin fell into pace next to Yoongi as they headed into the theater to get their tickets and some popcorn. His hand rested on the small of Yoongi’s back as they walked and he automatically opened the door for the both of them when they reached it. Yoongi smiled at him and answered the question, though Jin did not really hear it as he was much too focused on Yoongi in his entirety and the fact that they were there together. “Sounds good.” It would have been his answer to any movie.


When they took their seats in the theater, they sat toward the top middle. By the time the previews had started playing, Jin was idly picking at a loose string on his jacket, debating on whether it was too bold of a move to grab onto Yoongi’s hand or wrap an arm around his shoulders to hug him close. Jin’s internal debate was cut short by Yoongi grabbing Jin’s wrist and moving his arm so that it draped around his shoulders, ducking his head underneath when he needed to before resting his head on Jin’s shoulder. “Sit still and watch the previews,” Yoongi instructed, but Jin could hear the smile in his voice. Jin wished he could see it when he felt Yoongi link his fingers together with Jin’s, having shifted his hand down from where it had been gripping his wrist while resting an elbow on the arm of the seat.


Jin could barely pay attention to the movie. He was too busy peeking over the top of Yoongi’s head to where he could barely make out the outline of their joined hands where they hung there on the air on Yoongi’s other side, Yoongi’s long fingers interlocked with his own. It was a nice feeling, Jin found, and he wondered if he was just suddenly finding himself actually considering someone’s hands to be attractive as hell when he’d never thought of it before, or if it was just the first time he was realizing it. No matter, Yoongi’s hands were pretty perfect, in Jin’s opinion and he could not keep himself from smiling at the fact that he had an arm around Yoongi’s shoulders and a hand linked together with him. It was one of the best feelings in the world, and Jin was not likely to forget it anytime soon.


After the movie, the two of them made their way to a burger joint nearby. They walked, Jin’s arm once again around Yoongi’s shoulders as they walked together. Yoongi switched between idly toying with Jin’s fingers and letting his hand swing freely at his side as they walked; Jin prefered the former of the two. “Did you even pay attention to the movie?” Yoongi questioned with a laugh as they got nearer to the restaurant.


“I paid attention to you paying attention,” answered Jin, smiling sweetly and innocently as Yoongi pulled a face at the ridiculously cheesy line. Jin just laughed as Yoongi made a half-hearted attempt to knock Jin’s arm off his shoulders. Yoongi tried not to laugh right along with him, though he failed rather spectacularly at it. It was probably the most relaxed date that Jin had ever been on, despite his anxiousness before hand; and, as he stood in line with Yoongi to get their burgers and fries, he found himself eagerly waiting for the next time that he was able to take Yoongi out on a date.


Watching as Yoongi talked about studying to be a composer, going on about he and Hoseok would sign up for underground rap battles together, telling Jin about the first time he’d played a piano. It was all Jin could do to keep from just staring at him in the utmost awe. Yoongi was beautiful, talented and driven, funny, a bit sarcastic with a cynical streak, but also hopeful and daring. He was the most amazing person that Jin had ever come into contact with and Jin was sure that this was someone he was not going to let go from his life.


When they finally said good-night sometime near midnight (it was rather reluctant and Jin had insisted on driving Yoongi to the building that he lived in) and Yoongi had kissed him before rushing off inside the building, Jin had driven home with the biggest smile on his face. He almost felt as though he was floating as he made his way back up to the apartment, not concerned at all about the fact that Namjoon was still there on his couch. Instead, he just took a seat next to Namjoon, who looked incredibly worried for him as they sat there, and said, “Joon, I’m going to marry him.”


Namjoon’s expression was one of slight disbelief, though there was also amusement and fondness in the look as well. He reached over and patted the top of Jin’s hand as he said, “Sure you will, Jin. Sure you will.”


“No. I mean it. One day, I’m going to marry him.”