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A Sound Soul

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‘A sound soul...dwells within a sound mind...and a sound body….’

It was night, the sky a pitch black blanket. The only source of light was the lampposts on the sidewalk. A woman walked, holding a bag. She might’ve been coming home from work. Or maybe she had just finished up shopping. Or maybe she had been visiting someone. She stopped walking, looking around. She could’ve sworn she heard something. She continued to walk. She stopped once more when she heard a voice. “Soul...give me...soul…” That was the last thing she heard before something ripped through her, and she collapsed to the ground. Something blue began to float now. It was almost like a flame. It glowed a bright blue. Two blades wrapped around it, pulling it into a mouth. “More….” A scream rippled through the empty streets.

The sound of shoes hitting the ground was the only sound heard echoing in the quiet streets of the normally peaceful city. Well, as peaceful as a city full of the unexplainable could be. The sound of shoes hitting the ground was soon accompanied by heavy breathing. It sounded as if the person was being chased by someone. This went on for a few more minutes as the person running passed by buildings and cut through alleyways. They couldn’t keep it up forever though. The thing chasing them seemed to know this, and didn’t give up the chase. “H-Help! Please!” The person pleaded, fearing for their life. They tripped, falling to the ground with a cry.

“Give me...your soul..!” The thing chasing them laughed. It was in no way human. It had glowing red eyes and a sadistic smirk on its face. It’s body was wrapped in cloth, it’s arms restrained as well as it’s legs. It’s teeth was it’s weapon, forming sharp blades, about to strike. The blade went up, and it was about to bring it down on its victim when a voice made it stop.

"That’s him, right? The corrupted soul we’re after…” A soft voice murmured. The creature looked up at the sound of the voice and scowled. It’s prey took the chance to run.

“Yes, I’m sure of it Midoriya. He’s on the way to becoming a kishin..” Was the response. It seemed the creature had been interrupted by two kids. One had unruly green hair, hiding his eyes. The one next to him had one half of his hair white, and the other half was red. He stared at the creature with two different colored eyes, both equally as cold.

“Alright, let’s collect the corrupted soul then.” The shorter one said. His partner nodded, body beginning to glow. A few seconds later, the shorter boy held a double sided scythe. One end had a large blue colored blade, and the other one had a red blade, slightly smaller than the blue blade. A grey eye could be seen on the part connecting the two. “Your soul is mine! Let’s go, Todoroki!” The weapon only hummed in agreement, the weapon and meister easily working together. The meister seemed as if he were dancing as he swung the scythe, dodging attacks from the creature quite easily.

“He’s attacking from behind!” The weapon exclaimed, causing his wielder to quickly turn around and attack. He inwardly winced when his attack damaged the building a bit. The boy twirled the scythe, attacking with both blades.

“Todoroki! I think your ice might be helpful in trapping him!” The young meister exclaimed. Without hesitation, the weapon complied. When the blue blade made contact with the creature, it’s legs were trapped inside ice. He brought the blade down once more, ending the battle. The weapon transformed back into a human, and his meister smiled at him. “That makes sixty four!” The boy exclaimed cheerfully, watching as his weapon ate the soul. Unlike the woman’s soul from before, the creature’s soul glowed red.

“Midoriya, you aren’t injured, right? I saw how that creature could’ve cut you..” Shouto Todoroki, the weapon asked. His meister, Izuku Midoriya shook his head.

“No, I’m alright. I think all he did was cut my clothes. If you hadn’t warned me about his attack from behind I think things would’ve gone much worse.” Midoriya replied with a smile. He then realized what his words could’ve implied and panicked. “N-Not that I think the battle w-was bad or anything! You w-were as amazing as always T-Todoroki!” He continued to panic. His partner placed a hand on his shoulder, used to his meister panicking so easily.

“It’s alright Midoriya, I understand what you meant.” He said, making the shorter boy sigh in relief. The two began to make their way home. They lived in a world where the unexplainable existed. People could become weapons, choosing to turn either one part of their body into a weapon, or their entire body. That wasn’t the only anomaly though. People were being born with odd powers. Most of the time, the powers (referred to as quirks) went hand in hand with the people who could become weapons. No one knew why these two abilities began to manifest themselves in the population, but eventually, they grew used to it.

However, because these powers existed, there were also people who wanted to use those abilities to kill. Weapons who went berserk used their powers to kill and eat souls. The more bloodthirsty they became, the more at risk they were to becoming what was called a kishin. A kishin was the result of taking so many innocent souls. There had only ever been one kishin in existence, and it had been sealed away thanks to Nezu, principal of U.A Academy, a place where young weapons and meisters were trained.

Not long after some people began to hunt innocent and pure souls, others began to form partnerships with weapons. The comparability of a weapon and it’s meister depended on their soul wavelengths and how stable they were. That’s why U.A Academy was created. To help young weapons and meisters form powerful soul wavelengths and partnerships.

“I’m really sorry, Todoroki.” Midoriya murmured as they walked to their shared home. The weapon stopped and turned to look at the boy.

“For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.” He replied, a small frown pulling at his lips. Midoriya shook his head.

“For messing up on trying to make you a death scythe. We were so close..but I got too excited and jumped to conclusions.” The meister murmured. Todoroki sighed, walking up to him. He lightly chopped the boy’s head.

“It’s not your fault, you have nothing to apologize for Midoriya. We had no idea that Mt. Lady wasn’t a witch.” He began. “If you’re worried about some sort of deadline, stop. We’ll get back there eventually.” With that, Todoroki stuffed his hands in his pockets and continued walking. Midoriya smiled a bit, nodding as he caught up to his partner. A death scythe was a weapon powerful enough for principal Nezu to use. A weapon became a death scythe after getting ninety nine corrupted souls and one witch soul. Midoriya and Todoroki had been close to that. When it came time to get a witch’s soul, they learned that the witch they had been after was not actually a witch, she was a cat, and because of that, they had to start from the beginning.

“We’re back!” Midoriya called, once they were inside the small home. They heard the sound of feet hitting the ground and the meister only had time to blink before he felt arms wrapping around him.

“Midori! You’re back!~” A voice exclaimed. Todoroki said nothing as he left the two. The woman hugging him wore a white hat with two orange lines around the base, a purple mask and a white bikini top with white shorts.

“Ah, yes…” The boy trailed off. “You didn’t wait up for us, did you Mt. Lady?” He asked, concerned. After everything that had happened with the cat, she wouldn’t leave him and Todoroki alone.

“Of course I did! I needed to get food from somewhere!” The woman exclaimed, as if it were the most logical thing in the world. Midoriya sighed a bit, gently unwrapping her arms and heading to the kitchen. He pulled out some fish for her and put it on a plate before giving it to her. Todoroki watched, crossing his arms. His meister really was too nice for his own good. That’s why it was up to Todoroki to protect the boy, and make sure he stayed safe.

And now, let the story begin.

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While on his way home, the last thing he expected to see was a fight. It appeared to be an older student (not that he cared who it was) fighting with an underclassman. He wasn’t entirely sure why he stopped to watch, he never exactly cared about other people’s fights. But this fight was different. The younger boy had spiked up red hair and equally red eyes that shone with determination. It was clear the older student had an advantage, but the younger didn’t seem to care. He momentarily wondered what the idiot was trying so hard to protect.

Then he realized it. He was trying to protect a friend it seemed. He watched as the younger student took blow after blow, grinning in victory. ‘Idiot, you haven’t won a damn thing so far. Looks like you haven’t landed a single bl- wait, why the hell do I care?!’ He scowled in annoyance. He watched the fight, never once stepping in. He still isn’t sure what made him stay. He was about to start walking away when he saw one of the boy’s arms change into a weapon.

It was a red gauntlet, shaped like a grenade. The boy threw one final punch, a small blast hitting the older student. “Now leave Ashido alone you creep!” He shouted, frowning. “Stalking girls is so not manly at all!” With that, the other student yelped and scrambled away. He waited a bit, watching the boy’s arms turn back to normal as he helped his friend. He wasn’t sure why he stayed. The fight was over, there was nothing exciting. However, he was entranced (and if asked, he’d deny it and scare the person off), and there was something he needed to say.

“Oi, shitty hair.” Yep, great thing to say to a person you’ve just met. ‘Shitty hair’ blinked.

“A-Are you talking to me?” The boy asked. He scowled.

“Obviously, idiot.” This conversation was going great. “That fight, you were pretty badass. Be my weapon.” He outright demanded. Apparently, that had been the wrong thing to say because ‘shitty hair’s’ friend bursted into laughter. As did ‘shitty hair’. He glared at them both. Eventually, the boy in front of him slowly collected himself, wiping a tear from his eye.

“S-Sorry dude, totally unmanly of me! ‘S just no one has ever asked me to be their weapon like that before.” He then looked up at him and grinned. “Eijirou Kirishima.” He introduced, holding out a hand. Begrudgingly, he accepted it.

“Katsuki Bakugou.”

Kirishima would later learn that having Bakugou of all people call him a badass , was a huge deal.

“Alright, you remember the plan, dude?” A young boy questioned. His partner scoffed in response.

“Of course I do.” They fell back into silence. They walked around cautiously, making sure not to make too much noise. They crawled inside a vent, making sure to stay quiet. “Transform.” He said, his weapon nodding. On his hands were now grenade like gauntlets that only strengthened his quirk. He had his partner transform to limit the amount of noise they made. He crawled in the vent until he saw an opening. He looked through it.

In the room below him sat a group of men at a table. They had masks on, hiding their faces. One man sat at the head of the table, wearing no mask. It appeared that they were all eating human souls. “How’s it looking?” His partner asked. He scowled.

“Shut up.” He grumbled angrily. His partner didn’t need to hear an answer. The boy’s annoyance was answer enough. The head of the table seemed to be speaking, but he didn’t care. “Shitty hair, that bastard at the head of the table is our target right?” He asked.

“Yeah, him and his other guys need to be taken down.” He didn’t need to see his meister to know that he had a cocky smirk on his face. “Bakugou, remember, stealth is the most important rule right now. We need to-“ Kirishima didn’t get a chance to say anything more as his meister was already jumping into action.

“PREPARE TO DIE YOU FUCKS!” Bakugou shouted, landing on the table and already blasting at the enemy. Kirishima internally sweat dropped. So much for the stealth approach like All Might had suggested to them. Bakugou fired off explosions quickly, catching some of the men off guard. Kirishima made sure to harden up the gauntlets whenever someone tried to attack his meister.

By the end of the fight, Kirishima and Bakugou were surrounded by floating red souls. “Nice one, Bakugou! Though, next time, how about we actually listen to and follow our teacher’s advice?” Kirishima sighed, frowning at his partner. Bakugou scoffed.

“If we don’t start collecting more demon souls Deku’s gonna make that damn half and half bastard a death scythe before me!” The meister said angrily. Kirishima sweat dropped.

‘Of course he’s worried about Midoriya and some fake competition…’ “It isn’t a race y’know.” He said. Bakugou just glared at him.

“It is you idiot! I’m gonna beat Deku and make a better death scythe and kick his ass!” Kirishima found himself sweat dropping, again .

“Hey, Kirishima, Kacchan, good morning!” Midoriya exclaimed, running up to the two boys. Todoroki trailed slightly behind him. Currently, Bakugou and Kirishima were looking for a new mission. Kirishima looked over at the meister.

“Morning Midoriya, Todoroki.” He greeted. Todoroki just nodded his head in response. Midoriya looked at them, curious.

“Already looking for a new mission? Didn’t you two just finish one yesterday?” He asked. Kirishima nodded.

“Haha, yeah...but Bakugou said he wanted to do another one straight away…”

“And we all know how Kacchan gets when he makes a decision…” Midoriya finished for him. The weapon nodded.

“OI DEKU! GET OUT OF MY WAY!” Bakugou shouted, making Midoriya jump in surprise. Todoroki sent a small glare to his meister’s childhood friend. Bakugou was about to say something, only to be cut off by the loudspeaker.

“Katsuki Bakugou and Eijirou Kirishima, please report to principal Nezu’s office, I repeat, Katsuki Bakugou and Eijirou Kirishima, please report to principal Nezu’s office.”

“I wonder what that’s all about…” Midoriya murmured. Kirishima shrugged.

“Beats me.” He then tugged on Bakugou’s sleeve. “C’mon man!” He exclaimed, dragging his protesting meister to see principal Nezu. Midoriya and Todoroki watched, sighing. Everyone who knew Bakugou and Kirishima always wondered how the two worked so well together.

Principal Nezu smiled when he saw the two students enter his office. All Might sat next to him, looking at the two. “Congratulations you two. You did a wonderful job on your assignment!” He praised. All Might nodded his head in agreement. The two students sat down in chairs, confused as to why they were there. “However, it has come to my attention that there’s something wrong…” Their principal sighed.

“Huh? What the hell is wrong? We’ve completed every assignment we’ve been given without a problem!” Bakugou snapped.

“Young Bakugou, it isn’t that you’ve completed them, but how .” All Might interjected. Nezu nodded in agreement.

“Have we been doing something wrong?” Kirishima asked.

“To put it simply, it’s come to my attention that you both lack a skill called following directions.” The principal stated. “It was suggested to you both that during your last assignment, it would’ve been a good idea to be stealthy and speedy. However, you completely disregarded that suggestion and jumped head first into a battle.”

“Does it matter how it’s done? We killed all of our targets.” Bakugou grumbled. All Might sighed quietly.

“It does in fact matter how it’s done, young Bakugou. Two of your targets managed to escape.” The death scythe paused, watching as both boys feel silent, and stilled completely. “Luckily, Present Mic caught sight of them and quickly took care of them. Let this be a lesson young Bakugou, young Kirishima. When advice is given to you, follow it.” With that, the two were dismissed. Bakugou was silent as they walked back. Kirishima knew he was fuming though. He couldn’t blame him though. They screwed up yesterday. The message All Might was trying to send them was loud and clear. There isn’t always going to be somebody to fix your mistakes.

“Oh, Kirishima, Kacchan, how’d things go with principal Nezu?” Midoriya asked when the two showed up at class. Bakugou glared at him.

“Shut the fuck up, Deku.” His tone was threatening, and Midoriya said no more. Kirishima looked at him apologetically. He glanced once more at his meister, sighing.

Before they could get better, Bakugou needed to swallow his pride.

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All was quiet throughout the night. There were no cars on the roads, no late night party people heading home. It was quite peaceful. That is, until someone crashed through a window and landed the street, holding a bag. He opened the bag, smirking slightly. Inside were human souls, shining a brilliant blue. The thief couldn’t appreciate the sight for long however, for shots went off behind him. He quickly picked himself up and began running once more. The person shooting sighed quietly, before chasing after him.

He was chased into an alleyway. The thief internally cursed, turning around. “Villain, I highly suggest you give up now. There’s nowhere to run.” A voice said. In front of the thief stood a boy with blue hair, holding two guns in his hands. “As U.A Academy’s class rep, I cannot allow such villainous actions continue without punishing the evildoer!” The boy exclaimed, staring at the thief with a frown.

“You’re a funny one, aren’t ya kid?” The thief chuckled, dropping the bag. “Well, no matter for me, I’ll suffocate you before you get a chance to attack!” He exclaimed. The thief’s body was made entirely of sludge, making it hard for the boy to try and land any hits unless he was using his weapons. That was fine. The thief charged forwards, trapping the boy’s body in slime. He smirked, not expecting to win so easily. “It seems like you were all talk kid, it’s a shame.” He sighed. He then felt a sudden sharp pain in his side. ‘Did he just..shoot me?!’

“It seems you are underestimating me.” The boy said, bursting out of the sludge. His legs had engines in them, helping him with speed and the burst of energy that propelled him from the sludge. “It is a fatal mistake to misjudge one’s can never be too careful when fighting, for you do not know what your opponent could be hiding up his sleeve.” The thief gritted his teeth in anger. The boy pointed his pistols at him once more and fired a few more shots, before the battle was over. Afterwards, his guns transformed back into a girl with pink skin and equally pink hair.

His boots transformed into a girl with chocolate brown hair and eyes. She smiled brightly at her meister. “That was so cool Iida!” The girl gushed. Her meister, Tenya Iida, smiled softly and shook his head.

“You two are the ones who were cool. Ashido, if you hadn’t told me to shoot I probably would have suffocated. And Uraraka, if you hadn’t seen that opening I never would have gotten him in the first place.” Iida said, looking at his weapons proudly. The two girls smiled. “Now, let’s go return those stolen souls.”

It was still hard for Iida to believe what type of lives Ochako Uraraka and Mina Ashido had been living before he met them. Uraraka was a girl living on her own, trying her best to support herself while supporting her parents. She had almost worked herself to exhaustion, if Iida hadn’t stepped in and offered to help. They didn’t start off as weapon and meister. They started off as friends. But one day when they were spending time together, there was an attack. The two teamed up, not entirely knowing what would happen. Things fell into place from there.

Ashido was a runaway. She had been living on the streets before Uraraka had been the one to find her. She told Iida about it straight away and the boy rushed to help. He’d later find out that the three made a perfect team. Uraraka’s quirk was called zero gravity, which allowed whatever she touched to float until she released them. Her weapon form was a pair of boots that were lighter because of Uraraka’s quirk. Combined with Iida’s quirk, engine, it made the meister quite fast.

Ashido’s quirk was acid. Her weapon form was two pistols that both shot acid bullets. She helped quite a bit during battles and was super observant. Iida was very lucky to have them as his weapons. The three returned to souls with little issues, reported to principal Nezu, and headed home for the night.

“Good morning everyone!” Uraraka greeted cheerfully as the trio walked into class. Midoriya was the first to respond, as usual. Bakugou scowled in response, while Kirishima smiled and waved. Uraraka headed over to Midoriya, chatting with him happily it seemed. Ashido went to talk with Jirou and Yaoyorozu, while Iida put his things down at his desk. 

“Hey Iida, heard about that attempted robbery last night, good catch!” A boy with yellow hair and a black lightning bolt in said hair said, walking up to him.

“Ah, thank you, Kaminari. If it wasn’t for Ashido, I most likely would not have seen it.” The class rep replied honestly. Kaminari nodded his head.

"Well, it's a good thing you have awesome partners!" He said, before going over to talk with his meister, Sero. Iida glanced over at the clock, frowning. “Class is going to begin in five minutes! Where is Shinsou?” He questioned.

“Right here, class rep.” The boy muttered, entering the classroom. Iida nodded, doing his usual dramatic hand gestures.

“Please try to be more on time! We are at a prestigious school! They are expecting us to be on our best behavior!” Iida stated. Shinsou said nothing, taking his seat. The class rep sighed, before looking at all of his classmates, standing at the front of the room. “Alright, everyone, please take your seats! Present Mic will be here shortly to begin teaching!”

Looking at all of his classmates, Iida felt proud to be their class rep. He was happy to be trusted by them.

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“We got him!” Midoriya shouted, grinning proudly as he jumped back away from the enemy, gripping his weapon tightly. Todoroki nodded his head.

“Good, let’s finish this quickly and then report back to All Might.” He suggested. Midoriya nodded his head in agreement.

“Right.” The meister charged forward, ready to take their opponent’s soul. He raised his arms, about to swing down. Todoroki’s eyes widened when he realized something horrible.

“MIDORIYA GET BACK!” He screamed, watching as his warning was too late, the black sword cutting across his partner’s chest. Midoriya staggered, stepping back with eyes wide in horror. Todoroki quickly dropped his weapon form and caught the boy in his arms. “Midoriya!” He shouted, staring down at the boy. “Hang on!” Midoriya didn’t get to say much, for he was losing too much blood, and quickly losing consciousness. His eyes slipped closed and-

Todoroki shot up, having a hard time breathing. He was drenched with sweat, his hand clutching his shirt tightly. Once he was able to get his breathing under control, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, looking around. He was in his room. He was at home. With Midoriya and Mt. Lady. Which meant his meister was not dead, and he was okay. His door opened and he looked over, seeing his meister standing in the doorway. “Oh, you’re already up! I made breakfast so you can-“ He cut himself off, taking in Todoroki’s current state. He frowned with worry. “Are you alright, Todoroki?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” He answered quickly, not wanting to make the boy worry. Midoriya frowned a bit more, nodding.

“Alright...if you want to talk I’m here.” He offered with a small, gentle smile. Todoroki nodded, standing up and grabbing clothes to wear. “I’ll be in the kitchen. Come on out when you’re ready.” With that, Midoriya left the room, leaving Todoroki by himself to get ready.

‘What was that..?’ He couldn’t stop thinking about the nightmare. It sent shivers down his spine. It felt so real that it made him feel uneasy. He’d have to ignore it for now. He didn’t want Midoriya worrying over him. He quickly pulled on jeans and his usual gray shirt and grabbed his black and red jacket, leaving it unbuttoned as he slipped it on. The shoulders and sleeves were red, while everything else on the jacket was black. Once he was done, he made his way to the kitchen. Midoriya smiled at him as he sat down. As they ate and had small conversations, Todoroki kept pushing away the nightmare, and the bad feeling that came with it.

“Hey, hey, did you hear?! Apparently Present Mic got turned into a zombie!” Kaminari exclaimed, making most of his classmates turn to look at him. Midoriya and Todoroki had just entered the classroom, and looked over at him.

“A zombie?” Midoriya asked. Kaminari looked over at him, nodding.

“Yeah! Some kid from 1-B got attacked yesterday, and he said it was Present Mic!” Jirou sighed, looking over at the meister. Midoriya and Todoroki took the opportunity to take their seats, the meister pausing to wave at Iida and Uraraka.

“That’s just a rumor, Kaminari. And since it came from Monoma, I wouldn’t believe it so easily.” She said, making Kaminari pout.

“Sure, it came from Monoma of all people, but it makes sense!” He exclaimed.

“Wait...why is Present Mic a zombie? Wasn’t he just here teaching us English a few days ago?” Ashido questioned, confused. Kaminari gasped, turning to her.

“You mean you haven’t heard?! It’s been all over the school!” He waited for Ashido to shake her head to continue. “Present Mic was killer a few days ago, they found a knife in his head. It wasn’t a pretty sight according to people who found him.” He explained.

“Creepy…” Ashido murmured. Kaminari nodded in agreement. “Now what about these rumors?” She asked.

“Apparently everyone who’s seen the zombie said the same thing…” He paused, for dramatic effect. Todoroki glanced over at Midoriya, seeing the boy was nervous to see what Kaminari would say next, but still interested. “THEY SAY IT WAS A ZOMBIE WITH A STAB WOUND IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FOREHEAD!” The meister shouted, using a creepy voice to scare his classmates. Some of the girls freaked out. Midoriya included. Jirou stood up and walked over to him, whacking him. “Ouch! Did you really have to hit me?!” He whined. Jirou said nothing, walking back to her seat.

“Alright class, I am here!” A voice from the doorway exclaimed. The classroom went silent, everyone looking over to see who was teaching them today. Midoriya smiled at the sight of seeing his father enter the room. “Let’s begin!” The death scythe with a grin. “Now, I shall…” He trailed off, pausing. He then excused himself, pulling out a book and flipping through the pages.


“Ah, yes! Let’s take attendance!” All Might declared, looking at the class.

“Excuse me sir, but will you be our teacher from now on?” Yaoyorozu asked. All Might shook his head.

“No. I’ll be filling in until they can find someone to replace Present Mic.” The man explained. “Oh! Young Todoroki, Izuku, principal Nezu would like you two in his office.” The two blinked in confusion.

“Us?” Midoriya asked, staring at his father. All Might nodded in response. The boys looked at each other before getting up and heading to the principal’s office. Todoroki wasn’t sure why, but the feeling of dread only increased.

“Kacchan! Kirishima! What are you two doing here?” Midoriya asked as he and Todoroki made their way to Nezu’s office. Bakugou scowled, mumbling something about ‘shitty Deku and half and half bastard.’ Kirishima looked at the two.

“We’re not sure. We were told to see principal Nezu, but we weren’t told anything else.” He replied. “What about you two?” He asked. Midoriya sighed.

“Us too.” He replied. Kirishima nodded in response. They walked as a group to see Nezu, all of them questioning why Nezu wanted to speak with them. When the group arrived, Midoriya knocked on the door, only opening it once it was alright.

“Good morning!” Nezu greeted, an ever present smile on his face. “Please, take a seat. Tea?” He asked. Todoroki was the only one who nodded, everyone else too tense to answer. Everything was quiet as Nezu made a pot of tea, humming quietly. He handed a cup to Todoroki and sat down again. Things were still quiet as he took a few sips, sighing contently. “So.” He began, watching as Midoriya and Kirishima jumped. “You’re all probably curious as to why I called you all here. I think it would benefit you four to have a remedial lesson.” He said. Midoriya blinked.

“A...remedial lesson…?” He asked. Nezu nodded.

“SCREW THAT! I DON’T NEED ANY EXTRA LESSONS!” Bakugou shouted. Kirishima looked at him, frowning.

“I think we could benefit from this Bakugou!” The weapon argued. Todoroki nodded in agreement.

“I agree with Kirishima.” He said.

“Now that everyone agrees, let’s talk about the details of your extra lessons.” The principal began. “I’m sure you’ve all heard about Present Mic, who taught here until recently.” Midoriya tensed.  

“Kaminari was right...they weren’t just rumors..”

“Man, he was a cool teacher too, but he’s a zombie?” Kirishima sighed. Nezu nodded.

“Yes. Ever since he became a zombie he was released from the fear of death, and he wants to teach others to release themselves from that fear. But when the students won’t listen, he attacks. Another problem is we don’t know who made Present Mic into a zombie in the first place, or why they did it.”

“So you want us to waste our time fighting some dead guy and ordering him to bring us to his creator?” Bakugou grumbled, not looking pleased with the lesson. Nezu nodded.

“Oh, and one more thing. If you fail the extra lessons, I’ll expel you.”


 Todoroki and Kirishima stood in front of a gravestone with the name Present Mic, Yamada Hizashi engraved on it. The two looked around, focused. “Are you sure this is the best place to start looking? What if he doesn’t show?” Kirishima asked, frowning.

“This is the best place to start. Midoriya suggested we start here since there’d be a higher chance of him showing up here. He’s rarely wrong.” The weapon responded. Kirishima had his doubts, but this was Midoriya they were talking about.

“Speaking of he alright?” He asked. He and Todoroki looked over at the boy who was currently muttering nonstop.

“I can’t get expelled from’s the best school for meisters and weapons. There’s nowhere else I could possibly go. Unless I trained myself...or maybe I could get dad to help me? I wouldn’t want to bother him... oh what’s mom going to think ?! She’ll be so disappointed!” Kirishima and Todoroki sweat dropped as the boy continued muttering.

“I don’t think Bakugou is alright either. He seems explosive...more so than usual..” Todoroki commented. The boy was shooting explosives from his hands and yelling.


“I’ll go try to er...calm him down.” He said, before walking over to his meister. Todoroki continued his search, looking for anything helpful. Midoriya continued his mumbling. He suddenly snapped out of it, eyes wide and alert. Someone was sneaking up on him. He whipped around just as something grabbed onto his foot, hoisting him into the air.


Chapter Text

“Oh shit, Midoriya!”

“Fucking Deku!” Midoriya looked at what had grabbed him and saw it was Present Mic.

“Hey there listener! Ready to die?” The male questioned, about to stab him. A scythe came flying in between them, making Mic let go of Midoriya. The boy landed on his feet, taking hold of his weapon.

“Thanks, Todoroki.” Midoriya said, getting into a defensive position.

“Don’t thank me yet.” The boy replied.

“Shitty hair!” Bakugou exclaimed, Kirishima nodded.

“Gotcha!” He replied, turning into his weapon form. Present Mic looked at them.

“Good morning listeners! I’m your host, Present Mic! I’m joined with Midoriya, Todoroki, Kirishima and Bakugou! This will be their first and last show on air! Let’s begin!” The man exclaimed, looking down at his tombstone and pulling it out of the ground before running towards Midoriya. The boy got ready, holding the scythe in front of him to push back any attack Mic would throw at him. However, Mic didn’t get the chance, for Bakugou was in front of Midoriya in an instant, blasting Mic back.

“Why are you doing this?!” Midoriya questioned, looking over at him. Mic chuckled.

“Looks like it’s our first caller! To answer your question caller one, being a zombie is so much cooler than you think! There’s so many things I can do now! If you became a zombie, you can escape from fear and be free. Thanks for the question caller number one!” Midoriya frowned.  

“That’s wrong and you know it!” Mic said nothing in response, instead using his quirk. Midoriya and Bakugou covered their ears as they were blown back.

“Piece of advice for you listeners out there, there’s no way you two can beat a three star meister like me.”

“He’s probably right.” Midoriya murmured. “The gap between our skills is definitely a large one. But that doesn’t mean we can’t win. We just need to find his weakness and use it to our advantage.” He said. Todoroki nodded in agreement.

“I say we stay on defense for now, and figure out how to counterattack.” The weapon suggested. Midoriya glanced over at Bakugou, knowing the boy wouldn’t listen to them.

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea.” He agreed. Bakugou scowled, using his explosives to propel himself forwards.

“Fuck that! I’m attacking him!” He shouted, leaping into the air, aiming a punch for Mic’s face. Mic chuckled, dodging and kicking Bakugou away.

“Oh, that’s right! When we go off air, you’re all gonna die!” Mic said.

“Well, I guess we better wrap this up then. I still have a book to finish reading.” Midoriya said, tightening his grip on the handle of the scythe in his hands. Mic charged forwards, going to attack Midoriya. The boy jumped out of the way, swinging the scythe to hit the male. Mic used the gravestone to block the attack.

“Here’s another piece of advice from our amazing fans! You two need to work together and establish the connection of souls between weapon and meister!” Bakugou leaped at him, charging up an explosion.

“Giving advice to the enemy?! I didn’t think you were this stupid!” Mic turned around to attack.

“What can I say? I’m a dude who loves my listeners!” Bakugou used his foot to stop the gravestone from hitting him. Mic used it to push him up off of it and into the air. He leaped after the boy. “And now, for the main point of the show, I’ll teach you how to die!” He raised the tombstone once more, before sending it down onto Bakugou, causing the boy to harshly hit the ground.

“Kacchan!” Midoriya called out in worry. ‘I’m having trouble spotting an opening…’ Mic stepped out from the dust clouds, the stone resting on his shoulders. ‘Right now, I can’t think of any quirk related weaknesses I can use against him either…’

“Well, it looks like the end folks! Ready to die, Midoriya? Are ya scared?” Mic asked, looking like he was about to lunge for him. “If you become a zombie, you’ll be free if that fear, forever.”

“All of that damn monologuing is started to piss me off. Who’d wanna listen to a rotting corpse anyways?!” Bakugou exclaimed, running forward and aiming a kick to Mic’s stomach, catching him off guard. He quickly jumped, pissing Bakugou off more.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki warned. The boy nodded.

“Got it.” He replied as Mic loomed over them. He brought the tombstone down on Midoriya, using the same attack he used on Bakugou. When the dust clouds faded away, Midoriya was upside down, legs on either side of the grave. “We need fear to survive! We experience it so that we can grow stronger!” He declared, briefly thinking back to taunting classmates and anxiety filled days of school.

‘If Midoriya wasn’t afraid right now, I’d say he was being reckless.’ Todoroki thought, watching his meister from the blade. Midoriya then used one of his legs to kick Mic’s face to kick him away. ‘But he has the courage to fight because he’s afraid..’ After Mic landed, Midoriya jumped up, stepping on his face in the process and landed next to Bakugou. “Midoriya.” Todoroki said, making the boy look over at him. “Let’s use his advice, see if we can match wavelengths.” Midoriya’s eyes widened.

“B-But Todoroki...every time we’ve tried that it’s never worked!” The boy tried to reason. Todoroki nodded.

“I know, but let’s give it a shot, we can do it.” Midoriya glanced at the blade to see the reflection of Todoroki. He had a trusting look in his eyes. It was that look that made him trust his weapon’s decision.

“Alright, let’s do this!” He agreed.

“Let's go, soul resonance!”  Bakugou and Mic watched as the two began to resonate souls. The blades of the scythe began to change, the blues and reds blending together as the blade increased in size as well. “The legendary super skill of the scythe meister; Witch Hunter!” Midoriya exclaimed, swinging the weapon towards Mic. All would’ve went well, if Midoriya hadn’t tripped. He accidentally sent the attack towards Bakugou.

“WHAT THE FUCK DEKU?!” The angry boy shouted. Midoriya freaked out.

“WAH! I’M SO SORRY KACCHAN!” He cried, fearing for his life. “I’m so sorry Todoroki!” Midoriya also apologized to his weapon, feeling bad for messing up the attack.

“It’s fine Midoriya, at least we know we can use the attack. Let’s focus on Mic.” The weapon replied. Midoriya got control of himself and nodded. Mic stood still, eyes wide in surprise.

“That...was some crazy power!” He muttered. Bakugou heard this and growled in annoyance and ran at him.

“My power is better than that stupid Deku’s!” Bakugou shouted, about to attack when the man slipped underground.

“He...disappeared?” Kirishima said, confused.

“No, he went underground.” Bakugou replied. They were going to have to get smart about this. “Oi, Deku.” He said, making the boy jump.

“Ah..y-yes?” He asked. Bakugou glared at him.

“Get behind me, and stay out of my way!” He practically snarled. Midoriya yelped, but quickly went to stand behind the other meister. Kirishima sighed quietly. Bakugou really needed to work on his people skills. “Shitty hair, focus.” His meister snapped. Kirishima nodded, closing his eyes as Bakugou did. They were trying to hear for Mic’s soul wavelength. Once they heard it, Bakugou would be able to channel it through Kirishima in order to fully hear it and figure out where Mic was. Midoriya watched the two, amazed by their strategy.

‘I shouldn’t be so surprised...Kacchan has always been a level above me…’

Bakugou’s eyes suddenly opened. “Now!” He exclaimed, turning to his left. Mic was right there. He quickly grabbed the man’s arm, twisting it behind his back and pinning him down.

“We need a rope or something!” Kirishima said. Midoriya pulled something out of his pocket.

“I got it!” He exclaimed. “Principal Nezu gave me some capture tape before we left!” He said, wrapping it around Present Mic. Kirishima and Todoroki changed back into humans, the four teens looking down at their ex-teacher. Bakugou crouched down in front of him, glaring daggers.

“You’re gonna tell us who the hell turned you into a zombie. Or else I’ll kill you.” He added small explosions for effect.

 “They’ve done well so far. Let’s take a break.” Nezu said, turning off the screen. He turned around to look at two teachers, Cementoss and Thirteen.

“So now they just need to find the person that was responsible for turning Present Mic into a zombie, right?” Thirteen asked.

“That’s correct.” Nezu agreed.

“But who’s responsible, do you know?” Cementoss questioned, eyeing at Nezu. The principal didn’t reply. “He’s no ordinary opponent, is he?”

“You’re familiar with the meister who trained All Might, correct?” The two teachers nodded.

“It was Midoriya’s mother, wasn’t it? What about her?”

“Actually, that’s not exactly correct. Yes, it was Midoriya’s mother that made him into a death scythe, but All Might had another partner.”

“So the man responsible is his first partner?” Thirteen asked. Nezu nodded.

“His name is Shouta Aizawa. He is probably the greatest meister to graduate U.A.”

Chapter Text

The room was dark, the only light coming from the computer screen. The man rubbed at his eyes, sighing quietly as he leaned back in his chair. He grabbed a small bottle, holding his eyes open as he squeezed the bottle and let the liquid hit his eyes. He blinked a few times afterwards, frowning as he looked back at the computer screen.

 “He’s a tough one.” Nezu said, nodding his head. Cementoss and Thirteen looked at each other, and then at the principal. They trusted Nezu, and normally understood he had a reason for everything, but they couldn’t help but worry.

“He’s a strong opponent, but you sent a group of students to collect his soul? I mean no disrespect sir, but are you sure that’s a good idea?” Thirteen questioned.

“These are remedial lessons, aren’t you asking a bit too much?” Nezu didn’t respond.

 The last thing Midoriya expected to see when they got to Aizawa’s house was a normal looking building. At the very least he was expecting a stitching design on the building or something. He wasn’t sure but he felt nervous. Having Todoroki and his friends there did help him though. “So this is where Aizawa is huh? Let’s hurry up and finish this.” Kirishima said.

“I wasn’t expecting his house to look so...normal.” Midoriya stated, Todoroki nodding in agreement.

“I wonder what type of person this Aizawa is…” Todoroki mumbled. The group silenced as the door suddenly opened. They kept their attention on the doorway, waiting for a villain or someone to pop out. What they weren’t expecting was a yellow thing to inch it’s way out of the shadows. The strange man...caterpillar thing face planted his? -It’s?- face into the ground. The four stared at the yellow thing, confused. A moment of silence passed, and then another one.

“ this guy alright?” Kirishima questioned, thoroughly confused. This made the strange man-thing raise his head up from the ground to reveal dried out eyes with bags underneath them and shiny white teeth.

“Yes, I am perfectly fine. But that wasn’t a good flop, I need to do it again.” With that the man squirmed as he turned around and inched away, only to repeat the process.

“Um...are we sure this is the right guy..?” Midoriya questioned, blinking as he watched the man practically slither back into the house.

“The fuck is this shit?! I came here to fight, not to watch some mentally insane idiot flop around on the floor!” Bakugou cursed, clearly pissed off.

“Should we stop him..?” Kirishima asked.

“Wouldn’t that seem rude? We did just meet him…” Todoroki mumbled. The slithering sound returned as the man-thing flopped again, this time with a harsher landing. The group began wonder if they had the right house or not.

“Do you kids need something?” The voice of the man -it was definitely a human- questioned and he sat up, looking at the kids.

“If you’re the real Aizawa.” Todoroki said, being the first one to snap out of his stupor. Kirishima was the next to refocus.

“You did this to Present Mic! You’re the one who turned him into a zombie!” The weapon shouted, pointing over at the zombie teacher. Aizawa nodded, looking at them.

“You must be kids from the academy then..” He murmured as he stood up, slipping off what the four now realized was a sleeping bag. Midoriya suddenly got a feeling of unease. He looked over at Aizawa and found his answer. He leaned slightly closer to Todoroki, the weapon glancing at his meister. “Your souls wavelengths aren’t very stable. It seems you have less in common then you soul is ready to help and trying to live up to its expectations. It has complete faith in its partner.” To Aizawa, Midoriya’s soul was a turquoise color, with a gentle smile on its face and the outline of his messy hair. “However..” He turned to look at Todoroki next. “One is still having trouble trusting the other, having a difficult time seeing it isn’t alone. Although, it’s fiercely protective of its partner and quite determined.” Todoroki’s soul had a straight face, as well as the outline of his hair.

Todoroki knew Aizawa was right when it came to describing his soul. ‘But how is he able to…’ Midoriya seemed to understand his thoughts.

“If he can read our souls that means he’s a meister...and a highly skilled one if he can read its characteristics.” The boy murmured. Todoroki nodded in response. He couldn’t help feeling slightly troubled that Aizawa could tell his problems so easily. He could potentially use it against him in the future. The man looked over at Bakugou and Kirishima. Bakugou was pissed off and Kirishima who looked shocked.

“Now for you two…” He started, looking at Bakugou. “I’m surprised that your soul wavelengths are as stable as they are. One soul is quick to anger, always fighting. It insists on doing things alone, one that strives for greatness and refuses help. However, it seems as if the soul does have a soft spot…” Bakugou’s soul was a light yellow, a frown on its face. “Your partner though, is a different story. It’s a soul that’s willing to compromise with its partner, willing to serve and protect. A soul that knows its partner quite well. But how would it’s partner react if that soul was taken?” Aizawa was no longer in front of the group, alarming everyone. He appeared behind Kirishima, seeming to reach for him.

“Oi, shitty hair!” Bakugou shouted, reaching for his partner. “Get away from him dammit!” He added, his hands already beginning to heat up. He wasn’t afraid to blow this guy’s head off if it meant keeping Kirishima safe (not that he’d ever admit that he cared about the guy. He was slightly less annoying than everyone else).

“Kirishima!” Midoriya exclaimed, ready to jump in with his power as well.

Kirishima quickly sensed what happened and hardened his back and arms, jabbing an elbow behind him to try and hit Aizawa. Of course, the male jumped out of the way and landed closer to Midoriya and Todoroki. “Good reaction time for both of you. And I saw it, even if just for a second; worry for your partner.” He smirked in a knowing tone at Bakugou before turning to Todoroki and Midoriya. “Now...” Before he could even move, ice covered his feet and froze him in place.

“You can try and move if you want but it’ll take quite a lot of strength. I’m not going to let you try that same stunt with Midoriya.” The weapon muttered, making Aizawa hum. Meanwhile, Kirishima tried to work on calming his meister.

“Dude, I’m fine! There’s no reason to get fired up! Besides, an explosion at that close of range could’ve hurt us all!” He exclaimed, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

Bakugou growled in annoyance. “Shut up! If you extras were smart you all would’ve gotten out of the way!” He exclaimed in response. Kirishima could only sigh, and simply grinned at Bakugou’s growl. He knew his meister was ready to protect him, whether he would admit it or not.

“Okay, okay. Let’s just focus now.”

Midoriya looked at Aizawa, frowning. “What was the point in making our teacher into a zombie?” He questioned. His main goal was to buy enough time for either himself or Todoroki to think of some sort of plan. And there was still the slightly bothering factor of Aizawa being able to see souls. They were fighting against a high level guy alright. Midoriya felt nervous, but did his best to ignore it.

“To answer your question, kid, it’s a simple motive; experimentation and observation. You can do it with anything, like I just did with your reaction times. It’s what scientists do after all...and I am a scientist.” He hummed before easily breaking the ice and jumping onto a clear patch near the doorway. “I’ve collected all the data I need from you...we can begin the experiment now.”

Todoroki’s eyes widened and he didn’t waste any time in transforming into his weapon form. “Midoriya!”

“Right!” The boy replied, holding his weapon. He stood in a defensive stance, eyes narrowed. Midoriya didn’t move, wanting to wait and see what the man was going to do. He’d admit, Aizawa gave off some creepy vibes. Bakugou growled in response.

“Oi, bastard, stop focusing all your attention on fucking Deku of all people! I’m better than him!” The explosive boy shouted, running towards him. When he was close enough, Bakugou went to punch him.

Aizawa easily dodged the punch and instead, gave Bakugou a swift punch to the nose. It was enough to knock him backwards but with that distraction, he didn’t notice Kirishima behind him. The boy managed to land a kick and a hit to the chest before being knocked aside. He skidded to a stop beside Bakugou and looked at Aizawa with gritted teeth.

Aizawa hummed and rubbed at one of his eyes while staring at Midoriya. “Scythe Meister Midoriya...Midoriya...why does that name sound so familiar...ah, Izuku Midoriya! You’re Toshinori’s kid, the one that’s always getting himself hurt!” He chuckled and gave a creepy smile towards the boy. “I remember my experiments with Toshinori. He was a great subject. I wonder what type of subject you’d make…”

That one line. That one line, that smile, the chuckle, everything. A rush of anger flooded through Todoroki when he heard that and he clenched his fist inside the scythe. It also made the scythe begin to shake from his anger. “Your weapon doesn’t seem so happy about that...”

Midoriya looked down at his scythe. “T-Todoroki calm down, it’s alright!” He exclaimed, hoping to soothe the weapon. “We can beat this guy, as long as we stay focused and work together, we can do it.” He said, choosing to remain positive, no matter how much he wanted to panic. The man was definitely crazy. Midoriya glanced over at Bakugou, watching as the meister slowly pushed himself up, a hand over his bleeding nose.

“’re gonna pay for that, bastard!”

Todoroki forced himself to calm down and he sighed inside the staff. “Alright. Let’s get him, Midoriya!” The weapon encourages, bracing himself for whatever this crazy man could do.

Aizawa grinned as they rushed towards him, still in defensive position. ‘Good.’ He thought and as they approached, stuck out his hand and tapped Todoroki’s handle. This caused the pair to go flying backwards as an electric like current crackled around his hand, the amount of power in the attack forcing Todoroki back to human form.

“W-What the hell did he just do to me..?” Todoroki mumbled, confused and he struggled to push himself up.

Midoriya looked over at his weapon, worried. “Todoroki!” He exclaimed, trying to reach for his friend. His body hurt a bit from the backlash of Aizawa’s attack, so he tried not to move much. But right now, Midoriya didn’t care. He was worried about his partner, and his partner came first.

“Unlike most meisters, who need a weapon to attack with their soul wavelength...I don’t need one.” He smirked and stood at his full height, his eyes now glowing red to cancel any possible quirk usage. “Now how should I begin my experiment with you, Izuku Midoriya?~” He hummed and as he grabbed Midoriya, pulling him to his feet and held his hands above his head with one hand, another pulling up his shirt. “Hmm...smooth skin. I can’t wait to mark it up.” He brought out a marker and made two lines on the boys skin.

Todoroki coughed up some blood and held his hand to his mouth. “W-What-“ He froze upon seeing Midoriya, his meister, in the hands of Aizawa. “Let him go!” The weapon yelled, ice immediately heading towards Aizawa. The attack had left him so sore that it hurt to move. However, Aizawa canceled out his ice, making him grit his teeth. When ice didn’t work, Todoroki tried flames. He hated using his flames, but if it meant he could save Midoriya, he’d use them without hesitation. “GIVE HIM BACK!”

Midoriya tried to get away from Aizawa, his nerves getting the better of him. He was about to try and activate his quirk, when he heard a yell. “You aren’t the only one who can attack using their soul wavelength without a weapon you fuck! Hands off!” Bakugou shouted, successfully hitting the males back. Midoriya quickly scrambled away from Aizawa, and over to Todoroki.

Todoroki quickly got onto his knees and pulled his Meister close out of concern and the urge to protect him. “Midoriya, are you alright?” The weapon asked, looking down at him.

“I-I’m fine…” Midoriya murmured, trying to calm down. That failed however when Midoriya looked over at Aizawa, eyes widening.

Nothing happened for a moment. Suddenly, Aizawa simply turned and chuckled as he looked at Bakugou. “Impressive but that won’t help you right now. When you first arrived, I synced my soul wavelength with yours, so they cancel eachother out. That was a fun experiment, but now it’s my turn.” He moved quickly, placing his hands on either side of Bakugou’s head, and proceeded to give him an intense electric shock it seemed, using his soul wavelength.

Kirishima froze as it began but quickly found his voice. “BAKUGOU!” He roared.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Todoroki yelled as well, still holding Midoriya close. It ended after a moment, with Bakugou falling backwards, having a large amount of blood coming out from his mouth and nose as he hit the ground.

“BAKUGOU?!” No response.

Kirishima wasted no time in rushing forward and aiming a punch at Aizawa, although it was easily deflected. But still, he threw another. Deflected again. And another and another. Deflected and returned. Still, even as he was hit back, he kept throwing hits. That was his meister, his friend! It was his job as both a weapon and a friend to protect him, and he failed!

Midoriya stared at Bakugou, eyes wide in horror. “This guy...he’s...he’s levels above us...” He whispered, his voice shaky. “There’s no way we can win...” He clenched his fists tightly, as he watched Kirishima and Aizawa. “His power is overwhelming...there’s no way...” Midoriya whispered, tears of pure fear beginning to roll down his cheeks. Somehow, he was able to see Aizawa’s soul. And it was terrifying. ‘We’re gonna die..!’ He thought, allowing his fear and panic to run wild. ‘I’m afraid...’

Kirishima finally jumped back, landing beside his meister. “Kirishima, I was never a dude to run away but you can’t fight a battle you can’t win, you dig?” Present Mic said, giving the weapon a long look. “You should run.” However, Kirishima didn’t listen and only knelt beside Bakugou.“Hmph, so the little boy can see my soul.” Aizawa hummed, tilting his head slightly as he watched them. “H-Hey, Midoriya. We can do this, just get up...” Todoroki murmured, trying to get his meister to his feet and failing.

“There’s no way!”

“Midoriya, listen to me! You only saw a single soul, you didn’t see your future. We can beat him, together! This is the least we can do for Bakugou!” The weapon insisted, gently shaking his meister by the shoulders, trying to get his partner to look up at him.

Midoriya shook his head. “We can’t...his power is too great...he’ll defeat us...” He replied quietly, practically whimpering. He found himself looking over at Bakugou, eyes wide with horror. He may not have seen his future, but he knows enough to guess what would happen. And the thought terrified him.

“Midoriya, look at me!” Todoroki exclaimed, finally getting his meister to look into his eyes. “We will beat him. We can beat him. I will be right there beside you and I won’t let him lay a finger on you.” The weapon told him, his eyes showing no signs of deceit.

Aizawa narrowed his eyes and hummed. He was watching Todoroki’s soul and how it was acting. ‘I wasn’t expecting him to be like this...he may have trust issues but his will of protecting Midoriya is one of the most stable wills I’ve ever seen.’

Midoriya looked at him nervously before slowly nodding his head. “R-Right...we can do this..” He said softly, giving his weapon a small smile. He pushed himself up off the ground, holding out a hand to Todoroki. He looked over at Aizawa, a look of determination settled on his features. “Sorry about that, I’m better now.” He said confidentially. “Let’s do this, Todoroki.”

“There’s the Midoriya I know.” Todoroki said with a smirk before he transformed into his scythe form, landing easily in Midoriya’s hand. “Let’s do this!” Aizawa smiled his signature creepy smile as he watched them, waiting for their next move.

Midoriya gripped the scythe tightly, glancing down at the gray eye. “Let’s go, soul resonance!” He exclaimed, beginning to match his soul wavelengths with Todoroki. “The legendary super skill of the scythe meister; Witch Hunter!” Midoriya exclaimed, swinging the large blade towards Aizawa.

‘So he can use Witch Hunter. At such a young age too.’ Aizawa’s grin only got wider. “LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT!” He yelled and grabbed the large blade, stopping it in its tracks. Kirishima watched in worry, holding Bakugou close. “You can control the Witch Hunter too....but I’m afraid your skills are too rough!” With a final push, the blade shattered and sent both Midoriya and Todoroki to the ground but with Midoriya taking most of the damage. The professor smirked as he walked over. “You managed to remain conscious.” He hummed and reached out to him, watching as the boy struggled to catch his breath. Suddenly, a bright flash happened as Todoroki reappeared on top of Midoriya, shielding his meister’s body with his own. The fire and ice user had scratches and bruises of his own but he couldn’t have cared less in that moment.

“Back away, I won’t let you touch my Meister.” The weapon snarled to him.

“Then we’ll start with you.” Todoroki gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as Aizawa’s hand reached towards him. He was expecting a life ending shock or slap or something...but all he got was a pat on the head. “You earned a passing grade, good job.” His eyes snapped open and he stared up at Aizawa, who had his creepy smile but it seemed...more friendly...? “Your extra lessons have been completed. You gave up your own body to protect your Meister, that’s all it takes to earn a passing grade from me.”

Midoriya looked up at them, blinking. “E-Eh..?” He questioned, confused.

“Y-you mean this was all just a-“

“A test? Yes. Principal Nezu set it up because he thought I could assist with your extra lessons.” Todoroki slowly got off of Midoriya and stood up.

"But Present turned him into a zombie-“

“When I was alive, I never would’ve lied but hey, things change.” The zombified teacher shrugged, making Todoroki fall over in shock.

Midoriya finally let the tears he had been holding poor out of his eyes. “” He said, sitting up, a hand on his chest. He couldn’t help looking over at Todoroki with a small smile. His weapon looked at him with a gentle gaze in reply. “Wait, but what about Kacchan?!”

It was then that Bakugou slowly woke up. He muffled a groan of pain as he slowly sat up, a hand on his head. “The fuck...?” He grumbled, frowning.

Kirishima gasped and grinned at Bakugou. “You’re not dead!” He exclaimed happily.

Bakugou snorted, looking over at Kirishima. “Course I’m not dead, idiot.” He grumbled, sighing. “It’ll take a hell of a lot more than that to kill me.” He added, smirking at his weapon.

“Kacchan! You’re alright!”

“Shut up, shitty Deku!” Aizawa sighed, clearly not wanting the students there anymore.

“Now that you’ve all passed, go home!”

Chapter Text

The next day of school was interesting to say the least. Things had started off normally. Todoroki had insisted on making breakfast that morning since Midoriya was still a bit sore from the wavelength attacks from the night before. So, Midoriya let Todoroki make breakfast, knowing the weapon wouldn’t drop the subject. He was incredibly stubborn at times. Midoriya smiled a bit at the thought though. He knew his partner had good intentions. With his ever present smile, he quickly got ready for school and met his partner in the kitchen, and they began eating breakfast.

The walk to school was relatively normal. They met up with Iida, Uraraka and Ashido. After the three found out about their remedial lesson, they had been itching to know how it went, well, mostly Uraraka and Ashido. “Soooo how’d it go?!” Ashido questioned, a grin on her face. Midoriya sweat dropped a bit.

“Well...we fought Present Mic. It was really scary.” The boy said weakly. “And then we fought the person who made Present Mic into a zombie.”

“The most important thing is that you’re all okay and you all passed!” Iida cut in. Todoroki and Midoriya nodded in agreement.

“Do you think the new teacher they hired will be here today?” Uraraka questioned. Midoriya looked at her in confusion.

“A new teacher?” He asked. She nodded.

“After you guys left your dad said that we were getting a new teacher today.” The girl elaborated. Midoriya nodded.

‘It’d be weird if the new teacher was Aizawa…’

“Iidaaaaaa, I’m too tired to climb up the stairs today! Carry me!” Ashido whined. Uraraka giggled at the sight of her meister’s face.

“Well I don’t see a problem with it, it doesn’t go against school rules so...go ahead and transform, Ashido. I’ll carry you.” The boy said. Uraraka couldn’t help it. She burst into laughter. Midoriya and Ashido sweat dropped a bit.

“Um...Iida? That..isn’t what Ashido meant…” He tried. Iida raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean, Midoriya?”

Uraraka only laughed harder.

The five headed into the classroom quite happily. Ashido didn’t get carried the way she originally wanted, but she was still saved from the long walk. Todoroki seemed just as confused as Iida, and Midoriya almost joined Uraraka in her laughter. They sat down in their seats, they classmates talking with them. Todoroki sat down next to him, and Shinsou came over. Midoriya was too out of it to realize his friend was there. He was thinking about who their new teacher could be. “-iya, hey, Midoriya!” Shinsou exclaimed, finally catching the boy’s attention.

“A-Ah, sorry Shinsou! Good morning!” He said. Shinsou chuckled a bit, sitting on the other side of him.

“You seem distracted. Just how bad was that remedial lesson?” He questioned. Midoriya frowned a bit.

“I guess creepy is the best way I can really describe it. Our opponents were incredibly powerful. I wish I had more time to examine their quirks and fighting styles, but I was distracted by the fight. Though, I was on defense for a bit. I had an opportunity to analyze everything. Now that I think about it I-“

“Midoriya, you’re rambling again.” Both Todoroki and Shinsou stated, making the boy nervously laugh.

“Sorry, sorry.” He apologized. He then saw the door open and he smiled a bit. “Good morning Kirishima, Kacchan!” He greeted. Bakugou scowled and sat down.

“Morning Midoriya! Sorry about Bakugou. He’s still grumpy.” He apologized. Before anyone could say anymore, the door opened again. Everyone blinked as they heard a slithering sound. Midoriya, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Bakugou tensed. They knew that sound. A yellow sleeping bag came into view as the man inched his way into the classroom. His sleeping bag got caught in the doorway, however, and he put too much force into pulling away. When he was free, he ended up rolling into the room. He landed on his back, and raised his chin to look at the class.

“Good morning.”


“My name is Shouta Aizawa. I’m your new teacher.” The four boys (excluding Bakugou) had their mouths opened wide in shock as they stared at the man. “Go on and get into your gym uniforms. Be outside by the field in ten.” With that, he began to slither away, leaving everyone shocked. Midoriya shared a look with Todoroki and whimpered.

‘I really hate being right…’ With that, everyone hurriedly got changed.

Once they were outside, Aizawa rubber at one of his eyes, glancing at all of them. “We’re going to be taking a look at your quirks today. Tomorrow I’ll evaluate your meister and weapon partnerships. Since I’m new, I want to become familiar with each of your quirks and partnerships. This way I’ll know what your weaknesses are, and I can focus on improving them. But I’m also looking at how much potential you have. So, the person who scores last in today’s exercises is expelled.” The class went into an uproar.

“Professor, you can’t do that, not without a good reason!” Uraraka cut in, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima nodding in agreement.

“This is my classroom, so I get to decide how it’s run. And if you don’t have any potential to grow or you’re a liability, you don’t belong here.” Everyone gulped. Midoriya felt panicked.

‘What do I do?! I don’t exactly have great control of One for All yet! I mean, I have a better grip on it then before, but I can still break my bones if I push it to far! Do I risk it..?’ Todoroki seemed to notice his meister’s distress, and placed a hand on his shoulder. The silent message was clear.

“Now, let’s begin.”

 He was doing well, surprisingly. His legs ached, but they weren’t broken. Currently, they were doing the ball throw. Midoriya had done not the best, but pretty good in the exercises. However, he didn’t think it was good enough to get anywhere above last place. “Midoriya, you’re up next.” Aizawa stated, looking like a mix of bored and tired. Mostly tired. Nodding, the meister took the ball and stood inside the circle. He took a small breath, and relaxed his nerves.

‘I have to use a hundred percent. It’s the only way!’ He felt One for All channel through his arm as he reeled it back, about it throw it when the power disappeared from his arm and the ball dropped.

“Eighty seven meters!” The little robot exclaimed. Midoriya’s eyes widened.

“W-What..?” He asked, eyes wide. That was it. He surely secured last place. Aizawa frowned.

“I erased your quirk. I was informed by your father of how powerful your quirk was, and the amount of backlash it gave you. If you can’t even control your quirk, then there’s no point. One day your weapon is going to be out of commission and you’re going to have to fight with your quirk. You’re going to end up throwing one punch and forcing someone else to save you.” Aizawa sighed, making Midoriya freeze in place. “I’ve returned your quirk. You get one more shot.”

‘He’s right...I’m no use if I can’t fight properly. I’ve been relying on Todoroki too much. I’m not strong enough yet. But there’s still something I can do!’ Midoriya took the ball, reeling his arm back. Aizawa watched, unimpressed. It was sad, really. The kid had immense talent, he saw it the night before when he used Witch Hunter. Midoriya gritted his teeth, making his power focused on his finger as he propelled the ball forwards. A burst of wind practically exploded from his hand, shocking everyone. He clenched his fist, grinning victoriously. “See Professor? I’m still standing.” He said.

Aizawa grinned that same creepy grin from before. It sent shivers down his students spines. Afterwards, class continued. Midoriya bit back the pain in his finger during the last couple exercises. When it came time to see the evaluation, Midoriya was very tense. Todoroki looked over at his meister. “Midoriya, relax. You did fine.” He said, hoping to provide his meister with comfort. His meister looked over at him, and slowly nodded. Aizawa put up the results. Midoriya’s breath was stuck in his throat as he looked down at the last.

He found himself releasing a breath he’d been holding. He was ranked at sixteen. He passed. He then continued looking, seeing who was in twentieth place. His eyes widened when he looked over at the boy. Shinsou met his stare, pretending not to be bothered. “Oh, by the way, no one’s being expelled. It was just a logical ruse to make sure you all tried your hardest.” Everyone’s eyes widened.


Chapter Text

The sound of a ringing bell was loud. The clouds in the sky loomed over the town like a thick blanket. An old cathedral stood tall, the source of the ringing coming from the very top of it. A figure sat in the sky, an item that looked like a broomstick supporting her as she sat. The light of the moon hid what she looked like, making her look like a shadow. Finally, she spoke; “Go, eat all you can.” Her voice was silky, yet had an underlying tone of fondness. Her voice reached someone. He was hiding in an alley. He squeezed his eyes shut, as he tensed up. Something bursted in his back, exploding into purple and blacks. He screamed.

People crowded the streets, venders placed everywhere. Children giggled and ran around as they played. The sun shone down on them, seeming to make the atmosphere brighter. The was a hum of a motorcycle that made some people turn and stare. “Wow, Italy is beautiful!” Midoriya exclaimed, lifting his head off of his partner’s back to look around and smile.

“It is. I can see why so many tourists come to visit.” His partner, Todoroki, agreed, looking just as awed as Midoriya. As much as he wanted to join his meister in looking around, he had to focus on driving, and making sure nothing happened.

“Anyways, our target is some guy who can use his quirk to make a lot of weapons.” Midoriya said, leaning his head on Todoroki’s back once more, and made sure to keep his grip on the boy’s waist tight, but not tight enough to hurt. Todoroki nodded his head.

“Yeah. He likes to lay low until it’s dark. We should probably focus on gathering what information we can about him.” He suggested. He felt Midoriya nod his head in agreement.

“Maybe if we have time we could even do some sight seeing.” The meister said with grin. Todoroki smiled slightly in amusement.

“Maybe.” Todoroki pulled up to an empty spot near a building. He let Midoriya hop off the bike first before getting off himself. He hit the kickstand before shoving his hands in his pockets. His meister walked next to him, looking around.

“I wonder where we could get the information we need.” Midoriya mumbled out loud. As they walked, Midoriya bumper shoulders with somebody. He stopped and quickly turned to apologize. “I’m really sorry!” He exclaimed. Todoroki grabbed his arm, and tried to continue walking. The man Midoriya walked into scowled.

“Hey, hold it brat.” He said, grabbing Midoriya’s sweater and pulling him up. Todoroki shot the man a cold glare. Midoriya looked panicked. His weapon frowned, not liking other people touching his meister.

“Is there a problem?” The weapon asked, glaring at the man. “If not, then let go of my meister .” He looked at Todoroki, glaring right back.

“You bet your ass there’s a problem punk.” He dropped Midoriya rather harshly, only annoying Todoroki further. The man then decided to grab on Todoroki’s shirt. Midoriya quickly scrambled to his feet, fidgeting nervously. It was almost hard to believe this boy was the one who fought demons and risked his life multiple times to save people. “I got a problem with anyone who decides to not only bump into me, but throws me an attitude. I don’t think you know who you’re messing with. Maybe you’d like me to show ya, huh?!”

“It might help you seem more intimidating if you spit less.” Todoroki replied, looking unfazed by the man. Suddenly, what Midoriya could only assume as the man’s friends appeared at his side.

“What’d this emo wannabe say?”

“Thinks he’s tough as fuck huh?!”

“No problem, we’ll just kick his ass and explain it to him.” More men crowded them, making Midoriya extremely nervous.

“Do you know who controls this town? The Materazzi, and don’t you forget it punk!” The man holding Todoroki exclaimed.

“Let’s go, Midoriya.” The weapon sighed, prying the man’s hand from his shirt. Nodding, Midoriya began to make his way through the crowd.

“Are you stupid?! Nobody messes with the Materazzi and gets away with it!” The man said. The two students ignored him, angering him further. “Oi, listen when I’m talking to you, you ass!” He exclaimed, reaching to grab Midoriya. Todoroki was faster, and pulled his meister to his side, one arm wrapped around his waist. In the blink of an eye the man and his friends were trapped in ice.

“You can do whatever you want to me, but if you ever put a hand on my meister, hypothermia won’t be the only thing you die from.” Todoroki threatened, a murderous glint in his eyes as he looked at the man. He then turned to Midoriya.

“Are you alright? You landed pretty hard back there.” He asked. Midoriya flashed him a smile.

“I’m fine. Let’s get going.” With a nod, the two walked away, leaving the group of people trapped in ice.

 There it was again, that bell. It rang loudly, swinging from side to side. The woman was back as well, sitting on her broomstick as she floated in the air, watching over the town. “Go and eat. You are the perfect creation. Weapon and meister together as one.”

There was a boy standing inside the cathedral. He was surrounded by a group of men, a sword at his side. “Hey, what’s your problem, bird head?” One of them taunted, making the rest laugh.

“Eat their souls, all of them.”

“No, that’s not the right thing to do.” The boy muttered, clutching his sword tightly.

“Hey, did ya hear me?!” The boy looked around, not saying anything immediately.

“I can’t do it. There’s no way I can justify it.” He said, seeming like he was talking to someone else. This only angered the men more.

“Are you even listenin’ to us brat?!”

“We’re gonna teach you a lesson freak! Who the hell are you talking to anyway?!”

The woman sighed quietly, frowning. “It’ll be okay, have faith in yourself.” She said, as she ripped part of her clothing. A pink mist drifted through the air and found its target; the boy with the sword. “Tokoyami, you will be a kishin.” The mist surrounded the boy, drifting into his body. He raised his head, eyes widening slightly. He suddenly began to laugh. The people in the room stared in confusion, not understanding what was going on.

“I am a kishin.”

“Don’t think you can just waltz on in here and without our permission.” One of the men murmured. The boy glanced over at him.

“This is a public place actually. You can’t control who enters and exits. It doesn’t belong to you, or anyone. Which is why Dark Shadow will consume your souls.” He explained, looking down at his sword. “Dark Shadow…” He trailed off. A mouth appeared on the sword, and it grinned before letting out an ear piercing scream. The men in the room covered their ears, shouting and crying out in pain. The boy smirked a bit. Some people ran for the door, and he looked over at them. “The doors only open inward.” His smirk turned a bit insane. “Also, my blood is black.” His sword screamed again.

Midoriya landed on the rooftop with ease, holding his scythe in his hands. He caught sight of the creature they were looking for. “We finally found him.” The creature turned to look at the pair, a chainsaw appearing in his hand. ‘That must be his quirk.’

“More power...more souls.”

“Give it up, you won’t be murdering anymore people, it’s over!” Midoriya exclaimed, staring down at him. The creature ran towards him, both hands holding the chainsaw. He jumped up to attack, but Midoriya was quicker. He raised his scythe and cut through the creature. He exploded into a black mist, and left behind the glowing red soul. Midoriya landed easily on the roof, smiling. Todoroki changed back into a human, grabbing the soul. “That’s the last one we need to collect for this trip, right?” His weapon nodded.

“Yeah.” He replied as he raised the soul and dropped it in his mouth, quickly eating it. Midoriya watched, interested.

“I’m curious to know...what do souls taste like?” He questioned. Todoroki looked at him, shrugging.

“They don’t really have a specific taste. It’s kind of drinking water. It doesn’t really taste like anything.” He explained. Midoriya nodded, taking in the information. He made a mental note to write down that information in his notebook later.

“How do you think Kacchan and Kirishima are doing? I hope they have a bit more luck in soul collecting.” The meister wondered. Todoroki stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“I doubt it. They can rarely ever get anything done because of Bakugou and his temper.” Midoriya sweat dropped.

“I kinda feel bad…” He replied, nervously laughing. It was suddenly cut off when he tensed, quickly looking around. Todoroki noticed something was off with his meister suddenly and looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned. Midoriya turned around, staring at the tall cathedral.

“That building, I’m sensing something...there’s a group of souls wound up together in there. It’s so noisy, I’m having a hard time sensing everything..” He said, closing his eyes as he focused. “They’re all in that building. There’s definitely a meister and weapon in there. I’m sensing about fifty or sixty human souls as well. They’re surrounding the weapon and meister.” Todoroki raised an eyebrow.

“Should we go check it out?” Midoriya nodded.


Todoroki quickly brought the bike around and Midoriya hopped on, wrapping his arms around him and leaning on his back. The weapon drove quickly, sensing how nervous his friend seemed about the situation. They stopped in front of the building, looking up at it. “Here we are.” Todoroki said as they got off the bike. Midoriya walked up to the door, placing his hand on it.

The bell rang loudly once more, and Midoriya’s eyes widened. “No way! That’s impossible!” He exclaimed. Todoroki looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. Midoriya looked over to Todoroki.

“The souls...they’re all gone! It’s as if they all just disappeared!” He exclaimed. “Now it’s just the weapon and the meister.”

Chapter Text

‘Something told me I shouldn’t have let Midoriya open that door. I should’ve pulled him away, and told him to leave whatever it was behind that door alone. I found myself thinking back to the recurring nightmare of my meister dying in my arms at the hands of someone wielding a sword. I felt afraid for what could lie behind that door. But I didn’t feel afraid for my own wellbeing. I felt afraid for Midoriya’s.’  Todoroki watched as his meister pushed the door open. Inside the now empty cathedral was a boy. He looked pretty normal, until he saw that the boy had a bird shaped head instead of a normal looking one. He already found himself getting worried. His gut told him to get himself and Midoriya out of there quickly. But his body wouldn’t move. “He’s in there by himself. You said he had a weapon right?” He asked.

“No...his weapon is here. I’m sensing the souls of a meister and weapon. And they’re standing in front of us.” Midoriya replied.

“Lady Midnight, two others have arrived. What should we do?” The boy in front of them told his weapon to be quiet. Midoriya had so many questions.

“There’s...a weapon inside his body…” The meister said. He missed the way the boy’s eyes widened. Todoroki didn’t.

“What do you mean? There’s a weapon inside of him?” Todoroki questioned. Midoriya nodded.

“I’m not sure how...but there’s a weapon in him. It looks like it’s coming out.” Without needing the command, Todoroki transformed into a scythe, Midoriya catching him with ease. He stood in a defensive position, watching as the boy hunched over. His eyes widened with horror as the boy’s back exploded. A creature appeared in his back, looming over the boy. It looked like a shadow. It looked at Midoriya, and then looked at the boy.

“Who are these people?” The shadow asked. The boy shrugged.

“I don’t know. They just arrived.”

“This is why we shouldn’t have stayed! We should’ve left right after we were done!” The shadow exclaimed.

“It doesn’t matter.” Midoriya watched, confused. He shook his head.

“The hunting of human souls is strictly forbidden. Are you a student of U.A?” He asked. The boy looked at him, seeming genuinely confused.

“U.A? It’s forbidden? I was informed it was alright.” He replied. Midoriya and Todoroki frowned.

“His soul looks tasty.” The shadow said, grinning.

“Meisters and their weapons aren’t allowed to collect human souls for any reason. We only hunt the souls that have become kishin eggs. Now I have to stop you. I can’t just walk away from this.” Midoriya said, tightening his grip on his scythe. Todoroki watched, hoping that things would be alright. His bad feeling still hadn’t gone away.

“Let’s get him, Tokoyami.” The shadow said. The boy nodded, holding out his hand. The shadow transformed into a black sword. The guard seemed to be wrapped in feathers. Todoroki’s eyes widened. That sword was the same word from his nightmare. He felt a feeling of dread.

“It turned into a sword!” Midoriya gasped, surprised. His opponent swung his arm left than right then up and then down.

“He’s going to strike from below!” Todoroki warmed. Midoriya quickly blocked the attack with the scythe. He took the opportunity to punch Tokoyami, pushing him away. While the boy was distracted Midoriya raised his arms up and went to bring the weapon down on him. The heel of the scythe landed on the ground as Tokoyami dodged. Midoriya used the scythe to flip himself and push the boy to the ground with his feet. “You’ve got him!” Todoroki exclaimed. Midoriya quickly raised the scythe, striking him.

He took a second to stare in horror when the scythe didn’t cut through him. Tokoyami stood, the scythe clearly buried in his side, but not injuring him. “What?!” Midoriya exclaimed.

“An attack like that isn’t going to work.” Tokoyami said, blood dripping to the ground. Except the blood wasn’t red. It was black.

“Black...blood..?” Midoriya asked, shocked. Tokoyami nodded.

“Yes, my blood is black.” Midoriya seemed to refocus and he quickly jumped back away from him.

“What’s going on with him?” Todoroki questioned. Midoriya frowned.

“I think I might have an idea. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but his blood itself is a weapon. I was able to cut through his skin, but his blood hardened and stopped the blade completely.” He explained. It was Todoroki’s turn to frown.

“If you’re right, then I’m not going to be much help like this.” He said. Before he had a chance to do anything, Tokoyami raised his sword.

“Dark Shadow, screaming resonance.” A mouth appeared on the sword, and let out a screech. Midoriya covered his ears, yelping in pain. Tokoyami sliced through the air, sensing a a bird looking attack toward Midoriya. The boy quickly used the handle of the scythe to defend himself from the attack. Todoroki grunted, not expecting such a powerful attack. Tokoyami jumped up, planning on attacking. He brought the sword down, pushing Midoriya back.

“He’s coming Midoriya, guard!” Todoroki warned. Tokoyami dashed forward, trying to hit him. Midoriya quickly blocked. Dark Shadow screamed again, causing Todoroki to howl in pain. Blood came out of the beard of the weapon.

“Todoroki!” Midoriya shouted in worry. He quickly used his leg to kick Tokoyami away with a cry of; “Stop it!” He then looked over at his weapon.  “Todoroki, are you alright?!” He exclaimed, voice laced with worry.

“Don’t worry about me right now! I’m your weapon partner Midoriya, I’m prepared to die for my meister!” He exclaimed. Tokoyami kept his sword up, Dark Shadow screeching once more. Midoriya felt himself panicking.

‘What do I do?! If I use Todoroki to block he’ll get hurt! And if I fully use One for All...that’s it! I still way of being able to do damage without hurting Todoroki!’ As Tokoyami charged forward, Midoriya dropped Todoroki. He dropped his weapon . He powered his quirk in his legs and dashed sideways, dodging the attack.

“Midoriya! What are you doing?!” Todoroki shouted.

“I’m keeping you from getting hurt again!” Midoriya exclaimed, making Todoroki’s eyes widen.

“Abandoning your weapon?! That’s a stupid idea!” Tokoyami exclaimed, trying to slice Midoriya.

“I’ll be fi-“ He was cut off when he felt pain blossom in his leg. He looked down and saw a black needle like thing coming out of his leg. “ that..?” He asked.

“Bloody needle.” Tokoyami said, sounding smug. The needle pulled out of Midoriya’s leg, blood dripping from the now open wound. Midoriya staggered back a bit, trying to keep himself standing. He was losing a lot of blood. His opponent pushed him back, making him collapse against the door. Tokoyami approached him.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki shouted in fear. His dream was turning into a reality. Maybe not action for action, but in a way that struck Todoroki harshly. He was unable to do anything to protect his meister. He was useless . He transformed back into his normal form, needing to do something, anything . Midoriya threw himself against the door, repeatedly, trying to push it open.

“Come on! Open up!” He exclaimed, his voice frantic.

“The doors only open inwards.” Tokoyami said, now standing in front him. He raised his sword, about to strike. Midoriya’s eyes widened and he looked away, closing his eyes, waiting for the blow.

“STOP!” Todoroki yelled, running towards them. Time slowed down. There was a spray of blood. There was a cry of pain. But it didn’t come from Midoriya. The meister’s eyes shot open, and they widened. He stared in horror. Todoroki took the hit. It was his blood that sprayed. It was his cry of pain Midoriya heard. He watched as Todoroki fell into his waiting arms, already prepared to catch him. Tears welled up in his eyes. An anguished sob escaped him.


‘I screwed up.’

Chapter Text

‘I screwed up…’ Midoriya stared, eyes wide as his partner stood in front of him, the slash on his chest bleeding quite badly. Todoroki began to fall sideways, and Midoriya quickly caught him, hugging him close. “T-Todoroki…” He whimpered, shaking as he held his partner close. Tokoyami watched, holding his sword with one hand.

“Kill them, and eat their souls, Tokoyami.” The voice said. The boy nodded in response, no emotions on his face.  

“I believe I can do that.” He replied, looking over at Midoriya and Todoroki. Midoriya held his partner, tears already streaming down his face.

“Todoroki…w-wake up… please .” Midoriya begged, sniffling as he couldn’t stop staring at the injury. Oh god there was so much blood , it was everywhere.

“M-Midoriya...don’t be stupid...get out of here…” Todoroki muttered, his voice shaky and full of pain. Midoriya wildly shook his head ‘no’. He only seemed to tighten his hold on his partner.

“No, I refuse to leave you!” The boy cried. Tokoyami stood in front of him, sword raised, ready to strike. Midoriya’s eyes widened and he gasped, flinching and lowering his head. He hugged Todoroki close once more, shoulders shaking. ‘This is all my fault...if only I had been stronger!’ Tokoyami was about to bring his sword down when a blade crashed through the door, stabbing him. Black blood dripped onto the floor. Tokoyami blinked, looking down at his chest.

“What..?” He questioned, confused. Midoriya looked up, seeming just as confused. The door suddenly broke down, Aizawa standing in the doorway. Tokoyami was pushed back towards the other side of the cathedral. Midoriya looked up at him.

“Mr. Aizawa…” He trailed off. “If you’re here...then that blade must be…” The blade was split into two colors. The top half was a shiny gold, while the bottom half was a deep blue. The handle of the weapon colored red. The weapon began to shine and disappear. In its place was All Might.

“It’s going to be alright, Izuku. We’re here now.” All Might said, looking down at his son with a gentle stare. Aizawa bent down, looking at Todoroki.

“ Todoroki going to be okay..?” Midoriya asked, worried about his partner. Aizawa looked at him, no clear emotion on his face.

“The wound looks serious, if we don’t hurry up and get him treatment soon he might not make it.” The teacher replied. The look on Midoriya’s face made All Might want to scoop him up in a hug and reassure him continuously that things would be okay. But he couldn’t do that just yet. They had an opponent to beat first. All Might looked over at where Tokoyami landed, a small frown on his face.

“I’m surprised. It was an easier fight then I had expected.” The death scythe commented, continuing to look over at Tokoyami. He watched as the boy stood up, fighting his grip on his sword, and clutching a shoulder in pain.

“I hardened your blood to stop the bleeding.” Dark Shadow informed, a bird like shadow appearing out of the boy. All Might and Aizawa watched.

“Thanks.” Tokoyami said in response, not saying anything else.

“Mr. Aizawa…” Midoriya said quietly, making the teacher look over at the boy. He hummed in response. The young meister looked at him, and then Tokoyami. “Who are those two? What are they? I’ve never seen or even heard of anything like them…” He trailed off, a frown on his face. Aizawa lifted a finger and pointed over to Tokoyami.

“That is the reason U.A was created.” Midoriya looked over at his teacher, and then over at Tokoyami once more.

“The reason…” He murmured, before his eyes widened. “Does that mean he’s a kishin?” He asked. Aizawa shook his head, eyes narrowing slightly.

“Not yet, no. But he’s very close to becoming one.” The man said as he stood up. Midoriya had taken off his sweater and placed it on Todoroki like a blanket. Aizawa glanced over at him, before looking over at All Might. “I’m tired as fuck, so let’s get this over and done with. These kids are exhausting.” He said. The weapon sweat dropped a bit.

“Aizawa, we’ve spoken about this, no swearing in front of the children.” He lightly scolded before turning into his weapon form. Aizawa scoffed, catching the scythe with ease.

“Can you hold up against the demon sword?” He asked, ignoring his partner’s previous comment about his swearing. All Might nodded.

“Of course I can.” He replied as Aizawa glanced down at the blade. All Might appeared in it, grinning a bit. “It’s been awhile since we last teamed eh?” He added. Aizawa gave him a smirk.

“Yeah, let’s see if you’re still any good.” He replied. All Might didn’t get a chance to reply as Dark Shadow disappeared, and Tokoyami began running towards them. He swung the sword up, and Aizawa blocked the attack with the heel of the scythe. He tried to attack again, only to blocked. He tried once more, blocked again. Aizawa watched as the blade screeched, shaking. He sidestepped, letting Tokoyami fall forwards. He then grabbed his arm with his free hand and flipped the boy onto his back. He then slammed his hand down on the boy’s stomach, using his soul force to attack. Tokoyami shouted in pain.

“He hit him directly with his soul wavelength!” Midoriya said, watching the fight. He hated not being able to do anything to help. He watched as Aizawa was about to deliver another attack and his eyes caught sight of the black blood behind him. “Mr. Aizawa, behind you!” He exclaimed. The teacher turned around and jumped out of the way just in time to see the needle like blood jump out to attack him.

“He’s using drops of blood as a weapon, how is that possible?” All Might questioned, watching the blood float and stick out. Aizawa dodged the attack again.

“I’m not sure just yet, but it looks like there’s some sort of imbalance of power between the meister and weapon. The weapon’s soul is without a doubt dominant. It has some sort of hold over the meister’s soul.” Aizawa narrowed his eyes. “For the moment, the meister still has some strength to fight back against the weapon. But if he gets completely swallowed up…” He knew he didn’t have to finish the thought for All Might to know what would happen. “There’s something else...there’s some sort of pink mist surrounding the soul...what’s it doing there? And where did it come from?” Pushing his thoughts aside, he went to attack.

“Wow…” Midoriya said, eyes on the fight. “Mr. Aizawa has a specific fighting style...he guards using dad as a shield, then he uses his own type of attack.” He observed. He glanced down at Todoroki every once in awhile, feeling the guilt hit him all over again. He gently grabbed the unconscious weapon’s hand, squeezing it. ‘Don’t worry Todoroki…I won’t let you get hurt like this again.’ He was taken out of his thoughts when he heard Tokoyami shout, flying out the door. “Oh wow…” He breathed, almost in awe. Aizawa dodged the bloody needle attack once more, leaping outside.

“Damn, it’s a time lag attack.” He cursed, the drop of blood in front of him. He was barely able to raise his arm with enough to protect his face from the attack. Instead, the needle scrapped his arm, a few drops of blood plummeting to the ground.

“Mr. Aizawa!” Midoriya exclaimed in worry. Aizawa looked at Tokoyami and Dark Shadow, annoyed. Other bloody needles surrounded Aizawa.

“Die!” Dark Shadow hysterically laughed. Aizawa smirked.


“Of course!”

Aizawa began to twirl the scythe around in his hands, Midoriya watching as it was passed around to his left hand, then right, then behind him, then back to the front. It started to create wind. The black blood was carried around by the wind, only getting faster as time went on. He slammed the end of the scythe down, a weird cat looking figure with what looked like bandages appearing from the bottom and covering Aizawa’s form. “Bandage Casing.” The needles stabbed at the cat figure, none hitting Aizawa.

“Nice trick, but let’s see if you can handle these!” The shadow laughed once more. He looked up and saw that Aizawa was gone, only the scythe was there. “What the hell?!” Aizawa came down from the sky, landing a kick on Tokoyami’s head. Aizawa gave them no chance to recover. He hit the boy’s stomach with both palms, sending him to ground. Large amounts of black blood dripped onto the ground, making Midoriya nervous.

“More needles?” He asked anxiously, eyes trained on the puddle of blood. Aizawa picked up the scythe shaking his head.

“No, it’s over.” The teacher replied, glancing at Tokoyami laying on the ground. “I hate to say this, but I’m going to have to finish this.” H said, raising the weapon.

“Well, I guess that’s it. I’ll have to do more testing.” There’s a woman sitting in the sky. The moon shines down on her, hiding her face. She stared down at the people below her, focusing on Tokoyami. The boy’s hand twitched. Midoriya poked his head out from behind the door. The pink mist began to seep out from his mouth. His body began to twitch and he screamed in pain. All Might stared at the convulsing boy.

“What’s happening to him?!” He exclaimed.

“He’s going through a soul rejection.” Aizawa supplied, staring with somewhat wide eyes at Tokoyami.

“The soul wavelengths that had been united up until a moment ago are falling apart.” Midoriya noted, eyes wide with horror.

“I guess I found his limit.” The woman in the sky observed. “Soul protect, release.” Midoriya’s head snapped up, eyes widening. Aizawa looked around, alert.

“It’s another soul! I don’t know where it came from, but I can sense it!” He exclaimed. Aizawa looked up at the sky.

“I feel it’s a witch.” He stated, eyes narrowing. This was starting to get too complicated. He had to get Todoroki medical attention, and fast. The woman chuckled, looking down at them. “My guess is that’s the witch that put a weapon inside that child.”

“T-That’s a witch’s soul..? But I-I didn’t even feel its presence…” Midoriya said, voice shaking.

“Soul protect.”

“Good grief. Tokoyami had such potential, but he was quite easily taken down. I’ll have to fix that.” The woman smirked down at the group, ripping a sleeve. “But before that, I’ll have to teach you all a small lesson.” Her smirk turned dark. The mist went straight towards Aizawa, sharpening at the ends it seemed. Aizawa twirled the scythe again, before calling his next attack.

“Let’s go, soul resonance!” Both Aizawa and All Might exclaimed, the blade glowing. “Witch Hunter!” The blade easily slashed through the mist. The witch smirked once more.

“Impressive.” The remaining mist easily scooped up Tokoyami. “I only came here for a little errand, but I never would’ve thought I’d run into U.A’s greatest meister, and death scythe.” She said, floating on her broomstick, Tokoyami floating next to her. “I’d love to stay and play with you kids a bit more, but you’ll have to excuse me.” With that, she flew off, leaving the four behind.

“Hey!” All Might exclaimed, appearing out of the blade.

“Let her go. I’m more worried about Todoroki.” Midoriya was holding his hand again, a crestfallen look on his face. He looked up as he felt a hand on his shoulder. “He’ll be alright, Midoriya.” Aizawa said. All Might appeared on the other side of him, pulling him into a side hug.

“Come on, Izuku, let’s head home.”

Chapter Text

The room was silent, safe for the sound of the curtains gently being blown away and against the window. The sunlight peeked through the curtains, leaving a streak of light on the occupied bed. There was someone standing in front of the window, hands clenched tightly at his side. His head was done as his shoulders shook. The person in bed was unaware of the other’s sobs, since he was in the world of slumber. “Todoroki...I’m so sorry…” His partner whispered, trying furiously to wipe at his eyes as the tears kept falling. He felt nothing but guilt. “I-If I was stronger...I could’ve stopped you from getting hurt…” Midoriya mumbled, sniffling. “I promise...I’ll get stronger to protect you, okay?”

The door to the room suddenly slammed open, startling Midoriya. “TODOROKI, DUDE, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!” Kirishima shouted, Kaminari, Uraraka, and Iida behind him.

“We’re in the infirmary, don’t shout!” Iida scolded. Kirishima ignored him, going straight to Todoroki’s side along with Kaminari. Iida and Uraraka went over to Midoriya. “Are you alright, Midoriya? I heard you got hurt too.” The boy questioned. Midoriya glanced down at his leg, staring at the bandages wrapped around it.

“I-I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt much.” ‘It’s nothing compared to his injury.’ Iida and Uraraka looked at him with worry. Midoriya plastered a smile on his face. “I’m fine, really!” He exclaimed. The two frowned, but didn’t question further.

“Majority of the class wanted to come visit, but the Professor stopped them, so it’s just us for now.” Kaminari said. Midoriya nodded his head in response. The door opened once more, and revealed Shinsou along with the nurse.

“Hey, Midoriya. Heard you and Todoroki had a run in with some powerful enemy and got hurt. You alright?” Shinsou questioned, walking over to Midoriya. The boy nodded in response.

“Midoriya, you shouldn’t be standing up with your leg like that, go sit down on the bed next to Todoroki.” The nurse said. Midoriya nodded, following her instructions.

“Sorry, Ms. Midnight.” He said softly. Midnight looked at him, her eyes soft.

“It’s alright. I know you’re worried about your friend. He’ll make a full recovery, so don’t be so worried.” She said with a smile. Midoriya looked at her in surprise, before nodding and giving a small smile. Everyone stayed for five more minutes, before needing to get back to class. Midoriya waved them all goodbye, getting a promise from Iida he’d take notes for him in class. Midnight left the room, getting a call that there was a student who was injured during training. Midnight wasn’t the official school nurse, that was Recovery Girl. But she was away for personal reasons, and wouldn’t be back until next month.

Midoriya sighed quietly, laying back against the pillow. He yawned, feeling tired, probably from everything that’s happened. His leg hurt, but it was a dull ache. He kept looking over at Todoroki, a frown on his face. He still felt nothing but guilt. There was also a wave of protectiveness that crashed into him, taking him by surprise. Is this how his partner felt when he was protecting him? He glanced up at Todoroki, unsure. For the second time that day, the door was slammed open, making Midoriya jump. “IZUKUUU!” Came the familiar sob of his mother. He sat up, watching his mother run to his side, tears streaming down her face as she hugged him tightly. “My baby! I was so worried!” She exclaimed. Midoriya relaxed in her hold, hugging her back.

“Sorry mom, I’m okay.” He said softly. Inko stepped back to cup his face in her hands. Midoriya gave her a small smile.

“Are you sure you’re alright, Izuku? Your father said you were quite shaken up.” Inko said softly, worry written all over her face. Midoriya nodded.

“Yeah...Todoroki’s the one who was seriously hurt...I’m okay.” Inko looked at her son’s face, and she saw the regret and guilt. She saw how much he needed to talk and cry. She frowned, pulling him into a hug. “I’m his partner mom...we’re supposed  to keep each other safe and’s my fault he got hurt like this…” Midoriya whimpered, shaking as he quietly cried.

“Izuku…” She sighed, running her hands through his curls. “Did you tell him to take the attack?”

“What?” He lifted his head from her shoulder. She had a warm, yet serious look on her face.

“Did you tell him to take the attack?” She repeated.


“Did you hold the weapon that hurt him?”


“Did you attack him with the weapon?”

“No…” Inko gently smiled at her son, wiping away his tears.

“Then it wasn’t your fault, honey. You did everything you could to protect him.” She said, kissing his forehead.

“B-But I could’ve tried harder .” He argued. Inko frowned at him.

“Izuku, do you know how many times your father got injured trying to protect me?” She asked. Midoriya shook his head. “A lot. Too many times to count. But if you let yourself get caught up in the what-ifs and the buts, you won’t be able to move forward. If you use that feeling of guilt and regret you have to motivate yourself to become stronger, it’ll affect how you and Todoroki work together, because you’ll be so focused on making sure he doesn’t get hurt again, and you’ll only end up hurting yourself. So use that feeling of wanting to protect to become stronger. For yourself, and for him.” Midoriya stared at his mother with wide eyes. His tears came back and he nodded.

“R-Right.” He agreed, nodding his head. Inko smiled at him. The door opened, making the two look over and see who it was. Midoriya felt his entire body tense. In the doorway stood Enji Todoroki, a frown on his face. He looked over at his son, walking over. He glanced over at the Midoriya’s.

“Oh, it’s you.” He said, frown deepening. “I thought letting my Shouto become your partner would make him better when it came to fighting. It seems like I was wrong.” He grumbled. “He’s become weak. I’m disappointed.” He said, crossing his arms. Midoriya clenched his fists and Inko tensed up.

“He was protecting me.” Midoriya muttered. “He risked his life to save mine. He’s stronger than I could ever hope to be!” He said, looking at Enji with angry eyes. Enji stared at him, frowning.

“He’s not strong enough.” The man said. Midoriya was done with this man’s shit. He gave a small glare.

“I promised Todoroki I’d stay quiet, but not anymore.” Midoriya began quietly. “Todoroki isn’t you.”

“Of course he-“

“Of course he isn’t, right?” Midoriya said, easily cutting him off. “Then stop treating him like he is. He isn’t strong enough to you because he isn’t as strong as you are. You’re so blinded by your own goals that you can’t see how powerful and talented he is. You need to stop looking at him as a way for you to surpass my father, and start looking at him as Shouto Todoroki, your son.” Enji was stunned into silenced, the frown on his face gone.

“Why you-“

“And one more thing, I’m not my father either. I may be related to him, but I’m not him. It’s not fair to look at me like that, as if you’re judging my abilities based on my father’s. I’m my own person too. And you’d realize that if you saw people for who they are, not as a stepping stone to success.” Enji scowled, stepping over to him.

“How dare you!” He exclaimed. Inko quickly stepped in, glaring at the man.

“If you even think about laying a hand on him, my husband won’t be the only person you need to worry about.” She said, her voice dangerously low. Enji stared at the woman, one of his eyes twitching.

He stared down at the child, watching as he threw up, coughing and sobbing. She bent down next to the child, looking up at him, pleading with him. She stepped in between them, shielding the child. He grew angry, not caring for the woman’s annoying actions. He raised his arm and-

Enji blinked, before scowling once more. “Tch. How troublesome.” He growled before turning around and leaving the room. He slammed the door shut behind him. Once he left, Midoriya and Inko deflated, both looking extremely nervous and trembling.

“I thought for sure he was gonna kill me. I can’t believe I did that!” Midoriya exclaimed, freaking out. Inko sat down on the bed, just as nervous.

“I wasn’t sure how long I could stay like that. His stare in terrifying!” The woman cried.

“Izuku? Inko?” Toshinori asked as he entered the room. He blinked in confusion as he looked at the two. “Either of you want to tell me why young Todoroki’s father looked like he wanted to set this place ablaze?” He asked, confused. His only answer was the nervous laughter of his wife and son.

Chapter Text

Midnight whistled a small tune as she walked, hands in her pockets. Tokoyami walked behind her, not saying anything. It was dark out, with left the streets fairly empty. Midnight rounded a corner, only to be stopped by a voice. “You’re in, right?” A voice questioned. She stopped walking only to smirk.

“Of course I am. Who do you take me for?” She replied, glancing over at the stranger. There was a chuckle.

“We assure you, Midnight, we do not doubt your abilities. We are only worried that you might’ve hit a few...walls, along the way.” Another voice explained. She smiled.

“Rest assured, they accepted me quite easily, of course that’s thanks to my soul protect.” Midnight said casually, waving a dismissive hand. “Now, as for the information you asked for, I think you’ll be quite pleased.”

Bleary eyes slowly opened and he quietly groaned as he pushed himself up. He winced slightly at the bright light. He looked around, looking to see if anyone was in the room. “Ah, Todoroki! You’re up!” Todoroki turned to look at Midnight, fully sitting up in bed.

“Yes.” He answered simply, not sure what else to say. Midnight smiled at him, patting the chair in front of her.

“Why don’t you come sit? I want to do one last check up before I let you go home.” Nodding, Todoroki stood up and walked over to the stool. He removed his shirt so Midnight could listen to his heart and make sure everything looked good. They sat in silence while Midnight worked. “How have you been feeling?” She asked as Todoroki turned around, back towards her.

“Normal more or less.” He replied. He then hesitated. “Though...I’ve been having this dream repeatedly…” Midnight raised an eyebrow.

“A strange dream?” She asked. Todoroki nodded.

“I’m in this black room, and there’s music playing…”

There’s a record player, and it keeps skipping like it’s scratched. The music playing is some kind of jazz song I’ve never heard before.

He sat in a chair, eyes closed as he listened to the music. He was dressed in a red dress shirt with slacks and a black vest and tie. The floor was checkered black and red. Suddenly there’s footsteps.

After I’ve been sitting there for a while, this guy appears. He’s some sort of demon in a fancy suit, dancing out of tune with the music. My first instinct is to freeze him, but my quirk never works in that room.

“Swing, swing, swing…” The demon chanted, doing his odd dance.

“This isn’t swing music.” He said, staring at the demon.

“But jazz is so much more appropriate for night time.” Was his response. Todoroki frowned.

“Time doesn’t matter when it comes to music.” He mumbled.

“That’s right, the decisions mine, yes sir.” The demon continued to dance. “You can decide as well, you know.” He pointed a finger at the weapon. “You’re eligible!” He began to dance around Todoroki. “When your torso was cut open you felt an overwhelming sense of fear, right?” He suddenly leaned close, making Todoroki lean back. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a strong mind to get rid of the fear you feel?~”

“If you forget your fear you become reckless.” Todoroki muttered. The demon laughed, appearing behind him and putting a hand on his shoulder.

“What kind of idiot are you? Do you think you’re in a safe place, where you can’t get hurt again? Hate to break it to you, but you’re still on earth~.” The demon leaned close to him once more. “And if you want to remain here you’ll need more power than you have now. Power so strong you forget your fear. You’re nothing without that power! Now get out there!” The demon pulled Todoroki from the chair, pulling him towards a door.

“Wait a minute..! I don’t want to leave this room, I’ll even listen to the music.” The door slowly opened.

“Seek our that power you so desperately need. Find a rule to break. Gain the power to become stronger. Stronger than you could possibly imagine.”

What makes you so afraid of leaving the room, Todoroki?

He now stood outside the door. It shut closed behind him, leaving him in darkness.

When I leave the room, the darkness goes on. Then there’s suddenly a light. I move towards it. But when I go through…

He yelled as he appeared, eyes blank and he thrashed his head.

When I go through...I’m coming out of Midoriya’s stomach.

Midnight watched as Todoroki panted slightly, seeming bothered by the dream. She smirked a bit. ‘Interesting...the black blood clearly seems to be having an effect on him.’ Todoroki turned around to look at her.

“Aside from all that, how am I doing?” Todoroki questioned.

“It looks like you’re making a nice recovery so far. Let’s just take your blood pressure.” Todoroki nodded in response. “As for your dream, it’s not unusual for people to have recurring nightmares after the type of trauma you went through.” She said. “I don’t think you need to be worried. Was that all? Or was there something else you were worried about?” Todoroki frowned.

“It’s Midoriya...ever since we got back from Italy, he’s been acting strange. I think something’s been bothering him.”

“Um...Mr. Aizawa?” Midoriya asked quietly, shyly stepping into the classroom. The teacher looked up from the papers he was grading with a raised eyebrow.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at lunch, Midoriya?” Aizawa mumbled. Midoriya blinked when he saw how Aizawa was sitting. Instead of just sitting in his chair, he was inside his sleeping bag, bundled up as he read through essays. “Midoriya?”

“A-Ah! Right! Um...well, I was wondering if there were any extra lessons you could give me…” Midoriya said. Aizawa looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

“I didn’t think you needed any, especially since your grades are just fine.” The male replied, reading one of the papers in front of him. Ashido really needed to stop using glitter pen. It made it hard to read her writing. Midoriya shook his head.

“N-No...what I meant by extra lessons was extra training…” Aizawa looked up once more from his papers, no longer caring for them at the moment.

“Care to tell me why?” He asked.

“I...need to get stronger, a-and really fast.” Midoriya explained. Aizawa narrowed his eyes, his gut telling him what Midoriya left unsaid.

“I can’t.” He said simply. Midoriya looked at him in surprise.

“W-What?! But you’re giving Shinsou extra lessons!” The meister exclaimed. Aizawa sighed.

“Listen, Midoriya. I’m giving Shinsou those lessons because he came to me with a goal in mind. If I were to give you that same treatment so easily, what kind of teacher would I be? You don’t have a goal. You have a will to become stronger, but you’re lacking the reason. You’d be training aimlessly, not knowing how to figure out if you’ve reached your goal because you never set one. So, come talk to me again when you’ve figured it out.”

Midoriya walked back, deep in thought. ‘What I’m lacking...and what my goal is…’

“Alright, Todoroki. I expect to see you back here in one week.” There was a knock on the door.

“Excuse me.” The cheery voice called before the door opened. Midoriya poked his head in. Whatever he was about to say was cut off when he saw Todoroki. His eyes immediately went to the scar on his chest, and Midoriya was hit with a new wave of guilt. He couldn’t bare to look at it for long. Todoroki looked at him.

“Hey.” He greeted. Midoriya slowly looked away, taking an interest in the corner by the door.

“I’m gonna head home and get everything set up for the party...don’t be late, okay?” Before Todoroki got a chance to respond, Midoriya gently shut the door.

“It seems like something is bothering him, could it be the scar?” Midnight asked. Todoroki clutched at his shirt, right over the scar.

“Yeah...that happens every time he sees it. He gets this pained look.” The hand on his shirt tightened as he squeezed it. ‘And it’s my fault he gets that look.’

Empty plates littered the table. Kirishima leaned back in his spot on the couch, a smile on his face. Bakugou scowled. “That was fucking disgusting, nerd.” The boy grumbled, glaring at the plates in front of him. Kirishima sighed, before looking at Midoriya with a smile.

“Don’t listen to him, Midori! You’re a great cook!” The weapon exclaimed. Midoriya smiled at him.

“Thanks Kirishima.”

“You two have a nice place!” Iida complimented, looking around at the house. “Very clean as well!” Midoriya’s smile turned sheepish.

“My mom likes to surprise visit every few weeks, so Todoroki and I always make sure it’s clean so that she doesn’t end up working when she’s supposed to be relaxing.” He explained.

“Speaking of surprise visits, that damn cat isn’t here, is she?” Bakugou muttered.

“Cat?” Uraraka questioned, looking around. “Deku! Did you get a cat without telling all of us except Bakugou and Kirishima?!” Midoriya shook his head.

“N-No! It isn’t-“

“Hi hi! Everyone’s having a good time I hope!” Mt. Lady walked into the room, making Bakugou jump up and glare at her. “Kirishima~ why don’t you take a bath with me while I convince you to become my weapon?~” She had a towel around her and let it slip just enough to expose some of her chest. Uraraka was up in an instant, covering Midoriya’s eyes. Todoroki sighed, looking away. Bakugou began yelling curses, and Kirishima was a blushing mess, trying to calm his meister. Iida turned and looked at Todoroki.

“Is this normal?!” He exclaimed.

“Unfortunately.” He muttered. “She’s free if anyone wants her.”


Eventually, it got late and everyone had to head home. To Todoroki’s misfortune, no one wanted to Mt. Lady home. Once everyone left, Todoroki and Midoriya were surrounded by silence, it almost felt suffocating. Midoriya was cleaning up the leftover plates, and Todoroki was fixing up the living room. When he was done, he went over to Midoriya, watching him clean. “Midoriya…” Todoroki murmured. The boy hummed in response. “Ever since we got back you’ve been acting strange. Why?” He asked. Midoriya stopped cleaning and put the plate he was holding down. He dried his hands and turned to face Todoroki.

“It’s nothing. I’m okay, Todoroki.” The meister said with a small smile. ‘I...averted my eyes from your scar, Todoroki. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it.’ Slowly, Midoriya shut his eyes, reaching out. Todoroki didn’t move, confused by what he was doing. Midoriya’s hand made contact with his chest, right over the scar. ‘I have to find a way to face it. I can’t let him go through that again. I won’t let my fear control me, not anymore.’

“Midoriya...please. You have to tell me what’s going on.” The weapon pleaded softly, looking at his meister with a small frown. Midoriya looked up at him, pulling his hand away. He smiled.

“I’m finding my goal.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya was acting differently around him. He wasn’t sure why and when it started, but he was acting differently. Midoriya always used to be so open with him. But lately, his meister was slightly secretive, disappearing for an hour or two after dinner. It was beginning to worry Todoroki. Especially since it looked like Midoriya wasn’t getting as much sleep as he needed. He tried to approach his meister about his worries, but he was shaken off, told that it was nothing to worry about. It only made Todoroki more suspicious. “Todoroki.” The weapon looked up at the sound of his name, and saw Uraraka standing there with a small smile.

“Uraraka, hello.” He replied, watching as the girl moved to stand in front of his desk.

“You’ve noticed it too, right?” She asked suddenly. “How Deku hasn’t been acting normal all week.” Todoroki frowned. The classroom was slowly emptying out, their classmates heading to lunch. Uraraka had Iida drag Midoriya to lunch, telling him that Midoriya hadn’t been eating right so that Iida would distract him from Todoroki. It was the best thing she could think of on such short notice. Hopefully, Iida’s lecture would keep Midoriya distracted long enough.

“Yeah, I noticed.” He said, nodding. “He’s been acting like this ever since I got hurt. I’ve tried speaking with him about it before, but he brushes it off.” Uraraka frowned. It looked like she wanted to say more, but she stopped herself. Instead, she looked over at the clock, sighing.

“As much as I want to sit down and figure out what’s going on with Deku, we still have to go to lunch.” She backed up to let Todoroki gather his things and grabbed her bag. With a smile, she walked with him to lunch. When they arrived, Iida was still lecturing Midoriya about his eating habits and Shinsou eventually had enough.

“Iida?” He asked. The meister looked at him.

“Yes, Shinsou?” He froze up, a blank look on his face. Shinsou smirked at the class rep. He used his quirk on him.

“Go back to normal, but stop pestering Midoriya about his eating.” Iida did as told, and after a few minutes, Shinsou flicked his forehead.

“Using your quirk on a classmate unless in training is against school policies! I should inform Mr. Aizawa of your infraction!” Iida continued to rant, and Shinsou ignored him. Midoriya nervously laughed and Uraraka and Todoroki sat down. Lunch was interesting, to say the least.

After lunch, Aizawa inched his way into the classroom, looking like he had just woken up from a nap. Everyone sat in their seats, waiting for him to speak. Todoroki kept stealing glances over at Midoriya. When he caught his eyes a few times, Midoriya gave him a small smile. “Alright, listen up. Today we’re going to be doing a partnership exercise. It’ll be focusing mostly on connecting your wavelengths and strengthening that bond. Go get into your gym uniform and meet me by Ground Beta.” With that, he inched his way out of the room. Everyone got up, and headed to the locker rooms.

Once everyone was done, the class made their way outside to the assigned area. Aizawa stood, sleeping bag laying in a pile next to him. “As I was saying in the classroom, we’ll be focusing on your partnerships. I’m going to assign you and your partner, or partners, to a specific section of the training ground. Your goal is to defeat the enemies placed there. Your enemies in this exercise are programmed with your soul’s biggest weakness known to them. For this exercise you’re going to need to work together in order to get past that and defeat them. Any questions?”

“Mr. Aizawa, do we have to use our weapons?” Aizawa blinked, not expecting Midoriya of all people to ask that question. He would’ve thought that Midoriya would love the opportunity to strengthen his bond with his weapon, especially after what happened.

“As I said, this is a partnership exercise, so as long as you’re working together, I don’t care how you complete it.” He answered. Midoriya nodded in response. “If no one has anymore questions, get with your partners and get your assigned areas.”

Midoriya was quiet as he and Todoroki walked through a forest. Todoroki had suggested he turn into his weapon form, but Midoriya said they should wait. Secretly, Midoriya didn’t want to risk Todoroki getting hurt. So, the two were on guard as they walked. Todoroki made sure to be careful as he walked over roots and fallen branches. Midoriya? Not so much. The boy yelped as his foot got caught, and he fell forwards. Acting fast, Todoroki was in front of him, catching him easily. The two sighed in relief. Midoriya smiled up at his weapon. “Thanks, Todoroki.” The weapon nodded in response.

They continued walking until they heard the bushes rustling quietly. Something came at Todoroki, from his left side. “Todoroki!” Midoriya shouted, charging his quirk in his legs and shooting forward, aiming a kick to the enemy’s face. It fell back a few steps, and Todoroki quickly snapped into action, freezing the enemy. Midoriya took charge, jumping up off the ground and giving it another well aimed kick, blasting back into a tree. It got back up again. Todoroki took a step forward, about to attack it. “Stay back! I can handle it!” His meister ordered. The weapon frowned as he watched Midoriya fight the enemy. He watched his meister get thrown around, slammed into trees. While he stood there, doing nothing because he was ordered to.

Eventually, he had enough of watching his meister be hurt, and intervened, freezing the enemy. “Todoroki, I told you to stay back!” Midoriya exclaimed.

“And watch you be hurt?!” The weapon snapped. “It’s my job as your weapon to protect you!” He exclaimed, freezing the enemy every time it broke out of its ice cage.

“And I’m trying to protect you !” He exclaimed in response. “If you get hurt like that again, I don’t know what I’ll do, so just let me shoulder this! I need to become stronger! This is my burden!” Todoroki froze the enemy once more, making sure it would be frozen for a while.

“You’re selfish, Midoriya.” The weapon muttered, turning around to look at his meister. “We’re partners , we both shoulder the burden of protecting each other. If we’re going to become stronger so that neither of us ever get hurt like that again, then we need to work together. Not keep secrets.” He said, a frown on his face. “That is what this is about right? What happened in Italy?” Midoriya looked away, slowly nodding. He sighed quietly. “Midoriya, look at me.” His partner looked up. “That night wasn’t your fault. It was a choice I made to keep you safe.” He glanced over at the enemy in their exercise. “Now, Mr. Aizawa won’t be too happy if we continue stalling like this. If this were a real fight we’d both probably be dead. So get up. And let’s work together this time.” Todoroki held out his hand with a small smirk.

“Yeah.” Midoriya said, taking his hand and letting Todoroki pull him up. “Let’s do this. Together .” The two watched as the enemy got out of the ice, moving towards them. Todoroki was about to turn into a weapon, when Midoriya stopped him. “Wait. Mr. Aizawa said these were programmed with our weaknesses in mind. The enemy came at you from your left, meaning it must know about your left can’t defeat it with just your ice, you need to use your fire.” Todoroki frowned.

“Midoriya, you know I refuse to use that side.” He argued, his voice dripping with disgust. Midoriya looked at him, a determined gleam in his eyes.

“So you’re going to continue using half your strength while everyone else is giving it their all?” The meister questioned. The enemy lunged at them, the two splitting up as they jumped out of the way. “I know you hate your fire, Todoroki, but you have to use it!” The boy exclaimed, as he landed a kick at their opponent, pushing it back. Todoroki frowned.

“There has to be another way, Midoriya.” He tried, stomping his foot down to freeze the enemy once more.

“There isn’t! You have to trust in me, Todoroki! It’s yours ! It’s your power!” Todoroki’s eyes widened. That feeling, it was back again. It was that feeling he felt when he first met Midoriya.

Todoroki isn’t really sure why he stayed. He easily could’ve gone off, away from this fancy party and into a quiet space outside. After all, there was plenty of open areas with a smaller amount of people. But here he was, following his father like some sort of lost puppy, as the man showed off and bragged about his son like he was some sort of trophy. He hated it. So why did he stick around? He wasn’t entirely sure, to be honest. He was pulled from his musings when he heard Endeavor sneer. “All Might.” The man muttered, disgust seeping into his voice. Todoroki mentally sighed.

He looked over at the number one death scythe, not understanding why his father hated the man so much. All Might had a kind smile on his face as he spoke to other people, and he lightheartedly laughed, to the point his eyes crinkled. The woman at his side seemed to blush as other people talked to her, probably congratulating her for making All Might into a death scythe. By the blush on her face, Todoroki figured she was embarrassed by the compliments she was getting. But the man himself wasn’t what drew Todoroki’s attention, and it wasn’t the gentle looking woman by his side either.

It was the young boy at their sides. He looked to be the same age as Todoroki himself, and looked like he was in middle school. He had curly green hair, and shining green eyes. The boy had freckles dusting his cheeks and Todoroki stared as he talked quite animatedly. “Shouto, stop gawking and get moving.” Endeavor muttered to him, seeming annoyed that Todoroki was staring at anything but him. The thought made Todoroki want to grin in victory. He didn’t, of course.

Throughout the night, Todoroki found himself looking over at All Might and the boy at his side. He was curious about who the boy was. At one point, Todoroki wandered off, not wanting to deal with his father’s braggings anymore. He looked around as he walked, looking at the crowd of people. He saw some familiar faces, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jirou, and Tenya Iida. He only knew them because his father dragged him to way too many gatherings like this. His eyes scanned over a piano, and he felt his fingers itch to play. He glanced around, seeing not many people around. He walked over to it, sitting on the bench. His fingers ghosted over the cover, thinking of warmth and kind smiles when he played the correct note.

But he also thought of coldness, and painful tears as he went through harsh training. He remembered warm hands running their fingers through his hair, soothing his pain as he cried. He had memories of a burning sensation on his face, he saw the tears trailing down her face as she stared at him with fear, like he-

“Do you play?” A voice snapped him from his thoughts. He looked up and over at the source, seeing the boy from before. The one with unruly green curls, and eyes that lit up like the stars.

“Huh?” Was the only thing he could think of saying. The boy looked nervous at his response.

“S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to s-startle you! I just noticed you were sitting over here, you looked like you were lonely...ack, sorry! That didn’t sound right, what I mean is-“

“It’s fine.” He cuts in, stopping the boy’s rambling. “I do play, but I was...hesitating.” He replied. Todoroki wasn’t sure why he told the boy this, but it was something about the boy that made him feel...calm, even though he just met him. The boy smiled at him.

“That’s cool! U-Um, being able to play the piano, I-I mean!” He exclaimed. Todoroki nodded in response. “I think you can play it. I don’t think anyone will mind.” Todoroki stared at him in surprise. The boy gave him what he thinks is the most brightest smile he’s ever seen before.

This boy, he thinks, is strange.

But he listens, and slowly lifts up the cover of the piano, and gently presses down on a key. He begins to play. And the boy stays next to him the entire time, unmoving. While he was playing, he attracted a small crowd of people. He continues to play.

When he’s done, the boy is staring at him with awe in his eyes. The people around him clap, smiles on their faces. “That was amazing!” The boy exclaimed, eyes still shining. Normally, Todoroki didn’t do well with compliments. They usually aimed at his father, and he was complimented for something that was possible because of his father. But with this compliment, it was different. There was a warm feeling in his chest. He wanted to smile.

“Ah...thank you.” Todoroki murmured in response. The boy’s smile only brightened.

“Izuku Midoriya.” He said suddenly. Todoroki tilted his head, confused. “A-Ah, that’s my name! Izuku Midoriya!” Midoriya explained.

“Oh.” Todoroki said. “Shouto Todoroki.” He said in response. Midoriya nodded his head with a smile.

“U-Um...Todoroki...would to be my weapon?” Midoriya asked, his cheeks turning slightly red. Todoroki blinked.

“Your weapon?” He asked. They only just met. Didn’t Midoriya want to make sure he would be a good partner to have? Midoriya nodded quickly.

“I-I know we just met, but I just have this feeling...I can’t exactly explain it, but I trust you already. So please...will you let me be your meister?” Todoroki found this boy strange. With just a few short moments of knowing the boy, his world had brightened.

“Okay.” Midoriya gave him a brilliant grin, holding out his hand. Todoroki slowly reached out, hesitantly grasping it. Midoriya pulled him up, still grinning. It was so bright.

It wasn’t until later he learned Midoriya was All Might’s son. His father was definitely pissed with him. But he didn’t care. Midoriya was helping him get out of his father’s grasp. He was helping him slowly become his own person. Very slowly, he was learning to trust again, and his smile was so, so bright. He decided that he would protect Midoriya’s smile, from any danger that came his way. No matter what.

Todoroki’s left side burst into light, red and orange flames dancing around him. Midoriya stared in awe as his weapon swung his left arm, and fire moved through the air, encasing their opponent. It stopped moving, charred skin showing quite clearly. Midoriya grinned at Todoroki, bright and blinding as usual. “One last thing.” With a small smirk, Todoroki transformed into his weapon form, making Midoriya smile as he twirled around the familiar weight comfortably.

The scythe changed slightly. No longer was the red blade shorter than its blue counterpart. Now it was the same size, if not a little bigger. Midoriya confidentially leaped into the air, bringing the scythe down on the opponent. It disappeared in black smoke, and Midoriya easily landed on his feet. Todoroki transformed back into his normal form. “Midoriya.” He said softly. His meister hummed in response. “Thank you. I never realized how much I was actually learning from you.” Midoriya looked at him in confusion. “No more secrets?” He asked, as he held out his hand, deciding not to go into detail. His meister smiled, taking his hand.

“No more secrets.” They began walking back to where the class had been before they started. As they walked back, Midoriya looked over at his partner. “Todoroki?”


“It’s okay to trust in me, you know that right? Just like you said, we’re partners. It’s okay to lean on me.” Todoroki gave him one of his rare smiles.

“Yeah, I know.”

Chapter Text

“Today’s training is going to be a little different today.” Aizawa’s voice carried throughout the classroom making everyone look up at him. Class had started a minute or two ago, and students were still settling in as they came back from lunch. “You’re going to have three instructors.”

“Uh, Professor? What kind of training is this?” Sero questioned, raising his hand. Aizawa glanced over at him.

“Soul link training.” He replied. “When an enemy is too powerful, it’s important to form a plan. But if the plan gets out, then the enemy knows what you’re going to do. Soul link helps avoid this, and forces meisters to work as a team. So basically, you’re doing more teamwork exercises.” The class looked at him.

“Why are we going to have three instructors though, sir?” Shinsou questioned.

“To provide an example. And having more than one teacher present means more questions can be answered.” Aizawa explained.

“More teamwork huh? Sounds manly!” Kirishima exclaimed with a grin.

“This sounds seriously cool!” Mina said, her excitement written all over her face.

“Can’t wait to see what types of training awaits us.” Kaminari mumbled, slightly worried about the training. Especially after what he and Sero went through with their previous training before.

“Guys, I’m not finished yet.” Aizawa said, frowning. Everyone stopped talking and looked at him. “The training will be taking place on an off campus facility, so we’ll be taking a bus there. We’ll tell you more about the exercise when we arrive. That’s all, start getting ready.”

The class stood outside by the bus. Iida was by the doors of the bus, suddenly blowing a whistle. “Gather around class! Using your student numbers we will form two lines and enter the bus efficiently!” Everyone sweat dropped, but followed his command.

“Iida is really taking his role as class rep seriously, huh?” Midoriya mumbled. Uraraka, who stood beside him nodded. Once everyone was on the bus and seated, they took off. Midoriya couldn’t help glancing around, as if looking for someone. “Mr. Aizawa?” He asked. The teacher looked at him in response. “Where’s my dad?” Midoriya questioned. “He couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was for today’s lesson when him and mom came over yesterday. But he’s not on the bus…” Aizawa frowned.

“He said he was going to meet us there, and he shouldn’t be discussing lesson plans with you.” He grumbled, sighing. Midoriya nervously sat back down in his seat. He glanced over and saw Iida hunched over.

“The bus’s open layout ruined my boarding strategy…” He mumbled, clearly upset. Ashido looked at him.

“You know you really need to chill.” She sighed, making Kirishima chuckle.

“So Midoriya, I’ve been meaning to ask this, but what’s it like having All Might as your dad? Does he act as awkward as he does in class?” Kirishima questioned, curious. Tsuyu, Satou, Kaminari, Aoyama, and Ashido looked at him with curiosity as well.

“E-Eh? W-Well...not exactly...he’s constantly making dad jokes, though, his timing is a bit bad sometimes. Back when I was younger, when my mom would get upset at something that happened to me at school, or she was angry, he’d make an incredibly corny dad joke.” Midoriya said, making the students near him lightly laugh. Except Iida though. He was still upset about his strategy being disturbed.

“I’d say I’m surprised, but I’m not ribbit. All Might seems like the type to enjoy those types of jokes.” Tsuyu stated. Midoriya nodded with a smile.

“Heeeey Midoriya, aren’t you childhood friends with Bakugou?” Kaminari suddenly asked. Midoriya nodded in response. “Was his personality always flaming crap mixed with garbage?” Midoriya paled as Bakugou stood from his seat, forcing Jirou back into her seat. Kaminari must’ve had a death wish.


“We’re here. Stop messing around.” Aizawa frowned, standing by the doors of the bus. Everyone quieted, looking over at him. When the bus rolled to a stop, everyone got off, walking into what looked like a glass dome. When they entered, they spotted All Might and another. They wore a full astronaut suit, even a helmet over their head.

“Hello! We’ve been waiting for you!” The astronaut said. Uraraka’s eyes lit up.

“That’s Thirteen!” She said with excitement. Iida looked over at her, confused. “Their an independent weapon! They made themselves a death scythe all on their own!” The girl explained. Iida nodded in understanding. “Thirteen is one of my favorite death scythes!”

“I can’t wait to begin working with all of you!” Inside the glass dome was different areas of land. There was a forest, a lake, a small city, and some mountains.

“Now that we’re here, I’m going to explain what today’s training is.” Aizawa said, standing besides All Might and Thirteen. “You’ll be working with two other meister and weapon pairs to form a soul link. The pairs are up to you. I don’t care who you chose as long as you follow instructions. Watch, and then get into your groups.” The students watched as All Might transformed into a death scythe, and Aizawa held him in one hand, placing the bottom half of it on the ground. He shut his eyes, and Thirteen turned to face him. Everyone was silent, watching to see what would happen.

Midoriya stared in awe as he saw both Aizawa’s and Thirteen’s souls. He heard a few other meisters gasp in shock as they saw the souls. At the very tips of their souls, a small wisp inched towards the other. As the teachers were linking souls, a sudden crash made them stop. Aizawa’s eyes shot open, and he looked around, as did Thirteen. The lights glitched. Everyone looked at the center of the dome, seeing a black gate open. Midoriya found his hand in Todoroki’s, feeling his partner squeeze it reassuringly.

A hand popped out of the gate, and all that could be seen was a glowing red eye as the person stepped out. Six others followed. Midoriya felt Todoroki’s grip on his hand tighten when the last two figures appeared. He looked, and quickly understood. Tokoyami was there. But also…”Ms. Midnight?!” Midoriya exclaimed.

“What’s going on?!” Kirishima exclaimed. In front of everyone stood six people. One was dressed quite professionally, its body black and misty. Next to it was a male with pale blue hair, covering his face. There was a girl with blonde hair with buns on either side of her head. Next to her was a male with black hair and gruesome scars all over his body. Tokoyami stood on the other side of the mist guy, Midnight next to the boy.

“Hello students! I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but there was a reason I came to this school. And it was for the kishin.” She looked at them all with a wide, and purely evil smirk. Some of Midoriya’s classmates huddled together, scared and confused. “Kurogiri, the barrier. Trap them all inside.” She said, the smirk never leaving her face.

“Thirteen, protect the students!” He exclaimed.

“Anyone who’s trapped inside this barrier will be unable to escape.” Kurogiri, the mist man, said. Midoriya’s eyes widened as Aizawa ran forwards, planning on striking when the girl with buns jumped in his way. The ground began to shake, knocking a few students off their feet.

“What is this?!” Kaminari exclaimed.

“Spatial magic: Independant Cube!” Midoriya isn’t sure what drove him to do it, but he grabbed Todoroki around his waist,charged One for All in his legs, and shot to the side, just as the cube formed. Midoriya turned to see that he wasn’t the only one with that idea. Bakugou had grabbed onto Kirishima and used his explosions to propel them out of the cube, while Iida took Uraraka and Ashido and used his quirk to escape as well. When Midoriya looked back over to the villains, they were gone.

Chapter Text

“W-What was that just now?!” Uraraka exclaimed, staring at her classmates stuck in the green cube. Iida looked around the glass dome, a frown tugging at his lips. Midoriya looked around as well, confused.

“I’m sensing witch souls!” Midoriya exclaimed. “One..two...three of them!” Aizawa scowled, running over to his class, looking around at everyone.

“Professor, what’s going on?!” Ashido questioned, confused. All Might transformed back into his normal form, looking over at Midoriya, and then at his students. Todoroki and Midoriya moved closer to the teachers and their class, as did Kirishima and Bakugou.

“It appears Midnight and a few other enemies of U.A are trying to wake up the kishin.” Aizawa stated, crossing his arms.

“But...why attack here? There’s no kishin within the school.” Iida inquired, making a few people look at him.

“Actually, young Iida, there is. Back when the kishin was first created, principal Nezu sealed it away, beneath the school.” Everyone gasped in surprise.

“And now we have an emergency on our hands. It seems that the temporary school nurse, Midnight has been leaking information to someone else and if we fail to stop them, the kishin will be woken up, and it’s influence on madness will spread.” Aizawa explained, a feeling of dread settling over the students.

“Well, what do we do now?” Kirishima asked. “Most of the class is stuck in that magic cube, and there’s no way we can let principal Nezu know without alerting the entire school.” Aizawa shook his head.

“No, that’s exactly what we need to do now. The school needs to be evacuated for now, while we handle this.” He argued.

“Wait, hold on a sec! We’re going to deal with this?!” Ashido exclaimed in surprise. “We haven’t even fought a witch before, let alone three!” All Might looked at her.

“Young Ashido, I understand your concerns, but this is something only we can do.” He said, quieting her. Midoriya looked at Todoroki, the two making eye contact. They nodded.

“We’re the only ones who can stop them, right? Let’s do it.” Midoriya said, catching everyone off guard. Kirishima suddenly grinned, punching his fists together.

“Man, Midoriya, hearing you say that makes you sound so manly! Let’s protect our school!” The weapon exclaimed.

“Of course we’re going to, dumbass.” Bakugou grumbled. Aizawa looked at Iida and his weapons.

“Iida, if you’re going to join us, I want you to warn the principal about what’s going on. Meet us at the underground entrance. Be quick.”

“Of course, sir!” Iida sped off, not wanting to waste any time. Aizawa then looked over at Thirteen and his students stuck in the cube.

“Thirteen, watch over them. We’ll take care of this as quick as possible.” He said, and then looked over at his students. “Behave yourselves.” With that, he led the ones free from the cube out of the dome, and to the underground entrance.

“This is the entrance.” Aizawa stated, walking up to the entrance of what looked like a dark hallway. His students stood behind him. “Our enemy is powerful, I won’t lie. If you aren’t prepared for what lies ahead, you may die.” He paused to put a few eye drops in his eyes. “Now is your only chance to turn around if you’re scared.” He turned around to look at his students, eyeing them all. Midoriya looked up at him, a very familiar determined gleam in his eyes.

“We’re coming.” He said, his classmates nodding in agreement. Aizawa smirked a bit.

“Good.” He said, nodding. “Weapons, I suggest you transform now, and don’t transform back until after this is all over.” The weapons nodded in response, quickly transforming. Once everyone was ready, Aizawa began leading them through the entrance.

“I still don’t get it. How is there a kishin sleeping beneath the school?” Kirishima questioned.

“It all started before U.A was created.” All Might began. “This is the story a man, his name was All for One. All for One kept himself covered, keeping his face inside of a mask, laying multiple shirts on top of one another. He was horrible at trusting other people, he didn’t confide in anyone, not even his brother. He was basically a big ball of paranoia hiding away behind a metal mask. According to principal  Nezu, he used to work with him. He was without a doubt strong, however, he was also frightened...always terrified of something. All for One became obsessed with power. Eventually, he broke the most important rule U.A was founded upon and began collecting the souls of humans. And because of him, a kishin was born. The source of all madness.” Midoriya glanced over at his father as they ran.

“Wait, I thought only weapons could consume human souls, how was All for One able to eat them?” The meister questioned.

“He ate his own weapon.” Aizawa stated, making the students stare at him in horror.

“How did principal Nezu able to seal away the kishin?” Todoroki questioned. Aizawa glanced at the scythe.

“He tore off All for One’s skin, created a tightly sealed bag out of it, and stuffed him inside. He ended up rooting his soul to U.A to keep the kishin from ever breaking free.” The teacher explained. Ashido and Uraraka winced at the thought of the gruesome description.

“So principal Nezu can’t leave the school, then?” Iida asked.

“What if the seal was broken, and the kishin managed to get free?” Uraraka added. “Would principal Nezu be able to go wherever he wanted?”

“That wouldn’t work. He attached his soul to the soul. You could say he’s become one with the school.” Aizawa explained, looking around as they ran down the stairs that never seemed to end.

“So it’s like he’s trapped inside himself.” Midoriya suggested. Aizawa nodded. They were beginning to reach the end of the stairs.

“Things will be disastrous if the kishin is set free. It’s madness is like a plague.” Todoroki gritted his teeth.

Oh, should know you can’t control it. Hell is something you carry around with you. Right inside your weak, fearful mind. Madness is waiting for you, there’s no escape. I’m awaiting your decision. What’s it gonna be, Todoroki?

Todoroki ignored the demon, focusing on Midoriya, and stopping the kishin. “Oi, Deku! Can you sense any witches up ahead with that annoying ass gift of yours?” Bakugou grumbled, making Midoriya look over at him.

“Their Soul Protects are probably on right now.” Midoriya replied. Bakugou scoffed, scowling.

“Fucking cowards. First they attack the school, then they don’t even have the nerve to come and face us?!” Midoriya’s eyes narrowed as he stopped himself, making the others stop as well.

“What is it, Midoriya?” Iida questioned, looking at his friend.

“Mr. Aizawa!” Midoriya exclaimed. His teacher nodded.


“I’ve got something. There’s two souls just beyond those shadows…” They stilled as footsteps sounded through the hallway. Everyone got into a defensive stance, ready for anything. The footsteps got closer. Two figures appeared out from the shadows. In front of the group stood Midnight, a mischievous smirk on her face, looking as if she was proud of what she had accomplished. Besides her was a male with light blue hair, covering his face. He grinned, looking insane.

“Level one, start.”

Chapter Text

“How lovely to see you all again~.” Midnight said, looking at the group with a false smile. “As I’m sure you all know, we’re after the kishin. And unfortunately, this is as far as you’re going to go.” She stated. Aizawa looked at her with narrowed eyes, frowning.

“Alright, here’s how I’ll break it down. For the most part, we can anticipate our enemies’ moves. The first roadblock is going to be these two. The demon sword will most likely be the second block. Midoriya, you said you sensed three witches’ souls, right?” Aizawa questioned. Midoriya nodded quickly in response.

“Yeah, but I don’t think we’ll have to worry about the third witch yet.” He replied. “The third witch is the one who created that spatial cube, meaning he’ll probably be focusing on maintaining that barrier. If he got involved in any sort of battle he could risk weakening his magic, and the rest of the class would be set free, which is the last thing they want.” Midoriya explained, keeping his eyes on the two.

“Ah, we have a smart one, hm? Well, no problem. One of the mini bosses will defeat you.” The male next to Midnight stated. Aizawa narrowed his eyes, tightening his hold on his weapon.

“Then the remaining two will be making their way to the kishin.” The teacher said, frowning. “Alright, this is what we’ll do. I’ll stay here and keep these two busy. While I’m distracting them, I want the three of you to run past them as quickly as possible. Iida, you’re the most mobile, so I want you to go after the two trying to revive the kishin. Bakugou, you’ll be keeping the demon sword busy so Iida and Midoriya can get through. Since you can attack directly with your soul wavelength you can do the most damage. Midoriya, I want you to run past the demon sword, and catch up with Iida, then destroy the black blood.” The three nodded in agreement. “I want you all to make me a promise.” Aizawa said, his tone of voice surprising everyone. He turned to look at them. “I want you to promise not to die. Can you do that?”

“Of course!”

“Strategizing in front of the enemy? Is that really the best idea?” Midnight questioned, watching them. Aizawa looked at her.

“I guess we’ll just have to take our chances.” He commented. Midnight smirked at him, shaking her head.

“Aizawa, you’re so stupidly confident sometimes. Or are you just trying to put up a calm front for your students, I wonder?”

“Shall we start the game then, Midnight?” The male beside her asked. She smirked, nodding.

“Get ready, Shigaraki.” The male grinned, raising his arms.

“Here we go.” Aizawa warned. “Don’t worry about getting past them right away. Wait for an opening.” Hands sprouted from the ground. “Stay calm and collected.”

“Decaying hands, times three.” The hands shot towards them, almost blocking their view.

‘He picked a perfect attack for keeping multiple people at bay!’ Midoriya thought as he ran forward, Bakugou and Iida right behind him. Iida dodged the hands, powering up the engines in his legs.

“If you think I’m holding back, you’re fucking dead!” Bakugou shouted, running through the hands, charging and setting off explosives that blew them away.

“You aren’t getting away!” Shigaraki shouted, flicking one of his hands up, chasing after Iida. Iida shot off the guns in his hands a few times, the acid melting right through the hands. He continued dodging and shooting until he leaped over the two, making Shigaraki and Midnight lookup.

“We’re through!” Uraraka and Ashido cheered with smiles. Iida glanced over to his friends.

“Midoriya, Bakugou, I’m going to keep going!” With that he sped off.

“Kirishima!” Bakugou growled.

“I gotcha man!” His partner responded. The gauntlets on Bakugou’s arms glowed and suddenly a loud explosion went off, propelling him forwards. He cut through the hands, grinning.

“Why you..!” Midnight exclaimed, glaring. Aizawa felt a little relieved.

‘Two of them made it through...good.’

“Midoriya, we need to catch up.” Todoroki stressed. Midoriya kept running, nodding.

“Yeah, we’ll catch up to them, don’t worry.” He reassured. Todoroki still felt a bit uneasy.

“All hands to the boy!” Shigaraki exclaimed, pointing at Midoriya. The hands bundled together, heading straight for Midoriya.

I’ve seen how this spell works already, so I already know what path I have to take. Right down the middle.’ Midoriya charged forwards, feeling no hesitation. Aizawa watched his student, frowning.

‘The hands radiate from their power source, Shigaraki, I believe his name was. If Midoriya wants to get past them, the best route to take is the gap in between. But he’ll be surrounded by the hands. A moment of hesitation and he could be trapped. And if Midoriya doesn’t get there before the hands close in, he won’t have a chance. Focus on your speed, Midoriya’  

He felt himself beginning to run slower. He gritted his teeth, and tightly clenched the staff of his scythe. ‘I need to run faster!’ Midoriya’s eyes fell closed as he ran. He imagined himself running, the hands closing in on him. A few hands touched him. The skin on his arm and leg began to decay. “Midoriya!” Todoroki exclaimed. The hands raised up and swooped down, engulfing him, decaying his body. ‘This isn’t the time to be thinking worst case scenario!’ He began to slow down. ‘Now the fear is beginning to weigh down my legs!’ His eyes opened ‘No, the fear should make me run faster!’ Midoriya felt One for All power up in his legs, green electricity lighting up around them. He suddenly dashed forward. He broke through the hands, fumbling slightly but he quickly rolled and landed on his feet.

“You aren’t going anywhere boy, nice try!” Shigaraki exclaimed, turning around to look at the young meister. Aizawa was suddenly behind him, placing his foot on the ground and pushing his palm out, landed a hit on his back.

“Soul force!” He shouted, sending Shigaraki flying. “I’ve got it from here, Midoriya, focus on helping the others.” Midoriya nodded.

“Right!” He shouted before running off. Midnight smirked at him.

“Now it’s just you and us~.”

“This isn’t good, Dark Shadow. We let someone through without fighting.” Tokoyami muttered, frowning.

“Are you the demon sword?” Bakugou questioned, stepping out from behind one of the many support beams in the room. Tokoyami turned around, looking at the meister. “You don’t look like you can put up a very good fight to me.” He commented with an arrogant smirk. “How the fuck were you the one who almost killed that half and half bastard?” Tokoyami didn’t reply, Dark Shadow morphing into a sword. Bakugou scoffed. “Doesn’t even matter now, does it? Cause I’m gonna pummel your ass.”

“Be careful, Bakugou.” Kirishima warned.

“Kacchan! Wait!” Midoriya exclaimed, running up to him.

“Got here pretty quick.” Bakugou muttered. Midoriya looked over at Bakugou, and then over to Tokoyami.

‘The sword…’ He thought, a small frown on his face. “Kacchan, let me handle this.” Midoriya pleaded, gripping his scythe tightly.

“Fuck no, Deku. This is my assignment.” Bakugou protested.

“Midoriya, that’s not the plan. Mr. Aizawa wanted Bakugou to handle the demon sword.” Kirishima said, frowning.

“Listen to him, Midoriya. Our attacks don’t work against him, remember?” Todoroki cut in, his reflection showing in the blade.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Bakugou grumbled. Midoriya kept staring at Tokoyami. He suddenly pointed his scythe at Bakugou. The explosive meister glanced at the scythe. “Picking a fight with me, eh, Deku? Don’t have to get all cocky and shit to ask for an ass whooping.” Bakugou hissed with a glare. “Or do you wanna end up dead?” He stared in confusion as Midoriya said nothing, still staring straight ahead.

‘This is my chance for revenge.’ Midoriya thought, frowning. Bakugou scoffed.

“Never thought I’d see the day when the goody two shoes Deku goes against an order from a teacher.” He commented mockingly.

“Just stand back, Kacchan, I’ll take care of this.” Bakugou isn’t sure why he did it. Maybe it was because his opponent looked too weak for someone like him. Or maybe it was because he’d love to see Deku get in trouble for going against an order. No matter the reason, what he did was still the same. He stepped back, a small smirk on his face.

“Whatever, fucking nerd.”

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Iida made sure to keep an eye out for any possible enemies as he ran through the halls underground. He faintly heard Uraraka and Ashido talking with one another, probably discussing possible strategies, or trying to calm each others nerves. Iida couldn’t blame them, he was plagued with his own fears and anxiety as well. He was worried about his classmates, trapped inside the spatial cube, and the ones trying to fight in order to protect people from the risk of the kishin. He kept worrying about if he’d be fast enough to stop them, if he’d even be able to stop them. Realistically, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it on his own, that’s why he would have the help of Midoriya and Bakugou. But he still couldn’t stop worrying about the what-ifs. “Iida,” Uraraka’s soft voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Yes, Uraraka?” He responded, almost immediately.

“Everything will work out, don’t worry! We’ve got Deku and Bakugou, and Todoroki, and Kirishima after all! Oh, and Mr. Aizawa as well!” Her optimism never failed to put some of Iida’s worries at ease. He nodded in response. He was about to reply when a burning blue flame flew towards him, exploding in his face. Iida grunted in surprise, the force of the blast knocking him down.

“Iida!” His weapons cried out with worry. Quickly, Iida pushed himself up, looking around.

“I’m alright.” Iida replied, frowning. “What was that? A bomb..? Where’d it come from?” He inquired. Ashido and Uraraka looked around as well, Ashido turning her head towards something.

“Over there!” The girl exclaimed, making Iida turn and look over in the direction he was told to. A bit further down the hall was small burning blue flames. Iida frowned and slowly stood up.

“They’re placed in a random order…” He mumbled. “This is completely unorganized! How despicable!” He then exclaimed, beginning to rant which made Uraraka burst into giggles.

“Uh...Iida? As much as I enjoy seeing you freak out over this type of stuff, shouldn’t we be focusing on catching those villains before they get to the kishin?” Ashido questioned, putting an end to Uraraka’s fit of giggles. Iida stopped mid rant and he quickly collected himself.

“You’re right, Ashido. Let us continue onwards.” The meister replied, readying himself to run again.

“Wait! How are we supposed to get through these? They explode!” Uraraka exclaimed worriedly.

“I may have an idea…” Her partner replied, speeding off towards the flames. He was just quick enough that the blasts propelled him forwards, making him faster. Uraraka and Ashido cheered with smiles.

After letting Deku take care of the demon sword, Bakugou ran on, eyebrows furrowed in irritation. He wasn’t entirely sure why he gave the fight to Deku, it was something he normally never did. He brushed it aside, not caring about it at the moment. “So we have to meet up with Iida now, right?” Kirishima questioned. Bakugou scowled, nodding his head.

“Yeah, let’s just hope the enemy is worthy of me kicking their ass this time, unlike that bird for brains.” Bakugou grumbled in response as he ran through the halls.

“I hope Midoriya will be okay against that guy...after seeing what he did to Todoroki, I’m a bit worried.” His weapon sighed, keeping a look out for any enemies.

“If that damn nerd gets himself killed I’m gonna bring his ass back and kill him again for dying.” Bakugou grumbled, making Kirishima laugh.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re finally showing more emotions than just anger!” Kirishima teased.

“Shut the fuck up Shitty hair! I always show more emotions, you’re just too fucking blind to see them!” Bakugou growled in response, slowing to a stop as he reached an area of the hallway that had clearly suffered from explosions.

“Looks like Iida went this way. Let’s hurry and catch up.” Kirishima said, making Bakugou nod before he took off running again. The two were silent as Bakugou ran, both being mindful of their surroundings and any possible enemies. Eventually, they saw a figure standing around in the hall, making Bakugou narrow his eyes in suspicion. When they got closer, a grin broke out on Kirishima’s face. “Iida!” The weapon exclaimed. The person turned around, revealing the class rep.

“Bakugou, Kirishima? Did you already finish your fight with the demon sword? Where’s Midoriya and Todoroki?” Iida asked, a frown on his face. Bakugou crossed his arms.

“Stupid wanted to fight the demon sword, so I’m here instead.” He grumbled. Iida blinked before nodding his head in response.

“Well, let’s get going then. We have a kishin to stop.”

Dabi slowly pushed open the set of doors, Toga standing beside him with the case of black blood in her hands. The two entered the room, moving towards to the middle where a tan colored bag is strung up by chains. On the bag was vertical three black eyes, surrounded by talismans. They were scattered across the room. “That’s it.” Dabi announced, making Toga look over at the bag.

“That’s it?” She echoed, staring at it. The male beside her nodded.

“Yeah...the bag over there, that’s the kishin.” Dabi stepped closer to it, as if he were inspecting it. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a object of worship before it sucked up the kishins madness.” Toga listened to him talk as she sat down the case she was holding, a smile on her face as she pulled out the needle and black blood. She stuck the needle in the container, pulling on the top half of it to suck it into the needle. Once it was filled she grinned as she tossed the empty container to the side.

“All set!~” She sang cheerfully. As she was about to step towards the kishin, the doors were kicked open and a figure lept into the room. Iida landed on the ground, staring down at the two people in the room. His eyes immediately focused on the needle in Toga’s hands.

‘The black blood is in that syringe!’ Once he caught sight of it, he ran towards her, shooting off one of the guns in his hand. Giggling a bit, she easily dodged the attack with a smile. Iida furrowed his eyebrows in concentration, leaping back a bit. He was about to shoot off another shot, when a man stood in front of him, a mask covering his face. “What?!” He exclaimed, confused. He felt something wrap around his legs, pulling them tightly together. He tried to ignore it as he started firing at the male in front of him. ‘Who is this guy?! The acid is going right through him!’

“Toga! Now’s our chance, he’s being affected by the madness!” Dabi exclaimed.

“Right!~” The girl exclaimed, turning around and running over to the bag. Dabi’s eyes widened as he felt something pierce through him, making him clench his jaw.

‘Dammit, not this guy again! This is really starting to piss me off!’ Meanwhile, Iida was lifted off the ground, and was floating in air thanks to the scarves wrapped around him. He took a few breaths, closing his eyes.

‘I need to calm down!’ He thought of Uraraka’s voice. ‘What you’re seeing is a result of the kishin’s madness, it isn’t real.’ He felt himself back in control, the hallucination gone. “She’s got the blood!” He cried out in alarm, lifting his hands up to shoot. Dabi stepped in front of him, hands ablaze with blue. Iida clenched his jaw, shouting as he shoot at Dabi. “As long as I’m aiming for the blood he won’t be able to move. Bakugou, go now!” Iida exclaimed. Bakugou appeared at the entrance of the doorway, charging forwards.

“Shut the fuck up, four eyes!” The meister shouted.

“Be careful! The kishin’s blood can make you hallucinate!” Iida warned.

“Don’t fucking worthy too much. I can barely feel the madness at all!” Bakugou replied, running past both Iida and Dabi, and over to Toga.

“He’s coming, Toga!” Dabi warned. Toga whirled around to throw a knife. Bakugou easily dodged, charging forwards, knocking the needle out of her hands.

“Bakugou, now’s your chance!” Kirishima exclaimed. Bakugou doved for it, Toga doing the same. She jumped on his back, pushing him to the ground in order to gain some leverage over him. She grabbed the needle for, practically skipping over to the kishin. When she was close enough, she had a hard time sticking it into the bag.

“Hurry up, Toga!” Dabi shouted. Bakugou got up, charging towards her.

“Bakugou! Don’t let her!” Bakugou leapt into the air, directing his hand over at the needle and Toga. He felt an explosion charge up in his palm, ready to be set off.

“Take this!” He shouted.

There were three shouts. And that was the end.

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Midoriya held Tokoyami by the blade of his scythe, eyes narrowed and focused. “You are in my way. Move aside.” The demon sword demanded. Midoriya said nothing, instead clenching a fist and punching him in the stomach.

“Good idea. Using physical attacks instead of the blade because of the black blood.” Todoroki commented, watching the fight.

‘We have to stop him here no matter what! I’ll do a scythe catch then a left rush!’ Keeping Tokoyami trapped in the scythe, Midoriya’s attacks were relentless. Swing after swing after swing. Sweat rolled down his head in beads. ‘His body’s so hard I feel like I’m punching lead!’

“Quit thinking about that kid who ran off, and focus on the one in front of you!” Dark Shadow exclaimed, easily catching Tokoyami’s attention. Before the male could respond, Midoriya threw a few more punches, using the scythe to jump up and kick him with both feet. He removed the scythe just in time to let Tokoyami be pushed back. Midoriya easily landed on his feet, looking at Tokoyami’s form on the ground. “Come on! Get up and kill him!”

“It seems like your first attack went well,” Todoroki commented. “But this is the demon sword we’re fighting. Do you think you have any chance of beating him, Midoriya?” He questioned. “Tell me you do.”

“Um...probably not?” Midoriya offered, with a nervous smile. Todoroki was silent for a few moments, before chuckling quietly.

“I wonder about you sometimes, Midoriya.” He said, smiling a bit. “But I’m with you every step of the way.” Midoriya let out a small chuckle himself before standing up.

“Don’t worry, Todoroki. I’ll figure something out.” He said with a confident smile. Tokoyami was now standing, sword in hand. Dark Shadow appeared from behind him, looking straight at Midoriya.

“Don’t be an idiot, boy, you aren’t going to figure anything out. Don’t you remember how this ended last time? With your partner all cut up?” The shadow taunted. “I don’t know why we even bother with you. A puny soul like yours isn’t even worth eating! That angry kid from before looked way more appetizing than you do. You’re an unappealing, useless brat. I don’t even need to fight you! I can probably just mess with you to death!”

“Hurray,” Midoriya stated, making Dark Shadow look at him in confusion. “You finally see me for who I am. The last time we fought you only saw me as food, not as an opponent. But this time it’s different. This time you see me as a person. So I say, ‘hurrary.’” He explained, holding the scythe tightly with a small smirk of accomplishment on his face. “And as for your meister, face me.”

“You clearly don’t understand how weak you are. You’re going to lose again.” Midoriya only stared at him in response, smirk still on his face.

“It’s true, I may be weaker than you, but I don’t think I’m going to lose. My soul is stronger than yours is.” Midoriya declared, making Tokoyami straighten up.

“Blabber all you want, no one will come to save you when they hear your screams.” Dark Shadow stated before turning back into a sword.

“Sorry, did I make you angry?” Midoriya asked. “My name is Midoriya, I’m a scythe meister. Tell me who you are.” Tokoyami looked at him.

“Demon swordsman Tokoyami.” He replied. The two stared each other down.

“I challenge you, Tokoyami,” Midoriya stated. “That’s good, you look less scared now.”

“Midoriya...that’s the name of the person standing in front of me.” Tokoyami’s eyes narrowed as Midoriya kept that confident stare in his eyes, not backing down.

“Hey, Midoriya, why are you giving him time to prepare himself?” Todoroki questioned. Midoriya ignored him in favor of talking to Tokoyami.

“Well?” He asked instead.

“Here we go,” Tokoyami warned, using his sword to cut the skin on his hand.

“Midoriya, get ready!” Todoroki shouted.

“Bloody slicer.” Midoriya sidestepped, dodging the attack. Before he knew it, Tokoyami was a few feet from him. Reacting quickly, Midoriya used the pole of the scythe to block the attack. Suddenly, the solid blood turned back into liquid, falling to the ground. “Bloody needle.” Using his scythe, Midoriya flipped over the needles, landing safely away from them. “Dark Shadow, screen resonance.” Dark Shadow began to screech.

“Tell me! Why are you collecting human souls and trying to revive the kishin, Tokoyami?!” Midoriya exclaimed.

“If I get stronger I’ll be able to handle things better.” Was his response. “Screech Alpha!” Tokoyami shouted, swinging his sword towards the ground and towards Midoriya.

“Bring it on! I’ll take whatever you throw at me!” Midoriya shouted, the attack pushing him back rather harshly into a pillar. Midoriya stepped out of the dust clouds that had been forming, using his scythe to stand up.

“You shouldn’t have been able to get back up,” Tokoyami stated as Midoriya charged forwards, planning on striking him with his blade. Tokoyami held out a hand, stopping it. “Why do you keep on insisting to fight me? You’re weak.” His hand was cut open, black blood spilling out. He held his hand out, the blood hardening and shooting forwards towards Midoriya. The meister quickly jumped back, dodging it.

“He used his blood again,” Midoriya mumbled.

“Attacking with the blade is the wrong way to go. I think we might have to rely on my fire quirk.” Todoroki suggested. Nodding, Midoriya turned the scythe so that the red blade was in front. Within a few seconds, the blade was covered in fire. Todoroki had been training with his left side ever since Midoriya had opened his eyes that day during training. Tokoyami held his sword in a block, ready for the attack. Midoriya ran forwards, bringing the scythe up and then down, leaving flames in its wake. Controlling the flames, Todoroki pushed them towards Tokoyami, only for them to be canceled out by another scream resonance. “Dammit.” Todoroki cursed quietly.

“He got rid of the fire with one swing?!” Midoriya exclaimed. ‘And Todoroki’s ice might not even work against’d probably just create more blood attacks...what do we do?!’

“My turn,” Tokoyami said, running towards Midoriya. “Screech gamma!” Quickly, Midoriya blocked the attack again with his scythe. “If you keep this up I’ll cut your weapon!” His attacks were relentless, one after the other. Todoroki winced in reply, alarming his partner.

“Todoroki!” Midoriya shouted in worry.

The red demon smirked.

“No! Stay out of this Midoriya!” Todoroki shouted. The last thing he needed was to bring his partner into this nightmare of his.

“But at this rate, you’ll-”

“Just stay focused and forget about it! I’ll be fine!” He exclaimed, one of his eyes shut as blood trailed down his face.

“Come on, Todoroki. There’s no point in struggling anymore, you know that. I’ll make you stronger.”

Tokoyami’s blade pushed Midoriya away, causing him to fall. Midoriya sat up, both hands on his scythe. He tried to catch his breath. “Are you alright, Todoroki?” He asked.


“There’s something...I think I almost have it…” Midoriya mumbled. ‘It definitely felt like I wouldn’t lose to the demon sword. It almost feels like I can grasp something in Tokoyami’s wavelength...but I need more time…’ Midoriya frowned slightly.

“Todoroki! Hey, Todoroki!”

Todoroki clenched his fists, keeping quiet.

“You’re going to be killed if you don’t do something. Why not just leave it to me? Dispose of your reason, let me make you stronger .”

“No. You can give me power, but my reason isn’t going anywhere.” He was sitting in the black and red room again, the demon staring up at him.

“Oh no. You can’t beat the demon sword’s madness like that! You’re gravely mistaken if you think you can get stronger by using reason to maintain discipline, it isn’t enough! I’ve never heard of anyone having it that easy before!” Todoroki frowned, leaning forwards a bit in his chair.

“Understanding fear and standing up to it, using reason to maintain discipline. Those are great powers in its own right.” Todoroki narrowed his eyes. “And this isn’t just about me. If we resonate any more, Midoriya will be affected as well. I refuse to let that happen to him.”

The demon turned around, looking quite upset. “DON’T BE STUPID, YOU DAMN BRAT! DON’T TURN INTO A PATHETIC WHINER! WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT WILL TO FIGHT AND PROTECT YOU WERE NEARLY BURSTING WITH?! JUST LET LOOSE AND GO CRAZY! WHAT’S LIFE WITHOUT A LITTLE MADNESS?!” Todoroki’s face remained blank. He was used to being yelled at. Not that he’d ever admit it, but his father was more intimidating than some miniature demon.

“Quiet. Midoriya’s life means more to me than you. I’ve been listening to you spew the same thing over and over, and it’s annoying. So just be quiet already and take the lead. I’ll decide if I come follow along or not.” The demon stood in front of him, arms laying on the ground. His eyes were blank. Everything in the room was silent.

“How exactly do I be quiet and take the lead?” Todoroki leaned back in the chair he was seated on, frowning slightly.

“Point. Silently.” He mumbled. The demon eventually collected himself, letting out a sigh.

“Okay, okay. Let’s cool down for a minute here. Both you and I want to progress forward. We won’t get anywhere if we keep talking like this. Now, I invited someone over to join us.” Todoroki tensed up, looking in the same direction as the demon. “Come on in.”

The red curtains split apart, and a figure entered the room. Todoroki waited silently until they fully entered the room, his eyes widened just a bit.

“Now, now. Let’s decide things in an agreeable, democratic way~.”

In front of Todoroki stood his meister, dressed in a black tux with a red tie still not done properly and his signature red shoes. His hair was smoothed down on the right side of his head, giving him side bangs. “Midoriya!” Todoroki exclaimed. Midoriya had a small smile on his face.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I heard most of what’s going on.” Todoroki stood up and walking over to him.

“How did you get here?” He questioned.

“It’s simple, really. Your souls are resonating, so it’s only natural for your minds to be connected as well.” Todoroki’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“How do I know this is the real Midoriya and not some image you created?” He questioned.

“You’re a very cautious young man, aren’t you? Remember, it’s your mind we’re inside of. There’s only so much I can do.” Todoroki looked over at him, a small frown on his face.

“Todoroki…” Midoriya mumbled, making the weapon look over at him. “Do you trust me?” He asked. Todoroki stared at him for a few more minutes before slowly nodding. Midoriya beamed at him.

“Now, then. Let’s put on some nice music.” The demon said, walking over to the record player. A few seconds later, the music began to play. Midoriya looked up at Todoroki almost nervously.

“Sorry, Todoroki. You’ll have to lead, I’m not sure how to do this.” He apologized. Shrugging in response, Todoroki slipped an arm around his waist. Midoriya placed a hand on his shoulder, and the other holding Todoroki’s hand.

“Five, six, seven, eight.” They began to dance, Todoroki taking the lead. Looked like one of the annoying skills his father forced him to learn came in handy for once.

“Why did you come here, Midoriya? Did you hear the demon’s voice, too?”

“I’m not sure...”

“You shouldn’t be here, then.”

“When our wavelengths are so closely matched like this, you can tell what I’m thinking, right?”

“Are you-?”

“Yeah.” Midoriya tilted his head down slightly as he answered.

“You can’t really be thinking of using the black blood to get the same madness as Tokoyami is a good idea, can you?” They missed the way the demon’s face lit up with a grin.

“I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the best idea I’ve got. I felt it when we used your fire on him, there was something I could almost grasp, but not exactly. If I could gain equal power to Tokoyami then...I might be able to figure out how to help him.”

“Midoriya, it’s too dangerous. We don’t know how this could affect you!” Midoriya hadn’t realized they’d stopped dancing. He stared down at his shoes, still holding onto his partner.

“I’m sorry, Todoroki. But I’m certain this is the best chance I have.” They began dancing again.

“There’s no certainty you’ll return to normal.”

“I know…but it’s worth trying, right?” They stared at each other, never breaking eye contact.

“Alright, fine. But remember, no matter how far you fall, I will pull you back up.”

“Now that’s more like it!”

Tokoyami stood above Midoriya, sword raised, ready to strike. A grin stretching across his lips as he brought the blade down. “Goodbye, little one.” As the sword came down, Midoriya’s arm went up, blocking it. The sword didn’t even cut through. Tokoyami blinked, surprised and confused. Midoriya kept his head down, bangs casting a shadow over his eyes. The only exposed part of his face was his mouth, which had an insane grin on it. He used his scythe to push Tokoyami away, the boy going airborne. The scythe was planted firmly into the ground, Midoriya easily using it to stand on as he held a hand out over his eyes, scanning the room.

“Whoa!~ Shouchan didja see?~ Didja see how fair the little birdie flew?~” Midoriya giggled, a hand covering his mouth as he continued. Todoroki felt a rather large weight pulling him down. He winced, trying his best to stay as focused as he could.

“Dammit...I’m being pulled into the madness as well. Midoriya...I swear I will not let you forget yourself!”

" You gullible fool ... I’m the one who’s leading now~.”

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Tokoyami stood in front of Midoriya, watching the meister wobble in place, swinging his scythe back and forth with a smile. He kept giggling, as if he suddenly found the fight hilarious. Tokoyami stared, gripping Dark Shadow as Midoriya suddenly leaned down, grinning. “It’s so funny~.” He giggled, swinging the scythe towards Tokoyami. He backed up a bit, the scythe hitting his shoulder.

“Enough with the games, let’s end this.” The male said, using his sword to stab Midoriya in the shoulder. The meister didn’t stop him, taking the hit. Midoriya grabbed onto the sword, grinning still.

“That’s too bad, I like games~.” He pulled the sword out, using his grip on it to pull it forwards and then lifted his leg to kick Tokoyami to the side. Looking over at his shoulder, Midoriya smiled, pressing a palm to the injury. He then looked at the blood on his hand, as if inspecting it. “Look, Shouchan, it’s black. Pretty, right?” He asked, giggling.

“What’s with him? He’s really lost it…” Todoroki murmured, still feeling the crushing weight of the madness. He did his best to fight it, knowing he needed to stay alert for Midoriya. His meister walked over to Tokoyami, grabbing his head.

“Come on, hurt me some more! You can do better, right?~” Midoriya questioned, pulling him up and slamming him into the pillar besides them. Afterwards, he dragged Tokoyami’s face to the ground, giggling and grinning as he repeatedly stepped on him. Eventually he stopped, choosing to hold his scythe in the air. Tokoyami pushed himself up, swinging his sword to hit Midoriya in the chest. The insane meister hunched over it, his grin only growing.

“So this is madness…” Todoroki mumbled, watching the fight unfold.

“It protects him from feeling any fear. His soul and his opponent’s soul don’t matter, they have nothing to do with this fight.”

“Come on, show me something new!~” Midoriya exclaimed, turning to look at Tokoyami upside down. “Don’t you have anything interesting like twisting off, or gouging out, or even tearing off my tongue? Or maybe you’d like to cut my arm off?” He asked, holding out the limb to Tokoyami with a laugh.

“What are you doing out there Midoriya?! This isn’t apart of the plan, remember?!” Todoroki exclaimed, alarmed by his meister’s actions.

“Don’t be shy!~ I’ll even let you cut off a few fingers first!” Midoriya exclaimed once more, walking towards Tokoyami with his arm outstretched.

“Dammit...the madness is pulling me in...hurry Midoriya, or else you won’t be able to come back!”

Midoriya was floating around in what seemed like an empty space, filled with nothingness. He was completely relaxed though, eyes closed and body lax as he drifted slightly. ‘Todoroki…’ He thought, a bit worried. ‘I’m sorry you have to deal with this…’ He frowned, talking about what he was currently doing to Tokoyami.

“It doesn’t matter, just focus on what you need to do.” Was the response. Midoriya nodded.

‘Yeah, I think I figured it out. I had this weird premonition when I was that I’ve got the same madness as Tokoyami, I can match our soul wavelengths and find out what it is. Feel it.’ He went quiet, focusing on the wavelengths he could sense. His eyes opened when there was a soul near him. He outstretched his hands towards it, grabbing it. ‘My soul…’   There was another presence made known to him, and he practically floated up to it. ‘It’s warm, and always there to help me...Todoroki’s soul…’ He floated away from it, continuing to look around the empty space. ‘Now where’s Tokoyami’s soul?’ His eyes focused on a purple glow, moving towards it. When he was close enough, the glow floated towards his hands, and he stared down at it before closing his eyes. ‘This must be it...I’m sensing a very...dark wavelength.’ When his eyes opened up again, he was floating above a forest, covered in fog.

“I can barely see anything…” Midoriya mumbled, looking around. He couldn’t see anything too clearly, but he could make out the shapes of trees and a person. They were walking around, a stick in hand. “Tokoyami?” He mumbled, seeing the outline of the bird head. When he got slightly closer, he saw a small child, looking around at the forest.

Tokoyami used the stick in his hand to draw on the dirt in front of him. When he got bored of it, he stopped and looked around the forest. “What should I do?” He mumbled. Tightly holding the stick, he drew a circle and dropped the stick, sitting down. “Doing nothing is probably the best idea.” He decided, sitting criss-cross as he went silent. He didn’t move as his shadow stretched itself, spilling onto the dirt in front of him.

“Hey.” He didn’t reply. “My name is Tokoyami. Can I ask you some questions?” His shadow was met with silence. “Here goes.”

“Can I pass if I want?” Tokoyami mumbled, clearly not amused.

“That’s up to you. Okay, here are my questions. First question, what’s your name?”


“That was an easy question, why won’t you answer it?”


“Is there a reason for it?”


“You can’t answer other people’s questions because you’re constantly questioning yourself, does that sound about right?”


“Another pass? This isn’t even self-questioning at this point, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I pass.”

“Are you hoping someone will notice you if you act troubled like that? Why don’t you realize you’re alone, nobody actually cares about your suffering?” Four tallies were drawn beside the shadow. The stick was picked up and a line was drawn through the tallies. “That makes five passes.” The shadow grew quiet before speaking again. “Let’s try a subject change…” It mumbled. “We can talk about the little one, when you beat it up that was your first time. How did you feel after beating it?”


“It must’ve been refreshing, right, finding an opponent weaker than you?”


“That’s how you felt, isn’t it? That’s why you didn’t question Ms. Midnight when she told you to become stronger, right? Because you wanted to feel that feeling again, right?”


“You’ve grown so strong, how does that make you feel?”

“I pass.” The shadow drew tallies in the dirt again, keeping track.

“Has that made it better? Has it helped drive away the hell inside your head?”

“Pass.” As the questions continued, the amount of tallies drawn into the dirt multiplied. Tokoyami didn’t answer anything, passing the questions repeatedly. He just wanted the shadow to stop asking him things and leave him alone. Was that too much to ask for?

“Just answer a question already, will you?” A tear formed in the shadow’s eye. “Otherwise won’t the hell grow even larger?”

“I pass.”

“Forty one passes.” The shadow murmured, almost sadly as it drew one last tally into the ground. “That’s forty one times you rejected me.” The tear fell as the shadow leaned down. “You’re a horrible person, the worst.”

“I don’t remember you ever criticizing me, why do you have to keep hanging around me anyway? Because of you...everyone around me keeps getting hurt, and so do I. I wish you didn’t exist.” Tokoyami mumbled, frowning.

“What, do you think I’m some kind of alter ego you have? I thought surely you’d know better than to believe that by now…don’t you get it? I’m just an ordinary emotion everyone has. But you’d rather believe something else.”

“It’s just-”

“You can’t deal with it, right? This is exactly how you’ve gotten stuck in self-denial. Where are you trying to go?”


“We’ve had enough of this.” With that, the shadow disappeared, no trace of it left behind besides the tallies. Tokoyami looked over at it, and grabbed the stick. He made a line in the ground, looking at it.

“Forty two.”

“My name is Midoriya, I’m a scythe meister. Tell me who you are.”

“Demon swordsman Tokoyami.”

“Why was I able to answer that..?” He mumbled. “I am...the Demon swordsman Tokoyami…”

“I know that.” A small voice replied. Tokoyami slowly looked over at the source, seeing a small boy with curly green locks standing outside of his circle, a shy smile on his face. “Hi!” The little boy greeted, the smile never leaving his face. Tokoyami moved back a bit and stood up, surprised. The boy giggled, looking at the circle curiously. “Can I join you?” He asked, taking a step forward. Tokoyami shook his head.

“No, you can’t.” He refused.

“Eh? Why not?” The boy asked, frowning.

“No one can come inside, this is my space.” Tokoyami explained, only making the boy’s frown deepen. He stepped into the circle, looking around.

“Why not? I don’t get it…” He mumbled.

“This isn’t were you able to come inside so easily?” He asked. “No one should be able to get passed my line…” The boy in front of him looked around once more, staring at the line on the ground.

“A line, huh?” He noted.

“I feel at ease when I’m in here. Now it doesn’t matter, it’s meaningless now that you’re inside it…” The boy suddenly walked to a part of the line, and began kicking at it, destroying it.

“But look! It’s so easy to destroy!” He exclaimed, as he continued to kick.

“Stop, don’t erase my circle!” Tokoyami pleaded as the boy kicked at the lines until it was all gone. When he was finished, he patted down his shorts with a small smile.

“There, all better!” He cheered. “All gone!” Tokoyami stared at it, never once looking away.

“What now?!” Todoroki exclaimed, watching as Tokoyami screamed, spikes appearing from his body. “A blood rejection?!”


“Midoriya!” He exclaimed.

‘Pull me out of the madness, and you need to move fast!’ The meister exclaimed, floating upwards.

“No you don’t!”

“Hang on!” Todoroki replied, pulling himself from the confinements of the madness. He grunted as he had some trouble, but eventually he pulled himself out entirely. When he was free, he landed on a lake full of red and black, kneeling. Frantic, his eyes darted around, hoping to find his partner. “Where are you, Midoriya?!” His eyes landed on Midoriya’s form, hand outstretched to him. “Hang on!” He shouted as he dipped his hand into the water. He was having a hard time, the water barely letting him through. “It’s so thick…” He grumbled, trying to push his hand through. Eventually his hand got through, and he grabbed onto Midoriya. Using both hands, he pulled Midoriya out the water.


Immediately, Midoriya snapped back into focus, looking up. “How’s Tokoyami?!” He asked. Todoroki tried his best to catch his breath, refocusing as well.

“We made it back.” He mumbled. The two stared as Tokoyami spasmed, spikes still coming from his body as he screamed. Midoriya looked at him with determined eyes. His eyes softened, and he walked over to a pillar, placing the scythe down. “Hey, what are you doing?!” Todoroki questioned.

“I need you to wait here for a minute, Todoroki.” Midoriya said softly.

“You’ll get skewered if you get close to him! I won’t let you!” Todoroki protested. Midoriya gave him a small smile.

“Todoroki, do you trust me?” He asked, and his weapon fell silent. With another smile, Midoriya made his way to Tokoyami.

“Stay away!” Tokoyami shouted, a spike shooting out and cutting Midoriya’s neck.

“Hey!” Todoroki shouted. Midoriya continued onwards, barely fazed.

“You don’t need to be scared anymore, it’s okay.” The meister said softly as he walked forwards. “You’re just a little shaken up now that the line is gone.” Multiple spikes cut through Midoriya, and Midoriya let them. Todoroki’s eyes widened in worry. “It’s...alright…because I…” He smiled brightly, though he was obviously in pain. Midoriya sat down on the ground in front of Tokoyami, who was resting on his knees, spikes frozen. “Now I understand it...your soul wavelength…” He slowly moved his hand, reaching out to take Tokoyami’s with a smile. “It’s not that you don’t know how to handle other’s just that no one ever took the time to handle you.”

“It’s fine now, I’ve already accepted it.” Tokoyami mumbled. “That’s why it’d be best if I just...disappeared.” Midoriya pulled his hand away, slowly using it to tap Tokoyami on the beak.

“How about this…” Midoriya said, peeling off his glove. “Will you let me be your friend, Tokoyami?” He asked, holding out his hand. “Please say you will.” He pleaded, adding in a small grin. Tokoyami stared at him with wide eyes, while Todoroki watched the two with a small smile.

“Really..?” He asked, slowly looking at his lap. “But I’m still not sure how to handle others…” He mumbled, nervously.

“That’s okay, I’ll be right with you every step of the way.” Nodding slowly, Tokoyami reached out, and just like Todoroki, he didn’t want to let go.

The fog within that forest slowly cleared away, leaving the sun radiantly shining down on the trees. Flowers bloomed, and the trees were a healthy shade of green. Two children stood in the middle of it all, their hands intertwined as they smiled at each other, a new day beginning.

Chapter Text

After being told by Tokoyami to continue forwards, Midoriya and Todoroki began to move once more. Todoroki, who had turned back into his normal form while Midoriya and Tokoyami became friends, transformed into a scythe again. Midoriya held onto him, blades pointed downwards as he ran to where Iida and Bakugou would be. “I wonder if the others caught up to the ones with the black blood yet…” Midoriya mumbled out loud, curious and worried.

“Are your wounds alright? Those looked like some pretty bad injuries…” Todoroki questioned, his voice soft. Midoriya lifted a hand to his neck, feeling the wound from before.

“Some of the scabs stopped the bleeding, I think they formed when the black blood went away.” He answered as he continued to run.

“But what made the black blood disappear?” The weapon asked, frowning slightly. Midoriya slowly came to a stop, looking down at himself as if his body would have the answer.

“I don’t know…” Midoriya trailed off, a frown of his own pulling at his lips. The two fell quiet as the meister looked down at the hallway, seeing stairs that would lead them even deeper into the basement. Midoriya found himself thinking back to his classmates who were still trapped in the cube.

“We need to stop them from injecting the black blood into the kishin,” Todoroki stated, making Midoriya nod in agreement.

“Yeah, let’s catch up to the others,” Midoriya said, determined. He began running again, making it to the top of the staircase before leaping and avoiding the stairs. ‘Please be alright, everyone.’

The building began to shake, confusing everyone. Outside of the school, the sky turned a dark red, lightning cracking in the sky. Three round spheres were in the middle of the rotating clouds, and the students from class 1-A looked up through the glass of the dome, eyes wide. “W-What the hell is that?!” Kaminari shouted, pointing up at it.

“You don’t...think the others failed right? I mean, they’ve got Todoroki and Bakugou!” Hagakure questioned, her shaky voice giving away her nervousness.

“Whatever this isn’t good,” Momo stated, her eyes trained on the sky. “Jirou, can you hear anything from underneath us?” She then asked, looking at her partner. Jirou, who was crouched on the ground, shook her head.

“This cube is getting in the way.” She replied, frowning.

“Guys, look!” Sero shouted, pointing up at the sky. Everyone looked up, only to see three eyes form and open over the spheres in the sky.

“The kishin…” Ojiro mumbled.

“It’s awakening,” Shinsou said his arms crossed.

“Which means that...they failed?!”

Iida stared at the scene in front of him, unable to believe it. Bakugou stood a few feet away from Toga and the bag, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath. “Bakugou…” He mumbled, eyes wide. The meister stood up and walked over to him.

“The hell’s your problem, four eyes? We did it, we stopped them.” He said, frowning. Iida slowly shook his head.

“Your desperation ended up working against us...take a closer look, what you cut was the thing itself,” Iida said. Confused, Bakugou turned towards the bag and his breath was caught in his throat. In front of him, was the shrine, all cut up. “You were so focused on destroying the black blood, your sixth sense kicked in and took over when you weren’t expecting it. At the very end, you must have begun hallucinating.”

“No...there’s no way in hell that fucking happened!” Bakugou cursed in disbelief. “There’s no fucking way!” The needle filled with black blood was fully plunged into the bag, smoke rolling off of both the bag and the destroyed shrine. Beneath the bag, a black circle formed, eyes appearing inside it. The wind kicked up as it began to glow. Scarves began to peel off of the bag, and black lightning surrounded it. Toga and Dabi watched in awe, while Bakugou and Iida watched in horror.

“I refuse to let this happen!” Iida exclaimed, running up to it and beginning to shoot it. Bakugou joined him rather quickly, screaming curses. It was of no use. When the attacks stopped and the smoke cleared away, the bag remained intact, untouched. Slowly, a head came out of the bag, followed by the rest of its body. It landed on the ground, limbs stretching out as it tried to form itself. “The’s attaching to it..” Eventually, the kishin stilled, no longer spasming on the ground. Slowly, he pushed himself up, looking around the room

“So that’s the kishin..?” Kirishima mumbled.

“Kirishima...we’re gonna kill this bastard before he can do anything,” Bakugou explained, his tone of voice leaving no room for any arguments. Kirishima was hesitant, knowing his meister was probably pushing himself, but he knew how stubborn Bakugou could be. Besides, he didn’t want to give Bakugou any reason to look for a new weapon.

“We’re moving too,” Iida said, adjusting his grip on the pistols in his hands. Uraraka and Ashido nodded.

“Right.” With that, the two meisters charged forwards, Bakugou reaching him first.

“Take this, fucking prick!” He shouted, his gauntlets heating up as he let off an explosion aimed for the kishin’s back. He stared in surprise when the smoke cleared away, and the kishin was perfectly fine. “It had no effect?” He asked. During his stupor, the kishin simply flicked a finger, sending Bakugou back with a bloody nose.

“Bakugou!” Kirishima shouted in alarm. Iida began firing acid at the kishin, hoping it’d do something. However, the kishin stretched his skin, sending it towards Iida and flicking him in the forehead. It left the mark of an eye on his forehead, and Iida blinked in confusion. Suddenly he coughed up blood as his nose began bleeding as well. Iida collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

“Iida!” Uraraka and Ashido cried. The kishin continued pulling at his skin until he was wrapped up, and he looked around.

“It’s been ages since I was last out...I think I better pay a visit to an old friend.” Using his scarves, he broke through the ceiling, leaving Toga and Dabi behind. Suddenly, something green sped into the room, shocking the weapons who were still conscious.

“Deku!” Uraraka exclaimed, eyes wide as she watched him use the debris of the shrine to jump up and grab onto one of the scarves of the kishin.

“Midoriya, be careful!” Kirishima called, no longer in weapon form and holding Bakugou. Midoriya glanced down at him and nodded. As he was pulled up through the hole, he stuck one side of his blade into the wall, hoping to stop the kishin.

“No, you don’t!” He shouted as he tried to stop him. Instead, he was dragged up still, the kishin getting free. A few rocks hit his head, making him wince. Eventually, the kishin was out from underneath the ground, and Midoriya lost his grip.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki shouted in alarm. It was no use, the force from the rocks caused Midoriya to fall in and out of consciousness. Gritting his teeth, Todoroki looked at their surroundings. They were right over the glass dome where their class was. Quickly, Todorki turned back into his normal form and pulled Midoriya close from behind, wrapping his arms around his waist. He hugged him close as they crashed through the glass, startling their classmates. “Midoriya, are you alright?” Todoroki mumbled. Ignoring him, Midoriya lifted his hand up, seeing the kishin through the hole in the ceiling. He had a hard trouble focusing, for the edges of his vision were filled with black spots.

“I have to..stop...the k-kishin…” Was all he said before his hand fell and his eyes closed, as he went limp in Todoroki’s arms. The weapon sighed, slowly sitting up.

“You really are something else, Midoriya…"

Chapter Text



The remaining members of class 1-A stared in horror and worry as they saw the two students fall through the roof. A few minutes after they fell, the spatial cube disappeared. Once it did, Momo and Thirteen were the first to move. “Are you two alright?!” Momo exclaimed. Todoroki slowly nodded, keeping a tight grasp on Midoriya. Momo slowly moved to help him stand, gently placing her hand on his back. Todoroki flinched in response, hissing. Momo quickly pulled away, looking at her hand. “Todoroki, you’re bleeding!” She gasped.

“I’m fine, Yaoyorozu. Focus on Midoriya, first.” The weapon replied.

“I’m afraid we can’t just focus on Midoriya, Todoroki. You’re injured as well, and I promised Aizawa I’d take care of his students.” Thirteen cut in. They turned to Shouji and Satou. “Can you two carry them to the infirmary?” They asked. The two boys nodded. Shouji went to take Midoriya from Todoroki, and the male simply tightened his hold, refusing to let go.

“Todoroki, Midoriya will be okay, please, let us help you two.” Momo pleaded gently, putting a hand on his shoulder. Relaxing slightly, Todoroki handed Midoriya over to Shouji, as Satou kneeled in front of him, clearly signaling for him to get on his back. Slowly, Todoroki moved forward, wrapping his arms around Satou’s shoulders. Once the two boys were secure, they began to walk away.

“Wait.” Todoroki mumbled, starting to drift off. The pain of the injuries on his back was starting to make itself known thanks to the loss of adrenaline. “Iida and the others are still down there…” He said.

“We’ll take care of it. You and everyone else did a good job today, go ahead and rest, alright?” Thirteen replied. Todoroki slowly nodded, letting himself drift off. The class watched as the boys were carried away, all of them worried about their classmates and teachers. How were they going to come back from this?

Aizawa gritted his teeth as he watched Shigaraki leave through the gate that had opened behind him. The male laughed, ruby eyes gleaming with insanity. “We won! We won! We finally leveled up and unlocked the final player!” He laughed, his body slowly disappearing into the darkness. “Goodbye, Professor. ” He sneered. “I hope you and your idiotic school can enjoy the remaining time of sanity you all have left!” Shigaraki exclaimed, cackling with pure joy and insanity. With that, he was gone. All Might turned back to normal, standing at Aizawa’s side. His eyes found what was left of Midnight, a frown on his face.

“Aizawa, the students…” He said, trailing off. Aizawa nodded in response, breaking into a run. He was oddly silent. Sighing, All Might followed after him, worried about Izuku and the others. As the two ran, Shigaraki’s final words kept running through his head, worrying him. What was their plan now that the kishin was free? Why did they free the kishin in the first place? All Might shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that. His top priority was his students, first and foremost.

Everything was a bit loud when Midoriya first woke up. The first thing he noticed was the painful pounding feeling in his head. Groaning quietly, Midoriya pushed himself up as he rubbed his head. He looked around the room, seeing Todoroki, Bakugou, and Iida laying in beds beside him. Confused, Midoriya looked at the two meisters, seeing their heads wrapped up with bandages. Todoroki was sitting up, his back bandaged. Midoriya then looked down at himself, seeing a handful of bandages. Did he have more injuries than he thought? “Midoriya?” He looked over at Todoroki, and finally noticed that half of their class was there.

“Ah, yes?” Midoriya replied, realizing Todoroki was waiting for an answer.

“Are your injuries alright?” He asked. Midoriya slowly nodded his head.

“Midoriya! Glad to see you’re alright, man!” Kirishima exclaimed with a relieved smile. “That was so crazy of you, going after the kishin like that!” Ashido elbowed him in the stomach. “Oh, right. Wasn’t supposed to mention the kishin…” The weapon mumbled.

“What happened after I blacked out..?” Midoriya asked. Todoroki looked over at him.

“How much do you remember?” He asked. Everyone watched as the meister began to mumble, hand on his chin. Uraraka giggled at the familiar sight.

“I remember going after the kishin...I grabbed onto one of his scarves...I ended up losing my grip and fell...everything else is fuzzy after that…” Midoriya eventually explained. Todoroki nodded.

“We fell through the roof of the building we were supposed to train in. I made sure I took most of the damage though.” He began.

“You two scared the hell out of us, suddenly falling through glass like that!” Kaminari cut in. Midoriya looked over and saw him, Sero, Shinsou, Uraraka, Ashido, and Kirishima in the room.

“Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you!” Midoriya hastily apologized. He then looked over at Todoroki. “Wait, you took most of the damage?! Are you okay, Todoroki?!” He exclaimed. The weapon nodded.

“I’m fine. Recovery Girl came back to school and healed most of our injuries.” He replied.

“As for the kishin, he escaped with the other intruders after fighting with principal Nezu.” Iida stated, making everyone in the room fall silent. Midoriya frowned, biting his lip.

“We did everything we could, right? Stop looking so fucking depressed.” Bakugou grumbled, his arms crossed. Everyone looked at him in surprise. “What?” He snapped.

“Nothing, man. Just surprised that you of all people said something like that.” Sero answered, everyone silently nodding in agreement.

“Shut the fuck up!” Bakugou exclaimed quite loudly, making Midoriya flinch in pain. Todoroki noticed and frowned.

“Bakugou, do us a favor and keep your screeching to a minimum. Midoriya has a headache because of his concussion, and your volume isn’t going to help it go away.” Todoroki mumbled. Bakugou looked lost for words as he tried to reply. Kirishima sighed, and as usual, did damage control and stopped Bakugou from exploding. Meanwhile, Midoriya looked at Todoroki, grateful. The weapon just nodded his head.

“Anyways, everybody else who isn’t here is helping clean up with some of the other teachers. School is canceled for a few days while principal Nezu deals with the press.” Shinsou explained. Midoriya nodded in response.

His classmates were eventually told to leave, and Recovery Girl kept Iida and Bakugou to make sure they were okay. Nobody really knew what the kishin did to them, and the school nurse wanted to make sure they were both fully healed, and there wouldn’t be any lingering injuries. As for Midoriya and Todoroki, they were told to stay for another day or two. Eventually, it was only Todoroki and Midoriya left in the infirmary. The two were quiet, the only sound in the room being their soft breathing. “Todoroki?” Midoriya murmured quietly, as he rolled slightly to face Todoroki. Silently, his partner did the same.

“Yes, Midoriya?” He replied, his voice equally as soft. Midoriya smiled at him.

“Thank you, for being my partner.” Todoroki looked surprised, before he gave Midoriya a small smile of his own.

“I should be the one thanking you.”

Chapter Text

A few days later, Midoriya and Todoroki were let out of the hospital. The two were told to take it easy for a bit, especially Todoroki. Midoriya was still slightly worried about the black blood inside him suddenly disappearing. There was this bad feeling he couldn’t shake off. He did his best to ignore the feeling he had, focusing on his partner and his mother seated in front of him and Todoroki. After they got out of the hospital, his mother had been inside their apartment when he opened the door. His father had told her what happened and she was incredibly worried, not just for Midoriya, but Todoroki as well.

“Midoriya?” Todoroki questioned. “You’re staring at your cup.” His mother looked at him in worry.

“Are you alright, Izuku? You’ve been distracted since you both got home…” She questioned. Midoriya refocused, hastily nodded and smiled at the two.

“I’m fine! I’ve just...had a lot on my mind…” He replied, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. Todoroki and his mother frowned at him.

“If it’s about the kishin, Midoriya, I told you it wasn’t just your fault.” Todoroki began, about to go on a tangent about the situation. Midoriya quickly nodded and looked at his partner.

“N-No, it’s not that! I’m just a little worried is all.” He admitted quietly, sighing. “I can’t help but worry about happens next.” Midoriya explained, making Todoroki frown. His mother looked at him with soft eyes.

“I know it’s frustrating, honey. But you aren’t alone, remember that.” Inko said softly, reaching over to hold her son’s hand. Todoroki nodded, placing a comforting hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. Inko watched as the two boys looked at each other, eyes soft. She couldn’t help her soft giggles.

“Mom?” Midoriya asked quietly. Inko waved a hand dismissively.

“It’s nothing, dear.” She replied, reigning in her giggles. They were just like her and Toshinori before they realized they had feelings for each other. Todoroki excused himself, his phone beginning to ring. Once he left the room, Inko turned to look at her son. “Izuku~.” She cooed. Midoriya looked at her, confused. “I didn’t know you liked Todoroki that way.” It took the young meister about five whole seconds for his face to go bright red.

“I-I don’t- h-he’s just- I-“ Midoriya exclaimed, stammering. Inko giggled in response.

“Midoriya, your face is red. Are you feeling alright?” Todoroki asked, stepping back into the room.

“I-I’m fine!” Midoriya yelped, his blush staying stubbornly on his face. Todoroki nodded. Inko looked at them, giggling once more.

“Well, I should let you two get settled in.” Inko said with a smile. She stood up and smiled at the two. Midoriya stood up as well and followed her out the door. Afterwards, he came back inside, smiling at his partner. He flopped onto the couch beside Todoroki. The two sat in a tranquil silence, taking in the peace of the afternoon.

“Oh, it’s Saturday, right?” Midoriya suddenly asked. Todoroki nodded in response. “Are you going to visit your mom?”

“Yes.” The weapon mumbled. “I was...wondering if you...would come with me?” Todoroki asked, almost awkwardly. Midoriya could only blink in response.

“Nezu...what are you planning on doing with the demon sword?” Aizawa questioned, looking up from the cup of tea in his hands. He and Nezu were sitting in his office, discussing future plans. Nezu hummed, taking a sip of his tea.

“No idea.” The principal replied, in that oddly cheerful way of his. Things were still chaotic for him after the kishin escaped. U.A was under a lot of scrutiny by the media. They accused Nezu of hiding the truth from them so he could trick them into sending their kids to U.A. Things were stressful for everyone. “Any progress in getting him to talk?” Aizawa frowned.

“No, none at all.” The teacher replied. “He hasn’t said a word.” Ever since they took him in, Tokoyami was seated on a bed in a room, back pressed against the wall. “I hate to say it, but I’ve run out of ideas.” He grumbled.

“Why not have Midoriya talk to him?” Nezu suggested. “From what I gather, he was the one to help him, correct?” Aizawa slowly nodded. “Then let’s have him give it a try!”

“Alright...then what?”

“You only have nineteen seats in your class, correct?” Why did Aizawa already have a feeling he knew where this was going?

“I do.”

“Great! Then starting Monday Tokoyami will be apart of class 1-A!”


Bakugou was so frustrated with himself. He had been so close to stopping the kishin from awakening, but of course something had to screw him up in the end. If only he hadn’t been so desperate, he could’ve properly fought them! He could’ve stopped them! He had to train more, he had to improve his technique. It was so fucking frustrating! How could he call himself the strongest when he couldn’t stop someone so powerful from being awakened?! “Bakugou?” Kirishima called, poking his head into Bakugou’s room.

“What?” Bakugou grumbled, slightly glaring at his partner. Kirishima frowned a little.

“You okay man? You’ve been quiet ever since the uh...attack…” His weapon explained.

“Fucking peachy.” Bakugou grumbled in response. Kirishima sighed, and took it upon himself to waltz into Bakugou’s room and sit down on his bed.

“I had a feeling you were wallowing in your guilt.” Kirishima said. Bakugou turned to him to shout, but he held up a hand. “It’s okay to feel bad for what happened man, all of us do. But don’t shoulder everything on your own, it’s not manly.” Bakugou stared at him for a few seconds before scoffing.

“I was weak, Shitty hair. It’s because I was fucking weak that he awakened. I’m not shouldering shit, I’m saying the truth.” He grumbled, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms.

“You just proved my point, Bakugou.” Kirishima said. The weapon sighed quietly, looking at him. “Listen, you’re strong, Bakugou. You’re really strong, and powerful, to the point that I feel like I can’t even compare. But during that fight, you did everything you could to stop the kishin from awakening.” Bakugou frowned a bit. “And I know you probably aren’t going to believe me, so let’s spar.” Surprised, he looked at his weapon.

“You…” He said. “Are a fucking idiot.” Kirishima just grinned at him.

“Takes one to know one.”

And spar they did.

Being nervous was something Midoriya was used to. He had grown up with nervousness being quite a common feeling he felt. His parents often told him that it was nothing to worry over, that it was normal. So Midoriya had grown accustomed to it. But going with Todoroki to visit his mother left him quite nervous. The last time he had felt so nervous was when he was waiting to hear back from U.A. His movements were almost robotic as he and Todoroki walked to the hospital, causing his partner to cast him worried glances.

It didn’t help that his mother had helped him come to the realization that he had feelings for Todoroki just hours earlier. It made him hyper aware of how close they stood, and the things they said to one another. It also made him realize how much communication they had going between them constantly, no words being needed to be spoken at times. It made Midoriya afraid to screw everything up.

“Midoriya, we’re here.” Todoroki said, snapping the meister from his thoughts. Glancing over at Midoriya, Todoroki slid the door to his mother’s room open and stepped inside.

“A-Ah, pardon my intrusion!” Midoriya apologized, bowing. Todoroki’s mother smiled a little bit, lightly giggling into her hand.

“It’s alright, Midoriya-kun.” She said softly. Midoriya stood up, closed the door behind him and entered the room. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Shouto talks about you quite often.” Midoriya felt his cheeks heat up slightly in response.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Todoroki-san!” Midoriya replied. She smiled at him. Midoriya sat back and listened as Todoroki and his mother talked, smiling a little bit. He added a few things here and there, but was mostly silent.

Eventually, it was time for Midoriya and Todoroki to head back home. Midoriya was wrapped in a tight hug by Todoroki’s mom. “Thank you for watching over him, Midoriya-kun.” She whispered quietly to him. She received a bright smile from him. Midoriya then left the room, leaving the mother and son to talk.

“You really love him, don’t you, Shouto?” Rei asked with a small, yet knowing smile. Her son looked at her, startled. She giggled quietly, patting his hair softly. “It’s written in your eyes, when you look at him.” She explained. Todoroki blinked, looking at her and then at the door where Midoriya was waiting behind.

“I think...I think I do…” He said, making Rei smile.

“I’m glad.” Rei said, drawing him into a hug. She watched him leave, her smile never disappearing, even as she thought of a time very long ago when she was in a house full of love and warmth.

“Ready to go?” Midoriya asked, giving Todoroki a small smile. Todoroki nodded, letting himself be led out by his meister. As they walked down to the hall, Todoroki felt as if someone was breathing down his neck. Were they being followed? Todoroki tried to ignore it at first, until the feeling got more intense. At one point he stopped walking and turned around.

In the corner of his eye, there was the kishin. A red liquid dripping down from his head. His entire body was submerged in it. Todoroki felt something drop onto his head. Confused, he looked up and saw the kishin above him with his mouth open, the same liquid that he was submerged in, now dripping from his mouth. His eyes widened in surprise and he gasped.

“Todoroki? Are you alright?” Midoriya asked. Todoroki looked over to him, and then back to the ceiling and corner. The kishin was gone. Was he hallucinating? “Todoroki?”

“I’m—yeah, I’m fine.” Todoroki murmured, trying to make sense of what he just saw. Seeming to believe him, Midoriya nodded. Todoroki focused his attention back onto his meister, keeping his guard up as they walked home. He could’ve sworn he heard someone whisper to him.

‘The funs only just begun, Shouto Todoroki~.’