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My Future boyfriend

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The blue-eyed omega yawned tiredly in class as his eyes slid over the variety of monsters in his middle school. His cat tail swirled around lazily as he yawned again rubbing his watery eyes. His sharper teeth showed when he yawned, as the cat stretched trying to stay awake in the boring class. Besides, he was a cat. Sleeping in class was expected at this point.

When the classroom door opened to his math room, his lazily blue eyes slid over to the teenager who walked into the room escorted by the principal before she walked out.

“This is the kid!” Some hissed.

“No way!” Someone whispered back in starstruck as the kid seemingly sighed at the sound of chatter as the cat turned to his neighbor.

“I’m confused, who is this?” The cat asked.

“Come on, Castiel! This is John and Mary Winchester’s son, Dean Winchester.” A girl squealed. “The famous human hunters. He’s famous and rich. I heard they moved here but did not expect him to come to this school.” The cat’s eyes fell on the teen who standing quietly beside himself looking down at his feet.

“Ah, yes.” The teacher paused waving Dean to the front of the class. Dean didn’t budge from the door his eyes moving to Dean. “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class before taking a seat in an empty chair?”

Dean said nothing, eyeing the teacher before moving to sit in the empty seat in the back. The room was dead quiet, as Dean tossed his bag down and slid in his headphones. He blared music in his ear as he listening to music and playing on his phone.

“...” The teacher cleared his throat shyly allowing the thirteen-year-old his shy first day before he went back to teaching.

Castiel turned around looking at Dean who didn’t seem to notice the stares when Castiel turned back to look at the teacher. He noticed a bunch of kids with their phones out taking pictures as well as just focusing on Dean. Some waved their hands in dean’s face, causing him to look up for a photo. Dean made a disgusted face and attempting to focus on his phone.

“Can you leave him alone?” Castiel turned causing many of his classmates to turn to eye him in annoyance.

“Did anyone ask your opinion, Dweb?” One male asked Castiel made a face.

“He has feeling too, you know, Lucifer. He didn’t come here to be a sideshow.” Castiel spoke.

“He’s famous. He’s used to it.” Lucifer spoke with an obvious scoff. “This is literally his life.” Lucifer took another picture.

“It’s his parent’s fame.” Castiel snapped as Lucifer sighed annoyed turning to him. “He didn’t sign up for this, he got born into it-”

“One more word Novak and I’ll shove your stupid flea infested head down the toilet,” Lucifer spoke, as Castiel flinched turning away not really wanting to add more bullying to his daily routine. He took a moment looking at his hands, Castiel glanced up and raised his hand suddenly.

“Mr. Milligan,” Castiel spoke causing Lucifer and his idiot goons to turn. “Lucifer and his friends are bothering the new kid and causing me to be distracted with their selfies.”

“Lucifer, office, now.” Mr. Milligan spoke. Lucifer stood walking past Castiel slapping the back of his head. Castiel groaned rubbing his head. “That’s an additional punishment, Lucifer.” Mr. Milligan picked up his phone to tell the principle, as Lucifer stormed out.

Castiel rubbed his throbbing head as he turned to look at Dean who stared at him. Castiel turned shyly not realizing Dean’s gaze as he focused on him. Castiel turned back to pay attention to the teacher as Dean slowly looked back down to his phone.


Castiel’s POV:

Castiel winced as he stared gripping his backpack strap seeing Lucifer and his gang sitting waiting for him after school. Castiel mumbled to himself as he prepared himself for his beating when he went to step towards them but someone snagged the back of his backpack yanking him away.

“Whoa hey-” Castiel yelped turning seeing Dean blowing bubble gum as he took him calmly took him out the back entrance. Dean only let go when they exited the back entrance of the school. “Hey-”

Dean turned blowing a bubble with his gum and popping it with his plump lips before he calmly pulled his headphones out of his ears. The music still blaring.

“You shouldn’t just kidnap people.” Castiel held himself as his tail curled around his own waist shyly.

“So, are you an absolute virgin or have you got felt up before?” Dean popped another bubble, Castiel went red.

“You can’t j-just ask-” Castiel spoke.

“I needed to figure out how much nerd I’m working with.” Dean popped a bubble as Castiel eyed him looking offended. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.” Dean ushered Castiel to follow him as Castiel hesitantly did walking in the woods with him. “...Castiel right?”

“Y-Yeah.” Castiel hesitated as Dean popped another bubble. Castiel held his books to his chest clearing his throat. “S-...So why do you care how much of a virgin I am?”

“Because as my new best friend and future boyfriend, it’s kind of convenient to know where you stand.” Dean popped his gum, Castiel went deep red.

“Whoa, Boyfriend?! S-Sorry...W-What? I’m not gay-” Castiel spoke following Dean as he walked in the woods, Dean turned slamming his hand against Castiel’s chest pinning him back against a tree. Castiel gasped but before he could say something he felt Dean’s lips on his.

Castiel stood frozen unsure what to do...but Dean didn’t pull away. It was easy and... soon Castiel found himself easily submitted to the kiss. Castiel moaned feeling Dean’s tongue against his lips and Castiel couldn’t help but open his mouth to him holding him tightly. Dean’s soft tongue slid against his. They made out for a few minutes before Dean pulled back smirking.

“...that was first kiss right?” Dean spoke eyeing him, before he popped more gum into his mouth walking. Castiel followed not sure what else to say with blush on his face. Castiel didn’t speak chewing on the gum in his mouth he only realized he had after his third bubble blown. Castiel blushed harder lost in his own thoughts as he paused noticing he had led Dean the back way to his house. Now facing his backyard. “This your house?”

“Yeah...” Castiel nodded, Dean opened the fence so Castiel could enter. Castiel thanked him for holding the door for him when he heard the fence click closed he half expected Dean to be on the other side with him but Dean remained outside the fence leaning against the fence to look at Castiel.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” Dean spoke blowing a bubble sliding in his headphone. Castiel went to speak but he watched Dean walk away. Castiel closed his mouth watching Dean disappear into the woods. Castiel sighed blushing as he walked up to his room, Castiel collapsed onto his bed. Remembering the day as he slid his fingers over his lips. Before he sighed blowing a bubble chewing on the gum, before his door opened. Castiel glanced over at his door when his babysitter poked his head in.

“Hey, you okay?” A voice spoke. “You didn’t come to say hi to me after school today.”

“Sorry.” Castiel gave him a quick smile. “Just thinking.”

The Nineteen year old plopped on the bed as Castiel moved to snuggle into his babysitters arms. Despite castiel being almost fourteen and now totally too old for a babysitter. He liked Bobby around. Bobby was his babysitter since he was a kid, Bobby was thirteen when he first started to watch him a month after his mother left. So they had been inseparable ever since. Bobby easily seemed to fill the void castiel’s mother left in Castiel’s heart.

“How was school?” Bobby asked as Castiel chewed his gum.

“Fine…” Castiel breathed blushing slightly as Bobby eyed him. “Met a new kid. He’s odd.”

“Odd?” Bobby spoke. “Why is he odd?”

“He said I was his future boyfriend.” Castiel made a face as he chewed as bobby chuckled to himself.

“Sounds like someone might have a little crush,” Bobby stated as he rubbed Castiel’s spine with care. “So...what do you think you like, boys or girls...or both.”

“I think they are all gross.” Castiel pouted as Bobby got up chuckling to himself sliding out of the bed.

“Then how about to make up for what sounds like a dumb day of an odd boy liking you I’ll make you your favorite snack with a cup of milk,” Bobby asked as Castiel beamed happily moving to follow him.


Bobby’s POV:

Bobby heard the front door unlocking as he sucked in air tensing as blushing filled his face. He heard movement behind him as he felt someone lean over his shoulder. Bobby felt a hand on his shoulder as someone sucked in air.

“Smells good.” Castiel’s father spoke pulling his tie loose from his neck as he tiredly moved away from him which barely made Bobby relax. Bobby glanced down at the food blushing. “Then again. I will be surprised if I ate anything from you I didn’t like.”

“I’m honored.” Bobby blushed to clear his throat. “Tonight’s meal is a sheet Pan Harissa Chicken With Leeks, Potatoes, and Yogurt. Courtesy of my culinary class.” Bobby spoke as he took a spoon offering him a bite. “What do you think, Crowley?”

He watched as Crowley leaned over sliding his mouth over the spoon, Bobby tried not to swallow watching the tired overworked man in front of him sliding the spoon out of his mouth. Bobby almost thought it was in slow motion but that was totally in his mind.

Crowley pulled back as he chewed enjoying the taste, moaning at the delicious chef’s food, he gave Bobby a thumbs up just enjoying it. Bobby smiled taking in the thirty-six year old father who leaned back against the counter just savoring what was most likely his first meal all day. Bobby eyed the stubble on the man’s face, the perfectly combed hair and how handsome he looked in a suit.

Bobby knew it was wrong, the age difference and the obvious fact he was Castiel’s babysitter…

...But he had always loved him.

His biggest kept secret, and his main reason he never dated after high school was a hope that maybe Bobby could pull an ugly duckling turn around and somehow gain his attention. He took in the man’s black long cat tail that moved slowly and lazily. Bobby swallowed looking away, Bobby always hid his own tail around his waist under his clothes but his ears always gave what he was away. Which was why...even if they could overcome the age, they would never work. Bobby looked down sadly when Crowley’s voice gained his attention.

“Where is Castiel?” Crowley spoke as he started to set up the plates for dinner.

“He is taking a shower,” Bobby spoke. “Should come down ready for bed. After dinner, all you have to do is put him to bed.” Crowley gave him a half smile simply looking at him.

“What would I do without you?” Crowley stated pulling out his wallet, Bobby noticed waving him off.

“Stop, I told you, I do this because you’d die without me.” Bobby joked waving him off.

“No matter how much you care about Castiel, you still are a college student who might like something nice.” Crowley slid the money over as Bobby made a face pretending to accept the money but when Crowley turned around Bobby moved to slide the money into his back pocket.

Crowley laughed trying to stop him as Bobby broke into laughter as well. Crowley pinned his hands behind his back forcing him to keep the money as Bobby laughed loudly. Crowley pinned Bobby lightly against the wall sliding the money into his back pocket. Bobby blushed at their intimate position, Crowley pressed against him from behind. Bobby blushed allowing him to win as he swallowed when Castiel’s steps down the stairs made them pull apart.

“Dad!” Castiel beamed running over moving to hug him.

“Hi, love.” Crowley opened his arms to hug him as he squished Castiel close. Castiel laughed as their tails moved to wrap around each other nuzzling and purring. “Were you good to Bobby?”

“Yes.” Castiel spoke with a beam.

“Anything exciting today?” Crowley asked as Bobby filled their plates with food. Crowley pulled out his chair for Castiel before he moved to fill Castiel’s cup.

“Someone’s got a boyfriend.” Bobby teased as Castiel blushed tensing.

“No!” Castiel choked embarrassing slamming his hand on the table. “H-He’s just weird!” Bobbyy giggled at his own teasing.

“Ooh.” Crowley laughed taking a seat and ruffling his hair. “So when’s the mating?”

“Gross, Dad!” Castiel blushed harder tossing Crowley’s hand away. Bobby took a seat to enjoy his own food. Crowley enjoying their delicious meal, happy for the warm cooked meal.


Bobby’s POV:

Bobby put away dinner as Castiel was taken to bed by his father, Bobby set aside leftovers for Crowley and Castiel’s lunches for tomorrow. Bobby heard Crowley come back down as Bobby put their lunches in a fridge.

“You should go home.” Crowley washed the dishes. “You have school in the morning don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I made the mess.” Bobby laughed. “I should clean up.” Bobby moved to try to take over dishes but Crowley took his hands softly backing him away.

“You seem to forget the dinner rules. See you can’t wash dishes for the dinner you made.” Crowley laughed walking him back towards the front door.

“I forget.” Bobby beamed as Crowley eyed him softly as he stopped walking him once they got to the front door.

“Thank you for everything. I mean it.” Crowley whispered.

“It’s my pleasure.” Bobby eyed him as he said nothing their hands still holding Crowley’s as their eyes remained on each other. Bobby wondered if Crowley knew how Bobby felt… Soon Crowley let go of his hands smiling as he shyly shoved his hands into his pocket.

“...See you tomorrow.” Crowley spoke as Bobby nodded shyly eyeing Crowley.

“O-Okay, bye,” Bobby spoke giving him another glance before shyly leaving out the door.


Castiel’s POV:

Castiel woke to someone plopping on his bed, Castiel glanced up tiredly seeing someone laying next to him. Castiel eyed him confused half asleep as he eyed him.

“Dean?” Castiel mumbled tiredly. “How did you get in my house?”

“You left your window unlocked.” Dean chewed blowing a bubble as he turned to look at Castiel. “I’d told you I would pick you up in the morning.” Castiel turned to look at his alarm clock.

“At four in the morning?” Castiel spoke as Dean shrugged popping a bubble of gum.

“Is that too early?” Dean chewed looking at him.

“Kind of,” Castiel mumbled as Dean kicked off his shoes. Castiel didn’t object as he felt Dean turn curling into him. Castiel said nothing as he felt Dean lay on his chest curling into his warmth as he tossed off his backpack and tossed the gum into the trash. Dean sucked in air closing his eyes. “Don’t you want to go home?... Aren’t your parents worried?”

“No…” Dean whispered as he started to doze off. Castiel glanced at him saying nothing before he softly closed his eyes too going back to sleep.


Crowley’s POV:

Crowley sipped coffee seeing a young boy about his son's age sleeping on top of the sheets. Castiel laid with his back to him as the young middle school boy held him from behind sleeping with his back buried into his son’s back. Almost as though he was holding Castiel and scared to let him go.

Crowley watched them sleeping before he softly knocked on the door frame causing the boys to lift their head. Castiel barely raised his head as the other kid turned away from Castiel wiping the drool from his mouth a mess.

“Breakfast is ready. Made enough for you and your guest.” Crowley spoke as the boys exchanged looks.


Castiel’s POV:

Castiel sat at the kitchen table eating a breakfast of eggs, toast and pancakes, Dean sat next to him happily shoving it down his throat. Crowley drank his coffee watching them.

“So, Castiel, you want to introduce me to your friend?” Crowley asked his tail waved lightly in amusement as he watched Dean wipe his mouth with the back of his hand then wipe his hands on his jeans holding his hands out.

“Oh. I’m Dean.” Dean spoke with a mouthful. “I’m Castiel’s new best friend and future boyfriend.” Castiel choked on his food as Crowley looked amused at Castiel shaking Dean’s hand.

“NO!” Castiel choked out blushing as Dean went back to eating quite contently. Crowley smiled into his coffee watching Castiel arguing with Dean. Dean just chewed contently enjoying breakfast and ignoring the embarass ramblings of Castiel.

“So how exactly did you get in Dean?” Crowley asked amused.

“Need to check your windows before bed, Mr. Novak.” Dean chewed. “Some weirdo could get in.” Crowley chuckled at that amused by Dean. Crowley swallowed down coffee, as Dean went for seconds.

“So do you both need a ride to school?” Crowley asked.

“Sure,” Dean spoke, pouring some food into his backpack by plates full before he moved towards the garage.

“You got some strange boyfriend,” Crowley mumbled as Castiel choked out embarrassed shoving his lunch box into his bag.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Castiel yelled groaning as he went to the car. Crowley chuckled following after him with his own lunch box.


Castiel’s POV:

Castiel mewed into the kiss his eyes unable to decide if he wanted to open or close them as Dean pinned him during lunch in the art supply closet in the hall. Castiel opened his eyes slightly when Dean pulled back licking his lips.

“I think it is lunch time now.” Dean beamed as Castiel blushed wiping his mouth as Dean pulled them out of the art closet. Castiel wiped his mouth embarrassed, looking at the floor as Dean pulled him along.

Dean seemed to like kissing him, a lot. Finding times to kiss him during school. Castiel has never been kissed before but now he seemed to be kissed all the time. It was….different.

“How can you still be hungry?” Castiel mumbled. “You kept pulling sausages, pancakes, and eggs out of your bag all day.”

“I’m always hungry.” Dean beamed as he paused at the restroom. Dean handed Castiel his backpack still full of sausage. “Mind holding this while I use the restroom?” Castiel nodded taking the bag as Dean entered. Castiel took a deep breath lightly looking at the door as he touched his lips. Dean...kissed him a lot.

Castiel yelped when someone grabbed his backpack yanking him outside, Castiel whimpered when he was tossed into the cement of the basketball court. Castiel sat up in pain holding his scratched up arm when someone stepping in front of him. Castiel glanced up seeing Lucifer frowning down at him with his friends.

“I told you I’d get you back,” Lucifer spoke angrily as Castiel holding his cut-up arms. Castiel groaned as he got kicked by Lucifer who whimpered. Lucifer chuckled moving to grab Castiel to punch him when Lucifer felt a hand poke his shoulder. Lucifer turned seeing Dean who was carrying a paint can Dean whipped the paint can around slamming it into Lucifer’s head as Lucifer fell over.

Lucifer groaned holding his head as the other kids scattered, paint covering Lucifer, Dean and the cement. Dean looked at Castiel before pouring the paint on Lucifer who continued to moan. Dean leaned over picking up Castiel off the ground as Castiel eyed him and then Lucifer as he held his road rash arm.

“Where did you get the paint can?” Castiel asked.

“I stole it from the art supply closet,” Dean stated before glancing at his clothes. “...Want to go somewhere with me?”

“...Okay.” Castiel nodded softly as Dean took his hand leading him out of school.


Dean’s POV:

Dean slid off his shirt as Castiel glanced around Dean’s large room staring at Dean’s room. Taking in the rich three story walls that oddly held no life. It was odd. The house was expensive and full of so many things Castiel knew he couldn’t touch. Yet, the only life here seemed to be from him and Dean. Castiel’s eyes fell onto Dean who was changing out of the paint covered clothes.

“Must be nice having a big house,” Castiel commented eyeing the house. “Must be really nice.”

“Not really.” Dean breathed changing his top as Castiel stared.

“Where are your parents?” Castiel asked.

“Working, I guess.” Dean shrugged. “They normally leave a note.” Dean walked out of the room before he came back handing Castiel a note.

“Humans reported causing problems a few towns over. Be back soon.” Castiel read looking up. “That’s so cool, they leave you alone?”

“I guess,” Dean spoke. Castiel said nothing since Dean wasn’t really giving him more than one-word answers and decided it was best to stop. When Dean had finished getting dressed again, he slid back on his shoes. “...Did you want to stay and play?” Dean glanced around.

“We should get back to school, assuming we aren’t suspended,” Castiel spoke softly. “I’m sure he told by now.”

“Nah, would you want to admit you got your ass kicked by the new kid and you?” Dean spoke as he grabbed his bag. “Come on, Let’s go. I’ll get you a candy bar on the way.”

“Cool.” Castiel beamed as Dean took his hand walking with him back to school.