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Remember Me Always

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The bright lights of the sun shined through the windows in the Schuester Coven house. Kurt woke up to the sound of his roommate, Mercedes screaming at him.

"Kurt! Wake the hell up white boy!" Kurt's best friend screamed. He practically fell out of bed once he registered the sound.

"What the hell, 'Cedes?" Kurt yelled back, rubbing his eyes from the bright sun.

"Mr. Schue wants all of us all down in the gathering room, ASAP. Now get your ass up, get dressed, and come down." She said before walking out of the room.

Kurt got dressed in a black button down, grey tight jeans, leather combat boots, and grey patterned scarf. He did his hair in a perfect coif and ran down the stairs. Everyone - Rachel, Tina, Mercedes, Finn, Puck, Santana, Brittany, Quinn, and Mercedes - looked at him.

"Ok, everyone. Today is going to be the first 'official' day of school for some of you - Puck - and I want to make sure you all are ready." Mr. Schue said.

"Why does he need to be 'prepared'? We've all got his back." Finn said, his girlfriend - Rachel - snuggled closely to him.

"Yeah, I've got this Mr. Schue." Puck said, flexing his muscles. Tina and Quinn couldn't help but laugh.

"What's wrong Kurt?" Mercedes whispered to her best friend.

"I'm just tired of everyone having their mate. You have Sam, Quinn has Puck, Tina has Mike, Rachel has Finn, and even Santana has Brittany." Kurt half yelled back. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the love seat he and Mercedes were sharing.

"Oh, chin up. You'll find him some day, who knows, it could even be at school today." She said back, winking at Kurt.

In the Schuester Coven, there were many different kinds of supernatural beings:


Kurt, Santana, Puck, and Tina


Mercedes, and Rachel


Quinn, Brittany, and Finn

"Oh, 'Cedes, what would I do without you," Kurt said, dramatically placing a hand on his heart. "We're going to be late for school."

"Kurt's right, get ready and go to school. I'll see you all there in History and Glee." Mr. Schue said before grabbing his keys.

Everyone shared three cars. Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina drove together in the black Navigator. Rachel, Santana, and Brittany took the white Honda Accord. Finn, and Puck grabbed the keys to the blue Ford Fusion.

"Tina, your pick." Mercedes said as she gave the iPod to the raven haired girl. She chose 'Womanizer' by Britney Spears.

"You're obsessed with this song." Kurt said as he drove to the school.

"There's nothing wrong with girl power." Tina defended herself. Mercedes, Tina, and Kurt laughed.

All of the cars arrived at the school, each one parked next to the other. Kurt and Mercedes linked arms and they all began walking to the school.

Mercedes froze. A vision:

He pushed him into the empty bathroom and into a cubicle...

'Oh, Jesus," He said when the skinnier boy was picked up and pushed against the wall.

'I love you so much,' The olive skinned boy said against the other's lips. "Literally, so much."

'I love you too." The porcelain boy murmured.

"'Cedes! Mercedes Jones! Are you ok? What's you see?" Quinn was yelling, shaking Mercedes.

"What? Oh, yeah. I'm fine, and I didn't see anything." Mercedes said.

"Ok goo-" Mercedes cut Quinn off.

"I heard it. I couldn't get a visual. It was two boys, one Kurt. They were...together, I think." She said, trying to figure out what had happened. Kurt hearing this, stopped dead n his tracks.

"Wait, what? 'Cedes, you saw me...with a boyfriend?" Kurt said, like he was going to cry.

"I think, yeah. He was shorter than you, but more built. I couldn't see the faces, only voices and general ideals of the vision." Mercedes said, still confused.

"Ok, let's get to class before we get anyone killed," Rachel butted in. "We're going to be late, literally."

"Fine." Kurt said, walking to his locker.

Rachel, Tina, Kurt, and Puck all walked to their lockers - on the same isle - and grabbed their books. Kurt and Tina smelled the slightest amount of blood and immediately looked at Puck. His irises black with blood red scleras. Tina groaned and grabbed Kurt by the arm, pulling him to the new vampire.

"Puck, calm down. You. Are. Fine." Tina said, holding Pucks arm tightly. "Kurt, get Mr. Schue. Now."

"On it," Kurt said before running down the halls, into the History room. "Mr. Schue, it's Puck. We need you, now."

"What happened?" Mr. Schue said as he walked with Kurt.

"He smelled blood. Tina tried to calm him, but couldn't" Kurt said with a low voice.

"Great, I told your brother to watch him." Mr. Shue said, referring to Finn.

"I don't know, but I'm going to class." Kurt said, walking off.

Kurt walked into his Math class only to be greeted by Quinn, Brittany, and Mike. They all smiled but Mike didn't say hello. He was always nervous about the vampires, except for Tina.

"My Unicorn! How are you?" Brittany said, pulling Kurt into a hug. Even though they saw each other this morning, she was excited to see him.

"Hi Britt, Q. How are you Mike?" Kurt asked, knowing he wouldn't talk first.

"Oh, sorry. I'm good man, you?" Mike said. He always became more confident when someone else spoke first.

"I'm fine, thanks." Kurt said, taking his seat in the back of the room.

Kurt sat in silence for the rest of the class, thinking about what Mercedes saw. He couldn't help but make a mental picture of what he wanted the boy to look like. As he day dreamed, all his heightened senses vanished.

"Mr. Hummel? Kurt?" Mrs. Johns said, "Can you answer the question on the board?"

"J is equal to N, which is equal to 3 times 6. 18, the answer's 18." Kurt said, annoyed by the teacher.

"Thank you, Kurt." The teacher said. Kurt continued to day dream the rest of class.