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Time to stop

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Heechul pulled Kyunghoon down the hallway of the classroom and into a secluded room. He is ready to end this whole fuck buddies mess but before he could say what he wanted to say, Kyunghoon pulled him into a deep kiss.


“Hoon stop” Heechul took a seat on the chair as Kyunghoon sat on the table with a serious look. “Next year I am going to college while you will become a senior in high school. I need to start thinking about my future with my girlfriend, I can’t keep fucking you.”


“You say that all the time until I climb on your lap and rock my hips over your hard on.”


Heechul shut his eyes of the thoughts and shook his head. “I’m serious Hoon. You need to find someone that loves you too, instead of just fucking you all the time. I have been cheating on Sohee long enough.”


“So that’s it? You will leave me now that you are graduating?”


“Isn’t that what this is all about? I fuck you when I want to because you won’t get pregnant while my girlfriend can? It’s easier to fuck you than her.”


Kyunghoon would lie if he said that didn’t hurt, but he didn’t want Heechul to also see him weak. This started out as just being fuck buddies and nothing more, he cannot bring feelings into this because right now it feels like he is getting dumped.


Kyunghoon got off the table and on his knees. He reached for Heechul’s zipper and before Heechul could say anything more, Kyunghoon looked up at him. “Please...for the last time. Let me suck you and fuck me hard. Please…”


He pushed Heechul’s boxers down and without warning, he took Heechul’s cock down his throat.


“Fuck, Hoonie” Heechul exclaimed and thrust up. He pulled Kyunghoon’s hair and thrust up until Kyunghoon’s lips met his body. He sped up his movements when Kyunghoon twirl his tongue back and forth. Heechul growled roughly and pulled harder on Kyunghoon’s long locks.


Kyunghoon made a small whimper and tried to balance but Heechul pulled him off. “Turn around and hands on the table.”


It didn’t take long for Kyunghoon to obediently obey. Heechul stripped him naked and pushed him further into the table, bent forward and lifting his ass in the air. “I will fuck you so hard you will remember me every time another guy fucks you.”


He held his cock against Kyunhoon’s hole and pushed in without preparations. Kyunghoon cried out and bent forward further into the table. Heechul thrust up and completely buried himself into Kyunghoon, the angle of watching his cock disappear into Kyunghoon’s hole turned him on even more.


“You want this right? You want me to fuck you like the whore you are right?” He spanked Kyunghoon’s ass and kept Kyunghoon’s hands behind his back. Kyunghoon’s face is against the table and he cried out each time Heechul’s hand landed sharply against his skin.


Heechul let Kyunghoon support himself on the table again once he noticed the imprint on Kyunghoon’s wrist. He flipped Kyunghoon around and pressed into him again. Seeing Kyunghoon’s cock hard with precome turned him on more. He smirked and put a hand on Kyunghoon’s neck and fucked him in a rapid pace. “You feel so fucking amazing. I wish Sohee let me do this to her but she isn’t into these things. I’m glad I found you in high school, it’s been a really fun time with you.”


Heechul choked him until he was crying and Heechul wiped the tears on his face. “I have to admit, I am a bit jealous that someone will take my place now after I graduate.” He thrust harder and Kyunghoon whimpered something along the lines of I will only let you fuck me like this.


Very carefully, he pried his fingers from Kyunghoon’s neck. He spread Kyunghoon’s leg and hit harder into the area that made Kyunghoon moan louder.


Right now Kyunghoon isn’t sure if he is tearing up from the pain (he likes the pain Heechul gave him) or the fact that this will be their last time together. To Heechul they are just fuck buddies but deep inside he has always wondered if Heechul would leave Sohee for him, today he found out that he has been imaging a scenario all on his own.


While Heechul is fucking into him, he tried to push himself up and pull Heechul into a kiss. They kiss so passionately and Heechul thrust harder until he came into Kyunghoon. Kyunghoon also cried out as an orgasm also crashed over him and his lips moved, catching a breath before Heechul pulled out of him.


His body is shaking and he looked at Heechul putting on his clothes. Heechul brushed the sweaty strands of hair away from his face and gave Kyunghoon a smile. “You’re always a great fuck Hoon. Good luck in high school senior year. I will leave now.”


“W-Wait hyung” Kyunghoon got off the table despite the pain on his rear and held Heechul’s hands. “I-If you and Sohee noona ever have any problems, you can always find me..”


Heechul scoffed and took his bag. “Hopefully by that time you will also find someone that loves you. Don’t sleep around so much Hoon. No one will cherish you if you are that easy.”


When Heechul left the classroom, Kyunghoon hugged his clothes tightly and cried. He didn’t think he was easy, he just thought because he really loved Heechul this was enough. Perhaps it was always one sided, that’s why Heechul can easily move on and he cannot.