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Scandalous love

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Tony finally had everything worked out for him. Stark industries was doing incredibly well in business. he and the avengers were finally all on a friendly basis again. Peter’s summer break was comming up, making it that he could finally spend as much time with his lover as he would like, until peter had to return to MIT. The world seemed to finally not be under attack by aliens, or some organization that wanted to take over the world or mutate people. Everything was finally at peace.

Or at least almost everything. Tony still had nightmares on a regular basis, luckily not every night anymore. The weren’t as bad as before, only a few managed to send him into a panic attack. He just couldn’t seem to get rid off them, they would be a mixture of everything. Afghanistan, flying the nuke into the wormhole, ultron, he still couldn’t shake off the pictures Wanda put in his head. And lastly, everything that happened with thanos, the terrified faces of everyone who turned to dust.. peter. Oh god did that image haunt his dreams. He managed to keep the nightmares to himself, not wanting to bother anyone with any more of his problems.

He was shaken out of his though by pepper, storming into his workshop.

“Shower now. Meet me in the kitchen, peter is on his way.” She said before storming out again, Tony frowned. Peter wasnt supposed to arrive until Friday.

“FRIDAY, what day is it?”

“It’s currently Thursday, Boss.” Tony frown deepened, a day early, maybe he didn’t have to attend college on Friday? Decided to just wait and see, Tony stepped into the bathroom, before stripping of his clothes. He stepped into the shower, knowing he needed one since he was once again caught up in his own world and spent the past 4 days in the workshop.

When he finished he decided to just go for his casual wear. He didn’t have any meetings or places to be. He decided on some jeans with a plain shirt, not bothering to dry his hair and style it. It was only pepper and peter after al.

He made his way to the kitchen seeing a mug filled to the rim with coffee already waiting for him. Pepper was sitting at the kitchen table, tabloid, and magazines opened in front of her while she scrolled through the Stark pad. She looked pissed, which was not something Tony wanted to deal with, but he knew he probably didn’t really have a choice.

“Mr Parker has just entered the elevator, and is on his way up, sir.” FRIDAY’s voice cut through the awkward silence. Tony almost sighed in relieve, knowing he didn’t have to deal with an angry pepper alone. Although it also made him curious as to why pepper needed both him and peter to discuss whatever she needed to discuss.

When the elevator door opened, peter stepped out with a mixed expression on his face. It was a mixture between worry, confusion, curiosity and nervousness. Peter made his way to tony, glancing at pepper who still hadn’t looked up from the Stark pad. He kissed peter quickly, whispering a greeting to him. Peter smiled as he said hi back.

“So.. pep wanna tell us what’s happening?” Tony asked, carful not to piss the woman of even more. Pepper stood up from her chair grabbing the tabloids and magazines of the table, Stark pad still in hand.

“Sit.” She simply said. Peter and Tony both sat down, trying to not show the confusion on their faces. Maybe they forgot something? And interview? Meeting? When they were both seated pepper shoved the magazines in their faces, being more gentle with peter and harsher with tony.

The both looked down. Tony grabbed the Stark pad, heart sinking as he read the title


New Stark scandal

Tony Stark seen getting handsy with a college intern?
Pictures of tony Stark (41) seen with his college intern Peter Parker (19), surfaced on the internet today. the pictures show Stark kissing the college boy, on a hotel balcony. The source of the pictures are still unknown. the question remains, for how Kong’s has this been going on? And What does this mean for our beloved couple known as IronSpider? We’re current trying to get a hold of Spider-Man for a statement about all this and these two. stay tuned for more new on Stark and his new “lover”.

Tony looked at the picture, it was their anniversary that day. Tony had taken peter to Paris. Booking the biggest room with the greatest view on the Eiffel Tower. He sighed, that was supposed to be a private moment, just for them to enjoy and now almost the whole world knew. Tony shoved the Stark pad and magazines away from them. Peter looked shocked, frozen in his spot. Tony sighed resting his face into his head, already feeling a headache coming up. He didn’t dare looking at pepper already knowing what was coming.

He already knew how this was going to go, first a whole speech lecture from pepper on how they’ve should’ve been more careful. After, pepper would talk him into doing a press conference.

Bye bye last picee of private life.

When he looked up he found peter looking at him, looking absolutely lost. His eyes were looking glossy already, as he bit his lip. Tony knew this face, this was his I-want-to-cry-but-I-need-to-stay-strong-face. Tony pulled the boy in his lap without hesitation. Kissing his cheek, before whispering “it’s going to be okay” into his ear. Peter just buried his face into Tony’s neck.

Tony turned took look at pepper, who had a sympathetic look on her face. Her anger seemed to have disappeared, she knew this wasn’t all their fault. They couldn’t have know paparazzi would be climbing up trees and hiding on buildings just to get a picture. She was suprised it only had come out now, that picture was taken almost a month ago.

“Alright so this could have been way worse.” Pepper started, holding her hand up to stop tony from talking. Peter slowly lifted his head up, eyes red and swollen.

“First thing, peter is legal and has been ever since you started dating. That doesn’t mean you guys aren’t going to get any hate but, at least the law can’t get involved into this. Second of all no body except me knew about you guys so you can always say you only started dating recently-“

“Aunt may! Oh my god, she’s gonna find out. She’ll be so mad that I didn’t tell her.” Peter suddenly jumped up. Tony followed quickly taking him into his arms as he saw the devastated look he was wearing on his face.

“I need you both to do a press convergence as soon as possible.“ pepper blurred out. Knowing that tony would be strongly against it.

“No. No, no,no. That’s not going to happen! I’ll do one, but peter is not going to be thrown in front of the lions like that.” Tony immediately spoke up, while holding peter protectively to his chest.

“It’s okay, I’ll do it.” Peter finally said. Making tony look at him almost immediately.

“No.” Tony said firmly.

“How abou an interview? A Camera interview, so they can’t twist your words. You’ll do it together, I’ll pick an interviewer you trust. We need to make sure everyone know that peter isn’t doing this against his will, or for your money. Even if he is legal by age, people are going to assume the worst, and you know it.” Pepper said firmly, mostly directing it towards tony.

“Fine.” He sighed before looking at peter.

“Are you okay with all this?” He asked just to be sure. Peter just nods his head not trusting his words.

“When?” Tony sighed, looking at pepper.

“Tomorrow.” Pepper Said. Tony sighed but nodded, before taking peter with him to the living room.