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The Chieftess of Berk

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Their Wedding Night

'It had looked, like it had been fun!' they had said, nudging him playfully in the site and winking at him, while he carefully tried to balance the two mead filled jugs in his hands. And that 'He really got used to her!', they had said.

Hiccup had only shrugged it off, stating, that he only wanted Astrid to feel welcomed on Berk – after all, she was likely to stay here for some time.

And yet it had been his mother, who had said, that he still should stay careful.

“I believe, that Ljóda is the driving force behind Astrid's behavior. With her constantly trying to manipulate the girl, you still should be careful and not trust her too much. I wouldn't turn my back on her. Really, Hiccup, don't be fooled by a pretty face...“

His mother really had a bad feeling about all of it, stating that they should wait to return to the Haddock House together, until Hakon and Ljóda had left for Hranafall the next morning.

That was shortly before Astrid had suddenly stood right next to him, saying that she was tired and wanted to leave to go to bed.

Valka eyed her dangerously, before turning her head, to look for Ljóda, who was already hiding again, somewhere in the crowd.

“Sure you want to leave...“ Snotlout said with a suggestive voice, winking once again at Hiccup, who now only rolled his eyes at that.

Astrid glared for that at the shorter Viking, who immediately hid behind Fishleg's back.

“Take me to our house...“ She said yet once again, laying her hands on her hips, before sighing a little annoyed. “Please...“

“Are you sure, that you really don't want another drink?“

No – she absolutely didn't want to drink mead, even more stating that, when she merely turned around, heading straight for the big doors of the Great Hall.

“Hiccup-“ Valka said, yet once again, grabbing onto the sleeve of his tunic, before he, too, could turn around, „Please, don|t zou think, just because you two had some fun together, that she is now a different person. You definitely should not turn your back at her. Don't underestimate her, just because she had smiled a few times at you!“

Hiccup nodded.

“I know that, don't worry!“

With that, he put the jugs back on the table – somebody else would probably take care of it, since for most Vikings the night wasn't over, yet.

He followed Astrid, standing now directly next to her, right in front of the door and facing the Hall with all its Vikings in it.

“Looks like the bride and the groom are ready to leave for the night!“ Somebody announced, thus making everybody else to turn around to look at then, too, making both young Vikings blush a little at that.

“But they need to be guided to their bed!“ Another male Viking shouted.

“Oh no...“ Astrid mumbled at that “You guys still have this stupid tradition...“

“I am sorry for that...“ Hiccup whispered back “I have forgotten about it for a minute... But don't worry, let me handle it-“

Hiccup waved for Eret, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Snotlout to come over to them, since he knew, that he could trust them the most.

“Six people!“ Gobber now shouted in complainant, already sounding a little drunk himself. Therefore Hiccup whistled for Toothless to come over to him, what the black dragon immediately did, though he grumbled a little at the sight of the young bride. The old smith shrugged. “That might do it, too...“

“Then we bid to goodnight. We hope that the mead and food will taste you, until the sun rises once again...“ Hiccup said loudly, while he offered Astrid his elbow, which she took with shaking fingers.

After all, she did not know how to follow her plan, anymore, for she had wanted to lure her poor groom into the bed and while he had been busy with undressing her, she wanted to slash his throat with the knife in one swift move. But with his friends now following them and waiting for the gods know how long, it would be difficult to go through with the plan like this.

But the little group left nonetheless the Great Hall, walking straight to their house, which was close by.

Her heart was beating horribly and Astrid was afraid, that it could betray her.

“ we really need to bring you two into bed. We are not your moms!“ Tuffnut complained.

“Yeah...this is really boring!“ Ruffnut added to the lamenting of her twin brother.

“And we really don't want to see stuff, we won't be able to forget!“ Snotlout also said.

“But it's tradition...“ Fishlegs mumbled, raising one finger into the air, speaking wisely. “Though I am a little scared to see things, too!“

“And you guys really behave like little children!“ Now Eret said, immediately stating, that his village went through with this tradition without even complaining one bit, the witnesses even staying until both groom and bride were undressed completely. Or even making fun of it.

“Guys!“ Hiccup hissed, a little annoyed, while Astrid rolled her eyes merely at them, though she really tried to get out of the way of Toothless, who was walking right behind there, hissing and grumbling in an angry fashion at her. “That is enough for now!“

They finally stopped right in front of his families house, with Snotlout already having his hand on the handle to open it.

But the young chief stopped him.

“There is really no way, you guys need to go through with this stupid tradition!“

“But we need to make sure, that you guys get into the bed together!“ His cousin complained, though he pulled his hand away, when Hiccup eyed him for some time dangerously.

„Fine... No eyewittnesses then!“

„Well, then good night, guys!“ Eret said, already turning around to leave again, knowing very well, what his friend had in mind.

“Yeah – have a nice 'sleep'!“ Ruffnut said, even marking the last words with her fingers and the young couple could clearly see the wink the young woman gave them.

“Yeah...have 'fun'!“ Tuffnut also added, doing the same quoting with his hands.

“Just ignore them!“ Hiccup mumbled, before he pushed the young bride right through the door, before his friends could make any more stupid jokes about their wedding night.

Before Toothless followed, he looked for a few minutes at the gang, some of them already laughing at their own jokes, while shaking irritated his head.

“Hey Toothless-“ Fishlegs whispered to the black dragon, before he could leave „If they are getting too loud, you know where you can find me! Meatlug would gladly share her bed with you!“

This statement made them laugh even harder, while the poor winged reptile finally went after his owner and this strange woman, quite unsure, why his friends were behaving so strangely.

For some time they could hear their laughter through the closed door, but soon it was becoming more quiet, until it had vanished. They were gone, leaving the groom, the bride and the dragon alone.

Astrid stood by the table, hugging herself, while the darkness around them made it hard to explore her surroundings. She had preferred it to know, where she could hide or escape in a hurry, when she had went through with the plan. Also she felt a little lost in that big house, that was supposed to be her home from now on.

Hiccup on the other hand, walked straight to the fireplace, piling up some wood, before he asked Toothless to fire it with a blast.

Finally some light and pleasant warmth surrounded them, making a desire rise in the young woman to come closer to the fire to ravel at its heat. But she resisted this feeling, still standing close by the table, for Hiccup to finally make a move on her.

But irritatingly enough he merely took a candle from a shelf next to the fireplace, holding its candlewick to the fire until it enlightened, too, before he walked over to her, to push the candle into her hands.

“Here...“ He said.

“What is it for?“ Astrid answered, a little confused about his behavior.

The young chief pointed with a movement of his head over to a small staircase that was close to the second exit at the other side of the house.

“The bedroom is upstairs. You will find a bed there. Make yourself comfortable...“

Her heart skipped a beat, knowing, that he wanted from her to undress already, so he could come up when he had finished everything he needed to do downstairs, to have her in any way possible. And yet she asked:

“A-and you?“

He shrugged, already turning away, before he moved over to one of the chairs, were he already had positioned a few covers, furs and pillows, throwing them an a rug, close to the fireplace.

“I'll make myself comfortable down here.“

She looked at him for a few moments, not quite understanding.

Hiccup saw a uncertain glance towards the rug, while already unclasping the coat around his neck to lay it over the back of the same chair.

“What – did we really think, that we would-“

Seeing her glance, he knew, that she was thinking exactly that. That they would went through with their wedding night. With not only sharing a bed, but also their bodies. A thought, that really was revolting to him. After all – he didn't even know her. Or loved her. He didn't even wanted her to have her here, in this house, even after the little fun they might have had at their celebration.

“Listen, Astrid...“ He carefully said, unsure of what to say, that would not make her furious or hit him with the sword, that still laid around her hips. “..., you might be considered by our people as my wife. But...I don't see you like that. And I know, that you don't see me as your husband. There is connection between us, so why would we need to act like a happy, loving couple, when no one is watching anyway? So there is really no need to consummate our wedding night, just because everybody is expecting us to do so! And I suppose, that this is a approach, you also agree on, don't you?“

She considered for a few minutes his words, though she very much was surprised by this. After all, her mother has always told her different things about men, which she had always seen as sex-hungry monsters.

And now here he was – this Chief, who would not dare to touch her, and even would sleep on the floor, so she could have his bed.

Was he telling her the truth, or was it only a trap, so she would lay unsuspectingly in bed, for him to have an ambush on her?

The wax was slowly tripping down the candle, tripping onto her fingers, bringing her back to the reality around her, while Hiccup had already started to spread the furs and covers, while Toothless cooed at his owner, while sniffing at the he pillows.

“Alright...“ She then whispered, slowly retrieving from the view in front of her, turning towards the stairs to walk upstairs.

“Goodnight...“ He whispered, while she only nodded at his words, walking upstairs, towards the bedroom.

It felt strange to be in an unknown a completely new bedroom, standing in front of a foreign bed. And it all smelled somehow like...him. Like leather and the scent of his skin, she still had in her nose ever since they had kissed and like...something dragon-ish. It was not a smell she despised or hated. It was just...different and yet it felt somewhat comforting to her.

She sat the candle into a candle holder, that rested on top of a small, wooden night stand, before she leaned over the bed, carefully stroking with her hands the covers, as if she had to remind herself, that this was not her own bed. It all felt so...surreal to her.

For a moment she only stood there, not sure, what to to. Her fingertips touched carefully the side of her tight, there, where the knife still hang trustworthy at her side, being all to ready to be used on somebody.

But...she didn't want to use it, feeling the power of her mother's words slowly draining from her, making her thoughts clear, again... It all the sudden felt so wrong to her...

Really feeling tired all the sudden from the whole traditions they had to go through and from the ceremony, she really wanted to take some rest.

So she tried to reach for the back of her dress to undo the bindings, which suddenly felt far too tight, again. And after all – if he really was this nice for not daring to touch her in any inappropriate way, why would she need to make a move on him? She somehow felt, that her mother would understand, wouldn't she? Her mother had only wanted her to protected from Hiccup. But...she didn't need this protection right now. And all she wanted now, was to desperately getting rid this dress and suddenly noticed, that she couldn't do it. Not alone...

She sigehd a little annoyed at that revelation, before she silently walked over to the door of the bedroom, trying to take a glimpse from downstairs, if her dearest husband was still awake. But she couldn't see the fireplace or the young Dragon Rider and his dragon.

Therefore she carefully tiptoed to the staircase, walking down a few steps, until she could see them.

And what she saw, was a view she really had to get used to, though it wasn't looking too...strange...

There they were – Hiccup and Toothless, both laying on the furs and rug close to the fire, with the black dragon being curled up into a ball, his eyes already closed tightly, while the young man rested his head against the side of the winged reptile. She couldn't quite see his face and therefore couldn't tell, if he was already sleeping, too.

A little fascinated by this sigh, she took yet another step downstairs, as if she was drawn to this, like a moth by the light, but immediately stopped, when that damned stair creaked underneath her foot.

Toothless was the first, who's head immediately shoot up again, his eyes focusing in a hurry at the young woman and growled a little, while Hiccup slowly sat up, patting the head of his scaled friend.

And to Astrid's surprise, the young Chief was shirtless, making her swallow hard at the sight of his defined muscles on his back and shoulders, which had been perfectly hidden underneath the leather armor he was always wearing. It took her a little by surprise.

“Astrid?“ He asked after some time, while she still stood halfway on the staircase, raising his eyebrows in curiosity at that.

She didn't answer right away, suddenly having the feeling, that she forgot what the purpose of her coming downstairs had been.

The black dragon yet again hissed at that, moving a little into a crouching position, as if he was ready to jump at her, if needed. Could he maybe sense the knife, still hidden underneath her her dress? Could he sense, what she and her mother had been planning all night long, though she right really wasn't in the mood to go through with it. But considering the fact, that Toothless just looked now, as if he wanted to attack her at any moment, she would maybe reconsider her choice, with her hands already feeling twitchy.

“No, Toothless!“ Hiccup said in a calm manner, laying a hand on the back of the dragon, shaking his head at him, when his friend looked at him with big eyes. “We don't know, what she wants...“

And still his eyebrows raised even higher, and Astrid could clearly see, that his eyes had moved over to his sword, that laid on the table, for a moment, as if he wanted to make sure, he could reach it in time.

She tried to smile a little, feeling, that she would loose more, than she would gain, if she would now reach under her dress, jumping straight down the remaining steps of the stair and past the dragon, just to use the knife on the Chief. The words of her father were returning to her mind for a second, as was the feeling of loosing her honor once again.

No...she really wouldn't do it now and if he really would try something bad on her, then she still had the option left...

“I...I need help...“ She therefore admitted a little coyly, walking down the stairs, carefully walking past Toothless and straight in front of Hiccup – to also marvel for a few minutes at his very present muscles.

“Help? Why could you possibly need help?“

She merely turned around and Hiccup immediately understood, when he saw the tight bindings at her back, that she couldn't possibly open on her own.

“Ah, I see...“ He said, already reaching for the cords, before he stopped halfway. “Hold the front of your dress...“

She nodded and did, as he told her, before she could feel his hands on her back, carefully trying to open up her dress.

“Wow...who did this to you? It is really tight...wait, just another moment...“

He was pushing at her, while she desperately tried to remain in an upright position.

“My mother probably thought it was the best, if you couldn't unpack me that easily...“

“Ah...I see...“ He mumbled, lightly chuckling, remembering the words of his mother, that he should more likely be aware of Ljóda than of her daughter, which seemed to trust him enough to open up her dress, which was a quite irritating moment for him.

And finally the bindings loosened and both felt, that dress was slowly slipping down her shoulders. But she did hold it tightly to her breasts, not wanting him to see anything.

“Thanks...“ She said, slowly turning around to him, blushing at the thought, that this must be a strange sight – with him shirtless and her holding desperately at her wedding dress.

“You are welcome, M'lady... And sleep well...“

“I will and goodnight to you, too...“

She said, feeling a little dazed all the sudden, while already walking back towards the stairs and back up again.

Hiccup still stood there for a few minutes, wondering, what exactly had just happened between them, before he scratched the back of his head, turning towards his trusty friend, who only sat there like a cat and watching Hiccup with a tilted head.

“What?!“ He said, shrugging, before he walked back to the rug, to lay back down. “I can't possibly deny her my help. And maybe its for the best...“

'Sure!' said the look on Toothless' features.

“Oh shut up, you useless reptile!“ The Chief joked. “And now sleep. I don't want you to be unbearable, if you don't get your sleep!“