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A fire shadow’s will

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Minato said goodbye to her son and observed how he cried. She would have given much to be able to hold him, to take care of him. If she hadn't left Obito for dead... She would have been able to raise him, to see how he grew up and his first words being ‘hahaue’ or ‘mama’ or even if Kakashi had been his babysitter, ‘kaka-nii’.

But she had, her students had suffered, and a lot of people had died, and Naruto had had to live alone. Neither Kakashi nor Jiraiya being able to take care of him for fear of people knowing whose son he was. The only link with his mothers that he had been able to keep had been Kushina’s surname (it would have been Minato’s too if they had married), and people had probably understood it as a mere symbol of friendship with the long-lost Uzumaki clan.

She had failed the son that she and Kushina had been trying three years to have with the help of several medic-nin experts in genetics.

Minato's body finally disappeared completely and somehow she felt like she had been trapped inside the Shinigami‘s stomach. Again.

There was something off about it tough.


Kushina had been her best friend before they married, and she had loved her, she had felt attracted to her, but Minato had always felt like she wasn't like his peers, she wasn't an enthusiast of sex, adolescence with Jiraiya being his sensei had been... Awkward.

She didn't feel excited about breasts, she didn’t feel excited about long shapely legs or smooth muscle-less skin (the last thing being practical in a village where everyone had a considerable muscle mass, even the if the civilians liked to think that kunoichi complied with their beauty standards).

Jiraiya had tried to see if she liked breast-less chests and straight hips more, but it was all the same for Minato. People. She could have fun with any of them, but it as more enjoyable if she loved them. Man or woman, it didn't matter to her.

When she looked down her body and saw a scrawny teenager girl’s instead of a grown one’s she freaked out, but she had little time for it, as she soon fainted from the onslaught of memories and emotions pertaining to a 13 year old Sawada Tsuna.

Or was Sawada Tsuna instead, who fainted for the pressure of the memories of Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage?


She didn’t know who she was, Minato or Tsuna? But she figured it didn’t really matter and concentrated on opening her eyes.

There was a very cute girl kneeling in front of her… Kyoko-chan?

“Oh! Tsuna-chan! Are you ok?” she asked with concern “You shouldn’t run with only your underwear on!”

“Tsk!” a boy slightly older than her spat nearby, she couldn't really remember their name, something that starts with ‘Mochi’ and that he was their senpai “You shouldn’t care about a pervert like this, Kyoko!”

Oh! Mochida-sempai! The kendo club’s captain. Wait, underwear? Pervert? They were naked!

Mina-Tsuna tried to cover herself and ran away, ignoring Kyoko-chan’s cry.

When she finally made it home mom wasn’t (luckily) there, so she didn’t have to explain things to her. She went towards her room and, after putting some clothes on, dropped on the floor, thinking.

‘I, well… Minato died. What I am supposed to do after this? Do I want to do anything? Naruto was already an adult the last time I saw him. How much time has passed? Thirteen years? Like the age of Sawada Tsuna? Or more? I suppose that I could investigate for internet… There should be something there…’

A tiny foot kicked her, interrupting their train of thought, and they had to stand up again. The culprit had been a baby with a suit (what was a ‘suit’?), and now she remembered. The baby-tutor had been the one to shoot her.

“I came here to raise you to become a proper mafia boss; this level of awareness is unacceptable”.

‘Cut me some slack’ thought Mina-Tsuna ‘I’m trying to process being two persons at once’.

“A mafia boss? Why? Also, you shoot me, why I’m not dead?”

And so, Reborn explained to her their genetic link to the first boss of the mafia family, Vongola, the death of the tree viable heirs and the function of Dying Will Bullets.

“But, couldn’t anyone else make a better heir?” she asked ‘And I assume that it isn’t normal to remember… a past life? When shot with Dying Will Bullets’.

“Only blood-related people can inherit” told her Reborn, without an ounce of compassion.

Her Tsuna-part wanted to cry, the Minato-part tried to rationalize it while Reborn went to sleep. Thanks to Minato’s ninja background (as if being one of the strongest ninjas could be considered ‘background’), the traps didn’t startle her.

‘I, well, my Tsuna-part doesn’t have any ambition, would it be so bad to do what he (after an investigation, of course) wants? Maybe there it is considered wrong to do what a mafia does, but if I was the boss I could make it nice-r and I would have the monetary and social power to protect everyone I love. Maybe it’s only mom (it’s strange to have a mom after twenty and some years of being an orphan) now, but I’m pretty sure that with a higher confidence than a normal teenager I will make some friends. If I don’t find a way back, of course’

The objective of the mission, well, of her life established she went to sleep, back against the wall (she didn’t know Reborn enough to allow a more vulnerable position), and prayed for Minato’s ninja skills regarding light sleep to carry on to Tsuna.