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Your Guardian Cat

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The -he would deny to his dying day that it was a squeal- manly exclamation of shock escaped Hashirama's lips upon waking up to an unfamiliar weight on his chest.


The thing had the oddest hair color -pink? How is that genetically possible?- and a slender body that was all creamy skin and luscious curves. He could feel every slope and swell of her through the thin jinbei he wore to sleep last night.


A woman. How did a woman make her way into his room? Naked, at that? Was she crazy?


A million thoughts raced through his mind as he tried to comprehend his current, embarrassing situation. To make matters worse, the woman was curling very intimately into him, and her -very well endowed- chest was rumbling with a strange sound that both shocked and relaxed him.


Was she… Purring?


His body was frozen from shock and awkwardness. He wanted to move her, but it was highly improper for a man to touch a woman so blatantly. But a naked woman sleeping on top of an unknowing man was downright scandalous, he justified, and with that in mind, attempted to shove her off.


Her reaction was instantaneous. She woke up the second he made to push her off, and her fingers dug painfully into his ribs, like trying to remove a cat from their favourite scratchpost. She had tensed up, eyes wide and wild and unfathomably green, lips pulled back to hiss violently at the disturbance. Her muscles were strong and wiry under his touch.


Hashirama's eyes widened, too shocked to register the pain from her fingers -claws?- digging into his skin. His hands were still on her rounded hips, unsure whether to push again or leave her be. In any case, it seemed like she didn't appreciate being moved.


“Who are you?” Hashirama managed to ask, rather shakily, when he finally gathered the courage. The woman stopped hissing, but her stance was still guarded and coiled to strike. She eyed him with intelligent, gleaming emerald eyes. “You brought me home last night. Don't you remember?” She said slowly, roughly, like she rarely spoke. Her voice was scratchy yet melodious. It was confusing.


The Senju furrowed his brow. He did not make it a habit to indulge in a woman's warmth or bring them home. In fact, he was even abstaining from any sort of sexual relation so that he could focus on getting Konoha off its feet. Women were a distraction, and he had to pay utmost attention to his dream coming true.


“I do not remember bringing a woman home last night, miss. I'm afraid you're mistaken.” He explained slowly. He watched her expression, and detected confusion in her green eyes. A blink, then understanding dawned in them. A smile bloomed on her face, and he noted with dread and fascination how beautiful she was.


Women are distractions. Women are distractions. Women are distractions. The chanting didn't help.


“Oh, sorry,” she said, sounding very smug and very unapologetic. Her hands had loosened their grip, leaving deep indents on his skin. “I forget sometimes that I change form overnight. You did bring me home, Hashirama. Remember carefully.”


He frowned. He hadn't been drunk last night. In fact, he had stayed completely sober for a meeting with the clan heads. Once the meeting was finished, he remembered rain pouring down. He remembered cursing as he tried to run through the rain as quickly as possible, before pausing when he heard a very pitiful-sounding meow. It had belonged to a sopping wet cat with white fur and green eyes, which he had brought home thanks to his bleeding heart.


A cat. With green eyes. The same shade of green as the woman currently grinning at his realization.


He groaned as she laughed.


“Yes, you saved me, Hashirama Senju.” She stated cheerfully. “I am now indebted to you with my life. For that, I will serve you,” her eyes darkened as a teasing smile replaced the cheerful grin from earlier. “However you wish.”


Hashirama cursed inwardly. Him and his morals. He really shouldn't have listened to his stupid conscience.


Outwardly, he could only manage a meek smile in response to her rather wolfish expression, along with a half-assed “you really don't have to”.