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Mika could hear the faint humming of cars and people chattering in the background. People of all different interests and appearances were talking and walking past him. People were laughing, yelling, and gossiping. Mika turned the volume up on his phone, so now his music rung louder than the people around him.

Mika walked past a shop which had T.V.s displayed in the front window. He didn’t really have the time to stop and watch, but he didn’t need to stop to know what they were talking about. A rise in Vampire attacks. Mika has known this for a while, but honestly couldn’t care less. The only people the Vampires were attacking, was there rival gang, the Imperial Company.

In all honesty, Mika was hoping that one day, both the Imperial Company and the Vampires would kill each other off. It would make his life easier, but then he would have to find another second job.

Mika finally made it to work, and walked through the front doors of the tiny cafe, already packed with salarymen on lunch break, and high school students who were ditching school, something Mika was familiar with doing in high school as well, with his friends Rene and Lacus. They really were bad influences on him, but unlike them, he was smart enough to pass his exams.

“Mika! Thank God you’re here! Can you help me?”

Mika took his headphones off and saw a small girl with purple hair and amber eyes with a tray full of food and drinks, trying to get multiple orders out to multiple people.

“Yeah, gimme a sec.” Mika quickly rushed towards the counter, where a frantic Yoichi was taking orders as quickly as he can, trying to get through the line.

“Hi Mika-Kun!” Yoichi greeted quickly.

Mika nodded and went into the kitchen where Kimizuki and Shinya were quickly making food and drinks. They didn’t seem to notice Mika walk in, which is fine, he didn’t want to bug them.

He went towards the lockers and quickly put his things in it and grabbed an apron and tied it around him. He washed his hands in the sink and braced himself before walking back out to the front of the cafe.

Shinoa, was carrying a tray of food and drinks that looked as if it weighed more than her, but Mika has known Shinoa since they were kids and he learned to never underestimate her strength, or he would pay for it dearly.

“Mika, can you take that side, I’m giving out food and stuff on this side. They still need to get their orders taken, and some of them already ordered. The list is in my apron pocket.” Shinoa shifted her hips towards Mika.
Mika grabbed the notepad with orders for him and tore that page off. “Got it.”

Mika got straight to work. He went to take orders and got out the orders for those who were waiting for their food and drinks. Time went by and eventually the line dwindled and people started to file out until the shop was nearly empty except a few who were either talking or casually eating.

Mika let out a sigh.

“Man! Why was today so busy?” Shinoa asked as she leaned back against the counter next to Mika.

“Well, today was a nice day. Maybe people thought it was perfect cafe weather?” Yoichi commented.

“Or maybe because we have two gods in the kitchen!” Shinoa exclaimed.

Kimizuki came out of the kitchen for his break just in time to hear that and he glared at Shinoa. “Don’t patronize me, Shinoa.”

“I wasn’t! I was complimenting you!”

“Your compliments are very complimentary, though.” Kimizuki said as he went to Yoichi and placed his order.

“Everyone should be begging for my compliments because they are coming from me and my compliments are so heartfelt and meaningful! Right Mika?” Shinoa asked Mika.

Mika just shrugged.

Shinoa sighed. “I can never win with you…”

Mika has know Shinoa since they were kids, but only reconnected after high school. Mika was “adopted” by his current guardians and he had to move. Yoichi and Kimizuki were introduced to him after he reconnected with Shinoa, and after he took this job. Shinoa went the extra mile when he told her he was looking for another job. She immediately went to her step brother, Shinya, who owned this cafe, and asked him to hire him, which he did with no questions asked.

He enjoyed working here. He was kinda awkward when it came to small talk, but Shinoa and the others didn’t really comment on it. They actually reassure him by saying they have a friend that’s even more awkward than him, but Mika has never met this friend. The only friend that he met was Mistuba, who would occasionally visit them on her breaks, if she didn’t have to skip them.

Shinya stepped out from the Kitchen with a tray of food placed on one hand and placed his other hand on Mika’s shoulder. “I’m sorry I couldn’t greet you when you came in, it was busy.”

Mika shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, I didn’t want to bother you anyways.”

Shinya smiled at Mika before turning to Shinoa. “You’re free to go now.”

“Thank God!” Shinoa said as she rushed through the kitchen doors.

Mika stared at Shinya a bit longer, who was giving Kimizuki his food. He still couldn’t believe that Shinya was a part of the Imperial Moon Gang. He was way too nice, but then again, he never seen him angry either and didn’t want to.

His guardian told him about Shinya as soon as he told her that he got a job here. His guardian knew, because she was the leader of the Vampires and of course she needed to know the top ranks of their rivals. According to her, Shinya was adopted into the head family of the Imperial Moon Gang, but that’s all she told Mika, as well as to relay any information he might spill about their gang.

Mika didn’t like being placed in the middle like this, but he didn’t have much of a choice. Not only was he under the orders of his guardian, but he was also part of the vampires, himself, even if he didn’t fully transition himself.

Shinoa walked out from the kitchen. “I can’t wait to take a bath. Yoichi, can you ring me up a Hokkaido Bubble Milk tea? With extra bubbles?”

“Sure thing!” Yoichi said as he rang her up on the register.

Mika glanced at Shinoa. Her and Shinya were related, so she had a connection to the Imperial Gang as well. However, she may have no role and was just born under those circumstances.

“Are you checking me out Mika?”


Shinoa smirked at him. “I know, I know! My cute feminine looks are finally getting the best of you! It’s understandable, I’m just so hard to resist!”

Mika arched his eyebrow. “What’s there to look at?”

Shinoa’s mouth gaped open. She punched Mika in the shoulder, hard. “Asshole.”

Mika chuckled and rubbed his arm. Definitely might be sore from that.

Yoichi handed Shinoa her drink.

Shinoa took it and walked to the door. “Bye-bye!”

Everyone waved goodbye before she left.

Mika checked the time. 2:00. He still had three more hours. The cafe closes at 5, which gave him enough time to go home rest, and get ready for his second job, which started at the wonderful time of 9 o’ clock.
The rest of Mika’s shift dragged on slowly. Yoichi left around 3 and Kimizuki left around 4, leaving Mika and Shinya to close. After they closed, Mika said goodbye to Shinya before heading him again, music playing in his ears.

Mika made it to his apartment around 5:30. His home was empty, as always, his guardian never stayed here for long unless she was giving him an order. So, Mika grabbed a vial of blood left by his guardian and downed a couple before showering and taking a nap.

When his alarm rang, it was 9 o’ clock and Mika had to head out to his second job, which wasn’t far, especially via the route he takes.

Mika put on dark jeans and pulled a black hoodie over his shirt. He stepped outside and locked the door and pulled his hood over his blonde hair. He walked to the city which was down the street and quickly ducked into the nearest alley.

He pushed himself on top of a dumpster and grabbed a fire escape ladder and climbed to the top where he grabbed the ledge of the top of the building and pulled himself up.

He walked towards the edge of the building and overlooked the city skyline. He took a deep breath as he took the sights in. This was more his natural element rather than working in a cafe.

Mika reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. Written on it was a list of people to “check in” on written by his guardian.

“Things to do:

Pick up the package from Welt
A woman name Sayuri should be checking into Gingko hotel tonight. Find out her room number.
Visit Nagoya Nites Club”

Mika groaned. Why did he have to visit an Imperial Moon club? He didn’t like the idea of being surrounded by drunk people. But again, he didn’t have much of a choice.

Mika placed the paper in his pocket and leapt from the tops of building to building, making his way towards Lacus’ place.

Lacus lived in a penthouse suite of this fancy hotel Mika could never get the name down because it was French.

Mika scaled the side of the building until he made it to the balcony of Lacus’ room. He tapped on the glass sliding door and waited a few seconds before the door slid open and Lacus was there to greet him.

“Mika! So good to see you! Come in, come in!”

Mika followed after Lacus inside and closed the door behind him.

“You’re here for the package for Krul right?”


Mika picked up on the faint scent of blood and saw that Lacus’ bed had two women lying naked underneath the sheets. They were clearly human and had bite wounds on their shoulders and necks. They were almost in a trance like state, patiently waiting for Lacus to come back.

Mika sighed.

“What?” Lacus questioned before following Mika’s gaze. “Oh that, yeah. What can I say?”

“You better be careful, Lacus. The news today reported an uprising in human deaths by vampires. You don’t want to cause trouble for Krul.”

Lacus waved his hand in front of his face. “I know, I know! I’m being careful! I’m not killing them, just using them for fun!”

Lacus had a weird idea of fun. He glanced at the women in bed and couldn’t help but feel bad for them. He wanted to help, but he didn’t want to get involved either. He just wanted to get away from it all, but here he was. The stench of blood was making his head hurt.

“Can I just get the package?” Mika said quickly.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get your panties in a bunch…” Lacus went towards the desk with a backpack placed on top of it.
Mika glanced at the women again. One had strangely familiar Olive colored eyes. Where has he seen that color before?

“Here.” Lacus shoved a package towards Mika.

Mika shifted his focus back to Lacus and took the package and slung it over his shoulder. “Thanks.”

Mika made his way back towards the sliding door but paused. He felt guilty about leaving those women to their fate, but despite his mind and heart screaming to help them, he found himself opening the sliding door and stepping onto the balcony, closing the door behind him.

He scaled the side of the hotel down towards a lower neighboring building and leapt on top of it. Mika may have vampire strength, speed, and regeneration, but he could still break his legs from a fall like that and didn’t want to deal with the pain.

Mika pulled out the list again. He got the package, next was to look for this Sayuri person. Only problem is, what did she look like? Well, he would figure it out soon enough.

He leapt across rooftop, from rooftop, scaling up and down buildings until he found the Gingko hotel. He waited across the street on top of a neighboring building. This woman must be important if he was being told to find out which room she was staying in, so she probably has an entourage.

Surely enough, a woman surrounded by three large men approached the hotel. The woman had chestnut hair and she looked very kind, hard to picture her being a part of the gang. They must like taking in unassuming people.

The woman and her entourage walked in the hotel and Mika stood up and quickly climbed down the building he was perched on and was street level. He walked into the lobby of the hotel and took off his hood. He saw Sayuri and her entourage waiting in front of the elevator.

The doors opened and they stepped in and Mika rushed towards it.

“Wait! Hold the door please!” Mika shouted.

Sayuri noticed and threw her arm forward, causing the elevator doors to open again and Mika squeezed in.

Feigning a pant, he glanced up at Sayuri and smiled. “Thank you so much!”

“Of course!” She smiled.

Mika composed himself and glanced at the buttons. The button labeled 7 was glowing. That must be her floor. Mika pressed button 8 and felt the elevator rise.

“You’re so young to be out so late.” Sayuri commented.

“Oh? Yeah, I have two jobs, just finished my second one.”

“Oh really? What a very hardworking person you are, especially for someone so young!”

Mika smiled. “Thank you! I try my best!” Great, small talk. His greatest weakness. What should he say to keep the conversation going?

The elevator pinged, and the doors opened. Thank God.

Sayuri and her entourage stepped out.

“Have a good Night!” Sayuri smiled.

“You too!” Mika responded.

As the elevator doors closed, Mika noticed the direction Sayuri turned. Left.

A few seconds later, the elevator pinged and Mika stepped out. He stepped out and moved towards a window and opened it. He climbed out, grabbed a ledge and started to scale down the side of the building. He hung himself beneath the set of seventh floor windows and moved towards the left side. He tried to listen in for Sayuri’s voice. After hearing snoring for a while, he heard soft traces of Sayuri’s voice. He peeked in the window, and surely enough, she was there, sitting at the desk on the phone.

“Yes, I just got into my room… No I wasn’t followed, just ran into another guest… No, he wasn’t a vampire… Understood.” Sayuri hung up.

Mika climbed down from the hotel and stepped back across the street. He looked up towards where he was and counted the number of windows from the elevator. Floor seven, six rooms from the elevator, left hand side. Got it.

Mika pulled his hood up over his head and walked down the the street and down an alley where he took back to the rooftops to his last stop, the Nite Club.

Mika noticed a small group of people standing on the rooftop of the building in front of him and the Nite Club. The smaller one he knew instantly.

He met up with them and they turned towards him.
“Mika, good you’re here. Do you have my package?” Krul asked.

“Yeah, here.” He took the backpack from his shoulder and handed it to her.

Krul opened the zipper and peeked inside. “Good. And Sayuri?”

“Gingko Hotel, Seventh floor, Six rooms from the elevator on the left hand side.”

Krul smirked. “Perfect. Wonderful job Mika.”

Krul slung the backpack over her shoulder. “Rene and Ferid here will be joining you on your visit.”

Mika was fine with Rene, but hated Ferid. They had a very unhealthy relationship and Mika wanted nothing more than for him to drop dead.

“Why?” Mika asked.

“Just in case anything goes wrong. Supposedly, the Imperial Moon’s ‘super weapon’ is working here tonight. Supposedly he’s really strong and we just need to figure out what he looks like so we can plan accordingly.”

“Plan for what?” Mika asked again.

Krul was silent for a second. “I’ll tell you later. Just… enjoy your visit.” Krul said before leaping away across the rooftops.

Mika sighed. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Yes! This will be fun! I wonder was delicious treats are inside~” Ferid responded.

Mika could feel a headache coming on.

The three of them scaled down the building and were street level. The walked to the front entrance of Nite Club and the bouncer looked them over. Both Ferid and Rene were wearing colored contacts and had their fangs retracted so they looked like perfect humans, despite their weird hairstyles. Then the bouncer looked at Mika, who looked more normal than both Rene and Ferid. He opened the door for them and the three of them walked inside. The music was nothing but a soft rumble outside, but inside, Mika could already feel his ear bleeding. It was loud and crowded. It smelled of alcohol and weed and the headache from before was just getting worse. People were grinding up to each other on the dance floor and people were littered across the bar.

Ferid leaned close to Mika’s ear. “Have fun.”

Mika saw Ferid go towards a couple of women at a bar.

“Let’s sit over there and leave the talking to Ferid.” Rene told him and the two of them went to an empty booth.

The two of them watched as everyone partied the night away. Mika took in the sights and people to note. A bouncer was guarding the exit/entrance and he had dirty blonde hair tied into a ponytail and a goatee. The bartender stood out amongst everyone with her flaming red hair. She definitely looked like someone you didn’t want to mess with.

There were some people you could see with Imperial Moon tattoos on their arms and necks dancing and drinking.

Things were very boring right now. Nothing was happening, Mika checked the time on his phone, 2 am. He could feel himself grow tired of this.

“Nothing’s happening.” He told Rene.

Rene nodded. “Let’s call it a night.”

The two of them stood up, ready to get Ferid when Mika caught a familiar scent. One he hasn’t smelled in years. He looked around and noticed a head of black hair drawing closer to Ferid. Mika hasn’t smelled this scent since the day the orphanage burned down, along with the ones he cared for the most.

The raven-haired boy was standing in front of Ferid and was glaring at him with the most brilliant emerald eyes which cause Mika’s heart to race.


Yuu was glaring at Ferid with the most terrifying glare Mika has seen in a long while.

“Is something the matter, boy?” Ferid asked.

“Leave them alone…”

“Ah, but we’re just having some fun? Right ladies?” Ferid asked.

“Yeah, Yuuichiro, what’s the big idea?” One of the ladies said.

Yuu reached for something in his pocket and Rene and Mika acted. Mika pulled up his hood and the two of them rushed to Ferid.

“Ferid! Let’s go! I’m tired…” Mika said.

Yuu froze.

“But you guys~!” Ferid whined.

“No buts. He has work tomorrow.” Rene said, gesturing towards Mika

Ferid glanced at Yuu, then at Mika, and sighed. “Fine.” He turned towards the ladies. “I’m sorry my sweets, but I must be off!” He kissed both of their hands. “Adieu!”

The three of them quickly left the club and outside, they talked about what happened.

“That was their weapon.” Rene said.

“Really? A cutie like that? That glare of his sent chills down my spine~” Ferid responded.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt it’s him. He doesn’t look very strong though…” Rene commented.

After 10 years, Mika found Yuu again. After 10 long years of thinking he was dead along with everyone else in the orphanage, there he was. Mika wanted to run back in there and hug him, hear his voice, just to make sure it was really him. However, fate was cruel, Mika was with the vampires, and Yuu was a part of the Imperial Moon Gang.