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“Come on, Penny! We gotta go before they find us!!” the brunette pulls the young red-head along with her.

“Lila, wait! I can’t...I can’t run that fast!!” the red-head calls to her, trying to get her to slow down.


“Ugh…” the red-headed teen groans, as she slowly sits up. She looks around, noticing the bed of yellow flowers around her.

“Lila? Wh- Lila!!” she turns, seeing Lila unconscious beside her. She shakes her gently, trying to rouse her. “H-hold on. I-I’ll go get help!!”

Penny gets up slowly, testing her stability before leaving the bed of flowers and heading forward.

“Howdy!! I’m Flowey! Flowey the Flower!!” A small voice calls out. Penny looks around, then looks down, noticing a yellow flower.

“You can talk?” she inquires, crouching down.

“Golly, you must be so confused!! It’s alright! You’re new to the Underground, so I guess little ol’ me will have to teach you how things work around here!” the yellow flower says, tilting his stem, sticking out a...tongue?.... and winking.(cuz flower's totally have tongues. This is Undertale fandom, so skeletons have dicks too. Just fucking roll with it)

“Okay?” she looks at him with a suspicious look on her face.

“This is your SOUL,” a green, yellow, and orange SOUL appears in front of Penny’s chest, “the very culmination of your being.”

“Huh. Cool. Well, I think I’ll be just fine without your help, Mr. Flower. I’ll be go-”

“YOU IDIOT. DO NOT IGNORE ME. IN THIS WORLD IT’S KILL OR B- ACK!!” Penny steps on Flowey’s stem, crushing him slightly.

“Quiet, plant. I know what you are trying to do. Now leave me be before you find yourself in a thorny situation,” she growls at him, Flowey looking up at her fearfully.

She walks on, Flowey disappearing under the ground.


“Ugh...wh...what happened?” Lila sits up slowly, looking around. “Penny? PENNY?!”

She turns her head quickly, looking for any sign of her companion. “PENNY!!”

She gets up slowly, trying not to fall over, then leaves the bed of flowers. “Wh...what the hell happened? So...this is Mt. Ebott? I guess the rumors were true then…”

She continues walking, passing through the area, which seems strangely quiet, and empty.

“Huh..were these supposed to be puzzles? Looks like someone already solved them...WAIT! PENNY MUST HAVE BEEN THROUGH HERE!” she starts running through the desolate Ruins, when she hears a commotion at the end of the corridor.

A group of creatures seem to be gathered at the end of a very long hall. Some of them turn to see her coming, one monster in particular beginning to walk towards her.

A goat woman in a purple dress approaches her. “Hello, my child. I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins. A young human girl with red hair asked me to find another human who had fallen down. I take it you must be her?”

Lila hesitates, then nods. “U-uh...yeah. I’m Lila. Wait! You saw Penny!? Was she okay?!”

“Yes, my child. There is no need to worry. She decided to go on ahead out of the Ruins, trusting me to find you and make sure you were alright.”

“I have to go find her!” she exclaims, pushing through the crowd of monsters.

“W-wait, my child!! I can lead you through the Ruins to the door! She...made me promise I’d help you get to her! Come with me. You can only get to the door through my house,” Toriel says, trying to calm the panic-stricken teen.

Lila looks at her, hesitant, then nods. “Al-alright. Lead the way.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip to Lila leaving the Ruins cuz I’m lazy ^w^~~~~~~~~~~~

“Penny!! PENNYYY!” Lila calls out, as she reaches a bridge with large bars across it. “What the hell? Anyone could just walk right through these. What was the point in putting them there?”

“Human....Don’t you know how to greet a new pal? Turn around...and shake my hand…” a deep voice says behind her. She quickly whips around to a shadowy figure, who slowly extends his hand to her. She hesitantly takes it, a loud and drawn-out pfffffffffffftttt noise ringing through the forest.

“Hah! The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It’s always funny. I’m Sans. Sans the skeleton. You’re a human, right? That’s hilarious. You’s not everyday that two humans fall down her-”

“Where’s Penny?!” She grabs onto the blue jacket that seems to be very similar to hers, right down to the fluff around the hood. “Where is she!?!?!?”

“Woah, kiddo. I think you need to calm down,” he places his hands on her wrists, pulling them off his jacket, a single iris glowing a bright blue. “There’s no need to be so pushy.

“I don’t give a fuck. Tell me where she is!!” she growls.

“Look, kiddo. Tibia-nest, if you keep this up, you’re not gonna be havin the best time. How about you calm down, and let me help you find your friend?” he looks down at her, having at least 6 inches on her.

She gives a shaky sigh. “I-I’m sorry. Just...a bit rattled.” She laughs. “To patella you the truth, I can be really protective and it can make me a bit of a bonehead.” She knocks her knuckles on her head, laughing.

Sans chuckles. “See? A bit of humor can go a long way. Come on.” He waves her through the bars on the bridge. “I’ll help you find your buddy.”

Up ahead, Lila can see another skeleton, this one being very tall and wearing an orange scarf similar to Penny’s. He seems to be engaged in a passionate discussion with someone that looks like-

“PENNY!!!” Lila runs to the red-haired girl, hugging her tightly. “Oh my Hylia! Are you alright?!”

Penny looks down at Lila, smiling. “I am fiine, Lila!! No need to worry so much about me!!”

Lila sighs in relief. “I thought something horrible had happened to you! You really,” she gives a mischievous smile, “rattled my bones.” She shoots finger guns at Penny, who groans, the other skeleton following suit, and Sans chuckles.

“BROTHER. HAVE YOU BEEN TAINTING THIS HUMAN WITH YOUR HORRIBLE HUMOR?” the taller skeleton says, his voice loud and flamboyant.

“Nah, bro. This one seems to have her own funny bone. She’s pretty humerus on her own.” Sans shrugs, his perma-grin relaxed, his hands in his jacket’s pockets.

“Yeah, she’s always like this. Well, when she isn’t worried or angry.” Penny looks at the taller skeleton, an apologetic smile on her face. “This is Papyrus, Lila. He’s Sans’s younger brother.”

“Oh...hi.” Lila waves at him, putting her hands in her own jacket’s pockets, mimicking Sans’s position, minus the smile.


Lila chuckles a bit. “Yeah, well you and Penny seem pretty similar too, down to the height and the orange scarves.”

“But I have red hair and boobs.”

“Penny, oh my god.”

“What? It’s true!!”

Lila just shakes her head. “You’re also a human. Though you are just skin and bones.” She sticks her tongue out at Penny, who facepalms in sync with Papyrus.

“This is going to be a long day.” Penny groans.

“Yep. We might get a move on before something decides to jump our bones. We might only make it out by the skin of our teeth.


Lila just shrugs.

“I thought they were pretty humerus.” Sans interjects.


“Come on, Penny, you’re smiling.”

“You are too, Papyrus.”

“WE ARE AND WE HATE IT!!” Papyrus and Penny say in sync, all of them laughing.

Exchanging horrible skele-puns with new friends fills you with DETERMINATION.