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Snatch wakes to the door opening and the sudden sound of the outside world, hurting his ears.  The door is quickly closed and something grabs his legs, pushing them together. He struggles to get out their grasp, getting a harsh slap on his leg.

“Nough of that short stuff. I have news about that glowing friend of yours. Turns out he didn’t make it through the journey after all.  Went out screaming and writhing in pain from what I heard. Shame you didn’t get to say goodbye.” They snarl, watching as the rogue’s eyes widen.  The person smiles at this and smashes something heavy on one of Snatch’s legs, making a cracking sound and Snatch lets out a muffled scream from the pain.  The person smirks and turns to leave, leaving Snatch writing and screaming in pain. The door opens then shuts, barely letting the sound of his screams escape the room.  They walk down the hall, surrounded by doors while tossing the heavy object slightly in their hand. They stop a few doors down and pockets the heavy object, knowing to use it to help...persuade the next person to help behave. He opens to door to find another halfling, this one looking angrier than the other one.  The person grins, watching the halfling wake up.

“Wakey, wakey.  Food’ll be here soon.though there should be more going round since you guys lost someone in your little band.  Don’t remember if it was the big chick or that dwarf. Either one, it was not a pretty death. Quite a bit of blood from what I saw.” They explain casually, watching as the halfling’s eyes widen with fear and sadness.  The person walks closer, close enough to his ear to whisper.

“If you behave, then you won’t have to join them. You may even get that teddy bear of yours...Randy.” the person says before pulling away.  Randy stares at him, scared and confused about the situation. His bandmates couldn’t be dead, or at least one of them. The person lifts Randy’s shirt a bit, showing some bandaging on his stomach from his stab wound.Randy flinches as the person touches it, soon unwrapping the bandages a bit to look at the wound itself.

“Looks like its healing. Good. We need more workers for the farm. Once you get healed up you will be given a work assignment for your...stay. Though from what I heard, you are suppose to be retrained for the nowhere man.” he states worth a slight chuckle,almosts as if there was a joke in his statement. Randy could only stare, still processing the fact that one of his band mates is dead.  The person leaves, just as another person enters to bring in the tray of food. The person stops the other and whispers something, making the other person nod before continuing forward.

“Food here.  Eat quick, food only comes twice a day.” They say as they place the tray down, moving to take the mask off Randy.  Randy stretches his jaw before reaching for the tray. The person leave, allowing Randy to eat alone and in the complete silence of the room.  As the door closes, the halfling suddenly becomes aware of the sound of his own chewing. He chews slower, trying to lessen the sound in his ears.  His mind starts racing, wondering who’s dead and who might still be alive.

Down below, a dwarf waits for the door to open again, knowing that the door might open again after his last stunt.  He had headbutted the guard that came in before. He got a good hit to his chin from the guard. The door begins to open, giving him a brief moment to hide.  He moves quickly to under the bed, using his small size to his advantage. The manacle’s chains clink as he shimmies under the bed. Footsteps can be heard entering slowly at first, a tray clatters to the ground, sending food scattering before receding out of the room.

“THE PRINCE IS GONE! HE GOT OUT!” The voice shouts, getting fainter.  The dwarf stays still for a minute more, making sure that the guards don’t come back.  Footsteps again, this time sounding more heavier then the others. The dwarf holds his breath, waiting.  Something grabs his leg and pulls him out from his hiding spot, making him let out a muffled yelp of surprise.

“Raz’ul. I see you managed to get off the bed despite the extra security we had on you.  You know with this behavior, you may just be hurting your friends...I’m sorry friend, I hate to inform you that due to some complications…and very bad behavior, that big half-orc friend of yours is no longer with us.” The person says as he drops Raz’ul back on the bed. Raz’ul’s eyes widen in shock from the news, not seeing that the new guard is putting more chains on him to keep him attached to the bed.  A whimper, though silent to the man next to him, escapes Raz’ul’s lips as he thinks of his half-orc bandmate being dead. Another person enters and whispers to the guard, making him lets out a sigh. He undos his work and throws Raz’ul over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes.

“Come on, you and another are wanted.” He grunts before walking out the door with Raz’ul, giving Raz’ul a look at the facility.  They walk down a hall of doors, the sound of the chains on his manacles clink as they move. A door opens and another guard comes out wheeling a tiefling in a chair.

“What do you think the warden wants with these two?” Raz’ul’s guard asks the other as the two walk down the hall with their captives secured.  They reach a dark oak door and the tiefling’s guard does a quick knock before opening it.

“Warden, we have the dwarf and tiefling bards.  You wanted to see them?” They announce, wheeling the tiefling forward with the other guard following behind with Raz’ul.  The warden, a halfling with jet black hair, slicked back. He wears a dark tunic with matching pants, his dark eyes piercing your soul when he looks at you.

“Excellent, go ahead and take the masks off, I want to talk to them.” He orders, watching as the guard holding Raz’ul plops him in a chair before removing the mask.  Raz’ul moves his jaw slightly, wincing from the pain of the punch he got before. The halfling watches with a smile as the tiefling squirms in her chair, her tail tied to her body to keep her from making a beat.  The guards move behind the two, ready to act if the two misbehave. The warden leans forward on his desk, which is much lower to the ground. The two prisoners simply stare and wait for him to speak. Raz’ul still in shock from the news about Yashee being dead.

“I know that you two are bards.  I also know that you haven't heard news of your little group.  Your little halfling friend....the rogue, didn’t make it through the night. He ended up being injured while being put into his cell.  He ended up getting a very nasty cut that cause a lot of blood loss.” He reports, watching as the tiefling stares in silence, tears beginning at the edge of her eyes.

“Snatch is...gone?” She asks, her voice cracking a bit.  The halfling’s face doesn't change as he looks at the dwarf again.  The tiefling lets out a slight sniffle as she thinks of the little halfling that has helped fought by her side on many occasions.  The warden makes a motion and she is wheeled away, sniffing now and then as she thinks of her fallen comrade. The dwarf listens as she is wheeled away and thinks of his fallen friend as well.  He clears his throat, trying to keep down his own tears.

“I’ll have to talk to her alone once she feels a bit better.” The warden notes, writing something down.

“Are they really dead?” Raz’ul asks finally, not caring about what this halfling wanted to talk about before.  The warden looks up from his writing but says nothing, shooing him away. The guard silently picks Raz’ul up and carries him out, back to his cell.  The mask back on, the dwarf begrudgingly goes back to the bed, hoping there would be more than silence, his thoughts.

Snatch sits in front of the warden now, no mask on, but his arms attached to the chair.  The warden simply stares at a pile of papers in front of him.

“Snatch, the rogue from the tight five, defenders of a place called...Greymead?” He reads from the sheet on top, looking up at the halfling.  Snatch shifts uncomfortably in the chair.

“Yea, thas right. What about me friends?” The halfling retorts, twitching his hands to try and loosen the chains.  The warden makes a motion with his hand and the guard next to Snatch to take care of the moving hands. The guard tightens the chains on the rogue’s hands before moving away.

“Now then. I have you in here today to discuss the purpose of your group’s stay here.  You see, we learned that you have a member or your party that has had some...issues and have been taken in.  The rest of you are just here for aiding and abetting a criminal.” He reports, shuffling through the stack of papers now before speaking again.

“Your group is to be put to work in the factory.  Though due to you having a broken leg, you will be resting until that is better.” He says before shooing the two away.  The guard wheels the halfling out of the room and down the hall like his party member before. Snatch bends his head as he thinks of the others, thinking of what got them into this mess.  The guard wheels him around the corner and into a new cell, the same size as his old one with a shiny white bowl in the corner. The guard dumps him on the bed, leaving him isolated and alone again.

“Food will be here later. Rest for now.” The guard orders before shutting the door.    Snatch gets off the bed immediately and limps around the room in a pacing motion, thinking of how to get out of here.  A loud bang is heard from above him, making him smile.

“Big man must be above me. Les ust ope he doesn't breakthrough.” he mumbles before limping back to the bed.  He and the others were getting anxious now, being trapped in the rooms for a few days.

Yashee stares down the person in front of her, unsure what to think of the news she just received.  The person simply stares at her with a bored look on their face.

“Thought you would want to know, I’m about to go tell your other bandmate.” They say before leaving the half-orc alone. Yashee waits for the door to close before letting out a sniffle, feeling the sadness creeping over her after hearing the news.  The young dwarf was killed due to causing too many issues for the place, have been sent out to do some work in a mine the young dwarf caused an uprising and was killed in the quelling of it. The person that was just in the room only stated that the son of Daz’ul will no longer be an issue.  Tears begin to run down her cheeks as she goes to curl up on the bed, unaware of the truth.