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The lady stands in front of him with blood dripping down the knife, him cut up in various places.  His rage had failed him and she had ways to try to make him talk. The two guards from before begin to uncuff him as she looks on with disgust on her face.

“Get im into the hole after a patch up. I wan the alfling next.  Wait...The red headed one. I think it's time we started talking to that...Chaos sauce group.” She orders, a smile crawling onto her face as she thinks.  The guards nod and drag Brakai out of the room, being careful to not wake the rocky man. As they pass a metal door a small clink of chains can be heard, causing the guards to stop.

“He shouldn’t be up yet.  Ah well his time is soon with the lady anyways.” One comments and urges the goliath forward.  The guards lower him into a large hole, already occupied by a half-orc female. The guards look over the edge to see if the half-orc was asleep.

“Ah good, The spell is still working.  I wonder if they know that they aren’t really escaping.” The female guard mutters as they leave the hole’s edge.  Thandor stops the group as they reach a fork in the halls, stairs going up and another corridor of cells stretches before them.  Raz’ul looks at the walls and notes a missing front door.

“Uh guys? Where’s the door?” He asks, causing the other to look as well. Snatch goes to the and puts his hand on it, knowing that the door should be there.

“What do you think this means. I mean wasn ther a door when we came in?” Snatch asks as he turns to look at A’lan and Thandor.  The two men look at each other as they think.

“I think there was?  It was hard to see since they moved us so fast.” Thandor replies as Snatch moves away from the wall.  A’lan’s eyes widen as he looks around wildly and walks towards a guard, moving through him. The others watch in disbelief as the assimar moves through the guard, turning to look back at them with wide eyes.

            “This isn't real.” Snatch realizes before everything goes black.

The lady watches as a halfling is placed in front of her, sporting a nice black eye and a look of hate on his face. The lady just smiles and twirls the blade in hand, this time wiped clean.

“Randy Greentree. You know Rhiannon was excited that we might get you back to them.  They seemed upset that you left them and stole something of theirs.” She comments, circling the chair and the halfling. Randy sits in silence, having no mask like the others, but the collar on his neck seems thicker than the others.

“Oh I bet you are missing your little friend. I heard quite a bit about your little gizzard wizard. That collar is to keep you from doing any type of magic so don't try anything.” she states with a sneer. Randy just watches as she continues to pace, unable to move his head left or right.  She stops and suddenly stabs him, only grazing his side. He winces and his hand jerks on the arm of the chair towards his side, getting stopped by the manacle holding it in place. She lets out a hiss and moves to behind him, some clinking of bottles can be heard before she returns to in front of him.

“Open.” She orders, grabbing his chin and pulling on his lower jaw.  He fights against her hand as she pops a corked bottle and shoves the liquid into his mouth.  Randy coughs and struggles in her grasp. She clasps her other hand over his mouth, forcing him to swallow it.  He feels nothing at first as the lady backs away with a smile on her face. Soon he feels light headed and his vision begins to go black.

“We’re shipping you and your...friends to another place that can hold you better.  Of course those annoying adventurers will be joining you since this building is going to be closed.” She says the last part before realizing that he is knocked out cold.

“Ah well, at least you have the news of the move” She mumbles and motions a guard to take him away.

“Get them ready for the trip out, we leave at night.” She orders before leaving through another door.  The guards drag Randy out of the room and back to his cell, passing a thick wooden door with bars over the small window.  Alabaster hands reach up and grab them as they pass. A small voice with an accent whispers through the torch light.

“Don’ let em fool you. They tell lies to make you compliant.” The voice echoes into the hall, having one of the guards bang on the door to move the creature away.

“Ah shut it you tiefling. Hell will have you back soon enough.”  The guard spats before walking away. The tiefling curls up on her bed, feeling weak from the lack of food.  A tray slides into the room and footsteps can be heard walking away. She slides off and limps over to the tray, her leg dragging behind her.  She picks up the tray and takes it back to the bed, knowing the drugs will be in the food again, knowing that she will be tortured or taken away to that place again.  Her stomach grumbles and she takes a bit, knowing she would rather go through the pain then dying from hunger.

She takes a bite and chews slowly, waiting for the drugs to take in.  She feels nothing but pretends to fall asleep as the door begins to unlock.

In the hole, the goliath snores loudly with food around him after being spilled from the tray.  Two guards haul the large being into a stretcher, dropping him the first time.

“The point is to get him into the stretcher lift!” A voice above shouts at them.  They try again and successfully get him onto the stretcher and watch him get lifted up before climbing some ropes themselves out of the hole.  Yashee wakes with a gasp as the door to her cell opens, her breathing fast as the same woman from her hallucination enters the room.

“Ah yes...Yashee is it?  My name is Angelica Bashevis, though that won’t be too relevant since you and others will be going to a new compound.  We’re here to get you ready for the trip there so just stay there and we can get you ready to go.” She says as she motions for two guards to approach the half-orc and one begins murmuring a spell.  She could feel her eyes begin to feel heavy, but that disappears after a few moments, causing the spellcaster to look back at Angelica in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” Angelica asks and begins to step toward the guard, who now has a terrified look on their face.

“T-The spell isn’t working Ma’am.  The others were knocked out by other means, should we do the same?” They ask with a tremor in their voice.  Angelica lets out a sigh and a nod. Before Yashee could even react something hard and heavy hits the back of her head, knocking her out cold.  The guards quickly restrain her and get ready to carry her out to the waiting carriages.

“We ride out after them, we have more work to do here.  Make sure to gather their items as well. I’m sure the facility will want them” She orders before leaving the room.  The guards drag the now unconscious Yashee outside, putting her in a carriage containing Randy and the tiefling. The carriage shifts from the added weight and the door shuts close.  The carriage jerks forward, bouncing the occupants slightly as the horse begins the journey to the new facility. Randy’s eyes open, almost glazed over as he starts to move his hands to his pants, looking for lockpicks.  A hand grasps his and his eyes flick to meet the tiefling’s eyes. She shakes her head as if to say not yet, her body at an odd angle due to a broken leg. He glares at her before punching her, sending her back. She lets out a grunt and hits the back of the seat hard, jostling the carriage a bit.  She lets out a grumble and rights herself, her tail hitting a beat on the seat. The carriage jerks to a stop before she can do anything and the door is jerked open. Before the occupants could do anything, sleep begins to take hold of the two awake. Randy’s eyes return to normal before falling asleep, letting out a mumble.

“I’m sorry..”  He falls into a deep sleep, hearing the laugh of the gizzard wizard.

“Heey Randy. Wasn’t that fun? She seems like a real challenge” The voice says, almost happy about the exchange that happened with the tiefling. Randy doesn’t respond, unsure of what the voice was talking about.  A scream can be heard as the two fall back asleep, nearly waking them again as it comes from another carriage. The source of the scream is of the blonde Aasimar, who is now writhing in pain on the ground. Raz’ul and Snatch watch in horror, being woken from the sudden stop of the carriage,  they saw the blonde get pulled out and stabbed, being pulled into the blade. The two let out a yell, Raz’ul lets out a muffled one due to a mask over his face that's suppose to keep him from talking.

Snatch gives a shout and moves towards the door, nearly getting stabbed before dodging out of the way and runs to his friend.

“A’LAN!” he shouts, dodging out of the way as people try to grab him.  Raz’ul jumps out as well, smacking guards away as he runs towards the others.  A’lan goes to his knees, the knife still in his side. The other two get tackled, soon being shoved back into the carriage they were traveling in.  A’lan collapses to the ground, blood trickling out of his wound. One of the guards kicks him, getting a groan from him.

“Still alive...Get him in the carriage.  We’re running late.” The guard comments before leaving the two other guards to gather the injured being.  They chuck him in and slam the door shut, not bothering to put him in a seat. Raz’ul simply stares as does Snatch, now with a mask over his mouth as well.  The two help him up and Raz’ul looks at the injury with some concern. Snatch watches with concern as the carriage begins again.

The rest of the journey continues, most of them slipping in and out of consciousness as the journey goes on.  The carriages come to a slow stop as it stops in front of a large building made of stone. The carriage doors open and one by one the prisoners are taken out.  Some get dragged while others are pushed forward to walk on their own. Thandor looks to see the rest of his friends looking worse for wear before being shoved into the dark entry hall.  He could hear the others stumble in after him before being shoved forward and then to the right.

He is brought to a small room, smaller than his room at the previous place and is pushed in.  The manacles are left on and he is left in the dark. Screams can be heard farther in the building before the door is shut, cutting off any sound of the outside world.  He wanders to the bed, flopping down on it and grimacing from the hardness from the bed. He closes his eyes and thinks of Tempest, praying to him that he will help him, his friends and even his new friends out of this mess.