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One by one the prisoners are lead to their cells, being defeated after their magic failing them.  All bound and gagged, preventing them from using their magic. One of the halfling looks at the other one with a questioning look. The other shakes his head and moves ahead.  A half-orc moves next to the first halfling and gives him a nudge, hoping to reassure him. He gives a nod in thanks as their ways part. She follows the guard upstairs, and he goes forward into another part of the building.  He can hear footsteps behind him, turning his head he could see a tall being that seemed to glow walking behind him. The man wears red robes and sandals, who knows what else underneath. The man stops short a few feet behind him and put into a cell.  He follows the guard to the next one over and shoved in, having his manacles jingle as he moves. The door shuts behind him and a voice shouts.

“Put yer hands against the door, you can have yer hands free in yer cell, but expected to cuff up when we tell you to.” The voice explains as the handcuffs get taken off.  The halfling rubs his wrists and heads farther into the room, noting on how small and bare it was. A bed occupies one corner and what seems to be a chamberpot in another, closer to the door.  He goes to lie on the bed, watching the door as he lies on the bed. It seems to be a thick wooden door with a slot in the middle of the door big enough for a bowl to go through. He ends up falling asleep, dreaming of nothing.  Upstairs, the half-orc is just having the handcuffs taken off, feeling too tired to fight against these people. Once free, she goes to the bed, flopping down on it and making it creak. The collar on her neck was an annoyance, being big and bulky.  She saw that everyone that came in their small group came with has one on, preventing any magic used. She lets out a sigh and stares at the floor, thinking of her friends. A bang and a shout catches her attention, sounding like it came from next door.  She places her ear against the wall and could hear a small amount of conversation.

“-dor, do you want your friends to suffer?  Just accept the fate given to you, by Tempest’s will” A voice states, another shout and a scream rattles her as silence fills the room now.  A door is opened and closed, soon her door knob begins to rattle. She moves to the bed quickly, not wanting them to know that she had been listening.  The door opens to reveal a slight woman with a clipboard in hand.

“Ah good, you’re awake.  Cuff up and take her to the lab, I want a full physical on her.” The woman states before leaving as fast as she came in.  The guards go towards the half-orc with manacles in hand. She watches them, noting the speed and positions of the advancing guards.  The guards get to her and fumbles with the manacles for a second, causing the other to smack him on the back of the head.

“Come on you dolt, just cuff her up already.” He growls.  The other guard finally cuffs her, not tightening it enough to fully secure her.   She slyly grins as she is led to the door, wondering what the lab is going to be like.  After leaving her own cell, the door next to hers open and a red-headed male is being pushed out the door.  She could feel her rage building, seeing this older man injured and being forced to move. She lets out a yell and charges at the guard leading the man, not caring about the one leading her.  The guard lets out an oof as he is hit, being thrown to the ground.

“Shit I thought she had that spell.” her guard shouts, rushing at the half-orc to restrain her.  The half-orc doesn’t hear him till the last second as he tackles her. She lets out a grunt and tries to plant her feet, slipping on a wet spot and hitting the ground hard.  The guard gets on top of her to pin her down, the other guard getting to his feet. The human can only watch, holding his side as it bleeds. She lets out a roar and pushes the guard off of her, swinging at the other and hitting him in the jaw.  The human tackles the guard she just punched, pushing him to the ground.

“RUN!” he shouts, getting off the guard and starts running down the hall.  The half-orc follows, wondering if this man knew where they were going or if he was going to be ok.  The human’s right hand goes back to his wound, now bleeding a little bit more than before. They turn a corner, only to be greeted by four more guards, two each to a prisoner.  The human skids to a stop, recognizing one of the prisoners.
“A’lan! We gotta go!” He shouts, causing the glowing man to nod and smacks the back of his head into the guard behind him’s face, making him let out a shout and let go. The other prisoner has taken out of his own guard, letting out a huff.  

“Raz’ul! Come on we gotta find Randy and go!” The half-orc shouts, following after the human.  The glowing being and dwarf are now following.

“Thandor, they have Brakai upstairs and Snatch is down here somewhere. I don’t know if Oriki’s probably upstairs as well.” A’lan pants as they head farther in. A halfling is seen skidding as they turn the corner, a guard chasing after him.  Yashee grins and charges at the guard, tackling him and allowing the halfling to reach the others. A shout of surprise from the other two is heard as she knocks the guard out. She rejoins them and they hustle to an empty cell to talk.

“Snatch! You made it out? What of Oriki or Brakai?” A’lan asks as soon as the door closes.  Yashee checks over Raz’ul, looking for any obvious wounds. He waves her off and goes to join the other three.

“Las I heard she was being taken down to the labs.  Brakai could be out of his cell as well. ‘Eard the big man stomping about above me.” Snatch replies, holding his shoulder.  Thandor looks at him and moves to check his shoulder, bending down to get a good height. He places his hands on Snatch’s shoulder and shifts it, causing a popping noise.  Snatch lets out a yelp and jumps away from Thandor. He just stares at him in shock as he holds his shoulder.

“Sorry Snatch. I thought that was the right way. Did you want me to try again or…?” Thandor asks with a sheepish look on his face.  Snatch shakes his head.

“Thas alright, I think I can manage till we get somewhere better.” Snatch replies quickly, grimacing slightly from the pain.  Yashee wanders over and looks at Snatch’s shoulder. A roar can be heard and crashing from above, soon silence after a loud thump.

“Sounds like Brakai got recaptured…” Snatch comments, wondering if they will be able to get away.  Footsteps are heard running past the door, causing everyone to hold their breath.

“They’re gone! Check the rooms!” Voices are heard shouting.  Snatch quickly goes over to Thandor and unlocks the manacles with ease, soon moving to the others and freeing them as well.

“We need to move, A’lan let Snatch see that collar of yours.” Thandor notes, heading to the door to have a listen for guards.  Raz’ul and Yashee watch anxiously as Snatch begins to pick the collar. The collar falls off and A’lan lets out a sigh of relief.

“Right you two, your turn.” Snatch states, turning to the bards.  They step over to him, glancing at the door now and then. Thandor listens at the door, not opening it since it was closed before.  The collars pop off with ease, giving the bards their powers back and Raz’ul his druid spells. Snatch goes back to holding his shoulder after putting his lockpicks away again, having them hidden on his body.

“Alright so who should we go find first?” Yashee asks, rubbing the back of her neck.

“Probably your friend.  We can find Brakai and Oriki on the way.”

“Don forget we need our weapons as well.” Snatch pipes in as Thandor opens the door slowly. Thandor makes a motion for them to follow and slowly heads out the door.  The others follow quietly, hoping that the guards weren’t around. The small group make their way upstairs, ducking into different rooms to keep from being seen. In another part of the prison the tiefling is unconsciously sitting in a wooden chair,  a thick collar on her neck and a mask over her face. A woman stands in front of her and smiles.

“Thas a gud girl.  Your little friends are enjoyin themselves with a fun little spell that will keep them nice and quiet.  Now then, les get that punishment started fer that nasty little spell you managed.” She says and runs a knife into the tieflings stomach, missing any vital organs.  The female lets out a muffled scream and writhes from the pain, waking up quickly. The lady smiles and stabs again, missing another organ. Another scream from the tiefling before she passes out once again.  The lady pulls the knife again and lets the blood drip on the stone floor.

“Git er back to er cell after being patched up.  She will need time to think.” She orders, watching as the guards uncuff the tiefling from the chair and drag her out of the room, leaving a trail of blood. Another guard enters, having a sour look on his face and a new bruise forming on his face.

“Ma’am, the goliath woke up.  We managed to get him down, but I worry the others will start to wake from the spell as well.” He reports, stammering the second part as she stares at him.

“Why don you send him in. I wan to actually have a chat with him about his friends.
She says, thinking if she could get the goliath to talk then she could have no trouble getting the others to talk as well.  The guard nods and heads out the door, nervous about facing the goliath once again. He opens the door and finds the goliath still knocked out on the bed, his feet hanging over the edge.  The guard is joined by another, a half orc, carrying another set of manacles with longer chains.

“The lady wants him extra secured while down in the basement with her.  ‘Eard she has plans with this one to get ‘im to talk.” She explains while going to confine the larger creature.  The goliath stirs slightly as she finishes shackling his legs.

“Easy ther big boy.  Big boss is going to see you now.  Just get up nice and easy and les not have any more problems yeah?” She says in a soothing voice, moving to help the goliath up.  The goliath lets out a growl and sits up on his own. A mask covers his face, much like the tiefling, to keep him from talking. The guards escort him down to the basement to where the lady waits with a smile on her face.

“Ah the great and mighty Brakai. I mus say, you are much bigger in person than I thought.” She comments as the guards sit him down and chain him to the chair.  Brakai stares daggers at her as she watches, holding a bloody knife in hand.

“You know, that tiefling was in here earlier.  She left a nice trail as they dragged her out of here to get patched up so she and I again.” She says, moving closer to him.  He could feel his rage build, knowing that this woman had hurt his friend.