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The Vengeance of Alabaster Torrington

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As noted above, this story uses and references characters and events from Haley Riordan's Son of Magic.

I would definitely recommend SoM, because it's very good.

Some background information:

Alabaster Torrington is a son of Hecate, who led his siblings into battle during the war with Kronos. As punishment for continued aggression against the gods, he was forbidden from entering Camp Half-Blood. He fought against his half-sister Lamia, who is the monster that originally cast the spell allowing monsters to sense and hunt half-bloods. Alabaster can use magic, usually in the form of written spells, and can create Mistforms of various objects, including weapons and tools.

He holds some serious grudges against Camp Half-Blood, the gods (who he refers to as a Divine Mafia), and has stated that he'd kill Percy Jackson given the chance.


The prompt this work is based on:

"Shh, shh, don't cry." The villain stood over the bruised and battered hero. "You did wonderfully. You never stood a chance." Though the villain's words were cool, the villain was seething with rage just below the surface. Not at the hero, but at the gods, who insisted on sending heroes on suicide quests rather than facing him themselves.