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Internet Celebrities Are People Too

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Keith hadn’t been to an event like this before, let alone be invited as a guest. But there was something about getting out of the apartment that his adopted brother, Shiro, said to him the other day when he got his invitation.


“If I go, you go. Thats the ultimatum I made with them and its what I’m gonna make with you. You have to get out of the house, it’ll be good for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll make some friends.” Shiro joked.


Keith hadn’t expected to actually be invited though, he assumed Shiro would just force him to go with him. But, to his surprise, the email staring back at him from his phone showed that he’d been invited as a plus one guest, and it was going to be paid for with free alcohol. How could he say no to that?


The ride to the hotel was surprisingly short from the airport, Shiro never shutting up about the event since Shiro had been invited as a guest before. He was so excited to go since he knew his crush, Allura Altea, a famous YouTube beauty artist, was going to also be a guest.


“If you don’t shut up, you’re not going to have a voice to ask Allura out.” Keith prodded, his elbow shoved into Shiro’s side as they pulled up to the front of the hotel.


It was even bigger in person, with people exiting their cars, handing over their keys to valet and watching bell hops taking luggage and placing them on carts to pull inside the lobby. Keith had to admit, this was starting to look exciting. Maybe he wouldn’t hate this event so much. It wasn’t like he was going to be forced to room with his brother or even be around a lot of people anyway.


But Keith was wrong about one of those things. It was true that he was going to have a room all to himself, worried that he’d have to hear Shiro talk for hours about the event, his manager chatting about his schedule and his brother spit out word vomit about Allura. At least Keith could work on his own stuff, like taking “casually posed” selfies in the full body mirror or the sliding glass doors that open to the small balcony.


What he was wrong about was he most definitely not staying in his room the whole weekend. In fact, the moment he had taken off his shoes and put his suitcase on the bed, he got a text from Shiro that they would be going out for dinner at the hotel restaurant where every guest gets to meet and chat. It was already the afternoon when they arrived and Keith was so busy watching the sunset and taking selfies, he had forgotten about the complimentary dinner until Shiro came knocking at his door.


“Keith, you better be ready or else I’m coming in and making you leave, regardless of whether or not you have a shirt on.” Shiro yelled from the hall.


Quickly, he slid on his shoes, checked for his wallet and keycard, slipped his phone into his pocket and walked out of his room.


“What took you so long? Too busy taking selfies?” Shiro prodded. Keith just rolled his eyes.


“Let’s just go, I’m hungry.”


The dining hall of the restaurant was full of staff members and guests. Some people were sitting together depending on their careers. Beauty gurus sat together, comedians were spread across the room since there were so many of them, vegan YouTubers and other kinds of health YouTubers sitting together eating already, so on and so forth. Shiro grabbed his dinner plate full of different kinds of food high in protein and Keith followed along. He had no idea where he was going to be sitting, since he didn’t really know anyone or have a group of people he could sit with. Disappointed with the seating arrangements, he just decided to sit with Shiro, very much against conversations with anyone at his table.


The moment they sat at the table, Shiro greeted the others who had channels dedicated to eating healthy and veganism. Keith didn’t care that much about their conversations, so he just ate his food quietly, looking around to avoid talking to anyone.


That was when some guy was laughing loud enough that it caught Keith’s attention, who sat at a table right next to him. He was laughing so hard, he fell out of his chair. At least someone was having a good time.


Dinner ended and then people started drinking, including the loud laughing guy nearby. It hadn’t bothered Keith that much at first, it was the only entertainment he had during dinner. But now, full of delicious food and ready to go to his room and drink alone while on tumblr, the very loudly laughing guy nearby was starting to get annoying, hollering and his friends at his table trying to get him to quiet down.


Keith excused himself from the table, telling Shiro that he’d head to his room and order some wine so he can enjoy quiet drinking time. He wasn’t the social drinker, he’d be afraid that he’d either flirt with someone he’d regret later or beat the absolute shit out of someone as annoying as the drunk laughing guy.


Just as he was stepping into the elevator, he heard screaming coming from down the hall. Around the corner came that loud laughing guy, this time followed by security and fans, and he didn’t have a shirt on. Hoping the doors closed before he could reach the door, he felt his body sweat. Fans as rambunctious as these really terrified him. They get violent and egg people on if things don’t go the way they want them to. The guests weren’t even allowed to roam around the hotel without a handler, let alone be in spaces where fans could go overboard.


Unfortunately, the doors didn’t close in time, the strange guy weaseling his way into the elevator before fans or security could get in.


Keith had already pressed the button to his floor, so this weirdo was going to know what floor he was on.


It was dead silent, only the sound of fans screaming disappearing into the silence. The stranger finally spoke up.


“So, you a guest here?” He asked. It caught Keith off guard.


“Uhm, yeah.” Keith avoided eye contact, looking forward at the floor number climbing.


“I’m also a guest here!”


“I’ve noticed.”


The elevator dinged, cutting off the conversation as the door opened.


“Wait, can I ask you for a favor?” The stranger stepped out with Keith, making him extremely uncomfortable.


“If its to help you hide by staying in my room, you are shit out of luck. I’m going to drink wine and ignore the world for the night. Don’t you have somewhere you need to be? Like in trouble?” Keith responded. He would rather not have this guy follow him into his room, let alone on the floor he was staying on.


“Look, I just need to hide until the fans scatter and security stops trying to catch me. You know those fans can be brutal.” The stranger chuckled. “Especially because I’m fucking hot and no one can resist me.”


Keith stopped walking, turning around to face the stranger. “Oh really? Well, you better find a hiding spot quickly because here comes a group of fans now.” Pointing behind the stranger, he turned to see a swarm heading towards them.


Some of the fans were screaming a name. “LANCE! PLEASE TAKE A PIC WITH ME!”





The stranger panicked, grabbing Keith’s hand and running off to another hall.