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Tesarus of Tesauri Eva

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The end of a day. Sharp metallic, obsidian claws clacked along the wall, lights firing and dimming as they set up the complex security locks.


“Emperor Tsarkon, you beautiful mastermind!” the being spoke to verself. “Why, even your own security system rejoices in your brilliance!”


A few more clacks tapped by vis gold tip claws and ve was done in complete darkness. Suddenly, a screen appeared. A soft purple glow shown upon a gigantic, terrifying figure in a room covered in many layers.


Ce checked the figure for any blemishes, and found none too bad. The figure’s red X mask dimmed as normal when in stasis. Vis plethora of ununtrium blades gleamed in the light, tinted with red. Vis wide shoulder tracks, pedes, and large sets of hands were dusted with organic soil. Vis smaller set of hands folded in neatly along vis shoulders. Vis red biolights were dimmed as result of the fast of energon Tsarkon did with every stasis. Energon only before an assignment, ve said, and nothing more!


Tsarkon flexed vis non attached claws. This giant is vis own prized creation. An absolute unit that strikes fear in the processors of any being, a unit of destruction and suffering. The perfect slave, no connection to emotions, thus no outbursts of uncommanded violence, or feelings of retaliations. The simplistic command following of a drone, the calculative carnage of a Destic.


With a few clacks, the Emperor shut off the giant’s lights. Ce turned and disappeared down an alley to vis own quarters to lavish in a day’s success.


The security systems outside might seen excessive for a Destic Tsarkon claimed to be completely in cis control.  The security systems were really just to prevent those ve “cared” about from wandering in and getting scrapped. Ve wanted vis prisoners to try to futilely try to escape while ve watched and end up tortured right in front of ver in whatever manner stuck vis fancy. Tsarkon lived to the excess in all aspects of life.


Back in the room, the X of the giant glowed a slight red, and vis red biolights flickered on. It was at the few hours of the planet’s succession of nights that the violent figure found peace, for Tsarkon was not completely in control of vis creations as ce thought ce was. The dark of the room would have been suffocating if the giant was not so used to it.


The day was not too different than any other. Someone made alliance with Tsarkon some solar cycles ago. Said someone either tried to double cross ver or spoke badly about cer. Tsarkon released terrors upon all involved and some innocents, then had vis creation prolong suffering. This time, ve left the conspirator to slowly die with half a carcass in the barreness of space, right after they told what Tsarkon wanted to hear. The end.


One thing that the robot could not figure out were the reason why people went against Tsarkon in the first place. Every time, there would be at least one group that would rise when others would bow in submission. They who rebelled believed they were fighting the utmost evil, and would rather die fighting than surrendering.


Memories of such rebels flashed through vis mind. Ve imagined them in vis hands, pitifully trying to continue on. They were all so different in shape and form, of different galaxies and periods of time, so different in the lives they lived, but all the same in resolve. Words of wanting to see a world of peace for all the universe.


Why did these creatures bother fighting a hopeless fight , the giant wondered. Why do they bother explaining? They knew they were just going to be mangled stragglers or bits of scrap between vis blades, rubbed out masses on the floor of an unmerciful world. What would a Destic such as ve know of being forced into servitude or of yearning for a life free and full of choice, anyway?


If ve could, (for, Destics such as ve were not given communicative abilities beyond Destic frequency), ve would talk to them back. To let them know that ve didn’t have an eternal hunger for violence, as Tsarkon advertised. The blades, the stalactite teeth, the technology shattering screech--that was all for show. Inside of ver was an absolute apathetic void, unmoving to any side, not even to its master, yet forced without restraint. Perhaps that is worse.


Why bother to ponder? What difference would the words of an abomination make in such scenarios? Who cared what such an unforgivable creature thought? It was just how ve was made. Crafted to be a menace to all, to be scrapped at failure. It is how it is , ve thought.


All of the sudden, soft clacks were heard upon the outer wall, and vis room was opened, system functionings turned on. Ve suddenly acted as if in stasis. It wasn't an unusual occurrence, as system functions turned on at such an hour. Repairs and maintenance on ver occured at this time, and ve sure felt like a dusty mess. But what usually never happened was that a living being would actually open the door and actually come in.


As a Cybertronian, ve would have had no such an instinct to lunge at the tiny figure as ve did, but as a Destic it was vis very nature.


Once or twice, ve had eavesdropped on the conversation of much lesser Destics. They claimed to each other that tiny mechanical beings, such as Cybertronian Minicons, liked to crawl in the inner spaces of large mechanical beings and take control of them from the inside and use the larger as a giant fighting robot suit. Ve would have heard more of the details of what the tiny beings did, if only had the Destics had not noticed ver looming over them. Ve, after all, was used to scare lesser, more rebellious Destics in submission.


Tsarkon, being a tiny mechanical being cerself, did not have any concern about such tales. Ce called them nonsense, that a real tiny mechanical being would either attach some mind control device on the larger from a distance, or kill them in a violent explosion and harvest the metal and wires.


The giant totally did not believe the rumors. Not at all. The way ve went to crush the being in vis hands was just due to Destic protocol to destroy any threat...not that the tiny being was a threat or anything…


Ve was surprised to see vis fist glow, then shocked to see that vis fingers were forcibly pried apart as the victim fearlessly stood in perfect condition. It waved a strange device that made ver freeze.


With some second thought, the giant turned on vis information seeking systems and tried to search for what this figure was. Then it hit ver--it was Calcadestacro, one of Tsarkon’s only hired help, vis chief engineer. With this in mind, ve did not need anyone forcing ver to release the engineer. Calcadestraco steadied qerself, floating by use of jetpack.


In the dark of the night, ve couldn’t tell what species ve was, but ve felt metal wheels. Strange boxy cube with metal tubes for legs and wheels for pedes. The creature obviously tried to communicate in common Cybertronian, like as if ve had ever been Cybertronian enough to understand colorful, vibrating waves. Then qe reverted to the common speak of Destics. And qe was not that good at it at all.


“Scissorsaw!” )As Scissorsaw was the informal designation of the giant, as ve did not have a name. The name peeved ver really.)


“ME SCISSORSAW DETECT AN INTRUDER--” Ve replied, pretending to be in Tsarkon’s control trance.


“You real big oaf need to shut up! You need shut you systems off! Too you loud! Me feel like you going to blow me Calcadestracro me my audials off! YOU JUST YOU CHILL OKAY??”






If Scissorsaw was able to feel anger or offense, it would would have been the time.  But vis Destic instincts told ver to do as commanded, resting verself in vis stasis position upright along vis metal wall slab. Tsarkon would have had any other being destroyed for insults much lesser.


The being all the sudden waved a purple diamond three times it size and smacked Scissorsaw’s larger hand with it.


“ME SCISSORSAW--” And before ve could finish, ve found ve was speaking with colorful waves, verself vibrating uncomfortably with every crest, overwhelmed by vis own now incredibly booming Destic speak. A translator, ve thought. Set to “common Cybertronian”, base frequency of Cybertronian understood by Cybertronians on Cybertron and on the colonies.


“Ah!” Calcadestraco exclaimed. “We are trying to be quiet here so please just use the setting I put down! Ahem! Anyway! I need your help!”


Ve grated vis gears in a scoff like manner. A red crescent wave emitted from ver to qer. How strange, Cybertronian language is, ve thought. Even stranger was Calcadestraco and qer demand. Ve had never helped anyone in vis entire life, much less wanted to help a rude tiny being.


Calcadestraco was obviously peeved by his response, but chose to emit soft light blue rays, meaning patience and well to do attitude. “Let me clear up what I mean. Let me help you. I will help you and all other Destics. I just need your help.”


Scissorsaw didn’t speak. Perhaps this prompted Calcadestraco to speak more.


“I work so hard in rule of Tsarkon for reason. I also was taken against my will and put under a foreign name. I do terrible things and help create terrible beings--no offense--. But I have a plan to rid of ver forever and we all will free--I just need help of the Destics and you're the top Destic!”


Tesarus sent more red crescents to qer. No one ever helped Destics in vis entire life. Destics were either like ve, metal monsters, or weak and helpless slaves used as fodder. Why be so blun and open abou such a terrible idea, anyway?


Full offense, you're either a liar or an idiot, Calcadestraco , ve thought. Apparently that last part eeked out of ver because yellow twitches of annoyance came out of Calcadestraco.


“I think you might think of freedom too sometimes, no? You never think of what life could have been?  What life be beyond this?”


Ve didn’t have a yearn to live or thought too much about what ifs. No, ve intaked energon as needed, swept to assignment to assignment, put into stasis for transfer, repeat. Not a life by what everyone seemed to define life as. Cybertronians that tried to speak “to vis better nature” to avoid being scrap spoke of life and that ve was “a person with a spark” and could change, something something so on. Life is just existence, not good or bad. What good did their ideas of life did for them anyway!


Ve couldn’t even think back to time as just a spark. It is said that Cybertronians were born as sparks on Cybertron, in massive amounts, each in a crafted vessel just for their spark and cared for in stages. That in this first act of existence they remembered primal yet powerful things, such emotions, emotions such as joy and warmth. How strange, ve needed the translator to even feel, ve couldn't imagine living like this all the time.


Vis first memory was of pain, to be dramatic. If ve was the expanding seed of the universe, then the essence needed to be “a real person” was left in the nonexistent core of the universe sphere, knocked there by procedures. Ve remembered being jarred from what could have been warmth and comfort. Ve remembered being poked, prodded, shocked, taken apart and put apart again and again. Ve remembered being officially activated in vis titanic, grotesque, burdensome, form. Of Tsarkon’s absolute mad monologues. Of being sent out to vis first assignment right then and there, to demolish the ones who planned to have ver captive, to finally end vis mad reign on the galaxy. As luck would have it, Tsarkon installed a need for self preservation unto vis creations, either to be able to threaten them with deactivation, or to prevent vis creations from doing it themselves. This is what Tsarkon used to get ver to do this first act of violence, for ve couldn't want the only one who knew how to care for ver to be locked up, leaving ver for immediate scrapping.


But as Calcadestraco kept talking, ve did give some real thought. Not so much of what could have been, but what could be. Ve living in normal society? Ve being around others who cared for ver, and ve actually caring for others too? Preposterous. What nonsense! Ve suddenly thought back to the rebels ve slain. There was obviously something about life that they believed was greater beyond them, something enough to martyr themselves for. This theme occured over many millions of years and still such fools rise up. But were they fools? What is this something ve is missing? Why would ve want it….and why does ve suddenly feel like wanting it? Why did ve feel like breaking down and trembling about it?


Scissorsaw must have been color wave city because Calcadestra sent a sharp little triangle, a smirk. “I feel in your spark you're thinking of it!”


Ve hated it. Ve did not want to think of such foreign thoughts. Ve tried to smash the translator with vis other hand, but to vis detriment as it was incredibly strong, then tried to go back into stasis, but then Calcadestraco turned qis frequency more and more annoying until ve was forced to listen again.


“Don't be like that Scissorsaw! Okay, sorry if I'm embarrassing you! I know this is the first time you ever felt your spark instead of nothing! Overwhelming huh? Look, its doing a good thing. You should think and feel. Scissorsaw you should--hey!”


“Why do you Calcadestraco want help me and other Destics? You are in high in command. You have freedom of thought and expression. You're not in threat of destruction as all others.”


Calcadestraco was rustled. “I was from my planet by force, I am an awful person who does awful things! I have to do worse and worse things to others to stop Tsarkon from destroying  planets, and ones I love--and me! I can't sleep at night knowing what I do! I have been here so long me its draining me!


“I know some tiny fragment of life before Tsarkon. I want to feel the air of my planet, the companionship of my peoples. I wants all of you Destics to feel the same in your own way. You know, if I think of it, we aren't that different--”


Vis’ spark prickled. “I don't want to help you! We are not the same! Believe it or not, I think a lot! And what I know is that I have nowhere to go. Cybertron abandoned me! Cybertron let all the Destic sparks get taken away! That’s why Destics exist, not that we Destics have accomplished something, or have something to go back to, dangling in the distance! What of me? All I have is Tsarkon! Otherwise, the scrapper! The Black Block Consorta! A million bounties me have for my destruction! I have nothing and no one! It is what it is!”


Scissorsaw was now fuming, vis gears turning, vis teeth grit, sending really thick waves of red. Ve didn't like this AT ALL. Ve was like the defunct lesser Destics now, acting on emotion like a faulty Cybertronian or an organic. Embarassing .


Without much thought, Scissorsaw roughly slapped Calcadestraco away and dropped the translator and began the process of a memorywipe. Ve didn't want to remember anything ve “felt”, ve just wanted to go back to vis usual routine. This is how life was for ver and for others, it just sucked and was awful. Someone will always try to control others, someone will always try to overthrow the ruler just to either die in vain or to be the corrupt ruler. An awful cycle you just accept and stay in.  There was no higher or better purpose Such exuberant thoughts of a happy life were meaningless! What would be the point of explaining this to the optimistic box with wheels? Qe would never understand what ve been through and what ve seen. But who would? And why did ve care so much that someone didn't?


Calcadestraco hovered where ve once stood, using a jetpack to fly, using qis device from before to cancel out Scissorsaw’s self imposed memorywipe.


“Calcadestraco, go ask someone else! You leave poor slaved Scissorsaw alone!”


The tiny bot wouldn’t.


“Scissorsaw listen to me! I knows youre upset! Okay maybe I'm too intrusive and joking but c'mon -”




“Listen! Quit that I know you are bluffing! If you help ol Calcadestraco out, you would be a hero. Or at least, you could get sanctions! I hear things, of Cybertron thinking of starting new protection laws for outstanding offending Destics like you! Scissorsaw! That's huge!”


Scissorsaw stopped and listened.

“Scissorsaw. You want to live you life like this? As a weapon under Tsarkon for rest of your life? Or do you at least want to try?”


Lime green waves of uncertainty poured out of ver.


“...Calcadestraco speaks treachery in Tsarkon’s domain. You sure will be ordered for destruction--”


“Dont worry. I, Calcadestraco, Emperor’s engineer, SO smart, shut off any connection to alarms of Tsarkon for this whole period. Im the wisest of all cis advisors!”


Oh wow, I guess you got attitude from Tsarkon , ve thought.


“So what do you say? Deal? Or at least you'll think about it?” Calcadestraco put out a tiny hand out. “This hand it mean shake on it for yes at least you will think about it!”


Scissorsaw hesitated, then put out one of vis smaller hands, which was still larger than qe. Ve restrained the idea of slapping the annoying tiny bot away. If ve did that, qe would surely stick around to pester ver some more.


“S u r e.” Scissorsaw barely communicated.


Calcadestraco all the sudden violently pounded vis hand and beamed like the weirdo ve was. Scissorsaw had run out of suprise for the strange bot.


“Okay then Calcadestraco is done! For now, you, Scissorsaw, have to wait for my next word!”


Red lines emitted out of ver.


“If you, Calcadestraco, cross me, then I swear before Tsarkon that you will regret everything you have ever done! I'll obliterate all the progress you've done, and--”


Qe smirked. “Oh, I, the wonderful Calcadestraco, has seen it all, nothing new you can do to scare me! Oh I'm scared!”


Yellow signs of annoyance flew out of Scissorsaw, causing Calcadestraco to emit a smirk.


Calcadestraco flew off and rolled away to the exit.


“Oh, and one thing! Hide that translator before you get caught!”


Scissorsaw watched as qe rolled away, puting the translator in vis arm.


Why did I agree to that? Ve tried to settle vis thoughts.


Vis spark trembled harshly. This life under Tsarkon was all ve knew. Should ve really to try give it up for the slight possibility of redemption? Or will ve face such a tortuous end, as what ve inflicted upon countless others?


And with those thoughts, ve failed to get some rest. Ve took the diamond out of vis arm and hid it in vis quarters. Was Calcadestraco genuine in what qe said? That qe wanted to help others for their own sake, not only for qer own? Or was qe taking advantage of vis thoughts? Why was ve so angered at the idea of being betrayed, anyway?


So, suppose life was a meaningless, awful cycle. Can ve really act as a victim ve apparently thought ve was if ve was also a perpetrator in the cycle, the evil helping hand? Why not try to stake a claim in stopping it, if ve knew so well how it would play out?


There was no spark trembling as ve receded into emotionless, empty thoughts. But the thoughts echoed before ve could finally reach stasis.