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I was a human once, before I fell head over heels for him. 

Brown eyes, skinny, pale, and never fitted in anywhere. 

I was new in school, moving from my hot scorching Arizona city to freezing to death Forks that rained and snowed a lot. 

My school days were limited, along with my life line.

 I was dying, a slow painful death. 

My mom died when I was little, my father was a deadbeat drunk and I lived with my grandmother who just died a few weeks back.

 I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was fifteen. 

I went into chemo a few months after finding it out. 

The lump was pretty big, and the doctors had to take out more than they had thought. 

So I wore baggy black shirts from then on. 

I walked home, in the rain and hoped my dad wasn't there. 

I was wrong. He was drunk and waiting for me. 

After a few hits and screams at me for the blame of my mother's death, I cried. 

Slashed red crossed my wrist and let the numb feeling take me away. 

I saw brilliant red eyes stare from my window from outside, and jumped in surprise. 

I was dazzled from what I saw. 

Red eyes. 

Bronze hair. 

Pale, cold skin that felt like marble. 

And hope, that was deep in his eyes. 

And from then on, 

I knew I was safe.