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jojo groupchat fic

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[9:37 A.M.]

Jonathan Joestar has added Dio Brando, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata, and Giorno Giovanna.

Dio Brando has left the group chat.

Jonathan Joestar has added Dio Brando to the group chat.

Jonathan Joestar: Dio, no.

Jotaro Kujo has left the group chat.

Jonathan Joestar has added Jotaro Kujo to the group chat.

Jonathan Joestar: Jotaro! Not you too!

Dio Brando: What do you want.

Jotaro Kujo: Let me leave

Jonathan Joestar: This is something for us to talk through!

Joseph Joestar: don't we live together tho lol

Jonathan Joestar: But it's easier than yelling!

Dio Brando: But yelling is so much better

Jonathan Joestar: No.

Josuke Higashikata: wait wat

Dio Brando: Josuke doesn't even live with us

Jonathan Joestar: Um! It's for the whole family! That's why Haruno and Josuke are here!

Giorno Giovanna: Giorno. I prefer Giorno.

Jonathan Joestar: Sorry! I mean Giorno and Josuke!

Giorno Giovanna: Thanks.

Jonathan Joestar: You're welcome!

Josuke Higashikata: jonathan is like the mom friend

Josuke Higashikata set Jonathan Joestar's name to jonamom.

jonamom: What? I'm confused.

Dio Brando: Oh my God. This is great.

Jotaro Kujo set Dio Brando's name to Za Warudo.

Giorno Giovanna: Hah.

Josuke Higashikata set Jotaro Kujo's name to ocean man.

ocean man: Why.

Za Warudo: Now this is gold.

Josuke Higashikata: i can't come up with one for giorno um

Giorno Giovanna set his name to Sunshine.

Josuke Higashikata: ok that works

ocean man set Josuke Higashikata's name to nurse josuke.

nurse josuke: oHMUGID

jonamom: Are you okay?

nurse josuke: JOYARO HAS HIMOR OMG

ocean man: I don't know what you're talking about.

nurse josuke: IM GINNA DUE

jonamom: Please don't die!

Za Warudo: Please do.

jonamom: Dio! Be nice!

Za Warudo: Hm.

Za Warudo: No.


[11:04 A.M.]

nurse josuke: is it ok if i add some friends

jonamom: Sure! The more the merrier!

nurse josuke: sweet 

nurse josuke has added small bean and big bean to the group chat.

small bean: ???

big bean: heLLO

jonamom: Which of your friends are these two?

big bean: i'm okuyasu and this is my bf koichi !!!

jonamom: Bf?

nurse josuke: u m

big bean: boyfriend !

jonamom: Oh! I didn't realize you two were together!

small bean: um. yeah, we've been together for a few months.

jonamom: I'm happy for you two!

nurse josuke: wait. you're. you're okay with it???

Joseph Joestar: my dude. we are pretty much all hella gay

nurse josuke set joseph joestar's name to old man.

old man: ugh not cool

old man: i'm only a few years older than y'all

old man: jonathan and dio are the only ones here older than me

nurse josuke: y'all

big bean: y'all

small bean: y'all

nurse josuke: you americans smh

old man: nani

nurse josuke: stop

jonamom: ok so i had to talk to someone really quick and we decided to let you guys know

nurse josuke: ???

ocean man: What.

old man: you're next line is: "dio and i have been dating for two years!"

ocean man: What.

jonamom: Um. Yeah.

small bean: congrats!

jonamom: Thanks!

jonamom: Did you guys really not know?

old man: giorno prob did

Sunshine: Joseph is right.

old man: ofc i am

jonamom: Jotaro?

ocean man: If he hurts you, I'm gonna kick his ass.

ocean man: But I'm happy for you.

nurse josuke: same here man

jonamom: Yhat majes me so hapoy

nurse josuke: are you crying ???

jonamom: Yes

jonamom: I'm happy

small bean: great now oku's crying too


small bean: fuck

small bean: gotta blast