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In Every Universe

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 Jyn tried to be quiet, she really did. Of course, Cassian woke up anyway as she tried to slip back into their bed. “It’s three in the morning, Jyn. Where have you been?”

“Thought of something I forgot to pick up from the quartermaster before I ship out tonight.”

“So you went to get it now?”

“Nobody there, short lines.”

That had to be one of the worst lies she had ever come up with. Hopefully Cassian was still half asleep and would accept it. She had been surprised she was able to leave without waking him, he was clearly exhausted. Their last mission together had been a mess and Cassian’s mid weight jacket along with his holster were ruined. He had been stuck on medical leave after aggravating his spinal implants. In the meantime, Jyn had gone on a few missions with a Pathfinder squad. In a Lothal market Jyn had found near perfect replacements for Cassian. He had of course gone to the quartermaster and had new equipment issued, but Jyn could tell he didn’t like it. The coat was a dark purple wool that would hit around his knees. It had needed some extra pockets, and a little tailoring. Jyn loved sleeping in his shirts, and stealing his uniform jacket when she was cold so she knew exactly what needed to be done. It was a surprise though, so she had stashed it in Baze and Chirrut’s room and was sneaking there to work on them both. The holster needed a couple of extra pockets for his lock pick kit and a vibroblade. She had noticed his old one was lacking that. The new one the Rebellion had issued wasn’t even the right size for his blaster. He was having to carry his ankle piece there and that wasn’t acceptable. She was almost done with both. When Cassian left for Intel in the morning she would sneak them into his go bag. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face. She had brought back little trinkets for Bodhi, and a few things for Baze and Chirrut but since she and Cassian were usually together she hadn’t been able to surprise him yet. She had a suspicion his surprised expression would be utterly adorable. He had few people that would even try to do such a thing for him, and even fewer who could pull it off. If she spent a few nights getting very little sleep, he was worth it. Admittedly her interests were a touch selfish- the coat would look amazing on him and the better holster would keep him safe. Verbal affection was difficult for Jyn, but she loved giving gifts. Even if they were apart, a little part of her would be with him.