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Sedum Spathulifolium

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Gavin takes a deep breath, feeling unreasonably nervous. Fucking hell, he’s really got no reason to be this worked up.

Except, he knows that’s not entirely true.

Today’s the day that Connor will be returning to his work at the DPD.

They’d hired him on as an actual detective, after everything - he supposes that the android must be happy to at least have his job back.

It’s been one and a half months since the android revolution. New Year’s had come and gone, and everything has been settling down, for the most part.

Gavin hasn’t seen Connor in all that time. Or, to be more accurate, he hasn’t seen him in person. The android had been all over the news, in the days following the revolution.

He’s wasting too much time thinking about this. He’s got more important things to do.

The detective tries to get to work, glancing towards the entrance often every once-in-a-while. All semblance of focus is lost, however, when he sees who he is searching for.

Hank walks in first, talking about something Gavin can’t hear, and probably doesn’t care about.

Connor is right behind him, bright smile shining. Long gone is his android uniform, replaced with a button-up and dark jeans.

Crossing his arms, Gavin sinks lower in his chair, wishing he could disappear.

Fucking plastic prick, making him feel things-

Gavin stops that train of thought. He’s trying to be better, and thinking like that isn’t going to help in the slightest.

Connor takes a seat at his new desk. It’s completely bare, besides the new name tag adorning it. ‘Detective Anderson.’

Of course he’d need a last name. Of course he’d take Hank’s. Of course. The name choice is just... oddly sentimental- oddly human.

Gavin tries to compose himself, steadying his nervous breathing and shaking hands.

This is stupid. It’s not like Connor’s gonna do something awful to him.

Remembering how he’d been towards the android - almost shot him twice, treated him like shit at every other opportunity - Gavin is reminded of why he’s not so sure about that.

Gavin can’t help but think about his last interaction with the android, in the archives. The scene makes him shiver - Connor was ruthless in knocking him out, executing moves with precision. As much as he’d made fun of Connor, the android detective could be scary when he wanted to be. And that’s what he’s afraid of.

Not rejection. He’s 100% not afraid of rejection. It’s definitely just that the android’s scary as shit sometimes, is all.

Gavin takes notice as Hank stands, leaving his desk with a short word to Connor.

It’s now or never.

He picks up an item from his desk with clammy hands. Deep breath. As prepared as he could be, Gavin makes his way over to the android’s desk.

Connor sees him immediately, of course. Fucking enhanced android senses.

“Detective Reed,” Connor says curtly.

“Uh, h-hey.”

Despite how many times he’s played this conversation over in his head, Gavin finds himself stumbling over what to say. He’s so terrible at this kind of shit.

“Is there something you require?”

Connor’s words are cold and clipped. It’s Gavin’s own damn fault, but it certainly doesn’t help.

“I... no, I just, uh, wanted to give you this.”

He sets the object down at Connor’s desk. Said plastic detective looks down at it, LED yellow, clearly analyzing it.

“Sedum spathulifolium, known as ‘Cape Blanco,’” Connor says. “A succulent that blooms from mid to late summer.”

He looks up at Gavin, clearly confused by the gift.

“Your desk just looked empty, so I thought I’d give you some shit. To put on your desk. Or not. Whatever.”

Connor takes a moment to process this.

“...Thank you, Detective Reed.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Shit, this is a train wreck. He should say sorry. Right? Yeah, he should say sorry.

“I’m sorry about, y’know, before. I was... a total asshole.”

With a small smile, Connor nods.

“I appreciate you saying that, Detective Reed. I accept your apology, and I will gladly give you a second chance, if you so desire.”

“That would be... yeah, that would be great. And you can call me Gavin. If you want.”

“Then I will do so, Gavin. Thank you once again for the Sedum spathulifolium.”

Something about how smoothly and correctly Connor says the scientific name makes Gavin snort. Connor tilts his head slightly, clearly not understanding what’s funny.

“This asshole givin’ you trouble?” Hank asks from behind him, making Gavin jump.

“It’s quite alright, Hank. He was simply giving me a decoration for my desk.”

The Lieutenant eyes Gavin wearily, but sits down at his desk.

“Whatever you say, Connor. You know who to call if he’s givin’ you shit, though.”

“Of course.”

There’s a short pause before Gavin says, “Well uh, I’ll see you around, I guess.”

Connor gives him a smile, this one wider and brighter than the last.

“Have a good day, Gavin.”

With that, the detective returns to his desk, sitting down with a sigh.

He was absolutely awful during that conversation. He’s usually pretty good at talking with people, but that? That was absolutely fuckin’ terrible.

Well, at least it wasn’t a total disaster.

Gavin thinks about Connor’s smile at the end of their conversation.

Yeah. It definitely could have gone worse.