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The Gilded Cage

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Hartley Rathaway lay spread out on his queen-sized bed with its silk sheets and fluffy pillows. He tried to sleep. But it was hard.

Like most nights, his wrists and ankles were strapped to the four posts of his bed with leather cuffs. He was spread wide and open, but he knew he could trust the staff not to abuse him. Or, at least, not to do anything beyond what they were permitted to do.

Like most nights, he was also naked and unbelted, to allow his genitals a chance to air out. It was supposed to improve the smoothness of his skin. His bedroom was kept warm enough that he never got cold, so he didn’t mind not having any covers.

Like most nights, he had a medium-sized ball gag buckled into his mouth. They only used the large gags on him during Stretch training, and that was only for short periods of time. Overnight, they purposely used smaller gags, since it was for eight hours. He was well-trained. He could sleep the whole night with a ball gag, stripped naked and exposed while strapped spread eagle. But tonight, he had trouble sleeping.

Because unlike most nights, he had an additional discomfort added to his nightly humiliations. A buzzing vibrator was plugged up his ass. He had already cum twice, but the damn thing kept going.

He didn’t think he would get a wink of sleep tonight. The vibrator was just too distracting.

He kept an eye on his bedroom door, desperate for salvation to come.

Finally, just after midnight, his door opened quietly, letting light from the hallway spill into the private bedroom. A short figure was backlit briefly before it snuck inside and shut the door quietly. The figure slunk across the dark room and climbed up on the bed, crawling over Hartley’s spread limbs and draping itself across his chest.

“Hey, baby,” Cisco whispered, as he nuzzled against Hartley’s neck.