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Motorcycles are Great, But My Step-Dad is Better

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Evelyn loved her brother. Well, as soon as she found him running around as a superhero in Sternbild.

And now she's living in his home, with her new brother in-law and her niece.

And they're getting so much attention now.

And they're so busy with wedding preparations.

And interviews.

And late-night date nights.

So much that Evelyn is left to watch Kaede a few too many times without much of a wink from her brother of his husband.

And as any good attention-starved orphan would do, she had to earn someone's affection. And that person might as well take the form of an eleven year old girl who's obsessed with figure skating and excited to finally start living with both of her heroes.

As chaos insues in the Kaburagi-Brooks home, it takes a while for Evelyn to realize there's more to life that just pretty dresses, interviews and motorcycles. There's pets, fried rice, adopted children, and just that. Love.

Love was what brought the four of them together.

Jealously won't pull them apart yet.



NAME : Evelyn Brooks

AGE : 24

GENDER : Female

HEIGHT : 5"9

EYES : Green

HAIR : Blonde


The Cool Aunt (Kaede)

Little Bunny (Kotetsu)

Evie (Barnaby and Kotetsu)

NEXT POWER : Super Strength

SPONSORS : Apollon Media


Kotetsu Kaburagi : Brother-In-Law

Barnaby "Bunny" Brooks-Kaburagi : Brother

Kaede Kaburagi : Niece