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The Hero Auction

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The annual Hero association fundraising auction.

It’s an event that the hero association hosts once a year, every year to raise funds for the organisations expenses and repairs done on the cities in the aftermath of a monster attack or demon level threat.

Once a year A and S ranked heroes from the association would be put up for auction. Civilians, fellow heroes, politicians and idols from all across the country would come together and place their bets in order to get the chance to spend 24 hours with the hero of their choice. In those 24 hours, the heroes would be compelled to do whatever the winner of their bid wanted them to do.

There were conditions of course. The hero association was well aware of the fact that their employees despised the yearly auction and only took part because their contracts demanded it. They didn't want to rock the boat any more than necessary since heroes could become quite volatile if handled the wrong way.

So, in order to ease the pain and annoyance that some of the heroes suffered through from the hundreds of rabid fangirls and wealthy creeps that showed at the auctions, some conditions were set to ensure the heroes safety.

The heroes couldn’t be forced to do anything illegal or take part in any illegal activities, they couldn’t be compelled into committing acts that could be harmful to themselves or others and most important of all no hero could be compelled into taking part in any indecent activities. Indecent activities that the hero didn’t consent to since the hero auction of two years back saw A rank hero Mind meld finding the love of his life at the event. But still no indecent or intimate acts could be committed without the hero’s consent. These clauses made things somewhat more bearable but that didn’t mean that they were any happier about the situation than they were before.

Take for example S rank hero Genos, aka the Demon Cyborg. Genos stood back stage with the rest of the heroes, ignoring the rising sounds of the crowd that was slowly filling up the Hero association ballroom hall since he could hear squealing girls and the clicks of camera’s that flashed as the chair man of the association gave his opening speech. Genos was beyond annoyed and right at that moment he wanted nothing more than to be back in the tiny little apartment that he shared with his sensei, listening to the quiet humm of the television as the older man watched anime in the living room while he prepared their dinner.

But alas their apartment was destroyed and they were forced to move into the hero association’s apartment complex, sensei got his own apartment and Genos moved into the apartment next door. He was still close to his mentor, but it wasn’t the same.

Not that Genos spent that much time in his apartment anyway. How could he when sensei was suddenly being harrassed by all of these strange people almost every single day? After he defeated Garou, Saitama’s ranking was raised from that of B class to A class and of course Genos was elated to find out about his sensei’s progress but he didn’t like the side effects that came along with it.

Before it had only been Mumen, Bang-san and Fubuki that spent time with his sensei. Sonic stopped by every now and then to challenge the older man to a fight which he always inevitably lost. And then King would drop by to play a game or watch some anime. Although their tiny little apartment was starting to get a bit crowded, Genos didn’t mind too much. With all the anger and hatred that the public spewed Saitama’s way on a daily basis, he was glad that there was a group of people that saw his sensei’s strength and acknowledged him. They respected him and treated him as their closest friend, except for Sonic of course.

But now it’s different.

Now there are so many of them Genos can hardly get the chance to spend time with just his sensei, to be alone in the impossibly strong man’s quiet company and just be with him. Genos can’t remember the last time he went to see Saitama and didn’t find a visitor already there with him. If it wasn’t King it was Fubuki, if it wasn’t Fubuki it was Bang-san; that much Genos could handel. But then came Flashy Flash and Zombie man, Child Emperor and Atomic Samurai of all people and Genos is pretty sure he’s seen Metal knights drones hovering around the window outside of his sensei’s apartment more than just a few times. Then there are those A rank heroes; Chain’n’Frog, Buttefly DX and Forte. Genos ached for those days when the only one that he had to share his sensei’s attention was Mumen rider, with his weekly quota the C class hero was usually too busy to hang out with Saitama anyway. But those days are nothing more than a distant memory.

Genos gave a growl in annoyance, causing the makeup girl currently hovering around him to give nervouse smile before she quickly excused herself and scurried away. On top of everything else, now the cyborg has to deal with this fundraising auction, the only comfort Genos took in his current situation was the fact that he had his sensei right there with him. The bald man stood near the wall, talking to King. The makeup girl seemed to have no patience for the Caped Baldy doing nothing more than giving his bald head a brief powder for the blinding stage lights before hurrying off elsewhere to look for one of the more handsome heroes like Amai or Flashy Flash. Unfortunately for Genos, it took a full thirty minutes of growling and glares for those silly girls to finally get the hint and leave him alone. Once he was done he immediatlely made his way across the room to make it to his sensei’s side, only for one of the organizers to appear at Saitama’s left and take the hero’s arm, dragging him closer to the stage and Genos finally remebered to listen to the words that echoed across the room from the stage. That’s when he realised that the chairman had finished his speech and the auctions presenter had stepped onto the stage and started speaking as well.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I guarantee that this will be a night to remember, so let’s get right down to it.” The crowd cheered with multiple squeals reaching right over the crowd, screaming for Amai Mask, Flashy Flash and the Demon Cyborg. For his part the Demon cyborg only rolled his eyes in frustration as he stepped closer to the stage to get a look of the crowd. The man pudgy man on stage sighed as he feebly gestured off stage, sweating profusely under the hot stage lights. “Our first item for the night, our first hero bachelor; A class hero, the Caped Baldy.”

They decided to start from bottom and work their way to the top, getting the bids for the more unpopular heroes out of the way first and finish on a high once the most popular hero stepped on stage. So of course Saitama went first as the least popular hero in A class or rather the most unpopular hero in the entire HA.

The hall filled with multiple boos and heckles as the bald man stepped onto the stage  and stood under the bright lights beside the podium where the host stood. For the most part Saitama seemed unconcerned with the insults that were screamed at him and the people that demanded that he leave. Genos on the other hand was enraged, His hands clenched tightly and it was all he could do was to stop himself from storming onto the stage to tell the crowd off and to defend his sensei's honor but the bald man glanced off stage just then and looked right at his disciple. Genos could only take a deep breath to keep himself calm and encourage his cooling fans to work a little faster.

He looked over to the side and noticed that King wasn’t anywhere in sight. Genos smiled.

He had a discussion with King and Mumen rider before the auction. They were all aware of how unpopular Saitama was, so they knew the chances of the man actually getting a bid of any value was slim to none so they decided to bet on him themselves. Or rather King and Mument decided to bid on the olderman. Saitama made Genos promise that he wouldn’t do anything over the top like bid some ridiculous amount of money on his sensei and Genos reluctantly agreed. But just because he promised doesn’t mean that Mumen and King did as well.

The plan was formed, they’d do something nice for their friend and help the ordeal go by just a little bit faster by bidding on him. Last year the HA had been so determined to get a bid out of every single hero that walked on stage that one unfortunate man was forced to stay there on stage for an hour until someone finally made a bid on him and ended his torture. Genos really didn’t want his sensei to go through that. He also feared the possibility of someone bidding on Saitama just so that they could use it as an oppertunity to humiliate the man or do something horrible to him, not that sensei can’t defend himself but, Genos didn’t want to take any chances. If he had it his way, Saitama wouldn’t have set foot in that ballroom that night, but sensei insisted.

“I can’t stay hidden away for the rest of my life Genos.” The older man had said when the Cyborg voiced his concerns. So Genos relented, but made a few contingency plans just to be on the safe side.

“Ladies and gentlemen please settle down.” the crowd didn't settle down until the man spoke again, “Let me make it perfectly clear, any sound and phrase directed to the heroes on stage may be interpreted as a bid for any hero on the stage.”

That shut them up. The room went completely silent and Genos let out one more breath only to pause as he looked up around himself and frowned. Just a few moments ago the room was filled with A and S ranked heroes being fussed over by makeup girls and handed refereshments as they waited for the auction to start and now, it seemed as if half of the S ranked heroes had just dissappeared.

“Now that I have your attention we’ll start the bid.” The man gave Saitama an apologetic smile before looking back over the crowd, Saitama only yawned.

“Considering the attention usually generated by this particular hero, we’ll start the bid at 20 dollars.” The man said with another sigh. Genos had to take a deep breath himself.

20 dollars? For his sensei, it wasn’t just insulting it was unspeakable. That they’d offend Saitama with such a low bid. Then again, they probably wanted the HA’s most hated hero off the stage as quickly as possible so they made the bid as low as possible, maybe they thought he could get picked up by an old lady that needed some odd jobs done around the house.

“Do we have any bids?” The man asked nervously wondering if this would just be another Pig God incident waiting to happen when a voice suddenly called over the crowd.

“Four hundred.”

The host almost paused and the crowd filled with some quiet whispers. Genos looked around the curtains hanging around the stage to catch sight of Mumen who sat close to the center of the room and he couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh.

“Four hundred from the C class hero Mumen Rider.” The host seemed to sigh in relief as well, “Are there any other bids?”

“Eight hundred.” Kings quiet cool voice called from the corner of the room and the crowd filled with even more whispers. Saitama only scoffed and gave his friend an indulgent smile.

Genos was relieved, now sensei could leave the stage and later on spend the day playing games and watching anime with King or just hanging out with Mumen. As long as Saitama was happy then he would be happy. Now Genos only needed to focus on his own auction and hope that the person or more likely, rabid teenage girl, that bid on him would be reasonable and not completely insane. Genos was about to head back backstage when-

“Eight hundred to S class hero King!” The host sounded pleased as he reached out for the gavel on the podium, “Eight hundred going once-”

“Two thousand.” A new voice called and Genos quickly moved back to the curtain to look out and locate the voice and his head have a tilt when he caught sight of Bang-san sitting at a table near the front with Charanko by his side. The Cyborg only nodded his head. The older man probably thought this to be the perfect opportunity to get Saitama to do some martial arts training with him and that's not so bad. At least he knew that Bang would never hurt him.

“Two thousand for S class hero, Silver Fang!” the crowd filled with even more whispers as people wondered what was going on and why all these heroes were betting on the fraud. For the most part they seemed to conclude that the heroes felt bad for the bald loser and that’s why they were bidding on him, after all, up until that point all the bidders were male and no girl in her right mind would ever-

“Ten thousand.” A female voice suddenly called and the host blinked in surprise. Some of the girls in the crowd gasped in shock.

“Ten thousand for B class hero, Blizzard hell leader of the Fubuki group.”

Fubuki? Genos frowned a bit. This was no doubt another attempt from her to get Saitama to sign up with the Fubuki group, not that Saitama would ever agree to that anyway. The cyborg couldnt help but scoff.

“Do I hear fifteen thousand?” The man at the podium asked carefully, the turn of events encouraged him to push the boundaries just a little. He didn't think that the bids could possibly go any higher since the Caped Baldy truly was the most hated hero that the HA has ever had, but he wanted to at least test out the waters-

“Fifteen thousand.”

The host sighed, “Fifteen thousand to the Silver Fang-”

“Twenty thousand!” Fubuki called out glaring and Bang from the corner of her eye and Bang only stared back.

“Twenty thousand, do I hear twenty five?” The most asked as he looked from Mumen to King to Bang but that's not who spoke next.

“Fifty thousand.”

“Fifty thousand to Atomic Samurai. Do I hear fifty five?”

Atomic Samurai dropped by every now and then. Apparently the older man witnessed Saitama’s strength during the fight with Garou and wanted to test out the limits of his sword on the older man. Genos found it ironic since the man had refused to even shake Saitama’s hand the first time they met. Any time spent with him would probably be spent sparring.

“Fifty five!” Another voice called and Genos gave a snort at the eight year old that stood on his chair and leaned over the table so he could be heard.

“Fifty-five thousand to Child Emperor?” The host asked in confusion and his parents only seemed to shrug beside him. Child emperor was present at the fight with Garou as well. Genos knew for a fact that the boy was eager to get his hands on the bald man to run some tests to figure out how and why he was so strong. Genos was a bit concerned but Saitama would be able to handel anything that the boy genius could throw at him, probably. Maybe he’ll need to have a conversation with the boy if he manages to win the bid.

“One hundred thousand.”

Genos’ eyes went wide and even Saitama started to frown at the figure that spoke next, sipping from his sake cup a little further away from the stage.

“One hundred thousand to S class hero Flashy Flash.” the chubby man said and Genos just stared.

Flashy Flash has been a consistent pain in his neck ever since Saitama defeated Garou. He was always there criticising his sensei, telling him what to do and say. From what Genos could tell, the blonde’s intentions were the same as Silver Fangs. He realised that the bald man was incredibly strong he wanted to teach Saitama how to fight, to use his potential to become a proper hero. He was always harping in Saitama’s ear, telling him to improve his form, straighten his posture, focus more. It annoyed Genos more than you can imagine but Saitama seemed mostly unconcerned. He'd usually just ignore the blonde which only seemed to make things worse since Flashy Flash would then resign himself to sitting at the bald man’s side. This wouldn’t be so bad if the blonde didn’t insist on sitting so close to Saitama when he did, if the blonde didn’t stare at Saitama the way he did.

Genos didnt like the way that Flashy Flash looked at his sensei so he tried to catch King’s gaze, hoping that the taller man would intervene when-

“Two hundred thousand.” A voice said loudly enough to carry over the crowd and be heard but quietly enough for everyone in the room to question if the man that spoke actually spoke.

The host looked on to the man at the table in the shadows, red eyes glowing ominously as he leaned back against his seat.

“Is that two hundred thousand for Zombieman?”

The pale man nodded while his eyes stayed fixed on the bald man on stage and Saitama glanced around himself in confusion, wondering if that red gaze really was fixed on him while the crowd in the room wondered what in the hell was going on.

Genos was confused as well. Zombieman stopped by as well and they spoke but he never made his intentions clear, they could never figure out exactly what he wanted from Saitama. What could he be planning?

“Do I hear two fifty?”

“Two fifty.” Atomic Samurai answered-

“Three hundred thousand!” Child emperor called again much to the horror of his parents who tried to pull him back in his seat while he hissed. “But it's for science. No, four hundred thousand!”

“Four hundred thousand from Child Emperor, do I hear five?” The host was really getting into it.

“Five hundred.”

“Five hundred from Atomic Samurai!” the crowd's whispers and gasps grew, “Do I hear five fifty?”

“Six hundred.”

“Six hundred thousand from Flashy Flash, do I hear seven-”


“Seven hundred thousand to Zombieman.”


“Eight hundred for Flashy Flash!”


“Nine hundred for Zombieman!”

Flashy Flash was done playing games.

“One and a half million!”

The room filled with gasps, Saitama just stared at the blonde. Horrified that anyone would spend that much money, muchless spend it on him. Genos was equally terrified, he can’t let Flashy Flash win. He clearly had evil selfish intentions for his sensei. If he hadn’t made that promise he made-

“One and a half million!” The host said with a shout, “Do I hear two?”

Atomic Samurai only sank back down in his seat, Zombieman glared, Fubuki huffed and Bang only gave an amused scoff. Child Emperor’s parents were still trying to restrain the boy while King and Mumen just looked as confused as everyone else.

“One and a half million going once... twice...-”

The doors to the ball room suddenly swung open with a loud slam and Amai mask stepped inside with his entourage. The blue haired man walked right down the center of the room and the man behind the podium at the stage stared in shock before he shook his head to focus on the task at hand.

“One and a half million going once-”

“One and a half million for this man, how disgraceful. Absolutely insulting.” Amai said and members of the crowd seem to sigh in relief. Of course, their beloved A class hero Amai Mask. Of course he would see the madness happening out in the open and put a stop to it. He sees how worthless and disgusting this man was. He’d make things right.

“Mr. Amai, sir-” the Pudgy man started nervously as the blue haired man approached the stage and came to a stop. “I’m not sure-”

“Twenty.” Amai said simply as his entourage stopped beside him.

“I-I’m sorry sir?”

“My bid for the A class hero Caped Baldy, Saitama.” The blue hair man said locking his gaze on the bald man and causing him to blink in surprise as he spoke.

“Twenty million dollars.”

The suited men beside him placed the suitcases they held on the stage and opened them for all to see.


The room became silent and the man on the podium had to take a moment to pull himself together.

“I-... T-twenty mmillion going once... Going twice.” He shakily lifted the gavel and slammed it down on the podium. “S-Sold to A class hero Amai Mask for twenty million dollars... The biggest bid we've ever had.”

The room was still absolutely silent.

“Uhm,” the host said clearing his throat, “Please sir, come and collect your prize.”

Genos watched in horror as the blue haired man stepped up on stage while Saitama only stared at the man that walked over and stopped before taking his hand.

“Uh...” Saitama said as he just stared back at the man, Amai smirked as he leaned down to press a kiss on the bald man’s gloved hand and someone in the room gasped.

“Come, join me at my table Saitama-kun.”


“Uh, thanks dude, but I think there’s been somekind of mistake-”

“I’ve already ordered us some champagne.” Amai said as he started walking off the stage pulling the bald man along with him. Saitama could have resisted had he wanted to, but he could feel everyones eyes on him. Despite his lack of concern for what people thought of him, he didn’t want to actively cause a scene so he just followed.

“Uh, y-yeah.”

The room was silent as the two heroes made their way across the room and settled at a reserved table near the corner. Saitama said nothing as his seat was pulled out for him, he only sighed and sat down while Amai sat across him.

“Well, what an... Interesting turn of events.” The host said with a nervous laugh as he wiped off his brow on his hankerchief before trying to draw the crowd’s attention from the two sitting at the table in the corner.

“Now moving on to the next A ranked hero bachelor, Chain’n’frog.”

Genos was frozen in shock for the next ten minutes. He barely even noticed how the S class heroes in the crowd went back stage and the next bachelors were called on stage and auctioned off. But then again neither did anyone else. The auctions for the other heroes went quickly and quietly, with most of the bids coming from fans that went in specifically for particular heroes. But it was hard focusing on the stage when the show in the corner was much more interesting.

Genos was in hell.

Amai kept up a pleasant smile as he spoke to the bald man, reaching out to touch the man's arm and hand and leaning over the table every now and then to whisper something in the bald man's ear. Saitama seemed unaffected for the most part, then again the gazes from the other people in the room and his own confusion probably contributed to that.

The auction moved all the way from A rank to S rank. Amai was called on stage but the blue haired man vehemently refused to stand and the auction happened as he sat right where he was with Saitama.

A girl with blonde hair and brown eyes won and was unsure of what to do since Amai seemed otherwise occupied with other things, so she only gave her details to Amai’s entorouge and sat down at her own table.

An annoyed looking Zombieman appeared on stage along with an enraged Flashy Flash. The blonde only glared at the winner of his bid and Zombieman pretended like the man that got him didn’t exist. Eventually Genos went on stage as well and the bids rolled in for him as quickly as Saitama’s had but it wasn’t nearly as high.

“Two point five million for the Demon Cyborg.”

Genos didn’t really care. He went and sat next to the girl that bought him but barely paid attention to her, instead choosing to watch his sensei squirm in discomfort while Amai shamelessly attempted to flirt.

The girl huffed, “What is it with that guy? First all the heroes are placing bids for him and now you’re constantly staring. Why? He’s just some useless bald nobody with-” the girl stopped herself short when Genos’ eyes snapped over to her and he fixed her in the coldest glare she’s ever had the misfortune of experiencing. “I-I mean...” The girl stuttered as she shrank back in her seat, “Nothing.”

Genos just went back to watching Saitama.

There had been rumors for months now, rumors circulating about Amai Mask and his changes over the course of the past few months. Genos rarely ever paid attention to celebrity gossip only to news and information concerning monster attacks and news involving his Sensei. He hadn’t even seen Amai since the debacle with Garou, he hadn’t seen the blue haired man since he tried to encourage Saitama to kill Garou before just offering to do it himself. Plus the blue haired man hadn’t bothered him in ages, Genos only took it as a blessing and moved on. But the cyborg would still hear rumors every now and then.

He heard about Amai Mask’s supposed alarming changes. How he no longer gave his carreer as an idol much thought, how he rejected a group of handsome hero idols that were meant to be his progetes and he seemed to be spending all his time training. The man shut himself away, only appearing on his television show on occassion or for hero alerts. Genos even heard about the one song that Amai released a few weeks back, but that’s mostly due to the fan letters he recieved from girls all quoting lyrics from the song in their love letters to him. Genos looked up the song and listened to it and unfortunately for the girls that were hoping that the song would inspire some affection for them from the hero that song only ever reminded the cyborg of his sensei. The song's called Absolute Beauty.

Your strength terrifies me

It's beauty paralizes me,

You're everything I've ever wanted

Everything I've ever dreamed of.

You've ruined me, I can’t think of anyone else

I won’t even try, no none will ever compare to you

I will have all of you. I will make you mine

The song was dark and honestly a little bit creepy, but it had fans all over cheering and screaming Amai’s name. It didnt seem to matter to them that Amai didn’t usually write such dark songs, his songs were usually always poppy bright and romantic, designed to appeal to a large audience. Absolute Beauty was none of that, unfortunately the darker turn only fuelled their infatuations with him. Genos was always reminded of his sensei when he heard the song, the lines on untameble power and incredible beauty of strength. If Genos didn’t know any better he’d swear that whoever wrote it did so with Saitama in mind. Someone who was very dangerous and very obsessed with his sensei. Someone unpredictable.

Genos couldn’t help but frown as he watched Amai reach out to brush the back of his fingers against Saitama’s cheek and the bald man flinched back with a frown. Amai’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly before a smile spread over his face and he refilled Saitama’s glass.


Saitama is so very very confused.

The bald man paused in the door of the luxury apartment a he took in the large room with its lush furninshings, marble floors, large windows and even the crystal chandeliere hanging over the center if the room. Saitama couldnt help but let out a low whistle as he wondered exactly how much rent he’d have to cough up to a place like this. I mean, the room he’s in looks like it’s at least eight times bigger than his old apartment and he’s pretty sure he’s still just in the living room.

Saitama felt a hand on his shoulder, gripping gently as he was urged further into the room and he glanced up to find Amai looking over the room with barely any care. “I prefer my beach house in city D, but this one works fine for when I have business with the hero association or when I’m entertaining prospective... Partners.”

Amai paused as he led Saitama through the apartment, looking down at the man beside him as his lips twitched up in a small smile, “Perhaps I’ll show you the beach house someday, I’m sure you’d like it there. You could go swimming in the reef or perhaps sunbathing on the beach, although it wouldn't do to risk blemishing this skin. Maybe the mountain cottage instead. It gets colder than usual around this time, but there’s airconditioning and there’s a fireplace in all the bedrooms. I can see you sitting by the fire’s warm glow.”

As he said this Amai’s hand moved from the bald man’s shoulder up to touch his cheek and Saitams couldn't help but shrug away from the man's touch at the foreign look in those intense yellow eyes. It's a look he's only ever gotten from Genos before but somehow with Amai it was different. Somehow with Amai, it just felt...


“Well... This place must have cost a fortune.” Saitama said with a sheepish laugh as he turned back to look around the apartment while Amai spoke.

“Worth every penny, I demand only the best. But you don't need to worry about that.”

And the hand was back on him again, this time around his wrist as he was led over towards the large glass doors that he realized led out to a balcony.

The man only sighed.

This whole night has been confusing as hell.

He'd just been a bit curious, that's all.

He was at home playing a game with King when Genos came in carrying groceries for their dinner. The cyborg has been spending all his time in his sensei's apartment, regardless of the fact that he had his own apartment right next door. But Saitama didn't complain, he's gotten used to the blonde's constant presence around him, the soft whirr of his cooling fans and the heat Genos radiated in the colder winter days. Plus, Genos still took care of all the cooking and cleaning and Saitama really couldn’t complain about that.

Genos came home with groceries, prompting King to ask the younger man about how he felt about the hero auction that was taking place in the next few days.

“Hero auction?” Saitama asked as King paused their game while Genos became oddly silent. The taller man shrugged.

“It’s a fundraiser that the hero association has every year. They-... Wait you’re an A class hero now aren’t you Saitama-kun.” King said thoughtfully with a frown, “You should have gotten an invitation for it by now.”

“Invitation huh? Genos usually picks up all my mail.” The bald man then looked up at the blonde in the kitchen, sitting up in his spot on the floor as he spoke, “Hey Genos, did I get an invitation from the Hero Association?”

The cyborg seemed to pause for a moment before letting out a sigh as he turned to face his mentor.

“Sensei, I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to go.” Genos stepped forward, “Those people, they’ll only try to hurt you in some way and I-”

“Genos I can’t spend my life locked away forever.” The older man said with a sigh.

“But sensei-”

“I’ve made my decision, now where’s the invitation?”

Genos looked like he wanted to protest but he turned around and went to go get the invitation.

Saitama only rolled his eyes. Genos did this all the time. He’d try to protect Saitama by hiding all the hate mail he got, making sure the went grocery shopping in less populated sreas so they wouldnt run into anti-Caped Baldy fans and sometimes actually threaten anyone that so much as attempted to insult his sensei. Saitama appreciated the effort, knowing that someone liked him enough to look out for him like that was nice. Genos was trying to help him, so Saitama didn’t get angry when the cyborg did this. Even if it was a little annoying.

Genos came back with the invitation a few moments later and King explained the whole thing. He went over everything from how the auction worked, to the fact that Genos’ attempts to hide the invitation were pointless since participation was compulsory for all A and S class heroes. Genos grumbled out something intelligible as he glared hard at King who squirmed uncomfortably under that gaze.

Although it did sound somewhat annoying, Saitama was curious. Curious enough to want to go and see how it would go. He was curious to see if anyone would actually bid on him and what that person would be like.

So Saitama went to the auction and things got weird.

He walked on stage and predictably enough the crowd immediately started spewing insults and curses at him. That much he kind of expected. Saitama isnt completely oblivious, he knows that he’s probably the most hated hero in the assosiation and he knows why.

He did it himself, he decided to take on the role of the anti-hero to help the heroes of the HA save face so that the public wouldnt lose faith in them. He isnt like everyone else afterall, he doesnt care all that much if he has hundreds of fans that worship the ground he walks on. This whole hero thing is just a hobby for him. As long as he can fight and save people then it honestly doesnt matter if they all hate him for it afterwards. Although, Saitama can’t deny that it would be nice to get some acknowledgement, for someone to say thank you or call him cool after he rescued them.

It would be nice, but he wasnt really holding out his breath on that one. No one believed that he was actually as strong as he was, that he really could defeat any monster with just one punch. The ones that did believe him... Well sometimes Saitama wished that they didn’t. It was getting to be quite annoying. First there was Genos, who basically moved in with Saitama after the bald man saved him from the mosquito girl. Then there was Bang who started taking an interest in him after he destroyed the asteroid. Then there was Fubuki and then King and Suiryu who tried to pull a Genos on him when he asked to be the bald man’s disciple. And then all those other heroes started showing up after his fight with Garou.

Saitama can’t deny that it’s nice to have the company sometimes but, they were always showing up at his door, every single day and it was starting to get on his nerves. He misses the days when it was just him and Genos in his tiny little apartment with Mumen showing up whenever he had time. But those days are over now.

Saitama’s ranking was raised, he’s an A class hero which means he’s just one more step closer to catching up to Genos. Plus, being an A class hero meant that he got a place to stay in the aftermath of his home being destroyed, and rent free too. So there were definately perks. But unfortunately with the ranking also came the auction.

Saitama stepped on stage and as previously mentioned the crowd wasn’t happy about it. The bald man decided to just relax and wait for the whole ordeal to be over. With the reaction he got, he didn't think that anyone would actually bid on him but someone did.

First Mumen placed his bid and then King raised it. Saitama wasn’t surprised. When he made Genos promise not to bid on him in the auction he knew that the cyborg would find some other way to interfere with the affair, yet again the blonde was trying to protect and look out for him so Saitama wasn't upset. Plus this way his time on stage would end sooner and he'd get to spend time with his friends for the day instead of some annoying fan. The bald man wished that he could do the same for Genos, but he knew that he’d never be able to afford Genos, not when the cyborg was so insanely popular.

The host reached out for the gavel and Saitama thought that would be the end of it, when someone else suddenly placed a bid on him.

It was the old man, yet again, Saitama wasnt surprised. He figured that Bang was probably just cooking up some way to get him to do some martial arts training. Then suddenly Fubuki placed a bid on him as well and Saitama still wasnt surprised. She probably just wanted him to join her group or whatever. The bald man still wasnt willing to join, but he figured that he could let her try. Then things got weird.

First the middle aged man with the Samurai sword bid on him, because some people just won’t take no for an answer. Really, what part of “The sword is just going to break” didnt he understand? Then there was the kid, the one that tried to convince him to kill Garou rather than let him go. Saitama didnt know what the kid wanted but he figured that it couldn’t be anything good. Then Flashy Flash bet a ridiculous amount of money for him. Zombieman bet an even more ridiculous amount and it went back and forth for a while till Flashy flash bet one and a half million on him.

One and a half million dollars.

Saitama could hardly believe his ears, especially since he was sure the blonde only wanted to buy him so he could nag the bald man for as long as he wanted. He looked off stage, over to Genos and found the cyborg almost gaping at the blonde in the crowd along with everyone else. He looked to the host who stood gaping as well, until he finally pulled himself together. Saitama’s eyes widened a bit when he saw the man lift the gavel and then

Amai happened.

“You said you wanted to talk about something.” Saitama asked as he was led through the apartment, silently thanking the fact that he exchanged his red boots for a pair of soft fluffy slippers before he entered because the thick cream carpet they walked on didnt look like it dealt well with dirt. Amai gave him a charming smile.

“Let's talk out here.”

They reached the glass door, Amai reached out to open it and stepped aside for Saitama to walk out first. The bald man just took in a deep breath of fresh air when he suddenly felt Amai right behind him, standing way too close the way he has the entire night.

Saitama turned to face the blue haired man, “Uh...”

Still so articulate.

“It's a beautiful night, don't you think.” Amai said nodding up towards the sky and Saitama looked up before giving a slight nod, “I guess.”

“Tell me Saitama-kun, did you know about me, before tonight’s auction?”

“Well,” the bald man gave a slight shrug as he stepped back to get a little space between them. “Genos mentioned you once and Fubuki mentioned you a few times as well.”

Amai nodded, “So you know that I hold first place in the hero associations A class heroes. Did either of them tell you why I haven't been promoted to S class?” Saitama shrugged again and Amai smiled, “They tried to promote me but I refused and insisted on staying in my present position.”

The bald man frowned, “Why did you do that?”

“Because it's our duty as heroes to maintain order and justice Saitama-kun, to insure the safety and progression of the human race. To do this we can have only the best only the most beautiful people in our rankings to ensure that order and justice are maintained. We must uphold the hero associations image, make sure that it is protected at all costs. That is why i refused the promotion.”

“I don’t get it.”

Amai gave him an indulgent smile, “I remain an A ranked hero to ensure that no one unworthy would ever be able to infiltrate the hero associations S class ranking and sully the organizations stunning image. Only the absolute best deserve to be S class and so I make sure that only the best progress.”

“But isnt that the association’s job?”

“The assocation can be a bit overzealous at times and end up promoting unworthy individuals for the sake of having more S class heroes, thats why I became a member of the council and why I remain in A class. I correct their mistakes before they can make them.” The blue haired man stepped a little closer to the baluster and gave a scoff, “Just look at the heroes they promoted before I joined the association. Pig god, Metal bat, Puri Puri prisoner and Child emperor. A glutton, a delinquent, a villain and a child. How disgraceful.”

“I dunno,” Saitama started with a tilt of his head, “Everyone has their own way of doing things and if they managed to make it all the way to S class then they must have helped a lot of people, right? And for a kid to be make it all the way to S class is pretty impressive.”

Amai turned back and just stared at the man in silence, Saitama frowned.


“So kind and understanding, even when you were faced with that monster Garou... I see why the cyborg has kept you locked up all for himself for so long. What a tempting package you make.” A strange look came over Amai’s face and Saitama’s frown deepened.


“This is why I think you would make an excellent candidate for S class promotion Saitama-kun.” The blue haired man said as he approached the other and Saitama blinked in surprise.

“You do?”

“Of course,” Amai chuckled softly at the look on the bald man’s face, “You’re surprised.”

“It’s just, not a lot of people like me so I figured-”

“I assume you’re referring to the people that spew venom and insults at you in public and on the social networks? Those people don't know what they're talking about. Nothing more than ignorant fools that know nothing of true beauty...” The man seemed to pause at the look of confusion on Saitama's face and he took a deep breath as he placed his hand on the bald man's shoulder, “They just don't understand. They need someone to help them understand to truly see your power for what it is, they need to see how much of a hero you truly are. That’s why I brought you here Saitama-kun, why I bought you at the auction. I’d like to help you.”

“Help me how?”

“You can think of me as your... P.R manager. I will help you connect with the public, improve your image and populaity. With your stunning strength you will be promoted to S class in no time at all.”


“Oh absolutely.”

Saitama frowned, “What's the catch?”

“Catch? There's no catch.” Amai said as his head gave a tilt and a soft smile, “I merely enjoy spending time with powerful individuals and you Saitama-kun have strength the likes of which I have never seen. If I can help others see that as we'll then I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Saitama wasn't sure.

“Exactly what would you have me do? Cause I’m not doing some stupid game show and I can’t sing either.”

“Oh you won’t have yo do anything like that. As you probably know, I am already incredibly popular among the masses and so spending time round me and being seen with me should give your image the boost it needs.”

“So, all I have to do is hang out with you?”

“Yes. We’ll spend our time together in public and in private. The point is that people know that we're spending tie together. Even if all they see is you walking into my apartment building it will count. We need to show them that we're in a relationship... A very close relationship.”

“A close relationship?” Saitama took a step back, “uh look man, I’m not into dudes.”

“Really?” Amai’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly, “Well, that isn’t what I meant but now that we’re on the subject I must ask, how can you be so sure? Have you ever been with another man?”

“Well no but-”

“Saitama-kun, one of the most important parts to being a hero is having a open mind and considering all your available options. Why is it that you’re ‘not into dudes’ do you not find men attractive?”

“I... I’ve never really thought about it.” Saitama couldn’t help but pause.

“Then think about it now.” Amai started, “Do you find men attractive?”

He wasn’t sure.

Saitama certainly didn’t think that men were unattractive, at least not all of them anyway. He likes the way men are shaped, he wasn’t much for the soft, feminine curves and delicate touch that women usually had. He doesn’t mind hard edges, sculpted muscles and taught skin. Strong arms and legs. He could appreciate a goodlooking guy that took care of his body. He’s just never thougt about being with a guy in the sexual sense but if he had, what kind of men would he like?

Strong and manly or small and effiminate. Maybe something in between?

Saitama didn’t like the idea of getting into a relationship that was even remotely feminine. Although he found them attractive he just couldn’t deal with the kind of drama that followed women. He didn’t want to have to deal with all the troublesome issues. Not that all women were that way, but still. He liked the idea of being with someone that challenged him or at least tried to. Someone ambitious and stubborn to break through his own stubbornness. Someone brave, someone smart...

Genos’ face suddenly came to mind. Saitama quickly shook his head to rid himself of the thought.

“Well?” Amai suddenly said and Saitama let out a deep breath.

“I... I guess I do find them attractive.”

Amai smiled, “Good, there’s nothing wrong with finding men attractive Saitama-kun. Sexuality is a spectrum. Sometimes you’re just more attracted to one person more than you are to another. You shouldnt ever have to choose one way or another and no one should be able to force you.”

Saitama couldn’t help but feel like the blue haired man was right.

“But we can talk about this more some other time. For now, I think we should discuss plans for our... Date.”

Saitama sighed, “I’m still not sure about this.”

“There’s no need to worry. I’m a professional I know what I’m doing. Once I’m done with you, you will have thousands of adoring fans, the respect of your peers and you will be exactly where you need to be.” Amai said as he stepped closer, “I’ll take care of everything. All you need to do, is prepare for the first day of the rest of your life.”

“I dont need thousands of fans-”

“But you do want to make it into S-class don’t you? You want to catch up with your dear friend the demon cyborg?” Saitama couldnt help but nod, Amai’s smile grew as he reached out to gently place his hand on the side of the bald man’s face. Saitama frowned but he didn’t move. “Then relax and let me take care of you.”



It’s a date.

It’s definately definately a date.

“It’s not a date. It’s just I dunno... A work thing I guess.” Saitama said with a shrug as he pulled on his hoodie, the red one with Oppai written across it on the front. Clearly, he didn’t think that he was going out on a date, Genos knew better.

The night of the auction found Genos sitting up staring at the front door of the bald man’s apartment as he waited for sensei to come home. After the auction was completed and the after party ended, the heroes were all released and allowed to go about their own business. All the heroes except for Saitama since Amai insisted on going somewhere more private in order to discuss some other important matter. Genos tried to intervene or at least tag along to this supposed discussion, but Amai made it perfectly clear that his presence wasn’t needed and Saitama insisted that he’d be fine on his own, he insisted that Genos just go home and the cyborg reluctantly agreed.

Saitama didn’t come home till midnight. Genos was worried sick Saitama...

Saitama looked confused, very very confused. And when Genos found out about Amai’s plan he understood why.

Needless to say, he was not pleased.

“Sensei, I really don't think you should do this.” The cyborg said hands clenching tight against his arms as he kept them folded against his chest, his core was whirring softly in his chest while his cooling fans worked double time to keep him from overheating without releasing steam through his vents the way he needed to.

Saitama only shrugged, “I think it'll be O.K. It’s only one day. I just want to give it a chance, if it doesnt work out then I’ll just stop.” The bald man paused from where he stood staring in the refelction of the window in the livingroom and turned to face the man sitting at the small table infront of the TV.

Forte has been sitting there cross legged for the passed hour, he only stopped by to say hello and congratulate the bald man on getting the highest bid in the Hero auctions history, something everyone thought to be quite a milestone. Unfortunatly when the A class hero got there he found Saitama gettikng ready for his outing with Amai mask and inevitably found himself an audience to the arguement Saitama was having with his disciple. Which he wouldnt mind, if Genos didnt make him feel so nervous.

“What do you think?” Saitama asked and Forte arched a brow.

“You’re wearing that on a date with Amai Mask?”

Genos growled, Saitama rolled his eyes.

“It’s not a date.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you always look good.” As he said this Genos’ eyes locked onto him and the sheer fury in those bright amber eyes made the hero stop right in his tracks and reconsider his statement.

“I-uhm-I’ve never considered you to be like, ugly or anything. But Mr. Amai might be expecting something a little different with your clothes I mean.”

“Like what?” Saitama asked and Forte opened his mouth to speak only for Genos to cut him off.

“I don’t trust him.”

Saitama sighed, “Well you don’t need to be, I can take care of myself.”

“But sensei-”

“Genos,” Saitama started as he took a deep breath and took a step closer to his disciple, “I know that you’re just trying to look out for me, but it’s unnecessary. Like I said it’s just one day. How much could the guy do to me in 24 hours?”

The comment said so carelessly made a shudder run down Genos’ spine.

“Sensei you can’t go.”


Before the bald man could finish that sentence however the door to his apartment suddenly opened with a slam before someone stomped inside and Flashy Flash walked right into the living room.

The blonde was not happy.

Ice blue eyes as sharp as razor blades locked onto Forte in a chilling stare.


This has happened before, Forte knew the drill. Either leave or suffer under that cold glare and all the pain and torture that its owner could possibly bestow upon him later when Saitama wasn’t around to protect him. Although Flashy Flash had yet to hurt him in any physical way, Forte didn’t want to tempt fate.

The hero got up to leave only to stop when Saitama spoke.

“No, you don’t have to go anywhere.” The bald man looked up at Flash in annoynce, “How many times do I have to tell you to stop barging into my apartment ordering my guests around?”

Flash ignored his question. Instead he turned to Genos and glared hard.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Excuse me?” Genos asked feeling a little bewiderred at suddenly being addressed.

“How could you just stand there and let Amai win Saitama’s bid. We both know you had the money to get him so why didnt you?”

Genos let out a soft sigh, “Sensei made me promise that I would not interfere.”

“Since when have you let that get in your way?” The blonde looked back down at Forte, “I said out.”

Forte made to get up again when Saitama stopped him again.

“Sit.” The bald man sajd as he folded his arms across his chest, “I thought I told you to stop doing that.”

Flash looked over to the bald man with that same glare in his eyes, only for him to suddenly start to falter as he let out a sigh and brushed back a lock of hair that fell over his shoulder.

“Saitama-kun, please understand I only want whats best for you.”

“Is that why you bet one and a half million on me last night?”

“Yes,” Flashy flash said without missing a beat, “You yourself know how... Unpopular you are in the public. I only wanted to shelter you from any harsh treatment you might experience if someone unsavoury won your bid.”

Saitama sighed in frustration, “I don't need any protection. I can take care of myself.”

“Of course you can.” The blonde’s eyes softened as he stepped even closer to place a hand on the bald man’s shoulder, Genos’ jaw clenched.

“But I’m also sure that you wouldn’t want to be bothered by being forced to spend time with some stranger you barely know.”

“I barely know you.” Saitama deadpanned and Genos smirked while Flash gave the cyborg a dark glare out of the corner of his eye.

“If not for a certain pest I’m sure I could have changed that and we’d know one another much better by now.” The blonde hissed before giving Saitama a small smile, “Amai Mask has been rumored to be quite... Unstable for quite some time now. Although I know you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself I'm only upset to know that you're going to be exposed to him like this, in a position where you have little choice but to be in his presence.”

“He seemed O.K. last night.” Saitama said as he shrugged out of the taller man’s grasp as he walked over into the kitchen to get a glass of water. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“I assume that you’ll be going with him.” Flash said, the question was clearly directed at Genos, but those blue eyes locked onto Forte.


Forte got up and Saitama gave another frustrated sigh, “Sit down.”

“Saitama-kun I really don’t mind leaving.”

Saitama-kun?” Flash hissed, the raven haired hero swallowed hard just as the bald man spoke.

“You’re not going to leave just cause he told you to.”

“But-” ‘I might not survive it’ he thought as those eyes stayed on him.


Forte sighed as he sat back down.

“Genos isn’t going with me.”

“Why not?” Flash asked incredously and Genos sighed, “Saitama-sensei asked me not to.”

“Oh so Amai gets privacy, but I don’t.” Flash growled.

“Geeze will you calm down already?” Saitama hissed as he set his empty glass in the sink, “Why are you even so mad anyway? You get to nag me all day every other day, why does it matter of someone else gets to do it today?”

Flash looked offended for a moment, “I do not nag. And you are missing the point you oblivious simpleton.”

Saitama ignored the insult, “Yeah, then what is the point?”

Flash took in a deep breath to steady his nerves as he stepped closer to the older man who was standing in the archway to the kitchen at that point to put his hands on the shorter man’s arms.

“Don’t go.”

Saitama rolled his eyes, “Even if I didn’t want to go, I have no choice. Amai won my bid remember?”

“Oh please, who’s going to force you to go?”

You’re missing the point.” Saitama said and Flash hissed.

“What point?!”


A knock at the door.

The bald man hissed in annoyance.

“What now.” The words had barely left his moutn when another figure stepped inside. Tall and lanky with black hair and red eyes in a brown trench coat.

Genos couldn’t help sigh from his spot beside the wall. Forte tensed, wondering if he should find someway to escape, Flash glared and Saitama frowned in confusion.

“What’re you doing here?”

Zombieman looked over the room for a moment going over one figure to the next until it rested on Saitama.

“I stopped by to congratulate you on the auction.” The red eyed man said as he looked over Saitama’s appearance and a slight frown tugged at his lips, “Are you going somewhere?”

Because usually Saitama just lounged around in sweats and pajamas, jeans and a hoodie meant that he was going out on unofficial business.

“His 24 hour obligatory date is today.” Flash hissed through grit teeth and Saitama sighed again.

“It’s not a date.”

Zombieman blinked in surprise, “So soon.”

“He’s not going.” Flash said before looking down at Forte, “Why are you still here?”

“Sit down.” Saitama said just as Forte made to get up again, “Yes, I am.”

“Is that what you’re wearing?” Zombieman asked and Saitama looked up at him, looking a little affronted at his tone or rather lack thereof.

“And what’s wrong with this?”

“Nothing, you look perfect.” Two pairs of eyes locked onto him and glared hard. Saitama only flushed a little as he looked away.

“You don't need to butter me up you know, this isn't a date.”

“In any case, I think Flash might be overreacting a bit.” Zombieman said as he stepped closer and places his hand on tne blonde’s shoulder with a smile. “We should be giving Saitama-kun our support, not discouraging him.”

Flash looked at him like he was insane’ “What’re-”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Zombienman said flashing the man another smile and Saitama smiled in return.

“At least someone is being supportive.”

Genos jumped as he moved forward as well.

“Sensei’ it’s not that I don’t support you its just-”

“I’ll be fine Genos stop worrying so much.”

“He’s right you know, he’s in perfectly good hands.”

A voice suddenly said seeming to come out of nowhere and they all looked up to find Amai standing in the entrance to the living room with his hands shoved in his pockets, looking like he just stepped out from the cover of some magazine as he gave them a smile.

Saitama paused, “Oh shit, is it nine already-”

“A few minutes before nine, I decided to pick you up from your apartment so we could get things started.” The blue haired man said as he pulled a hand from his pocket, “I certainly didn’t expect to find you with so much... Company.”

Saitama didn’t answer as he turned away to look for his wallet and phone while Amai looked around the room with a practiced smile much less sincere than when Saitama was paying attention.

“Flashy Flash and Zombieman, I didn’t expect to see you here today.”

“I’m sure you didn’t.” Flash said in a too sweet tone that somehow seemed to have a greater effect than all his growling before while Zombieman stood up straight but said nothing. The blue haired man looked down at the lone figure sitting on the floor who tensed when that yellow gaze was suddenly focused on him and something close to revulsion flashed across Amai’s face as he spoke.

“You are Forte yes?”

Tne hero swallowed hard, “Yes, Mr. Amai sir.”

“I didn’t think you and I would meet so soon, certainly not here.”

“I-I well-”

“Perhaps we’ll meet again later if your ranking is ever raised.” Amai said with a chuckle meant to sound cheerful that only came out like some sort of strange threat. A shiver ran down Forte's spine and he really wanted to leave. Amai's gaze locked onto the cyborg and said cyborg couldn't stop a puff of steam from leaving his vents.

“Genos-kun, it’s nice to see you too.”

“Amai.” Was all the blonde said and Amai smirked.

“You know I was a bit confused when you refused my earlier offer to join me and my cause but now that I’ve met Saitama-kun, I think I may finally understand.” The blue haired man walked right up to him and stopped less than a foot away, as he spoke in a teasing tone while his eyes were anything but.

“It’s really so unfair of you to have kept him all to yourself for so long. It’s time someone else had a turn to don’t you think?”

“Sensei is not somekind of toy.”

“Oh I absolutely agree with you, that’s why I bid on him at the auction you see. Saitama-kun is far more valuable than any toy I could ever afford.” Amai leaned in closer and his tone dropped low enough for only the three men standing to hear, “And I plan to do far more than just play with him.”

“What are you talking about?”

Amai opened his mouth to speak when Saitama suddenly spoke first.

“I found it, let's go.”

“Perfect.” The blue haired man said as he pulled away and walked over to Saitama who was stuffing his phone in his pocket. Amai frowned as he looked the bald man over.

“Is this what you're wearing?”

“Yeah...” Saitama said slowly and Amai gave a dramatic sigh, “I suppose we have a few minutes to stop at a clothing store first, we can’t have you out in public looking like this.”

“What’s wrong with this?”

“The fact that you would dare allow polyester or whatever horrid material this is made from to even touch your skin.” Amai said pocking at his hoodie, “No this won’t do at all.”


“No but’s remember our arrangement Saitama-kun. I promised to take care of you and I will.” The blue haired man said with a comforting smile as he placed a hand on the bald man’s shoulder and started leading him towards the door, “Come along, there isn’t a moment to lose.”

Saitama sighed before he looked back over his shoulder, “Genos, I’ll be back later.”

“Yes, sensei.” The blonde said as they left the apartment and the room fell into silence until Forte finally took a deep breath.

“I should go-”

“Sit.” Flash hissed and Forte immediately sat down.

Zombieman growled as he pulled back with a glare in his eyes, “This is your fault.”

“My fault?” The blonde ninja hissed with a glare of his own. “How is this my fault?”

“You insisted on raising the bid-”

“I kept raising it because for some people don’t know how to take a hint.” Flash hissed with a dark glare, “I warned you-“

The raven scoffed, “You warned me?”

“I told you to stay away from him.”

“I don’t take orders from you.” Zombieman hissed back, “He doesn’t belong to you.”

“Because he belongs to you?”

“Saitama sensei doesn’t belong to either of you.” Genos suddenly cut in with a deep growl, amber eyes glowing brightly as the full gravity of the situation fell over him. He knew this would happen. He knew that eventually someone else would take notice of his sensei, someone would see his strength and admire him as much as Genos does or maybe even more than that. He just didn’t expect to feel so enraged when they did. That’s not that he enjoys the animosity and constant contempt that’s thrown his masters way, it’s just…

On some level he enjoyed having the older man to himself, he liked the fact that he knew a side of his teacher that he knew and no one else did; something incredible. He loved how he was the only one that knew about Saitama’s obsession with anime and manga. How his face would light up at the news of a sale. But now more people know about him, more people like him. More people are interested in Saitama sensei and not in a platonic way. And now…

Now Genos feels rage.

“I think it’s time that both of you left.”

Flash looked back at the cyborg with a glare and Zombieman only scoffed.

“Whatever. There’s no reason for me to be here anyway.” The raven said as he turned around and made his way to the front door and Flash followed without even a word to the cyborg. Forte stayed still, squirming uncomfortably as he was left with the blonde until Genos spoke.

“You can go.”

“Oh thank goodness.” Forte sighed as he quickly scrambled off the floor and ran out the door.

Genos let out a sigh of his own and the vents in his shoulders opened filling the room with hot steam, but that did nothing to ease the anger and tension he felt. The cyborg shut his eyes and took in a deep breath forcing his hands to unclench. He tried to tell himself that everything would be fine. He tried to convince himself that the fact that Saitama had so many admirers didn’t matter and that his sensei wouldn’t fall for their tricks. It doesn’t matter that Flash and Zombieman insisted on hanging around and that sensei seemed so oblivious to all of their attentions. It doesn’t even matter that Amai mask is out on a date with his master right at that very moment. Saitama wouldn’t allow himself to be manipulated so easily, he wouldn’t fall for their tricks. Sensei is much wiser than he looks and Genos has no doubt in his mind that-

“How much could he do to me in a day?”

Steam poured from Genos’ vents like a jet stream.

Uh oh.