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How To Fall In Love In Eleven Hours

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Today was meant to be a good day, a magical day, a day he would remember for years to come. Today was Jimin’s fiancés best friend’s wedding, a grand affair in the English countryside. The weather had been just right, unusual for the November setting, there hadn’t been a single cloud in sight all day. Unfortunately, as he stared into the back of the Land Rover in front of him, he realised that this day would be a day he’d remember for the rest of his life, but not at all in the way he originally had hoped.






The wedding reception was drawing to a close as everyone started to peel off, the bride and groom had already departed, it was only the last holdouts that remained. Jimin, a classically trained dancer, was in the centre of the dance floor commanding the attention of everyone still standing.


Today was a great day. His friends were married, he had a great boyfriend, fiancé as of six months ago. He looked great if he said so himself, his blonde hair was slightly more sweaty looking than it had been throughout the day but it still kept its style perfectly. He was in a suit that cost way more than he can bring himself to think about, but he reasoned that it made his butt look great so it was worth every penny.


He shook his hips and twirled to the sound of Zedd, when he felt a pair of eyes on him and he realised they must be his boyfriends and he smiled, the person came up behind him grabbing his hips and moving close in “hey” a voice that was decidedly not his boyfriend whispered gruffly in his ears. He turned around quickly and shoved the man off him.


“Whoa, no thanks, I have a bo- fiancé!” He really needed to learn to use the correct term, Mark always sported a hurt look on his face whenever he called him ‘boyfriend’.


“Oh! Oh no, God sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just thought, well, I thought you must be in some kind of open relationship so I thought I’d.. Sorry.” The other man said with his eyebrows raised, hands poised in the air to show he in no way wants to threaten Jimin.


“What? Open what? Why would you assume that I’m engaged !” He held his left hand up as if to prove his point.


“Oh fuck dude, I’m sorry. Fuck. I don’t know what to do right now. Fuck.” The guy with his hands still raised in the air backed away and knocked into a table. Jimin stood there in confusion trying to piece the conversation together.


His head snapped upwards as the guy came back, a determined looking on his face, his hands still raised slightly. “No. Fuck it, you seem like a good guy, and I’m a good guy, so, you need to go to the car park. Back end. Now.”


Jimin walked out of the estate the wedding was being held in, he waved at some of the guests as he left. Jimin was always the life and soul of any party, he’d made friends with nearly everyone in that room and swapped numbers with a handful of potential clients. Jimin worked freelance at a dance studio, mostly for children but he also taught an adult class two nights a week to increase people’s fitness levels and flexibility. He loved what he did and if he can spread the word about the benefits of dance he would always take the opportunity to.


He was originally going to ignore the strange man's suggestion to go to the car park, but as he stood waiting for another 20 minutes for his boyfri- fiancé to come back with the words circling round his mind, he decided to just sate his curiosity and figure out what exactly was happening. He pulled his suit jacket tight against the cold air, watching his breath leaving his body in front of him, it disappearing into the darkness around him.


He walked to the very back, it was dark, there were no lights. Really this was a stupid idea, going to a dark area, alone, after some man that grinded on him told him to, especially after he had rejected him. Nevertheless he pushed on, there were people still roaming the car park down the far end, so he reasoned with himself that he would still within ear shot should there be any issues.


You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.


He noticed a land rover in front of him, the windows fogged up and the car moving slightly. He edged forward slowly and heard moans and giggles coming from within the car.


He smiled slightly and bit back a giggle, not wanting to disturb the little love fest in front of him. Weddings always did have that effect on some people, Mark was one of them. They’d usually find themselves in a coat room or the bathroom at weddings previously. He turned to walk away not wanting to find himself in some weird voyeur situation.




Jimin froze. That voice.


“Right ... yeah... right there”


Jimin slammed around on his heel, walking back to the car. He stared through the window and locked eyes with the maid of honour currently with her lips wrapped around the cock of his fiancé. Tears blurred his vision as his entire world crashed around him in a matter of seconds.


Mark had his head thrown back and she smirked, fucking smirked at Jimin. He pulled the door open on pure instinct and Mark jumped, his head flying upwards. Jimin watched the girl pull back and wipe her hand at the corner of her mouth.


“Fuck, Jimin, I- Oh fuck I’m sorry.” The words fell out of Mark’s mouth within seconds of him registering Jimin’s face. His hands moving out to Jimin as if to calm him.


Jimin stared in disbelief, this was the man, his man. The man he was meant to spend the rest of his life with, the man he’d given up everything for, left Korea, moved to London, spent all his money supporting him while he quit his job in order to work on his stupid, stupid mixtape.


The girl looked between the two, smiling faintly, she looked way too happy to have been caught for this to have only been a one time thing.


Mark looks at the woman making a sort of strangled noise, shoving her away and moving to get out of the car pulling his trousers up.The movement was awkward, fast, yet slow. His hands fumbling with his zipper..


“How long?!” Jimin said in a voice so cold it almost surprised him




I said, how long?”


“Six months.”


SIX MONTHS?!” He half screamed. “We’ve been engaged for six fucking months.” His hands came up to his head as he tried to understand all of the information.


Suddenly everything made sense, the amount of time Mark spent with the bridesmaids throughout the day, all of his best man duties that Jimin had never heard of but assumed they were various parts of some old timey English traditions he didn’t know about. The nights Mark just didn’t come home as he supposedly worked too late in the studio and missed the last train home.


“That’s when it started” the girl stood and wrapped her arms around Marks waist, Jimin looked at her in disbelief. Mark at least had the decency to step to the side and untangle her arms but he let his fingers linger on her arm a second too long and Jimin felt it like a stab in his heart.


Mark stepped forward reaching one arm out. Stepping back on his unsteady knees, holding his arms out in front of him in a makeshift barrier. “Don’t.” The thought of any part of Mark’s body touching his filling him with a cold and disgusted feeling, his mouth running dry at the thought.


He closed his eyes for a long moment, his lungs taking a second to fill with oxygen as he planned his next move. He slowly opened them, plastering the most disdained look he could muster, shaking his head in disgust. He held his left hand up slowly, sliding the ring off his fourth ring finger and threw it as hard as he could towards the ground at the side of Mark.


He watched Mark’s face crumble slightly as his eyes followed it. “Jimin, wait, let’s just talk.” He moved forward and reached out his hands.


Jimin backed away, his legs moving before he registered he was walking away from the scene. He begged his legs to continue functioning, his mind dreading the thought of tripping or falling in this moment. The second he was a safe distance he turned and broke out into a sprint. Thanking his past self for having the mind to grab his phone and car keys before he left the reception, he jumped in to their car, slammed it into drive and sped away from the estate. He could see Mark shouting and running after him in the rear view mirror, his foot only pressing down harder on the accelerator in response.


Jimin drove for about an hour, he had no idea where he was going exactly, but he turned the volume of the radio as loud as he could and screamed along to every song he heard, humming to the ones he didn’t know, changing the station each time the presenter cut in. The opening bars to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud piped throughed to play and his body worked automatically, his hand reaching out to slam radio off button, his body not willing to compute a love song just yet. He drove for a moment or two more before a service station came into view and he automatically pulled in, finding somewhere to stop at the very back out of view from the casual customers.


His fingers were shaking as he reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone. 20 missed calls from Mark, 30 texts and the usual mess of twitter and instagram notifications. With determination he pulled up Marks number and blocked it.


He took a deep breath and then broke down into gut reaching tears, throwing his head forward and letting it hit the steering wheel, the sound screamed out across the car park but Jimin didn’t care, he let it ring out, it covered the sound of his tears.

After what felt like an hour, but was possibly only moments, Jimin felt like his brain was coming back to him. Pulling through the fog and his clouded memories, he shook it clear of the remaining haze, he clinged to the steering wheel, watching his knuckles go white as he went through his options in his mind. He looked at his phone once again and pulled up the one number who would know what to do and dialled, biting the skin around his thumb nail as he reminded himself to breathe in and breathe out.


“Jimin?” Jin’s voice came out a little muffled as if he had only just woken up, Jimin mentally groans when he realises the time difference, working out it's only 9am on a Sunday in Seoul. A sudden feeling of guilt floods him, but he needed to speak to Jin, he was always his voice of reason. He opened his mouth to speak when Jin cut him off, “wait, aren’t you supposed to be at the wedding? How did Mark-” Jin cut himself off as Jimin let out a gut wrenching sob. “Jimin…?”


It was too late, Jimin was crying floods of tears once more. “Jimin, please, Jimin what happened, tell me?”


There was a muffled sound as he got out of bed, Jimin couldn’t hear what was happening through his tears but he thought he heard Jin knock on another door before the phone muffled again.


“Jimin? Jimin can you hear me?” Jimin let out another sob and nodded his head, “okay, I’m going to take that sound as a yes. I’m putting you on speaker now, Tae is here with me, we’re both going to be sat here by this phone until you’re ready to talk okay?” Jimin nodded but couldn’t form a word to respond with.


“Jiminie, I love you, I don’t know what happened, but I love you.” Taehyung’s deep voice spoke this time, Jimin’s other best friend and Jin’s cousin/roommate. His voice automatically brought a smile to his face, his mind clearing for a second, until his brain snapped back into the fog, his sobs coming through harder as he thought about the girl smiling with her lips that were... oh God. He struggled to get air into lungs, it must've sounded terrifying as Jin cut in across the line “JIMIN? Jimin, listen to me, breathe, okay, breathe in... and... breathe out. In... out...” Jimin followed Jin’s instructions and the oxygen allowed his brain to clear once more.


“He, he, with her, in the car.” He broke out through his sobs, “something happened to your car, is Mark okay? Was there a car accident? Are you okay?” Jin spoke calmly as if not to spook Jimin out of talking.


“NO! He, with her, in the car.” He could only get the same words out again and again although he tried to speak more, he just couldn’t.


Taehyung cursed through the line “c’mon, Jiminie, c’mon, we’re gonna need a little more than this.”

“HE, WITH HER, CAR” Jimin screamed as he thumped his head against the back of the seat tears spilling down his cheek as he nearly dropped his phone. “The two of them, car, fucking, cheating, six months.” With that, he threw the door open of his car and threw up on the floor.


Taehyung screamed out a string of curse words and he heard something fly across what must have been his room shattering. Taehyung had never been able to cope well when Jimin was upset, he could only imagine how amplified it would be now as he can’t physically get to him.


Jin didn’t say anything for a while, but when he did his voice came out calm, calmer than the situation intended “Jimin, I’m booking you on the next flight to Korea.”


Jimin broke into a sob, shaking his head defiantly as if Jin could see him. “Hyung, I can’t just lea-.”


Jin cut him off more, his voice less calm than before “Oh yes you fucking can. It’s done, you’re on the 12:35 out of Heathrow, you’ll be here with us by half 7 tomorrow morning. I’m forwarding you the details now.”


Jimin put his hand in his hair as he bent forward, tugging on the ends and trying to will himself to calm down.


“No, no, nononono. NO, I have rent, I have a job, I have friends.” He shook his head as the words came out in a rush, although they didn’t hold much conviction to them.


“No your friends are here Jiminie, and I can find you a job in less than 5 minutes so don’t give me that shit.” Jimin didn’t doubt his claim, Jin knew everyone worth knowing in Seoul, his dad being an influential and intimidating CEO, Jin has more connections than Jimin could count. “Give me your landlords number I’ll call them as soon as daylight hits you in the UK and sort it for you.”


Jimin took a deep shaky breath before another pitiful sob left him. “I don’t, I don’t have enough money to just get out of my contract, and Mark lives there.”


“Jimin, did I say anything about you spending money? No, now give me his number.” The words came out with such a finality to them that Jimin couldn’t bring himself to argue, truthfully he wouldn’t have even if he had the energy to. “Mark can go fucking live in a hole for all I care Jimin but Hyung will sort it all, don’t worry.”


Jimin heaved a sigh “Look as much as I appre-“ he was instantly cut off.


“JIMIN.” Taehyung screamed “I swear to fucking God if you do not listen to Jin Hyung and get on that fucking plane I will fly out there myself and DRAG you back to Korea.”


Jimin heard some slamming as Jin began to talk “He’s not joking, he just got out his suitcase.”


Jimin lips lifted upwards in a watery smile for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, he could picture the scene in his head, Jin sitting helplessly on the bed as Taehyung stormed around his room throwing things into a suitcase whilst mumbling to himself. Taehyung really couldn’t handle Jimin being upset.


Truthfully, he had missed his friends and he thought often about returning home, he just didn’t have the opportunity or the inclination when Mark and their life together was settled around London.


He could fly back home and stay for a month or so, he worked freelance so all he needed to do was inform the clients which can be done easily from the website, but, he couldn’t just fly home, could he? Who in their right mind does that? Wouldn’t he just be running away from his problems? It’s the childish solution.


Although, on the other hand, what does he have tying him to London right now? A freelance job, a rented apartment, who cares about the car. He could just go home, temporarily at least. Gather his thoughts, then fly back if he feels like it. He desperately wanted to see Jin and Tae.


He weighed up all his options as he stared out into the empty car park. The early morning van and lorry drivers who were sorting themselves out for the long day ahead glancing at him warily. He couldn’t blame them, the red faced, silently crying man who was currently talking to himself and looking as though the weight of the world rested upon his shoulder. A cold pool of sick just outside his car door. He couldn’t say he wouldn’t stare if the roles were reversed.


Jimin closed his eyes, tipping his head back, silent tears still leaving tracks down his cheeks, hearing the slams of Tae’s angry packing drift down the line. Jin having switched to a softer approach, murmuring quietly, encouraging words, words that will push him towards coming home.


“Okay, okay, I’ll fly back.” Jin sighed in relief and he heard another clattering sound. Imaging it’s Tae having dropped whatever he was holding, his sudden panic packing forgotten.


He put his phone on speaker pulling up his emails he sent Jin the details of his landlord. “I’m not sure if this will be a permanent, okay? I have a life here Jin, but I, I can always I don’t know, find another apartment, without Mark and oh God, it’s over. Fuck.” He started sobbing once more.


“Jimin, it’s okay, you don’t need Mark, you’re such a fantastic human, we love you and Mark just, he didn’t know what he had, and you’re going to find someone much better than him.” Jimin made a strangled sound at the thought of being with anyone else. “Eventually, not now!” Jin spoke quickly. “We’re here for you, every step of the way, we love you and support you. And the best place for you right now, is home.”


Tae’s voice cut down the line “Jimin, I love you, and I will support you in everything you do, but if you think I’m ever letting you leave Korea again...” He sighed and softened, Jin must have given him a look. “Just, just get your ass back home okay? I miss my Jiminie.” Jimin nodded, biting his lip, trying not to think of the ramifications this could cause.


He flicked through the flight email Jin had sent him and he paused “Hyung, you booked me first class?!”


“Jimin, if you think that Hyung is letting you fly in economy you’re sorely mistaken. And don’t even bother arguing I checked premium and business and they were both fully booked, so yes, you’re in first class.”




Jimin stayed with the two of them on the phone until he saw the earliest peaks of the sunrise. At some point Jin had to leave to get to a modelling job, he was just trying it out, he said, he wasn’t sure if he liked it, but Jimin knew with a face like his he’d be on runways within a year. When he left Jimin hung up and Tae called him back within moments to talk on his phone. Jimin put him on speaker and pulled away to drive back to his place and grab the essentials, he’d never been more thankful for his car phone charger.


As he arrived at their apartment he took a deep breath and sat in the car for a moment. “Jimin, I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere. You can do this, get in, get your things, get out. Don’t think about it too much.”


“What if he’s in there?” Jimin panicked, he hadn’t thought about that possibility until this moment and suddenly it all felt very real and scary.


“How? You took the car and you were in the middle of the countryside. He won’t be, I promise you.” Taehyung, was the voice of reason he needed to make the final push. He opened the door and stepped out taking Tae off speaker.


He felt as though he were in a trance as he let his feet carry him up the stairs, Tae was at his ear the entire time “You’re doing so good Jiminie, one step at a time. One breath at a time.” He reached their apartment door and quickly opened and closed it before collapsing on the floor on the other side as a sob wrecked through him again. “Breathe, in and out. In and out.”


“M-Mark?” He shouted out into the apartment, he was met with silence in return and he let out the breath he’d been holding, “it’s empty,” he told Tae as brought his knees up in front of him resting his head on them taking a deep shudder breath in.


Suddenly a feeling of calm took over Jimin as he looked around the apartment “I hate him Tae.’’


“I know Jiminie.”


“No, I really hate him, want him to burn in hell hate him.” He stood up and walked over to the coffee table, picking up a photo of the two of them, Jimin looking directly at Mark as he looking at something else off camera. He walked around the room inspecting the photos frames, in every single one, one after the other, Jimin looking at him with adoration, Mark looking either at the camera or off to the side. Never the two of them looking at each other.


Tae sighed on the other end of the line “Me too.”


He put Tae on speaker as grabbed his suitcase and threw in some clothes, he didn’t pack much, some hoodies and jeans, he quickly brushed his teeth getting rid of the after taste of the sick still lingering from earlier. He washed his face. Tae, to his credit, continued to speak soothingly through the phone praising him as he completed each menial task, repeating on an almost loop how much he loved him. Jimin changed out of his suit and packed it, he;d spent way too much money on it to have it be left behind. Once he felt fit for a plane journey he grabbed his phone once more, his passport and threw his car keys on the side. He would just let Mark have it, he honestly couldn’t care. With that he walked out into the early morning sunshine.


He bid farewell to Tae and jumped on the underground, making his way to the airport. With all the commuters surrounding him and the bustle of changing trains he didn’t really think too much about the entire situation. He felt almost free for the first time in hours.


As he reached the airport he noticed a large amount of press hanging around at the entrance, a group of fans were excitedly talking about someone called ‘RM’ - he caught the words Seoul, but didn’t really pay attention.


He went through the motions at the airport, checked in and sat in the first class lounge. Jimin almost wish he were in the frame of mind to enjoy it as he walked past the delectable foods and stuffed to the point of overflowing armchairs. Instead, he sat in the corner with his hood up deleting picture after picture on his Instagram and post after post on his twitter page. Again he noted bitterly, Mark never once looked at him in a picture.


Jimin went to the boarding area when his flight was called, there was a slight commotion behind him as he waited. Security guards rushing to do a sweep of the plane it seemed. He walked over to the window not particularly caring about what was happening. He stared out at the grey skies of the city he’d called home for the last couple of years. Closing his eyes he bit back the need to cry once more and moved to board the plane.


As Jimin boarded the flight attendant stopped him “Hi Sir, as you’re a first class passenger we just need to inform you of some extra security in place today, it shouldn’t affect your flight but given we have a celebrity in our midst we’re stopping any fans from sneaking into first class to take pictures on board. So, we’d just be grateful if you could keep your ticket on you at all times in case you’re stopped.” Jimin nodded and tried not to roll his eyes, normally he wouldn’t be bothered but he just wanted to sit in his seat and cry for 11 hours, not have to deal with another thing to think about.


Tae called him as he was walking towards his seat, “JIMINIE! Are you okay? I’m here with you until take off if you need me.”


“I’m fine Tae” he said as he threw his bag down on his seat. Someone was already in the seat next to him in the window,  headphones in whilst writing at the speed of light, bopping his head. The seats were set out so that they faced each other. Jimin hoped he remained that quiet the rest of the flight as he didn’t really want to bring the partition up and miss out on the view. “I’m just boarding now..” He was looking around in vain trying to find the overhead compartment, pressing buttons, he somehow managed to switch the light on above his head, making him jump.


The man in the seat next to him looked up amused, taking one ear bud out he pointed to the holder at the front of the seat “there’s no over head.” He smiled politely. Jimin felt himself flushing in embarrassment, “oh, thank you.” He stowed his bag and flopped down in his seat.


“No Tae, I was talking to the person next to me. Yes Tae, I’m okay. Well no, I’m not, but I’m surviving. I’ll be okay when I get back home I think. Wait!” He sat up straight in his seat, eyes widening “where the hell am I gonna stay?!” He shook his head, he can’t believe he hadn’t thought of this earlier. Tae answered instantly, “... are you sure? I don’t want to put on you.” The response made him chuckle. “...When the hell did Jin have time to buy a sofa bed? Isn’t he working?!” Jimin only received one explanation, ‘it’s Jin.’ He noticed the boy opposite him had kept one bud out of his ear and wasn’t writing as fast anymore, a bewildered smile gracing his features.

“Look Tae, were gonna start to taxi out of here soon I’ll speak to you later okay? ...No I did not just plan to cry the entire way. I have movies to watch. I promise I’ll watch something funny. But if I wanna be sad I can be sad okay? ...I love you too. Bye.” He leaned back in his seat and pretended not to notice the curious eyes that sat across from him.


As they began to taxi out the man next to him started to become uneasy. Twitching and breathing more rapidly. It was nothing too obvious but Jimin managed to spot it as he’d been watching him out of the corner of his eye for the last 20 minutes. “Are you okay?” Jimin asked quietly.


“I hate flying. I always get booked the window for some reason and I hate seeing the climb.” He shook his head and Jimin could see the shiver that ran through him. “I know it’s weird, but can we switch seats? I feel more comfortable on the aisle where I can’t see as much.”


Jimin was already nodding before the last sentence came out of his mouth, all he wanted was the window seat. They stood up, quickly making the swap before the flight attendant noticed them not remaining in their seat, as they moved their hands lightly brushed and Jimin felt like he was jolted by electricity.


The man flashed Jimin the biggest smile he thinks he’s ever had the pleasure of seeing and dimples so deep you could swim in them appeared. “Thank you.”


Jimin managed to stutter out a “No problem” as he looked at his hand.


“I’m Namjoon by the way.” He held his hand out to shake and Jimin too distracted looking at his own hand nodded “Jimin.”


The man next to him slowly withdrew his hand giving himself a handshake in the process of the rejection, as if he was so used to it he comforted himself when it happened.


Jimin turned away from the other man and stared out at the airport, all the people bustling around going about their normal days, completely oblivious to the trauma Jimin had faced in the last 24 hours. The little trucks that were probably large but looked like miniatures next to the planes driving around. People waving at other people as the went about the daily grind.


After a moment or two he took a second to take in Namjoon’s appearance, he was gorgeous, if Jimin wasn’t in the throes of a break up he would be asking for his number, or at least be attempting to set him up with Tae or Jin otherwise. His dark brown hair was currently pushed up, and away from his face, but Jimin could imagine how soft and fluffy it would look drooping down across his forehead, matching his dimpled smile perfectly. He could see the traces of make up around his eyes, it looked as thought there had been some attempt to wipe it away, but he had failed to remove it all. The obvious signs of a late night before this early morning flight. A pair of sunglasses perched neatly on his head as if he used them to block out the world, Jimin couldn’t quite make out the brand but he could tell how expensive they were from where he sat. He complimented the look with distressed jeans and a grey jacket opening onto a white t shirt. Casual, yet completely not at the same time.


Looking down he glanced at himself, his khaki green hoodie, pulled up over his hair and black jeans. He looked as if he had just rolled out of bed, bright red face from crying all day, and dark grey bags circling his eyes that felt like a gleaming beacon against his pale skin. Jimin looked and felt like a potato next to him.


The engines began to roar to life as they prepared for take off. Jimin could see Namjoon’s rapid increase in breathing from the corner of his eye, the way his whole body began to shake and his fingers turned white from where they gripped the arm rest as hard as he could manage. As a sudden bang sounded his eyes flicked to Jimin’s almost as if he were his only safety net. Jimin would have been annoyed at being distracted from his internal monologue of sadness if the dimpled man wasn’t this damn cute.


“Hey. Hey, Namjoon, hey, it’s okay, I promise, breathe, c’mon, that’s it, it’s okay. It’s just the plane warming up. They wouldn’t let us take off if something bad was going to happen. Remember, you’re more likely to die in the car on the way here.” he smiled his most calming smile as Namjoon spluttered.


“A cars on the ground this is a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air and no one understands how it flies!! That’s not normal.”


Jimin giggled at Namjoon’s distress and he flushed red, cringing. “I’m sorry, I’ll be okay when we’re in the air, it’s just take off.” He thought for a second, “and landing” another second, “and turbulence.” Jimin continued to giggle at Joon’s expense, glad for the distraction.


Namjoon grumbled the entire climb into the air, only settling down and becoming calm when they reached a cruising altitude and the flight attendant came over the in flight system. Namjoon smiled at Jimin and breathed a sigh of relief. “See, that means we’re safe.” He pulled up his partition screen to the aisle and settled back down with his ear buds and writing. He kept the patrician between him and Jimin down, as did Jimin.


A little while later Jimin got up to go to the restroom and sat in there for a few moments. His mind a mixture of a million and one different emotions as he tried to get his head round exactly what he should be feeling right now. He was happy, happy he was going home, he got to see his friends again, he’d missed Tae so much he could barely breathe when he thought about it, but everything that had happened to him in the last 12 hours had killed something deep inside.


He wasn’t sure what he did to deserve this, what happened, was it something he’d done? Did he not love enough? Was he not a good enough person?


He went through all the moments they had together in his brain and he tried to pinpoint something, anything that could explain everything, but each time he came up with nothing.


He slumped forward holding his head in his hands, he knew realistically he wasn’t going to find any answers sitting on the toilet of an aeroplane asking questions out into the universe but he didn’t know what else to do. He needed a distraction.


Standing up he decided to do four laps of the plane, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other might be something to do other than sit and think. He walked through the various classes, he noted with some humour that there were multiple  seats available in all the classes. He shook his head reminding himself to reprimand Jin for spending so much money on him when they land.


He meandered back slowly towards his seat after a while, when someone stopped him half way through first class, “excuse me Sir. I need to see your ticket.”


Fuck, the flight attendant, the rules, the celebrity. He patted himself down and found himself completely without a ticket. “Oh, I haven’t it’s, in my… I’m sorry, I’m not with it right now, I’ve had a terrible day.”


“Not good enough Sir.” He shook his head with an air of finality in his tone.


“No seriously, ask my seat mate, hang on, Namjoon!” Jimin cried out his name and felt his breathing kick up a tier in embarrassment.


“Sir, please refrain from calling out to him.” The man sounded exasperated, looking as if he were trying his best to hold back an eye roll.


“What?! Namjoon!” Jimin was confused, he just wanted to get Namjoon’s attention.


SIR, I respectfully ask you to stop before this turns into a problem.” The man was angry now and Jimin felt the swell of tears in his eyes, he didn’t know what to do, everything important that he owned was in his seat, he couldn’t just leave.


Everyone turned to stare at him as Jimin’s day turned from bad to worse, tears threatened to spill out from his eyes. He began to ponder just giving in, setting himself up in economy for the next 11 hours to avoid the embarrassment.


Suddenly Namjoon’s head peaked up from their little pod.


“Namjoon!” Jimin all but cried in relief.


“It’s fine Jackson, let him through. He’s sat with me.” Jimin sagged in relief and felt tears sting once more, a mixture of embarrassment, relief and sadness flood through him all at once as he quickly walked past everyone, slumping down into his chair, wiping his face with the sleeves of his hoodie “Th-Thank you.” He smiled a watery smile at Namjoon, the other man nodded and smiled sympathetically back.


Jimin stared at the window absently for the next hour or so, turning down any food that was offered to him. Every now and then he’d move his hand to silently wipe away the tracks his tears had left on his cheeks. Namjoon continually stole glances at him, until Jimin met his eyes and he turned his face away, flushed.


A little while later Namjoon spoke quietly, but enough to jolt Jimin from his thoughts “I’m a good listener you know.” He put his pen down and looked solely at Jimin.


“What?” The word came out in an unintentional sigh. Jimin was just so tired.


“I’m a good listener, in fact, I’ve been told I’m a great listener. Something's bothering you and you look like you might need to talk.” He looked at him with wide, open eyes, smiling softly and invitingly. Jimin wanted to curl up in the look it was that comforting.


Jimin thought about it for a moment. Honestly, he didn’t want to talk, but getting it all off his chest and telling a stranger the story might help, and really, the look he was giving him was so sweet he didn’t want to watch it crumble as Jimin rejected his offer.


So he sat up and told Namjoon the whole sorry tale, every detail. Namjoon nodded and expressed anger at appropriate points. He told him about his emotional breakdown in the car park, he smiled slightly as Namjoon automatically reached forward to hold his hand but froze mid movement. Jimin, always one for physical touch reached out and grabbed it on the withdrawal, holding it in his hand for a few moments, enjoying the warm buzzy feeling it brought.


“I just wish I knew what I did wrong. What I could have done more of. I didn’t realise I was that shit of a boyfriend.” He laughed woefully.


“Jimin, don’t say that.” He squeezed his hand and let go to gesture, “it was nothing you did, nothing, he did that, that’s on him. You can’t blame yourself for another person's actions.” He looked into Jimin’s eyes as if to press home the point. “Do not blame yourself in any way, shape or form.”


Jimin bit his lip and nodded he wasn’t sure he believed him, but he appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.


Namjoon as if reading his thoughts sighed, “you don’t have to believe me Jimin, but you should. Sometimes people don’t see what they have or who they have, until they’re gone. From what you told me it sounds like it was his loss. You deserve someone who will support you in your dreams and respects you. Someone who would never hurt you.”


“You’ve only just met me you don’t know what I deserve.” Jimin shook his head looking down.


Namjoon smiled “You’re right. I don’t, but if you think you’re not deserving of being supported in reaching your goals and your dreams or someone doing as little as respecting you, that’s your own thoughts messing with you. Every decent person deserves that, and from what I can see, you’re nice, sweet, cute, and funny. You don’t deserve to have anyone making you feel lesser. Anyone would be proud to have you as their boyfriend or even their friend. That’s without me even mentioning how brave you’re being right now.” Namjoon shook his head in disbelief as Jimin laughed out loud. “What? Are you really going to tell me you’re not brave when you’re sat with me on a flight to Korea that you only booked this morning?”


“No, it’s stupid. I’m running away from my problems, I know I am.” He looked down and away.


“No, what would be stupid is running back to London, forgiving that asshole and carrying on the way you had been. You’re attempting to start afresh somewhere you haven’t set foot in for 3 years. That’s incredible.” He smiled at him, almost awe like, his dimples not quite as pronounced as before but still there. He reached out his hand and took Jimin’s, squeezing. “You deserve more Jimin.”


As Jimin looked at their hands and then up into Namjoon’s eyes, he thought, maybe he did.



Another hour or so past and Jimin flipped over in his seat which was now down in the lying position. Namjoon’s was still upright as he scribbled away once more. He looked up and smiled. “Hi” Jimin waved up at him from his position he stretched and yawned slightly, still too wired to sleep. “Tell me something, distract me.”


“What do you wanna know?” He put his pen down.


“Everything.” Jimin put simply.


“Ahhh...” he scrunched his face up thinking.


Jimin suddenly started realising what he was asking “Oh, sorry, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell a stranger on a plane your life story.” He laughed gesturing at himself


“Oh no it’s not that, I trust you.” Jimin smiled brightly as Namjoon flushed, looking away, it was as if that wasn’t an easily said sentence for him.


They began to talk, Jimin learnt nearly everything there was to know about Namjoon, his early life, where he grew up. His favourite place to walk at night, he learnt it was one of his main activities he used to de-stress. Jimin made him promise him three times that he did take precautions and he was safe.

He learnt he was ridiculously smart, smart smart, smarter than Jimin could imagine. He couldn’t cook to save his life, he once nearly set the stove on fire, completely burning the pot, but somehow the food was still frozen when they put the fire out. He would shriek at the first signs of a spider and he’s been known to run away crying from wasps or throw his best friend, Yoongi, toward them and scream in terror while either hiding or fleeing.


During the conversation Jimin kept throwing up random maths equations or riddles which Namjoon would solve within moments and Jimin nodded pretending he knew the answer.


Eventually Jimin ran out of questions and Namjoon switched the tables.


He asked all about Jimin’s childhood. His favourite subjects in school, math and dance. His favourite style of dance. How he loved to sing but didn’t think he was very good at it, Namjoon insisted that he would love to hear him sing and Jimin nodded, lost in this unlikely world where they’d actually see each other again when the plane landed.


Jimin told him all about the dance lessons he’d hold and his dream of owning or co-owning his own dance studio in the future. Namjoon only nodded, responding that with maths and dance skills it would be the perfect mixture of the two. Jimin loved that Namjoon was actually encouraging him rather than telling him it was a silly endeavour that he could never afford as Mark used to.


He talked about his love of cooking which one of his best friends Jin exposed him to when he was younger, he wasn’t as good as his friend but he tried. Namjoon smiled and nodded ‘that works out then you can cook and protect me from burning the place down and I can do all the washing up, I’m good at that.’


Jimin blushed slightly and nodded “I hope you like kimchi it’s my best dish!”


Namjoon nodded “I’m sure everything you make is great.”


After a little while of them sitting in comfortable silence Jimin flopped over, looking out the window, contemplating why he was talking so much to the man next to him.


Namjoon went back to scribbling but kept an eye on the blonde figure next to him, ready to give him another pep talk when needed. He didn’t know why he was so drawn to him but he just wanted to make sure he was okay. He had no doubt in his mind that he could move mountains if he wanted, but his confidence had been shaken and Namjoon was not okay with him feeling down about himself when all Namjoon could see was perfection.


About half an hour later Jimin poked at Namjoon’s hand and then continued to poke up his arm asking for attention.


Namjoon smiled at him and put his pen down. “Serious, serious, question time Namjoon”


Jimin sat up straight crossing his legs on his seat/bed and gave Namjoon his most serious face.


“How can I be of assistance Jiminie?” Jimin felt his heart stutter a little.


Jimin stuttered out a symbol that sounded close to 'erm' as Namjoon realised that he’d just given Jimin a cute nickname and he doesn’t even know him. His face flushed and he looked down guilty. As soon as Jimin saw his face change he reached his poking hand down to grab his and squeeze it in a silent message of ‘it’s okay.’ Namjoon glanced back up at his eyes to find them smiling. Jimin watched as relief flooded his eyes.


“So, my serious question. Concentrate Namjoon, I need all of your 148 point IQ.” He pointed at him and squinted his eyes. “Are you ready? Good. My hair.”


Jimin pulled the hood of his jumper down, Namjoon let out the air in his lungs shaking his head fondly “Blonde is so, London Jimin, what shall I do now.” He reached up and fluffed his hair with his fingers and blew some strands off his face.


Namjoon smiled as so many thoughts crushed into him at once, some good, some terrible. Jimin was one of the most interesting, dynamic and, he’d go so far as to say, amazing people to have ever crossed his path. He just wished that what led up to him being here on this flight, wasn’t a huge and traumatic life event. He wishes he met Jimin someplace else, a different time, somewhere he could enjoy this little spark he felt in him whenever Jimin looked in his eyes or smiled at him.


The way his heart fluttered when the boy giggled or the way his skin buzzed when they touched. He resigned himself to pushing those feelings down quickly. He knew that the blonde man would most likely forget about him before he even reached customs. The thought pained him but it was likely the truth.


He was Jimin’s safety blanket for 11 hours, and if that’s all he could be to Jimin, he’d accept it and love every second of being in his presence.


Namjoon looked at him for a good few moments before smiling at his decision “Pink.” He announced.




“Yep, like, candy floss, bubble gum, pink, you’d pull it off.” Jimin thought about it and nodded.


“Pink it is.” He smiled and flopped back back down into his lying position looking back out of the window. Namjoon smiled fondly, going back to his scribbling.




A moment or so later the plane jolted and the pilot announced they would be experiencing turbulence for the next half an hour or so. Requesting everyone fasten their seatbelts and asking the flight attendants to try to remain seated as much as they can. The plane began to shake and Namjoon pushed his head back into the seat closing his eyes, doing what sounded like a well practised calming breathing technique. Jimin brought his chair up to the seated position and looked at the dimpled man suffering opposite. He bit his lip watching the tall boy panic and did the only thing he could think of.


He reached out and put his hand on top of the hand currently gripping onto the arm rest, Namjoon’s eyes flew open as he looked down at their hands before taking his off the arm rest and intertwining their fingers, squeezing them in thanks. Jimin tried to ignore it, but he couldn’t help revelling in the way the warmth of Namjoon’s hand spread up his arm exploding in a crescendo at the back of his neck.


Neither of them said anything, words weren’t needed.


Namjoon didn’t let go until half an hour after the turbulence had ended.




Another thirty minutes or so passed before Jimin’s curiosity finally got the better of him “Hey, who was Jackson and why did he stop me from coming back here?”


“What?” Namjoon looked up from his scribbles.

“Why couldn’t I just come back to my seat, I mean I know there’s some big 'celebrity'” Jimin whispered the word making finger quotes around it “on board today but why’d he stop me from calling out to you?”


Namjoon stared at him in confusion for a moment before laughing slightly. “Jimin, I really don’t want this to be conceited or obnoxious, but, do you not know who I am?”


Jimin looked at him in confusion, “of course I do silly. We introduced ourselves at take off! You’re Namjoon?”


Namjoon smiled so wide Jimin thought his face was about to crack and his dimples came out to play again. “Yeah, yeah that’s who I am, sorry.”


“Who do you think the celebrity is?” Jimin whispered distracted from his own questions, popping his head up above the seats, looking around “maybe there’s an idol group, or some of NCT on here?! There’s so many who can keep up.”


Namjoon smiled at him and nodded “maybe, I heard the flight attendants say there’s a rapper on here named RM though.”


“RM? Well that’s boring, I don’t even know who that is.” Namjoon shrugged and looked down at his paper once more.


“RM. RM.” Jimin repeated feeling the letters on his tongue. “What does that even stand for?”


“Hmmm?” He looks up “Oh, no one knows.”


Jimin wrinkled his nose and looked out the window. “How silly.”


Namjoon looked at the back of his head, his heart hammering as he nodded “yeah, he probably is.”


If it had been any other day, any other time, Jimin would have figured out exactly what was happening and who Namjoon was. However, given that his heart had been ripped out and stomped on less than 24 hours ago and he was currently flying home for his first time in 3 years he was unable to process anything other than the basics.


He was completely oblivious to anything other than the cute dimpled man opposite him and his basic motor functions.

At some point, Jimin began to realise his sadness has ebbed away, his brain less foggy, his mind clearer. The past nine hours of flight time giving him a new passion, Namjoon. Each time he felt his mood begin to dip he’d turn round and start talking to Namjoon, the two of them would wile away an hour or more.


In a way Jimin felt bad as he was clearly working on something with his headphones and his scribbling but Namjoon never seemed to mind pushing it away each time and indulging his meandering conversation.


Jimin learnt that he lived in the expensive part of Seoul, not too far from Jin, which lead himself to wondering if they’d bump into each other in the future. He considered maybe just asking for his number, something about him made him feel calm and he wanted to revel in that for a little while longer. He had yet to gain the courage, but each conversation pushed him closer.


“What are you working on?” Jimin flopped himself over in his seat a little while later and fiddled with the sleeves of his jumper. “Lyrics.”


“Lyrics?” Jimin scrunched up his nose.


Namjoon coughed “I work for one of the companies. Writing, producing, mostly rap.”


Jimin shook his head and made a blanching sound “I hate rap.”




“I dunno, Mark my er, yeah, he was always going on about dropping a mixtape, he would rap around the apartment and he just sucked, it sucked. I hate it.” He smiled sadly. “At least now I never have to listen to rap music ever again. Every cloud has its silver lining I guess.” He lifted his head grinning at the taller man.


Namjoon scratched the back of neck, “eeerr, yeah.” Namjoon instantly felt stupid at the stabbing pain that entered his heart at the thought of Jimin never hearing his lyrics. He looked down feeling pathetic scribbling through everything on the page.


Jimin suddenly realised what he’d said, his hand coming up to his mouth at the look of pain in Namjoon’s eyes. “Oh wait not that there’s anything wrong with, oh shit I’m sorry. I’m sure the work you do is much better than anything he’s done.”


Namjoon nodded and looked back down at his scribbled up work, seemingly ending the conversation as he screwed up the paper, pulling out a blank one “I hope so.”


Jimin heart felt another stab of pain in an amongst all the other pain already there. He resolved to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the flight.


There goes the ‘asking for his number’ plan.




As the pilot announced their descent into Seoul, Jimin watched as Namjoon began to fidget once more, his breathing increasing in intensity, his hands fidgeting.


Although things had become a little awkward for the last hour or so, since Jimin had basically insulted his craft, he moved his hand out half way and Namjoon surged his hand forward clinging for dear life. He smiled in thanks, squeezing his hand.


Jimin began to speak “Hey I’m sorry if I-“


“Don’t, it’s fine, not everyone’s gonna like my stuff or my genre.” He shrugged. “I’ve had a lot worse said about me, trust me. It only hurt for a second.” Or longer, but the last thing Namjoon wanted to do was add to Jimin’s insecurities.


Or tell him how much his opinion had grown to matter to him in less than half a day. It was ridiculous, so pathetic, all of this. He’s embarrassed to admit how many times he’d imagined asking for Jimin’s number in the past 3 hours. He wanted nothing more than to watch Jimin rediscover Seoul, take him to his favourite spots, his favourite food places. Watch the look of wonder in his eyes as he realised there was more to life than a cheating fiance and a country miles from home, but, he knew it was stupid and futile. Jimin needed his friends, not Namjoon.


Jimin scrunched his nose in confusion, “why would anyone be insulting you?”


Namjoon was about to answer when the sound of the wheel being dropped down for landing made him jump nearly 5 feet in the air “Hey, hey, it’s just the wheel” Jimin cooed “you’re fine, it’s fine, we’re all safe.”


Namjoon continued to jump at every sound until they officially landed with a loud thump back on the ground. “Landings always sound worse than take off, I’m sorry about your hand.”


Jimin giggled and nodded as he moved all his fingers around checking they were still intact, Namjoon had a strong grip. “It’s fine.”


“I need to find some way of hiring you as my official hand holder for flights.” Namjoon quipped as the plane pulled into its designated gate and the bridge was brought across for the exit.


Jimin opened his mouth to respond, he felt bravery swell in him about to ask for his number at last. “Hey, can I-”


Jimin was interrupted as Jackson from earlier reappeared, his hand grabbing onto Namjoon’s shoulder and he turned his head instantly, surprised. “We’ve gotta go. Cars on standby, we’ve got a press conference in two hours, just enough time for makeup and hair. We need to get you past the press and crowds as soon as possible.”


Jimin watched Namjoon in confusion as he was dragged from his seat, only enough time to grab his bag before he was pulled to the exit. He watched Namjoon offer a meek wave before he was pushed off the plane.


Jimin, for the first time in nearly eleven hours, felt the crushing weight of loneliness.




Maybe it’s for the best, Jimin thinks as he’s clearing customs and grabbing his luggage. The last thing he needs is a rebound or to jump into anything serious. Besides, who meets their next great love on the flight escaping their past love whom he had found cheating on him less than 24 hours ago. It just doesn’t happen.


He resides himself to keeping this little special memory, the dimpled cutie on the plane that made him feel better, helped him through a rough eleven hours. Jimin tried not to think about his hand still tingling from their contact.




The sound rang out across the arrivals hall, he looked up to a shrieking Taehyung running towards him. He only had a second to drop his suitcase before he was grabbed around the middle, being lifted into the air and spun around again and again, until he was almost to the point of being dizzy. Taehyung grinned up at him the entire time, showing little care to anyone who may have been walking around them.


Once Jimin was placed down on the ground he took a second to take in Taehyung’s appearance. He looked different from the last time he FaceTimed him with his bleached blonde hair, now he’s sporting a more subtle honey blonde colour.


Jimin looked to the side, spying Jin, now with dyed blonde hair and an undercut, standing in a more sensible position behind the barriers. Jimin waved, being met with one of Jin’s signature hand kisses in return. Jimin closes his eyes for a moment, suddenly hit by how much he’s missed in between his sparse video chats and phone calls.


Tae eventually lets Jimin go, grabbing onto his hand as he guided him towards Jin. Jin is holding a coffee which he hands to Tae before wrapping Jimin up in a hug and kissing the crown of his head.


“I missed you Jiminie” Jimin nods and holds him tighter in response.


When they separate Tae hands Jimin the coffee and he gulps the caffeine goodness gratefully, he hadn’t slept at all on the flight and he couldn’t remember the last time he got a full nights sleep with the wedding planning. Jin grabs Jimin’s suitcase out of his hand insisting he should be the one to carry it and Tae holds onto his free hand. Together they all head towards the car park.


Tae begins filling Jimin on his new puppy, Yeontan, listing all the tricks he’s already learnt. Jimin’s never seen him so animated and he can’t help but be infected by his happiness as his lips lift upward into a small smile.


They reach the car after the usual small talk, Jimin asks them if they’d waited long for him to get there. Jin shrugs as he gets in the driver's seat, “Kinda, I mean Tae insisted we get here early as he found out RM was landing and he wanted to see him in person.” He rolled his eyes and held his hand up in defeat as if it had been some kind of debate before they left their apartment that morning.


Tae bounces excitedly in the back seat as Jimin slid into the passenger side. “RM? The rapper guy? Yeah supposedly he was on my flight but I don’t think I saw him.”


Tae shakes his head animatedly as he leans forward wrapping his arms round the back of Jimin’s seat “oh, no, you’d know if you saw him, that man is drop dead gorgeous.”


Taehyung grabbed his phone out of his pocket and flicked through to the photos “SEE! Look at that specimen of a man.”


“That’s a Selca TaeTae.” He looked at the phone giggling.


Taehyung spun his phone round “oh wait sorry, but side note, don’t I look good in that picture.” Jimin smiled fondly at his friend as he flicks through his phone some more “This is RM.”


There staring back at him through the phone was Namjoon.


“Tae, no, that’s just one of the producers for one of the companies, I think you might have taken the wrong persons picture.”


He giggled as Tae flicks the phone back to himself. “No, that’s RM, Jimin.”


“Wait, really? Are you sure?”


Taehyung leaned back rolling his eyes at his friend as Jin pulled out of the car park. ” Yes , I’m sure.” He googled RM and held the phone up to Jimin and sure enough, thousands upon thousands pictures of Namjoon were in front of him. His hair a multitude of different colours, ranging from pink, to purple, to blonde and black.


Jimin wide eyed whispers “We were seat buddies.” Jimin cringed as he remembered he told him his name was silly, he told him his craft was bad, a crushing wave of embarrassment flowing through him.


WHAT?!” Taehyung jumped, rushing forward against the back of Jimin’s seat again “Tell. Me. EVERYTHING.”


“Taehyung!” Jin scolded, “leave Jimin be, he’s just had an extremely long flight and the last thing he needs is you asking him questions about some celebrity. Besides like you’ve said a million times to me RM is extremely private, there’s no way he’s divulging his life story to someone on a plane. No offence Jiminie.”


Jimin looked at Jin stunned for a second, Namjoon had been the opposite of private with him. With the exception of his job he could probably write a book on the male, his brain full of tiny tidbits. He shook his head clear, trying his best to not give away anything on his face as he turned to Tae. Desperate to keep it all to himself, “yeah Tae, we barely talked, really.”


Tae flung himself back in his seat, “damn.”


Jin put his hand on Jimin’s thigh as he drove and Jimin was grateful for the grounding gesture. He looked out the window, reacquainting himself with the streets of Seoul. Jin filled the silence with talk of his modelling jobs and his attempt of understanding the CEO role his dad wanted him to take when he was older. Jimin nodded at appropriate moments. He supposed both Tae and Jin assumed he was distracted thinking about Mark but in reality all Jimin could think of was Namjoon, as all the puzzle pieces started to fall into place.




Jimin let out a long breath as they walked into Jin’s apartment, he was really here, in Seoul. He looked around the room to see what had been added since his Bon Voyage party three years ago. Not much had changed, an updated TV, and obviously the brand new sofa bed which Jin had sitting behind their regular sofa already made up and ready for Jimin. Jin and Tae had lived together for years, they may only be cousins but they got along as well as, or even better than, most brothers.


Jin’s apartment was large, massive even, especially by Seoul, or any metropolitan city, standards. At first you walk into a large living room, the long wall to the side of you being taken over by the largest TV Jimin thinks he’s ever seen, a huge selection of gaming consoles sat littered around it. To your left a doorway to Jin’s pride and joy, a large kitchen, which he was consistently having renovated or changed to add in new gadgets, Jimin looked through the slightly ajar door and sure enough it had changed since he’d last seen it on FaceTime, a completely different colour scheme, and what looked like a new range oven. To the right side was a large bathroom which contained a jacuzzi tub, Jimin would be lying if he didn’t feel it calling out to him since he first walked in. Off up the stairs to the side of the living room were Jin and Tae’s bedrooms. Jin had the master bedroom with the ensuite whereas Tae had a slightly smaller, but large by most standards, second room.


Jimin jumped as he head a small scuttling sound from the side of the room. His eyes lit up as he watched a tiny little pomeranian skidding across the floor running up to Taehyung’s feet. The younger man bent down to scoop him up bringing him over to Jimin, smiling.


“Tannie this is is uncle Jimin, he needs a lot of love and attention so you need to be extra nice.” He snuggled his face into the puppies fur and Jimin brought his hand for the puppy to sniff, who went straight to licking it instead as Jimin giggled.


Jin came up beside them a moment later. “I said, 'get one that can protect the house!' Instead he brings home this little guy who is more likely to lick you to death than take you down.” He rolled his eyes but smiled soppily at the puppy, rubbing his head, making a small cooing sound.


“He’s gonna do more damage to anyone breaking in than your stupid sugar gliders will do Hyung.”


Jin fake stumbled back and held his heart “Don’t you DARE talk about Odense and Eomuk that way.” Tae stuck his tongue out and continued to coo at Yeontan.


Jin nodded towards the bathroom, “look go get yourself cleaned up and then we’ll talk, I left out some comfy clothes for you. I wasn’t sure what you would or wouldn’t have.”


“Thanks Jin.”


“YAH! It’s Hyung. You’re not off in some foreign country now, I won’t let you get away with it.”


Jimin walked backwards to the bathroom and saluted him in acknowledgement.


Jimin stayed in the tub until his skin was pruney, but he felt refreshed, the ten minute power nap he fell into may have aided that feeling too. He dressed in Jin’s sweatpants and jumper that was so big it continually fell from one of his shoulders, but it was comfy and didn’t smell like plane so it was better than anything he owned. Once he’d gathered himself he took one last deep breath, looking in the mirror as he silently gave himself a pep talk. He didn’t want to talk, honestly he just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry for a thousand years, but he was stronger than that. If he could bare his soul to Namjoon he could talk about the whole dismal tale once more.


He closed his eyes for a long second before turning and walking out into the living room, Tae was sat playing something on the Xbox as Jin was came from the kitchen, ladened with food. Jimin walked with him and took a seat on the sofa attempting to make himself comfortable. Jin had put out an array of snacks across the coffee table and he was staring intently at Jimin, his gaze heavy as he motioned to the food in front of them.


Jimin, who hadn’t eaten in more than 24 hours slowly closed his eyes and reached forward to grab something from the plate in front of him. Jin looked pleased with the effort and settled back into his seat, curling his legs up underneath him.


Taehyung shut the game off grabbing Yeontan and placing him in Jimin’s lap, he watched the younger man lean forward and grab as much food as he could before sitting back. Jimin was grateful for his new little friend as he buried his free hand into the puppies fur. Having something to do with his hands made the thought of talking much easier.


Jin worried his lip in between his teeth for a moment, before he shook his head. He opened his mouth to speak, a simmering of anger in his deep brown eyes. Before he could start Jimin cut in.


“Hyung, TaeTae, thank you, really, you’ve done so much I can barely begin to cover it but thank you.” A ghost of a smile crossed his face. “Hyung, you didn’t have to put me in first class.” He thought of Namjoon, “but, I’m glad you did.”


“Anything for you Jiminie, I’d have done the same for Tae. You’re both brothers to me. Don’t you ever forget that.”


The three had been a trio since long before Jimin could even count to 10. Jimin and Tae’s mums had been best friends and would spend nearly every day together and when they both came along in the same year it was inevitable they’d be the best of friends. Jin’s parents, both busy owning a large company that none of them quite understood, would send him to his Aunts for every summer and winter holiday. Most kids would complain but Jin was just happy to see his two best friends again actively complaining when he had to go home. There was an age gap between him and the two younger boys but Jin had always enjoyed looking after people and his favourite past time was doting on his two younger ‘brothers’.


Jin looked at Jimin, “so” he sighed “where should we start?”


Jimin nodded and took a deep breath, he was so unbelievably grateful to the little ball of fluff in his hands making him feel safe, warm and content.


“I was on the dance floor...” and the whole story tumbled out in one go. The betrayal, the realisation that he meant nothing to Mark, or at least not in the way he thought he did. He cried and asked what he did wrong and Tae surged across the sofa wrapping his arms around Jimin’s shoulders “nothing Jimin you’re perfect.”


Jimin shook his head, “we all know I have a temper, what if I said something or did something.”


Taehyung buried his head in his shoulder and shook it so hard it nearly hurt. “No. You’re not like that, you throw things and sometimes slam things, but you never push too far. You always back off when you see someone hurting.” Jin nodded from his side of the room.


Jimin sighed. “It’s just, it’s not fair, I did everything for him, everything.” A solitary sob escaped his mouth, he was too dehydrated and tired to cry anymore. “I don’t deserve this, why is this happening to me?”


Both boys looked at him with pity in their eyes as he looked out the window behind Jin.


Eventually Jin moved and put on some movie that Jimin couldn’t tell you the name of, his mind completely frazzled for the upteenth time that day.


Jin pulled him close, laying his head onto his shoulder while Tae laid his against the other, Yeontan chasing his tail in the middle of Jimin’s lap, stopping every now and then for an ear scratch from Jimin. They stayed there the entire day, and late into the evening.


Jin eventually peeled off to bed kissing Jimin on the head and Tae followed soon after, Yeotan trailing after him.


Jimin, riddled with a mixture of jet lag and emotions, heaved himself upwards and walked over to the large window, staring out across the streets of Seoul. His home, his home for years, and now, his home once more.


He closed his eyes and leant his head up against the window, sighing. He wondered what Mark was doing right now, if he was wondering where he was or if he had simply moved on with his life, a chapter closed.


He let his eyes fall in and out of focus as they blurred with tears. The lights below turning into a hazy blob and he allowed his mind to wander to thoughts that were more close to home. His mind conjuring up an image of the dimpled man as he closed his eyes, smiling faintly. He wondered what Namjoon was doing right now, who he was with, where he was, if he was smiling, he hoped he was. He put his hand on the glass, sighing he tamped his fingers against the window, shaking his head to clear the thoughts of him, slowly turning and walking towards his new bed.


Somewhere a few streets away, so near, but yet, so far, Namjoon looked out the window of his sweeping penthouse apartment, his hand place against the glass in a similar fashion. An equally bleak look graced his features as he closed his eyes for a long moment. As if to stop the thoughts swirling inside of his mind he shook his head clear, turning quickly to grab his coat, heading out into the cold night air.


Jimin crawled into bed, his eyes slipping closed as he willed some form of sleep to come to him, it did momentarily, so exhausted, both mentally and emotionally.


After what felt like hours he cracked his eyes open to a still dark living room, his pillow damp beneath his cheek and his eyes stinging from both shed and unshed tears. Taehyung now curled up to his side, his hand resting softly on Jimin’s hip as he breathed lightly, fast asleep. Jimin slowly registered the other body behind him, Jin’s arms wrapped around his chest, his cheek resting in between his shoulder blades. He heard a small snoring sound and found Yeontan curled up against his feet, his little body moving up and down with each breath. A watery smile crossed his lips as he brought his hands up to wipe away the remaining tears.


He linked his fingers with both Tae and Jin before allowing himself to fall back into the world of slumber.






At breakfast three weeks later, Jimin found himself picking at a bowl of fruit and yoghurt, he struggled with eating much these days but he tries his best at Jin’s insistence. Taehyung, stuffing his face with some eggs Jin made, smacking his lips happily. Jin eating some toast as he moved around clearing things away, Yeontan followed behind him hoovering up any crumbs that dropped his way.


Jimin was slowly on his way to being normal, or what he considered the new normal. He’d spent the first week in bed only getting out of it to pee or play the Xbox with Taehyung when he was being particularly pushy. The second week he made it outside for the first time and went to the shops. He looked a mess, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. His clothes were completely unmatched, with deep and dark circles under both of his eyes, a product of his lack of sleep. He would cringe in embarrassment at the memory, but he was just proud of himself for going outside.


This week, the third week, he felt human. He had stopped crying and started sleeping sometime during the second week and finally felt like he was becoming Jimin again, Jimin sans Mark, sans relationship. The thought excited and terrified him at the same time.


He’s still trying not to think about the dimpled cutie.


“Jimin, I meant to tell you I found you a potential job!”


“You what? When? Where?” He looked at Tae, who shrugged, ‘it's Jin’ he mouthed.


“My friend Yugyeom, yes you do know him Tae.” Jimin looked over to see Tae’s head popped up, his mouth open in a silent question, eyebrows furrowed. “The tall cutie who’s a trainee over at JYP.” He heard Tae make a sound of acknowledgement as Jimin continued to look at Jin expectantly.


“Well, anyway, they get their trainees to go see this choreographer called” he snaps his fingers trying to remember. “Mmm, Hoseok! That’s it, in their spare time and he owns Hope Studios. He’s a street dancer but he’s after more of a classic influence in a few of their pieces so I said I know the perfect person. Anyway it’s not much right now but honestly he’s looking to expand and become bigger and bigger and I really think you could be the person for that. You know, if you stop pretending you’re leaving and moving back to London in a month.” Tae growled into his egg and slammed his fork down, Yeontan looked up at his dad and started whining at the sudden change in his mood.


“I always told you it was tempo-“


“SHUT UP JIMIN. I told you you’re not leaving.” Tae grabs his fork again and starts shovelling his egg into his mouth angrily.


“Annnnyway” Jin smiles at Jimin sweetly “you have an informal chat scheduled Monday at 9am, don’t be late, I’ll text you the address” He walks over, pecking his lips against Jimin’s forehead in a show of support.


“I shall be back later kids, I have a company to go figure out what the hell it does and how the hell I’m supposed to run it. Then I’ve got a photo shoot tonight, so don’t wait up.” He bends down petting Yeontan on the head before leaving the apartment.


Tae glares over at him and Jimin stands up wrapping his arms around his shoulders “I love you TaeTae.” Tae hums in annoyance but leans into the affection.


Taehyung leaves shortly after, eager and excited to get to work. To say Taehyung adored his job as a personal shopper would be an understatement. He had big plans to become a designer there one day and nothing was going to stand in his way.


Jimin sat with Yeontan on the floor playing tug of war and watching some drama on TV. In the afternoon he got up to grab the lunch Jin made him and as he walks past the mirror he looks at himself. He looks better than he did a week ago he muses, he pokes at his skin and takes in the heavy bags under his eyes. He looks at his hair, playing with it for a long moment, before grabbing his keys and leaving the apartment.


A couple of hours later he looks in the mirror again, he turns his head this way and that, smiling at himself. Namjoon was right, he does look cute with pink hair.





The following Monday Jimin rose bright and early dressed in appropriate dancing clothes, a casual pair of black sweatpants with a pale blue hoodie. He had a black and white striped vest underneath and a comfortable pair of converse graced his feet. Jin walked in as he was finishing the last of his hair styling, taking in his appearance, nodding. “Hyung, just, I wanted to say thank you again. If it weren’t for you I’d be lost right now.”

“Always Jiminie. Now go do me proud. Pink really does suit you by the way.” Jimin smiles and leaves for his first potential day at Hope studios.


The receptionist guides him into the building and points towards the back door, with a large  management sign to the side of it. As Jimin nears it he hears a laugh so warm and comforting he wanted to drown in it.


He raises his fist and knocks lightly on the door, not sure if he was interrupting something. A cheerful “come in!” rang out from the inside the room and he took a deep breathe before swinging the door open.


He walks into the room and is blinded by the man in the chair opposite him who offers up the brightest smile he had ever seen, his bright red hair accentuates his brightness and he looks like the sun in human form.


“You must be Jimin! Come in, come in! I’ll be with you in a moment.”


He talks into the phone for a moment “I’ll call you back later my new employee just walked in. No. I know I haven’t seen him dance yet, it’s called optimism, try it for once babe.” Another blinding smile as Jimin fiddled with his hoodie. “Good luck with you know who, is he still moping? That boy, he’s a love sick puppy.” Jimin raises his eyebrows. “Bye! Love you!” He hangs up.


“My boyfriends best friend.” He rolls his eyes giggling slightly, a shake to his head. “He met someone like a month ago, chance encounter, it’s unlikely they’ll see each other again.” He pouts, sad for his friend. “Bless him, he’s done nothing but pine and mope about since. We can’t snap him out of it.”


Jimin knew the feeling “Oh, I’m sorry.” He smiled brightly and tried not to think about it, now is the time for a good impression he reminded himself. He stood up straight and pulled his feet together, his ballet training shining through.


Hoseok holds his hand out “Introductions! I’m Hoseok, but please call me Hobi or Hyung, if you want to. I’m really not too formal about these things.” Jimin nodded shaking his hand, introducing himself briefly.


“So Yugyeom told me some things he heard passed through Jin but I don’t know everything so why don’t we start at the beginning!”


Jimin took a deep breath, “erm, where to start, okay, I’m a classically trained dancer. I trained here and then I moved to London a few years ago. I worked freelance for about 3 years but then I had to leave London, due to, well there were various factors at the time, I’m here for the next couple of months, maybe more. I’m undecided.”


Hobi nodded along and clapped his hands together “Right, let’s see you dance then we’ll talk.” They walked out of the back room and into a dance studio. Mirrors laid along one side of the room, next to that was a wall of glass windows looking out across Seoul. It was a nice room, the window made it feel calming, letting in natural light that bounced nicely against the slightly off white walls and the warm wooden flooring. It felt homely, he could imagine himself creating routine after routine in here until his legs gave out and his arms were weak. He loved it already.


Jimin grabbed his phone and selected a song connecting it up to the speakers, he shook his body out for a second clearing his brain before moving swiftly into the routine. Jimin had missed dancing, it always calmed him down but he just hadn’t been in a position to practice with the apartment always busy or Yeontan running around asking for attention.


When he finished Hobi clapped from his seated position on the floor “that was amazing Jimin, I really felt it, I felt it in here.” He grabbed his chest. “Try another one!”


Jimin pressed play on another track, this time more classical in nature. Jimin moved to the music, with a flawless routine that spoke to the emotions of the song.


Hobi clapped again when Jimin came to a stopping point and patted the floor next to him, “Jimin let’s talk.” Jimin flopped down next to him and grabbed the water out of his bag, downing it in one go.


“Jimin, I have big plans for this place. I’m grateful to own this studio, but I want more, I want to own multiple across Seoul, maybe even some..” He sighs as if it’s too much to even dream of. “I want to own studios in America, in London, in Australia. Crazy, I know. Currently I get sent a lot of the trainees from the big 3, and I keep them in top condition, running over different movesets and so forth, but that’s not enough.” He shook his head a determined look creeping into his eyes.


“I want the stars Jimin. I want to run boot camps for the teams before they debut, or hit comeback season. I want to work with all 3 companies but also with the little guys. I want Hope Studios to become the place for choreography in Korea.” He took a deep breath and stared wistfully into the distance.


“I want the Western companies to send their bands here for training boot camps. I want this to go global, be a phenomenon. My legacy. Ambitious, maybe, but that’s what I want.” Hobi looks at Jimin. “If you’re up for it. I want you with me. I want you as my second in command when I accomplish my goal. You’re the first person I’ve actually been sent with that level of talent and I want it. But this is all dependant on your stay in Korea.” He pauses before speaking again


“Jimin I have two jobs. One where I need you for a few training projects I have planned with JYP trainees, freelance mostly, you can leave Korea whenever you please just give me a week or so’s notice so I can find a replacement.” He looked Jimin in the eyes.


Or , I have a bigger project. I have a smaller company who has agreed to solely work with us and send all future trainees our way. The paperwork is currently with my lawyer, and I’m hoping to sign the contract soon.” He grinned shaking his head in disbelief.


“Once the contracts signed, all future idols who debut from them will be solely trained by me, hopefully us, with the studio's name attached to the marketing. It will require creating routines that are able to take on and be better than the Big 3. Which I believe we can do, with your style of dance and mine mixed together it will be unstoppable.” He smiled and Jimin could feel his excitement in his bones, this was the start of Hobi’s dream coming together.


“There’s currently a trainee who I’m, we’re, lined up to work with. He’s going to debut by the end of the year, hopefully, they’re pulling the album together as we speak. He has one song recorded and ready to go, but he’s working with other members of the company to put together his album first. I have the song, if you agree to start, we can begin working on it as soon as possible. This is a big deal Jimin, I’ve heard him sing, he’s going to blow up when he debuts. Trust me.” Hobi bounces where he sits slightly, his excitement uncontainable.


“I need something different, something outside of the usual pop routine. But it will require you for a while. Once that song is completed we’ll have to essentially choreograph an entire album for his tour. Then, hopefully, it’ll only be onwards and upwards, more trainees, more albums, eventually we can hire choreographers and train them, but that’s future talk.” Jimin stares at Hobi, unsure of what to say or what to do, this is more than he ever expected.


“Text me tomorrow with your decision Jimin. No hard feelings, either way I get a great choreographer on my books it just depends on the time I get to keep you.” He stands up, holding his hand out to pull Jimin to his feet.


“Okay, I’ll think about.” Hobi smiles, bright as sunshine once more. “I’ll see you out.”


At the door Hobi pulls Jimin into a hug, squeezing tightly. “I see something in your Jimin. We could go far together.” he smiles and walks back into the building.

Jimin decides to walk back to Jin’s apartment and enjoy the mid December chill in the air. He’s not sure what exactly just happened. He’s sure Jin must be behind the second offer. Jobs like that don’t just appear out of thin air.


He walks aimlessly for the next few hours mulling over all his options in his head thinking through all the different possibilities. It’s not like he really needed to move back to London, he had a few friends there but he still kept in touch with them over his various timelines and messaging apps. He liked being back home, he liked looking at the street signs and not having to take a moment to translate them in his head first. He liked being able to smell Korean food wherever he went, he selfishly liked not having to speak English during most social settings. He couldn’t lie, he really, he just loved being home.


But he missed London, he missed how much more open you could be. He missed the grey skies and that one random day of summer in the winter when everyone goes crazy and walks around like they’re on a summer holiday, he missed the accents. The quick trips to Brighton because he just wanted to see the sea and feel the salt air in his face. The day trips to the countryside where he could sit and listen to the birds chirp for hours. Although, would any of that be remotely the same without someone to experience it with?


Did he miss Mark? He couldn’t say, he missed the comfort of having someone, but the thought of Mark made his skin crawl.




Jimin had been walking for hours before he finally found himself by Han River. He sat down grabbing the scarf he packed earlier, wrapping it around his neck snuggling into the wool. It was huge, his body practically drowned in it, but he enjoyed the feeling of comfort he gained from it. It still smelt slightly of Jin, the original owner, and he ducked his nose down into the material to breathe in, his scent comforting. The scarf doesn’t match his pale blue jumper at all, but it was comfy and that’s all he cared about. He rested his hands behind him and let his head fall back staring at the sky, he watched an aeroplane fly past and felt a small smile on his face.


Did he miss Namjoon? Absolutely.


He looked around and recognised the spot even though he doesn’t recall why, he closes his eyes, sitting for a time, breathing in the air and thinking through his options.


The sun starts to set and Jimin realises how long he’s been sat in the same spot. He stands up in a bit of a daze, brushing the dirt away from his clothes. He pulls up the hood of his jumper and hides his face in his scarf, rushing away, probably faster than he should given his dazed state. He bumps into someone, and continues to run past them holding his arms up in an apology. Desperate to tell Jin and Tae his decision.




Namjoon sits down with a thump at his favourite sunset spot, he rubs his chest from where he was just shoved into by a pale blue blur. He closes his eyes and tips his head back looking up to the sky for a moment. Namjoon is sporting his inconspicuous look, a black face mask adorns his face, and his hat is pulled down across his eyes in order to avoid being seen in public.


He sighed slightly, closing his eyes, his fingers playing with hem of his jacket. Yoongi was right, he really needs to stop pining. Jimin could be back in London for all he knows. He pulls his long legs up under his chin and rests his head on them, looking out into the distance, a slight watery look to his eyes.




Jimin bounds into the apartment shouting at the top of his lungs.


“HYUNG! TAETAE! I have news.”


Yeontan sprints out from behind the sofa and runs towards Jimin’s legs, picking him up he allows him to lick all across his face happily as he lets out a little hello bark. Jimin feels a giggle bubble up inside of him as he nuzzles himself into the fur.


Jin and Tae come out from their respective rooms and wave in unison before walking over to the sofa, jimin follows them, settling down between the two, Yeontan happily snuggling into his lap. “So I went to see Hobi Hyung...” Jimin launches into all the details and describes Hobi’s entire plan.


Jimin tries to hold back his giggle at the way Tae sits clapping silently with his mouth hanging open in an optimistic smile.


“So. Tae stop looking so excited. Jimin, what is your decision?” Jin reaches forward and grabs Yeontan in case Tae dives at Jimin due to his answer.


Jimin takes a deep breath “I’m going to stay.”


Tae squeals and leaps forward into Jimin’s lap, Jin grateful to himself for his forward thinking. He places the puppy on the floor and joins in the hug with the other two men. The three of them crying, laughing and squealing simultaneously. Yeontan sensing the atmosphere starts to jump about and bark happily as his little tail wags.


Tae scoops him up from the floor and squeezes him into a hug “Uncle Jiminie is staying.” He places him gently in the middle of their group hug as they continue to hold onto one another for the next hour.

Later that night Jin takes them all out for dinner and drinks to celebrate Jimin staying in Korea, Jimin is just about to pull out his phone to text Hobi and tell him the good news when he looks up to see the man himself walking into the restaurant, talking to the host.


“HOBI!” Jimin calls in his giggly alcohol fuelled state and waves.


“Jimin?” Hobi rushes over, smiling, his conversation ended.


“Hi! Jin Hyung, Tae, this is Hobi.” Hobi waves as they introduce themselves.


Before Jimin can get his next words out, Tae already bouncing in excitement in his seat rushes out “Jimin wants the job!!”


“Taehyung!” Jin scolds.


“What! He does? Tell him Jiminie! Tell him now, tell him.”


Jimin turns to Hobi laughing “I accept the position. The real one, the one where I stay.”


Hobi claps his hands together in excitement. “This is amazing!!” He smiles that signature bright smile once more. “I can’t wait to get started, we’re gonna have so much fun!”


Tae cuts in as Hobi is about to continue “Is there a contract? Does it state in it he can’t leave? Can I see it? When does he sign it? Can you get him arrested if he tries to leave Korea? I need answers Hyung!!” He slams his hands on the table and leans forward, Hobi looks taken aback a slightly confused noise being produced from the back of his throat.


“Ignore him” Jimin and Jin say in unison. “He’s anxious for our Jiminie to stay.” Jin continues.


“So am I.” Hobi agrees, he stays for a few moments with them getting to know Jimin and his friends before the take out counter calls his name. “I’ve got to go my boyfriend has his best friend over and it’s my turn to get the food. See you tomorrow Jimin?”


“Sounds great!” They say their goodbyes as Hobi leaves to collect his take out, he answers his phone out of the tables ear shot “Yes Yoongi, I got your favourite.” He opens the door and steps outside “Tell Joon I picked up that sauce he always goes on about.”





Jimin’s weeks continue, he turns up at the studios bright and early every day but somehow Hobi always beats him in. They work late into the night and Jimin usually doesn’t get home til long after Jin and Tae are already in bed but he’s enjoying this new found part of his life. He feels needed and Hobi always makes sure that both of their opinions and suggestions are incorporated in some way as they work towards the perfect routine.


On the days that he does get free he spends time with Tae and Jin. January brought snow which have left him and Tae the opportunity to indulge in way too many snow ball fights, much to Jin’s annoyance when he gets caught in the crossfire. Walking Yeontan is one of Jimin’s favourite past times now, getting to see him discover new sights, sounds and smells as the season progresses leaves Jimin with a glowing feeling all day.


It’s been nearly two months now since that fateful day. Jimin wouldn’t say he’s over it, wouldn’t say he’s healed, but he’s okay, and that’s all he can ask for.

The nights that Jimin dreams about Namjoon go unspoken of.






Four weeks later, as the February weather starts to melt the snow on the ground ever so slightly Jimin finds himself tossing and turning. He’s meant to be up in four hours but sleep just won’t find him tonight.


He takes out his phone and starts browsing twitter. He starts reading some stupid article about a raccoon when his mind starts to wonder. His brain screams at him to do the one thing he’d been defiantly avoiding since he landed.


Feeling his cheeks burn and his heartbeat quicken as if he’s doing something he shouldn’t, he brings up google and types in ‘RM’ hitting search.


He’s met with a million photos of Namjoon.


He smiles as he scrolls down, he comes across some interesting hair choices but he can still see those dimples and those kind eyes, obscured by sunglasses in too many photos for his liking.


He clicks all news results and looks at the articles.


BIG HIT confirm Agust D and RM collaboration IS in the works.


Accompanying the headline is a picture of a blonde haired boy with Namjoon at an award show. Namjoon has his arm thrown around his shoulders and they’re laughing at something the interviewer must have said. The blonde haired shorter man looks slightly nervous as if he would rather be somewhere else at that moment in time. Jimin reads the article and gathers his name is Yoongi.


Jimin thinks for a moment recalling the name, then it hits him that Yoongi is Namjoon’s best friend, had been for years since pre-debut days. They fought like cats and dogs in the beginning, apparently, but were now completely inseparable. Somewhere along the line they realised they both held the same values, ideals and dreams, just coming at it from different sides. Jimin smiles glad that Namjoon has someone he loves in the industry.


BIG HIT deny dating rumours for RM.


Under this he reads that RM has been writing a lot of love centric lyrics recently and commented that they all came to him in a rush and he didn’t really need to think about them for too long. Jimin skims through the article and it’s mostly just fans speculating that he has a special lady or male friend in his life.

Jimin feels a spike of jealousy run through him as he wonders who the lyrics are for, but he knows he’s being stupid.


BIG HIT confirm RM appearance on Problematic Man.

“RM to return to one of the first shows he helped host, this time as a guest. Given he was relatively unknown when he first appeared, it will be interesting to see the change in dynamic now he’s a bonafide national and international star.”


Something akin to pride bubbles up in Jimin’s chest.


Jimin reads article after article until he gets into the really weird ones, claiming he’s part of the illuminati or a secret lizard person in disguise.


He clicks on another link which takes him to a fan tumblr and then through to a random gossip page.


RM seen with one particular trainee frequently.


Jimin skims the article picking out key sentences as his cheeks begin to flare up.


“RM has been seen hanging out with one particular BIG HIT trainee, Jungkook, on a regular basis.”


“Fans are split on their relationship.”


“Some are convinced they’re part of a trainee and established idol mentorship programme BIG HIT have introduced fans citing, ‘Agust D has also been seen frequently with another trainee, Bam Bam, however it’s been well publicised he has had a, so far unidentified, boyfriend for at least four years.’”


“Some fans however are convinced otherwise citing that Jungkook has been spending an unusual amount of time with RM and the sudden spike in love related lyrics might be linked to the trainee.”


“The pair have affectionately been dubbed ‘Namkook.’”


“RM recently invited Jungkook onto the stage during a show, Jungkook posted a selca he took with the idol during the performance.”


“See the picture below and vote in our poll.”


“BIG HIT are yet to comment.”


Jimin feels his mouth run dry as he looks at the picture.



Before he can stop himself, Jimin slams his finger against the ‘NO WAY!’ side of the poll only to see ‘Namkook Is Real!’ Winning.


Jimin closes the page as if he’d been burnt and puts his phone to the side attempting to shove the charger in, on the third time he actually manages to do it.


He turns over shaking, curling up into himself, angrily he fluffs up his pillow.






A week later Jimin enters the studio and Hobi is already there, as usual, talking to someone who has his back to him.


“JIMINIE!” Hobi screeches as Jimin drops his bag in the corner and walks over. He and Hobi had become extremely close over the last few weeks. It helps as they spend so much time together working on routines. Hours changing them just slightly and then reworking them once more until they resemble little of where they first started.


The person with his back to Jimin turns round and Jimin loses his footing for a second, tripping forward, his face flares bright red as he stares up into a pair of doe eyes looking directly at him.


“Are you okay?!” He reaches his hand out and rests it on his arm. Jimin nods, but snatches his arm back leaving the boy looking a bit dejected.


Hobi oblivious to the action smiles “Jiminie, this is Jungkook! I didn’t want to tell you earlier in case this all fell through, I was so worried, but I officially signed the paperwork and contracts last night and the company we’re working with is BIG HIT! Isn’t it so exciting?!”


Jungkook smiles at Hobi and then to Jimin.


“Jungkook is the trainee I told you about when you first started! One of BIG HITs most promising talents, isn’t he adorable?” he stands behind him, grabbing Jungkook cheeks as the boy giggles, pushing him away lightly and with no conviction.


Jimin tries to smile, he really does.


“So as you probably know, BIG HIT have only debuted rappers in the past so this is going to be a completely different move for them, but Jungkook is great. We just need to make sure his routine is too.” Hobi grins and gives Jungkook a back hug as he rests his head on his shoulder. Jungkook is like a child lapping up the attention.


Jimin finally manages a fake smile that doesn’t reach his eyes whatsoever.


“I’m so excited to be working with you guys.” He grins wide.


Jimin fake smile is practically painted on as he nods, not trusting his voice.


He’s being stupid, he knows he is, he hears his brain telling him it over and over on loop. It’s no ones fault but his, he was the pathetic one still hung up on someone he spent eleven hours with. Namjoon was bound to find someone.


His heart clenched in unspoken pain, he wouldn’t want to work with Namjoon’s boyfriend in any sort of capacity, but especially not like this, at this extent and at such a close proximity. He wasn’t sure how he was going to survive.


Hobi looks at him silently asking if he is okay and Jimin nods before walking over to the speakers. “So I guess the song we’ve been working on is yours?”


Jungkook nods excitedly “yep! Isn’t it great?! Joonie Hyung-” Jimin gulps and turns away to fiddle with the volume settings, the pain of his nickname shooting right into his heart, causing his hands to shake slightly. “-wrote it with me! We spent ages on it. Hopefully you get to meet him soon, he’s so awesome.” Jimin nods, keeping his back to the room and prays with all his might that the day never comes.


After about an hours worth of practice Hobi leaves to take a phone call. Jimin and Jungkook now alone begin to run through some of Jimin’s sections of the routine.


Jungkook asks Jimin to show him a certain part of the routine once more, it was Hobi’s contribution and Jimin had tried to nail it a couple of times but couldn’t get the footing right so he usually skipped that bit. Jungkook had nailed it on the first try, because of course he did.


Jimin felt as if he was only asking him to show him again because he knew he couldn’t do it. He knows it’s stupid and not the case at all but it doesn’t stop the jealous part of his brain from screaming it at him. Jungkook has the boyfriend, has the career about to take off, Jimin is pathetic in comparison, living on a sofa bed in his friends apartment. Everything he does is just rubbing it in that he’s not Jungkook. Of course Namjoon doesn’t remember him, not when he’s got Jungkook around.


Jimin sighed and looked up at the ceiling “why? You did it perfectly on the first try?” It pained him to say that.


“It’s difficult, please Hyung.” Jimin cringed at Jungkook calling him Hyung, from the sudden look of pain hidden in Jungkook’s eyes, it didn’t go unnoticed.


He set the music up again and attempted to show him as he fell forward and landed on his knees. He hissed in pain as he landed on one of the many bruises that litter his legs. Jungkook reached out to help him up, but Jimin instantly recoiled.



They practice for another few hours and the rational side of his brain takes over, he can tell he’s a good kid, it’s not his fault he’s come between Jimin and his imaginary boyfriend.


Jungkook sees himself out as Jimin packs his things away. He can hear Hobi and Jungkook talking at the door, and he stills himself, wanting to eavesdrop on the conversation. “He hates me Hyung.”


“No he doesn’t. He’s probably just tired, he gets a bit stressed when he’s had a long day.”


“No, he definitely hates me.”


“I’ll sort it.” Jungkook phone beeps and a moment passes.


“I need to get back to the studio Joonie Hyung is waiting for me.”


Jimin doesn’t hear the rest, he throws his water bottle across the room, slumping down on the floor. He was being stupid, he knew he was. But that didn’t change the way he felt.


Hobi came into the room a moment or two later and surveyed the scene, the water bottle thrown halfway across the room and Jimin slumped in the corner, knees brought up to his chest, breathing hard.Sitting down next to him he put a tentative hand on his shoulder. “So, Jiminie, do we need to talk about this?”


Jimin shrugs and looks at the floor, “it’s nothing, I’m fine.”




“Drop it Hobi.” The words came out quiet, seething, squeezed out between his grinding teeth. They would have scared him if he wasn’t too caught up in his mixture of emotions.


Hobi held his hands up in defeat and started a different song, a voice he now recognised as Jungkook’s piped through. “This is a new song we need to work on. I was saving it for tomorrow, but I guess you need a distraction?”


Jimin nodded, standing up he closed his eyes and allowed the feeling the music move through him.





A couple of weeks pass, the spring like air of March had taken over and the sunshine is more frequent now. Jimin finds himself walking a lot after work to clear his mind, he finds it refreshing. He was happy to have had Namjoon impart that bit of wisdom on him.


His friendship, if you could call it that, with Jungkook is still strained but Jimin is now able to hold a conversation with him, however when he brings up ‘Joonie Hyung’ Jimin usually finds an excuse to leave the room. He thinks Hobi might have began to notice but he can’t be sure.


As they practice it becomes clear that Jungkook is going places. He’s smart, well adjusted, friendly, polite, good at everything and ridiculously talented. All this coupled with his insane competitiveness leads him to want to strive to be the best in every field.




Everything begins to change one afternoon as they sit after practice, catching their breath. Hobi helping Jungkook stretch his limbs out as Jimin fiddles on his phone, he finally braves the subject he’s been avoiding.


“So, Jungkook, what’s it like working with Nam-RM?” Hobi watches Jimin carefully. Jimin desperately trying to hide the fact his heart is currently beating out of his chest as he stares at his phone intently, holding it so tight he’s worried it may crack the screen.


“Oh! Joonie Hyung is the best!” He starts excitedly, “he’s so friendly, he loves anything small and cute, it’s so adorable! I bought him a Ryan bear as a thank you for helping me with my songs and he literally bounced on the spot squealing.” Jimin imagined the scene in his head minus Jungkook and felt his heart swell. A fond smile growing on his features, Jungkook remained oblivious, but Hobi’s eyebrow lifted slightly, Jimin unaware of the shift in Hobi’s gaze.


“Oh wait, you said work with?” He scratches his chin.


“Hyung’s really methodical, whatever he writes is never good enough and he’ll rewrite it again and again until he gets it just right and even then he sends it off to experts to double check his lyrics are being interpreted correctly, especially when translated. He’s usually in the studio really late, but I think that might have more to do with the fact he’s so sad lately.” Jungkook looked like he regretted that last sentence as soon as it fell out of his mouth. He looked to Hobi who took his hand, shaking his head as if to tell him it’s okay. His eyes trained on Jimin, waiting for his reaction.


As if proving his point, Jimin automatically felt his heart drop into his stomach, his eyebrows knitted together in panic and confusion.


“Sad lately, why? What’s wrong? Is he okay?”


The question came out rushed and worried, not at all like a casual question from someone who doesn’t know Namjoon, he must look like a saesang. He would cringe in embarrassment, but he was too worried to care.


The thought of Namjoon, the cutie with the dimples, who helped him when he needed it the most being in any sort of pain hitting him like a freight train.


Jungkook looks taken aback for a moment before shaking his head defiantly “I don’t think that’s any of your business, Hyung. I’m sorry.”


Jimin shakes his head, instantly closing himself off once more. His knees coming up to his chest. “Of course not.”


His cheeks flamed as his mind repeated a mantra of what an idiot he was.


Hobi interrupts “Jungkook why don’t you take five.”


The youngest instantly nods, grateful to get away from Jimin. He springs to his feet, rushing out of the room.


They sit in silence. Jimin looking out the window, Hobi lost in thought as he pieces everything together.


After a moment Hobi suggests that Jimin run through the new ideas he was working on as he wanted to see them once more. Jimin plays the music and begins to move, grateful for the distraction. Hobi watched him absently, his eyes taking in the movements but his brain not processing them.


“That was great, teach it to me step by step later I have some comments.” He lies.


Jimin hums in agreement as he flops himself down onto the floor once more, laying down with his head in Hobi’s lap, exhausted.


Hobi tries his best to sound casual for his next sentence, not that Jimin would notice it, too tired and worried about Namjoon to hear inflections on words. “Jimin, you flew home from London in November, right?”


“Yep, 18th November, the day my life flipped upside down.”


“Because of Mark.” Hobi run his hands through Jimin’s pink hair in a comforting gesture.


Jimin nodded. “Yeah, because of Mark...” He didn’t even try to sound convincing.


Jungkook came back through the door at some point and he was distracted once more.


Hobi let Jimin take over as he became consumed in his thoughts, as everything started to slot into place, he furiously text Yoongi.






As their next practice session came to an end, Hobi stopped Jimin as he was about to leave.


“BIG HIT are putting on a secret gig next Friday, only high levels in the Fan Cafe are invited, Jungkook will be performing his song as a way of getting the fan sites and bigger influencers to promote him. We’ve been invited and I accepted for us both.”


Jimin nodded instantly, but froze quickly when he realised what this could mean. “The whole of BIG HIT?“


Hobi nodded and continued “Yep, Agust D and RM are also performing.” Jimin’s felt his mouth run dry as he nodded again. Hobi watching him closely.


“Hey Jiminie, if I tell you a secret will you tell me a secret?”


“I don’t have any secrets.” Jimin shrugged, hoping Hobi couldn’t see through his lie.


“Let’s play anyway, it’s gotta be good!” Jimin nodded, confused about where this was going.


“So my boyfriend... his name is Yoongi.”


Jimin looked confused before everything slotted into place and his eyes widened “You mean...”


“Yeah. You’re gonna find out at the event so I wanted you to know it from me. Everyone at BIG HIT knows about us, no one outside does. It’s not like we’re ashamed we just both wanted to have our careers take off in our separate fields before we announce it.” He smiled slightly. “We’re very open about the fact we have boyfriends just not who said boyfriend is .” He shook his head fondly.


“Yoongi was more than happy to come forward but I refused as I want the studio to get off the ground first, the last thing I want is claims of nepotism when I got this contract through my own blood, sweat and tears.”


Jimin nodded as all their conversations slowly slotted into place.


“So your turn...”


“I don’t have any.” Jimin shrugged attempting to lie once more.


“Not one, not even one itty bitty little one?”


Jimin considered telling Hobi, spilling to him everything from the plane, how he desperately missed someone he’d only spent 11 hours with. But, he couldn’t find the words. The last thing he wanted Hobi to see him as was pathetic. To give him pity glances as Jungkook and Namjoon stood canoodling in the corner. Or worse, Namjoon didn’t even remember him and had no idea who he was.


The boy who fell for someone they met after eleven hours, great, what a put together adult human he was.


“I like to take walks after work.” He nodded, attempting a smile.


“That’s it?” Hobi looked at him severely disappointed.


“That’s it.”


If Namjoon by some miracle remembers him, he can pretend he has a vague recollection of him. Act polite until he can leave, or just sneak out as quickly as possible.






That following Friday Jimin stood at the back of a crowded venue, excited fans surrounding him on all sides. He wore a black and white monochrome shirt with a cute pattern on it that he stole from Taehyung, it opens out onto a black t-shirt with a black pair of jeans and black boots. He figured that if he did wind up in the same room as Namjoon he’d be less likely to be spotted in mostly black.


Hobi came up behind him with their drinks, Jimin tried not to, but practically downed the drink the second it landed in his hands, desperate for more liquid courage.


He’d already had a couple at home with Tae, just to kill his nerves. Tae had joined him with mocktails as he had to work tonight, he was assigned to dress a celebrity for the upcoming Marvel premier. Jin was currently in Japan on another modelling assignment, he was really starting to take off. Jimin was so proud of his two best friends, but he wished desperately that they were with him tonight.


Eventually Agust D took the stage and the fans went absolutely wild. Hobi was the most excitable Jimin had ever seen him, he knew every song, every lyric and danced along the entire time. Jimin was blown away by Hobi’s rapping skills as he watched him hit nearly every word in time with Yoongi. He supposes that’s what happens when you love someone and support someone in everything they do.


He held his hand out to Jimin and pulled him towards him, shaking his hips as they attempted to dance to the rapped lyrics. Jimin threw his head back laughing, appreciating the momentary break from his inner monologue.


The stopped to catch their breathe as Agust D left the stage and Jungkook appeared. His lip pulled between his teeth as he attempted not to show his nerves. His eyes scanned the crowd, softening the second they landed on Hobi, who screamed at the top of his lungs for the younger man, kick starting some of the fans around them to scream along with him.


Jungkook let out his infamous bunny smile and Jimin heard some of the younger girls sigh dreamily as he moved into position.


He’s cute!”


Look at his smile!”




The crowd, bolstered by Hobi’s enthusiasm, began to move along with him, Jimin could sense the dip in excitement, but it wasn’t anything that wasn’t to be expected by the younger male, no one knew the song, and he was mostly unknown. To his credit though, when Jungkook ended his set they were all dancing and singing along, enthusiasm spilled around the room at the wonder of BIG HITs future star. Some fans trying and failing to copy certain dance moves to the cheers and laughter of others.


The atmosphere was electric, even Jimin found himself dancing with Hobi, Jungkook had a stage presence that couldn’t be denied. Phones were held up like light sticks, all capturing the future star and posting them to various sites. Jimin knew, everyone knew, Jungkook is going to be a global icon.


Last, but certainly not least in Jimin’s eyes RM took the stage. Jimin watched him in awe. He looked smaller than he had on the plane, he now had dark blonde hair no longer dark, still perfectly styled. His eyes sported slight dark circles under them that most people wouldn’t notice except Jimin was staring at him so intently. They’d been covered with makeup, but not enough for Jimin not to see. Hobi danced in front of him knowing nearly every word.


Jimin was so immensely proud of him, he deserved this, he was so enamoured he forgot to cheer or clap or anything, he only stood there slack jawed, close to tears.


Jimin caught a glimpse of Jungkook out of the corner of his eyes, he’d come out into the crowd from backstage and was currently dancing to Namjoon’s song, he knew every single line, of course, just as he’d imagined. It hurt Jimin, he knew nothing and yet there Jungkook was, screaming along the entire time.


He should have listened to something, anything, before he came here, but, he couldn’t bring himself to. He couldn’t bring himself to hear the inner workings of Namjoon’s mind when he was unlikely to ever be invited in again like he was on the plane. Jungkook now filling that spot.


He watched Jungkook quietly. Logically, he knew Jungkook was likely Namjoon’s boyfriend and should know it all, but it still made him feel pathetically small.


After Namjoon’s set Hobi came to him and pulled him to the backstage area, they passed Jungkook currently taking picture after picture with his new found fans. They both flashed their badges and the door opened letting them into the small area.


Hobi dragged Jimin over to Agust D without warning, “Yoongi!” Hobi cried, no formalities in sight, typical of Hobi, Jimin smiled “babe, this is Jimin.”


“Ooh. This is Jimin.” He looked at Hobi knowingly as he stuck out his hand “Hi I’m Yoongi. Thank you for helping drain some of his energy each day before he comes home. He nearly kills me.”


Jimin giggles as he shakes his hand, he had heard they were on different ends of the energy spectrum.


“No problem, although I’m not sure how he has any energy when he gets home, I’m exhausted every night.” He laughed. “Your set was great by the way, I loved it.”


Yoongi smiled a gummy smile at him but didn’t say anymore, the smile a contrast to the lyrics he delivered on the stage not an hour before.


Hobi smiles “Ah, this one keeps me young and energetic.” He says as he smacks his lips onto Yoongi’s cheek, the blonde screws his face up in mock disgust, smiling.


As Jimin turns around he notices the one person he’d be dreading to see. Standing at the other side of the room was Namjoon. Jimin vision tunneled in and he almost forgot how to breathe. His internal debate came to a crescendo as he tried to decide what to do.


Does he just walk up to him?


Does he ignore him and pretend he’s forgotten?


Then suddenly as if to answer his unspoken question, someone came barrelling past him.


“JOONIE HYUNG!!” Jungkook pelted over to him and threw his arms around Namjoon’s waist, picking him up, surprising Jimin with his strength.


Namjoon closed his eyes and threw his arms around Jungkook laughing “Jungkookie, my little Kookie!” as he then picked him up in return.


Jimin stood frozen watching the scene. There was his confirmation.


Of course Namjoon wouldn’t be waiting around for some person he met on a chance encounter on a plane. Of course he’d find someone.


Jimin was happy for him, he really was, but it didn’t take away from the pain.


Not wanting to intrude on the scene, or become third wheel for the guy he’s been trying not to think about for the last 4 months, he turned on his heel he mumbled a quick goodbye to Yoongi and Hobi as he walked out of the backstage area. Hobi shouted after him “JIMIN!!” but he ignored it continuing to walk out of the room.


Quickly he walked through the crowd and stood at the entrance flicking his head both left and right, attempting to choose a direction. He wasn’t sure where he was going he just knew wherever he went would be better than here. He needed some air, forget about Namjoon and carry on with his life. He turned to the left and walked out into the dark streets of Seoul intent on clearing his head and forgetting Namjoon even existed.




Even though Namjoon was currently being assaulted with love from a very hyper and potentially drunk Jungkook he heard Hobi shout the name Jimin as his eyes snapped up to see a small pink haired figure walk out of the room.


Surely not. It couldn’t be. Not after all this time.


He looked tentatively at Hobi, not that he’d know, he’d never even told him Jimin’s name, but sometimes Hobi had a way of just knowing thing. He saw Hobi nodding frantically at him and he got his confirmation.


“Yes, that Jimin. GO!”


He turned Jungkook in the direction of Yoongi and moved towards the exit as fast as he could. Jungkook made a sound of displeasure until he saw Yoongi screaming “YOONGI HYUNG” and Yoongi made a grunting sound signalling he must have been tackled with affection.


Namjoon walked through the door and was met by his fans, he waved at them but had no choice but to come to a complete stop as they made a wall in front of him half way through the club.


He stood there completely unable to do anything as he watched the pink haired figure walk outside.


Eventually after what felt like an eternity he managed to get outside of the building. Turning his head left and right for some clue as to which way Jimin had walked, he strained his eyes trying to see a pink head anywhere. He was too late. Jimin was gone.


He turned, about to go back into the club when he resolved that he was never one to give up without a fight, he looked around once more as he made his decision. He turned to the right, intent on finding Jimin if it was the last thing he did.




Some time later Jimin walks through his apartment door and collapses onto it breathing in ragged breaths as Yeontan runs up to him. He picks him up and snuggles into his fur.


He feels himself begin to cry for the first time in a while, he safely puts the puppy on the floor before running to his bed, pulling the covers up and over his head. The next thing he feels is the bed dip and Taehyung crawling under the covers with him, phone in hand.


He pulls Jimin into him and the phone starts ringing beside his head. “Hello?” Comes Jin’s sleepy voice.


“Jimin needs us.” Is Tae’s only response as Jimin takes a deep shaky breath.


“Tell us what happened Jiminie.” Comes Jin’s concerned voice.


So Jimin does, he tells them everything. He starts from the plane all the way up until now, everything he’s felt. Every insecure thought he’s had, he voices them all. He actually starts to feel better as it all comes off his chest. Taehyung running his fingers through his hair as Jin makes reassuring comments over the phone.


He finally finishes with the story of tonight.


“It might have been nothing.” Both Jin and Tae say at the same time.


“I can’t live in hope any more guys, I’ve been living in a vague hope for 4 months, every street corner I turn I hope to bump into him. Every restaurant or bar I go into, I hope to see him. I can’t do that to myself anymore. I’m so tired.” His voice breaks as another sob wrecks through him.


“Oh Jimin.” Tae whispers as he pulls him closer and he feels Tae’s sympathy tears trickle down onto his face currently smooshed into his neck.


They both agree and eventually Jin hangs up with the promise to FaceTime them tomorrow for a proper conversation.


Tae continues to play soothingly with Jimin’s hair as he stay put, wrapped up in his arms.


He whispers awed a little while later “I can’t believe you got to spend 11 hours with RM though.”


Jimin takes the hands he has wrapped round Tae’s back and smacks his butt, grateful for his first smile in hours.





Namjoon walks and walks through Seoul until he can see the early morning sunrise pop through the clouds. His phone rings and he stops to answer it, he has only has a vague idea of where he is. He’d just continued walking all night in the hopes he’ll bump into Jimin, somehow, if the fates were on his side.


“Hello? Oh, hi Hobi.”


“Have you found him yet?”


Namjoon closes his eyes as he shakes his head willing himself not to cry. “No. I’ve looked everywhere.”


“It’s funny because I’m going to be late to work today and guess who works with me.”


“Hope studios.”


“Gotta go Joonie.”


“Joon, I’ll cover for you at the company!” Yoongi calls through the phone as Hobi hangs up.


Namjoon runs through the streets like a mad man until he comes to a stop in front of Hope Studios, one of the receptionists nods likes she’s been expecting him and he runs to the practice room. It’s empty but he’ll wait.


He’ll wait for days if he has to.




Jimin bursts through the door about an hour later “I’m sorry I’m late! I forgot to set my ala-“ Jimin looked up and locked eyes with Namjoon.


He looks around but there’s no one there, no escape route. “Namjoon? Wow, I erm, it’s good to see you again, I don’t think Jungkook’s here, but you’re more than welcome to wait, I guess.”


“Jimin.” He all but breathes his name. He moves forward but stays at a safe distance as if not to spook him. Jimin takes a small step back and Namjoon flinches. He shakes his head as if having an internal battle with himself before looking up defiantly.


“Jimin, this is going to sound stupid, insane and crazy, but I’m so glad you remember me, I had this fear that I... that you’d just remember that flight in a blur and honestly I wouldn’t blame you if you did, but for me, it was, it was one of the best damn flights I ever had. Getting to know you, getting to be with you, I don’t have the words to explain it but if I did I’d write poetry out of them.” He shakes his head, smiling fondly at his memories.


“I was so scared, so stupid, I was so worried about you not getting the proper time to grieve your relationship that I didn’t even ask for your number. I’ve done nothing but think about you for the past 4 months, I can barely eat or sleep. I’ve been so worried. It’s been hell not knowing if you were okay, if you went back to the fucker who treated you like shit, if you moved back to London.” Namjoon’s eyes started to tear up and he wiped at them.


“That plane ride, this is going to sound stupid so please don’t laugh at me - I’ve never been so calm, I’ve never been so happy. Those hours, minutes, seconds of my life were just, otherworldly, and it was all to do with you. You’re such a brave, fascinating, enamouring person and I want, well I need, to be around you in any type of way you want. You make my brain go quiet and I haven’t been the same since I was forced to walk away. Every waking hour all I’ve thought about was, is, you.”


Jimin stood stock still taking in everything he’d just said, he smiled for a split second and Namjoon felt his heart fly out into space. Everything about him was adorable, his little crooked front tooth, the way his eyes scrunched up into little half moons, even the tear tracks on his face somehow made him look more endearing. He realises in that moment that they’ve both subconsciously inched forward to one another. Namjoon’s hands reached out to take Jimin’s hands in his, the second they met Jimin jumped back and he felt his world crash in.


“No Namjoon, no. I can’t, I’m sorry, please leave.”


“What?” Was all Namjoon could muster.


“Please leave.” He pointed at the door, turning his face away.


Namjoon nodded sadly and moved towards the door but he couldn’t leave without one final question, “why? You just looked so... happy.”


Why ?!” Jimin all but shouted “ WHY ?!” Jimin did shout this time. “I down right refuse to be in any kind of cheating relationship or in any way break you and your boyfriend up and the fact you think I would be okay with that disgusts me.” He’s shaking now.


Namjoon looked at Jimin completely baffled as he continued to point towards the door “Jimin I’m not with anyone? What? All I’ve been able to think about is you since that plane ride. I can’t even imagine looking at anyone else.” He made a sound as if the thought physically disgusted him and Jimin looked up from the floor.


“You mean you’re not with Jungkook?”


“What?! Who said I was with Jungkook?! God no, he’s like, he’s like my little annoying baby brother who I can’t get rid of. He’s annoying as all hell, but also adorable and I love him more than I can say and will do anything for him, but not in that way!” He shuddered at the thought.


“Oh.” Was all Jimin could say.


He shook his head and moved forward so he was standing in front of Namjoon again, moving his hands up, he rested one on each side of his cheeks looking up into his eyes. His work centering back in on itself as everything slowed for a second.


“Namjoon, I, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” He closed his eyes and shook his head. “These past four months have been a living hell, I walk round every street corner hoping I’ll bump into you. I walk into every building hoping you’ll be there in line in front of me or sitting in a booth somewhere. When I thought you were with Jungkook I..” He laughed bitterly, shaking his head.


“Fuck Jungkook must hate me I was such an asshole, but I didn’t want anyone to know it was about you. I.. fuck, I’m so glad you’re here Namjoon.”


Namjoon breath hitches in his throat but he leans down catching Jimins lips in their first kiss. Jimin melts into it, the taller man's lips as light and soft as pillows as they move with one another. The kiss was slow and gentle, and everything he ever wanted as they pulled apart from one another slowly, Namjoon moving his nose forward to bop his with his own. Jimin couldn’t help the small giggle that left his lungs as he tried not cry, his heart filled to the brim with happiness.


Jimin’s moved his hands down from his cheeks and scrunched them up in the fabric of his shirt. Namjoon pulling Jimin into his chest, cradling him softly in his arms as he rests his head on the side of Jimin’s. Jimin can feel the smile radiating from him above his head.


They breathed each other in for a few moments, lost in the pleasure of just being with one another.


Breaking the silence Jimin says the first thing that pops into his head “Joon, why are you in last night’s clothes?” He moves his head back slightly to take in Joon’s appearance of tight leather trousers, a white shirt with a black waist coat and a choker round his neck.

Namjoon flushes “I walked Seoul all night trying to find you.”


“You didn’t.” Namjoon nodded. “ALL night?” He nods again. Jimin leans up and Namjoon bends down to meet him halfway, they kiss gentle and slow, the two of them both figuring out how to move with one another.


Jimin pulls away and rests their foreheads together “I’m glad you found me.” He whispers, his eyes closed.



They lose themselves in each other’s embrace for the longest time. Jimin’s eyes sliding open at some point and becoming lost in the depths of the others eyes, watching his own emotions reflecting back at him. The smile that breaks on to his face is enough to show Namjoon everything he ever needed to know.


“So are we going to try this?” Jimin breaks the silence with whispered words.


Namjoon nods, “I’d be devastated if we didn’t.”



The door slowly opens and the two of them separate from one another. Jungkook walks through the door, “JOONIE HYUNG!” He bounds past Jimin as Namjoon opens his arms. Smiling he squishes his face into Namjoon’s shoulder and squeezes against him. Namjoon looked at Jimin over his head and mouthed ‘See.’


Jimin smiled, feeling his cheek flush red at the misunderstanding.


“What are you doing here?! Did you come to see me dance?” Jungkook lets Namjoon go and turns to Jimin. “Wait, do you two know each other? Did I interrupt something?”


Jimin shakes his head. “We do, and you did, but it’s okay. Everything’s okay, more than okay.” Namjoon moves besides Jimin wrapping his arms around his shoulder as he kisses the crown of his head.


Hobi walks in at that moment, “sorry I’m late!” He calls, holding back his cheshire cat grin. “OH! Joonie, you’re here.”


Namjoon squeezes Jimin into his side lovingly as Jimin wraps his arms around his waist in a side hug. “Yep. I’m here. And I’m not leaving. So please do your thing, I’ll just be waiting in the corner.” He squeezes Jimin again, as if to prove he’s not going anywhere without him.


Hobi throws him the gym bag under his arm which Joon fumbles with but catches making Jimin smile. “Spare set of clothes are in there, I grabbed your shower gel too. You’ve been here enough times to know where the showers are.”


Jimin shakes his head smiling as Namjoon mutters into his hair, “I guess that’s his way of telling me I smell.”


“I still like you though.” Jimin grinned up at him as Namjoon dropped a kiss on his lips and walked out of the room.


He watched as Jungkook made a kissy face to the elder as he left the room, Namjoon hitting him upside the head as he passes.


As the door clicked shut Jungkook studied Jimin, his eyebrow raised. “So, by my powers of deduction, I guess that you’re plane guy.”


“He told you about me?!” Jimin asked incredulously.


He shrugs, “sort of. I accidentally walked in on him crying on Yoongi Hyung’s shoulder one night and the story came out. It screwed him up, I’m glad you found each other. I was rooting for you.”


“Thank you.” Jimin says and means it.


“As long as Joonie Hyung is happy, I’m happy.” Jungkook says simply as Hobi starts the music.


The practice session flew by smoothly, everything went a lot easier and faster without the under lining tension from Jimin towards Jungkook. Jimin was more patient and explained things more thoroughly and Jungkook was able to implement suggestions more calmly now he didn’t feel pressured.


Namjoon returned from the changing rooms and sat quietly in the corner, nodding his head to the beat. His fell floppily against his forehead, just as Jimin had imagined all that time ago. He couldn’t help the smile that bubbled up from how cute and soft he looked right now. Nothing like the alter ego Jimin saw on stage last night, he looked more like the boy he met on the plane, young, tired, complex and yet underneath it all an aura of happiness shone through.


Hobi flopped down next to Joon as Jimin explained a particular move. “So how are you feeling?”


“Amazing.” Joon smiled, “like a part of me that’s been missing for the past 4 months, maybe even longer, has just been filled.” Hobi smiled and laid his head on Joon’s shoulder “he mentioned he danced, but this is another level. He’s amazing. I can’t take my eyes off him.” Hobi nodded “I think I might have managed to get one of the good ones Hobi.”


The elder of the two stood up, kissing Joon’s head before helping Jimin explain what Jungkook needed to do with his hips on the beat.


Jimin observed Jungkook and Joon’s relationship, they were close, extremely close, looking at it he’d say they were just as close as him, Tae and Jin. Now he wasn’t caught up in his jealousy he could see the layers of their relationship. Jungkook hero worshipped Namjoon and it was one of the cutest things Jimin had ever had the pleasure of witnessing.


After Jungkook nailed one move he was struggling with, he jumped excitedly in the air and ran over to Namjoon.


“Did you see that Hyung?! I did it!”


Namjoon, who Jimin knew full well didn’t see it as he was staring at him the entire time smiled so bright you could have seen it in space and nodded.


“You’re amazing Kookie, Hyung is so proud of you.” Jungkook beamed. “Can you show Hyung it again?”


Jungkook nodded and jumped up like a little kid to do the move again as Joon clapped and cheered.




They continued practicing until they all exhausted themselves and Hobi called an end to the day. Joon stayed the entire time. Every now and then Jimin would catch his eye and smile.


Jungkook sat with Joon as Jimin packed up and hit the showers quickly. As Jimin came back he was describing last night’s performance in painstaking detail, down to when the lights came on during certain songs, Namjoon to his credit nodded the entire time looking completely enthralled with Jungkook’s tale.


Jimin sat down next to him and Joon’s arm instinctively came out grabbing his hand and intertwining their fingers as he continued to look at Jungkook. Jimin squeezed his hand, leaning his head against his shoulder, his eyes slipping closed as he breathed in this new but grounding scent, that was perfectly Namjoon.


Hobi walked over and patted Jungkook on the head “C’mon kid, I’ll walk you back to the dorms.”


“But, I was hoping to go to the studio with Joonie Hyung.”


“I don’t think he’s going to the studio” he said as Joon shook his head.


“Oh. Oooooohh .” Jungkook repeated as he looked at Jimin, seemingly just noticing he was there and took in their intertwined hands.


“Then yes, please walk me back Hyung.” He leans forward and hugs Joon’s waist as the elder kisses his hair and tells him to message him when he gets back to the dorms. “I promise Joonie Hyung. Bye Hyung!” This time directed at Jimin and he waves in response.


As the door closed behind them Jimin let out a whistle “wow that kid adores you.”


Joon giggled and nodded “I told you, it’s like I have a baby brother.”


They sat there for a while, in comfortable silence, too comfortable for people who had only known each other as long as they had, but it felt right.


Joon kissed Jimin’s hair after a while “Pink.” Jimin hummed in agreement.


“Was it..?”


“Yeah, it’s been pink since then basically.”


He felt the smile against the crown of his head “As predicted, you look amazing.”


After a few moments Joon spoke, “c’mon, let me take you to dinner.” He stood up and held out his hand, pulling Jimin to his feet.




Half an hour later they walk into an Italian restaurant down a back road on the outskirts of central Seoul. Namjoon lowers his face mask, waving at the owner, walking towards the back settling down in a small booth that’s slightly set off from the others, unable to be overlooked by other guests.


Jimin sits opposite him and looks around at the worn red booth seats, the deep dark wooden fittings and the red and white checked tablecloth, it’s cliche but cute.


Joon cuts into his thoughts, “I come here a lot, they never tell the press where I am.”


Jimin smiles “it’s cute. I like it.”


They both get the menu and order some pasta with wine. Before long the small talk turned into something more heavy.


“I hope I didn’t come across too strong earlier.” Joon bites his lip, casting his eyes downwards. “I know this whole thing is crazy, I don’t know how it’s possible to fall for someone in eleven hours but I did it.” He smiles.


Jimin shook his head instantly. “Everything you said I’ve felt too. I don’t know what’s come over me. It’s so stupid. I was so rude to Jungkook” he drops his head into his hands, elbows on the table. Joon reaches his hand across palm opened upwards and jimin gratefully takes it.


“I don’t think you need to worry too much, he grumbled about his choreographer a couple of times but I’ve heard him complain about the security guard that told him off for dripping ice cream in the lobby more than he ever complained about you.”


Jimin looked at him smiling “That makes me feel oddly better.” They both leaned away from each other as their wine arrived and Jimin takes a sip gratefully.


“Seriously what on this planet made you think we were together.” His nose scrunched in confusion.


Jimin shakes his head as he flushes “what?!” Joon presses.


The pink haired man sighs and smiles.


“You’re gonna think I’m pathetic -“ “-try me-“ “- I googled you.”


Namjoon snorts, nodding as if this were a usual occurrence.


“There was a tumblr, which led to a gossip page, all about ‘Namkook.’ They had this picture of you both on stage and it was just... you looked like boyfriends. It’s stupid.”


Joon bursts out laughing throwing his head back “‘Namkook’? Is that what they call us? Oh that’s adorable.” He shakes his head “And I guess once that’s in your head, Jungkook would unintentionally encourage that line of thinking too.” Jimin nods as Namjoon reaches over grabbing his hand, squeezing it.


“Trust me, the only person I’ve been able to think about since the plane is you.”


“Me too.”


“So when did you figure out who I was?” Jimin laughed remembering there was once a time when he didn’t know who he was, his face was all over billboards in Seoul. Suddenly their previous conversations came rushing back to him and he gasped “Oh Namjoon, I’m so sorry, your name isn’t silly and I take back everything I said, your songs were great last night, the power behind the lyrics, you’re great at what you do. I felt so bad for weeks.”


Namjoon laughed “oh I’d forgotten about that! It’s okay, honestly, like I said it stung for a moment but it’s not a problem, I’d rather you say things like that to me than lie just because I’m some kind of 'celebrity'.” He threw up finger quotes around the word.


“It’s odd, sitting here with you, I forget that you’re well known, or famous even. You just feel like the stranger I met on the plane. Namjoon. The cutie with the dimples who sat opposite me.”


“You think I’m cute?” Namjoon smiled widely as his dimples poked out and Jimin reached across the table poking his finger into them.


“Sorry, I’ve wanted to do that since the plane.” Namjoon grabbed his hand as he pulled away and kissed the back of it. Jimin felt himself involuntarily blush.


Their food arrived as Jimin got back to the question “It wasn’t too long after the flight, my friends Tae and Jin picked me up and they said they got down there early to see the famous RM arrive.” Namjoon shook his head smiling around a mouth full of pasta. “He showed me your picture and I was convinced he’d taken a picture of a random producer until he googled you. That’s embarrassing I’m sorry.” He looked down flushing.


“It’s not! Really, it’s so refreshing, I love the fact you didn’t know who I was when we met. It makes me feel like we really got to know each other outside of all...” he waves his hands around “... this. Even if it was only for eleven hours in a plane.”


Jimin nods smiling “I feel the same. Oh shit, Tae! He’s going to freak out when he meets you.” Jimin shakes his head. “Well, if he meets you, I don’t want to push anything.”


Joon looks at him confused. “I really like you Jimin. I wanna meet them all, all your friends, all your family, trust me, you’re potentially saddled with me for a long time. I apologise in advance for anything stupid I say and or do.”


Jimin giggled shaking his head, “Trust me, I can’t wait to be saddled with you.”



Jimin smiled as he ate and they chatted away.


After a while Jimin knew they had to have the more serious talk of the night he opened his mouth to speak.


“Jimin-“ “Namjoon-“


“You go first” Namjoon insisted but Jimin shook his head quickly. “No, no, you first please Joon.”


“Look Jimin I know this is going to be difficult for you, you’ve been through a lot and I in no way ever want to push you or make you feel like you need to jump into things you’re not ready for, I’m happy to take it slow, as slow as you need, okay? Honestly I just really want to be around you, in any capacity. Friendship or otherwise.”


Jimin laughed cutting him off, “There’s no way in any universe I’d ever want to be ‘just friends’ with you Joonie.” Jimin jolted hoping that wasn’t a reserved nickname for Jungkook but saw Joon’s face scrunch up into an adorable smile and knew he was okay to use it.


“I want you to tell me if I’m pushing you, the last thing I want is for us to fall apart because I got too excitable about us and freaked you out. I’m kind of hung up on you Jiminie” Jimin grinned at him using his nickname.


Jimin held out his hand and Namjoon took it across the table “I don’t think we could push this too fast Joon, but I understand. I want you to know though, I’ve healed. It took time, time in a way I’m glad I had before I found you again. I won’t lie though, if I could go back in time and force my number on you halfway through that flight, I would.” They smile at each other. “I’m terrified of becoming clingy though Joon. Trust me, the way it happened, being cheated on like that, it kind of broke something in me.”


Joon looks at him mortified about to speak. “I know you won’t cheat on me Joon, I know that in here” he pointed to his chest, “but you try telling here that” he pointed to his brain.


Joon grabbed both his hands pulled them together into his own holding them tight. “Jimin, I promise you I will never cheat on you. Ever, the thought of.” He makes a shuddering noise and looks at him. “If I’m lucky enough to even be the same room as you, I’ll be happy.”


“I’m terrified of becoming clingy and possessive Joonie. Terrified. If I do you need to tell me. Please.”


“I promise Jimin.”



They finish up their meal with lighter conversation around Namjoon’s album and Jimin’s dance practices.


Eventually it’s time to leave, Joon insists on walking Jimin home, promising it’s on his way.


They walked face masks on, hats down low but hands entwined together between them.


Joon kept his face casted downward so he couldn’t be recognised and Jimin led the way.



As they reached the warmth of the lobby of Jin’s apartment buildings they walked into the elevator, hands still clasped, they lower their face masks. “Hey, should I call you Hyung? I’m really bad at all the formalities” Jimin cringed “three years of saying it to people to only get weird looks in London really knocked it out of me.”


Joon shrugged, “honestly I’m not bothered, I mean if we’re gonna be boyfriends I really don’t think we need to refer to each other like that if you don’t want to.” Jimin smiled “what?” Joon looked confused.




“Well of course. If you want to. Sorry I should have asked and done this somewhere better than a lift.” He cringed.


Jimin shook his head smiling, going onto tip toes he kissed Joon square on the lips. “I want to be your boyfriend Joonie.” He was met with a grin and a recapturing of his lips as Joon wrapped both his arms round him and lifted Jimin up and spun them around. Jimin squealed and wrestled to be put down.


The elevator doors opened, they walked out towards Jin’s door and stood for a moment. “So I guess I’ll leave you here, oh wait!” Joon hit his forehead. “Numbers!” He pulled out his phone and Jimin giggled doing the same, “I’m not letting you get away again.”


They quickly popped each others numbers in their phones as Jimin reached up to press a light kiss onto Joon’s lips, it was meant to be a chaste kiss between the pair but suddenly Jimin licked Joon’s lip asking for entrance, the move even surprising himself. Joon made a shocked little sound and it was so cute Jimin felt his heart explode.


Jimin wrapped his arms around Joon’s neck as Joon wound his round his waist keeping him steady on his tiptoes The two kissed like love struck teenagers in the very open and very public hall way, not caring at all. Joon’s tongue caressed Jimin’s so tenderly it made his toes curl as he kissed away the lingering taste of the wine in his mouth. They were pressed up against each other as tight as they could get when the door to the side of them opened.


“Jiminie? I heard voices.” Come Tae’s voice and the two of them looked up shocked at the figure in the doorway, pyjamas on and hair sticking up at all ends, rubbing his eyes against the bright lights of the hallway, it couldn’t have been any later than 10.


Yeontan ran out from beside him and barked up at Jimin. “Erm.” He bit his lip and looked at Joon who could only smile in return.


A second later Tae’s brain must have kicked in as he jumped on the spot and drew in a breath to shout. Jimin threw himself at him putting his hand over his mouth and pushed him inside. “I need you to be quiet Tae.”


Joon followed them in, now with a very excitable Yeontan in his arms licking his face.


“Jimin, am I asleep right now?”


“No Tae.”




“Jimin, why is international superstar RM currently standing in my apartment with my dog in his arms?”


Joon looked up, pausing the cooing he’d been directing at Yeontan who was now licking the area of his cheek that held his dimples. “Hi! I’m Namjoon.” He grinned at Tae and held out his hand around the puppy. Tae took it in a daze and shook it.


“Wait. You two were kissing!!” He bounced excitedly as he remembered “Does that mean?!” Joon looked at Jimin lost.


Jimin came up to the side of Joon, putting a hand on his shoulder and squeezing, “Yes Tae. The whole thing with Jungkook was a misunderstanding.”


Joon snorted and Jimin hit him with his free hand jostling Yeontan who looked at Jimin displeased, it looked as though the puppy had taken an extreme liking to the rapper.


“Oh my god. Hang on!” Tae ran out of the room as Jimin looked at Joon, “I’m sorry.”


“It’s fine, honestly. It’s nice to meet your friends, I-“


Tae came back into the room phone in hand and held it out toward the two of them. The undeniable squeal of Jin filled the room.


“Aaaand that’s Jin.” He turned his face into Joon’s shoulder groaning as he kissed the top of his head. The two cousins made an ‘aww’ sound in unison and Jimin wanted the ground to swallow him up.


Joon waved at the screen “Hi… Hyung?” Jin nodded his head instantly through the screen. “It’s great to sort of meet you.” He smiled big and bright.



Namjoon didn’t leave the apartment until gone 3am that night, they all sat and talked for hours, Jin and Tae having as many questions for the new couple, as Joon did for them. They laughed and Tae cried when Joon told him he walked Seoul all night looking for Jimin. It took them twenty minutes to get him to stop.


Tae offered Namjoon the couch to sleep on winking at the pair, Jin cut in reminding them there’d be no such thing on his sofa bed and mock pointed at Joon through the screen. Jimin wanted to die but thankfully, Joon took it all in good humour.


Tae went to bed with the puppy in his arms, he refused to leave Joon’s lap all night and was now whining at being parted from his new love.


Jimin walked Namjoon to the door, kissing the elder softly, “I’m sorry, my friends are idiots.”


“They’re cute, you’re cute.”


Jimin saw him out with a promise for him to message him as soon as he was home and they kissed once more.


About 20 minutes later he received a text letting him know he was in his apartment, Jimin smiled and clutched his phone to his chest, he already knew he was completely gone.


He looked at his bed and bypassed it walking up the stairs to Tae’s room, he climbed into the bed next to him. Tae wrapped his arms around him.




“Jimin, you’re gonna marry that man.” He kissed his head and Jimin fell into the best sleep he’d had in years.






The middle of August came along, Jimin is enjoying his first summer in Seoul in years.


Namjoon and Jimin grew closer every day. There rarely was a day when they weren’t in each other’s company. They’d take long walks around various parks discussing their feelings on the latest developments in the world, or their lives. Sit by Han River for hours just talking or sitting in comfortable silences. They’d both have to wear face masks and hats to hide themselves from the general public but it was okay, they weren’t ready for being exposed. They knew it would leak eventually, but they just wanted to enjoy being with each other first, before they had to let anyone but their loved ones know.


As time drifted it became clear that none of their original goals from the first ‘let’s take it slow’ conversation worked out, but it happened differently to the way they expected.


Jimin ended up being the one that pushed their relationship into more serious territory, not that Namjoon complained. He practically moved himself into Joon’s apartment 2 weeks after they found each other again. He really only went back to Jin’s to grab more clothes, all of Joon’s being too big, although he did wear them around the apartment, or when he missed his two best friends. He’d managed to organise a holiday to the Philippines in Joon’s next break from schedules. Worked out his time with Hobi and Jungkook so he could get to at least half of Joon’s tour dates at the end of the year. He even managed to get Yoongi’s seal of approval when he arrived at the studio one evening with a coffee for both Joon and Jimin, the blonde notoriously hard to impress. Jimin managed to hold in his squeal of delight until he exited the room. Namjoon falling backwards in his chair, laughter wrecking through him over how excited Jimin became.


Namjoon on the other hand, he was the one who became slightly clingy, not oppressively so but he liked to know Jimin got to places okay and that he wasn’t pushing himself too hard in his dance sessions. He ended up in the practice room most nights, relaxing in the corner, the security guards and receptionists didn’t even need a heads up that he was coming anymore, so used to seeing him arrive at the end of the day when Jimin was still practicing. He felt calmer in Jimin’s presence and insisted he wrote more lyrics in the practice room watching Jimin dance than he ever did in his studios. Really, it worked well as it was exactly what Jimin needed to feel so secure in his relationship.


The news about Jimin and Namjoon spread throughout BIG HIT pretty quickly, Jungkook being so excited that his Joonie Hyung has a new love in his life he instantly told his backup dancers, who told the wardrobe department, who told everyone . They didn’t mind though, they enjoyed being able to be open somewhere other than Joon, Jin or Yoongi and Hobi’s apartment.


They’d settled into a comfortable and easy routine and it was everything Jimin dreamed of.


Sometimes when Jimin finished first he would come to BIG HIT and just hang out with Joon as he worked. Relaxing on the sofa, or, like tonight, curled up in Joon’s lap.


Namjoon sat beneath him fiddling with the mouse in front of him, making tutting noises every now and then, remixing and mixing the same song over and over changing just the smallest thing that Jimin couldn’t hear, but somehow made the song flow better. Jimin usually played on his phone, spammed the group chat he had with Jin and Tae, or spent time seeing how many times he could distract Joon before he’d jutt his chin out in concentration and ignore Jimin for ten minutes in defiance until he cracked and kissed his cheek in apology. Mainly he just enjoyed being this close to his boyfriend.


Tonight though, tonight he was bored.


And frustrated.


Very frustrated.


They hadn’t made love yet and it was driving Jimin insane. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to but in the midst of one of the “let's take things slow” conversation it had been brought up and they both agreed to wait until the time was right.


Namjoon didn’t bring it up again, Jimin had tried to start things a few times over the course of their relationship but it usually ended with Namjoon telling Jimin he didn’t want to rush him and Jimin agreeing as they settle back down to sleep or he’d put a movie on and they’d snuggle up together.


Tonight though, he had decided, tonight was the night.


He sat up slightly, as much as he could in his curled up position and kissed a line up the side of his boyfriends neck, along his jaw and down the front of his throat, mouthing at the Adam’s apple as it bobbed.


Namjoon was outwardly ignoring him but he knew better.


Jimin wiggled downward slightly and kissed back across and up to his ear taking the lobe in and sucking lightly. “Jimin..” he sounded breathless and Jimin smiled around his ear lobe.


He nipped at the lobe and left open mouth kisses along his neck. He used his dancer like grace to pick himself up from the position he was in and move into a straddling position. His knees either side of Joon’s thighs and he trailed kisses back up from the base of his neck to his lips.


He pecked them a few times before he dived in, Namjoon tasted exquisite, a taste that couldn’t be described but always left Jimin’s knees weak. Joon froze for a second, confused by the sudden turn of events which led to his boyfriend straddling him.


Jimin felt Namjoon’s brain kick in a moment later as he met his tongue. Jimin fighting for dominance and Joon’s tongue letting him win. Jimin moaned as his hands reached up into Joon’s hair and he started to grind downwards into his lap.


“Jimi-“ Jimin hushed him as he dove back in to explore his mouth once more. He felt Joon’s hands come around him, one at the base of his spine stroking the skin that was exposed where his t-shirt lifted up and the other squarely on Jimin’s behind.

Jimin pulled back slightly, bringing the blondes bottom lip in between his and biting softly before pulling away. He was about to say something when Joon’s lips crashed back into his. Jimin victoriously smiled into the kiss, tonight was the night.


They continued like that for over an hour, Jimin using his dancing ability to grind his hips down onto Namjoon’s lap. The only sounds in the quiet room is their moaning and breathing. The older one had his hands completely inside Jimin’s shirt now and was tracing the lines of his muscles as they kissed, dipping his fingers into his jeans and sliding his fingers as far down Jimin’s v shaped muscles as he could get. Jimin was shuddering in pleasure as they kissed, he rutted down harder the two of them now both hard in their jeans.


Namjoon caught up in the moment moved his hand to the front of Jimin’s jeans undoing the top button, he started to move the zip downward.


Suddenly a loud crash and a bang was heard outside and they jumped away from one another. Jimin groaned and looked up. “Probably the cleaning crew.” Joon said, he looked completely ravaged, hair everywhere and lips bruised. “We should go.”


He stood up, placing the smaller male on his feet and holding his hand out, he took it reluctantly. Joon kissed their entwined hands and smiled at him. Jimin returned it meekly.


They locked the studio and left the building through the garage jumping into Jin’s car that Jimin had borrowed. Joon didn’t drive, and wasn’t planning on learning with his coordination skills. Jimin was happy with the arrangement as he never particularly liked being the passenger.


Jimin remained quiet on the drive home, concentrating extremely hard on the road in front of him. Namjoon remained quiet, caught up in his own thoughts. He closed his eyes and tipped his head against the window. Jimin felt terrible. He’d pushed too hard, he knew Joon wanted to take it slow.


As Jimin pulled into his apartment complex garage Jimin left his seatbelt on. “I’m going to stay at Jin’s tonight.”


“Oh.” Was all Namjoon muttered, “message me when you get there, yeah?”


Jimin nodded as Namjoon got out of the car. He watched Namjoon’s back get further away until he couldn’t look anymore, he turns his gaze down at the steering wheel sighing.


He was about to turn the engine on again when the door opened again making him jump and look to his side. Joon slumped in to the seat and turned to face him “Jimin, I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you, I just got carried away.” He sighed.


“What are you talking about I pushed you .”


Joon shook his head instantly. “Are you kidding me I had my hands in your jeans not the other way around.”


“I was the one who started... wait did you want to go further?!”


“Yes, God yes, but I don’t want to do that if you’re-“ He was stopped as Jimin climbed over the seats and straddled Joon again. “Why do you keep stopping me then?!”


“I didn’t want you to feel pressured I...”


Jimin rolled his eyes, cutting him off, “trust me, no pressure.” He crashed their lips together.



Some time later they both burst through the door of Namjoon’s apartment completely wrapped up in one another.


Joon has his hands on Jimin’s thighs with Jimin’s legs wrapped around his waist. Jimin reaches out grabbing the door and slams it shut behind them, the sound reverberating throughout the room. They’re lips have been attached since the car, only coming up for air when they absolutely have to.


Jimin’s keeps one arm wrapped around Namjoon’s shoulder as the other one reaches into the strands of his hair, scratching his nails across the scalp and tugging on the hair slightly, he feels Joon shudder and makes a mental note to do that again.


Joon stumbles his way to the bedroom as they kiss, hitting his knees on various objects as he walks. Jimin giggles against his lips as he curses “are you okay baby?” His boyfriend sticks out his lip slightly in a small pout, but nods. Jimin smiles and kisses it away.


They eventually make it to the bedroom with only minor injuries on Joons side. Jimin had offered to walk multiple times in the short walk, it took that long, but Joon refused. The younger boy admired his determination as much as he just wanted to be in his bed right now.


Namjoon places Jimin down on the bed and crawled up over him forcing Jimin to lay back, hovering over him in the air above his head. The pink haired one pulls him down on top and they continue to kiss each other. Both tongues in a dance for who can dominate neither side particularly wanting victory so they just chase each other back and forth.


Jimin is in seventh heaven as he wraps his legs around Joons waist and finds one of Joons hands to intertwine his fingers with.


The make out session starts to get heated shortly and Jimin finds himself moving his hip upwards to meet Joons downward grind. They take a second but the moment they synchronise they both make the same strangled moan that echoes throughout the room.


They continue their dance for a while both comfortable with the feeling of each others lips and the knowledge of tonight, finally, being the night. As their breathing becomes harder and their movements more erratic, and forceful, Jimin pulls back “Not like this. Shirts off.”


Joon nods and makes quick work of his shirt as Jimin does the same, the second they’re off they’re back in each other’s arms, the kissing less heated now, just enjoying the taste of one another.


Joon breaks the kiss after a while and Jimin moans in dissatisfaction lips surging forward to try and catch the others again but finding only air. He cracks open an eye and finds Joon staring down at him, he takes in his dilated pupils, his bright red and kiss swollen lips, his hair, once neatly styled is a complete mess thanks to Jimin’s hands, a pleased feeling bubbles up in his chest. Joon was looking at him like he was the only person on the planet that mattered and he shied away from his gaze.


“Jimin you are...” He sighs. “You’re just...” he leans down to peck Jimin’s lips before shaking his head “I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m going to try to spend every day of my existence thanking the universe for sending you to me.”


Jimin makes a strangled sound at the back of his throat. He means to respond with something equally as heart warming but Joon is already kissing up his cheek and taking his ear lobe was in his mouth before he could do anything. Joon sucks and bites the lobe making Jimin shiver. He sucks on the hoop in his ear and tugs it lightly, making Jimin gasp.

He kisses down to Jimin’s neck and lathers it with attention. Bringing his hand up to find Jimin’s and intertwining their fingers again the other stroking the skin Jimin’s waist. He licks up his neck, nipping at it slightly leaving open mouthed kisses in his wake. He bites at certain spots making Jimin gasps. Then he stops for a second and nuzzles his face into the skin of his neck, making the younger shiver.


The elder eventually lifts his head up, licking at Jimin’s Adam’s apple before sucking on it lightly. Jimin’s drops his head back so Namjoon has access to more skin as he begins his assault on the other side. He licks and kisses the skin there, nipping at it a few times although never enough to leave a mark.


Jimin was about to be disappointed that Joon wasn’t going to leave a claim when he felt Joon suck on a part of his neck, biting down lightly lapping at the skin lovingly. He then begins to suck on the skin, hard. Jimin makes a hissing sound and puts his hands on Joon’s back digging his nails into the flesh. Joon moans around the flesh in his mouth.


He pops off and looks down at his creation, “that’s gonna be a problem.”


Jimin shrugs, “don’t care, it’s a reminder.”


The blonde continues to look at the mark “Oh it’s a reminder all right. Although I hope not the only reason you’ll have to remember this.” He lifts himself up and smiles at Jimin, dimples poking out before dropping his head black down, leaving a trail of kisses down Jimin’s chest. Flicking his nipples with his tongue as he passes and dipping his tongue into Jimin’s navel.


Joon moves his hands to the top of Jimin’s jeans and pauses as if giving Jimin a chance to stop him if he wanted this to not go any further. In a silent response Jimin lifts his hips from the bed and joon slowly slides them down and off layering kisses across his skin as it meets the air.


Joon kisses his boyfriends thighs as he reaches up to touch him through his boxers. Jimin gasps at the contact and grabs the back of Joon’s head, his other flying up to grab the pillow under him.


Namjoon traces a fingernail down the inside of the youngers thigh, his other hand just lightly tracing hardened outline in his boxers. Jimin would usually be embarrassed that he was already this hard, but his brain couldn’t think any further than Joon’s fingers and mouth.


The elder then took a moment to create another claim on the centre of his thigh, Jimin was heaving in air as his eyes tightly clamped shut. He didn’t know he could receive this much pleasure from a single love bite.


Suddenly both hands were at the waistband of Jimin’s boxers again, paused in an act of silent question and he lifted his hips once more in consent. Joon putting in the effort to ask if he’s okay was sending a wave of crushing emotion through Jimin, no one had ever treated him like this.


His boxers came down and off with a short sharp tug and he was completely bare. He felt Joon get up and off the bed, he was about to open his eyes confused but then he felt the bed dip again, he felt bare legs brush against his this time, no longer jean clad. He smiled and rubbed his leg against Joon’s in a show of affection.


Then his length was enclosed in something warm and wet and Jimin let out a loud and distinct moan that melded into a cry of sorts. If he thought the pleasure of Joons mouth creating a love bite was something this was otherworldly.


Joon moved his head back and forth pulling nearly all the way off before plunging back down. Each time he took as much as he could into his mouth before swallowing around him. Jimin cried out in pleasure as a hand came up to cup his balls, running a fingernail across them and then massaging them between his fingers. Jimin threw one arm across his face covering his eyes, he knew if he looked down he’d reach his peak and he was not ready for that yet.


Joon pulls off with a loud pop and licks down the side of his shaft layering open mouthed kisses around the base. Jimin is all but twitching at this point.


“So how do you want to do this?” Namjoon asks as he pulls away from Jimin.


“What?” Jimin asks him to repeat himself as he escapes from his realm of pleasure.


Joon lets out a low giggle the air rushing out against his tip, Jimin leg spasmed in pleasure. “How do you want to do this?”


“What do you mean?” Jimin pulls the arm that he’d flung over his eyes away and tried to steady his breathing, it wasn’t made easy as Joon was now lightly licking his tip, his hand lightly placed at the base holding him.


“Well, you bottom, I bottom? What do you want?” His mouth was so close to his member his breath was rippling down the wetness left from his mouth and Jimin groaned.


“You want to bottom for me? Really?”


“Well, yeah. Just because I’m bigger it doesn’t mean I want to be the top all the time.” He paused stilling “unless you don’t. I’m happy to...” Jimin cut Joon off from his ramble reaching a finger down to cover his lips.

“I want to try that with you, but, I’ve never done it before...” He answered truthfully biting his lip. “Another time?” Joon nodded kissing his finger before biting the pad lightly. He then turns his attention back to Jimin’s length.


The truth is everyone Jimin had been with just assumed he was the bottom and he’d accepted it, too worried he might rock the boat if he spoke out. Namjoon offering to explore another side of himself together made his heart swell with happiness. He wanted nothing more than to go on this adventure in the arms of the person he trusts most in this world.


His train of thought was interrupted as Joon sunk down on him again and he could feel himself hitting the back of his throat. Jimin looked at the scene for a moment before it became too much and he threw his head back again, focusing on the feeling of Joon’s mouth on him.


“Top left drawer” Namjoon said after a few more minutes. Jimin reached over with great difficulty considering Joon was still sucking lightly on his tip. His hand felt the lube and passed it down.


He noted, to his pleasure, that it was brand new one.


Namjoon pulled off “there should be a condom in there. If you could...”


“I’m clean, I got tested after all the Mark stuff. If you are too..”


Namjoon smiles, shaking his head. “This is.. You’re…” He smiled to himself. “I’m clean. I got tested before the plane and I haven’t... since I met... you kinda ruined everyone else for me.”


“Fuck, you’re adorable.”


“Please don’t call me adorable when I’m about to stick my fingers up your ass.”


Jimin giggles soon turn into hisses as Joon lubes up and sticks his first finger in. Joon quickly wraps his lips around one of his balls to distract him sucking lightly as Jimin’s eyes roll back in pleasure.


The second soon follows as Joon begins to explore inside looking for that little button. He feels Jimin jerk upwards and he knows he's found it, moving away from Jimin’s balls, back up to his tip sucking it into his mouth as he massages his prostate. Jimin breath catches in his throat as he lets out cry after cry of pleasure. A third finger strokes lightly at the rim before joining the others.


Jimin is sure he looks a sight right now, chest flushed bright red, a ridiculously huge hickey on his neck, a contorted look of pleasure on his face, with fingers pulling at the sheets ready to rip them. Joon begins to pump his fingers in and out and Jimin twitches all over in pleasure.


All too soon, and yet simultaneously not soon enough, Joon withdraws and pulls his boxers off before tugging at his hard member.


Jimin lifts his head up in time to see Joon lubing himself up. He’s big. Bigger than anyone Jimin had ever been with, his girth was probably the same as Jimin’s but length wise he had at least an inch and a half on Jimin, and Jimin wasn’t exactly small, surprising given the rest of his stature. But he didn’t like to brag.


Jimin breathing stutters as he throws his head back.


Joon noticing the change leans over, his nose running along the length of Jimin’s before he begins to talk softly. “Hey. Hey baby what’s wrong?”


“It’s just a lot bigger than I expected.” He answers truthfully, his eyes meeting Joon’s gaze.


Joon smirked and Jimin reached out a hand to smack him but it was caught by Joon.


“I’ll take it slow babe, promise.” He smiles and settles himself in between Jimin’s legs. Slowly lining himself up before pushing in slowly allowing Jimin to adjust to each inch separately.


Jimin in turn kisses the arm balancing Joon by his head each time he’s ready for more.


Joon bottoms out eventually and settles himself over his boyfriend, they both just lay there for a moment enjoying being this close to one another for the first time.


Jimin tilts his head and they meet in a passionate but slow kiss, tongues coming out to meet each other’s and Jimin wraps his arms around Joon’s shoulder blades. Joon's finding balance on the bed to the sides of their heads.


As they kiss Joon slowly begins to move to move his hips, there’s no real rhythm as he allows their kissing to take priority.


Eventually Jimin lets Namjoon’s mouth go and begins to kiss down to his neck. The speed of his hips increase and moans start to escape both of their mouths.


Jimin wraps his legs up and around Namjoon’s waist as he kisses down Joons neck until he gets to the base of it. He licks the skin there for a moment before he takes it in his mouth and begins to suck as hard as he physically can ensuring there’s something there for the world to see tomorrow, biting lightly as Joon hisses in pleasure. When he pulls back he smiles as his accomplishment starts to bloom on his boyfriends skin.


“Babe, you’re gonna set the press on fire. They’re all gonna wonder where I got that.”


“Let them. I want everyone to see you’re someone’s man.” Jimin had never wanted to mark someone before but the thought of Joon walking around with his claim on his neck, his scratches down his back, made his toes curl in pleasure. Maybe it was the after affects of what happened to him or maybe he just wanted to own Joon in some sort of way. Either way he felt a wave of pleasure roll through him when he thought about his boyfriend, his Joon, all marked up by him. His mouth, his fingernails, his hands.


Namjoon let out a strangled cry as Jimin involuntarily clenched around him, he instinctively increased the speed of his thrusts at the feeling.


Jimin in response dug his nails into Joon’s shoulder blades again hard enough to leave little half moons. He felt Joon's hips stutter and he thought he’d gone too far, he released the pressure on his nails, with an apology on his tongue when he felt Joon’s hips pick up in speed, moving harder than before.


Jimin experimentally dug his nails in harsher this time his legs tightening around his waist encouraging the speed and pressure increase, the blonde let out a strangled moan and moved with more intensity into Jimin.


Joon shifts his hips slightly and Jimin is about to whine at the slowing of his pace but then he feels the first thrust directly against his prostate. He cries out, cursing at the feeling and instinctively pulls Joon tighter to him, not that’s there’s any way they could be any closer at this point so winds up just squishes his face into Joons neck, moaning out his name.


The bed starts to creak as Joon somehow finds it in him to go faster and harder each time Jimin clenches down around him moving his hips up with each thrust.


Jimin is in another world of pleasure now and is struggling to remember his own name or really even remembering to breathe when he feels Joons hand snake in between their bodies and take hold of his length. Jimin cries out in pleasure as Joon begins to pump him using his precome as lube.


Jimin digs his nails in again but this time he drags them down along the entire length of his back, everything he can reach. Joon managed to get out a strangled cry at the pain mixing in with the pleasure and tells Jimin he’s close. Jimin can only nod in response digging his nails in harder as he cums all over their stomachs.


Once Jimin clenches down around him in the midst of his pleasure Joon hits his own climax pumping his seed into Jimin as he cries out his name over and over.


“Fuck.” Is all Jimin can say.


Joon flops to the side and kisses his temple. “Jimin you are.. fuck. I think I might be in love with you.”


Jimin giggles. “Tell me that when you’re not post orgasm and maybe I’ll say it back.”


Joon kisses his temple once more before standing on shaky legs and moves to the bathroom to grab a towel.


Jimin looked up as he walked away and flinched. 10 dark red lines and multiple others all littered his back, rows of half mooned nail imprints littered his shoulders. He looked down at his fingernails, some had a light smattering of blood on them and he felt a mixture of emotions, some good some bad.


Joon noticed the change as he cleared him up and attempted to remove all the fluid from him.


“Baby, what’s wrong?” He comes up beside him and wrapped himself up around his side. Snuggling his face into the crook of Jimin’s neck.


Jimin shakes his head “I’ve just, I’ve never felt the need to make scratches or give someone hickeys before, I don’t know what came over me but I felt like I wanted to, to claim you in some way. It’s stupid, but I wanted to do it more, completely cover you, it’s weird isn’t it?”


“It’s not stupid or weird.” It’s said with a finality in its tone. “You’ve been through a lot Jimin, and if that’s a manifestation of what happened to you, it could have been a lot worse and I enjoyed it, so that must mean something about me.” Jimin can’t prevent the small smile that blooms across his face at his boyfriends comforting words as he’s met with a soft kiss and a loving peck on the nose.


“Your back must hurt though.”


“My backs fine, and it doesn’t hurt.”

Jimin hears a soft snort and feels Joon shaking his head from where it’s resting against his shoulder. “Although I do have a fitting tomorrow so expect to be the talk of BIG HIT for the next week.” Jimin cringes as Joon giggles at his side.


Namjoon grabs the blankets and pulls them up and around them, switching off the light. Jimin settles into his boyfriend’s chest and kisses the skin before closing his eyes.


About twenty minutes passes of them cuddling in silence. Both enjoying being with each other like this for the first time, legs intertwined, and arms wrapped around each others naked bodies.


“I meant it.” Namjoon says into the darkness.


“Meant what?” Jimin asks, sleepily nuzzling his face downward into his skin.


“I love you. I’ve been thinking about it for the longest time and I do. I love you.” He squeezes Jimin against him.


“I love you too. I think I have since before we even found each other again.” Jimin smiles into the darkness.


“I also think you should move in.” Namjoon yawns around the question like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, maybe it is.


Jimin smiles into his chest and kisses it again “Babe. I’m pretty sure I’ve already been living here for like a month now.”


Namjoon nods and kisses the top of his head, conversation settled. Jimin feels the steady rhythm of the snores he’s found he now can’t sleep without.


He loves this, how easy everything is. Jimin didn’t know relationships could be like this, but this was all he ever needed.






Just over a year and a half later, Jimin and all the gang are standing in the VIP section at a musical festival in LA, he closes his eyes and smiles for a moment, content.


A couple of people shout his name and he opens his eyes to wave at the passing girls. News of Jimin and Namjoon’s relationship leaked about six months ago. It was a big deal in Korea, but not so much internationally so he’s always surprised when people know who he is abroad. The general public were a lot more supportive than the couple originally feared. Jimin in return made an effort to repay them any way he could when people recognised him, be it a simple wave or a picture together.


The group were on their way to Vegas next. They all wanted to let off some steam and go wild and they collectively decided that Vegas was the way to go. It also double served as a bachelor party.


Tae was right in his prediction all that time ago, he and Namjoon were due to get married this weekend in Hawaii on the beach at sunset, surrounded by their closest friends. Jimin was so excited he could barely keep it contained. He knew it wouldn’t be recognised in Korea but it would be recognised in their hearts and by their friends and really that’s all that mattered to him.


Namjoon and Jimin’s proposal story was something that always made him smile and he loved telling the tale to anyone who would listen. Namjoon had expressed to Jungkook he was ready to propose, Yoongi had been on tour in America at the time with Hobi. Jimin also spilled to Taehyung he was going to propose, coincidentally around the same time. Tae and Jungkook completely unable to keep secrets from one another, told each other instantly and they came up with a plan. Both Jimin and Namjoon had the exact same night planned, down to every last detail with their respective conspirator. The same restaurant, the restaurant they had their first date in that started it all. The same hand in hand stroll along Han River. Lastly, the same decorations in the apartment that Tae or Jungkook respectively would be sorting while they were on their date. They arrived back to the apartment covered in rose petals, candles everywhere as they both simultaneously got down on one knee, looking at each other in confusion. With delight they’d realised what happened and fell into each other’s arms kissing as they both slid their rings on to their boyfriend’s ring fingers. They ignored the excited FaceTimes from their friends, as Joon picked Jimin up and carried him straight to the bedroom.


Jimin smiles as he snaps back to the present.


Yoongi having just finished his set has rejoined the group settling his arms around Hobi’s shoulders.


“Is he doing okay?” Jimin asked over the piping music and the crowd singing along.


Yoongi nodded, “In RM mode already, he’s barely talking, I think he’s just excited to get to Hawaii.” He grinned happy for his best friend and his fiancé.


Hobi snuggled into his side, kissing his cheek. Their relationship had been leaked to the press about a year ago, they handled it well, given that they already had such a solid foundation from their four years together. Jimin and Namjoon were both convinced that Yoongi was relieved when he heard they’d been leaked, fed up of sneaking around.


“Jin just text me” Tae announces “He got the job!!”


They all cheer and huddle in for a congratulatory selca to send back to him. Jin was currently on the other side of the USA in New York auditioning for the next New York Fashion Week. Jimin looked at Hobi and grinned “you know what that means.” Hobi nodded as Tae and Jimin squealed. Jimin had agreed with Hobi weeks ago that if Jin walked in NY Fashion Week he would give Jimin the week off to fly out and support him, Tae had already booked the week off months ago so confident in his cousin.


Tae looks at his phone once more. “Jin said he loves us, he hopes Yoongi’s set went well and to cheer for Joonie for him.”


“Tell him I’ve got him covered!” Jungkook said as he bounces excitedly to the side.


Aaaand that he can’t wait to get to Vegas tomorrow and see us all. Also, Jimin he said he’s actually excited for Hawaii more and he can’t wait to see his ‘brother’ married.” Jimin grinned.


Yoongi rushes off to get them all drinks before Joon takes the stage, leaving Hobi to move towards Jimin, leaning on the railings in front of them. Jimin was getting ready to scream his lungs out in support of his soon to be husband. He looked to the side as Jungkook giggled at something Tae said. Jimin knew that however loud he could scream for his Joonie it would always be nothing in comparison to Jungkook. Jimin was never one to give up though, trying at every single performance to beat him, but he always failed. He swore Jungkook got louder every time just to annoy him. He kept in his giggle as he looked at Jungkook, he was trying in vain to keep his cool, but he was already vibrating with excitement. Wearing his signed RM t-shirt shamelessly like he wasn’t best friends with him and an idol in his own right.


Taehyung moved so his arms were now wrapped around Jimin in a back hug, resting his head on his shoulders giggling at Jungkook’s excitement. Jungkook and Taehyung were getting extremely close recently and Jimin was enjoying every second of watching his closest friend fall in love.


Jungkook had debuted last year and instantly blew up in Korea. There’s already talk of him collaborating with western artists and he had even managed to chart on the billboards. Namjoon and Jimin threw a massive party at their apartment for him in celebration. He was currently on his break with plans to start recording his new album soon with Joon’s help.


Taehyung meanwhile had made his own strides in his field being promoted from personal shopper to an intern designer after one of his looks went viral at a premier. He’d already been tipped to dress someone for the Met Gala but he refused to tell Jimin who. He secretly thought it was Camila Cabello, as he’d been listening to Havana and other Latin flavoured songs a lot recently much to Jin’s growing annoyance.


He and Namjoon were that couple and Jimin was completely shameless about it, enjoying every second. Their whole day to day life together was a dream, Namjoon supported everything Jimin wanted to do and helped him in any way he could. Jimin loved him more than words could describe and he, at last, knew he was loved unconditionally in return.


He closed his eyes and tipped his head back onto Tae’s shoulder, enjoying the Californian sunshine, when he heard a familiar voice calling his name “JIMIN?! Is that you?!”


Looking up he locked eyes with Mark. Taehyung whispered in his ears “what the hell, isn’t that...”


“Yep.” Jimin groaned but plastered on a fake smile.


Hobi must’ve noticed the change in Jimin as he reached out and held on to Jimin’s hand. “Mark... what are you doing here?” Jimin bit out around his fake smile.


“I’m working security here.” It was then that Jimin looked at him properly and noted the high vis jacket he was wearing.


“Ooh, well that’s good.”


“Hoping to get my mixtape out there soon.” Jimin nodded, feeling Taehyung shake against his back attempting to hold in his giggles.


“You’re in VIP.” Jimin noted that he didn’t ask him how he was just straight past any formalities to figure out why he was hanging around in VIP. “Oh yeah well, my fiancé and his boyfriend” he pointed at Hobi with their intertwined hands who plastered on a grin brighter than sunshine but kept his eyes flat, deadly “they’re involved in the event.”


“Oh!” He thought for a moment trying to place Taes face in his memory “Tae-Taehyung, right? I didn’t realise you were Jimin’s boyfriend now.”


“No no no, he’s not my fiancé.” A sudden roar around them signalled that RM had made his way onto the stage, as the first notes hit Jimin looked Mark in the eyes smirking he pointed at the stage “He is.” Marks eyes bulged out of his head and he stuttered around a sentence as Yoongi walked up behind the group and started handing out drinks. Mark choked on his own spit as Hobi looked at him smiling “and he’s mine.”


Yoongi gave a look of confusion as Hobi placed a huge kiss on his lips and snuggled into his neck. Yoongi screwed up his face but let out a huge gummy smile when he thought no one was looking. He then started to rap along to Joon, not even sparing Mark a second glance, as he walked away from the group quietly.


Jungkook screamed along with each and every lyric, grabbing Tae’s hand to dance with him as Jimin threw his hands up in the air cheering. Of course, Jungkook was louder. He stuck his tongue out at him as Jungkook grinned in return. Jimin turned forward, smiling up at the stage. He doubted Joon could see him but he liked to think if he did see him he’d want to see him smiling.


Namjoon searched the crowd for Jimin like he did at every show, once his eyes fell on him he saw that smile he loved so much and he felt his heart skip a beat. He pushed on with the show desperate to get back into his loves arms.


Jimin watched his soon to be husband on stage as his friends danced around him. He felt happy, he felt loved, and really, that was all he ever wanted.