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Where You Left Your Heart

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Where you left your heart:


This is my first The Vampire diaries fic ever. Sorry if there are some mistakes in the story. (not grammatical but about some characters and villains.)

There are some mayor changes, like Stefan never died, Jo did gave birth to Josie and Lizzie but Kai end up killing her later, Enzo is alive, Katherine is alive… Pretty much almost everyone is alive. It's heavily influenced by 5x01. To safe Hope they divided the Hollow like in the originals. Which is why they've been apart for the last eight years. Klaus and Caroline are actually married. (They been apart because Care had to rise Hope)

Ships: Klaroline, Kalijah, Delena, Stebekah, Kennett.

Summary: What if Caroline was Hope's biological mother instead of Hayley? Hope wants her family back together starts causing trouble all over The Boarding School. What will happen when the Original family finally reunites and old threats rise again?

Chapter one:


Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted:

The high school corridors usually were full of teenagers. However, at this moment it was quite empty. There were only two teachers in the library. When Henry slowly walked around the halls of the school waiting for Hope. He sat down on the dark wooden bench when a sweet but mischievous voice whispered to him.

"Hey Henry, you have the money?"

Not trusting himself to speak, he only nodded his head before giving her the money.

"I'm not going to ask how you got this…" Hope eyed at all the money he just gave her before giving Henry two small bottles filled with her blood. "First drink one and drink the last one afterwards, Okay?"

Henry took the small bottles and hid one under his jacket. While the other one was still in his right hand. He looked rather nervous and lost. Hope was eyeing him carefully, if he decided to do it his life will change forever. It was the most important decision of his life.

"Are you sure about this Henry? I know most of the kids in here are a bunch of idiots but I am your friend. You have me." She stared at him worriedly.

"Yes, I am sure. You know how it's like everyday people making fun of me? How they hit me, punch me, and insult me for no reason at all? The only reason it's not worse it's because I am your friend and your mother is the headmistress. Also Mr. Saltzman is a close friend of your mom. I don't want you to protect me anymore Hope. I will be stronger if I do this." He rested his hands on her shoulders. Staring at her big blue eyes, he gave her a small half smirk.

Hope nodded her head, pulling herself away from him, giving him one last small smirk. "Be discreet alright? If my mother finds out, I gave you my blood she will ground me until the end of times, Mr. Saltzman is constantly watching me like a hawk, Davina is auntie Freya's little spy and she's also our teacher, uncle Stefan is constantly here, Damon comes here to annoy my mom from time to time. I am serious don't screw things up okay? Don't draw attention to yourself."

"Yes, mom. Good luck with the maths test, see you later Hope." He joked.

"See ya."

Once Hope was out of the corridor, Henry drank the first blood bottle. He picked up his phone to call his only close friend one last time. Heading towards the library, he was shaking, nervous for what he was about to do. Hope told him to be discreet but what if he heals himself before the transformation took place? He had to make sure it would work. The dark wooden windows were closed, opening them was just the second step to build a new life. Henry stood at the edge of the window letting his body fall, he felt free for the first time in his entire life. Then everything went black.


Student's bedrooms:

Hope Mikaelson-Forbes was bored, nothing good happened when a Mikaelson got bored. She drew for a while; she drew a beautiful forest with a wolf lurking in the dark staring a beautiful woman. She closed her sketchbook and hid it on her schoolbag.

On the top of the bed, there was her grey album with pink and golden details on it. Hope stared sadly at the album, she sat down on the bed next to the photo album and she open it.

There were pictures of her with family when she was a baby with her auntie Bekah and her uncle Elijah, when she was a little girl with her mother, making funny faces with her auntie Freya and Kol. She also had pictures of her mom's side of the family, with Lena and Bonnie, Stefan and Damon, Matt and Jeremy...

Her favourite picture will always be the one where her parents got married. She was seven months old when the picture was taken. Caroline was holding her with the biggest smile on her face Hope's ever seen, she was staring curiously with her big bright blue eyes at the person who was taking the photo probably it was uncle Stefan or uncle Kol, and then there was Klaus with his hand on Hope's back and smiling at his wife. They looked like a normal family.

Too bad, it all went to shit… Hope bitterly thought closing the photo album before she got emotional. She lay down on the bed, staring at the white ceiling thinking about her plan. She had her passport, she had the money, now she could go to France to see her father again. However, she had to make sure her mother wouldn't find out until it was already too late, which is why she had to act normal.

Suddenly someone started to knock on the door. Hope opened the door, she was surprised when she saw Mr. Williams looking rather upset.

"Mr. Williams. What's up?" Hope asked.

"Hope, Mr. Saltzman wants to talk to you. It's about Henry Benoit." Mr. Williams replied.

Hope knew she got caught, they knew, her mother knew. But she tried to remain calm thought out this whole situation.

"Why does Mr. Saltzman wants to talk to me? Where's my mom?"

"She took the rest of the week off. I thought she might told you."

"Well, guess what. She didn't. Where is she?" She replied.

"I heard Alari- Mr. Saltzman saying something about France. We've informed her about what you did." Mr. Williams replied.

"What right you think you have to tell her before telling me?!" Hope screamed.

"Pack up your things Hope. You got suspended."

"You do realize I'll be here in a few days right? My mother is the headmistress." She mischievously smiled.

"I honestly don't care, Hope. I'm only doing my job. Now do yours and pack your stuff. Your father will also be informed of this."

Hope laughed at him. Her father? The very same one who never called her, not even once for the last eight years. That's not a father, only a deadbeat asshole who doesn't love her enough. "Yeah. Good luck finding him, I think it's time for you to leave my bedroom, I have to pack."

"Goodbye, Hope."

"See ya, next Monday Mr. Williams." She smirked at him.


Paris airport:

Caroline Forbes was stressed out. Her husband stopped calling her and picking up his phone for the last five years. Just after that, he started a killing spree all over Europe. When Klaus stopped calling her, she assumed it was because it would be painful for both of them especially for him. Her husband biggest fear always had been being alone and now he couldn't be close to any of his siblings but Freya and most importantly their own daughter.

Rebekah called her last night telling her how close Klaus was from Elijah. Which only meant trouble for everyone. And on top all of this Alaric called her six times in the last two hours.

She took her iPhone out of her black jacket. Immediately she called Alaric to see if anything happened to Hope. On the third ring, Alaric finally answered.

"Caroline? Thank god. I've been trying to call you for so long." Alaric exhaled relieved.

"What did she do?" She tiredly asked. Since Hope turned thirteen, she became a little troublemaker just like her father.

"We suspended her."

"What?! How could you suspend her? Just give a little warning." Caroline replied.

"Care, we warned her when she burned Damon's car because he pissed her off, she got into various fights with other students, she answers back to her teachers, she isn't afraid of using dark magic. But what she did today it was too much for us. She gave her blood to a student. Caroline she created a Hybrid. We can't control her. She needs to take a time off." Alaric explained.

Caroline sat down on a bench with her luggage with her right hand holding her phone and the left one covering her face. She controlled her breathing and replied to him.

"Ric I am in Paris. How am I supposed to be in Mystic Falls?! I just landed here. My husband is on a full rage-killing spree and I have to stop him. I can't just go back. Put Hope on the phone."

"Don't worry Care. We called Freya and Stefan both of them will come for Hope. She is safe and sound. Now take your time in Paris and then come home." He assured her.

"Thanks for taking care of everything while I'm here." Caroline thanked him.

"Hey mom!" Hope cheerfully said.

"Seriously? SERIOUSLY HOPE!? You gave your blood to someone?"

"Of course not mom! Did you really think I am stupid enough to go and give my blood for free? I sold it." Hope proudly replied.

"What the hell is wrong with you!? Hope you have no idea how mad at you I am right now! You created a hybrid. God, how could you!" Caroline tried to not scream but hell she was angry.

She is not gone not even for 8 hours and her daughter was already causing trouble. Now she was acting like a rebellious teen only because she wanted attention.

"You're just being a hypocrite mom. You always taught me my body, my decisions. Well then, my blood my decision!" Her sixteen year old daughter angrily replied.

"You are not just a normal person Hope. Do you have any idea about what will happen to the kid you gave your blood?! God Hope you have everything you want. Why would you possibly need the money for?"

"That's my business." Hope rolled her eyes.

"My daughter selling her blood is my goddamn business." Caroline whispered angrily.

"I just gave Henry some of my blood mom. I didn't think it was that bad. Besides he asked me for it." Hope explained.

"You should have said no! I'll be back in Mystic falls in three days. You'll be grounded forever for this Hope."

"Oh really? What are you going to do? Lock me up? Mom l'm witch I'll just find a way out." Hope said amusedly at her mother's anger.

"You disappoint me, Hope. When I thought you couldn't do anything worse than the trouble you normally get in you just reinvent yourself. God, I wish you stopped acting like your father." Caroline knew she was being a harsh but Hope was far too stubborn, just like her father, which made her incredibly hard to try reason with her.

"And you betrayed me mom. We're even. Instead of trusting me and telling me, you were traveling to France. I had to find out by that stupid moron of Mr. Williams. If you are going to abandon me to go with my deadbeat dad you could just had told me." Hope became instantly upset when her mother mentioned her non-existent father.

"Hope!" Alaric scolded her at her disrespectful remark.

"What? He is a moron we all know that." The teenager crossed her arms, as a sign of rebellion against Alaric.

"I didn't told you because it was a rushed decision. You were sleeping, I didn't want to wake you up at 3:00AM. I'll be in Mystic falls this Friday. We will talk once I arrive young lady." Caroline assured her she would come back in just three days. Which instantly calmed Hope.

"So this means in Monday I'll be here again… God I needed a vacation. Buy me something from Paris. I want new Art supplies you know how much I love to paint. Be safe mom." Hope smiled sadly.

"I'll call you tonight, please don't cause any more trouble until I come back. Promise me Hope." Caroline asked.

The rebellious teen rolled her eyes sweetly at her mother. Caroline Mikaelson-Forbes was a force to be reckon with, normally she is a bubbly, sweet, caring woman but when things got out of hand, her control freak persona came to the surface. Hope loves to tease her mom. However, right now Caroline seemed on the verge of a stress attack. Hope just closed her eyes thinking about this whole situation.

Over the last year, Hope did get in trouble. She used her powers to burn Damon's car, because he annoyed her. She threw across the corridor a student who bullied Henry. She did try to burn the Lockwood mansion only because she was bored. And it didn't help the fact that she hated Tyler Lockwood. But her mom, her auntie Freya and Stefan cleaned that mess, no one suspected it was her. She did create her first hybrid, but it was all Henry's fault.

Hope was staring her hands finishing her line of thoughts. She protected the people she cared about and she was seen as the troublemaker, she only did it for them. Letting out a short breath she replied to her mom. "I will be good mom. I give you my word as a Mikaelson and a Forbes. Once you see dad tell him I still exist. Come home in three days. And I want several phone calls every single day or else I'll get in trouble. I love you, mom."

"I will tell everything to your dad once I see him. I love you too baby! I will call you as much as I can. Don't get in more trouble. Seriously."

"Yes, mom I can be good for three days. I love you. Goodbye, mommy."

"I love you more. Bye baby." Caroline hung up.

Great first my mass murder husband kills like a bijillion people in less than five years and now Hope messed up everything in Mystic Falls. Caroline thought.

Where she was staying for the next three nights was a four star hotel, close enough of the murders of two members from a powerful French family and a security guard of the nightclub where the murders took place. People were saying an alleged maniac who ripped the security's guard heart and took a bite. Her husband was near.

They will have a long chat about all of this madness.


Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted:

Hope had been waiting for two hours before her uncle Stefan and her aunt Freya finally came for her. Once she saw Stefan, Hope immediately ran to him and hugged him. She hasn't seen her uncle for two weeks which was a lot time for them. Once her uncle let her go from the bear hug, she hugged her auntie Freya. When a voice behind them ruined the moment.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't baby Klausette causing trouble all over again. Who's car did you burn this time?" Damon sarcastically smiled.

"If you don't fuck off I will give you an aneurism, jerk." Hope mischievously said.

"Language Hope." Freya exclaimed.

"Sorry, Auntie Freya. Where will I be staying until mom comes? New Orleans or Mystic Falls?" The teen asked.

"You'll stay with both of us in Mystic Falls until Care comes back. You crossed the line this time, Hope." Stefan scolded.

"Blondie spend half an hour screaming at the phone. It was hilarious, poor blondie." Damon laughed and Hope shot him a look full of hate.

"Stop Damon. Hope the Hybrid you created comes with us." Stefan told her.

"Where is aunt Lena? Why did you brought this moron?" Hope rolled her eyes.

"She had a shift on the hospital. She'll be home at dinner." Damon told her.

Damon took Hope's things to his new car, Stefan and Freya were talking with Alaric about everything the rebellious teen has been up to. Hope got bored listening to the same things all over again, she started wandering across the high school. Hope was distracted in her own thoughts when someone suddenly grabbed her arm quite roughly.

"You got finally suspended. They say you burned a student alive. You're such a pyromaniac. First when you were eight you burned a Romanian orphanage with your brain and now you burn people alive. Your mommy couldn't safe you this time, could she?" Hope's biggest enemy of the school said.

Hope smirked with superiority at her school's biggest enemy. She hated Lizzy Saltzman. That dumb girl represented everything Hope hated in a person. Lizzy who ironically was named after her grandmother Liz Forbes who passed away when Hope was a couple months old. Was a spoiled daddy's little girl, she's always gossiping about everything, she lied, always had to be the centre of attention and she was the head cheerleader. Basically a fake Regina George.

"Let go of my arm Lizzie if you don't want to get hurt." Hope warned since she was in no mood to stand her today.

"My high school, my rules Hopey Dopey. I am sick and tired of you drawing all attention to yourself." Lizzie held her arm harder.

"Your high school? Don't make me laugh, Elizabeth. My mom is the headmistress, Damon and Stefan still own this place. And guess what, both of them are my uncles. This school wouldn't even exist if it wasn't because of my mom's friend who donated 3 million dollars. Technically this school belongs to me. We both know that in less than a week I'll be back and things will be the same." Hope smirked when she felt the rage of the other teenage girl.

"Caroline won't protect you forever. Learn your place you bitch." She spat.

"Don't mention my mother." Hope was serious.

"Or what? You will tell your ghost daddy?" Lizzie said knowingly.

"Yes, I will. Though I think that my ghost daddy is probably busy playing hide and seek with your dead mother." Hope replied.

"You are the worst scum of the earth Forbes."

"Still better than you Saltzman."

Lizzie pushed Hope to the floor. The youngest teen was ready to punch her enemy's across the face, when someone threw her across the corridor roughly. A shocked Hope looked up to see who saved her. To her surprise, it was Henry who immediately help her to stand up. At the end of the corridor, a blonde haired boy named Roman helped Lizzie to stand up. Most of the students of the school were staring at them.

"Now you hit girls Orphan wolf. Loser." Roman said protecting Lizzie.

"His name is Henry, jerk." Hope walked towards him protecting her friend.

"You really think I care about your stupid boyfriend?" The quarterback stared amused at the Mikaelson teen.

"He isn't my boyfriend." Hope replied.

"She is my friend." Henry added.

"So you're single?" Roman winked at Hope.

Rolling her eyes because all the attention was for Hopey Dopey once again. Lizzie jumped in Roman's arms. She was fake crying on his shoulder acting like the victim. "It's all because of Hope. My entire body hurts so much. Roman can you carry me?"

"Oh, sure." Roman stared at Lizzy strangely.

"Now you attack my daughter! What is wrong with you today Hope? Mr. Williams informed me about this!" Alaric said, behind of him were her uncles and her aunt staring at the scene.

"I didn't do anything you freaking moron! Aunt Freya it was her! I swear. I gave you my word as a M- Forbes." Hope immediately corrected herself.

"Hope be polite!" Freya whispered to her niece.

"Daddy, I was just going to my next class when she came to me and tried to hurt me. She threatened me." Lizzie's eyes were full of fake tears.

"Once Caroline comes here I will make sure you stay in New Orleans as much time as possible." Ric choose to believe her daughter over Caroline's little troublemaker.

"Hope is telling the truth! I threw her! I did it!" Henry exclaimed angrily.

"She told to this orphan wolf to throw me across the corridor because I tried to talk to her." The blonde teen fake cried.

"Wipe out those fake tears sweetheart, Hope isn't lying." Freya told to the young witch not believing a word she was saying. She was the only Mikaelson who had the chance to see her little niece grow up. She knew when she lied or told the truth by only looking at her. Right now, her niece was being honest.

"Shut up, Daddy don't listen to them it was Hope. Who are you going to believe this fatherless thing and her orphan friend or me your baby daughter?" Lizzie tried to manipulate her dad.

"Stop calling me orphan and she does have a father." Henry screaming ready to attack Lizzie again.

"Calm down, kid." Damon put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down but it only upset him more. The teen boy was starting to transform.

"Henry, look at me." Hope ordered him before he transformed into a hybrid.

He obediently did as he was told. He stared again at her blue bright eyes. She lightly touched his cheek and said. "Calm down. Okay? Don't transform." He suddenly felt calm and smiled at her.

"I'm s-sorry. It was all her fault. S-she attacked Hope, I was only protecting her." The red haired teen muttered.

"Lizzie don't lie to me. Did you start this?" Alaric said.

"I saw everything, Hope was only wandering around when Lizzie started to say nasty stuff to her. Hope didn't hurt her, she actually warned Lizzie to leave her alone. She just keep upsetting Hope then she pushed her to the floor. And her "friend" Henry threw Liz to the floor." The blonde mysterious haired boy said. Roman winked at Hope once again, leaving a stunned Lizzie behind.

Alaric took a decision about this whole situation. He knew it was his daughter's fault but physical pain deserved a good grounding. "Forgive me Hope. I had misunderstood the situation. You will come for the rest month after classes Lizzie. However, even if it was to protect Hope it was wrong what you did Henry. You'll also be grounded, but you'll be suspended like Hope."

"Welcome to the suspended till my mom comes here club." Hope smiled at Henry.

"Henry comes with us anyway." Stefan said.

"Pack your things kid. We'll leave in ten minutes with or without you." Damon told to the young new hybrid.

"I'll help you pack. This jerk is serious, he would leave us behind without even blinking." Hope said looking at her uncle Damon.

"Baby Klaussette you have nine minutes. Tick Tock." Damon smiled at the teen.

"Stop calling me that. My name is Hope H-o-p-e."

"Eight minutes Klausy junior."

"If I was aunt Elena I would have chosen uncle Stefan."

"Too bad you're not Elena. Blondie said the same in the past. She thought I wasn't good enough for your aunt. But then she had a child and got married with Mr. Big bad hybrid. Hypocrite much?"

"Let's go Henry." The rebellious teen followed Henry to his bedroom and shot a look of disgust and anger to Damon who only laughed more.

"She is right, you're a jerk." Freya replied.

"Deep down that little trybrid loves me. Remember when she was little and she had nightmares, she always came to me instead of you Stefan."

"She did come to me when Care was away!" Stefan replied.

"I am her favourite uncle." Damon proudly smiled.

"Elijah is her favourite uncle." Freya added.

"You guys knew she was going to go to France, right?" Damon completely changed the subject when he knew Hope couldn't listen to them.

A surprised Freya stared at him. "How do you know that? She wouldn't do that without telling Care."

"When I was keeping her stuff in my car, I saw her bag and I was bored so I open it. And she had in there her sketchbook, a photo album, almost 2000$ and her passport."

"You've got to be kidding me. How the hell did she get a passport? We have to watch her every 24/7. Freya lock her with a spell in Elena's house. Care is going to have a heart attack."

"Which is why we won't say a word to blondie until she comes back." Damon reasoned.

"Caroline has to know." Stefan replied.

"If we tell blondie, she will come back in record time. Which means Klaus killing spree won't stop, he will keep visiting Elijah. Which means trouble for every supernatural being. Including all of us."

"He is right. She'll be back in three days. I'll talk to Hope once we arrive to your house. She has some serious explaining to do. What do we do about the hybrid kid?"

"We could lock him up, until we teach him how to control himself."

"The Mikaelson's are a pain in the ass. Except you witchy witchy." Freya only rolled her eyes at the eldest Salvatore brother.


Paris, France:

This was one of the most beautiful historical buildings of the city. Ancient and beautiful. And there he was, her husband all covered in blood with at least of dozen death bodies lying around the room. He was smiling smugly pressing an old man towards one of pillars of the room.

"Bonjour, Monsieur Gatineaux. I should let you live to tell of this, but I seem to be on a bit of a roll." Once he saw the look of pure fear on his face, Klaus snapped his neck, throwing him across the room as if nothing happened.

"Oh." Klaus proudly stared at the bodies he left behind. When suddenly someone pushed him against a wall before he could react. He was pinned against the wall, with a soft hand chocking him. He knew there was only one person would be brave enough to face him while he was pissed.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" His wife said.

"Hello, my love." Klaus smiled for the first time in eight years.